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2d Streamer - Full Time Healer Hello guys, my name is Michael. I go by iWaRTuRTLeS. Always been a fan of blizzard games and I really wanted to focus on a game I enjoy playing and wish to stream full time. Im not amazing at the game yet by any means and enjoy healing on most games I play. Im currently sitting at Silver III,but for any of those that ever wanna toon in and come along on the journy to higher ranks, feel free to stop by and say hi. A follow is always nice. Thank you all! 2d
3d Join me!! Hey yall, tired of the BS hots streamers sitting in Silver and getting featured on the bnet launcher? Me too. That's why I have decided to stream Heroes full time and spread my knowledge of the game. Just starting to get back into hero league and I'm very close to diamond. Follow me and join me on this journey as I smoke, joke, and win myself into the next level!! My bnet ID is on my twitch page as well for anyone who would like to add me and play sometime. I look forward to hearing you!!! See you all at 3d
3d New hero idea: Moira Name: Moira Role: Support Universe: Overwatch Strengths: Healing, Mobility, Sustained Damage Weaknesses: Silences, Crowd Control Abilities: Biocrossing (D) - 5s cooldown Changes Moira's abilities. Light mode enables healing abilities and Shadow mode enables damaging abilities. Light Mode: Biotic Light Grasp (Q) - 2s cooldown Heal all ally heroes in a small cone before Moira for 43 (+4% per level) Health per second. She can move during channeling but cannot turn. Activate again to cancel channeling. Consumes 8% energy per second. After not channeling Biotic Light Grasp for 3 seconds, regenerate 1% energy per second. Biotic Light Orb (W) - 16s cooldown Fire an orb that travels in a straight line passing all structures and enemies and heals ally heroes near it for 86 (+4% per level) Health per second. The orb's move speed is reduced by 50% when an ally hero is within range. Maximum healing for one orb: 688 (+4% per level). The orb bounces when colliding with terrain. Lasts 8 seconds. Cooldown shared with Biotic Shadow Orb. Fading Light (E) - 8s cooldown After 1s, Moira becomes unvulnerable and invisible while dashing to the target location at a 250% increased movespeed. During Fading Light, Moira can pass through all units, structures and terrain. She heals herself and all ally heroes she passes through for 224 (+4% per level) Health when dashing. Cooldown shared with Fading Shadow. Shadow Mode: Biotic Shadow Grasp (Q) - 5s cooldown Damages an enemy for 21 (+4% per level) Health per second, heals Moira for 21 (+4% per level) Health per second and regenerates 4% energy per second. Lasts 10 seconds as long as the enemy is within range. While channeling, Moira can move but her movespeed is reduced by 40%. Healing and energy recovering are doubled against Heroes. Activate again to cancel channeling. Biotic Shadow Orb (W) - 16s cooldown Fire an orb that travels in a straight line passing all enemies and damages enemy heroes near it for 64 (+4% per level) Health per second. The orb's move speed is reduced by 50% when an enemy hero is within range. Maximum damage for one orb: 512. The orb bounces when colliding with terrain or enemy structures. Lasts 8 seconds. Cooldown shared with Biotic Light Orb. Fading Shadow (E) - 8s cooldown After 1s, Moira becomes unvulnerable and invisible while dashing to the target location at a 250% increased movespeed. During Fading Shadow, Moira can pass through all units, structures and terrain. She damages all enemy heroes she passes through for 168 (+4% per level) Health when dashing. If used while channeling Biotic Shadow Grasp, Moira will dash behind the enemy hit by Biotic Shadow Grasp without cancelling its channeling. Cooldown shared with Fading Light. Heroic Abilities: Coalescence (R) - 70s cooldown Fire a beam with a huge range and width healing all ally heroes within it for 247 (+4% per level) and damaging all enemy heroes within it for 168 (+4% per level) Health per second. While channeling, Moira can move but her movespeed is reduced by 20%. The beam is fired toward the hero it was casted on. Use R to change the target and D to cancel its channelling. Overpower (R) - 45s cooldown Moira gets 125% spell power for 10s. Moira cannot use Biocrossing for Overpower's duration. Passive: All of Moira's Basic abilities' cooldowns refresh 20% faster Secondary Abilities: Unleash Energy (1) - 45s cooldown Consumes all remaining energy to deal 3 (+4% per level) damage to all nearby enemy heroes per 1% of energy used. Unlocked at lvl 1 with the Take with another quest.Cdrk3 3d
