Flametongue Totem: Really?

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Really, we're going to nerf this card?

I honestly cannot give you guys the benefit of the doubt because of the track record with some nerfs that one could say were preventative have not necessarily panned out correctly at all or WELL down the road (more than 3 expansions)
I'll address my issue with the nerf in each format:
So Shaman is a rare sight (under 3% according to Vs) and Even Shaman is the only viable archetype for the class. Why does Even Shaman work in Standard? Because I run 5-6 buff cards to enhance my turn 1 totem (FTT, Dire Wolf, Earthen Might) and I have Eel as well.

You just cut the consistency of my turn 2 play and for what? FTT wasn't finding room in decks between the fall of Evolve Shaman (KoFT) and Withwood (introduction of Genn). Prior to Un'Goro and the real rise of Evolve Shaman FTT was having an issue finding a place in Jade Shaman as it was kind of a 28-32 card (some ran, some didn't).

The card is great for boosting power but it is dead on a bad board or can be meta irrelevant if enhancing attack isn't of a great payoff which is why why it had some issue in MSoG meta. Now we're taking a card which has had issues finding a home in some Shaman decks and has had other meta Shaman decks that didn't use it and.... setting a 0/3 minion as 3-mana.

*jaw-drop, forehead smack, etc.*

Unless there is some card we don't know about, and understand my skepticism above, you've killed the card just like when you killed Rockbiter like I said you would despite others saying it'd still see play.

==End FTT==

By the way I notice you're fearful of ruining Barnes decks for Priest but just killed Standard Even Shaman. Glad to see you care about a deck you guys apparently love but apparently have zero qualms about damaging another deck dramatically.

TfB is the card to hit for a Wild only change btw >.>
Forgot Wild oops:

This change will obviously impact Wild Even Shaman some, there is no way it own't, but it won't crash the deck. You have claws as an additional redundancy and could even maybe justify Likim potentially as well depending on the meta because Zap! is a thing.

The Wild card to hit is the Shaman card which is the best one potentially ever released... Thing from Below. That is your Wild only attack to try and lower Wild Even Shaman if that was deemed necessary but you attack, again, a basic card and also ruin Shaman's only real meta deck in the process.


I'd say more but I'd rather not get banned.
I was going to say they nerfed FTT "to be fair", but they didn't nerf all classes across the board. I can't even (pun)
I think because:

Mana Tide Totem = 3 mana

It's good totem, but so is Flametogue, and Blizzard wants to wants to align the mana cost of those totems.

Also this possible (?weak?) attempt to make Odd Shaman become a thing.

Personally, I would love to see Odd-Shaman, it's such a missed opportunity. Baku has been here for a year and Blizzard never really tried to make Odd Shaman a thing.
You really gonna forget about Keleseth???
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Thank you.

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