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Oct 10 Forum Avatars Have Arrived! We’ve just released an update for the Heroes of the Storm forums, which adds a selection of Heroes-themed avatars that you can use to bring more personalization to your posts. To swap to a new avatar, please follow these instructions: In the upper right hand corner of the forums, you’ll see your current avatar. Click the down-arrow next to your avatar, and then select “Choose Avatar” from the dropdown menu to view all of the avatars that are currently available. Make your selection by clicking one of the avatars listed there, and your avatar should update immediately. That’s all there is to it! We hope you’ll enjoy your new look.Nate Valenta43 Oct 10
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6d Collection of Useful Guides and Posts With the Overwatch Crossover, we're likely to see a big influx of new players who will have plenty of questions for us. I'd like to make a collection of helpful links for players to learn from, and I'd like your help in making it. I am looking for helpful, detailed threads that would be useful for a new player interested in learning. Bonus points if it has been deemed Highly Rated by the forum community. If you know of threads I should include, please add them into the comments. General Threads DETAILED RANK 1 GUIDE - TIPS AND TRICKS Adopt a Newb- Replay Help Day 1 Crash-Course A Beginner's Guide from a Beginner- HOW EACH HERO BEHAVES- A PLAYER/BUYER'S GUIDE Guide to Hero League Draft- So You Want to Call the Shots? Shotcalling Guide SO YOU WANT TO BE RANK 1? HERE'S HOW- A GUIDE TO FRONTLINE MASTERY- REDEFINING HEROES AND THEIR ROLES- LOTS OF TALK ABOUT GAME TYPES AND ATTITUDES LATELY- The Extended Dictionary of Terms- The Gold Gain- Information- Team Liquid Hero League 101- 10 SHORT TIPS TO BECOME A BETTER HOTS PLAYER! Big bad thread of all things EXP. Tips and Tricks Threads A Picture-Book Guide to Throwing Tips by Blinks Tips and Tricks You Must Know How to Play Against Stealth by Team Liquid It's the Little Things That Make the Difference Guide on Laning Strategies for Specific Maps General Heroes Guides Guides by Blinks TempoStorm Heroes Guides WHAT YOU CAN LEARN BY WATCHING COMPETITIVE HEROES OF THE STORM FiGhTiNCoWBoY's Video Guides & Gameplay- Fan's Video Guides & Gameplay- MYPallytime's Video Guides & Gameplay- Science of the Storm- HeroesFire Guides Map Specific Threads A GUIDE TO BLACKHEART'S BAY- Team Liquid Blackheart's Bay Map Guide- Team Liquid Garden of Terror Map Guide- Team Liquid Sky Temple Map Guide- Dragon Shire Map Strategy Guide by Icy Veins- Team Liquid Haunted Mines Map Guide- Map Timers Guide- Collection of Map Mechanics 6d
8h Hanamura Update I’d like to thank everyone for the tremendous amount of feedback we’ve received on Hanamura since its release. We’re continually trying to push the boundaries with Heroes of the Storm and Hanamura is no exception. It introduces new concepts to the game and some of them have been more successful than others. We’ve made a couple rounds of changes since the battleground's release to address tuning feedback, but have identified a number of more fundamental changes we want to make as well. While we work on these changes, we’re going to remove Hanamura from the battleground rotation for all normal gameplay modes starting with this week’s patch. We don’t have a timeline for when Hanamura will return, but the battleground will remain available in custom games in the meantime.TravisM192 8h
4d Weekly Collection Update: Oct 17 – 24, 2017 Next week's Collection Update will begin on Tuesday, October 17! Check out the new list of featured items and Hero discounts below. Upcoming Hero Sales Diablo — Sale Price: 150 Gems Zarya — Sale Price: 375 Gems The following Skins and Mounts will enter the Featured Item Rotation, and will be unlockable using Gems until next week's Collection Update: Upcoming Featured Skins Kaijo Diablo Thunder Guard Zarya Pack Leader Dehaka Nether Monarch Brightwing Unholy Frost Wyrm Arthas Shadowpaw Li Li Banshee Raven Sylvanas Spectre Illidan Upcoming Featured Mounts Brown Dire Wolf Ghost Speeder Weekly Sale Bundle If you’d rather pick up everything at once, we’re also going to add a new Weekly Sale Bundle to the Featured tab in your Collection. This limited-time bundle contains all of the items above at a discounted Gem price, but will only be available until next week’s Collection Update takes place.Spyrian23 4d
5d Account Suspensions for Non-Participation - Updated Oct 11, 2017 Latest Suspension & Ban Wave: October 11, 2017 We’ve just issued a new round of account suspensions and bans for players who regularly go AFK, refuse to participate, or intentionally and repeatedly die during their Heroes of the Storm matches. These actions were targeted at players whose in-game performance data, combined with high report volume, clearly shows a consistent lack of contribution to the majority of their matches. In this way, we’re able to take regular and confident action against those who are intentionally harming the in-game experience for others. Going AFK, refusing to participate, and intentionally dying are behaviors that ruin the experience for everyone else in a match and undermine the spirit of competition that’s essential to Heroes of the Storm. Taking part in these actions will not be tolerated, and we will continue to suspend and ban players who do. We’d like to thank those of you who use the relevant in-game reporting options when you spot these negative behaviors in your matches, and encourage you to continue doing so. Thank you!Nate Valenta4 5d
