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I tried to upload the system profile for my mac book pro 17"

The profiling app keeps getting an error sending the file to blizzard.

It does collect all the data, however it can not create a profile.


I changed proxy to bypass the proxy for it does not change a thing.

i have same problem cant send my systemcheck back
Changing your language in the to english(us) helped me here.

Change language, download and try again.

Not sure if that helps for GB but helped definitely for other europeans.
SystemCheck_enGB. The promblem is that NOT scan ( check ) my PC at all !! I am with out Firewall and Antivirus programs. I tray with out have any on my PC.
Why is not scan my system ?? is Pc promblem ?? or something else ?? I like to see and play the new game Ofc. I will try again.

Tnx a Lot Litricon

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