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22m Season Roll Placement Issue - 12/13 With yesterday’s patch, a number of players unfortunately encountered an issue that caused them to be placed at ranks that were significantly different from where they ended the previous season. This issue is unrelated to our Performance-Based Matchmaking implementation, and is instead a result of an issue with Matchmaking Rating seeding from the previous season. We’ve finished diagnosing the problem and are currently working on a fix which, once completed, means that we will be resetting the Hero and Team League records (including placement matches) of any affected accounts. In order to implement the fix without taking down the servers, we will need to disable the Hero and Team League Matchmaking queues for roughly an hour. Our current plan is to start this in all regions at some point tomorrow, Dec 14, but we will keep this thread updated if anything changes. For players that have yet to complete your ranked placement matches, we recommend waiting until this issue is addressed. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this causes for those of you that have already made significant progress into Season 1 2018. We’re extremely excited to show off the major gameplay changes included in this patch, and will be working hard to implement a fix so you can experience everything the Nexus has to offer without major issues like this. Thank you very much for your patience.Dylan Bates718 22m
18h Matchmaking Hotfix and Season Reset - 12/15 Hey everyone, As mentioned in earlier forum posts regarding Matchmaking Ratings here and the follow up here, we have been working hard on a fix to address the issue affecting placement matchmaking ratings. After further investigation, we identified the root cause and have deployed a fix. We apologize to everyone who has been impacted by the rough start to the new ranked season. Once the hotfix is live in your region, we will re-enable matchmaking for Hero League and Team League. And although the issues we encountered were unrelated to the Performance Based Matchmaking improvements, we are reinstating Ranked mode with the Performance Based Matchmaking updates turned off. We want to make sure we’ve resolved all of the issues and that the ranked season placements are in a good place before we reinstate any new features. We understand many of you are very excited about the Performance Based Matchmaking changes and we’ll update everyone once we’re ready to turn them back on again. Additionally, to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this ranked season, we have decided to completely restart this season. That means all accounts, regardless of whether they were affected by this issue, will be reset. We understand that this is very frustrating, particularly for those who have already redone their placement matches. Once again, we sincerely apologize to our passionate and dedicated players who have been impacted by this unfortunate issue. Thank you again for your patience as we work to make things right.Dylan Bates0 18h
22h Ranked Queues Temporarily Disabled (Dec 15, 2017) Hi everyone, As many of you may be aware after reading a forum post we made earlier this week, we’ve been working to resolve an issue affecting placement Matchmaking Ratings (MMR) following the Ranked Season Roll on Tuesday. After investigating the issue, we rolled out a fix that we believed would resolve it, and also reset the affected players’ placement matches. However, it’s evident that there is still unexpected behavior from placement MMR and we have been receiving reports that players are still being placed inaccurately. These placement issues are unrelated to the performance-based matchmaking update and we are working hard to determine the root cause and resolve this situation as soon as we possibly can. We sincerely apologize for the frustrations this has caused for those of you who’ve already embarked on your Hero and Team League journey this season. While we are working toward that fix, we also want to prevent as many players as possible from being placed incorrectly. As a result, we have disabled ranked matchmaking queues in all regions until we are confident we can solve the issue. We understand that disabling the ranked queues is less than ideal, and want more than anything to get you back in the action as soon as possible. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best matchmaking experience we can, so we thank you very much for your continued patience as we work to ensure ranked play provides a fun and fair experience for everyone. Until that time, feel free to jump into one of our other game modes, including Quick Match and Unranked Draft. We will keep you updated as we make progress on a fix for ranked play.Nate Valenta1 22h
3d Forum Avatars Have Arrived! We’ve just released an update for the Heroes of the Storm forums, which adds a selection of Heroes-themed avatars that you can use to bring more personalization to your posts. To swap to a new avatar, please follow these instructions: In the upper right hand corner of the forums, you’ll see your current avatar. Click the down-arrow next to your avatar, and then select “Choose Avatar” from the dropdown menu to view all of the avatars that are currently available. Make your selection by clicking one of the avatars listed there, and your avatar should update immediately. That’s all there is to it! We hope you’ll enjoy your new look.Nate Valenta67 3d
