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Oct 8, 2018 Heroic Deals: October 9 – October 16, 2018 Our next set of Heroic Deals will begin on Tuesday, October 9! Check out the list of upcoming featured items and Hero discounts below. Upcoming Hero Sales Fenix— Sale Price: 375 gems Kharazim — Sale Price: 312 Gems Xul— Sale Price: 375 gems The following skins and mounts will be added to the featured item rotation and will become purchasable with gems until this round of Heroic Deals comes to an end: Upcoming Featured Skins Ruinwalker Fenix Skin Pack Bronze Tiger Kharazim Classic Bone Visage Xul Commandant Varian Vengeful Shadowblade Li Li Upcoming Featured Mounts Butcher’s Beast Ancient Demonic Hellsteed Nate Valenta25 Oct 8, 2018
Sep 27, 2018 Support Ending for DX9 and the 32-bit Heroes Client This Summer In the coming months, we’re planning to end support for DirectX9 and the 32-bit version of the Heroes of the Storm client. DirectX has had several major releases since DX9, and the vast majority of players in the Heroes community are now running the 64-bit version of the game, along with DirectX11 or higher. Once support ends, Heroes of the Storm will no longer run for players who are attempting to use the 32-bit game client or DirectX9. Please also note that while the 64-bit Heroes client might still be playable on some machines using DirectX10, this may not be the case for all configurations, which is why we recommend that all our players upgrade to at least DirectX11. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you‘re not already using the 64-bit Heroes of the Storm client and DX11 or higher, we encourage you to consider making the switch prior to July of this year, which is when we aim to go live with the planned changes.Nate Valenta420 Sep 27, 2018
Sep 17, 2018 New Forum Platform and Features Incoming Hey everyone, Over the past years, we’ve seen your suggestions on how to level up the forums and ensure your time in our community stays positive. We know that currently the forums can be difficult to navigate, sometimes posts you want to see get buried, and reporting doesn’t always appear to lead to action. On that note, we’re excited to announce that we will be launching the new Heroes of the Storm forums starting soon. With a streamlined look and new features to match, this change will provide a better experience for the Heroes of the Storm community. Brand-new notification features will help you keep on top of your posts and real-time updates ensure that you don’t miss any of the conversation. Additionally, we have replaced the previous report function with a new flagging feature to help keep the forums a place to foster more engaging conversations. These are just a couple of the changes that will be coming soon to the Heroes of the Storm forums which we can’t wait for you to use. Please keep in mind that the current forums will be hosted on a different platform so older posts and threads will not be migrated over to the new forums. These will be available in a read-only state for a short period of time after the transition. As such, be sure to save your favorite conversations elsewhere if you plan to revisit old memories in the future. New posts will automatically be directed to the new forums. Stay tuned and get ready for the new forum experience!Rathmyr0 Sep 17, 2018
Sep 6, 2018 The Patch History To catalog all HotS patches in one place, every content patch or exception will be linked and summarized here. [ 2018 ] September 25 Hotfix September 25 Balance September 19 Balance September 4 Mephisto August 22 Balance August 16 Hotfix August 7 Whitemane July 25 Balance July 10 Balance June 27 Balance June 15 Hotfix June 12 Yrel June 6 Balance May 22 Balance May 9 Balance May 1 Hotfix April 24 Deckard April 11 Balance March 30 Hotfix March 27 Fenix March 21 Balance March 9 Hotfix March 6 Balance February 21 Voice Communication February 14 Hotfix February 9 Balance February 6 Maiev January 24 Balance January 16 Balance January 9 BlazeVekkul67 Sep 6, 2018
Jul 26, 2018 Weekly Account Suspensions for Non-Participation Every week, we issue a new round of account suspensions and bans for players who regularly go AFK, refuse to participate, or intentionally and repeatedly die during their Heroes of the Storm matches. These actions are targeted at players whose in-game performance data, combined with high report volume, clearly shows a consistent lack of contribution to their matches. In this way, we’re able to take regular and confident action against those who are intentionally harming the in-game experience for others. Going AFK, refusing to participate, and intentionally dying are behaviors that ruin the experience for everyone else in a match and undermine the spirit of competition that’s essential to Heroes of the Storm. Taking part in these actions will not be tolerated, and we will continue to suspend and ban players who do. We’d like to thank those of you who use the relevant in-game reporting options when you spot these negative behaviors in your matches, and encourage you to continue doing so. Thank you!Nate Valenta0 Jul 26, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Hero League Current Queue Time 800 seconds Silver 1 My current Queue Time is 800 seconds in Silver 1 in North America. If you can't populate a single game at 2pm in the most populated ranked then this game is dead.Hotpants6 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 hots on life support what happened? how do things get worse and worse?Spork21 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Censorship in Games The national dialog has recently targeted social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram when it comes to censoring people's speech. This is small potatoes though when you consider that game companies like