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1d Consistent Negative Personal Rank Adjustment for Master Tier Players We’ve been seeing a number of reports of high-end players consistently receiving negative personal adjustment points at the end of games and wanted to give some visibility into why it was occurring. With the changes to matchmaking that were rolled out this season, the curve which determines how many players can be in each rank ended up a bit flatter than normal, pushing more players into the extremes, making more players than usual Bronze or Master tier. The system has been self-correcting, providing positive points for players in the Bronze tier and negative points for players in the Master tier, to normalize the distribution. While this behavior was returning things to normal, we agree that consistently receiving negative personal rank adjustments feels bad so we have disabled the self-correct behavior. Instead, we’ll allow the system to correct the distribution at the start of the next season roll with the standard normalization done every season. At that time, the extra players currently in Bronze will place into Silver and the extra players currently in Master will place into Diamond. Thank you to the players who helped us identify the cause of these adjustments. We apologize for the confusion and frustration that these adjustments have caused.TravisM114 1d
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22h Heroic Deals: Mar 20 – 26, 2018 Our next set of Heroic Deals will begin on Tuesday, March 20! Check out the list of upcoming featured items and Hero discounts below. Upcoming Hero Sales Gazlowe — Sale Price: 150 gems Li Li — Sale Price: 150 Gems The following skins and mounts will be added to the featured item rotation and will become purchasable with gems until this round of Heroic Deals comes to an end: Upcoming Featured Skins Adventurer Li Li Demon Hanzo* Bloodfang Valeera Ochre Valla Frozen Grave Warden Malthael Star Princess Li-Ming Silver Mad Martian Gazlowe Timeless Prime Evil Diablo *First-time featured item! Upcoming Featured Mounts Fellboar Ancient Demonic Hellsteed Nate Valenta0 22h
Jan 19 Collection of Useful Guides and Posts With the Overwatch Crossover, we're likely to see a big influx of new players who will have plenty of questions for us. I'd like to make a collection of helpful links for players to learn from, and I'd like your help in making it. I am looking for helpful, detailed threads that would be useful for a new player interested in learning. Bonus points if it has been deemed Highly Rated by the forum community. If you know of threads I should include, please add them into the comments. General Threads DETAILED RANK 1 GUIDE - TIPS AND TRICKS Adopt a Newb- Replay Help Day 1 Crash-Course A Beginner's Guide from a Beginner- HOW EACH HERO BEHAVES- A PLAYER/BUYER'S GUIDE Guide to Hero League Draft- So You Want to Call the Shots? Shotcalling Guide SO YOU WANT TO BE RANK 1? HERE'S HOW- A GUIDE TO FRONTLINE MASTERY- REDEFINING HEROES AND THEIR ROLES- LOTS OF TALK ABOUT GAME TYPES AND ATTITUDES LATELY- The Extended Dictionary of Terms- The Gold Gain- Information- Team Liquid Hero League 101- 10 SHORT TIPS TO BECOME A BETTER HOTS PLAYER! Big bad thread of all things EXP. Tips and Tricks Threads Tips by Blinks Tips and Tricks You Must Know How to Play Against Stealth by Team Liquid It's the Little Things That Make the Difference Guide on Laning Strategies for Specific Maps General Heroes Guides Guides by Blinks TempoStorm Heroes Guides WHAT YOU CAN LEARN BY WATCHING COMPETITIVE HEROES OF THE STORM FiGhTiNCoWBoY's Video Guides & Gameplay- Fan's Video Guides & Gameplay- MYPallytime's Video Guides & Gameplay- Science of the Storm- HeroesFire Guides Map Specific Threads A GUIDE TO BLACKHEART'S BAY- Team Liquid Blackheart's Bay Map Guide- Team Liquid Garden of Terror Map Guide- Team Liquid Sky Temple Map Guide- Dragon Shire Map Strategy Guide by Icy Veins- Team Liquid Haunted Mines Map Guide- Map Timers Guide- Collection of Map Mechanics Jan 19
Jan 9 The Patch History To catalog all HotS patches in one place, every content patch or exception will be linked and summarized here. [ 2018 ] March 9 Hotfix March 6 Balance February 21 Voice Communication February 14 Hotfix February 9 Balance February 6 Maiev January 24 Balance January 16 Balance January 9 BlazeVekkul59 Jan 9
Oct 18 Account Suspensions for Non-Participation - Updated Mar 14, 2018 Latest Suspension & Ban Wave: March 14, 2018 We’ve just issued a new round of account suspensions and bans for players who regularly go AFK, refuse to participate, or intentionally and repeatedly die during their Heroes of the Storm matches. These actions were targeted at players whose in-game performance data, combined with high report volume, clearly shows a consistent lack of contribution to the majority of their matches. In this way, we’re able to take regular and confident action against those who are intentionally harming the in-game experience for others. Going AFK, refusing to participate, and intentionally dying are behaviors that ruin the experience for everyone else in a match and undermine the spirit of competition that’s essential to Heroes of the Storm. Taking part in these actions will not be tolerated, and we will continue to suspend and ban players who do. We’d like to thank those of you who use the relevant in-game reporting options when you spot these negative behaviors in your matches, and encourage you to continue doing so. Thank you!Nate Valenta6 Oct 18
1m Mobility in Heroes of the Storm. Discuss. So I read a post recently by a guy who nagged about the fact that Fenix has a mobility skill. He alleged that his 'hyper mobility' would worsen the game experience like Tracer and Genji. See . This post is not intended to spawn further debates but it hopes to spark ideas for those who want to discuss the mobility issue we are currently having. So I categorised all heroes with dash or teleportation skills below. I have tried my best to make them fair and distinct, but I know some of them are debatable. Note that I left out four types of mobility skills including: 1. those that allow hero to charge in but not out from fights (Butcher, Cassia, Kerrigan, Varian...), 2. Ults (Alextrasza, Johanna, Brightwing...), 3. Speed-ups (Rehgar, Trall, TLV...), and 4. Bolt of the Storm because it only comes in in late games Level 1 - Some Mobility: Abilities that give a small or moderate dash, useful to shorten distance between an enemy. Cannot pass through terrains and Zombie