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I've been playing for a month. I love this game but I have some issues. I wanted to be competitive right away and quickly realized one of the only ways to do that without a large money investment is an odd paladin deck. I have pushed to rank 7 so far and feel like I can go a bit further. Here are my complaints so far...

I don't like that I felt arm-twisted into an odd paladin. The even/odd concept is too powerful and over-represented in competitive.

I don't like IWIN cards at the end of the game after a player runs out of cards to draw/play. You shouldn't get an auto win for running out of options.

Hero power ups are too strong. They have a dominating impact on the rest of the game from the moment they are played. Some of them are outright unfair (looking at you, warlock.)
Uninstall before it's too late.
Baku and Genn are a big problem for the meta, but they will loose a bit of power on the next rotation on april hopefully. As K&C and KFT are rotating away the power level in general will go a bit down and hopefully new archetypes will emerge.

Wild will have to deal with this forever thought.

The impact would have been less if they were released in rastakhan as it being the last expansion of the year will have the lesser possible time in standard.

I always waas a wild player, but try standard every now and then. Can`t do this with that stale Even/Odd meta. Again, I hope the rotation does more good than bad, and maybe new archetypes rise.

Edit: If you get bored I would try to not rank and get to play some fun meme decks or just something different with a friend. It can really be very refreshing.
Also if you could afford to spend some money. Old adventures are really good not rng PVE content.
I know those are wild cards but in the end, everyone ends up having a bigger wild collection than standard and it gets way cheaper as a f2p player as less cards make a big impact there
and you get cards that dont just stop working forever after a rotation.
New player = screwed player. I started a second account about 2 years ago and quickly found out why getting new blood in the game is nearly nonexistent...impossible to catch up on the card collection unless you're shelling out the $$$$. Even just getting the classic collection will take a few years which can contain some competitive decks to stand against the expansions currently in standard if you ever decided to focus on the one set that will (supposedly) always be available in all formats...minus a handful of Hall of Famed cards.
I've been playing since the game came out. Classic felt the most balance. Every expansion afterwards narrowed down the game play into what it is today. While certain cards today are problematic, like the above two reference Legendary cards by the OP, there's a three part problem with game from a casual perspective.

Card Mechanics Problems -
1) Legendaries have become a driving force for Winning. Unlike Classic, Legendaries were powerful but not the driving force to winning the game once played. Not all Legendaries are equally powerful. Just playing the game and seeing the meta will tell you the go to cards.

2) Creating cards or effects that can't be stoped, countered, or removed. This compounds to Legendaries and other cards to creating overpowering, if not broken decks.

Case in point, I played against a self milling Druid, who relied on 1 mechanic Gadgetzan Auctioneer & spells (drawing cards) and 2 Legendaries: King Togwaggle (swap decks) and Hakkar (for the Deathrattle: Corrupted Blood). All they did was self mill down to a few draw cards, play Hakkar, Naturalize, then play King Togwaggle to finish me off with ENDLESS card draws that dealt 3 damage.

It was creative and most likely done someone with too much time and access to all the cards to mess around at rank 20.

3) Lack of forethought by the Hearthstone Development Team with card interaction from one expansion to the next.

In this example, experienced a few times, by a Warlock deck using their Legendary Quest, and a few choice Warlock Legendaries. Build up your hand to get a minimum of five minions to play the Epic card - Cataclysm to meet the Warlock's Quest requirements for endless 3/2 Imps for versatility and pressure. Just ONE CARD to complete the requirements by turn 4+. The only saving grace now is for Aprils rotation.

Play Mechanic Problems -
1) No venue for causals to get their daily questing done aside from Tavern Brawls when it can work out that way for given quests. Sometimes I just don't want to play against others, it's frustrating to constantly lose when all I want to do is get the quest done to earn gold.

2) Following up with #1, above, there is no separation between the causals and the Pros. Causal Play Mode can be just as bad as Rank. And Rank still has no protection on creating forward momentum for the little guy. The game feels like, if not IS, dominated by people who have all if not most of the cards to sit on people for fun at rank 20-15.

3) Reward system has sucked! Not a fan of the mantra - but the Pro's stay Pro and the causals stay causal. Causals struggle to earn gold and dust in general. Arena is difficult to do better than 1-3 on average. The "Pro's" have more gold and dust than they know what to do with. While competing (if you can call it that) against new or causal players who lack cards and resources to create competitive decks. This is why I don't try or care. I make decks just to complete the dailies which aren't competitive for rank. Not enough time, inclination, or resources to keep up with the ever moving Meta.

Given how the game has trended, again, from a causal perspective, I don't think the Dev's are serious about making the game fun for the majority over Hardcore anyone. I'm not going to say that Hardcore players don't have a say as they probably spent the most on this game. But it is synergetic and in Hearthstones interest to promote playability so other might want to spend more money. Otherwise, it'll go the way of Heroes of the Storm.
02/14/2019 09:29 AMPosted by Josh
I have pushed to rank 7 so far and feel like I can go a bit further.

You made it to rank 7 in your first month and also by NOT spending money?

I would say accept your pat on the back and keep playing. I have never reached "rank 7" or higher in any video game ever.
02/14/2019 09:29 AMPosted by Josh
I've been playing for a month. I love this game but I have some issues.

I'm also a new player but there is something very ODD about you Josh; 164 posts, 1 showing. Sorry if I'm wrong but it's strange.

Yeah made it to rank 11 so far, played 279 games in a month indeed not much. But pretty please don't complain about warlocks when you are playing a aggro deck like odd paladin.

greetings and have fun

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