Oct 2 The Patch History To catalog all HotS patches in one place, every content patch or exception will be linked and summarized here. [ 2017 ] October 17 Junkrat October 11 Balance October 2 Hotfix September 26 Ana September 20 Balance September 8 Hotfix September 5 Kel'Thuzad August 23 Balance August 8 Garrosh July 26 Balance July 11 Stukov June 28 Balance June 13 Malthael May 31 Balance May 16 D.Va May 10 Balance April 28 Hotfix April 25 Genji, 2.0 April 20 Balance April 12 Hotfix April 4 Cassia March 30 Hotfix March 28 Balance March 22 Hotfix March 14 Probius February 27 Balance February 17 Hotfix February 14 Lúcio February 8 Hotfix January 27 Balance January 24 Valeera January 12 Hotfix January 6 Balance January 4 Zul'jinVekkul50 Oct 2
Jul 18 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista During the week of October 16, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in Heroes of the Storm. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. Heroes will no longer run on these older operating systems once we've ended support, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version prior to mid-October of this year.Nate Valenta0 Jul 18
1m [Quick Match] Completely broken matchmaking. Just got out of a very frustrating game where the team comps literally decided the winner before the match even started. Just see for yourself, we had no damage, no poke and no reliable sustain, how the heck are you supposed to win games like this? These kind of games really discourage me from playing HotS, fix your !@#$ Blizzard. 1m
4m i have lost faith i have lost faith completely in blizzard's ability to balance this game. multiple threads on page one every single day with large amounts of blue thumbs easily proves i am not the only one who is displeased with almost everything that has been out of wack recently. just thought i'd see how many would want to agree with this, and if you don't, i will shamelessly argue with any person who thinks this game is in a good spot. because it isn't, if you read this forum at all you must have come to the conclusion that almost everyone here has multiple complaints that never get rectified. i fear no retaliation from this interweb for a solid truth statement, so let the battle beginTrouncer21 4m
7m LuZ#1639 Non-participation I want to let everyone know that this player LuZ#1639 did nothing except walking round and attacking creep in approximately the first 14 minutes in one of my Hero League games on Garden of Terror today (as she did 0 hero damage as Valeera during the 14 minutes). He also said in the draft chat that he wanted to pick the worst hero for the match. I'm more than happy to share the replay with anyone. I hope this player gets silenced and everyone who played with this player report him for AFK/Nonparticipation.Shiki18 7m
7m Crazy matchmaking HL If you dont want to look at the link, Silver players were matched with a GM VS only gold/silvers in Solo HL. Others claiming similar stuff in comments. Guy linked th3 GMs stream to show the draft and game (Havent watched yet). Has it happened to you recently? I have not seen this since maybe season 1. Has not happened to me after that.DigitaLegacy5 7m
7m Which hero do you resemble the most? While waiting for maintenance to finish so we can start zerging loot chests for a skin we will probably never see, let's do something trivial and fun. Of all the heroes on the current roster, which one do you think resembles you the most and why? It could be personality, physical appearance, or just the one you resonate with. For me, it would probably be Murky. Short and often unintelligible.Hoku56 7m
7m Nazeebo is badly designed Anyone else is tired of fighting God after lvl 20? Basically, blizzard's idea was to make a hero UP before 20 and OP after 20. (Though good naz players will do fine before 20 anyway) Voodoo Ritual Your Basic Attacks and Abilities poison Non-Heroic enemies, causing them to take 145 (69 + 0% per level) additional damage over 6 seconds. If a Minion dies while poisoned by Voodoo Ritual, you permanently gain 4 Health and 1 Mana. Vile Infection ❢ Reward: After reaching 175 stacks of Voodoo Ritual, it can also be applied to Heroes and its damage is increased by 200%. Wait what? Are you crazy? Sorry but it's just lame to autolose teamfights after 20 unless the ennemy team play super bad. Got ''nerfed'' a while ago. Need 175 stacks instead of 150. Super big deal for most naz players! Even when I ask the pros for advices, they say: ''Try to win before 20 and hope for the best'' 200% bonus is way too strong. It's like giving 3 aba clones at lvl 20 or giving Raynor +200% dmg and +200% range at 20.Draco11 7m
14m Auto Attack Priority Can we PLEASE have auto attack priority changed to favor heroes that are in range instead of the nearest target? It is so frustrating how often my hero *forgets* who I'm attacking. When I'm playing a hero like Illidan or Butcher, it would make life so much easier if I could just stutter-step with A-move and keep on my target instead of having to constantly click on them to remind my hero who to attack. It seems like an unnecessary extra step to playing AA heroes to have to constantly click on targets.Lightning35 14m