Wall. - Valla (Vault) - Tychus (Run and Gun) - Valeera (Sinister Strike) - Sonya (Mystic Spear) - Blaze (Jet Propulsion) - Alarak (Telekinesis) - ETC (Powerslide) - Cho'gall (Surging Fist) - Greymane (Disengage) - Kharazim? - Leoric? - D.VA? Level 2 - Good Mobility: Abilities that allow the hero to jump through or bypass terrains. Moderate distance. - Fenix (Warp) - Hanzo (Natural Agility) - Falstad (Barrel Roll) - Muradin (Dwarf Toss) - Maiev (Spirit of Vengeance) - Li Ming (Teleport) Level 3 - High Mobility: Abilities that tailor long distance that creates confusion to enemies. - Illidan (Dive, Sweeping Strike) - Junkrat (Concussion Mind) - Sylvanas (Haunting Wave) - Tyrael (El'druin's Might) - Medivh (Portal) Level 4 - Hyper Mobility: Abilities that give great distance so the hero can easily dash into the backline of the enemy team and escape from team fights to a very safe distance) - Genji (movable while throwing the second and third shrunken, Swift Strike, resets, Cyber Agility) - Tracer (movable during attacks, Blink, Recall) - Zeratul (Blink, Wormhole, Seeker in the Dark, Vorpal Blade, Might of the Nerazim) To start, I think I should express my stand in this. I reside with those who thinks Heroes from Level 4 are destroying the game (Zeratul is kinda acceptable because his set doesn't allow him to stay in fights for too long). They have more than two blinks, one of them being able to pass through terrains and zombie walls. I understand Blizzard is trying to 'stay true' to the OW design, OW shooting designs often give heroes too many perks (attack while moving, long teleportation). It's just very unfair when other heroes were designed to be a MOBA hero. Imagine Valla gets 4 charges of Vault and Greymane's Disengage is the size of Genji's Swift Strike, would it be nerfed by Blizzard? Definitely! Thus, I think OW heroes should have lesser mobilities but maybe higher damage to compensate that. On the other hand, I feel pity for many Level 1 and 2 heroes because sustain damage dealers like Valla, Falstad and Tychus have no way to get out most sticky situations but they need a lot more time to stay in fights if they wish to deal good damage. However, all they have is a short dash, Chromie can delete them with Mobius Loop and some clever timing. I wonder if they will ever get buffed. What do you guys think? Do you guys think high mobility heroes is killing the game?Phantompoint10 1m
3m Lot of time since last specialist release Last specialist we got was Probius. That was 14 heroes ago. Malthael was 10 heroes ago, so specialists are even worse trated than Diablo heroes :p.LivingHate13 3m
3m Had an idea for Tass To say I dislike Tassadars rework is an understatement. Perhaps my biggest gripe with it is what they did to his shield. So I had an idea that might work, and maybe would help balance him out. A new Talent: Some cool name. Reduce Plasma Shield cool down by 4 seconds. Plasma Shield no longer grants life leach. I think this would be an incredible talent, and it would essentially bring back the playstyle I loved from pre rework Tass. Not only would it make him feel less clunky to play, but he would be able to adapt much better to his team's comp, and wouldn't force him into his current role as a carry enabler. Another benefit to this talent would be the fact that it's a talent, so you don't have to take it. If you want/need to be the carry enabler, you can still do that. If you don't have strong AA, you can take this talent. I wouldn't know where this talent could go honestly, I would love to see at level 1, so you get the choice in playstyle right off the bat. Maybe it could replace the shield quest talent since that sits at an abysmal winrate AND pickrate. I also don't think it would be broken or anything, Tass has a 4 second CD on his shield before the rework (correct me if I'm wrong) and it's not like the shield blocks a huge amount of damage. What do you guys think, terrible idea, or something that would be great to see?spectre454 3m
4m The real news about Fenix's arrival Now you can have a 5 man protoss(ish) team.Ocek18 4m
5m Blizzard ruined Fenix. FAILED This shows what everyone kept saying for years. Blizzard doesn't care about Starcraft. We all wanted Fenix in the 2 ways he presented himself as badass assasin zealot/dragoon. You could of easily made him an zealot and at level 10 become dragoon upon death. But nope. I cant even call this a dragoon. Starcraft player know how powerful they were. Slow shooting but high dmg. Not this fast/slow shooting spider hero. But hey, what should I expect about whoever created probius lmao. Guess i lost all hope on heroes staying true to their lore, if its not an overwatch hero it will be crap. so wtv blizzard just give me a retarded drone and call him Dronius. make him shoot acid lazer while your at it. We all know you dont give a !@#$ about Starcraft Fire this new guy and bring back dustin browder. He promised us zealot/dragoon Fenix. but this new guy just %^-* on it. GGPsyChoTik47 5m
6m A little Kael'thas revamp I'm not saying KT is in a bad spot, but he has only one reliable build and little to no flexibility in his talents. 4 talent tiers have one talent sitting near or above 70% pickrate. Fury of the Sunwell sits at a whooping 90%(!!). 6 of his talents sit under 10%, which means that they're just unreliable, trap talents that just sit there, waiting for a missclick. Sunfire enchantment, Arcane dynamo and Energy Roil are so bad and unfitting, I'm amazed they're still there, they completely miss KT's playstyle and there's NO possible way to make use of them, or their value is laughable compared to other options. The only build you can go with Kael and do a reliable damage is solely the flamestrike build. He's just boring to play at this point, his combos with trait are extremely limited and twin spheres talent feels like a huge wasted opportunity to unlock some combos achievable only with an extra sphere (it's like someone wanted to create a combo kael build and gave up halfway through) I'm not asking for more damage, just for more fun. I'd personally, gladly give up much of the damage just to be more flexible with the ways I can inflict it. For now, KTs gameplay is just surviving up to 16 level and positioning/throwing your Q/R for the next 4 minutes or so. There needs to be a quest added for living bomb, to make easier to spread (also reducing its damage), or just get rid of the spreading part and make it reliable (I just can't look at the potential of it relying on misplays), even the "Enemy team has to cc themselves to avoid spreading living bomb" is not relevant. Talent picks speak for themselves + there's just too many heroes with ultra mobility or damage mitigation in their kits. Ana just had a rework because her piercing dart was almost always picked. I know that Blizzard is rightfuly afraid to touch him again, given his history, but this game is about adapting the hero to the situation, and KT has little room to do so.Dornan12 6m
