"Closed" - Game has timed out

Technical Support
I keep trying to launch Hearthstone, and I receive an error message as follows:

Your game timed out as it was requesting data from the Hearthstone utility service. Please relaunch Hearthstone to reconnect.

Any idea what's going on?
same stuff here... Saw in the PT-BR forums that you need to reset the computar and reboot modem, only tried reseting PC and didnt work.
For anyone else having this problem, I logged out of the launcher, and logged back in, and it decided to work after that.
it worked now, i left the game open with the error msg and after some time it worked.
Not working for me. Keeps saying it's Closed.

Is it just me, or is the game down?
i have same problem trying to repair client
Same problem here, probably something wrong with the servers.
I was playing a pvp game, in the middle of it I couldn't do any action.
I quitted the game and restarted and got the Closed message.
(Europe Beta)
I am Europe Beta too.
I just tested and got in fine. There was supposed to be maintenance still going on for another 1.5 hours, so maybe some regions are having issues with login.

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