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1d Support Ending for DX9 and the 32-bit Heroes Client This Summer In the coming months, we’re planning to end support for DirectX9 and the 32-bit version of the Heroes of the Storm client. DirectX has had several major releases since DX9, and the vast majority of players in the Heroes community are now running the 64-bit version of the game, along with DirectX11 or higher. Once support ends, Heroes of the Storm will no longer run for players who are attempting to use the 32-bit game client or DirectX9. Please also note that while the 64-bit Heroes client might still be playable on some machines using DirectX10, this may not be the case for all configurations, which is why we recommend that all our players upgrade to at least DirectX11. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you‘re not already using the 64-bit Heroes of the Storm client and DX11 or higher, we encourage you to consider making the switch prior to July of this year, which is when we aim to go live with the planned changes.Nate Valenta419 1d
Sep 17 New Forum Platform and Features Incoming Hey everyone, Over the past years, we’ve seen your suggestions on how to level up the forums and ensure your time in our community stays positive. We know that currently the forums can be difficult to navigate, sometimes posts you want to see get buried, and reporting doesn’t always appear to lead to action. On that note, we’re excited to announce that we will be launching the new Heroes of the Storm forums starting soon. With a streamlined look and new features to match, this change will provide a better experience for the Heroes of the Storm community. Brand-new notification features will help you keep on top of your posts and real-time updates ensure that you don’t miss any of the conversation. Additionally, we have replaced the previous report function with a new flagging feature to help keep the forums a place to foster more engaging conversations. These are just a couple of the changes that will be coming soon to the Heroes of the Storm forums which we can’t wait for you to use. Please keep in mind that the current forums will be hosted on a different platform so older posts and threads will not be migrated over to the new forums. These will be available in a read-only state for a short period of time after the transition. As such, be sure to save your favorite conversations elsewhere if you plan to revisit old memories in the future. New posts will automatically be directed to the new forums. Stay tuned and get ready for the new forum experience!Rathmyr0 Sep 17
Sep 14 Heroic Deals: September 18 – September 25, 2018 Our next set of Heroic Deals will begin on Tuesday, September 18! Check out the list of upcoming featured items and Hero discounts below. Upcoming Hero Sales Anub’arak— Sale Price: 250 gems Johanna — Sale Price: 250 Gems The following skins and mounts will be added to the featured item rotation and will become purchasable with gems until this round of Heroic Deals comes to an end: Upcoming Featured Skins Arctic Enforcer Johanna Anub’alisk Showtime Azmodunk Spectre Tracer Zergy Pajamathur Abathur Striped Pure Country E.T.C. Shiroi Sakura Auriel Upcoming Featured Mounts Dark Nexus Hound Dominion Cyber Ram Nate Valenta23 Sep 14
Sep 6 The Patch History To catalog all HotS patches in one place, every content patch or exception will be linked and summarized here. [ 2018 ] September 25 Balance September 19 Balance September 4 Mephisto August 22 Balance August 16 Hotfix August 7 Whitemane July 25 Balance July 10 Balance June 27 Balance June 15 Hotfix June 12 Yrel June 6 Balance May 22 Balance May 9 Balance May 1 Hotfix April 24 Deckard April 11 Balance March 30 Hotfix March 27 Fenix March 21 Balance March 9 Hotfix March 6 Balance February 21 Voice Communication February 14 Hotfix February 9 Balance February 6 Maiev January 24 Balance January 16 Balance January 9 BlazeVekkul67 Sep 6
Jul 26 Weekly Account Suspensions for Non-Participation Every week, we issue a new round of account suspensions and bans for players who regularly go AFK, refuse to participate, or intentionally and repeatedly die during their Heroes of the Storm matches. These actions are targeted at players whose in-game performance data, combined with high report volume, clearly shows a consistent lack of contribution to their matches. In this way, we’re able to take regular and confident action against those who are intentionally harming the in-game experience for others. Going AFK, refusing to participate, and intentionally dying are behaviors that ruin the experience for everyone else in a match and undermine the spirit of competition that’s essential to Heroes of the Storm. Taking part in these actions will not be tolerated, and we will continue to suspend and ban players who do. We’d like to thank those of you who use the relevant in-game reporting options when you spot these negative behaviors in your matches, and encourage you to continue doing so. Thank you!Nate Valenta0 Jul 26