9m Modify the stimpack duration please. I end up wasting them by spending my time out of the Nexus. They should only tick down from time played or games played.Rawketwulf10 9m
15m Only Cursed Hollow in vsAI? I've just come back after a year break. I play mostly vAI, i decided to play some matches today to get the hang of the game again. Played 6 matches today in adept difficulty, all of them in Cursed Hollow. I was expecting to try some of the new maps, but this was dissapointing. Is it a bug? Or are we allowed only to play Cursed Hollow in VAI?Cyph3r10 15m
16m There is hope! Well, we won dragon shire with murky, gazlow, raynor, nova and kel'thuzad, against tracer, genji, hanzo, maiev and sylvana. FeelsGoodMan Never felt more satisfying to win against hyper mobile heroes. OW buuurn.ilke4 16m
20m Fenix's death? Malfunctioning psi-blades? I played original brood war when I was a kid, but now as an adult and seeing his cold metallic body about to storm the Nexus, I was wondering.. When he was defending Antioch, why did his psi blades malfunction as he was ambushed by the Hydralisks? I know psi-blades use no external power source (pylons and such) and they are formed directly by the will of the Zealot. So, yea, was there ever an explained canonical reason for super warrior Fenix's super advanced weaponry to just, poop out on him? Or was it too expensive and costly to animate anything else back in the dark age of technology and they thought that was the best way to cheaply kill him (lol) off?Beelzebub44 20m
21m We need the CC that every other MOBA has. It's called Cripple, and it balances hyper-mobile heroes by making them unable to use movement abilities. It's like a root without the 0% movement speed debuff. Every other MOBA I know (LoL, DotA 2, Smite, etc.) has this form of CC, and it works like a charm.Labreris32 21m
23m Hero release data by years (WIP~) A post about the different years' franchise and role diversity. Base(/Trailerless) Heroes: Abathur, Arthas, Diablo, ETC, Falstad, Gazlowe, Illidan, Malfurion, Nazeebo, Nova, Raynor, Sgt. Hammer, Sonya, Tassadar, Tyrande, Uther, Valla, Zeratul Overall Hero number: 18 | 100% Warcraft: 8 | 44% Starcraft: 6 | 33% Diablo: 4 | 22% Overwatch: - Classic: 0 | 0% ------------------------ Warrior: 4 | 22% Support: 4 | 22% Assassin: 6 | 33% Specialist: 4 | 22% Multiclass: - 2014: Tychus, Tyrael, Kerrigan, Brightwing, Li Li, Murky, Muradin, Zagara, Rehgar, Stitches, Chen, Anub'arak, Azmodan, Jaina Overall Hero number: 14 | 100% Warcraft: 9 | 64% Starcraft: 3 | 21% Diablo: 2 | 14% Overwatch: - Classic: 0 | 0% ------------------------ Warrior: 5 | 37% Support: 3 | 21% Assassin: 3 | 21% Specialist: 3 | 21% Multiclass: - 2015: Thrall, The Lost Vikings, Sylvanas, Kael'thas, Johanna, The Butcher, Leoric, Kharazim, Rexxar, Lt. Morales, Artanis, Cho, Gall, Lunara Overall Hero number: 14 | 100% Warcraft: 7 | 50% Starcraft: 2 | 14% Diablo: 4 | 29% Overwatch: - Classic: 1 | 7% ------------------------ Warrior: 5 | 36% Support: 2 | 14% Assassin: 5 | 36% Specialist: 2 | 14% Multiclass: - 2016: Greymane, Li-Ming, Xul, Dehaka, Tracer, Chromie, Medivh, Gul'dan, Auriel, Alarak, Zarya, Samuro, Varian, Ragnaros Overall Hero number: 14 | 100 Warcraft: 7 | 50% Starcraft: 2 | 14% Diablo: 3 | 21% Overwatch: 2 | 14% Classic: 0 | 0% ------------------------ Warrior: 2 | 14% Support: 1 | 7% Assassin: 8 | 57% Specialist: 2 | 14% Multiclass: 1 | 7% 2017: Zul'jin, Valeera, Lúcio, Probius, Cassia, Genji,, Malthael, Stukov, Garrosh, Kel'thuzad, Ana, Junkrat, Alexstrasza, Hanzo Overall Hero number: 15 | 100% Warcraft: 5 | 33% Starcraft: 2 | 13% Diablo: 2 | 13% Overwatch: 6 | 40% Classic: 0 | 0% ------------------------ Warrior: 2 | 13% Support: 4 | 27% Assassin: 8 | 53% Specialist: 1 | 7% Multiclass: 0 | 0% 2018: Blaze, Maiev, Fenix Overall Hero number: Warcraft: 1 | Starcraft: 2 | Diablo: | Overwatch: | Classic: | ------------------------ Warrior: 1 | Support: | Assassin: 2 | Specialist: | Multiclass: | Overall in the Nexus: 78 | 100% Warcraft: 37 | 47% Starcraft: 17 | 22% Diablo: 15 | 19% Overwatch: 8 | 10% Classic: 1 | 1% ------------------------ Warrior: 19 | 24% Support: 14 | 18% Assassin: 32 | 41% Specialist: 12 | 15% Multiclass: 1 | 1%Karabars17 23m
34m Blizzard missed a chance with Rexxar I feel like Rexxar's current kit is fine, but what really would've been interesting is his basic abilities swapping to either Leokk/Huffer, or his Heroic allowing him to have all 3 of his main beasts at once for a period of time. How would other people feel about that?DTMGoat4 34m
39m Most requested Hero list. Where we at? This last year the Blizz team knocked out a few of the most requested Heroes. Starcraft Firebat Fenix Warcraft Kel'thuzad Maiev Garrosh Diablo Maltheal With that being said, there will never be an end to what players want. But we can narrow down a few. From what I can tell on the forums these are the most requested characters left, just by the vocal community. Starcraft Overmind Warcraft Deathwing Mannoroth Grom Dreadlord Diablo Imperious Baal Mephisto Are these all the BIG names we have left? What am I missing from this?Doombert41 39m
40m Fenix does not need OW level mobility We are all thrilled to have Fenix, who is possibly the most beloved unit in the entire Blizzard character library, but why did you give him a teleport and skills that allow movement while attacking? Right now people are sick of the hyper mobility infesting all levels of the game, so giving another unit teleport seems strange. Melee units feel like they need to be tanks or they have a very hard time. Are you planning to redesign all non-teleporting and melee heroes at a later date? From a design standpoint, what could possibly justify giving Fenix a teleport? Why not let Murky cast Frozen Orb? I cannot think of a more unjustified and random skill assignment than giving teleport to a SC1 dragoon.Stageo24 40m
42m Tracer counters Fenix. What a surprise. Tracer has already enough food in this hero roster. She already needs a nerf and gets buffed with the next Hero again.xsi52 42m
