Somthing that was not so cool.!

Technical Support
I dont know if it was a bug or not but i undrestand you can buy decks in game,
And what i did i had around 8.23 Euros in my Battle net Balance and 7 decks cost around 9 euros but at that time i was not aware i had to little cash on my balance.
So isted of telling me that my balance is to low and i cant make that purchage and letting me know it want to access my paypal account it went by it self and took the money from my paypal/bank card it was coneccted to .
So i dont know if it was ment that way or now but its not cool taking the money from paypal with out asking first!
Sorry for bad gramma .
Greetings Mohammad R.
Yea i've noticed this too. Its does say though at the bottom that it will attempt to charge the .net account first and then your first method of payment. However it should absolutely inform you that you have insufficient funds in your .net account and ask if you want to use you payment method. Should get changed soon

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