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Okay, I'm trying to sign up for beta, but first I need to downloading it, right? So, after I clicked "Beta Sign Up" it redirected me to the website where you can download the game from, I clicked download, but when I download the file it converts it into .age3rec, this is a file type for my other game's recorded files. If I choose to save the file as "all files" then I can't find a program to open it.
Can anyone help me with this, please?
That's not the Hearthstone beta.

That's just a program you download to update your hardware specs in your Beta profile.

Clicking on the Beta Sign up should take you to this page :

Where you download the sign up app (which updates your hardware specs) from this URL :

or for Mac

So which page is it redirecting you to ? To this one here.

Yes, I can download it, but it chooses the wrong format for the file when I download it and I can't open it, somewhy it is sharing the same format for it as my other game's in-game recorded files have.
Sounds like your Windows file settings may have been altered (possibly accidentally) by either you, another user, or malware. I'd recommend scanning with Malwarebytes or another game-friendly security program, and then contacting Microsoft if it turns out to not be malware.
What you are describing sounds like you used Internet Explorer to download the installer. I have seen a similar issue before with other programs. Try another browser best option.

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