42m What is the state of maiev? I keep hearing everything from OP NEED DA NURFFFZ to SHE WEEK GIV BOOFS PL0X What do you guys on the forums think about her?Mehariel9 42m
43m The Dragoon, Sgt. Hammer and Garrosh If you have watched the Fenix spotlight you would realize that Valla and Tracer are actually taller than the Dragoon. Now if this was a spider Hero like for example Araneae, I wouldn't mind it at all. However, the average Protoss stands at a height of 2.9 meters tall (Human male average is at 180 cm). Now, if you notice, most normal cars are designed to be approximately 1.4 m X 3.1 m in order to look appropriate for you normal human family. Draggons on the other hand are not supposed to fit a Protoss in them. But they are still designed to be around 3.2 meters tall. This means that they are supposed to be clearly larger than any average human. This is because the Protoss as a race should build stuff that are compatible with their size. Yet, Tracer, Genji, Valla, Greymane etcetra, can all still stand relatively taller than a frekin Dragoon. The exact Dragoon Problem is with Sgt. Hammer Again, as much as I hate Garrosh's character from WoW, we all have to admit that he is the tallest Orc we have ever seen in the game till this moment. And in Heroes of the Storm he is as big as Thrall (when he clearly actually isn't). The Problem with this type of scalling is that it take important aspects of the characters, which is their imposing size. The Dragoons and the Seige Tanks are supposed to be large macheines of war and the player must feel as if he is playing a large macheine of war when he/she pick those characters. And being a tall is one of the most prominent characteristics of Garrosh and plays a huge role in his characterization. Everytime I look at the scalling of Blizzard I lose a fragment of my humanity. HOTS COMMUNITY 2K18 ... [/quote] HOTS COMMUNITY 2K18Complainer35 43m
49m Question about Fenix's shield Another Fenix thread yo! But this is serious: Is his trait shield a special kind of shield, or a generic shield that's affected by other abilities? Like Varian's shattering throw?Starmie3 49m
1h Is this game balanced? Statistics I don´t like to throw a word "overpowered" or "unbalanced" easily around as I think everything has it´s own strengths and weaknesses and every hero can be countered. I think that unbalance is when one hero can perform better at almost every given situation over another hero. Unbalance is when few heroes have so much higher pick-rate, win-rate and ban-rate than most other heroes. When there is a hero that has 30% ban-rate, he is, in my opinion overpowered. Let´s see the statistics from the last 7 days: -------------------------Popularity----------------Win-rate----------------Bans Thrall:-------------------42,1%---------------------54,9%-----------------4 900 Sonya:------------------ 54,2%---------------------53,9%----------------11 900 Diablo:------------------48,4%---------------------52,2%-----------------7 200 Maiev:-------------------76,8%---------------------51,7%----------------39 400 Nazeebo:----------------31,5%---------------------54,2%-----------------2 000 Li Li:----------------------33,1%---------------------53,3%-----------------4 000 ON THE OTHER HAND The Lost Vikings:-------0,9%-----------------------43,4%-----------------126 Chen:---------------------1,8%-----------------------47,3%-------------------35 Valeera:------------------2,6%-----------------------44,1%------------------175 Tassadar:----------------3,0%-----------------------44,2%------------------297 Illidan:--------------------5,8%-----------------------45,0%-----------------389 Tyrande:------------------4,6%-----------------------47,2%------------------65 Popularity means number of games played + number of bans combined. If this doesn´t say enough that the game itself is unbalanced, I don´t know what does. There are always the same heroes in every match and most of the time a team with "better picks" wins. I too play those heroes as Thrall or Sonya, because I think they are overtuned. Self-heal potential with crazy amount of CC, poke damage and single-target burst that Thrall contributes to the team is insane. Same goes for Sonya, who can easily jump in to the teamfight and spin to win. "Stun her while she is spinning". Yeah well, CD on the Whirlwind is so low that it´s up a few seconds after the first one was canceled and she can heal back up pretty fast. I don´t want to sound as "that guy who doesn´t know how to counter enemies" but it´s so obvious to see that some heroes perform better than other heroes in the same role and situation. What do you think about the balance in the game? Which hero should be buffed and which hero should be nerfed in your opinion?Rio9 1h
1h DRAGOON FENIX: Skill Discussion and Thoughts Ranged Assassin eh? I figured this or ranged warrior, I'd say it's good fit for Dragoon model. Looking at the skills, I like how adaptable they can be, focused on sustained attacks with tactical use of AA. Skills: Trait- Shield Capacitor: Passively grants shields permanently. After few seconds of not taking damage, recharges over time. Like a TRUE Protoss. Fenix has a plasma shield which regenerates after few moments. I expect health points to be fragile after this breaks. Q- Plasma Cracker: On your mouse cursor, revolve a plasma beam around several times in 360 radius. This is interesting, it rotates based on mouse cursor allowing him to zone or gap closer targets. Looks avoidable to mobiles though adds slow, synergize good with Purification Salvo. W- Repeater Cannon/Phase Bomb: Switch between basic attack modes. Repeater Cannon: Increase attack speed Phase Bomb: Increases range and adds AoE damage THAT'S AWESOME: Fenix get's semi-usage of DPS and disruptors over time, high potency when you get used to stutter stepping his attacks. E- Warp: After delay, Fenix teleports to selected area. Enemy Heroes cannot see where he warps. So Fenix get's his own 'Stalker' blink? Rad, with timing you can juke people and kite around them for max damage. Purification Salvo: Locks on enemy Heroes in wide arc: then unleashes a turret of five missles each. Fenix can move after sweep finishes. That's effective: I expect this a unique way to counter mobile targets consider it locks on scan. Pairs well with ally slow with or followed by Plasma Cutter. Planet Cracker: Fenix becomes immobile, unleashing a powerful laser beam in a straight line. Unlimited range. Holy crap- don't expect any SANE player to stand around when this thing hits. If used together with good Mosh + Apocalypse, Cracker can eliminate teams with ease. Appears channeled, so Fenix could get interrupted unless he cancels early. There's zone potential here. ----------------------------------------- Overall I like it. Fenix never had abilities in SC1 though Blizz did well creating this micro-ing kit with him. You have control of switching DPS and trade for sustained damage around. He looks powerful if overtuned on areas, we'll see on release. Did you guys screamed HYPE or meh? What did you take on watching Fenix in action?Kage43 1h