Nov 21 PTR Survey: Feedback Requested! Greetings Heroes! Due to the large amount of changes on the PTR, we decided to put together a quick, simple survey. You can only take the survey ONCE so make sure you get 2-3 games with the changes below before taking it. The survey will address the following changes: Updated Stealth Visuals Laning Changes (Regeneration Globes and Structure Changes) Mercenary Changes Map Objective Warning and Timing Changes Once you are ready to take the survey, navigate to this survey link here and let us know your thoughts! See you in the PTR! Zobrek0 Nov 21
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1h Hanamura Update I’d like to thank everyone for the tremendous amount of feedback we’ve received on Hanamura since its release. We’re continually trying to push the boundaries with Heroes of the Storm and Hanamura is no exception. It introduces new concepts to the game and some of them have been more successful than others. We’ve made a couple rounds of changes since the battleground's release to address tuning feedback, but have identified a number of more fundamental changes we want to make as well. While we work on these changes, we’re going to remove Hanamura from the battleground rotation for all normal gameplay modes starting with this week’s patch. We don’t have a timeline for when Hanamura will return, but the battleground will remain available in custom games in the meantime.TravisM229 1h
1d Weekly Collection Update: Dec 19 – Jan 3, 2017 Next week's Collection Update kicks off on Tuesday, December 19, and it’s going to be a big one! We’ll be featuring many more items than usual, and the update will last twice as long. Check out the list of featured items and Hero discounts below. Upcoming Hero Sales Garrosh — Sale Price: 375 Gems Samuro — Sale Price: 375 Gems Stukov — Sale Price: 312 Gems Kael’thas — Sale Price: 375 Gems Li-Ming — Sale Price: 312 Gems The following Skins and Mounts will enter the Featured Item Rotation, and will be unlockable using Gems until next week's Collection Update: Upcoming Featured Skins Sunset Ana Blackrock Garrosh Sovereign Kael'thas Neon Dragon Genji Lil-Ming Timewalker Chromie Floral Champion Lunara Cold Warchief Sylvanas Felblade Samuro Jungle Novazon Knight Owl Medivh Crypt King Tassadar Violet Flying Monkey Brightwing Vice Admiral Krakenov Draenor Hellhammer Thrall Buccaneer Falstad Horde Mad Axe Garrosh First Ascendant Li-Ming Upcoming Featured Mounts Tan Saddled Battle Beast Red Horse Magical Star Chariot Dominion Marshal's Outrider Toxic Demonic HellsteedSpyrian30 1d
Nov 18 Collection of Useful Guides and Posts With the Overwatch Crossover, we're likely to see a big influx of new players who will have plenty of questions for us. I'd like to make a collection of helpful links for players to learn from, and I'd like your help in making it. I am looking for helpful, detailed threads that would be useful for a new player interested in learning. Bonus points if it has been deemed Highly Rated by the forum community. If you know of threads I should include, please add them into the comments. General Threads DETAILED RANK 1 GUIDE - TIPS AND TRICKS Adopt a Newb- Replay Help Day 1 Crash-Course A Beginner's Guide from a Beginner- HOW EACH HERO BEHAVES- A PLAYER/BUYER'S GUIDE Guide to Hero League Draft- So You Want to Call the Shots? Shotcalling Guide SO YOU WANT TO BE RANK 1? HERE'S HOW- A GUIDE TO FRONTLINE MASTERY- REDEFINING HEROES AND THEIR ROLES- LOTS OF TALK ABOUT GAME TYPES AND ATTITUDES LATELY- The Extended Dictionary of Terms- The Gold Gain- Information- Team Liquid Hero League 101- 10 SHORT TIPS TO BECOME A BETTER HOTS PLAYER! Big bad thread of all things EXP. Tips and Tricks Threads Tips by Blinks Tips and Tricks You Must Know How to Play Against Stealth by Team Liquid It's the Little Things That Make the Difference Guide on Laning Strategies for Specific Maps General Heroes Guides Guides by Blinks TempoStorm Heroes Guides WHAT YOU CAN LEARN BY WATCHING COMPETITIVE HEROES OF THE STORM FiGhTiNCoWBoY's Video Guides & Gameplay- Fan's Video Guides & Gameplay- MYPallytime's Video Guides & Gameplay- Science of the Storm- HeroesFire Guides Map Specific Threads A GUIDE TO BLACKHEART'S BAY- Team Liquid Blackheart's Bay Map Guide- Team Liquid Garden of Terror Map Guide- Team Liquid Sky Temple Map Guide- Dragon Shire Map Strategy Guide by Icy Veins- Team Liquid Haunted Mines Map Guide- Map Timers Guide- Collection of Map Mechanics Nov 18
