VS Data Report #122: Genn & Baku ... Harming the Game

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02/23/2019 08:42 AMPosted by RhokDelar
02/23/2019 01:32 AMPosted by RandomDrunk
We need fewer filler-cards,


most cards in the recent packs are fillers that aren't even desirable for arena, so they are useless and a waste of "design space" -better make sets with fewer cards then and stop trying to get rich with our pockets... oh right! this is activision

i think always the same. I dont say the rng is rigged but many things obviously are. Does this company really think we are that dumb? Adding Bull!@#$ cards as a dummy so u can get them out of packs instead of the obviously better cards. Then u have to dust these bull%^-* cards, duplicates whatever and then u are left with 1/4 of original value??? When Boomsday came out i bought 150 Packs. I got this epic ice cream minion 13 times while i missed MANY of the other epic cards. Didnt even get one copy of the most. Never. Ever. Giving. This. Company. Money. Again.

I just wanted to add that this drop pattern is not only with epics. I made a statistic back then i wish i kept til today so i could just show u the ridiculous and obvious scam. On my boyfriends account WAS EXACTLY THE SAME just with other cards.. So there is not a single possibility u can get the most cards from one expansion when u spent that much money...
There are many things surrounding HS game mechanics that have never been disclosed to us players/customers for obvious reasons ;)

I've brought up this fact many times but Blizzard marketed this game very well, only delusional people think everything's legit :D

Cheers o/
Genn hasn't seemed to been nearly as much of a problem as Baku. Just make baku do the same thing as Genn (just with odd cards). That's the simplest, cleanest nerf.
It would probably render Baku uplayable, tho, cause Mana cost synergies.

You could also do something more complicated which would essentially be," you can hero power twice per turn, the second time costs 1". That'd probably hit the right balance.
IF they emergency hall of famed baku and genn and as a sorry for all the players that crafted stuff based on them gave everybody 5k dust and 10 packs then nobody is going anywhere. Blizzard is too stingy.

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