Trion, Activision, Nintendo, basically nearly every single game company has 10 times more draconian anti-speech policies in place. These companies often employ ambiguous terms like "hate speech", "racist", "homophobe" etc... in their (somewhat) noble goal to keep their communities toxic free. The problem is that often times the moderators are not properly trained and they are free to interpret terms in a very liberal way. On these forums you see a handful of threads everyday of people mad about being silenced due to an automated system that punishes them. I know a lot don't like slippery slope arguments but this is the beginning of the downfall of speech. People's lives are becoming more and more online and to have an AI computer somewhere given the power to silence people is very troublesome. I would hope that Activision realizes the mistake of employing these AI bots and focuses more on creating more balanced gameplay. This will eventually cross-over to nearly every single online platform that people use and with even home appliances becoming part of the internet of things there could come a time when you are banned from using your microwave because some AI thinks that you are a racist person.Fanglo28 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 I don't like the Fall of King's Crest 'story' In regards to the overall story and Orphea: In the 3rd Comic, it seems like they're really pushing Orphea as the new hero and therefore making her potentially the first official HOTS original character. Personally NOT a huge fan because I think the whole of point of Heroes of the Storm was a fun 'what-if' scenario if all of Blizzards classic characters came together and have interesting interactions and mix-up battles, adding something completely new outside of Blizzard universes kinda makes that idea void. The Heroes of the Storm Tutorial pretty much demonstrates a good example of what kind of story Blizzard should be going through.A simple explanation that "Heroes from different universes get teleport in a zone where everyone fights" is good enough. They already have very interesting characters from all the different universes from WoW, Starcraft, Diablo and Overwatch. They should just focus on those characters interacting with each other and making some fun conflicts like "Lich King vs Diablo or Scourge vs Zerg" situation rather than adding something outside of the mainstream universes. Not saying they should never add a original character, but I think they should really just use the good resource material they already have established, not something completely new because it'll alienate people who came to play this game because they want to see stuff like Kerrigan vs Sylvanas but instead they see a completely new character that they've barely heard of. I can guarantee you, that people would enjoy classic Blizzard characters fighting each other instead of a classic character vs someone completely unheard of. They'll have to put way more backstory on Orphea (like Jaina level of backstory) to make it more interesting because right now she's really 'meh' and I rather see something like Grom Hellscream or Deathwing added in the game instead of her. Like just imagine if this event was Lich King vs Kerrigan instead of Raven-Lord vs Lady of Thorns. Not saying Raven and Thorns Lady is bad but I think people rather see a event that focuses on properly established classic characters vsing each other. Like the Gul'dan Trailer here: I rather have a event that makes you either pick Gul'dan side or Medivh side, that would be a much more entertaining story than what we have right now.Pride31 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 I just got matched w 4 low masters vs all GM That was not even close to a fair game wtf. The highest guy was like master 2 k last season on my team. The rest were diamond last season or master 1k Why the hell did i get this game? Is the system forcing losses or what? There's no way that avg mmr was equaljaqenhghar10 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Illusion Master Samuro can really be insane. He's widely regarded to be somewhat of a joke hero, and yet still on occasion sneaks into your games and has your team running in circles somehow. He even makes appearances in the pro scene. Why do people think he's bad? Because he has little macro and little to no PvP presence until level 10, where one of his heroics is an "easy-value" AoE damage spell that does nothing to fill in the holes in his kit. The other heroic is intimidating to learn, but unlocks samuro as a pseudo-global that can, if played really well, assassinate backliners and backdoor keeps with almost complete safety, have instant rotations between camps and lanes and fights and the Hall of Storms and back, and depending on the game's scaling and the skill of the samuro player, bait out important engages and cooldowns and lose absolutely nothing because of clones. He is so broken if not countered, but has counterplays to almost anything that can happen depending on the skill of both teams, and has quickly become my favorite hero where I can best express what I want in a game. After watchin some Grubby and Munky I've been learning Samuro for around a week, and he has introduced so many new opportunities for splitpushing and diving that I never thought I'd get a handle on. After some practice the clone micro actually becomes very approachable and extremely rewarding. Basic things like splitting one clone off and using a clone to hearth and back will change the way you see the game, and you'll start to realize just how much he can do in a teamfight. And he can do it seconds after backdooring a keep on the opposite side of the map, or hearthing. Good Samuros seem hard to beat, like a one-man army. I suppose they are rare enough that complaints about the hero