Arena Doesn't Pay For Itself: The Math

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yay im part of the 9%!

all those years in the 99% really makes this accomplishment feel good
You seriously did maths to find out Arena was being detrimental to the majority? It's OBVIOUS (for anyone with a brain that is which you obviously have).

Honestly, your intellect would have been better spent doing statistics for something else.
02/13/2014 08:47 PMPosted by XraY
You didn't factor in the fact that no matter how many games you play you can always get better, thus changing your mmr. This also means someone lost of course but, you could break the pattern. Not to mention the odds of getting a PERFECT mmr match is very slim between time zones and every player is different, not even going into class variables.

In short you forgot: THE HUMAN FACTOR.

Anytime someone says any variant of "You forget to account for THE HUMAN FACTOR," you just know that they are full of cr@p.

1. Arena does not have MMR, so your entire post is nonsensical
2. You necroed a 4 months old thread, from back when the game was extremely new. What you did is the equivalent of digging up Newton's scientific journals from 4 centuries ago & spitting all over it because he didn't account for special relativity

Seriously people, look at the OP's date. This post is ancient & irrelevant. Let it die.

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