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Jan 23 Collection of Useful Guides and Posts With the Overwatch Crossover, we're likely to see a big influx of new players who will have plenty of questions for us. I'd like to make a collection of helpful links for players to learn from, and I'd like your help in making it. I am looking for helpful, detailed threads that would be useful for a new player interested in learning. Bonus points if it has been deemed Highly Rated by the forum community. If you know of threads I should include, please add them into the comments. General Threads DETAILED RANK 1 GUIDE - TIPS AND TRICKS Adopt a Newb- Replay Help Day 1 Crash-Course A Beginner's Guide from a Beginner- HOW EACH HERO BEHAVES- A PLAYER/BUYER'S GUIDE Guide to Hero League Draft- So You Want to Call the Shots? Shotcalling Guide SO YOU WANT TO BE RANK 1? HERE'S HOW- A GUIDE TO FRONTLINE MASTERY- REDEFINING HEROES AND THEIR ROLES- LOTS OF TALK ABOUT GAME TYPES AND ATTITUDES LATELY- The Extended Dictionary of Terms- The Gold Gain- Information- Team Liquid Hero League 101- 10 SHORT TIPS TO BECOME A BETTER HOTS PLAYER! Big bad thread of all things EXP. Tips and Tricks Threads A Picture-Book Guide to Throwing Tips by Blinks Tips and Tricks You Must Know How to Play Against Stealth by Team Liquid It's the Little Things That Make the Difference Guide on Laning Strategies for Specific Maps General Heroes Guides Guides by Blinks TempoStorm Heroes Guides WHAT YOU CAN LEARN BY WATCHING COMPETITIVE HEROES OF THE STORM FiGhTiNCoWBoY's Video Guides & Gameplay- Fan's Video Guides & Gameplay- MYPallytime's Video Guides & Gameplay- Science of the Storm- HeroesFire Guides Map Specific Threads A GUIDE TO BLACKHEART'S BAY- Team Liquid Blackheart's Bay Map Guide- Team Liquid Garden of Terror Map Guide- Team Liquid Sky Temple Map Guide- Dragon Shire Map Strategy Guide by Icy Veins- Team Liquid Haunted Mines Map Guide- Map Timers Guide- Collection of Map Mechanics Jan 23
3d Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista Starting later this year, we will begin the process of ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. After these older operating systems are no longer supported, the games will not run on them, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version. We’ll be rolling out this change on a staggered schedule, and will post further notices as we get closer to making the change for each game.Spyrian0 3d
3d Weekly Sale Items for Feb 21 – 28, 2017 A double Weekly Sale will begin on Tuesday, February 21, offering real-money discounts on twice the usual number of items! Check out our upcoming sale items below: Weekly Sale Items for Feb 21 – 28, 2017 Stitches — Sale Price: $4.24 USD Nova — Sale Price: $4.24 USD Tracer — Sale Price: $4.99 USD Zarya — Sale Price: $4.99 USD Psycho Stitches Skin — Sale Price: $3.74 USD Widowmaker Nova Skin — Sale Price: $4.99 USDSpyrian78 3d
6d Free Hero Rotation: Feb 14 - 21 Free-to-Play Hero Rotation: Feb 14 - 21, 2017 Malfurion Valla Diablo Alarak Sylvanas Greymane Rexxar (Slot unlocked at Player Level 5) Varian (Slot unlocked at Player Level 7) Uther (Slot unlocked at Player Level 12) Nova (Slot unlocked at Player Level 15) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ When does the next free rotation begin? We refresh the free-to-play Hero rotation every week on Tuesday morning. At that time, the previous set of Heroes are swapped out, and 10 new Heroes become free-to-play until the following Tuesday. I only have 6 free Heroes, but you listed 10. What gives? Fresh accounts begin with six free Hero rotation slots, and the four remaining slots can be unlocked by reaching player levels 5, 7, 12, and 15, respectively. Where can I look up previous Hero rotations? Right here! As each new Hero rotation begins, we'll post the previous rotation as a reply to this thread.Spyrian87 6d
Jan 27 The Patch History To catalog all HotS patches in one place, every content patch or exception will be linked and summarized here. [ 2017 ] February 17 hotfix. February 14 patch. Lúcio released. February 8 hotfix. January 27 balance patch. January 24 patch. Valeera released. January 12 hotfix. January 6 balance patch. January 4 patch. Zul'jin released.Vekkul45 Jan 27
Jan 25 Account Level 5 Now Required in Order to Post Hello everyone! In order to help cut down on spam and encourage players to post using their primary Heroes accounts, we've just implemented a new rule that requires players to reach account level 5 in order to post on the forums. We feel that level 5 is a high enough to help reduce clutter, but also low enough that it should be no problem for most players who want to discuss the game. If you encounter any issues with Heroes of the Storm, or find any bugs, we'd love to hear from you so that we can help! As a result, there is no minimum level requirement in order to post in the Bug Report, PTR Bug Report, Mac Support, or Tech Support forums. However, please keep in mind that any off-topic posts made in those forums will be removed. Thank you!Spyrian0 Jan 25