are even more scarce. But playing as him, and against very few, I'd find it hard to say he's outright broken but easy to say he is a very challenging opponent.Ekata17 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Discussion - Chen becomes "Anchored" Hi everyone! My friend and I were talking about the AMA last week (September 19th) and came across a post that talked about talents that interact with daze and knockback effects. My friend suggested an "Anchored" trait for Chen only while he's drinking. The "Anchored" effect means that the character is not affected by displacement abilities or stuns that are tied into them. For example, Stitches hook has a stun, but because you will not be pulled you will not be stunned. The effects of this would cut down the number of ways Chen can be interrupted by roughly 50% just based on the current talents and abilities in the game. My friend made a spreadsheet of the number of interrupts each hero has that can work on Chen (Chen is included for brawls) (Link at the bottom). This addition will limit the soft counters to Chen and force the enemy team to dedicate hard CCs against him. To make him a bigger threat on the battlefield, we want to push Chen into an off-tank role by slightly increasing his health and radius. The radius is key, because it would make him a bigger threat in choke points and allow him to block more skill shots. Chen’s new role would be a wall that can separate the enemy team in tight spaces or block incoming skillshots for his team. With “Anchored” he can do this without risk of being pulled by Stitches or being immediately repositioned by Diablo. Let me know what you guys think! Link to spreadsheet: Addition: I should make this clearer, the "Anchored" trait we are talking about is ONLY when he is drinking. The second he stops drinking/starts moving/anything that means he's no longer drinking, "anchored" is gone. It is not linked to the shields in any way.Zim28 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Favorite Heroes/Builds in ARAM? I know you can't control what you end up with, but which heroes do you enjoy playing the most in ARAMs? One of the fun things about that mode is that you can use builds or talents that are often not optimal in normal matches. For me, seeing Diablo as one of my picks always makes me grin, and I had a chance to play the reworked Kerrigan in the latest brawl. She was far more fun than I expected, as I hadn't played her in quite some time. Deckard with Scroll talents and Lorenado is also one of my favorite choices in there. What are some of yours?Hoku24 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 C'thun is coming to the nexus LOOK AT ALL THE SIGNS, THE EYES, EVERYWHERE, EYEPADS, EYE EMOTES, EYE BANNERS, THE EYES, THE EYES!!!!!1Tazrizen10 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Ranked points based on percentage Let me start by saying that Personal Rank Adjustment Points are not an effective system that helps skills spread in their deserving ranks. And that glaring fault is especially observed when a player has a high win-loss ratio. A high win-loss ratio should be anywhere above 60%. Giving them just 1 or 2 extra points per win or even worse favoring the enemy team against the high skilled player is a very measly and cheap. It's basically as if matchmaking is saying "ok I understand you're good, but I want you to stay at the bottom for as long as I can hold you" So I introduce you the Percentage Based Adjustment Points. Where the higher your win percentage is the more points you get, and the lower your percentage is the less points you get. Say I have a 70% win rate. That would mean 200 points = 50%, plus 20% of 200. That is roughly 240 points. This would also smoothen the MMR to Rank disparity. You will not have master MMR players at Plat or Low Diamond. And you will create more fair games. Case in point. I have a 31-11 win loss ratio, and all I am taking is just 4 extra points per game and 1 other because my team is handicapped in favor of enemy. All I've gained is just 3 ranks. From Gold 2 to Plat 4. It sucks. If I am clearly better than my peers I should be rewarded for it. Especially when you see I go on huge wining streaks. This system creates frustration because not only is unjust to skilled players, but also unjust to less skilled players to have to deal with enemies at the same rank but clearly higher skilled.Geisard2 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 It's time for a mass banning You can help. REPORT. EVERYONE. Did someone go in and die, over and over? REPORT Did someone not participate at an objective? REPORT Did someone use any kind of abusive chat? REPORT Let's get as many people banned as possible!CrazyLegs11 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 New season, same problem players. The true offenders who are AFK/Feeding/Trolling aren't being punished. This person is taking yet another Masters account he purchased for the express reason to troll as many players over as many ranks as he can. He has taken that account from Masters to Gold in less than one week, that's both in TL and HL. I have now lost count of how many Masters accounts this person has run into Bronze 5. It's at least eight that I am aware of. Blizzard does not ban his accounts, they are all active when they descend from Master to Bronze 5 in a bit over a week. No automatic flags are raised, no reports are acted upon. But go on, keep believing Blizzard is really catching the guilty, the worst of the worst. While this person ruins countless games and makes it so people actively log off after being matched with him and is never punished for his actions. I have posted about this person for at least three seasons, he's been doing this on one of his accounts since alpha. I'm highly skeptical that the people Blizzard is