Nov 9 Account Suspensions for Non-Participation - Updated Nov 7, 2017 Latest Suspension & Ban Wave: November 7, 2017 We’ve just issued a new round of account suspensions and bans for players who regularly go AFK, refuse to participate, or intentionally and repeatedly die during their Heroes of the Storm matches. These actions were targeted at players whose in-game performance data, combined with high report volume, clearly shows a consistent lack of contribution to the majority of their matches. In this way, we’re able to take regular and confident action against those who are intentionally harming the in-game experience for others. Going AFK, refusing to participate, and intentionally dying are behaviors that ruin the experience for everyone else in a match and undermine the spirit of competition that’s essential to Heroes of the Storm. Taking part in these actions will not be tolerated, and we will continue to suspend and ban players who do. We’d like to thank those of you who use the relevant in-game reporting options when you spot these negative behaviors in your matches, and encourage you to continue doing so. Thank you!Nate Valenta6 Nov 9
Nov 7 The Patch History To catalog all HotS patches in one place, every content patch or exception will be linked and summarized here. [ 2017 ] December 12 Hanzo November 29 Balance November 22 Hotfix November 14 Alexstrasza November 1 Balance October 25 Hotfix October 17 Junkrat October 11 Balance October 2 Hotfix September 26 Ana September 20 Balance September 8 Hotfix September 5 Kel'Thuzad August 23 Balance August 8 Garrosh July 26 Balance July 11 Stukov June 28 Balance June 13 Malthael May 31 Balance May 16 D.Va May 10 Balance April 28 Hotfix April 25 Genji, 2.0 April 20 Balance April 12 Hotfix April 4 Cassia March 30 Hotfix March 28 Balance March 22 Hotfix March 14 Probius February 27 Balance February 17 Hotfix February 14 Lúcio February 8 Hotfix January 27 Balance January 24 Valeera January 12 Hotfix January 6 Balance January 4 Zul'jinVekkul52 Nov 7
Jul 18 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista During the week of October 16, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in Heroes of the Storm. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. Heroes will no longer run on these older operating systems once we've ended support, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version prior to mid-October of this year.Nate Valenta0 Jul 18
3m If the goal was to demoralise me, you really succeeded. So I did my first set of placements and got Plat 4. Having topped last season at Plat 5 I thought this was good seeing as I'd had a good placement run. Then you reset it. So I did it again, went 7-3 AGAIN and got Plat 1. Which I thought was a bit high but hey I'll take it since my account has been "fixed" to correct seeding and all. Then I played and was on a promotion game to diamond. Then you reset it again. And my placement matches 3rd time around were the most toxic 10 matches I've ever played whereas the first 2 times everyone was hyped for the new season. I scraped out a 5-5 and got Plat 3 but the entire thing has left such a bad taste in my mouth thinking that I could possibly be climbing through diamond ranks now. I don't even feel like playing now. So so demotivated.Metahuman11 3m
3m To all crying players (special to masters) Just think about once about the following: You say you are master each say you had to play your placements with gold/platin or whatever......and you are at least losing 50% and blame your team........ I need to tell you something: You were never supposoed to play in master league if you can not carry most of the low rank games.....welcome to your real rank! P.S. if you doubt it and say it is elo hell blablablabal just think once about the boosting services!!!! they boost you in any divioson cuz they are really good players.Noobman9 3m
3m Blackheart's Bay is pay to win I made a thread recently about how snowbally and bad Blackheart's Bay was and it got downvoted for no reason. Let me give a more detailed, albeit short explanation. The map is just about whoever controls the middle. If you're playing QM you're just screwed if you get a bad team comp on this map because it'll be impossible to win. I have like a 30% winrate on this map also because the amount of team coordination you need on this map that you just aren't going to get in QM.MekkaGoo30 3m
4m Blizzard nerfed supports to reduce double healing. Now Tyrande... where does she fit in now? In a double support she's weaker now, because she is nerfed, so what about single support? Well she can't solo heal so that's out of the question. So in a way she's weaker now no matter how you look at it. Compare her to other assassins and she's weaker now. Compare her to other supports and she's weaker now because she's not an actual healer. It'll be much harder now justifying picking Tyrande over an actual assassin or an actual healer. So now when would you ever want to pick Tyrande? She wasn't even that strong before the nerf. In fact she was the only support that was NOT picked in tournaments.Marmara2 4m
11m I was uber ssj super grandpoobah 2 now I'm master 3, what is this? I can't believe this, it's insulting that I got placed in anything beside uber ssj super grandpoobah 2 now I'm master 3. I think the placement system doesn't know what it's doing and did not place me in the ranking that I deserve after playing 10 games.MekkaGoo21 11m
12m Disney is going to buy Blizzard Soon we will have battles between Mickey, Spiderman and Raynor against Donald Duck, Predator and Darth VaderRazor19 12m