1h Voices and Dialogue Can I throw in a request to update hero quotes and dialogues? There are so many new heroes vs old ones, and as the cast of the Nexus grows it would be nice to see, or hear rather, older heroes responding to the new ones? I'm a StarCraft and Protoss guy. I kind of need to hear Raynor responding to his brotoss Fenix being added to the game. Please? And what would Zeratul or Alarak talk about with Probius being on their team?? PS. I suppose I can get over the fact that Fenix, like Tassadar, sounds painfully not like he does in SC1/Brood War. Thank you Blizzard for adding the best version of Fenix: 1h
1h Diablo Heroes -_- I love Diablo. I main the Lord of Terror himself, and I regularly choose to play Diablo heroes instead of other franchise characters because they're just so fun. So when I see that we've received TEN heroes from all other franchises, including, THREE from Overwatch, three from Starcraft (as of Fenix), and four from Warcraft... I feel rather pissed off. The last Diablo hero we got was Malthael... Malthael. What I don't understand is why a Diablo hero wasn't released as the focus of that Sonya/Medivh thing... in fact Sonya (an ancient Diablo character) was only given an angelic recolour ffs. Why not finally give us Imperius? And Medivh could have had a cool demonic skin. I love Blizzard. But holy crap, I do not understand the reasoning behind leaving one of their most beloved franchises in the dust.Alloy38 1h
2h Fair warning about Medivh Medivh's Arcane explosion, plus the Circle of Protection, can instantly kill someone if your team is not careful. Now you may be thinking, well that's obvious, but here are the numbers on it for level 13 when the combo unlocks. 150 damage baseline, times the amount of people who take the shield, not a big deal right? If the shields absorb 608 damage then they do a total of 758 per shield. This is because it does 100% of damage absorbed up to the cap of 608 at level 13. Let's say for example your team has Kel, Kael, Jaina, anyone whose main focus is AOE burst and that burst isn't too hard to predict. If Medivh is smart about it with his team, his allies can absorb some damage and dog pile your tank (with a portal for example) then instantly do at minimum an extra 758 damage. If two people eat it then it's 1516, if three then it's 2274. Now of course, not everyone's going to absorb the max charge all the time, but if there's any form of AOE on your team then an enemy Medivh with this combo is scary, especially if they have divers. Just saying, be extra careful so you don't instantly kill your own tank late game when these shields can bounce back like 1000 (at level 20 the base is 197 with 800 damage max absorbed) because that can lose the game for you in an instant. It's basically like Genji Deflect in that you don't hit the protected guy, only its trigger is based on damage taken not damage instances plus it's on multiple people (potentially), so keep that in mind when you're against a Medivh in draft or when you're drafting.CaiusCain2 2h
2h a little disappointment about fenix Fenix should have both zealot and dragoon forms. So sad he got only dragoon.Tauri8 2h
2h AI and Fortification Camps So I was in a game and I saw that the AI was doing a camp. A couple minutes later, I noticed that the AI was still in the camp so I clicked to check what was going on. The AI kept attacking the turret... which was being healed by the merc. I feel like Blizz should teach them how to do that camp.Nami0 2h
2h Calm down about Fenix guys. Lets all take a second and be happy that we got our community driven wish to bring in this legendary name in Blizzard gaming. Personally, having Artanis take the zealot spot was a tad heartbreaking. But watching Blizzard create a dragoon character with cool abilities after they gave us Blaze was really cool. They are catering to us SC nerds by just giving out the units we loved to play with. They could have just slapped Talandar on us and told the hardcore fans to shove it. They didn't. I fell in love with Fenix because of his booming voice and unwavering courage (that psi blade scene where he fought Vivectus and the blades go dark *CHILLS*). If i get that same feeling in HoTS i call it a 10/10 victory. Be honest here. You didn't fall in love with Kerrigan because of her consume/psi storm mechanic. You fell in love with her because her story is gripping. Her attitude is bombastic and memorable. I play Blizzard entertainment because my money buys me: excellent story, well designed characters and a very immersive world where lore and reality become one. How about you? If this Fenix re-imagining is truly worth your negative energy. What are you playing for?YYZENTHAL18 2h
3h Blizzard please stop the specialist stomps Too many QM games are 2 or 3 specialists on one team, zero on the opponent. Given that specialists are half tank, half assassin, and generally too OP in the recent map design metrics, the games always end in horrible stomps. Is it that hard to put an algorithm in QM to avoid this?Firefly6310 3h
3h Delete Collection as an option I would like to have the option to delete some of my collection.l1lastbreath29 3h