6m (almost) unused heroes At higher leagues and competetive: Valeera - 2% pickrate Zul Jin - 3% Chromie - 4% Rexxar - 2% Chen - 1% Stitches - 1% Zagara - 0,5% Lili - 0,5% Nova - 0,5% Abathur - 1% Kael Thas - 2% All out of meta. 1-5% is almost like not being picked at all since those few picks are more or less extremely niche or from teams that experiment much aka dont want to win. Buffs or reworks please. ThanksLowBob10 6m
6m Quality of life changes Nearly 3000 games in, this is what I would like to improve my HotS experience. I'd like to clearly know what my win percentages are on my heros and maps. I understand that there is hotslogs, but It's missing some games and I don't want to have to use a 3rd party system for this information. When drafting I would like to know what our team is lacking. Just general concepts like wave clear, more tankiness, or CC. I think I understand a lot of this for the most part, but the transition from QM to HL is harder than it needs to be. I also understand that the meta changes and it is more complicated than that. But just a few simple ideas, similar to Overwatch warning when you have 3 snipers or something, would go a long way. QM still does strange things. It disregards waveclear sometimes, or will give one team 2 wars, and the other team Varian who may or may not spec warrior. There are probably a few more restrictions that could be put in places to improve crazy 1 sided comp match ups. I am personally OK with a little longer wait time in return. In HL I would like a way to display a few heros that I can play without having to swap what I am floating on repeatedly. Climbing in HL takes a crazy amount of time unless your win percentage is super high. If you are like 55% it still takes a lot of games to rank up. I spent thousands of games in QM getting my MMR into diamond, and now I wanna learn how to draft. My team mates are a noticeable 400 MMR difference in my HL. One can learn to draft faster than learn how to play the basics of the game. This makes it even harder to climb unless you are "carrying" on a meta assassin. I don't mind transitioning into more of an assassin player, but there is a large amount of people who seem to be doing the same thing. My thanks to the devs. This is a wonderful game.Stygian6 6m
6m Enter the opportunity to give gifts! Seriously, when my friend had a birthday, I had to take his username and password, to unlink my card from my account, then add my card to his account and buy the gift. Then had to repeat the entire procedure for installing my card with his account linked to mine. Agree, this is not a gift. If I ask friend's username and password - he already understands everything. And it would be nice if he came into the game and it opens a window with a message about the gift! I understand that this is not your first priority, but it would be good to see this feature in the future. Gifts can be give merely good players who have distinguished themselves after the fight. It's your money!Lorenz0 6m
7m How do I Tell People to Stop Being Overconfident? Title pretty much says it. A lot of games recently with players making major mistakes, thinking they can win a 1or2v4. We can have a winning advantage or keeping pace, but then one guy thinks he's safe enough and tries to face down the entire enemy team. Literally last match, our team had the advantage, but we lost it a bit due to Samuro getting punished for trying to gank without checking. Then Varian was trying to get a sapper camp on Towers, I was there with Samuro. The adjacent camp was capped and we pinged Varian to retreat, instead he stops trying to take the camp and charges right into a Diablo, Lunara, Lucio, Butcher, and Valla. Without some of our damage, we lost the next round of altars and couldn't recover. Please help, I am on a major losing streak of over 10 games, literally for this reason.Gresh3 7m
14m Looking For Tracer & Zarya Skilled Players!!! By now everyone knows I been shouting for this for days on end trying to get skilled Tracer players I have this on both servers EU & US since I enjoy playing tassadar alot the problem I'm having is not many skilled tracer players about only few so far I found two in U.S and one in E.U servers which is not alot to play with I apologize if I pissed some player base just to play with skilled tracers. If there's any here post your battle ID so that we can talk on discord thank you. Tracer & Zarya From ShieldMasterJedipower3 14m
16m How to Unlock the FlameSaber Fast Not long left on the promotion so here is how I got all 15 games rather quickly 16m
16m A way to join certain types of games with the party finder? With the stim pack boost I'd like to chill and get a group of 5 to do some bot games, but there isn't actually a way to find people who want to do the same with party finder is there?Kagome0 16m