16m Concerning new AI Hello Blizzard: Your company has always done a great job of providing quality single player modes in your otherwise multiplayer games. Hearthstone, Overwatch, even World of Warcraft can be played in a single player fashion on the right servers. As someone who struggles with severe social anxiety, I appreciate the work you put into your games to make sure that they are accessible for everyone. After all, just because I have social anxiety doesn't mean I don't enjoy excellent video games. That said, my wife and I play Heroes of the Storm almost every day, and it is a fantastic game, but since the most recent patch with the new AI, we have been forced to stop playing almost entirely. We are by no means considered skilled gamers, and because of my social anxiety, we prefer to play against Beginner AI bots alongside AI teammates. Since the new patch, this mode has become practically unplayable. We appreciate that you want to make the AI more intelligent and responsive, but in the process you have essentially destroyed any 'easy' mode that this game had. The AI constantly switches lanes and moves around so much that they are nearly impossible to hit. Our already flighty and undependable teammates have become practically useless, whereas the enemy team seems to always travel around in large groups, which are nearly impossible to take down because we have no backup. Furthermore, though we may not be skilled, we are still loyal customers, and since it is now so difficult to land a hit on the enemy, we're lucky to get any kills at all. Where once we were able to easily amass double digit kill counts, now we are lucky to kill 5 enemy heroes. All the fun that HotS once offered has been greatly diminished, and playing your game has now become more of a chore than anything else. We began playing because we wanted to try a more beginner friendly MOBA, one that offered an easy single-player experience without the necessity of entering a potentially toxic atmosphere alongside other human players. Thanks to your new 'enhanced' AI, Heroes of the Storm no longer offers that atmosphere. It no longer has an easy mode. By all means, keep your 'enhanced' AI in the other modes. I understand that during a ranked game, if a human player were to disconnect and be replaced by an insufficient AI that it would essentially handicap its team. I get it. Many of your ranked players want, and deserve, a challenge. However, that doesn't account for a large percentage of your players who play your game for completely different reasons. We may be less vocal, but our opinions are no less valid than your hard-core players. Without an easy mode, how do you intend to attract and keep new players who may not have much, or any, experience with MOBAs? This is one of the few ways that you had a noticeable advantage over games like League of Legends. Without an easy mode, how are your players going to train and improve, without giving up in frustration like I've seen so many others do in games like LoL? How are you going to increase revenue without keeping any new players? Especially when such a situation is completely unnecessary. Blizzard has always been so good at offering a wide range of difficulty settings in your games so that everyone, regardless of how much or how little skill they possess, can enjoy them. Please don't change that now. So please, you can keep your unpopular and poorly conceived nerfs, but PLEASE return vs AI mode back to the way it was, at least for the easiest settings, or I'm sure that people like me and my wife will be leaving your game in droves. It's a fantastic game, it really is, you just have to stay out of your own way enough to keep it that way. In fact, while we're on the topic of game improvements, let's be honest, shall we? Ranked play and vs AI are essentially two different games that offer two different experiences. Why not keep the new AI the way it is for ranked, while still using the old way during vs AI? You could consider it as kind of a training mode. Furthermore, even the old AI was quite flawed in the vs AI mode, with teammates constantly switching lanes for no reason and abandoning you to go chase down mercenaries without warning. What we need in vs AI mode isn't better AI combat, but bots that you could count on to back you up and help reliably push lanes. Why not incorporate a system wherein the human player could help dictate your AI team's strategy? At the beginning of the game you could order them to prioritize laning, map objectives, or mercenaries, or implement a menu that would let you order them around in real time. I realize that we have the 'ping' mechanic, but even you must realize that it is essentially useless with AI teammates. Admittedly, options like these would have no impact on ranked play, and would do little to help your standing with the very vocal (and often toxic) hard-core gamer community that you so vehemently seek to ingratiate yourselves with. However, for the beginners and 'noobs' that play your games, this would go a very long way towards making HotS a far more fun and addicting game, and I bet this would affect your bottom line revenue in a big way. There are far more of us than you might think. And after all, isn't one of the goals of game design to offer as many different ways to play and enjoy your game as possible in order to attract the greatest amount of customers? Why would you essentially further limit the amount of people who could enjoy your game, especially when it was largely considered fine just the way it was? Isn't that essentially shooting yourself in the foot? Even a slightly more forgiving beginner mode would go a very long way towards appealing to a not insignificant percentage of your players. Despite what your more skilled