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I'll Start:

Bloodreaver Gul'Dan

10 mana

Battlecry: Summon all friendly demons that have died this game

If you mulligan, this card will be drawn into your hand.

This card is discarded first if prompted to discard.
Dire Mole: Always draw this on turn 1 if hunter.

Crackling Razormaw: Always draw this on turn 2 if you played Dire Mole on Turn 1.
Golden Whizbang-Your opponent autoconcedes in casual matches
Rogue legendary cards: Build the most lopsided and degenerate deck to support. Rack up wins until they nerf or HOF cards for that BS deck until the next expansion when new cards will be introduced to support the deck again.
(I've been playing a tempo/burn shaman with spirit of the frog)

Doomhammer, 2/8 weapon:

Windfury, Overload(2), Battlecry: Place an acidic swamp ooze at the top of your opponent's deck.
Shadow Visions: Discover whatever exact spell you need.

Witch Cauldron: Add useless shaman spells to your hand if losing and awesome shaman spells if winning by so much game is over anyways.

Lightning Storm: Hit yahzee on 2s if you need threes else roll 3s.
Mecha'thun: Deathrattle: Your opponent uninstalls the game.

Time Out!: Take an extra turn.

Deathstalker Rexxar: Hero Power: Build-a-Beast: Discover answer after answer for everything your opponent plays.

Baku the Mooneater: Start of Game: If your deck contains only odd-cost cards, this card dodges all nerfs.

Psychic Scream: Your opponent gains an aneurysm.
No, look, you don't get to make "Honest" reviews unless you can read them in Jon Bailey's voice.

I'm sure it's in the rules somewhere.
Barnes, if you are playing priest add this to your opening hand. Battlecry: summon a 1/1 Y’saarjh which summons a 10/10 Y’saarjh. Your opponent discards all removal spells from their hand.
Mecha'thun and Barnes: If it sees serius play, destroy Hs.
Magma rager


Cause nobody has ever played it.
Academic Espoinage: Shuffle 10 cards from your opponents wish list on top of your deck; they cost 1.

Augmented Elekk: Draw another copy of Augmented Elekk. Play it confidently knowing your opponent didn't draw their removal; Triple Academic Espionage next turn and add prep to your hand so you can draw 4x 1 cost wish list cards to your hand
Mind blast: 2 mana
Deal 20 damage to the enemy hero, after you get Malygos and Velen from Cloning Gallery or resurect them somehow.

Cast twice, if needed, for 40 damage.
Animal Companion
3 mana
Summon a random Huffer.
Flamestrike: Stays on bottom of deck; draw in your opening hand the game after losing to Zoo or Murloc decks.
Patches the Pirate

Choose One

Whenever you draw this card:

-your keyboard loses 3-6 keys.
-for the rest of the game you can't use your mouse anymore.
Spreading Plague:

6 mana spell

Your hero is immune to physical attacks for two turns
02/25/2019 10:18 AMPosted by Smeet
Animal Companion
3 mana
Summon a random Huffer.

You win

Priest Class:

Hero Power: Restore 2 Health

Start of Game: Summon a 1/3 Northshire Cleric

Prince Kelaseth
Battlecry: If you draw this in your opening hand, cast shadowcast twice on Keleseth. Games over anyway.

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