Adventure bosses as alternate hero portraits?

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Blizzard, why not release single-player bosses as alternate hero portraits? I imagine there's a massive audience that would spend money on collecting these. Seems like a wasted opportunity to not only make money, but also allow players to express their diversity in a myriad of alternate class portraits.
I would absolutely love if they gave every class a new hero based on each of the Troll Champions in the recent expansion, as well as the heroes from the Witchwood Solo adventure. I just really wanna play as Houndmaster Shaw and make him say "Hot Dog!" over and over.
The trolls are all regular cards like Houndmaster Shaw. The only card based on a hero is Medivh (unless you count Dr Boom who is a card based on a card) and they changed both artwork and voice for that.

While I agree it would be great if they dropped a bunch of heros at once, I don't think they will and I'm betting they won't also be cards.

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