punishing for AFK or Intentionally dying are really guilty when they can't catch this person who dies at least 10 times per game, has a 20% win rate, 1.6 KDA and exactly 2 wins in this entire match history.Atum12 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Are the hots forums being delayed too? So the Hearthstone forums was going to be upgraded this week but got delayed till the end of the year so will these forums be upgraded this week or delayed too?Candy1 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Everything that is wrong with HoTS in 10 sec I'm not the Raynor, stop saying that.Rhasz28 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 An idea for fixing Alterac Pass? *takes a deep breath* Part 1 The Reasoning Many players simply do not like the objective of the map as well as mention how they feel the map itself is too small as things can feel a little claustrophobic at times. The objective rewards feel a bit too strong since not only do they spawn a zerging minion (the frost wolf or stormpike minions) in every lane to help you push but it also increases the damage of every friendly target in it's little cuddle zones. Comparing the objective rewards to a similar small 3 lane map, Tomb of the Spider Queen, the reward feels unbalanced as the 3 giant spider mini bosses are gradually decreasing in health from the moment they spawn making it easier to kill them. Plus the spiders themselves slowly spawn adds with smaller health pools to help push. Compare this to the aoe damage buff you get from the stormpike and frostwolf minions from Alterac Pass, your push potential for Tomb of the Spider Queen is noticeably lower making the objective reward feel important and balanced rather then over powered. Part 2 The Proposal My proposal for Alterac Pass is to have not one but two map objectives....HEAR ME OUT! Keep the current objective the same but for the reward to be only one or two frost wolf/stormpike minions to spawn and have them focus the lanes that have less siege damage similar to the immortals of Battlefield of Eternity. This would tone down their crazy push potential and have the map be less snowbally. Meanwhile the 2nd objective and it's reward would be a combination of both Tomb of the Spider Queen and Battlefield of Eternity. Minions and enemy players drop war resources that can be collected and turn in to an npc. When enough resources have been gathered a giant elemental like the ones in Alterac Valley will march down a lane and help your side push. This 2nd objective is designed so that if an enemy team is far ahead in level, your team can always farm the collectible war resources instead of forcing a team fight when a captured horde or alliance soldier shows up on the map as well as soaking side lanes for exp catch up when the enemy team is busy dealing with your elemental. Both players would have their own war resource meter and when the elemental is damaged and killed the meter would return to zero and that side would have to start their resource climb back up again. Enemy players would drop resources on death encouraging players to roam or team fight before one side collects too many resources. Part 3 The Conclusion Coupled with making the map slightly larger so players feel less claustrophobic, this would capture a similar feeling of going behind enemy lines to rescue captured soldiers as well as summoning giant elemental just like the original Alterac Valley while fixing the current problems of Alterac Pass...but of course this is just an idea.Shadowzolo13 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Time to delete Lucio? As healers go, is he viable as a healer in 2018? People seem to die all around him in game as if his presence was meaningless. The burst is too high for his passive heal?Firefly637 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Matchmaking and Silence System So I've got two great topics on hand today, First would be the Matchmaking Second is the Reporting System or Silencing Latter is directly related to the first hence I'll first proceed on writing down some details on the first... The matchmaking, yeah... I got a lot to say but for the sake of being taken seriously I'll try to stay civil. I'll start off by saying I'm not the greatest player but I'm no pushover as well. I can easily say that I can work in a team play because when we entered matches as a team of 5 we were winning most of the games thanks to our cooperation. But of course gathering 5 quality players is hard. We have been playing for 2-3 days as a party of 2. Result is 17 games 2 wins. You can immediately tell me it's my fault or my friend's as a direct assault on me to change the topic to another area. Unfortunately, I'm stating that it was my random teammates' faults; of course not all of them, but HOTS is a highly team play focused game so one bad apple is enough to ruin the whole basket. Okay I'm good with it, I can understand not all my games will throw me good players by my side, I can take about 50-50 win-lose rate, that is acceptable. But looking at my numbers there is something seriously wrong about this matchmaking. It feels like the game is willingly putting me in bad teams. Let me tell you what I mean by bad teammates; they are incompetent, player's who are just trying a new hero that don't know what to do, even worse; players that don't know when to soak when to go objective when to go kill camps, when to initiate combats, feeders, trolls, cancer causing people in short. I can understand being a noob but being stupid is another problem. Just because you don't know what to do with a hero doesn't mean you should read those talents in front of the enemy team fortress. In short, the forementioned type of players keep being enlisted to my team all the time. The only two games we won were highly challenging ones