The infinite value never ends...

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Calling it now, Spectral Cutlass and Academic Espionage will need a nerf next expansion.

I want to believe when rotation happens the game will be better, but I worry it will be more of the same...
Someone make a note of this, and remind us when it doesn't happen.
As long as there’s decks that play minions and then attacks with those minions, there will be a counter to thief rogue.

Any aggro or tempo deck destroys it, secret paladin has an 85% winrate against thief rogue.

I think we’re gonna be safe from Tess decks.
Ahhh, the infiniteness of infinity.

If only they had stones too...
Tess Rogue only shines against slow decks.. Like Odd Warrior for example, against pretty much any kind of aggressive deck the deck unfortunately folds pretty easily.. You need a lot of luck to be able to win, the deck is fine, it is definitely a fun one to play but honestly good luck trying to ladder with it..
Calling it now, Spectral Cutlass ... will need a nerf next expansion.

Acidic Swamp Ooze is a Basic card. Every rotation there's been an additional weapon destruction card, we'll prob get a new one in the next expansion, or the one following it.

Anyone can run an ooze (or two), and without DK Valeera they arent going to be pumping the weapon up to 10+ attack super easily.

They won't have the shineyfinder anymore, so they'll have to naturally draw it or run raiding party, which doesn't really fit the deck's plan super well (bloating your deck with espionage doesn't pair well with most aggressive pirate setups).

They lose the ability to use vilespine.

I certainly expect the deck to stick around, but it is losing some key power cards. After you remove both cutlasses, it is just a matter of how lucky they got on the burgle effects.

I’m actually in the camp that dislikes high-roll decks and has some reservation about mana cheating, so I can’t realy ignore that this is exactly what the card does.

Still, Academic Espionage isn’t even close to viable at the moment and tends to give opponents a decent window in which to react, which is the only reason I’m letting it slide. That, and I used to be a fan of Burgle Rogue around the time they introduced Ethereal Peddler, so Thief decks do hold some place in my otherwise barren heart.

If it needs nerfing, let it happen when it starts to become a problem.
Infinite value doesnt win games anymore though. Too much otk and aggro out there. What are you trying to outvalue? Those decks for most part dont exist anymore.
Ooze meet infinite value. Infinite value meet ooze....

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