2m Why can't I buy one of the new skins? Why can't I buy a skin I like anymore with blue gems? Why am I forced to buy overpriced bundles with other skins I don't want and spend money gambling on lootboxes in order to get the skin I'm after? Is this what videogames have become in 2018?hipotibor10 2m
3m Realm Matchup Wishlist We've Had a Horde vs Alliance map, and one forangels and demons, and maps featuring terran bases torn apart by zerg... But one of the best parts of HotS is having all the different Blizz games mix and match So what do you hope to see later on? Scourge vs Zerg map? Diablo angels vs. burning legion? Diablo Burning Hells vs. Horde?Mutterscrawl3 3m
7m The event's bugs are fixed! THE FIX IS LIVE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Have fun during the event and good luck with the loot from your lootboxes!Sutherum12 7m
10m If you could rework your main How would you do it?Bloodrush21 10m
10m In-depth discussion on Genji's state In the past 2 days or so I've seen a lot of Genji threads, both new and necro'd ones. While skimming through some of them I've noticed that a lot of the complaints and justifications surrounding Genji is very narrow minded. I thought it could be helpful to start up a topic and dig through the current issues rather than just point fingers at eachother and yell "nerf" or "l2p". Genji's design For starters we have to look at what is so problematic about Genji's design? There's 3 things that contributes to this - Ranged, hyper mobility and Deflect. For starters Genji is designed as a melee assassin but carries a very important advantage over the others in the form of ranged AA's. Currently, Genji hits for 44x3 damage each time he autos which translates into 132 damage. For comparision Maiev has an AA of 145 damage and Zeratul has an AA of 126. Both of them has to get into melee range and will take harass back as a result. For ranged comparision Raynor's AA is 101 and Fenix is 83. The reason ranged characters has lower base AA than melees is because they can get the damage out more reliably where as melees has to worry about being kited. From the melee comparision Genji far surpasses both in baseline mobility. Zeratul can talent better mobility by level 20 and give up VP, but until then Genji is more mobile. Additionally, part of Zeratul's mobility is conditional which makes it worse under normal circumstances. The reason melee typically has better mobility than range is because being melee is a significant disadvantage. Because he is range which provides safety but also incredibly mobile and is unkillable unless the player makes a critical mistake this chokes the earlygame heavily for the opposing team. They cannot take a fight without worrying about Genji's disruption hardly at any point on the map. This is also part of the skill ceiling issue where Genji's winrate is considerably lower outside of Master than most other heroes which creates a "l2p" perception amongst the majority of the playerbase. With these things combined being baseline this means Genji dictates the game from the moment he is picked in draft. The only reason Mages see play despite Genji's existance is because they have unrivaled AoE threat and CC follow up. This is partly why Li Ming has the lowest winrate out of all Mages in the game currently. Skill Ceiling Genji has a very respectable skill ceiling in the game as well. Looking at overall winrates over the last 4 weeks Genji consistantly hovers at a >46% winrate. However in Master he consistantly has an above 50% winrate despite a 70%+ popularity. Currently he's got a 53% winrate which is a major nerf from the last patch where he sat at 55% winrate. Still it shows that a rough nerf still puts him in a very strong spot at high levels of play. This is another point where Genji's perceived weak state as well as "l2p" justifications arises. At low levels of play mechanically difficult or strategic hard heroes, like Medivh, fails to succeed because their team or the player doesn't understand how to best pilot or coordinate with them. However when piloted by good players their winrates dramatically increase. This is why they consistantly receive nerfs or few changes at all because they are incredibly volatile. At high levels their unique aspects tips the balance, however at low levels players don't abuse their strengths leaving them with effectively one player down at all times. Pro play While it is true that Genji's current winrate is 49% according to, it should be noted that he has appeared in over 4k games out of the recorded 4.8k played ones. This is a popularity of 82%. In recent times between Deckards release and Mephisto's release his most popular build carries a 65% winrate. The reason he is picked so much is because he removes options and strategies from his opponents. Just by existing Genji dictates and creates so much pressure that he will always be worthwhile picking. Another thing that is also worth noting is that Grubby, a top tier streamer has a tierlist that he updates regularly. In terms of optimal play Genji still holds a spot as a top tier FP/FB worthy despite all the nerfs. In the silver tierlist Genji isn't even considered viable which shows just how ludicrous the difference is. My opinion on resolving