too, we really had to invest ourselves in it. And as a contrast, and by some holy power, the opponent team is always and always a good cooperating, highly enthusiastic, selfless players. I just want to ask why? Why is this always happening to me? As I said before, I'm okay with not always winning but I just want to have a competition between two teams and a satisfying win or lose. I don't want to crush the enemy team because they have a feeder too. That's not satisfying at all. You devs should work on this issue a lot more. The current matchmaking is pure pain and no fun at all. So let's continue with my second issue; the silencing. Apparently I got a 24 hours of silence because of bad behavior of some sort. Alright I'll accept it. But I want to explain it as well. Because of what I explained above, i was getting frustrated so bad. And I started attacking whoever was the problem player on the team using chat. It's not the best thing to do yeah, but it's not good to keep matching me with the same type of players all the time causing me to get crushed like a bug. I issued a ticket for this, explaining it shortly and I want a removal of the silence. I find it unjust to silence someone because they have the audacity to express their frustration against something that you're the reason for. As another last issue; when applying for the ticket, I was asked to upload my verified government ID photo. Why would a game company require something like this just to "approve" my identity. Is having my phone verified e-mail and account information not enough for you to find me eligible to trust me? Or do I sound like a bot right now? Why would you require my government ID photo? Because I will not upload it online for your creepy, shadowy business. Hopefully I'll get an answer from someone with some sense and willing to debate here. I know Blizzard customer support is not doing anything actually other than cause frustration and I'm not hoping for a change as well. I just wanted to write down some of my thoughts. ThanksGrimRulezz8 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 D.Va needs a rework asap Like the title says, D.Va is almost NO change since she was release. Needs a rework, maybe add her rockets like in Overwatch, or new talents. I feel she has almost no dmg (in mech), the E is too slow to explote (so is almost impossible get hero dmg from that, unless u combo with another ult like Zarya) and her survival/sustain could be better (specially in pilot form, when u DONT have a scape until late game, if you pick the rigth talent).Duende221114 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Anyone have HOTS 2.0 nostalgia? I remember when I got back into the game a few months before 2.0. Those few months before and after 2.0 were probably the best time I've ever had in the game. Everyone tried to win, even in QM, you could see them trying and people ask questions, and barely anyone actually rage quitted. HOTS Classic server when?Ninestyle12 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 If the vast majority of games are QM, how can it be better? So I was just looking at HotsLogs -- which I know is not perfect data, but is the best I have. Was just curious in looking over the last 7 days. I hadn't really thought about it before, but I noticed that Kerrigan accounts for the following games played: HL: 4788 TL: 5160 UD: 3637 QM: 42,840 This means that of all the games played this week with Kerrigan in them (excluding vs AI/brawl) about 76% of them were Quickmatch. I'm sure these numbers are skewed with her being new, but still. Is the vast majority of the community actually playing QM? Blizzard has the actual stats. If everyone is playing QM, why hasn't the focus of the game/matchmaking been shifted for this? What should change? Everyone agrees QM is basically garbage, but why do we accept that? If it is all anyone plays, either the other modes need to be brought in line, or QM needs to be improved. There are a bunch of threads about this, but I've never seen anyone mention just how lop-sided QM is compared to the other modes. This is where the player population is. This is why matchmaking takes so long.RayRay21 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 kelthuzad is way too good Strengths: * Better CC than kerrigan * Ability to follow up on his combos * Ability to one shot just about anything * Waveclear * Siege * Global * Crazy damage * Area denial * Lockdown * Isolation * Poke * Self sustain * High uptime * Lots of flexibility Weaknesses: * Difficult to play * Low HP & mobility (like all mages) Lol.. He's the most busted hero I've seen at release in months and months.Valeera60 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Whitemane's ults... Any idea why the vastly superior scarlet aegis has a considerably lower cooldown than the highly situational divine reckoning? 60 seconds vs 100 seconds. Free zeal for your entire team, and a base heal, and armor VS Damage. You have to manually apply zeal to those you want to heal, so you are gonna lose a bunch of mana in the process, whereas aegis does it for free. There's never a reason to go for reckoning. Cooldowns should be seriously swapped.Reported16 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Pandas are endangered HELP US FIX THAT Remeber when we can play chen in rank?????? In this video it shows what we need to make are fuzzy friends playable again. Enjoy Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Its no longer tanks, healers, or assassins To be honest, I think every match is determined by the cc. In a game where one team is wiping the floor with Garrosh, Butcher, Junkrat, Xul, and Malfurian tore down Lucio, Sylvanas, Nova, Tyrael, and Zuljin. Every encounter was determined by cc power. So perhaps the algorithm needs to change to attempt to balance the amount