12m Petition : Compensation for wasted time [HL] Hi, Ranking in heroic league had already reset a first time, making time and games wasted for those who played before it. And now, it's reset again ! Okay system could have some issues and bugs, but I think simple excuses from Blizzard are not enough to compensate players' time invested. It could be compensated by giving chests/gold/crystals/gems according to games played in HL or rank reached before this reset. If you agree that your wasted time must be compensate, tell it. PS : Personally I don't care because I didn't played in HL yet, but I am the spokesperson of friends who played tirelessly to reach a great rank. And I understand their disappointment.Tiger7 12m
13m Leaver Penalty Queue I've been in queue for well over 10 minutes now... I need to play 1 game and I can't. I get it, I left a game and was punished for doing so...I had my reasons outside of the game to leave that were sudden but seriously? This wait time to get INTO a game is INSANE. I even have Auto-Fill On and it's still not even putting me into a game. How long is this dang queue so I can get this over with and enjoy the game again.Abazaba1 13m
22m from master to gold 4 must say thx to blizzard...before reset played games in master leaque and now im gold 4... is this a joke or what?ChrY4 22m
24m Why pick hanzo? Why take him over any other ranged assassin?Thunderphuck29 24m
25m Matches seem WAY too short Did they change Braxis/Battlefield of Eternity bc ever since the patch the match is finished at like 13mins around lvl 13-15. Every match. Sometimes we have a keep down before we even get to 10. Which is just weird. That's super odd and I can't say I like it. I preferred the 20-30 min matches than the 12-20 min matches...David39 25m
29m Blizz Makes changes like a child in Science Scientific method, have you heard of it? It's something you can apply to other realms of life. I wonder if Blizz even considered it for 30 seconds before they made the 1k changes they recently made especially cloak. Only to make them more cancerous.Arsis0 29m
30m Diamond to gold 2, I'm done with this game I just finished my placement games, I won 4 games, I lost the other 6 because of the gold players, I reached diamond the last season and in every game after the reset, I just saw gold players in my team, oh and 1 silver player. I met good gold players in other seasons, but in this.... People focusing 2 tanks with stukov as a healer and with 1 tier down, bad calls every time, 6 deaths in first 2 minutes. I give my best every game but I can't deal with people who doesn't have enough experience in the game, thats the reason why I'm leaving heroes of the storm, at least this season. I play since alpha (good times) but I guess the problem of this game is the match system because most of people don't know how to play all the roles, and I don't want another ban because of abusive chat. So, good luck to all of you in this season.Themaster10 30m
36m Is there gonna be another speech about telling players that they're not as good as they thought they were? With all these folks dying out of their higher positions, they sound exactly like the people that were complaining about being unable to rank out of their pits prior to the individual progression system. Now your individual stats are on the line and you're really the reason for your rank this go around. Is Blizzard going to have to make the same speech again with extra realsauce this time?Penrose5 36m
42m abathur turns in your golds im sorry, but what? do you know how hard it is to get solid gold on char, the sh*ts molten man this is my gold, i'm gonna use it, i need to test stuffCheezusCrust3 42m
43m Hanzo Dragonstrike initial thoughts; horrible Now granted, he is new so I understand I am still trying to play him, but with my experience so far with Dragonstrike, it seems so easy to dodge, and would require large setup like a Mosh pit to use. Alternative thoughts is to zone out an area, and it doesn't even do that much damage. Honestly though, especially compared to Dragon's Arrow, is this even a heroic ability? It seems pretty useless and gets no real value. If anyone does know how to use it insanely good let me know how.KinkyTwinky32 43m
45m Ranked matches seem like teams are getting exp advantage too easily? So far this season it seems like all of my matches become super one sided, either my team gets a level lead very quickly, or the other team does. At that point they're all just snowballs. Plus 13-15 minutes matches. It feels really off. Anyone else experiencing this?VagrantStorm7 45m
48m Valeera and Samuro This two hero hurts a bit more than nova and zera. Reason is because their ability to get invisable is different from those two but they haven't see this problem. Valeera is a hero that really relied on stealth because she get different ability to initiation a gank or fight, easy to see in stealth is hurt because her cold down for Vanish is 8 second in this 8 second, she was weak and had no ability to escape or you going to waste your ult before the fight is started. Samuro, a hero that using wind walk to get in stealth, but same thing, 15 second cold down; stand still for 1.5 second makes you fully invisible for all stealth but samuro only had 10 second for invisable, so feels like that is the biggest problem for him now. This two hero getting more change than buff, and the rework really decreasing the fate of fault tolerance; so maybe decreasing the cold down or something?LZLDZ0 48m