the issues From a design perspective Genji isn't a poor hero to have in the game. In fact he's a very mechanically sound and rewarding hero that does provide cool and flashy gameplay. The problem is that he has the tools to cover up for his own weaknesses that his strengths shines way too much. I believe Genji should have his ranged AA removed as well as redesign deflect to only work on ability damage or autoattacks. Countering both is way too much and there's a reason spellshields don't apply to AA's. In exchange for this Genji should have all his Swift Strike nerfs reverted and embrace it's gameplay. This ability is his bread and butter and is what makes him unique. It should carry the strengths and weaknesses just like other heroes primary ability do.Laparo46 10m
12m Have Any Previous Events Gone This Poorly? Bugged healing tracking. Next to no maps for the Watchtower quest (the only one I've found to count it so far isn't even supposed to be showing up according to the patch notes). Misleading quest info (spray vs skin). Neither link nor description in the patch notes. Has anything else gone wrong that I've forgotten to mention? I mean, there was the event where one person trolling/doing poorly meant nobody could progress the quest, but still . . .Morthion23 12m
14m Why even put me though the placement games? I finished silver 5 last season, i just did my placement games and went 9-1, and all my games were very intense. I looked at every profile and most of the players on the opposing team, a few were silver, most were gold and about 1 player out of each team was platinum. Every game except the 1st was unfavored - yet I get placed in one division above what I placed in last season. I mean, I wasn't expecting platinum, but gold for sure, a silver player goes 9-1 against mostly gold/plat opponents. Why not just put me back in silver 5, refresh my win-rate and let me get the rank points I worked tooth and nail for. I put in SO much effort today and it feels just totally wasted. To make matters worse, I am the shot-caller for my group with the most experience in HOTS between us 5. I'm probably the only silver with a 90% winrate right now, so at least there's that. too bad it didn't count for a anything meaningful. I am not complaining about being put in silver, just a little disapointed because it proves no matter how good or bad your placement games go, it does NOT impact where you will be placed. The following have proven to not move your MMR or initial placement during the placement matches: - W/L ratio - MMR of the teams you fight - Difficulty of the hero you play (Kel'thuzad most played 100% win) - Game duration - Class variety do not matter (Healer: 2 Specialist 2 Assassin 6) - Topping charts consistently ie: hero damage. healing done or EXP contribution - How close the game was - MVP awards (I got 4) I dont know if anyone else had a similar placement situation, or if most everyone broke even and couldnt get a good look, but this is what happened for me. feel free to check my profile for proof. last season I went 7-11 (silver 5) This season I went 9-1 (silver 4) on the low-end of rank points basically in the same spot I left last season in.Ennovative2 14m
15m Comeback mechanic? Everything is so snowbally! Why are almost all post release maps so easy to stomp in? First the tower ammo and heal globe changes, now you rework maps to snowball even harder. What's next? You lose exp with each death? I won and lost many games in under 10-15 minutes, with the losing side not even reaching lvl 16. I thought your great comeback mechanic was your thing? On the old map you could at least gain something from contesting the objective, even if it's just 30 seeds. Now you get nothing at all for 2/3 seeds. The enemy has three terrors, you propably wiped and they have all the time in the world to push/get camps. You could have just made the terror move slower or remove the speed buff so that it won't turn into "chase the terror". If something is broken then fix it, don't trash everything and turn it into some bastard child of alterac and cursed hollow!REMigal2 15m
16m We have four universes full of iconic characters to make a story with. Nah, let's just make comics about map announcers instead. That's definitely the correct move.TheBentOne20 16m
16m Placement Matches - Never Have I Witnessed Such a Gong Show I played all day today to complete them. And I won one... The players were the absolute worst I have ever seen. I have never in all my time on HotS lost nine matches in a row. I came off this last season with a positive winrate, moving up the ladder. I was something like 6 wins 2 losses yesterday. And feeling really positive about getting to gold or platinum with these placements. Then cold, hard reality came and bit me on the behind. This game is filled with people who cannot play, and do not care if they win. I mean, in one match this guy picks a bad hero for the map, then says "lol, it dont matter guys, its just a game, im here to have fun" Does this dude not know how important placement matches are? Placement matches are not QM fun matches. You should only be there if you have