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Why are most of the whizbang decks such crap? If the whizbang is for new players to only have to craft 1 card and play some decent decks to maybe enjoy the game, why make such garbage and frustrate them?

No wonder people are losing there jobs. maybe they should be looking at the hearthstone team
its meant to be used for fun, its a gimmick card

find some friends and just do whizbang vs whizbang
Because if it were 18 awesome OP decks then you wouldn't need any other cards?
They want whizbang to be garbage from rank 15 and on so that you'd need to craft and buy more packs in order to actually climb.

There's no care for any player with whizbang, just an excuse for a legendary one could pull out of a deck, like most legendaries are
The problem is Wizbang is Garbage from rank 25 and unless you are lucky and queue into another Whizbang instead of a Meta deck. Rank 25 is no longer Noob land its the land of Veterans that hate constructed and never bother more than 5 games for the card back every month. Rank 26-50 it the Noob Land.
Predecks are deck recipes that are made by the Hearthstone Devs(?, Not sure, but it is made by blizz) that they think will work.

If you looks at them, there are some that is basically an untuned version of a meta decks, while some is truely trash.
Whizbang decks are awesome because they allow the opportunity to play decks which you may not have the dust to build. Whizbang decks are not meant for you to be top tier competitive and take you to Legend. You still can try take it to Legend, that's an achievent for sure.

TLDR : Whizbang decks provide opportunity. Not performance.
I think Whizbang should actually be moved to the Classic set so it will be always available "in perpetuity". Yes, that makes it a virtual auto-create card for F2P (but only once).

That said, I also believe that the team could update the decks a bit more often (monthly?) to dump the truly awful ones and add some more relevant version instead.

The better recipes should be like upper end of Tier 3 with maybe a few Tier 2's sprinkled here and there for underplayed classes.

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