48m Some talent tweak suggestions In some of my play, I usually try to play around and see where I can get some different talent builds to try to work, but there's some talents that are a bit misplaced or archaic with heroes changes that I don't see much incentive to see the talent work in a build, or the opportunity cost seems a bit too steep. Since the game is getting a back of balance-backlash with a number of other changes going in, I thinking pointing out a few other lackluster bits may be a slight change of pace from the other topics going on. cassia seraph's hymn I'm one of those that thought the change away from the lvl 1 quest talent was pretty odd, and this talent still just doesn't click for me. The effect is fairly lackluster, even if trying to spec cassia into some 'utility' role, and the effect just doesn't work well: she pretty much gives up using her other ability and talent boosts for a blind effect she wouldn't need as the effect is part of her trait: it made sense to have blind enable fend, so she's trading her trait armor to deal damage and needs the blind, but otherwise the effect is pointless when compared to her other lvl 1 options. suggestions: gain spell armor for each enemy hit with Blinding Light. This turns the effect away from all other blinds, and while it still gives up her damage options, it could have a place in qm where cassia is treated as a bruiser and doesn't really have the tools to hold a front line that isn't countered. So adding temp spell armor helps set this talent apart and potentially boosts the effect of inner light at lvl 4, esp if cassia is up front plate of the whale the idea isn't bad, but the effect is really only an early game effect. Instead of being flat regen, I think the quest reward should also up the effect to % based healing so the regen scales as the game progresses. crash course the idea, getting more boost/bump effects from hitting heroes isn't bad, but the competition from rush-down and nitrous outclasses crash course as a quest effect suggestion: increase the duration of Booster when hitting enemy heroes quest: hit enemy heroes reward: if booster lasts more than 3 seconds, heroes can be hit a 2nd time. getting a 2nd bump sets a clear difference on how this could be used vs other booster talents. However, needing the duration means the enemy team still has counterplay for really displacing heroes. Get though this: being a semi-channeling ability means the effect is pretty much offset by enemy cc, so getting more duration isn't really useful a talent imo. If the effect were to have a weaker effect of defense matrix linger,then that'd be a bit more appealing a talent choice suppressing fire Honestly, I think this could just be offered at an earlier talent level and be okay. The rest of the tier is pretty much how copes with losing her mech (gank cd to get a new one, armor to survive getting focused, pilot dash to get away) that an increased attack range or slow isn't going to help by comparison to the other talents; esp when one of them boosts her damage too. Nova I like most of the changes to nova with this stealth patch, but I do think snipe-focused talents suffer compared to oitc or aa; the culimation at 16 for explosive shot isn't worth it imo. suggestion: put explosive back at 13 and roll back in her old railgun talent. a full-on piece might be a bit much, but having snipe pierce like jaina's frostbolt is much more interesting for reward good snipe plays; even if one of the two hits is reduced damage, being able to get a bit more cdr or snipe stacks could really help set this apart from her attack-focused specs johanna reinforce block on johanna before her rework was a nice bump to her durability, esp since it didn't compete against similar talents. However, with baseline armor reducing the effect gained and it being slumped in a defensive-themed tier, reinforce is way too situational to be worth competing against self-healing or more iron skin. suggestion: rolling in her old regen master with the block might be a combined worthwhile effect as getting a touch more regen offsets the weight of self-healing, and getting a bit more max hp competes with the burst of more iron skin. Maybe a whole sale regen master + block is too much and might dominate the tier, but it does need something with some oomph to topple the dominance of laws of hope. would rather not see another lvl 1 talent get back onto jo baseline just to try to break off the 'must have' talent stigma.Xenterex0 48m
51m Are they going to reset AGAIN? I was 3-1 and they reset to 0 at my placements now im 5-0 and i see a breking new for new season .pls tell me they are not going to reset again?george1164 51m
1h Performance based points needs tuning and here is why. So in theory getting more or less points, depending on how well you performed is really good. In practice however I quickly learned, that it is tuned entirely wrong right now. Winning with ETC gives me ~20 negative adjustment. Is it because I performed bad? Not really, it's because I hit a 4 men mosh, do 0 damage during it, maybe even die. The enemy team however gets wiped and we win the match. Playing a CC tank, with low damage gets punished even in a good match. I don't want to know how many points it would substract, if I played bad and we lost. Meanwhile, go Nova and rack up 10+ kills. Win or lose, you get easy 30+ points. Damage is too important currnetly, and cc, zoning and other really important things are not weighed in enough, if at all. How would one rate a players zoning? It's not an easy thing to fix, but it's needed. I already see 4 out of 5 people instantly hovering assassins. This will only get worse, as this knowledge spreads.Nezrathul56 1h
