Worst RNG ever

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whats your worst rng?
this is mine
Try a rng win because of 10 manna 7/14 summon on turn 6.
02/23/2019 03:02 PMPosted by Clutch
whats your worst rng?
this is mine

I think your turn 7 costed you the game tbh. I would've played the 6 cost destroy all minions with 2 or less cause he wasn't playing anything low and it didn't matter, next turn you could've played drake and gave it taunt or played it how you played it. Also the turn he burnt your giant you could've avoided that. Fish for removals, that's what I'm learning, if you're playing something like a hunter sure go all out, they're typically dmg dependent removals with occasional decks including destroy a random but rarely. But against a Rogue or any deck with hard removals I'd be fishing removals before I dump giants, and the 7/7 Taunt could've waited a few turns. I think if you played that a little differently you probably would've forced him to run out of answers.

And the "1 in a million" is more like "2/20 1/10" ish give or take. It's annoying to see em top deck but not as bad as being 10 cards in and fishing a removal, banking on them not having another and they do, that really hurts. 2x Brawl etc. I've learned to if at all possible dump your weaker cards that most likely won't get value or even see the board, force them to make plays on those minions, use the fact that they're basically dead in your hand to your advantage and save your bigger plays for later, again if possible. You weren't in any trouble when you dumped the 7/7 taunt, I get that you wanted to get it out there so you could play the Hero and knowing you'd be using spellstone and going back up in health, but it usually plays in those types of matches to hold on to it especially cause its a taunt.

Either A) He would save his combo destroy a minion and not play much or B) Play it anyways to keep tempo/control either way its a win for you.

As far as my worst RNG I'd have to say evolving a full board of 5+ minions and having basically the best I could ask for with 1 mana left, hitting a totem and getting 0/7 destroy all minions beginning of next turn with no options to evolve it again and having him just quick end turn and watch the my board suicide itself.
Playing that Servant of Yogg-Saron brawl, and having Cataclysm cast on turn 1 :/
I've seen worse.

Also you could have played it out better. Strange mulligan and you could use Defile for a full board clear when he played Leech King.
Had 4 jekliks in hand, 1 DKK'dan, one soulwarden. Was turn 9, I needed DK'dan but figured odds were even if I discarded DK, I'd get another shot with soulwarden if i DID discard him. Played lakkari hound and just freaking GUESS which two were discarded lmao

I play different variations of lakkari about 3/4 of the time, so I've seen amazingly good AND amazingly bad RNG lol

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