3h The Future of (Blizzard) RTS (I am cross-posting this both here and in the SCII forum because it relates to both and is mostly aimed at the developers who worked on both.) I recently deleted Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm because the former was controlling my life and the latter was doing a bit of the same but was pointless to actually play because my satellite Internet is now garbage. I ended up deleting the Blizzard launcher too, but I wanted to share some ideas on where RTS could go from here before forgetting about Blizzard for a while. Several years ago I tried multiplayer in SC II, but after I lost interested it was hard to get back into it, and I still had not hit level 30 with Zerg when I deleted the game a while back. I just do not find it as fun as HotS. I dare say many people agree with me, because while pro-StarCraft II is still worthwhile and people enjoy Co-Op Commanders, there is just something that is not there anymore for most people. Instead of giving up on the RTS genre though I think it is time to accept that perhaps just as WarCraft III spawned MOBAs maybe the lessons of HotS can spawn the next generation of RTS. The first major idea - one that I have shared a bit before elsewhere - is that instead of making WarCraft IV or StarCraft III per se (though the idea could be skinned as either of those) maybe what we really need is something like "Armies of the Storm" : an objective based RTS. It is easy I think to imagine some existing HotS maps as "AotS" maps: the one where you have to hold ground or kill a certain number of neutral creeps in the designated area. There are probably lots of objectives that would make more sense in a RTS rather than a MOBA though. And I think having variable objectives that required variable unit compositions might be a good way to break up the sameness of many matches. The second idea, one that is more speculative, is to change up how resources work. RTS matches can be very snowball-y, without much of the comeback potential of HotS. So I was thinking that instead of traditional mining to pay for units like with gold/lumber or minerals/vespene and food/supply that both players would always have equal maximum supply that would gradually increase as the game progresses, there would be a single "material" resource that is used for constructing buildings and lastly there would be a "wealth" resource that is functionally "experience" like in HotS. So you would level up in "AotS" and each level would allow you to buy one upgrade you have access to. With this system you would not longer be able to kill your opponent by killing their harvesters. But you still potentially be crippling them. Additionally, as supply is used up the "upkeep" system from War3 could be applied, meaning above certain thresholds you gain less "XP" from each harvester. It also keeps a very significant strategic component to deciding how much of your supply you want to dedicate to the two kinds of harvesting an any one time because you could, if you wanted, just use your available supply all on military units from the get go if you wanted to. If this game were "Armies of the Storm" instead of WarCraft IV or StarCraft III I think the following suggestion would be an easier sell, but maybe the idea could be worked in to the other games: Just like in HotS, I think you should have a Core-style building that if you lose you lose the game. Whether this is a singular, stationary object, or something you can build more copies of like town halls or command centres, or a singular object which you can *move* by various means would be up for debate. But I definitely think that the base/core race dynamic should be a deliberate and not emergent function of the game. A Core with primary base would also lend itself to a more exciting and balanced style of co-op pvp. Because I really think something worth considering in the current environment is that perhaps 1v1 should not be the default assumption for pvp in an RTS. 5v5 like in MOBAs might be getting out of hand with everyone controlling multiple units, but I think there is definite potential for 3v3 as the default assumption (though 1v1 should probably still be possible). This concept also brings me to the final topic I wished to address: races. In an Armies of the Storm game there are two distinct possibilities I see: one is that there is a small number of factions with diverse units drawing from different universes. My initial faction idea for this game was something like Protoss/Night Elves/Angiris Council being a single faction. But there is a second possibility drawn again from the popularity of MOBAs: a whole bunch of microfactions that you stitched together in different combinations of three for each game. I am not sure this would realistically be possible to balance in an RTS though. In any case, the advantage of factions being made up of three sub-groups ties back into my 3v3 as the default assumption notion: You could make each player in the "standard" 3v3 able to only control units from one of the sub-factions. So which units you built would not just have unit composition ramifications but unit control ramifications. The difference this would make might not be as apparent in a slaughter style mass unit RTS like StarCraft II, but I have been watching a lot of Grubby's WarCraft III videos and it would be perfect in an RTS where each unit can survive for at least a little while in battle. I hope I have not forgotten anything. Thinking about this has made me burn with the desire to know what Dustin Browder and David Kim are working on, because it almost certainly has to be Blizzard's next RTS, or at least some evolution of RTS/MOBAs. I would really love to see what game design approach they are taking to it if it is a new RTS.Munvyrm3 3h
3h First Picking Assassins If you first pick assassins in hero league you better be good. I don't just mean competent, I mean good. If you're screwing over your team so you can play what you want, you should know how to play well even if you are countered. This applies even more so if you pick raynor after the other team first pick's johanna. On a side note they should get rid of the order picks are made in hero league and make it like team league. forcing people into random spots doesn't even make sense from a strategic perspective and I think it'll cause less rage. Especially on my end because I actually love supporting but just not when the 2 selfish teammates decide they want to reveal our damage right off the bat.Shadowmere22 3h
41m lagg to much lagg lag fix your game GOD damn fix it too much Laaaaag huge lag the damn game fix it every time I play it . my champ does not move until one hour then it move toward his gravejoulivh4 41m
3h Alarak's E I hate it but I wanna see what the community thinks of it. edit: I don't wanna discuss the numbers around it.Cow8 3h
