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Literally used circle of healing W/ soul priest killed his radiant missed to damage PEOPLE IN THIS GSME HAVE BRAIN DELAY XdddddDDdd
That's pretty good, but you can tell who doesn't play rogue.

When they try to preparation, coin into Raiding Party. What's wrong with that play you ask? Well...if you have to ask, here's your sign award.

The card he drew buffed my own minion.

Also a tense game against a warlock, we both had low HP, and the poor boy used his hero power to draw a card, thus killing himself even though he had a slight board advantage.
Not a real opponent, but was playing the Innkeeper for xp back in the early days. Warlock AI

Turn One: Pass

Turn Two: Flame Imp. Fine enough, right?

Then, Power Overwhelming. On the Flame Imp that can’t attack. Giving it +4/+4 and making it die at end of turn. Wow.

Then, Coin. Okay, sure, better make up for it I guess? Nah. SECOND Power Overwhelming. On the buffed Flame Imp. That STILL can’t attack.

Pass. 11/10 Flame Imp that came into being that turn and didn’t do anything dies.

Coin mountain giant
I played against a Wall Priest who Frostmourned my doomsayer and proceeded to destroy the weapon on his next turn. Thanks for the free turn D. I'd normally try to avoid playing doomsayer against a rez priest but I was in a pretty bad spot. His next spellstone rezzed a sheep, a doomsayer, a bright eyed scout and a tar creeper. Glorious.
I didn't get a shot of it, but was yesterday during tavern brawl.. was up against a priest, and I put his minion into submission, (in case someone hasn't played yet) Before going into submission, or SLEEP mode, his minion when active causes his HP to damage my minions instead of heal his... Anyway, his was asleep, and I had a powerful minion up, forget which one now.. he had wasted all of his others on killing it, and i was down to the last to 2 health.. I guess he wasn't paying attention, coz, he used his hero power to finish me off, but it healed me instead.. I laughed..
I've seen people not understand what Blood Troll Sapper does, and then kill themselves.

I see people clearing the board before killing shrines, esp priest.
Oh yeah, well i played Hakkar rogue against a Hakkar druid. I thought you know what? i will shuffle some Hakkar's into his deck when he has a few cards left. He only has one nat left, i got this i still have time to hemet.

I didin't have time to Hemet, i died the next turn. The lesson here is i am bad at hearthstone.
Gallery priest rezzing his maly and velen while I had corrupted bloods in his deck.

Enjoy eating 16 damage per blood....drew 2 and he insta killed himself.
Soulpriest played with some whacky lifesteal warlock card and somehow instadied as each heal hurt instead and it just kept going
The other day I was playing some mage for quest and made a quick deck that couldn't ever win. I was up against a hunter and all went fine; hunter went face and I attempted to keep the board clear. And then I was down to my final hps and the hunter comfortable at 20+ still.
We both had minions on board and I had nowhere near enough to kill him with mine within two turns. He chose to trade ayway. Then I started to draw my taunts.
See, because he traded he couldn't hp me to death in the next 2 turns and that's how he lost.
Hunters that trade always make me smile.
(It was probably the correct play btw if I had had Jaina and maybe he was expecting her, but I do not have Jaina nor Jalani or whatever it's called that summons rag)
My paladin oppoenent played peace keeper and targeted blood queen lana'thal.

Ofcourse that did not do anything.

Also my opponents make a habit of killing my malchezaar's imp whenever I have decided its time to get rid of it because I am afriad of running out of cards and I have a couple of jekliks in my hand and would rather discard those
When they get the math wrong on an AOE... or drop a card that doesn't fire off it's battlecry cause they didn't have an activator.

....Long Pause...

"That was an error..."

"I choose DEATH!"

When they somehow get that card that causes them to discard 3 of their cards for every card i play.
02/22/2019 02:44 AMPosted by Urza
Soulpriest played with some whacky lifesteal warlock card and somehow instadied as each heal hurt instead and it just kept going

That must have been a long time ago. Pretty sure they changed Mistress of Pains interaction with ASP when they introduced Lifesteal. Such a classic interaction, was a shame to see it removed.
Was facing a Priest, only found out late that he was Inner Fire... when he burnt all the parts while going full Northshire.

Almost as bad as me sleep-tapping while on a full hand and burning DK Gul’dan. Almost.
Just had a tavern brawl vs Warlock. Opponent had a full board and high health, but I had some big minions they would have had to trade into. Probably would have won, only two cards left in deck but a near full hand. Deathwinged the board and forgot they had Malacazars Imp. Drew 7-8 cards and killed themselves with fatigue.

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