of cc on a team? Might be impossible since cc is now so prolific.Firefly6311 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Tips for new players? I've played HOTS for a little while, mostly on and off, and I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for me! I've really only played vs. AI because I'm not very confident in my moba skills. Thanks!Necularr26 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 CAN WE JUST GET A READY CHECK IN HL/TL? The damn queues are 1000 seconds, and if you miss the draft you lose 3 games? that's my entire progress for the whole day. 10 games played, clawed my way to the top of my bracket, one game away from promotion. Miss one draft because i can't be glued to my screen for the entire bloody day and that's it, all gone. Stuff this game. STUFF IT. I HATE IT. AAAAGH. JUST GIVE US A READY BUTTON HOW HARD IS THAT? ITS LIKE 10 MINUTES DEV WORK. A SINGLE DEVELOPER CAN DO THAT IN ONE BLOODY SPRINT. STOP CHURNING OUT SKINS AND IMPROVE THE DAMN GAME. that is all.HolyMonkey11 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 The game isn't fun anymore After yet another 0-10 Hero League start, I've had enough. HotS simply isn't fun anymore, and hasn't been for quite some time. Hero League ranking and matchmaking is simply broken; according to HotSLogs, my HL MMR is over 1000 points lower then either Quick Match or Unranked Draft, and in HL I am only taking my best heroes. I don't why Blizzard simply doesn't do rank=MMR; the extra slotting makes HL unplayable. Beyond that, Blizzard keeps re-working heroes, oftentimes for no reason. One day I wake up and find all the heroes I like have been massively re-worked and are either OP and never available, or worse then they were before. After two years and ~1500 games, I'm giving HotS the most damning indictment I can give it: It's not fun anymore. I'm done.gamerk22 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 The Brightwing build I have had great success with I find the new BW to have a lot more utility while healing just as much as she ever has. 22 games with a 58% win rate. Half of those were settling on a build. Since then this build is 8 for 11. The build I have settled on: 1) Hypershift <- Reduces the Cooldown, Increases the heal to be a "big heal". Use it all the time to keep people topped off and on the battle field. 4) Unstable <- Increases the Poly Slow, and it Goes boom at the end. 7) Peekaboo <- Area reveal and a big ol' shield. 10) Blink <- Must pick. Heals, allows for escapes, goes through terrain... good stuff 13) Pixie Boost <- This is awesome to help with escapes and chases. 16) Hush <- Another Silence + damage reduction! Excellent to really mess with heroes attempting to channel an ULT and in combo with Poly, you can nearly lock someone down. 20) Speed Dragon <- With this I almost fly as fast as horseback... but with Pixie Boost on + this... I can outrun horseback. So good for getting out of trouble or for chasing. The Q builds are traps... they are very mana intensive for very little return. Instead, pick skills that are damage negating like silence (hush) and poly. These prevent damage from occurring and save lives much better than an extra pulse of healing.NovaBlazer3 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Your QM gave them 3 assassins... So why did you give our team 0? Brightwing, Azmodan, Nazeebo, Johanna, Tassadar VS Kerrigan, Diablo, Mephisto, Butcher, Tyrande Realistically, how were we supposed to win? That's a rhetorical question, of course, there is no way. They can simply right click and win all fights. 1 tank and no assassins vs 3 assassins... Could you include a simple sanity check for the QM matchmaker? Here are two helpful hints. Does Team A have 2 or more assassins, while Team B has 0? If so, don't start the match. Does Team A have trashbin characters like Tassadar, while Team A is majority upper-tier characters? If so, don't start the match. Making simple changes like this would go a long way to improving QM. It's already a Clownfiesta, and good matches are rare, but this is what we have to do to play the character we want without getting reported.Stageo20 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Pls brawl no destroy heal wells thanks Hey, I typed a long post about how I think destroying healing wells in single lane brawls is a wussy tactic but the post keeps getting deleted in under a minute after posting. Is this a secret tactic the whole forum shouldn't know about or why is it getting deleted? But in short, pls don't do this. It ruins an otherwise good match. I'd love to go into detail but it seems the post will just get deleted. edit: I guess I should go to the forum git and get to know all the forum errors and problems before whining about deletion, amirite?MrRightclick19 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Flamestrike on Sky Temple It's really hard to see on low res. Can it be made more visible for this map.GuardWizard4 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Map Rotation: Please remove 2nd or more in a row out! RNG really sucks sometimes and sometimes i play the same map 2nd or 3rd time in a row! I really dont want to play the same map 2nd time in a row, let alone a 3rd time. I am happy to wait longer and should have an option to disable maps if that play previous map was played.hasher222 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Longest game 2 days ago i had longest game ever, Even better it was brawl :) 50 minutes long, over 200 kills in game :Dvknez1 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 How to report Ai for afking? I was playing Ai vs. Ai. today, and my Ai Zagara teammate went to afk in the middle of the game. It's happened after lvl 10. He was afk for 4-5 minute. Sounds unfair to me as a player, that i can be reported, but