21m Lost a ton of ranked points for one game? Was at ~990 rank points, then I lose a game, lost ~200, but ended at about 190 points. How did this happen? My game froze at some point in queue, but I dont know why that would matter. It has been such a grind for me to try and get to a promo and now in the span of one game go from the verge of a promo to ready to be demoted.Mratical0 21m
21m Female Hellscream pls. Can we get a female version of Grom Hellscream pls? Why? Because all you political correct players out there accused me and others of "s3xism" and "afraid of strong females" when we asked if all hope for a "male" version of the Diablo Barbarian (Like Diablo 2) was all gone. And if that is the case, I will apologize and in return I demand a female version of Hellscream. Like maybe a female warsong commander wielding an axe. But she needs the name "Hellscream" to be more epic. It would even make sense because we already got like 5 MALE MELEE ORCS!! And because these guys are all okay with "Strong female warriors", I am sure they would be happy if this would happen. But I already know people will vote me down because hypocrisy and double standards are real within this community. To be honest I actually would love to see a male Grom Hellscream just like I would love to see a male barbarian. But since you guys bring so little sympathy for fans of other franchises (Diablo 2), I don't care for Warcraft that much that it would bother me. And to see those people losing their mind about such a thing would be very satisfying because I could call them out for "s3xism". PeaceCrakkpot27 21m
22m Sad to say I punish myself playing Kerrigan and Tracer Is it me or are these heroes just not worth the trouble? > Tracer: The "mobility" benefit of playing her doesn't out weigh the lack of damage and how vulnerable she is when dealing damage. Her ultimate can be countered heavily by many popular heroes. Playing any normal ranged champion feels twice as rewarding because they don't have so many requirements to be effective. > Kerrigan: Ever since the great shield nerf years back, I've felt she's a total troll pick. Compared to modern melee designs, her requirement to land slow skill shots and put herself in danger with no escape is archaic. Every game I play with her I get blown to pieces for 90% of the game until I'm semi useful in a few of the ending team fights. Her basic abilities are barely supported by the talent tree and in need of attention.ModOperator13 22m
27m D.Va potential next hero after lucio? I've read a reddit post about someone who saw a post of a leaker who predicted Lucio a few days before his anouncement, but also included D.Va into the list. I am aware about the image with the "can you find Valeera?" with the eggs and potential Stukov hint, but what if it is D.Va? While I do want another SC hero, or Diablo hero, she is super awsome and I'm sure I'd enjoy playing her. What do you guys feel about a potential D.Va release?Chromriel49 27m
31m Where i can find hots mechanism I want to know if there is any place where i can read about how the heroes and skills really works. To have more comprehension about the mechanism of the game, so...odagoshi1 31m
34m Varian Face Model looks old- fix? Hey devs, would you guys take a look at his this guy's model again? It doesn't seem to look right to both cinematics and splash portrait in game.Kage9 34m
40m Next hero rotation Does the next hero rotation start tonight at midnight or tomorrow morning? any insight it appreciated thanks!McBabe0 40m
42m Alexei Stukov from SC2 Confirmed??? Blizz just posted a picture with all heroes in 1 single photo on Twitter. Apperently it was just a game like "Where's waldo", they wanted us to find the lost Valeera among these heroes. NOTE that there are multiple same heroes in this picture, so you might see 3x Chromie and 2x Artanis etc. What is really interesting that i discovered are these two eggs next to Zagara and Anubarak. Doesn't it looks familiar to you SC2 players? Yes it does! Those are not roaches, creep tumors or anything we have seen yet in heroes of the storm. Those are Infested Terran eggs from SC2! I got another picture to confirm it! look closely! i am 100% sure those are the exact same infested terran eggs from SC2. And guess who is the man behind the infested terran eggs in SC2? That's right! it's Alexei Stukov! he controlls the infested terrans in SC2 and produces these infested terran eggs in the game! If you purchased Stukov in Starcraft, you will see these infested terran eggs when you play him. Could this be a hint/leak for a new hero joining the nexus? What do you guys think?:)Yuun81 42m
49m which hero has the worst attack animations? i pick uther, his awkward way of swinging his hammer really makes me cringewest16 49m
57m Why this game sucks... 5 minute wait times... 'nuf saidTheDragon5 57m
