Mouse cursor size is 4 times bigger than Win

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As reported on the general technical support forum.

On Mac the mouse cursor is insanely large, and can't be adjusted using the system preferences as the mouse in my case is already set to "normal".

Others have reported the same issue. It might not be critical, but its super annoying as the mouse takes up so much focus.

Details on your hardware specs please.

Especially what mouse you are using.

Also Windowed mode or Full Screen ?

A screenshot of how large the cursor is would be good too.
How about we just look at what we already mentioned once already rather than doing it all over again?
Why is this not fixed yet? :/

it's so annoying. I understand that its linked to the system cursor for optimised accessibility, but the base size for "normal" in OSX is simply just waaaaayy too big!

please fix this, as I can't stand playing as Mickey Mouse... thanks

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