1h Dva How come Dva doesnt get matched against other Tanks? Severely broken matchmaking if one tank gets a warrior and the other one does not.Coolerboi23 1h
1h Placements still broken Lifetime Diamond/Master lague player: Did my first set of placements after first reset: First 10 Placements: 8-2 = Diamond 3 (12/15/17 reset) Next 10 Placements: 4-6 = Gold 2 LOL. ByeWood0 1h
1h Placement Reset Thread Can we all just say that the backlash from the reset is worse than the complaining about "being placed incorrectly"? Blizzard needs to do 1 of two things : 1) Reset EVERY account. Wipe all HL games from the record. Put everyone at 0 games played, even if you only played 1-9 of your placements. 2) Admit that the system was actually working as intended, and the swing in ranks and because of players actually belonging in those ranks. So if you placed lower, PPA and MMR is picking up that you belong lower. Where if you place higher, you obviously are playing at a caliber that shows you belong there.JuMPy44 1h
1h Thanks for the fix. Hey Blizzard. Just wanna thank you for fixing the matchmaking with the latest patch. After the first ten placements I ended up in Silver 2 which I was really excited about - pathetic I know. I grew in ranks, I was winning a lot and really found some good teammates. Just finished my 10 placement matches for the second time and I am now in Bronze 2. This rank is filled with trolls, afk's, dc's and people who don't care about their rank and as someone who takes ranked play seriously and is looking to improve his gameplay, you can imagine how excited I am about being here. Again thank you for "fixing" the matchmaking and bringing it back to its original state of glory. Can't wait for season 5.Lassic0 1h
1h Hailfail was right I hate to admit it, but Hailfail was right, Valeera teleporting behind the enemy hero is extremely annoying while playing her. I don't want to go looking for the thread. I do have to say I personally would like the teleport to be to the hero or the other side of the hero. I understand the fantasy of teleport behind, it just makes her annoying to play if you don't use mid combat stealth.Werbs17 1h
1h Placements still broken Lifetime Diamond/Master league player: First 10 Placements: 8-2 = Diamond 3 (HL Reset on 12/15/17) Next 10 Placements: 4-6 = Gold 2 lol thanks Blizzard, going to tie my noose now.Wood0 1h
1h Starting MMR Hi, is it possible for players starting MMR to be way lower then it is? I have over 3500 games and I never played any MOBA before, so I end up in silver 4 after my first placement matches. Now, after 3500 games i get to Gold 1.. Now, my issue is that i play with people who have like 300 games played, who usually just dont listen to advice' and just play randomly. I know, lot of you will say - get better at the game and you will go up the ranks. I agree, but the same problem persists in the higher leagues as well. I know people who made smurf's and got to a diamond no problem, playing with people who play the game for the first time. They go to Diamond and ruin games for people who deserved the diamond. If it is true that if you are good you will go up the ranks, why not say that max that someone can go is platinum 5 or platinum 3. Well, that is my problem, just that it is frustrating to play the game with people who have 200-300 games. And yes, i wont make a smurf ever, i dont wont to be that guy who does not deserve to play in the league that he is in. Cheers.Sinko7 1h
1h i kinda stopped to play the game so far because.. - the game feeling changed to worse - the matchmaking is strange now - to many greedy ideas wich wants to force u to play with - to much changes from developers feelings, without asking the community. - the games are to short, the towers falling to fast. to much snowball games. - only gem skins - to much policity in the gamexsi0 1h
1h Placements are still not fine. 5 time Master player placed in Platinum. As mentioned in the topic, I'm a player who has played since the very beginning of hots. Rank 1 Preseason. Season 1 Grandmaster. Season 2 Diamond. Season 3, 4, 5, 6 all Master. The first placements for this season I did I placed 1k master, as I did the season. Then I was reset 2 times (second not completing placements). Just now I was placed into platinum 1. There is no way the placements are working as intended. The only place I'm platinum is with Team League where I play with my bronze/gold friends for placements so they can get the mount before end of season. I don't even know what to do to resolve this, do I make a support ticket?figgy16 1h
