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I think this is it for Hearthstone. After 10-12 matches with these oddball looking names (Bots!?) that all use the classic deck recipe of said class they happen to be...boring bunch of horse manure. Very aggro set of recipes so that kicks out a lot of creativity because your deck has to be set up for anti-aggro scenarios...heals, taunts, board clears. know what's coming (Bloodfen Raptor at T2 or coin then Raptor at T1) so you're not surprised and can easily prep a deck for it but I'm bored to hell with this crap. I feel like with all the BS coming down with pretty much every gaming company but specifically with Activision/Blizzard...I'm disappointed to say I think we're gonna be tapping the final nail in Hearthstone's coffin soon unless they do some major reworking with the game. Majority of players that tried or are loyal to the game are getting very frustrated with it because of mechanics, design, platform, it, there's something here that irks players and forget about new blood, Hearthstone has to be the most new player unfriendly card game in existence. I never could get friends into it because they never can catch up unless they take out a loan with their bank. Peace out, HS...I'll probably be here til the end but I have no confidence in Blizzard actually putting in the effort to keeping you alive and making you enjoyable.
I can only think of five CCGs that lasted more than 3 years.
Mtg, Pokemon, Yugioh, Lord of the Five rings & Star wars (ended in 2005 when dicipher lost the star wars license ). All the rest died with in 3 years.

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