ranked players may say, not everyone wants your game to be as difficult as possible all the time. At the very least, if you could revert the AI back to the way it was, at least in beginner vs AI mode, we would be very thankful, and would not have to give up on your game altogether. And finally, I know that a lot of gamers would respond to this by dismissing it as the long winded whining of a pathetic player who can't hack it in real competitive play, and in response, I can only say that there are many different kinds of people out there who enjoy Blizzard games, and there are just as many ways to enjoy and appreciate said games. And that's perfectly okay. Thank you for your time. (P.S. Valeera is pretty much worthless in vs AI mode. Often she will simply go invisible and stay that way for almost the entire match, accomplishing little or nothing at all. Basically whichever team has her on it is playing with one less member. It's a real shame. Valeera, like most of your characters, has so much potential and can be so much fun to play. Thanks again.)askanison19888 16m
16m Abathur's lvl 20 Monst. talent needs another look. Currently the monstrosity's level 20 talent is not working as it should be. I say this because if you take this lvl 20 talent while already having a monstrosity up your monstrosity does not get the tunneling ability. Now you may think this is fine since there is an order of things, however this is extremely hindering for this particular ability. I say this because the monstrosity, unlike most other abilities like it, requires stacks of minion kills to become powerful along with the cooldown not starting until it dies. This can mean the win or loss of a game. The monstrosity is built so that you want it up as long as possible, where as all of the other abilities out there have a duration, making it viable that they cannot upgrade during a summon/use. Simply, make the monstrosity gain the deep tunnel ability if it is already summoned when you grab the talent. This is something that has gone on for far too long and cost me way too many games. If you would like to have a discussion on the other abilities that do not gain their talent while up then this will also be the place to discuss it.Sathrago565 16m
17m blizz Blizzard, ranking people by the entire teams performance is retarded. There, I said it.RX7810 17m
18m Junkrat's mobility is insane..... Once you get the mine only hits you, you are basically genji. With a 4 sec dash.Geoxyx22 18m
19m Please don't force people to chose a single role to their heroes ! ... From here: (It's for muradin changes) Seriously? Please stop putting heroes into a single role by destroying build diversity and forcing them to play a certain play style because the other one won't be viable anymore. If i play a Muradin with damage talents... i won't tank as much as if i play a muradin build around tanking. So i don't really see the problem here. You even did the opposite (or?) with Johanna (before the buff on 11 oct), destroying her survivability, adding some damages to some talents AND removing some damage to others... that doesn't make any sense. Sorry for the not really constructed thread but i just woke up to that, and it frustrate me.Paulo4 19m
21m Overwatch releases numbers AGAIN Meanwhile... HotS remains the only Blizzard game that has never released a single performance metric. #blacksheep #dedgaemYourFather34 21m
23m Require stricter rules to queue for HL Require 10-20 draft games played per season to be eligible for HL. I'm consistently being matched with people who have played nothing but A.I. for the last month and decide to give HL a try. They don't know how to peel, when to initiate, when to retreat. I have serious concerns over the mode. I know you are banning more players for non participation however you need to get to the root of the cause. Why are you banning so much? These players need more experience before they should be allowed into HL. Even forcing 1-2 non HL draft games a week as a requirement would see a huge improvement in the player base.Hyperion27 23m
26m How long until Garrosh get nerfed hard? despite having under 50% win rate his popularity and ban rate is by far the highest I noticed Master/GM players almost always first ban him I love playing this character so I'm worried hes going to get trashed. What do you think they will nerf on him? My guess is throw range?Fido44 26m
30m F2P sucks Anyone else wish this game was not free to play? Too many people playing this game for free with no idea what they are doing. I would rather pay cash to have a better community to play with than play for free. Anyone agree?Valdaram6 30m
32m Tyrael doesn't feel like a warrior. I haven't played him for a long time, but now that I tested him out after quite a long time, playing him didn't feel like playing a tank at all. He feels more like something in between a support and an assassin. Lot of his talents revolve around dmg/buffing allies and very little around self-sustain and except his ultimate: no crowd control. To me he feels like an 'illidan' that somehow got support abilities. Any opinions? Am I looking at it completely wrong?Keen11 32m
35m Alarak free week boys If you have questions on the Highlord I am here for you!CaiusCain39 35m
36m Ummm...WTF SONYA HEALING!? So I was playing new Zul-jin and fighting a sonya. Maxxed headhunter, 350 stacks on You Want Axe? as well as the talent that makes my autos ignore armor. Sonya jumps me and manages to heal through my Taz'Dingo EASILY with just WHIRLWIND on just ONE HERO, which was ME. WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS SCENARIO!?Lemonz26 36m