58m Murky ....the embodiment of abortions murky feels like the embodiment of abortions, or perhaps a hidden message of blizzard secret agenda? anywayz, i realized murky is like a baby you never wanted, dreams of fulfilling your goals (objectives) and murky just happens to show up when you weren't ready and it ruins your life dreams and you realized....that you could have spared all the trouble, if you had just aborted that eggwest2 58m
1h QM is super depressing 75% of the time. So, I'd like to preface this with this is NOT a Valeera QQ thread. Honestly, I don't consider her that great of a threat. What is starting to irritate me though is how stupidly unrelentingly unfair Quick Match has become. I really like the direction that Heroes is going in, where almost everyone on your team can be a playmaker in some way, but I fear what this is doing is just making it so that random compositions become really irritating to face. It's not even that these heroes are overpowered, it's just that power spikes have become so prevalent that a simple combination of one or two heroes without their counters being drafted is making for some really one sided games. Couple this with the fact that there seems to be a very large disparity in skill between members of both teams, and this is a recipe for disaster. I know Quickmatch is Quickmatch, but the power creep, while it may be good intentioned, is making QM a nightmare. Hero League is already cancerous on the weekends, but QM is starting to get just as bad.Drothvader39 1h
1h How to rank in HL Hi guys, i ask for some hints to rank in HL without getting too angry. I'm stuck at silver since six months, this season 500+ games and i'm still silver. Everyone can think i'm effectively silver, but i think that after 4100 games and a lot of theory learnt about map mechanics, comps, timings of camps, strategies on every map, i think i deserve at least mid gold rank. If i pick tank (i'm main tank, for example i have 700+ games with Johanna), we lose because dps are !@#$. If i pick dps (i'm not so strong with them, but i use a few) we lose because tank does not do his job. If i pick healer, i completely put my match in other's hands, and often is a fail. Then pick spec, why not? If i pick murky (OP atm), i lose because team feeds hard. If i pick vikings (400+ games with them, i've been told i could play vikings even at master levels) i lose because team does not understand in early they are 4 vs 5 and they have to stall the match. I could continue. One match out of two (it's not an exaggeration) I have a AFK in team all the match (and lose). Then i queue for another match, i meet the AFK, and he goes AFK all the match again. One would say: AFK stay in the enemy team, sometimes... true: last match, enemysamuro was AFK all the match, and the bot took no talents at all. We lost fast, our Jaina was in front of me (Tank) and died 7 in 10 minutes. What I can do to overcome this situation? I'm serious. Do i have to learn some hero in particular? Please tell me. Thanks for the attention.CF9313 1h
1h Valeera is the definition of fun sponge I've been playing since alpha so I have over 4000 games done since I started playing Hots, there has been plenty of ups and down with releases of insanely strong heroes (Li-ming at release...) as well as shocking MMR matchups which still happen to this day, although not as frequent. However, since the addition of Valeera QM + Unranked (or relaxing games for me) have been completely dominated by stealth compositions or simply going against just Valeera. It's not about winning or losing that bothers me I mean I just play to chill and take a break from HL, but when you are forced to play a hero that counters Valeera in order to have an ounce of fun it's making me slowly lose the will to continue playing. Now with these extra buffs although she hasn't got an amazing win rate (no stealthy really has, samuro is semi/stealth) I've seen her deleting any hero with a Jaina, Valla, Chromie size health pool before anyone can even get to them. So I thought I'd try out Valla again since I'm well experienced on her and thought I could avoid it and see what all the fuss was about, lo and behold post 16 I was being deleted before I had the chance to react... Please blizzard, from a seriously dedicated hots player, stop with the anti-fun heroes like Valeera, rogues sucked all the fun out of WoW PvP for many casual players and now you've just done the same in Hots. Expecting crap tons of dislikes since she isn't "OP" per se just a total fun sponge.Vecejj67 1h
1h Murky is a fat cheeseschlong So basically blizzard buff him to get more money from skins.. 75% less damage every single auto hit... Which makes it impossible for samuro to kill him, bit of a joke.JimmyGBigD9 1h
1h Warrior..... is there even a reason to pick them? its so frustrating to play warrior class, most of them are just so bad at dealing damage most warriors can't lane, they get bullied by DPS heroes, other frustrations include not being able to finish off heroes with low health with such poor damage, or the fact that in some maps like sky temple or dragon shire, when you see an opportunity to take an objective, you get strong armed the moment ONE enemy assassin shows up most warriors have nothing to offer than mere survivabiltiy and a bit of disruption, teams don't even need them, ive seen teams with mostly assassins and a couple of supports that can just destroy the enemy teams with the shear amount of dps why even pick a warrior nowadays?west65 1h
