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Hello everyone.

I have been playing hearthstone and MTG for a long time. Both game has pos and neg points. For instance:

# MTG combat system is more defensive, that means defenders can act better against powerful creatures. But game will be very long (20-30 mins).

# HS combat system is very offensice, that means you can choose which creature must destroy first and game is fast (10-15 mins).

I design a beta version TCG with these conditions:

1- there are 6 types of cards:
Storyteller (act like heros in HS)
Creature (has HP and DMG)
Symmetry (like instant and sorcery cards in MTG)
Equipment (weapons, armors and jewels for creatures - do not need mana)
Items (equipments for storyteller)
blessing (like enchantment cards - do not need mana).

2- Mana system is like Duel masters TCG. There are 6 type of color with unique attributes. for playing each card you need at least one mana of the same color of the card. each card can use as mana resource in the start of turn.

3- Every creature has faction (elf, dwarf, aryen, beast, etc), class (warrior, ranger, rogue, mage, etc), damage type (AD or AP), position (DEF of OFF) and toughness (agains AD or AP).

4- There are 2 types of Damage: Attack Damage (AD) and Attack Power (AP). AD is for warriors, rangers beasts and ect while AP is for wizards, warlocks and ect.

5- Equipments is free for play. Every creature allow to use 1 weapon, one armor and one jewel at the same time. For equip them it is necessary that class and damage type (AD or AP) of the equipment and creature be the same. It's clear that an archer-AD creature can't use wand-Ap or dual hand sword-AD.

6- Items are for storytellers and unlike equipments they need mana to cost. These items help storytellers to survive.

7- Blessing cards are like enchantment cards in MTG. Because mana is very important and players wants to summon more creatures than playing other type of cards, i decided to use a new mechanism for cost them. This mechanism is gameplay which means every blessing card says how play this turn or what to do to active them. For instance it says if u lose 2 or more health this turn or if u discard a card and etc.

8- In number 3 i said there is position. every creature has a position. DEF (defense) or OFF (offense). creatures with DEF are more powerful and only do direct attack. Therefor defender allows to choose to how block them (just like MTG). In the other hand OFF creatures are like minions in HS allowed to attack to other creatures or player directly. DEF creatures are for 1vs x battle while OFF creatures are for 1vs1. DEF creatures weakened the enemy's creatures and OFF creatures destroy them.

9- There are two combat phases: First DEF creatures proposed attack. Then defender decided how act against them. Block them with one or more creature or allow to take direct attack. After first combat phase resolved, it's second combat phase. now OFF creatures do attack like HS combat system. There is no exhausting for attacking creatures. Also in two comabt phases, both side can use Symmetry cards by paying their costs.

10- Creature's health are not reset in end of the turn.

11- Every creature has a toughness against AD or AP which show with a sheild icon on the cards.

12- In Symmetry cards, there are cards which destroy equipments or items.

##The main story is about Storytellers. Wizards who can summon heroes and creatures in the book by reading their stories. Every player has a role of a Storyteller.##

I would like to know what do you think about this combat system for game, guys?
And forgive me for grammer.

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