a burning ambition to win. In one match we had a BW that didn't know how to play BW, and didn't know how to not die. She died 8 times, the same amount as the total deaths of the rest of the team. I said, wow 8 deaths, thanks for throwing the match BW . And the reply from some other random scrub was, "its not his fault BW was just changed, he didn't know how to play her properly." As if that is some kind of legit answer. Did anyone think there is this place called QM where you can practice a hero first? and what does not knowing how to talent a hero have to do with feeding 8 deaths in ten minutes to the enemy? Its really astounding. I was silver 3, with one win from silver 2, now after going 1-9 I am Silver 5. If I had actually gotten good teams and went 9-1 I might be gold 1 or something.engine14 16m
19m Why in god's name would they make an objective to capture watchtowers... When only one such map currently exists in the rotation? Might as well make the objective a roulette wheel with a 20% chance of going up every match.Bralef11 19m
27m Maturity filter? Why? Why does this game have a maturity filter that can be toggled on or off when all "bad language" is prohibited and will get you silenced and/or suspended? Unless you are literally a saint to the point of nausea, any and every report filed against you, legitimate or spiteful, is dangerous. Context doesn't matter to blizzard; a simple utterance is enough to forfeit any possible appeal.Vanaheim13 27m
29m FALL OF KING'S CREST QUESTS - WATCHTOWERS In the Alexstrasza ones there's the "Capture 4 watch towers in winning games" quest, how can we get that one if there's just a couple of maps with watchtowers in rotation and even less in the rotation?Darkeshi9 29m
29m What's the point of Hero League if we can queue solo for Team League now? Why have two leagues? Isn't that just dividing the player base and doubling wait times?TheAlterMind39 29m
31m When did you first notice a decline in quality? For me it was the Orc Sgt. Hammer skin where her voice was some awful modulation. I think I blocked it from my memory, but that’s when I noticed things going downhill with hots.Rationail11 31m
37m Page of troll games Your auto ban hasn't banned this person after this: On NA realm. He just jumps into games then suicides on towers. Either gaming TL, or just trolling. Either way your system has let him get in a full page of it. It'd be great if you could do something about it.BigMcLrgHuge4 37m
42m Fall of King's Crest Quests bugged?? Picked the "heal 100k in winning games" quest, played a game trying out the new brightwing, we won and I had about 89k healing at the end. Aaaand my progress on the quest is still 0/100,000 healing. Am I missing something? Do I have to play ranked games or something to complete the quest? I gotta say this event is going to be pretty lame if I can't, ya' know, participate at all.Morquedeas41 42m
43m Who even are these people? No one interacts anymore I've played 6 games today and no one even said glhf, lost 5 btw no one says gg at the end (tho justified cause 5 were lost but still), no one responds to pings, forts fall top and bottom and no1 cares. No communication, no strategy, 0 everything. I play on eu so maybe they aren't that good at english but I think that anyone would know what a glhf means. My winrate is shook because of this like literally.Spojad6 43m
43m Roll20 getting destroyed by social media for their arrogance Roll20, the org behind the esports team, just falsely banned a veteran user. The user then threatened to destroy their reputation on social media. Roll20 decided to double down on their arrogance. "We do not need users who feel a need to verbally threaten the livelihoods of staff, and eat our work hours with bile. We're comfortable not being the platform for those sorts of users" - NolanT Roll20 cofounder NolantT's arrogant and disrespectful response currently has over 23000 downvotes on Reddit. Several thousand people have indicated they will be leaving Roll20. He will likely be fired shortly. Note the similarities to Blizzard developer statements "If you are a bad person doing bad things..., we don't want you." This disrespectful anti-customer attitude shows a disturbing trend among Blizzard developers. Already Blizzard's automated false banning of their veteran players has led to a trashed reputation and decline of the game. Blizzard apparently still needs to learn this lesson: the customer always wins in the end. 43m
44m The amazing MM BW used to be my main, so I was excited to try her after the update. I chose the healing quest (turned out a hilarious choice), queued my first match, and this is it: Now I need blizzz to find the bug that made the MM hold back and put Kerr on our team. Such a shame, our thrill could be more completed...Autolog0 44m
46m "Win a Game With Less Than 4 Deaths" Lets make this a permanent quest. It would solve a LOT of problems.MrE11 46m
1h New garden of Terror sucks? In my opinion yeah, why the need to clone the mechanics of the other 2 battleground, if isn't broken don't fix itDarkeshi33 1h