2h When is Imperius coming to the game!? He is a total badass and deserves to be in the game. He seems just too perfect. Why are characters like Brightwing getting in but not him?WeeabooJones24 2h
2h My Ideas to Improve Zul’jin Now that I’ve played a few games with Zul’jin, I’m starting to get an idea of where his strengths and issues lie. Straight to the point: Zul’jin’s single target damage is excellent in the hands of a good player, but he’s too mediocre in too many areas to count among the strong picks, especially when compared to Heroes like Valla, who I feel bring much more to the table. I’m going to propose a few changes: a health and health regen buff, a rework for Regeneration (E), and improvements to Guillotine (R). Now, onto the changes! Hopefully I can give Blizzard some good ideas for where they want to take this hero in the future. I’ll talk you through my thought process for each change. - Health and Health Regen scaling increased from 4% to 4.5% per level (This was the same buff that was given to Greymane when he was being burst down too quickly after engaging. The issue is simple; there are just too many Heroes in this game that can instantly eliminate Zul’jin at half health, even from long range. I’m hoping that by giving Zul’jin more health in the late game it would mean that he can make the most of his trait and talents without the fear of instant deletion. More survivability should also help to make Taz’dingo (R) not feel so much like a necessity to staying alive, and to lessen the need for a Warrior to provide peels in almost every engagement.) - Regeneration (E) (Reworked) - Zul’jin now channels to heal for 5% of his maximum health per second. This effect ends when Zul’jin reaches full health, cancels the ability, issues a move order, or takes damage - Cooldown increased from 15 to 20 seconds - The cooldown for Regeneration will no longer tick down while the Regeneration effective is active - Mana cost changed from 75 to 15 per second channelled (Regeneration just feels like a non-ability, especially when compared to the other non-combat heals of Muradin and Lt. Morales. Channelling to heal for a fixed amount, with the high Mana cost and long cooldown, just doesn’t feel worth it. I’m proposing a rework for this ability to put it in line with the other non-combat heals, while still retaining its inherent weaknesses. With the new changes, it will take 20 seconds for Zul’jin to heal from 1 to full health, but also at a high mana cost depending on how long the player wants to channel. A rework like this would give the player far better control on how they want to manage their health.) - Guillotine (R) - Cast delay reduced - Initial damage increased - Damage per missing health reduced (These are just some changes to help with aiming Guillotine, and to make the low health requirement not so harsh. This means that at low health, Guillotine will do the same amount of damage that it currently does, but will have a bit more impact when used at high health if the player is not currently in a position where they can safely fight at low health.) Well, those are my ideas. Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear some more ideas on how to improve Zul’jin, because he seems like a difficult hero to balance exactly right. Thank you for your time.Deepfreeze0 2h
2h Braxis Holdout Strategy / Guide Hey guys, need help with Braxis Holdout? Here is our complete guide for it: ...Marcelian1 2h
2h Same quest for 2 months? I've been getting the "play as warrior" quest for two months... Exclusively! Meaning I don't get the "play as assassin" or "play as support" at all and every time my quests are empty, I get the "play as warrior" quest. Do I keep getting it because I keep playing as warrior to complete the quest? I only play HotS when I have quests to do, so I've only been playing as warrior because that's what the quest says. It's getting to the point where it's statistically improbable. Is someone at Blizzard messing with me?Charizard3 2h
2h why is tyrande butt so damn big? i mean im not complaining its nice af but im rather surprisedAVNJohnny5 2h
2h Should Butcher get meat without picking? I don't say if Butcher needs buff or something. But, I really wish Butcher can get meat upon kills without walking around to pick them. Not only faster, but also not need to risk, overextend to pick some right under enemies. Unlike gems or healing globes, only Butcher can see meat. It should not cause any problems to other players. Also, Victuals now also heals Butcher without picking meat. It would be nice if the same goes for the rest.Syltom13 2h