the Ai don't.Destion0 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Detailed analysis of maps and comeback mechanics Alterac Pass - Bad Babysitting the NPC core makes it tough to get to the camps, and the timer countdown is the same for both teams, even if only one has captured all objectives up until then. Dragon's Shire - Very Bad Reaching the shrines is not a possibility when you have every lane pushed down to your base. Not only it makes it obvious you're strolling there, but also you take moderate damage along the way. Contesting a late game dragon, if they still got their base up and you don't, is downright impossible. Braxis Holdout - Bad Somewhat easier compared to Dragon's shire due to the possibility of exiting base through a non-lane door, but even so, the capturing process remains the same, even if your team has lost every zerg wave. Warhead Junction - OK Map is very big, and nukes are positioned in many places where you can ensure your team at least gets one. Mostly OK because the nukes aren't that strong. Volskaya Foundry - OK The capture timer isn't any more beneficial to you for having lost every objective, but at least it guarantees a fair 5v5 situation in a wide area more or less. Cursed Hollow - Good Losing one objective isn't that bad because they need 3 to do some real damage. The existence of bosses gives you a valid option in case you get some picks or simply choose not contest objective. Blackheart's Bay - Very bad While it is appreciated how the coin number gets higher and higher for the opposing team, it is at the end meaningless due to how the coins are obtained in the first place: by controlling the mid map; something you won't be doing if you're behind structure-wise. Hanamura - OK The payload having a more favorable route to you the 2nd and 3rd time is a nice touch. Infernal Shrines - OK This one feels fair to me, despite not offering even the slightest advantage to the losing team. Perhaps its the map design and navigation. Also the punishers aren't particularly strong or focus structures too much. Wonder how would it be if the winning team had to kill 2 more grunts each round? Battleground of eternity - OK No difference whatsoever, but at least it's easily reachable through the middle gate and 2 lanes makes it easier to defend as well. Tomb of the spider queen - Very good You can get gems even farming waves at your base, there are 2 places to exchange, a boss and the gem amount increases for each team on successful trade-in. Sky temple - Very bad Getting to a temple is hard when waves are constantly pushing. That and the more structures they have, the less likely you'll get value out of holding control over the objective. So that even if you control 1 of the 2 temples late game, they'll be hitting your keeps / core while you are still hitting one of their outside forts. Towers of doom - Very good This is probably the craziest map for comeback swings. I've won matches with less than 5 points left, and lost some in the same manner. That doesn't make it random though, you shouldn't be losing if you have the advantage. Haunted mines - Bad The extremely oppressive camp respawns, along with watchtowers and a map objective that encourages splitting, make this map not very comeback friendly. It is also impossible to somehow make your team get more skulls, because the amount given per camp is always the same. Garden of terror (new) - OK Different seed locations, easy time getting there, favorable camp locations, somewhat weak map objective (weaker than alterac at least). Is it more comeback friendly than the older GoT? Probably. Because the existence of 2 pve minibosses meant that even if you controlled one, the enemy could still get enough seeds by getting the other, or that you would need to kill both of them in order to deny the enemy their game winning terror, further slowing down your comeback factor. ---------------------------- So there you have it, in my opinion even maps with a 'bad' rating can get a pass. But Dragon's Shire, Sky Temple and Blackheart's bay need a desperate adjustment or rework. Those 3 happen to also be my most disliked maps (the latter one probably the most disliked map by everyone on the game). Don't get me wrong though, BHB is unique, but the focus on PVE and snowballing games is a little too strong. I think this could change if the treasure boxes spawned near each base instead of down at the middle. Dragon's Shire maybe needs a side path like Infernal Shrine and WHJ does, so you can more easily (and more stealthily) can reach the shrines without alerting every enemy in the map. Sky Temple... Even if you win a fight as the last man standing or 2, you'll probably not be able to contest anything if you are playing someone with no sustain. Tone down the pve damage please. It's not about punishing winning teams, it's about making games less snowballish and more back and forth. Not much, just enough. Reported5 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Getting out of silver Played 7 games today. Lost all 7. Had everything from 5 death abathur at 12 minutes to kerrigan declaring "GG noobs" at 5 minutes and goes off to lane alone for the rest of the game, never coming to one team fight or objective. All I want is people to play as a team and watch each others backs, but no.... Every match I've got some one-armed cross-eyed narcissistic reprehensible parasite with about 39 chromosomes playing characters that they have 12 games played on. Every single game. I read these forums all the time and plenty of people say: "If you are better than silver you will climb out" My response: "I am 20% of my team, I can't help it if I do well and someone on my team is negating anything positive that I contribute." How do I have 850 games on valla with a 60% win rate and I cannot get out of silver? I