1h Thoughts on Chromie rework Hello, first I'd like to state that I am a passionate Chromie player, I am a level 175 Chromie with over 1400 games and is in Master league. (The reason why I have provided this information is not to show off my stats but rather give a reason to at least consider taking my opinions seriously). Here we go. First and foremost, I am not going to straight up deny that the changes have severely ruined the hero or rendered the hero useless. In fact, I will speak the truth. She is still quite strong, well at least in good hands. She can still put out quite a bit of damage. However, I am not okay with the changes as is. I'll specify the reasons as to why I am unable to accept the changes below and briefly explain as to why I feel this way. Sand Blast Cast Time Reduction: While it may seem advantageous to have a shorter casting time, but those who plays Chromie knows that this is not the case. I have to adjust my timings again, after having played more than 1400 games it just becomes difficult. And you've reduced it by only 0.2s. It is not quite fast casting neither slow, it's even more difficult to adjust. If Blizzard is set on the changes, please consider reducing the cast time by an additional .1s. It would make the casting a little more fast, and thus feeling fast. It would a lot lot easier to adjust to, well at least for me. If not please increase the damage a little and set the cast time back to 1s. Past and Future Me [Q] Quest: I completely disagree with this quest requirement. Before Chromie used to get 5dmg per each stack and thus it made a whole lot of sense, but you have removed the bonus damage from stacks. So it is absolutely absurd to have 50 stacks as the requirement for Echo. Think about it, 50 stacks just to unlock the echo, and you gain nothing else from it. Here is what I think would be much more reasonable; how about the Echo requirement is 30 stacks, once Chromie gets 30 stacks the Echo is unlocked and will deal 35% damage of Sand Blast. And then modify Mounting Sand, once Chromie reaches 50 stacks, the Echo will deal an additional 45% damage of Sand Blast. I do think think I am being unreasonable since Mounting Sand is by far the best level 1 talent for her and therefore eliminates other talents. [I will get into more of it later in the post]. Dragon's Breath [W]: I am not going to complain about splat being visible. I am okay with it, but what I am not okay with is the fact it is visible after .5s of casting. This gives the opponent 1 whole second to act and move out of the splat. Let's be honest, any good player will almost always dodge out of the splat zone, rendering this ability completely useless. Perhaps reduce the the time it requires to land Dragon's Breath from 1.5s to 1.25s. Or make the splat visible after .8s of casting. It will still allow players to dodge out of it but they will have to be on top of it. Alternatively, increase the splat size by reasonable amount, let's say about 35%. Another thing that frustrates me about changes made to this specific ability is the fact that you have reduced the damage from 480 to 360. Are you really being serious right now? You've made the splat visible and that itself is a major nerf so in what world does it make sense for you to nerf the damage output. Precisely, when opponents have more than enough time to completely avoid any damage from this ability. What makes more sense to me is that you increase the damage output of this ability from 480 to 550, but if you won't do that then at least increase it back to 480.Chromie's Identity: The most important of all, her identity. She's lost part of it. It is not the damage output, while people may think so. But rather her playstyle. The rework changed and quite frankly I'd like to say eliminated a possible playstyle of Chromie. Now everyone is forced to AA enemies whereas before I could completely rely on her abilities for my damage, I was up for all high risk high reward playstyle. But you've taken it away from her. I am not saying I cannot adjust my playstyle, I am very confident that I can, but it just bothers me knowing that an unique playstyle is completely being removed. I do think that with the changes I have proposed will return Chromie her true identity to some extent if not a lot of it. I have played a couple of games with her and it just does not feel the same, I can still do damage but something about her feels off, she just feels different. Please return her to me, you can nerf my damage but I just want my Chromie back. She is the only reason as to why I even play this game. Please kindly reconsider her changes. Thank you for taking your time to read and have a good day. EDIT: Temporal Loop [R]: Mana: 30 Cooldown: 25 seconds Choose an enemy Hero. After 3 seconds, they will teleport back to the location where Temporal Loop was cast on them and is slowed by 30%. Chromie cannot deal any ability damage to the target. This should eliminate the "frustration" caused by Loop and combo burst damage. Sand Blast [Q]: (!) Quest: Hit 45 Heroes with Sand Blast, consecutive hits without missing counts as 2 hits in the beginning and 3 hits thereafter. Sand Blast gains 2.5 additional damage from each stacks. (!) Reward: After hitting 45 Heroes, casting Sand Blast leaves an Echo behind. The next time Sand Blast is cast, the Echo also casts an untalented Sand Blast that deals 35% damage. (!) Quest: Hit 90 Heroes with Sand Blast. (!) Reward: After hitting 90 Heroes, damage of Echo is increased by an additional 15% and Sand Blast now hits up to 3 Heroes in its path dealing 50% of it's base damage. Piercing Sands: Sand Blast now hits all Heroes in its path, increased the piercing damage by an additional 50%. Additional hits counts as hitting 2 Heroes to a maximum of 3. Please allow me to explain before you lose your mind seeing 100% damage combined. Prior to Chromie nerf, Chromie actually did deal 100% damage once this talent was picked, so I am not really increasing the damage by any means. Instead, I am allowing Chromie to deal 50% of its base damage as a reward for achieving high amounts of stacks, which is limited to additional 2 targets. This is to compensate for receiving only 2.5 bonus damage from the stacks, which she used to receive 5 bonus damage. So please try to understand that before you panic. And please keep in mind we are talking about level 20 talent. Additionally, this will allow Chromie players to pick other level 20 talents if they so desire, as they would already benefit to some degree from completing baseline quest.Aquatic59 1h
1h Zero comeback potential on Alterac Pass Posted this and it got instadeleted because forums. No I didn't edit it. Just lost a match where I even completed lvl 1 Thrall Lighting quest (which never happens). We got the objective once but all it did was push our lanes out and get a fort. We lost and only got 2 forts because Hammer avoided objective for one other one. We had the first rider down to half health by the time it got to core. We killed it and the other one. Those combined got the core down to 20% health. Mind you, the enemy team was all dead except for brightwing which stayed on the edge, never really did any damage at all. So it was basically 0v5 on core against objective. Final rider came in amidst a sea of minions, core, and 5 players spamming abilities and ulting on the Rider. Core died and rider was at 40% HP. What a JOKE!Rationail28 1h
1h If Sylvanas ever becomes meta Please remove mind control. It's such a stupid ability. Xang Kyu.armando4 1h
1h Is tyrande overrated? I know she supposedly have a highwinrate, but I don't feel it or see it in my games. All you have to do is jump on her and she sucks unless she has good peel. Maybe because I play melee heroes mostly and know how to challenge her. Like last game I played arthas. If I sit on her, she's useless outside her teams ability to blow me up.happyscrub13 1h
1h HOTS not dying, eh? 1h
1h Why is there a battleground rotation for unranked modes again... Didn't you specifically change it so there WASN'T a rotation for unranked modes? Why do you keep backpedaling on everything you do? This explains why I haven't been seeing some of my favorite maps show up and why the game has felt really stale. There was no reason for this change back to what was already petitioned as a bad idea.Drothvader10 1h
1h Is the special event bugged? Illiad13 1h
1h Add friendly fire ! We got a guy requesting item in game and someone else asking for a surrender feature , it kinda looked like a downvoting competition and i wanted in for fun lol one of them has about 130 downvotes ahead but no matter lol i want to bring my own bad idea to to see how many downvotes i can get :D . If a feature like that ever made it through i think kt and ktz might kill more allies then enemies lolMySelf38 1h
1h Taking back the Town quest It says in the quest to take 4 watchtowers. The ones on Hanamura don't count, so I'm assuming its just the regular vision towers? Also can other people take vision towers for it to count for me?Banisher21 1h
2h All the backlash that the GoT Rework got when announced... And Blizzard still decided to release it? Dear gods, really? I thought the like to dislike ratio on Youtube alone would make them reconsider, I guess not. I don't know how changes like these keep going live to be honest. Did people on the PTR do a 180 in their opinion or what, because what I saw on the forums and Youtube was 90% of people hating it and a very minor 10% part of the fanbase liking it or having no strong opinion. People whine and moan about a lot of things, most of them trivial and anecdotal, but the GoT map mechanic wasn't one of them. Ugh, this is actually depressing to me, and it shouldn't be.Jc217254 2h
2h So with the new Whitemane skin... Is this the fastest they've ever released a new, high quality skin for a hero who just came out?Faellin6 2h
2h Garden of Terror Rework Is it still going through? Anyone know? HotS team always love to state they 'hear us loud and clear' and with the massive like to dislike ratio of the updated Garden of Terror map I was wondering if they are shelving it or are they just going to shove it down our throats. I'm asking because the maps day and night cycle and taking control of garden terror is pretty unique.... to rip away that map design and throw in a art valley/raven lord just ruins it. Only one other map has us collecting seeds/skulls and thats haunted mines and I loved it because it pushed people being sneaky and diving in to steal seeds, now its just a dumb channel fight like every other map. I dont know maybe I'm over reacting.Jackal9 2h