1h Yeah no I quit. This patch ruined it for me From lag spikes to heroes getting ruined to matches being super short to super stupid matchmaking...This game is just making me angry. I did the same with DotA after 5 years of playing it, it has been 6 years since I quit DotA, never looked back, I am doing the same for this. I ain't never gonna touch this !@#$ until it's fixed which probably will never happen. I am done with discovering issue after issue after issue. This is BS.David67 1h
1h Mercenary Lord / Queen How about the talents Mercenary Lord / Queen of Sonya or Sylvanas after the new patch? Are they now more viable?Goblin0 1h
1h Diablo Rework: Buff or Nerf? I didn't play Diablo before this, so I have no idea what his abilities did. I'd read the changes myself to make the decision, but all it says is "Removed" "Removed" "Removed" "Removed", so since I don't know what they did before I don't know if he's better or worse now.DrAntagonist30 1h
1h I think Valeera is one of the worst heroes ever designed. This new update just deepened that problem. She's a Garrote bot now with 2.75 second silence that creates frustrating gameplay situations. Mostly for enemies. I have 200+ Valeera games and I hate her design. She takes literally no skill to play, has point and click CC and now that she gets teleport it just makes Garrote fuking broken and unfair to play against. It doesn't take a brain to apply Garrote on your enemies and just kill them. I'm fine if she gets reworked entirely. And she needs a rework badly.l33tk1ng9 1h
1h Third Time's the Charm!? I love the new PBM system. Even though many players have been placed way above/below their supposed MMR due to a bug, I believe players are also being nudged due to the PBM system working as it should! What will happen now is that all those players who actually are at a higher/lower rank/MMR than they should be, won't be nudged down/up, as they can do normal placements without PBM affecting them. Then, Blizzard will activate PBM at some point and they will already have placed, skewing the placements yet again due to two systems being used. Turn it back on please =) And then there is this logic: "[...]the issues we encountered were unrelated to the Performance Based Matchmaking improvements, we are reinstating Ranked mode with the Performance Based Matchmaking updates turned off."Timotei4 1h
1h Can a Blue please explain the QM hero match system? Now before anyone turns the knob on their forehead from "Reasonable and mature" to "9 years olds and b****ing" - YES I KNOW Draft is a thing and I use it. This is a question asked where I seek an answer to quell my curiosity. NOT a whine-post. So the Quickmatch hero matchmaking system has become better over the years (For occasionally to bump back during major patches but to be fixed up again) I love for instance how you now NEVER really meet a mirror unless it's the most newly released hero. And even then there is more games now with the new hero on just one side rather than both sides when compared to before. But because people cried and whined - Blizzard went on and did the dumbest thing they could have done when it came down to roles in this game. Which was to make "Sub-roles" We don't need anything more than "Warrior - Specialist - Support - Assassin and apparently Multiclass" Now I will agree that some heroes are not where they belong, I for one thing that Tyrande should be a Multiclass Assassin / Support but what do I know. It's kinda odd that it's been 1 year now and we still only have 1 "real" multiclass hero in the eyes of Blizzard but that is a story for another day. So here is where we get to the meat of the post. How does this hero matching system even work. Examples of this being jank: Putting a team with no tank up VS a team with a tank since apparently Zarya and Xul are in the same category? Okay... But how? The one is a flat our tank with health to spare, self shielding and means to shield allies. The other one sure can shield himself but does the job fat better in a lane or going inn to swing the scythe a few times to then back out when things gets dicey. Xul is no tank. Putting a team with no support up VS a team with a support since apparently Tyrande and Abathur is in the same category? Thing is that while Aba can sure: if speced into it; deal as much damage as Tyrande but he can in no way HEAL as much as her unless he goes for a full on Crown build where he needs to spend the ENTIRE game doing the following "Jump on someones head - Shield them - Leave someones head" and then repeat that process CONSTANTLY. No one picks Abathur to play that way. Most Abathrus plays to push lanes or crown a target that crown is ridiculous on like Arthas, Ilidan or Cho'gal. Putting a team with no specialists VS a team with specialists since apparently Azmo - Zeebo -Zagara - Varian and Sony can be pitted against Nova - Genji - Tyrael - Li-Ming and Artanis. Some of the matchups here I get but it's still stupid. The one team sits with all the lane push power in the world and can pretty much SPAWN a lanes worth of creatures on the objectives while the other team can do f***all. Or my personal favorite: Putting a team with no hard support VS a team with very low to no means of even self-healing. When you pit Stiches - Alextraza - Stukov - Li Li - Li-Ming and Sonya VS Zeratul - Genji - Artanis - Hanzo and Falstad it really starts getting stupid. Yes I will draft, and I do. Don't get your panties in a fuzz, but I just wan't to know WHY this is happening. HOW is this a thing. WHY is this acceptable. WHO designed this and can SOME Blueposter step forward and tell me how the heck this system works? Thanks for your time if you made it this far, see you in the Nexus.Rexx7 1h