39m Quick and Dirty Tracer Tips vs. Every Hero Welcome back to my “Bored at Work” series (I guess it’s a series now?) Instead of a Hero concept, I thought I’d create this Tracer tip “cheatsheet” in celebration of my recent level 100 with her and to help pass on knowledge to other Tracer players! By no means is it all-inclusive or anything. Just thought I would throw out the most noteworthy thing that comes to mind when playing against each of these heroes. I am a 2x GM playing exclusively Tracer (at least as exclusively as I can when I’m not getting target-banned or forced to fill as a last slot) so you can feel confident in these tips. These tips are based on the build I use, which actually differs from almost all other Tracer players, but for the most part should still be applicable if you use a different build. Build: 1: Pulse Strike 4: Is that a Health Pack 7: Jumper 10: Quantum Spike 13: Bullet Spray 16: Sleight of Hand 20: Get Stuffed Alright then let’s get right into it! Abathur: On certain maps where there is easy access to behind forts (Infernal Shrines, Garden of Terror, etc.) you can easily kill Abathurs who are set up behind the gate with triple Blink RWE (no auto attacks necessary). After the first one they usually start setting up mines at the entrance points though so be careful. Alarak: One of the scariest enemies to play against. It’s often safer to play close to him when fighting him to screw with his combo, since most are so accustomed to doing it at max range. Ana: Dive her aggressively. Aside from a miracle dart there is no way she can stop you. If she has mind numbing darts, recall immediately after tossing out a bomb to lose her Shrike stacks and subsequently the ability damage debuff. Anub: He’s surprisingly squishy to your basic attacks. It’s usually fine to focus him down in fights. He’s forced to cocoon you every team fight or else he won’t get any value from it since you can break it so fast, so be sure to stay closer to your team than usual if he still has it up. Artanis: Impossible to 1v1 so don’t try it. If you’re feeling pro you can try to “save” teammates who look like they’re about to get swapped by blinking in front of them and taking it instead. Then recall out. Use blinks generously to avoid his blind ultimate because lasts a long !@# time. Arthas: If you bomb him make sure you don’t accidentally hit one of his ghouls! Otherwise your RW combo chunks him for a pretty good portion of his HP since he’s mostly a physical counter. Auriel: A very difficult counter against you. She ults when you ult and she can blind you too. She AoE outheals your damage too, especially with a good battery. I’ve found the best strategy is to throw out early bombs on full HP targets instead of using them as finishers. Auriel’s are usually hesitant about ulting full health targets so at least you get value out of your bomb this way. Azmodan: Easy gank target but he can duel you surprisingly well too so be careful, especially in a minion wave. You might be better off waiting for level 10 with Quantum Spike. Be super careful late game – his pooled Q will slice your health bar in half. Brightwing: Another very difficult counter. Her spell shield can save bomb targets almost as well as Auriel’s aegis and Emerald wind does insane damage if you dive her and get caught in it. Poly of course can spell instant death too if followed up by more CC or burst. Best bet is to play it safe and wait out her poly cooldown. Bait her shield before throwing out a bomb. Also she’s a pretty easy gank target with a friend so try to punish her split pushing if you can. Cassia: She’s not really a threat to you but it’s also hard for you to kill her because of her passive. RW combos are effective against her moderate health pool. Don’t mess around mid level 1 if she took the spread AA talent – it gets too much value. Chen: He outduels you as most bruisers and tanks do but in a team fight he’s not a threat. Feel free to straight up ignore him and go after squishies and such. Bullet Spray is extremely effective against his triple panda ult. Cho/Gall: Very hard to play against since Gall’s Q’s do so much damage. Try to never be in the same lane as them and dive hard past them in team fights to other targets, unless your entire team is focusing them down. Chromie: Recalling immediately after Temporal Loop drops the debuff. It’s usually better to use it this way instead of waiting until you get ported. If she took stasis you’ll have to save your bombs until after she uses it, but otherwise a very easy dive target. Care for her level 2 auto attack buff talent after using a Q…that thing hurts like hell. D.Va: A non-threat. Just don’t proc her defensive matrix reset talents. Unless she’s out of position and you can secure the follow-up kill don’t bomb her mech either. Dehaka: Care for his mind games. A lot of Dehakas will “run away” as you chase them with auto attacks and then immediately throw out a surprise Q at you and drag you off towards impending doom. Be ready for this and quickly blink to the side if you plan on chasing one. Diablo: Be extremely careful near walls. He can almost one shot you with his quest. Otherwise not so difficult and you can actually do some decent DPS and burst against him in a team fight. ETC: Try to bait out his power slides and blink away, it puts him out of position and without an escape. Less effective late game but still worth a shot if you can trick