3h Re-queue system? Hi guys, I love playing hots and all, but sometimes queue time just gets too annoyingly long. Which is still bearable (like 10 mins per round), but when we got queued and a player disconnected, we have to queue all over again starts from 0 sec. To make things worse, there are times we got queued and dc 2 or 3 times in a row, and that means 30 mins wasted doing nothing but wait. I don't know if it's only me but I find this really frustrating, so I'm thinking maybe Blizz should invent re-queue system. Just make it so that if we queued for 10 mins and we got into a disconnected match, put us right back to the 10 mins wait time, or at least prioritize us or something. I'm hoping Blizz see this. What are your thoughts?Beverage0 3h
3h Fix your automated ban system I don't even have team chat or whispers on, and I still get banned.Player5 3h
3h I see they finally fixed the AI 3h
3h Can anyone deny that hots is at a better place now than last year? Blizzard gets alot of hate, but lets be honest. This game has seen some amazing improvements over the past year. Maps: I wasn't a fan of the ammo changes, but alterac pass, Volskaya foundary, and the reworked Hanamura have all been amazing additions to the game. They all needed some balancing changes, but are unique in different ways. The visuals are incredible and they have fun mechanics. Heroes: The Bad: Tracer and genji have been nerfed to oblivion and the hyper-mobility has been dialed back alot. They've listened to their fans and haven't introduced a ton of new overwatch heroes. Varian, who used to run around with many charges of invulnerable now has to make a sacrifice when picking shield wall. Diablo can't nuke squishies from halfway across the map anymore (but will still punish the hell out of heroes for over-extending). The Good: Raynor, Lunara, Azmodan, and tyrande are all viable now. I know some people were not happy with the role change of azmodan/tyrande, but they are so much more impactful in matches now. Overall i'd say that while 2017 HOTS was a negative year for the game, 2018 has seen nothing but improvements.Shadowmere85 3h
3h where are all the maps?? Why are they doing this thing where we can only play 5 maps at a time until the next update? Part of what makes hots fun is the huge variety of maps and now John Blizzard is using the live servers to force us to beta test the new garden of terror. There is literally no reason to limit the map pool to 5 out of 15 in UNRANKED game modes.DJIVVI22 3h
3h Is this really the Team League you intended Blizz? My last game was a TL of 5 solo players. Are you serious Blizz? Are you trolling your playerbase?Geisard22 3h
4h Alterac Pass objective makes no sense So I channel on a cage to let a guy know it’s okay to come out? And he has to break out??? Did we unlock it but it’s stuck? Why does locking it not make the difficulty of getting out later when unlocked again.... it just makes no sense. How does 1 rider become 3? StupidRationail14 4h
4h Wrong Eventquest Hi together, I just logged in and got the wrong Eventquest is it possible to change it? There was no button to submit the right quest so i thought that there must be an error and used the Escape-button on keyboard an then got the wrong quest. I would prefer the whitemane support quest for the skin but got the zarya quest Thanks for your help TollmerTollmer2 4h
4h Please look into an issue with VS AI.. I am sure this issue is not as important as others people bring up but i feel i should say it since nobody else does. I let my nephew play this game from time to time and he is just learning the basics of these sorts of games. I have noticed watching him (He plays VS AI with AI Allies) on certain maps (Garden of Terror it is very obvious) but any map that has like an area that needs to be captured or controlled/channeled that the allied bots don't seem to come? i watched him play a game earlier and 1 allied bot came to the seed spawn on the new Garden of Terror map while the other 3 were just laning and the whole enemy team turned up for the seed spawn. I have tried to explain to him to ping the bots but i feel that is a bit of a bandaid fix. Blizzard could you please make it a high priority for allied bots to turn up to these events on the maps. The enemy bots seem to go all out for them but allied bots just dont seem very interested in them. He is only young and is not ready to play with anything but computers right now and i just feel it would be nice to have a fair balanced game for him to learn in. I am not sure what could be done about this but i also notice that raynor is a bit of an overpowered hero in VS AI Beginner he can shred an entire enemy team by himself which i think is a bit odd. Appreciate if this could be looked into thanks.Apex2 4h
5h Blizzard your match making SUCKS Nuff said. Thanks for the weak attempt at making a FAIR match.SaGe10 5h