think a 60% WR is pretty good across that many games. Ah well, tomorrow is a new day folks. But today sure sucked.BlueMeanie37 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Map rotation I just got back to HoS wtf happend to all old maps?....why there are only like 5 maps in rotation? its boring as fkAshLambert9 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Nova - Quality of Life improvements Having come back from a hiatus, I was surprised at how...bad she is at the moment, even compared to past, less than fun versions of Nova. Used to be obvious that while she was terrible in competitive leagues, she was fun in QM. Now she isn't even fun there. Would be nice to have at least one mode which is fun as Nova. Thoughts on a few things that would help refine her: Make the "go invisible" talent break skillshot targets (Kael) Let players disable right-click attack when in stealth (hitting random walls -> dying is so much fun. Game's old now, get with it please.) Give her an E better than "Create statue which blocks nothing for a few seconds" Stop making forts attack "stealth" chars tl;dr Make a better E + make her "stealth" at least something remotely equivalent to the concept people normally associate with that word.Terekhov9 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Is Nazeebo a spec or mage? I frequently play in games where Nazeebo is referred to as a mage, despite being classified as a spec. Frequently you will hear "Don't go double mage" if you pick an actual mage with a Naz. What is your take? Is Nazeebo a Spec or a Mage? Also a fun side note - Nova's hero description once said that she was a Mage. :)Zooke22 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Problems with adding a non-Blizzard Hero Awhile ago I looked at a topic that talked about adding MGS' Raiden to HOTS. You can read the topic here: Of course I thought this was kind of silly, but then it got me thinking. What problems would Blizzard face by adding a non-Blizzard or guest heroes? I personally would prefer to keep HOTS Blizzard Only, but here are some challenges of adding guest heroes. 1. Their art style might conflict One of the challenges of making HOTS is keeping the art style consistent with all heroes and franchises. Witch I feel the team did a great job on. 2. The hero can be removed due to legal issues If Konami decides to be salty say bye bye to Raiden and your gems. 3. Might open up room for more guest heroes I'm OK with just one guest hero, but I am not OK with them taking up half the roster. Plus once you add Raiden, people will start asking for Snake, Mantis and so on. 4. It can slow down development of other heroes or features Making a single new hero takes quite some time. Therefore id rather the team spends their time improving the game or adding long awaited heroes. 5. Some people would only join the game for the hero, not the game "I want Raiden, please give me Raiden, what the hell is a lost viking? " - new guy only joining for Raiden (only to find him costing 15,000 gold) 6. Opens up room for outside meddling If they add someone like Raiden, there is a possibility Konami would be the one calling the shots, not Blizzard. They can ask to make him stronger, rework his skills, or even change other heroes to accommodate him. These are some I can think of for now. Most of them are "maybes", but I feel they should still be considered. Let me know if you can think of any others or disagree. Thank you for readingWhiteSnow5 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Probius Discussion So I have a few questions about probius, it seems that people who have talked about him in the past are saying that hes good but yet every tier list labels him as bad. Now it would be very shallow of me to just off the bat say hes bad because of tier list, but every enemy or team mate I have experienced who have played him haven't done well even with the 1.2% pick rate. I really want him to be good and it doesn't seem to be too much discussion about this. It feels like probius is just a forgotten hero, i remember when probius came out and since then i would do routine check ups on how he sat in the meta, but it would come down to him being low tier. I think it would be great to discuss with others about how you feel with probius, and not just thumbs downing the post.MegaDeeSter6 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Alpha players please stand up Times were simpler back thenSnow23 Oct 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Company like Blizzard and this matchmaking system? Blizzard is one of the biggest game companies of the world (even the biggest for some). You guys gave us iconic games like Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft and proven yourself as top quality game company. But when i play HoTS, i'm thinking twice. I mean, are the rumors true? Blizzard really dropped quality to bottom since the departures of big names after 2016? Let's discuss it a bit because the game really has serious issues. People around me quits playing one by one and i'm afraid i might be the next one soon (which i don't want to). Quick Match matchmaking is totally junk (sorry but it's true). I mean you join the queue with your lvl 50 Artanis and Blizz match you up with lvl 5 Tracer. Is is really so hard setting up Hero level/Hero winrate based criterions for matchmaking? Last week, 9 years old little boy, son of a friend, asked me why game made me nerveous and i have explained him. Even a little boy noticed the absurd matchmaking in the game. That is about it. Does it make me nerveous? Yes. But it makes me sad more than anything. Blizzard, the game company i love and follow since 1998, the same company i used to defend everywhere when someone says something negative... became this. Please Blizzard... fix yourself.Vulnero8 Oct 1, 2018