4h The State of Versus A.I. The purpose of this thread is to generate discussion about the quality of the AI in HOTS, hopefully for the notice of the devs who address it. I encourage those who play Versus AI (VAI) regularly to participate, especially if you play solo or in small groups with AI allies as well. There's no better way to observe a bot's behavior than when you can see every action they're taking. There have been a lot of changes to the AI made in the wake of that blog from a few months ago that promised major revamps, and though only a couple of patches that I'm aware of have actually documented updates, I have observed a lot of tweaks behind the scenes, large and small. It's my opinion that, by and large, the AI has improved from the state it was in when the game launched, but I have a few outstanding concerns. Some of these have been longtime observations, some reactions to (apparently) bugged behavior from the most recent builds. Preoccupation With Capturing Mercenaries This seems most pronounced since the Maiev patch a little over a month ago. The AI at the far ends of the difficulty spectrum (Beginner, Elite, etc.) perform about how you would expect, but at Adept there is a new focus to stomp merc camps as often and as much as possible. This could be a valid strategy, the AI working as intended, but both the philosophy and execution can be a little problematic. For starters, AI will often try to tackle merc camps in the very early game before they're really capable of it, or before it's worth the effort. This is most noticeable when merc camps first spawn every game. At around lvl 2, you can take the average knight/siege camp, but it's time consuming enough to give a team that keeps laning a distinct XP advantage. I've also seen AI teams try to tackle boss mercs as early as lvl 8. Often successfully, but rarely without casualties. Another net loss, especially considering the AI rarely push the lane they spawn mercs in (further addressed later). Most annoyingly, AI will frequently prioritize capturing (and rallying for capturing) merc camps over securing map objectives, repelling heavy pushes by the opposing team on forts/keeps, and even attacks on the nexus. Sending unaided mercs to soften up a lane doesn't matter if you're losing the game, or losing it at key points. I also frequently observe AI allies in the same lane peel off in the middle of team fights to obey this all-important script. I was recently in a solo game on Blackheart's Bay, squaring off with the enemy Leoric one-on-one. All four of my AI allies ride by, and it would've taken a second to dismount and make for an easy takedown. Nope. They were on the way to fight the boss merc at the top of the map. There is no interfering with their script's objective, no matter what the current game conditions are, or what opportunities present themselves. Worst of all, the AI does not appear to actually push with the mercs they launch. They will continue to the next untapped camp or spread out to any lane (in other words, revert to default behavior). Focusing on mercs may be a valid strategy, but not if you're not taking advantage of them. The endgame siege damage reports on AI teams that exhibit this behavior are notably abyssmal. There's nothing sadder than watching a hard-fought boss merc spawned before lvl 10 fall in front of a fort with no help whatsoever. As it stands, the only benefit of this aggressive merc stomping is in preventing the other team from having access to the same nodes. Nevertheless, the team that ignores or moderates its use of mercs will usually perform much better with map objectives, XP gain, and getting the win. Stringing the map with mercs just isn't an effective strategy. Not to mention, as a post I read awhile back put it, it's just not fun. People play VAI to kill bots. Bots in VAI should be trying to kill you. Fights are where the fun of the game is, in any mode. Cleaning up merc spawns from AI teams that are just roving from camp to camp mindlessly is a chore. ...But it's occassionally fun to ninja their attempts, especially bosses. And you can really mess with an AI team if you're playing the right character. Specialists Are Standard When it came to assembling an AI team's roster, there used to be a spot granted to a hero from every role, with the fifth slot a bit more random, but usually favoring a second assassin. Specialists now seem to dominate the selection process. I've observed a roughly 50/50 chance to get teams with two of them, and I have even seen teams with three specialists, cutting out one of the other roles entirely. This is possibly intentional, as of all the roles, the AI tends to perform with siege and sustained damage specialists the best. Azmodan, Sgt. Hammer, Nazeebo. These guys consistently lead the endgame charts compared to other AI. There are two issues I have with the current reign of the specialist in VAI. The first lends itself mostly to solo players (like myself) who are subject to the same odds in determining the roster of allies. With certain specialists so much stronger than their counterparts at the same supposed difficulty level, victory in any given game depends more and more on which team has who. Take the human element out of the equation, and a team that gets Azmodan or Sgt. Hammer (or worse yet, both) vs a team with two glass cannon assassins and Medivh is going to win every time. Solo VAI used to be all about you, and how well you could carry a team and disrupt a mostly balanced equation. Sure, there were times when you got stuck with an AI Abathur and had to work a little harder, but by and large the AI was equivalent. Now, there is almost always a slope. If the elites among the specialist roster are your allies, you'll dominate the enemy team. If they're on the other side, you have to pick up the slack from your lackluster roster of allies big time. Sometimes, there's just no way to avoid the loss, no matter how good you are. The second issue is, again, the "fun" factor. The game sports a roster of 75-something heroes now. You wouldn't know that playing VAI. You are fighting and/or allying with the same small pool of specialists, again and again. It's far more predictable and dull than it has to be. Give double assassin teams the priority again and let's see some variety! ---------- Thanks for entertaining a long thread (so long I even had to delete a whole section to get it to post). I realize Versus AI is a niche mode, with a niche community who play it exclusively. For those of you out there, give a shout out. Share your thoughts, concerns, and observations about the AI in your current games. You aren't alone! And the devs are listening. (I think.)PR08327 4h
4h topic gone i spent a whole hour to make a useful topic and help the community and the next thing i know that its gone pofffffffff well played sirRN246 4h