3h The reason you win 50% is because the matchmaker is doing a good job The most likely explanation is that you are getting matched against players as skilled as you are and that means in the long run you will win 50% of your games. It also means you are at the rank you belong. I've won 57% of my 430 games in season 3. As I keep ranking up I will eventually reach a level where I am as good as the players I face and I too will win 50% of the time. I promise I won't start a topic where I complain about bad teammates or how broken the matchmaker is, because those are only bad excuses. When I get a team that loses big it's not a giant conspiracy from the matchmaker. It's just randomness. Perhaps we drafted a poor team against theirs. Perhaps we just got unlucky early game and it snowballed. Perhaps we had someone disconnect or was tilted. It's natural to have bad losses. It's natural to have big wins. It happens to everyone. Even the very best Grandmasters have games where they stand no chance. It doesn't mean it's Blizzards fault or that they could design a game where it doesn't happen.Ettan33 3h
3h Ghost prorocol mount The mount used in the Ghost protocol brawl isn't in the store, how might one go about getting it?OddBall3 3h
3h Lucio on his own sucks, Lucio backed by another support is pretty damn good That's all there is to it. The next time your in quickmatch and complaining about your Lucio's numbers when the other team has his backed up by a Brightwing, take that into heavy consideration. This games the worst when it comes to laying the blame on healers. Some things never change I guess.Bootytime12 3h
3h march of murloc why does it get to have low cd, big aoe, high dmg, strong cc, and continues on without channeling even after murky dies? it's like next level earthquake with 0 risk you get all the benefits at lv 10 too, not 20. nice balance Forum Mod Edit: Please keep titles and posts civil and constructive. LazySummer7 3h
3h can we have 1 map ban in hero league? now that we have 11 maps can each player have a setting where they can ban a map for hero league, we now have enough that even if everyone bans a different map, that there is still one left. also what map would everyone ban? I personally really dont like garden of terror, i dont know why, i just dont enjoy it at allTeamAmerica8 3h
3h What the People Want Things everyone* wants: More specific stats in-game (abathur healing; varian tank damage taken; self-healing stats; ETC heal when quest complete; etc.). A lot of these are in the MVP system already, but are not shown anywhere but there right now. We'd like to see them in-game. Releasing MMR numbers. Using a third party source (hotslogs) as an indicator of our relative skill level is hardly the best option. If we could just see our MMR, it would help out a lot of people that otherwise don't understand how the system works. Not being able to report an enemy player for abusive chat. The only time you can even see enemy chat is in custom games, and that's if you even want to. Being able to report an enemy for abusive chat is just stupid as it counts in their silence tally. More transparency. It's very hard for newcomers to understand the system. It's even hard for beta players to understand some aspects of it. There needs to be more transparency for how things work - i.e. Matchmaking, reporting/silence system, MMR, Personal Rank Adjustment, leaver's penalty (like when your previous one has expired so you know you won't lose 600 rank points and have 3 leaver's QM games to play because you DC in a draft), etc. A better Reconnect system.'s awful. I know we've heard that it would take a lot to be able to do; but we ask that you PLEASE find some way to improve upon it.Things the majority want: MMR Reset OPTION. Allow players that want to the option to do a one time only MMR reset that resets their MMR to the starting MMR. Not everyone wants this done, but most people acknowledge that the option would not cause too much harm and would help out some people. A better working silencing system**. I've personally never been silenced so I haven't been faulted by the system and appreciate 90% of the silences I've seen, but at the very least it would be nice to know that your messages are 100% read in context before the silence is put onto your account. It would also help to know what specifically is a silenceable offense (soft racism, hard racism, sarcasm, subtle swear words, bad swear words, calling a player out, etc.) - we know this is under the discretion of Blizzard, but we do not know the severity of the discretion. A QuickMatch role definition rework. Bruisers and tanks, solo supports and dual supports, sieging specialists and utility specialists, ranged assassins and melee assassins, stealth assassins and non-stealth assassins. We would appreciate having more classifications so that certain heroes can be more viable in QM. and so a team isn't so heavily stacked because of comp vs comp (without even considering