i like this brawl

Tavern Brawl Discussion
I don't play brawl that much but this brawl I do like.
Why I like it:well its fun to figure out the best strategy and how to play for every class and you don't have to make a deck for it.
Sure some classes are better then others but there is still the challenge to try your best and find the correct strategy.
Not something I would play for hours but its fun to try for a bit.
It's not a Valentines Day Brawl, no cute heart card back...

I do not like this Brawl
OP heroes with OP decks and OP shrines? I didn't much care the single-player mode where you fight against these guys but playing AS them is fun on a bun.
This is just fishing for the hot opening hand. All games can and will be over by turn 4.

I just logged into today for a daily it was Preist on Priest.

Yet again I go first, want that coin it = counts a spell and/or can swing the game on turn 1 and 2.

Started both Test Subject again vs Northshire Cleric (my opponent). Got plenty of divine spirits but no inner fire for either of us to end it. He got the legend before me which was enough of an offense to win the game.

But all the decks are pretty much like this. Go the hot opening hand.


Me: Mage cause win 1 game as Mage
Opponent? Priest - big shock right?

Start out iffy but I can get 2 3/4 hero power refresh out. Turn 4 he doesn't have me dead yet - this a shock. Ah, make a copy, with 0 cost healing and make a 5/5 dragon with legend weapon. Hmm. how long will it take to make that 5/5 into an 80/80 minion ftw? Best trade cause 6 dmg won't do much to these priests. Well look at that Hand of mine. Zippo. And the priest getting spells left and right double on the bump (zero cost) dragon dragon dragon. ummm yeeeah - who is going to win?

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