4h Design a counter mobile hero You’ll notice the common theme is a form of cc that is point and click (AA application is a form of point and click) or immediately applied with no cast animation (mosh has a windup while garrosh taunt doesn’t). Given that how would you design a potential new counter mobile hero. Existing Counter Mobile abilities (for getting instant CC that you can follow up with burst) Varian taunt Garrosh taunt Uther cookie platter smash (hammer) Maiev leash Chromie temporal loop (side note: this counter countered by ice block like affects) Bwing polymorph Valeera GarrotteFor pressuring Mobile heroes away Xul root (usually hyper mobile will immediately back rather than risk the root, so more likely you will get an immediate retreat than an actual kill) Strong Ranged AA Arthas freeze auraYoloBaggins36 4h
4h This game needs new maintanks I think HOTS really needs some new maintanks (not offlaner or bruiser) that offer counterplay and are fun. As maintank you have to play the same few heroes over and over again. Most of the heroes are years old already and some sort of fresh air is highly appreciated. The Tyrael rework brought at least one more character into the rotation, whilst Blaze is played as sololaner.aubergine23 4h
4h Defense Matrix? (Et. al) I can't find an existing post that covers this (or any I do find contradict each other), so I'm going to launch right in! This post also contains questions/comments related to's self-destruct, as they are pertinent to the use of defense matrix in mirror matches. It's been about ten months since joined the Nexus, but I haven't been playing her since release, so I'm a little behind the train, but I've been questioning what Defense Matrix covers and what it doesn't. 1: Does Defense Matrix reduce damage-over-time on the target? I've seen a variety of answers, the most confusing was 'yes, but not for pre-existing DoT, only for DoT applied while the applying hero is in the Matrix, the DoT stays reduced when they leave'. The ability is written as reducing all damage, but I've not noticed it reducing preexisting DoT on allies. 2: Does it reduce % health damage? I've seen conflicting answers on this, some citing ablative armor and others the rule of % health damage not being able to be reduced by anything but your health pool. 3: Abathur! Oh goodness I've seen lots of unanswered threads about Abathur. 3a: Does Abathur's damage get reduced if his hat-target is in the Matrix? 3b: Does Abathur's damage get reduced if you Matrix his Ultimate Clone? 3c: Do you have to Matrix Abathur himself in order to reduce the damage of 3a and 3b? 4: Can you reduce the damage of a vehicle that a hero is piloting? (Garden Terror, Dragon Knight, Triglav Protector). 5: Can you reduce the damage of TLV's longboat? 6: How do you reduce the damage's self-destruct using Defense Matrix? The destructing ultimate is coded as a hero per interactions, I have seen it knocked back (Auriel), eaten (Stitches), and put to sleep (Ana), all of which are 'hero only' interactions; the damage is attributed to (the player/pilot), but the exploding MEKA is coded as a hero. Every time I've tried the above (dropping Matrix on the pilot) my team generally manages to escape the destruct area, so I don't actually have a good sample pool as mirror is rather rare. 7: Do you have to catch Nova/Samuro with the Matrix to reduce the damage of their clones, or the clones themselves? 8: This was under bug reports without any replies, but can reduce the damage of Gall? --- Bonus semi-related question: when Stitches uses Gorge on the exploding MEKA, it can detonate inside of him, is Gorge not a stasis-like ability? Towards that end, can Medivh (Leyline Seal) or Zagara (Devouring Maw) or Zeratul (Void Prison) stasis the exploding MEKA and delay its detonation? --- Most of these questions are along the lines of "what happens when something unexpected happens to a hero?" and if anyone has any further questions, feel free to add them in replies!JediJuliet9 4h
4h curious about the QM matchmaking system Since the new season ive been playing a lot of QM, mostly due to the fast queue time and the fact I dont like to wait out the draft. Ive been all over the place in the rankings, from low silver, to master. Im curious about how much priority the system gives to game quality over speed of getting into a game. I am routinely getting into games with a mixture of new players and people with over 3k games played, but the weird thing is that often these 2 types of players will be put on the same team. it seems weird to me that you would want to put brand new players in with seasoned vets, as it created a pretty bad game atmosphere for both players, with the long time player wondering why the new dude is soloing a merc camp as tassadar during the objective and the new player wondering why this dude is being so demanding and telling them what to do all game. its making the quality of game go down IMO. I feel like a bit longer of a wait (generally within seconds) may be warranted to get at least a slightly better game. most of the QMs are 1 sided stomps, for 1 side or the other. Yes, I understand that its QM and its the toilet game mode, but still, its what new players get put into when they start playing. You want them to stick around, they dont need to be in games with players like me. its not their fault and I get it, but jeez, you can only handle so much before the game becomes frustrating and its off to play something else. TLDR: give QM games another 30 seconds or so to find more evenly suited opponents / teammates.boogz4 4h
4h Fix Morales' neck please (police skin) What is wrong with her neck??? Would you date a girl like that?MasterCeddy11 4h
4h Question To Fans Regarding Fenix Are you happier that Fenix is just a Dragoon or would you have been happier if he was both a Zealot and a Dragoon?ZealousGamer57 4h
5h Why do I always get horrible teams vs good ones? I keep getting placed on horrible teams with people how have absolutely no idea what they are doing vs well coordinated good players. What the hell is going on? I always get good stats with positive ratios whilst my team mates consistently always do very bad with negative ratios as opposed to my enemy team whos whole team does great.... Im beginning to think Blizzard has put me on some sort of black list where i only get horrific team mates vs good teams..... Am i crazy to think this? Its really getting out of hand how often this is happening. Im actually beginning to take pictures of the end game stats to prove I am not wrong. Im so close to uninstalling the game because every game has been like this for a while now.Moist9 5h
5h New hero will come 27th March, universe: SC titleSteinarr43 5h
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