Deleted the beta invite e-mail.

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A couple of months ago I received an beta invite to Hearthstone, but at the time I didn't have access to my account and I was therefore unable to participate in the beta, so I deleted the e-mail as I didn't plan to re-acquire my account. Since then I have gotten my account back and now I wish to join the beta. So my question is, can I somehow get the beta send to my e-mail once again? as I'm guessing the same account cannot receive multiple beta invites. As for getting the deleted e-mail back, that's not an option, I've already tried, it's simply too long ago I deleted the e-mail.

I'm sorry, but the opt-in emails are sent out en masse automatically when a wave happens. We aren't able to manually resend them individually upon request.

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So will I be able to receive another beta invite in the future?

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