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Deathstaker Rexxar:

Automatically draw this card on turn 6.

Whenever your health total is 10 or less discover a combination of beasts with life leech and taunt/charge/rush.
Psy Scream - Your Opponent has to buy new monitor.

Evolve - Fill your board with trash legends and epics you dint know existed

Barnes - Battlecry - Your opponent gets rekt by 10/10 and makes a forum post.
MECHA'THUN - Deathrattle: Receive a friend request and multiple messages saying rude stuff about your mother and the things you can do to her.
Resurrect. Bring back Malygos. Always. Even if it didn’t die or isn’t in your deck.
Archbishop Benedictus

If your game is going into fatigue: this card can't be targeted by Dirty Rat.
Deathstalker Rexxar: Battlecry - You Win.
Blood Troll Sapper:
Battlecry - Why don't you stop with the meme OTK combos and play the game seriously...
Defile - Give yourself an aneurism of math while your opponent uses it perfectly

Elise - Your opponent topdecks the pack next turn while your pack somehow gets burnt

Blast Wave - Fill your hand and change your chance to win with vaporize

4 mana neutral legendary
Battlecry: makes your opponent concede on turn 4
Blast Wave (Arena):

Destroy 4-8 Minions with one health. Deal 2 to the rest. High roll into all good Mage spells... no Snap Freeze, no Glacial Mystery, no Research Project, or Elemental Evocations.

Proceed to toast your opponent to death over 2-3 turns.

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