High priestes jeklilk

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Recently I got this card from a pack and while it was a card that i wanted and I do think its a great card it feels it just falls a bit short and it should have been slightly different maybe.
The discard effect and the lifesteal+taunt are great and I welcome a general lifesteal minion for warlock but if you compare it with for example the 2 mana paladin legendary or even cards like shroom brewer and corpse taker (both of wich are non legendarys and not even that strong nor popular) then it falls a bit short and looks to weak as stand alone. To make use of the discard effect 4 mana is also an unlucky number,competing with other 4 drops as discard target.
Would this card have been to strong if it was a 2/4 for 3 mana instead,or even a 3/5 for 4 (preferably the first,which would be decent as a stand alone against agro preparing for your turn 4). Then it could also be usefull in other decks beside a full discard deck. I would like the idea of running a sort of light discard package with only shriek and this card,but at 4 mana it feels kinda impossible.
It really belongs in a quest deck.

Keep in mind that copies retain buffs. I run soul infusion and death axe- my jekliks are almost ALWAYS at least 5/6, which DOES up its value by a VERY considerable amount, when you add in the free 3-4 mana worth of imps you generate each turn.

I've had a hand full of 13/14 jekliks before, but it's usually over once you begin playing 7/8 or higher jekliks continuously XD
You wont be able to use jeklik to its full potentail with a light discard deck.
Yes its great in a quest deck,i do agree. But quest rotates soon and this card still has over 1 year to go. I like it but I wish it was slightly stronger or cheaper so it can be usefull also for some other deck ideas. Maybe it will be eventually.
That it keeps the buff is nice,i did not knew that.
Just to play it it should be a bit better,playing this minion (let alone 2 of them) is kinda bad specially on later turns and as a stand alone minion it is also to slowish as it is.
You have to buff it to make playing it worth it. That it serves as infinite discard fodder is probably the best thing of the card and its fun card but it would be nice if it was slightly better. 2/4 for 3 would be perfect I think and still anything but op. maybe auto include for control warlock similar to kangors in paladin but is that so bad?
It's very good in a quest deck, and remember, discolock is viable in wild (60% win rate), got to r10 with it, and although it struggles vs Priest, which is rampant in wild, if they ever nerfs some of the Priest's rez shenanigans it will indirectly buff quest discolock.

Clutchmother Zavas, High Priestess Jeklik and Bloodqueen Lanathel are terrible in any other deck but in a full discolock deck they're very good cards, and discolock is a gimmick that's a lot of fun to play. What makes it better in wild is also Malchezar's imp, without that card discolock struggles. Honourable mention for my favorite discolock deck is Deathwing; when I can play it late in game, it usually seals the deal, as it produces more Jekliks, buffs Lanathel and Zavas and refreshes the board to your advantage (2x 3/2 + 12/12 ain't bad after a board clear).

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