them into thinking they can get a free kill. He’s pretty tanky though so unless your team is focusing him down don’t waste too much time on him. Falstad: Really squishy and dies easily to RWs. When you’re ganking him wait for him to barrel roll before throwing out a bomb so his shield doesn’t absorb it. If he lightning rods you in a duel you can either immediately recall to drop it or blink out of range and back in again. The range is a bit longer than what it visually shows though so be generous with your blinks if you’re on the edge of his range. Garrosh: Honestly it’s not even worth the effort that it takes to kite him both inside his slam pick-up range and outside of his throw range. You’re better off just going to a different lane or fighting someone else. Bomb chunks him really well though since it plays around the armor he would have gained and also does % based damage to ignore it completely. Gazlowe: Can’t duel him for too long within turrets but he’s a free gank target pretty much every time if he’s pushed out. His Robo-Goblin armor can save him from your burst and his basic attacks will hit like a truck so be careful of that. Genji: Almost every single Genji will try to get “full value” out of deflect by waiting to use it immediately after you reload and start shooting them again. Punish this greed by having your finger ready over the hold key (I’ve repathed mine to the side mouse button to make it super easy.) As soon as a Genji uses deflect you can tag a bomb on them too since it will expire before the bomb timer does. Greymane: You burst each other almost equally well but he’ll easily win in a prolonged AA duel so don’t bother. Play off to the side in lane so he doesn’t get free cocktail explosions on you. When retreating behind your gate on low HP be ready for the same thing.AIM7Sparrow20 39m
46m Update stuck on finalizing The latest update is stuck on finalizing, as a result I can't play a game, because when I launch the game, instead of ready button, I get please wait! Scan and repair doesn't work for this case! Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?LoneSinWolf5 46m
46m What Blizzard has turned me into I've been gaming since forever. Online gaming since Diablo 1. You learn very quickly what people are like when you're online. Their true colors come out. People are generally complete jerks when they aren't in person hiding behind their masks of niceness. But I'm a big boy so I can handle it. I either mute them, ignore them, go to a new room in the game and just move on with my life. That's how adults deal with these kinds of problems. But nowadays it seems Blizzard wants to act like mommy and daddy. When children run to mommy and daddy and say their sibling hurt them, they almost always take the side of the one who was injured never even asking if it was done in self defense or not. So I'm gaming as usual a year ago. Teams are full of crap players, so I tell them they're crap and they need to learn some strategies. I get reported and silenced. Fine whatever. So I've stopped doing that. Now I report every single person who does this. Swear in chat? reported. Tell team they suck? reported. reported reported reported reported So life goes on, Keep playing game. But guess what. I like to play heroes people don't like to play much, like Nova. And I don't play support. I'm happy to let my team know I don't support, especially when I am last pick. So what happens when it comes to last pick, and I don't pick a support? REPORTED! REPORTED REPORTED REPORTED! First pick Nova? REPORTED! "EVERYONE REPORT NOVA!" I ask... "For what?" "FOR PICKING NOVA!" Blizzard sees lots of reports...... Guess what happens? BANNED! Banned because crying children don't like how I play, or heroes I pick. The last time I checked these aren't even bannable offenses. But Blizzard doesn't care. All they see are tons of reports and BANNED! So when the ban wears off guess what I do? Someone doesn't pick support? REPORTED! Someone picks a hero I don't like? REPORTED! Someone is soaking instead of chasing team around to team fight? REPORTED! REPORT REPORT REPORT REPORT! Blizzard has turned me into a child reporting everyone and anyone for completely useless crap I would normally have just ignored and moved on with life from. But no. They wanna ban me for this crap? Great guess I'm getting others banned now too. I'd happily go over my games with Blizzard. Watch the chat. LIterally people are just all being bullies saying they're all gonna report me for afk/non-participation because I picked Nova. Even after we won the game, due to my 15 kills, 0 deaths and top hero damage, they all say "Yah we're STILL reporting you" Blizzard catering to online bullies.. guess I'm joining in the fun of being a bully then.Thatguy20 46m
51m !@#$ Garrosh, %^-* heroes while he is the way he is. Change Garrosh. Blizzard you !@#$ed up. This hero is zero fun to play against. He literally takes the fun out of pretty much every game he is in. I have spent way more money then I want to admit on this game. Then you guys turn around and introduce someone that makes me hate the game I am stuck in. To the point that I am ready to stop playing all together. Which is terrible. I loved the game. I am definitely not the best. That is ok with me. I don’t play because I am the best. I play to enjoy the game, and you guys have found a way to make me just want to stop all together. Thanks development for taking me away from a thing I used to relax and have fun and make it a %^-* show that does nothing but piss me off.Tarson8 51m