counters). MMR change +/- based on individual performance. Not everyone wants this because we understand the potential for it to be abused or misrepresentative, but the majority would like some sort of MMR change (even a fraction of a percent) based on the individual performance of the player in the game, rather than strictly if they won or lost the game. The ability to prioritize/deprioritize certain maps. There's a lot of maps in the rotation now, and most players dislike 1 or 2 of them very strongly over the rest. The ability to rank your top 2 or 3 and your bottom 2 or 3 would do wonders in making sure that you play the top slightly (5%?) more and the bottom slightly less. We also would really like a Brawl map ranking that got rid of the "one Brawl map per X days" and put them all in the rotation -- but allowed us to rank our Brawl Maps from best to worst. When the 10 people are selected for the game, the system determines which map is overall the highest on the 10 players' lists. Allowing you to change this at any time would also help limit constant repeats if one map was deemed far more popular than the others.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyone else got any to add? I'll use my own discretion in which category to put them under (may add a "What some people want" as well), but I'd love to hear some more to add to the list. I really think this is important for Blizzard to see and the community to participate in :) *XiChorn likes being able to report enemies for abusive chat that b-step him at his core. "Everything" therefore was an incorrect term to use. **LyraSona disagrees. She has been silenced for 4 months but is offended that this suggestion existed in this topic and therefore has rendered the entirety of the topic null and void. She wishes you all do the same because her logic is sound and firm.MattSax19 3h
3h How to play with standard skins Is there a way to remove the custom skins and only play with the standard skins? extra: same for mounts?Asgard24 3h
3h Unstoppable Abilities No ability in this game should be "unstoppable".Luridbane6 3h
3h One small change for Cho'gall... What if he could carry board style mounts underarm or above his head as a mount option? Since he can already carry horse style mounts overshoulder, why not add silly options for other mount styles?Faellin2 3h
3h Simple Cho'Gall Change to Make Him Better Cho now has 25-30 Armor Reduce health to be the same overall total health with Armor This way % Health isn't as big a counter but still something to pick against Cho'Gall.Chappie7 3h
3h Topics being deleted? Why are some topics getting deleted? I've just tried creating the same one twice that breaks 0 forums code of conduct rules, yet got deleted both times without any notice. All it was was a topic listing some desired features (like an improved reconnect system) that people want. I would appreciate it if a Blizzard representative could either respond or send my account an email so I can know if I was somehow breaking a rule, or if it's just a system error that happened to give me a 404 page not found topic twice now. Thank you.MattSax12 3h
4h Mouse feels uncomfortable when attacking. What should I do? So I'm new to HoTS and MOBA's in general. Just to get that out there... When attacking(especially with ranged heroes) its really annoying when I misclick and then accidentally start walking towards my death instead of shooting at the enemy. What should I do about this? I kind of wanted to separate the attack and move commands by moving one to mouse 1 and the other to mouse 2, but to be honest the controls menu is really intimidating and hurts to look at. I can't figure it out. What should I do?Milquetoast3 4h
4h Why are almost all Nazeebos going spider? So as a lvl 20 Naz, I'm currently wondering that almost all other Naz are going Spider build be it QM, TL, HL. While they do a good amount of hero dmg they also do almost no Siege dmg. Also they almost always take ice block (3 sec useful but 60 sec cd). Are they just copy paste some guide? Cause they always take the same skills even if others would be the better choice on some maps. Why take a spec if you're gonna focus on hero dmg. Most specs can easily do both. While I'm no master player I got a 63% win rate with Naz over more then 260 games. 72% over my last 30 games in 30 days My mostly used Build:!1321224 13 is changed dependant on enemy team comp. It has a good amount of hero dmg from lvl1 but also good siege dmg and at 20 excels at both.Ryuuji24 4h
4h State of QM How does Blizzard expect people to stick around when they introduce so many unfun heroes to play against? Stun stun stun, can't get any of my friends to enjoy this game because if they slightly extend in a lane they're ganked by endless stuns and I know its the not the same in higher leagues but I don't care because I'm a low league player and I just wanna have an equal chance but when I play against the stun meta I just feel so tiltedSeregil0 4h