Baku / genn killing hearthstone

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If you looked at Hearthstone paired to a few months ago, there really no YouTube / twitch streamers what so all of Hearthstone. Most streamer switches to auto chess or magic area instead of Hearthstone.
Another sign hearthstone in a downhill spiral is the way you're matching a good share of time with the same people or a bots.
It is definitely in a poor state.

Not sure if Genn/Balu are the reason for it or just the 'final nail' in a few bad design decisions but the timing is definitely there.
Genn isn't to be lumped in with Baku.
I feel like there should be three types of play: Casual, Ranked, and Genn/BakuBS.
Everything has to die at some point.
This is what happens when you don't properly test things and just rely on the "OH we can nerf it" plan. I am betting they Go with the early HOF. The game deserves to die if that's the solution. Banning cards from formats early is not good game design especially when nothing has secondary market value so you are stuck with all those other cards that no longer have a home when your build around start is removed from the game. Not worth disenchanting those other not technically nerfed but still pretty much killed cards.
Baku and Genn are not killing Hearthstone. They are symptoms of development problems.

The devs clearly don't thoroughly play test or thoroughly consider balance during the development process. Genn and Baku are what happens when you don't consider how this cool thing might impact entire player base over hundreds of thousands of games.

Quest Rogue is what happens when you say wow this was cool, and don't even realize that you did was completely shut down an entire archetype of your game.

Shudderwok is what happens when don't bother to test a tent-pole card that was created specifically to be build around, and then it effectively crashes your game when its played.

The problem is I would almost argue without question, that Hearthstone continues to simply not have a rigorous, through, and scientific process for play testing the cards they design.

Shudderwok is really all the proof anyone should need. One can argue they were ok with Quest Rogue, or Genn/Baku even though they saw how it would effect the game. (Then it is just a matter of terrible decision making rather then lazy play testing). However, Shudderwok, (a class specific legendary card that was designed to work with a number of fairly obvious cards) was so thoroughly not tested that it broke the game the same day it was released. Not broke the game in the sense that a deck was just so good it broke the game, it literately broke the game, and the entire development team just never saw it coming.

So no Genn and Baku are not breaking the game. Poor decision making, and a lack of methodical means of play testing is what is killing the game.
The problem is I would almost argue without question, that Hearthstone continues to simply not have a rigorous, through, and scientific process for play testing the cards they design.

I agree. It seems like in almost every set for the last 2 years there have been a few cards that are just "bad" for the overall game. Whether it's a Quest card that is just too overtuned, or the Death Knights, or the Cubes, or Genn/Baku ... there's always a couple cards in every set that you can look at and say, "What were they thinking?" Stuff that is so obviously problematic that even the most basic form of quality control should have picked up on it and determined that it needed to be changed.

But over and over again, these problematic cards keep coming into the sets. Where are the adults at the table telling the card designers, "No, you can't put that into the game because it's overall impact will be bad"? It just seems like T5 is asleep at the wheel when it comes to troubleshooting their own card design process. They desperately need a discipline injection.

I'm somewhat encouraged by what we've seen (for the most part) in Year of the Raven. Genn/Baku are clearly problems, but Boomsday and Rumble are decent sets, and when the rotation hits I think a lot of the problems (at least in Standard) will go away.

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