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On my macbook, if I switch screens and then come back into the game, the dock stays sitting at the bottom. =/
same issue.. really annoying... anyone got a fix beside auto-hide dock ?
Also when you use Mission Control in OSX ML graphics crashes
I found that if i exit full screen and got back to full screen i am able to get the dock to go away. not ideal... but it works.
Zetheras is correct in the workaround. All I do is exit fullscreen and re-enable it. Fixes it.
To confirm, I am having this problem too. Mac OSX 10.8.5. This problem occurs consistently.
Having the issue.
OSX 10.8.5
Having the same issues.
Same here.
I do not have this behavior MACOS 10.9
Same issue. OSX 10.9.1
I have found a round about to this issue, when your in Hearthstone press Command - Tab, it will show you the quick application selector, make sure it is selecting hearthstone. For some reason Hearthstone is acting as a full screen application, allowing the dock to pop up below, if you make sure Hearthstone is selected it will make it as a OS encompassing app and shut down the background.

For some reason, when it launches OSX is treating it like any other app, and allowing dock functions.

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