58m Huge part of why QM and TL are bad right now People outright refuse to communicate in game. Won't type a damn word even if asked direct questions multiple times. Unfortunately, that crap doesn't fly, it's a team, game. If you can't or don't want to communicate...that's what vs AI is for.DankTemplar18 58m
1h Why do these forums hate D.Va? I find frequently that anyone discussing D.Va in a positive fashion or as a fan gets downvoted. I also find that if you have a D.Va avatar you can attract downvotes for that reason alone regardless of the contents of your post. Do you agree with this or disagree? Explain why.Xanikk99 1h
1h Hallow's End 2017 Gee, sure is nice time to play Heroes of the Storm right now. A new trailer just came out in the youtube channel of HOTS, and the event is pretty neato- Oh wait, EU region... forgot. You know, now's a great time to make a joke... to lighten up the mood... => Hallow's End in EU regions... yep. It's quite interesting what they wrote in the description on the video on youtube : "Hallow’s End is finally here! Join in this year’s frightening festivities with spooky new skins and mounts, a ghoulish new event quest, and spooky new Hallow’s End Loot Chests." Atleast the US is enjoying it...KronKrian13 1h
1h Disconnects Since 3 months I am experiencing severe disconnects from HOTS during game, mostly right before getting into a fight or out of it. Sometimes my entire team or members of it have a freezed screen and complain about that issue. I have no idea how often I died because this issue. My internet connection is fine since I experience it only in HOTS, even during Beta and after taht I never had any lags of that kind. I really do not understand why Blizz is not working on a better and more stable game performance but rather bring out more and more useless skins, maps and silly videos every month. I suggest you guys put more ephasis on a more stable game performance as well as a better MM for HL since other high ranked players start complaining about a bad overall situation of HOTS. Cheersr0Em0 1h
1h Halloween chests? So i just got lvl 75 with BW, and instead of getting my epic bw chest, all I got was a mediocre Halloween chest. This seems unfair.............DemoMan7 1h
1h Phantom Stallion mount... is a klan horse? The new phantom stallion mount sure looks a lot like a klan horse. I'll take the hint, and stay away from your games. "I would certainly encourage you to post your thoughts on the general forums if you would like to see this changed. What you have mentioned certainly was not the intent, and the only way to change it is to make it known that there is an issue." - from Blizzard support earlier today. A plain white sheet on a horse is pretty tone deaf. The other variations are good.logicflaw6 1h
2h Bad players in Hero League Hi everyone, I NEVER make forum posts even though I've been playing Blizzard games since vanilla WoW. However, I'm so damn frustrated with hero league right now, I feel something needs to be said. Firstly, in WoW if I have an issue, I open a ticket and usually get some talk. Can I do this in Heroes? Speak to a Blizzard employee? My issue: TERRIBLE players and trolls in Hero League. I'm not saying I'm amazing, but I've been playing since November and I've got 700+ games now and I feel like I grasp most heroes pretty well now (as a new to MOBA style games player). After my 20 qualifying games I managed to be like Rank 35 or so. Went 8-12 i think, maybe 9-11. Now over 200 games in, I'm 25ish games under 50% win rate. I'm playing well, making the right picks, always willing to tank, or support. I make suggestions to the team. I ping my intentions, I body block for team mates. You haters are gonna say it's skill and I'm bad. It's not that. Why are players who intentionally smack talk the whole game or who just plain suck and won't work as a team even allowed in a ranked system? I'm trying to win, and MINIMUM 50% of the games I lose are because some other player intentionally makes it so. I've started reporting these players, but does Blizzard even care? I keep getting queued with these players! If I block communication with a vulgar/sore loser/troll player can it not be made that I won't have to play with them? Yes, now the haters will suggest Team League. Good idea. But I'd rather queue up solo and NOT get paired with people I've already blocked, reported, and generally dislike for making me lose a game. Thus, I can't climb in rank. And the dev's "50% win rate" matchmaking system is failing me.Majjic3346 2h
2h How much longer does valeera have to be worthless? Its funny to me that blizzard has decided to rework Johanna--who was perfectly fine--, Muradin--who could use some tweaks but is not in a terrible spot--, Leoric--who was perfectly fine--, or Chromie--one of the most potentially devistating heroes in the game when played optiamlly--, before even touching one of the worst heroes in the game with absolutely no place anywhere outside cardboard 5 league and sub 2k mmr quick match. Valeera is never picked by pros. Valeera has a terrible winrate in hero league. Valeera is practically useless if the enemy team has basic game sense. I dont care if she's good against noobs. Its time for blizzard to put their foot down and stop pandering to players who don't want to stay with their team, pay attention to the minimap, or be careful how far they extend in lanes. If they arent willing to play carefully against gankers they deserve to be punished for it. Can blizzard stop throwing us valeera players under the bus? We shouldn't be punished for the incompetence of players who can't be bothered to be careful, and instead come crying to blizzard every time they die asking for a nerf. Valeera seriously needs buffs, we've been waiting forever for her to be in a playable state. I'm sick of seeing fine heroes get reworked meanwhile she's not getting any attention despite being in a terrible spot right now.Valeera35 2h