1h PBMMR badly needs some macro play love. Now that PBMMR is temporarily disabled, I think we need to re-evaluate what we consider to be "good play." I have played 36 games this season, and I sit at 69.4% winrate in QM. The reason for this is the system thinks my gameplay should be leading to my teams losing, but in reality, my macro game has been strong. With the new update, it seems to only care about stat padding, which is the exact OPPOSITE of the intended effect of the changes. I have purposefully been doing things to make myself look bad, while still winning games. For example. My team is taking a boss with the entire enemy team alive. I travel to the lane opposite the boss and make the enemy aware of my presence. I am summarily ganked, but my team secured the boss and it pushed the bottom keep which secured a win. Second scenario, I notice that my team is trying to take the objective. I see the enemy team moving in to wipe us. I travel headlong into the enemy team and delay them just long enough for my team to get our 3rd tribute for the curse. At first I was just playing normally, and then I intentionally went out of my way to make myself look bad to the system while securing wins for my team. Overall, it does feel great to finally see similarly skilled players in games, but I feel it's far too punishing to people who are playing the game correctly. With that in mind, I suggest the following improvements. 1) Camps Rather than just counting the number of camps taken, count the time to live of the camps taken. It doesn't matter if a camp was taken only to die 30 seconds later, what matters more is that camp that was taken that lives for 4 minutes and pushes down a keep. Also, all players within a screen length should get credit for a camp. Your tank may fight off of the camp's point in order to prevent the enemy team from encroaching and stealing your camp. The tank fighting half a screen away is just as much a part of that camp capture as the rest of the team. 2) Macro play metrics Right now, I don't think it's good to just take the general performance of all players playing the hero weighted equally. I really think you should let the system look at the players with high winrates and weight those metrics more. It makes more sense to look at the Nazeebo player who has a 65% winrate with Nazeebo more than the hundreds who have a 50% winrate or less. Sylvanas is probably one of the biggest offenders where this is concerned. Most of the playerbase plays Sylvanas completely wrong. She SHOULD be WITH her team, helping her team push into territory they couldn't otherwise push in to. She is a very poor solo pusher, yet most Sylvanas players play her like this. The Sylvanas that maybe only wins 50% of the time, but spends their entire game solo pushing is a worse metric than the Sylvanas player who wins 70% of the time but spends all game with the team. 3) Tanks Tanks are another problem area. The tank that spends all game spamming their abilities is going to look phenomenal next to the tank that conserves their abilities for the right gank moment. Rather than count Spammy McSpazoid's stun time, you should consider weighting more toward the tank that has more team presence. You should also look at the ratio of team damage taken versus tank damage taken. The less damage your team takes during a teamfight, the better a tank you actually are. Of course, none of these suggestions are going to be perfect, but I think it brings the system closer toward actual measurement of skill than straight up stat padding. Remember, the goal of the game is to kill the enemy's core, not to have amazing stats. PBMMR right now only works for assassins, nobody else.Drothvader13 1h
1h Goodbye HotS. Ever since patch 29.2, this game went from being my favorite MOBA to a pile of hot garbage in the blink of an eye. I guess none of the developers heard the phrase "don't fix something that isn't broken." You call these improvements? Please, don't make me laugh. Not by a longshot. Let's see... Sgt. Hammer rework? Massive failure. Supports? Butchered. Stealth? A complete mess. Camera change? It's been glitchy and laggy ever since. Game balance? Deteriorating. Nobody asked for any of these changes, except the stealth rework. But you completely missed the mark. They are no longer "stealth." Double support meta didn't exist because they were "too dominating", it's because you literally added secondary supports to the game. Single support and double support were both totally viable. Why ruin the balance? Sgt. Hammer is even more niche than she was before. I'm done. Clearly the developers have no clue what they are doing, just like the LoL developers over at Riot. This game is going down the same path as LoL. It's really, really embarrassing. Unless HotS does a 180, I won't be an active player anymore. It's been a fun couple of years, I had a blast playing this game. This game is dying a slow, painful death and I hate to watch it die.Solidatermx32 1h