Unbalanced Brawl (February 13th)

Tavern Brawl Discussion
Yet again another brawl where every class sucks besides 2.
Came home from work booted it up and went meh okay lets see.

I will pick Shaman what the hell why not.

Shaman is Murlocs and 2 less cost spells. My taunts and spells won the day vs gifted poison minions.
I won a bunch with paladin, but I got kinda bored with it. If your totem is buffed pretty well by turn 5 and you get the Djin and steed on curve, that's pretty much the end.
The Paladin.

gets the stealth tigers
spike steeds and

Can be tough to have minions and spells to cast and if the totem gets shut down...

Tavern beats Standard and ranked that's for sure.
Warlock and Priest seem to be the weakest. Warlock is a glass cannon that forgot the cannon part, and Priest can make tons of moves but in the end all those moves do nothing (I even faced someone who managed to get 2 Elementals on the field at once resulting in 10+ Spells per turn, yet I was still never threatened).
I'm not finding it all that unbalanced. I've lost and won equal amounts. Haven't tried every Troll yet. I had the least amount of luck using the Mage so far, with my hand always filling up with high cost cards right away.
Hunter is by far the worst imo... Literally has nothing of value that i have seen yet. Got owned by mage pretty easily and 1 shotted by a priest that had 2 innerfires and health swap...
Druid also cant do !@#$ vs infinite buff pala, divine shield taunt blocks everything and cards cost is way to high to double tap them early
Loti has no answer for dual Ragnaros. Priest minions attacking for 20+ seem to leave it at a distinct disadvantage as well. You have to dump your whole hand to kill one durable minion. A second one is an auto-loss.
Garbage and unbalanced.

It's exactly what I would expect from the dev team.
I don't understand how blizzard can be so far off the mark.

Shaman "your spells cost 2 less"
Warlock "your spells cost hp"

Priest "turn 1 irremovable Lyra, with all the cost reduction and replay cards needed"

it dosn't even compare, boggles to what was going through the mind of whoever thought this was a good idea!

seriously if the priest Lyra shrine had 1hp it might still be powerful because of power word shield and all the doubles and duplicates priest is packing and generating.
Totally agree. Priest and pally are basically unkillable. Unless they get a really bad draw (like I did when I played them).
Strangely I had no problem with priest as Zentimo and Thekal, they never did anything and their shrine was down turn 2...guess it's hit or miss. Mage isn't too bad either once he gets some synergy going, depends on the opponent having a bad start. But Jeklik is horrible, as is Loti...never tried or saw rogue. Warrior counters Zentimo pretty hard, but apart from that is rather weak as well :-/

Update: Rogue is surprisingly good. Gets beaten to death by Malacrass, but other classes seem to have trouble resisting the vast tempo.
idk.. Ive only had a problem getting a win with Shaman...
Hunter is lacking and warrior is meh. Priest can be fun and pally is popular. I have played 41 brawl games as rogue and my win ratio vs pally which is the most popular is 32:14. If you can get at least 2 pirates by turn 1 or 2 on board the tempo can outpace pally and win before turn 6. Its really a great counter since everyone is playing pally.

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