2h Replay system so terrible It's seriously hilariously bad. Scrubbing is terrible and takes FOREVER...want to go to a moment that happened at the end of the game? Well go and read War and Peace then come back and it'll be halfway done scrubbing there. Also, no slow-mo? I'm trying to process things that are happening in an instant, would be nice to have a slow-mo option so I can actually look at them. Also why is the freaking playline so short? Makes scrubbing back to a specific moment very difficult. Seriously Blizz...this is they kind of replay system I'd expect from an indie dev, not a billion-dollar world-class company. Get your !@#$ together.Lemonz8 2h
2h Legendary dupes please stop it! As a paying customer if you can't sell me what I want to buy please make it easier to collect. Please stop allowing legendary duplicates. It costs almost nothing to make a skin color duplicate after the first one is created. As an example for the new destroyer skin, I paid for the skin bundle and then got an exact duplicate in RNG through a an loot box, nullifying the satisfaction of my purchase. Then for Hallow's End I had 34 Loot chests: 1 earned (HE), 25 purchased, 8 unopened. 2 Legendary's (technically one) 1 Cho'gall (which is free, by the way, also legendary after 3 rerolls, lame) 1 Scarcrow Xul (Dupe recolor, I already have this skin, not special or legendary) Total rip-off! Please fix this, I've been collecting skins and content since beta and I'm tired of the run around since 2.0. I would not recommend anyone to buy loot box bundlestoughmudder9 2h
2h Junkrat Balance All I'm gonna say is that Junkrat really needs his basic cooldowns increased. This is especially important considering he has no mana bar.Zalderick11 2h
3h Ziggs from LoL has arrived on PTR! Ziggs... I mean Junkrat has arrived on the PTR. Enjoy this yordle... I mean Australian guy whenever you can! Q - Bouncing bombs... I mean Frag Launcher - Throw a bomb in one direction to explode on a target. If it hits the ground it can bounce an additional two times before it detonates. W - Satchel charge... I mean Concussion mine - Throw a charge on the ground that detonates knowing enemies away from the charge. Ziggs... I mean Junkrat can be knocked away without taking damage. E - Hexclosive minefield... I mean Steel trap. Throw a circle of bombs... I mean trap onto the battlefield that slows... I mean roots the enemy whenever they walk onto it. Ok to be fair the ultimates and passives are different but wow talk about a coincidence!Marmara8 3h
3h New account creation issue Can't create new account. Every time I try to create a new account i get the error message: "Sorry, but we can not process your request at this time." I have been having this issue for a few days now and I have tried using several different email addresses to see if that was the problem, but doesn't seem to be that. Anyone else having the same issue or know what is going on?SneakyTurtle5 3h
3h Why is Stukov getting nerfed over and over? Hey, simple question...why is Stukov getting nerfed over and over again? I'm not aware of any win rate imbalances nor meta stagnation with what's the deal?DankTemplar26 3h
3h QM: constant mirror matches vs Junkrat I thought mirrors were supposed to be eliminated...DankTemplar24 3h
3h how to fix QM matchmaking completely. Remove most of the current rules in QM because obviously they are no longer working like they should and make a rule to where it always puts one tank, one solo healer and one range damage dealer on both sides. We have been complaining about QM matchmaking in terms of team comps for a really long time and it seems that the more heroes they add too the game the worse the QM matchmaking gets. At this point it's time for blizzard to finally except that there are too many heroes in the game now so you need a well rounded comp in QM at this point. QM is no longer fun to play and too me it just feels like a waste of time and only hurts the game's growth.creep19 3h
3h Triggered! (Junkrat Trap) I wish we had a better indication of when one of Junkrat's traps would activate. I would suggest adding in "TRIGGERED" Icon above the Trap icon to let us know when someone walks into it.Ephraim3 3h
4h Please add Event filtering options. Unlike last event, where there were only 3 Heroes that received new skins, no new emojis, and all sprays were in the event tab, it was much easier to keep track of what I did and did not have out of the collection. Now that this event has more items, can we moving forward please add filters for the current event in the collection? I'd like to be able to see all of what I have versus what I need for the event without cycling through a large number of heroes.Drothvader0 4h
4h Chat Why are we not allowed too chat with the enamy team? for some reason I think the enamy team would be nicer too talk too then my team, I doubt I will hear as much trolling and smack talk coming from there side. Seems like every single game I play within the first 30 seconds someone on my team is calling another player garbage in one way or another ( with harsher words.)Cottonmouth2 4h