3d Free for All 10 player Arena Like brawl, I think it would be interesting to see an arena style option where its a 10 player free for all in maps which slowly start breaking apart from the outer area close to the center to force combat. I suppose the only issue is that maybe some heroes are tuned to only work well in groups rather than as lone attackers and certain ultimates wouldn't be of much use. In either case I think it would be good for these maps to have a lot of respawning creep camps to raise XP. Another option would be to just have every hero start and be locked at lvl 20 and just have a few seconds before the match begins to choose talents. Just another interesting option to add to the game.Zeta2 3d
May 19 [TOOL] Play HotS with a gamepad (v1.2.7) Hi all For those few of you who are interested in playing the game with a gamepad, I created a tool for that. Link is at the top of the following post: Version History 1.2.7 - Multiple bug fixes, New Profile for Diablo 3. 1.2.5 - Improved Virtual Aim Timing and various bug fixes. 1.2.4 – Fixed a crash that happened under certain conditions 1.2.3 – Added complete button definition to analog configuration, updated Heroes of the Storm profile to fix self cast. 1.2.2 – Improvements on Virtual Aim, improved profile for Heroes of the Storm 1.2.1 – Fixed a crashing bug when a gamepad wasn’t connected. Basically: - Left Analog: Character movement, describes a small circle around the character so it feels as if the game has analog movement support. - Right Analog: Moves the pointer in an elliptical area for aiming. - All other buttons be mapped to skills, talents, etc I made the app with the intention of playing Diablo 3, Path of exile and those type of games, once I entered HotS beta I made some adjustments and I got it working. I enjoy playing the game with it so I figured I should post it here, for any feedback and check if its ok with blizzard to use it, heh, the tool is not trying to give any advantage, simply map both analog sticks into movement and aiming. A ps4 gamepad is highly recommended to navigate through menus with the trackpad. So, any feedback is appreciated Thanks:weberto38 May 19
May 19 NEW 6.5/10 guide out today, featuring Arthas 6.5Gaming here with a new guide for Arthas, the Lich King. So far there is also Nazeebo and Genji from the 6.5/10 guide series, the series will be a weekly thing while there will be other content uploaded between~ Hope you can learn something or at least have fun from watching the videos:)Mokka0 May 19
May 18 Music Video Montage I put together a music video montage of HotS. I would love to know what you all think! It's my first time trying to make a video like this. May 18
May 18 [Youtube] Kashim Hello, I introduce myself : Kashim. I'm a Belgian GM player who is recently on Twitch ( around November 2017 ) I'm playing every evening at 20:00 ( GMT+1 ) except the monday on my channel : I create recently my own youtube channel to make my videos montage. My creation can be likened to the popular WTF Moments because I find they have a model who allows the viewers to not be bored. ( and it's more fun ! ) My particularity is I use a lot of dialogues ingame. Because my main langage is French, I made french subtitles but every voice lines are in the original version. ( English ) My first video released on 24/02/2018 : My seconde video released on 21/03/2018 : There is a difference between the video because I'm simply learning on the spot, watching a lot of tutorials and trying differents edition techniques. Happy viewing everyone. :)Kashim3 May 18
May 14 Weeb HoTS Streamer Hi everyone! I am a twitch streamer named FohawkFury. I've been taking a break from streaming due to school and sports, but now that both of those are winding down I am able to stream more and more again! I will play mostly HoTS and maybe some weeb games after a long HoTS grind! Come join the fun! VoHiYo May 14
May 11 Heroes of the Storm : Alaraks a sadism addict alarak main here, ask me anything Epic how to's/guide to playing/****postingImLukez772 May 11
May 10 New trailer of heroes of the storm New trailer of heroes of the storm (: I made it. Watch and enjoy!!! May 10
May 9 A Dota map? Could Blizzards even legally design a WC3 Defense of the Ancients map for Heroes of the Storm and play Dota all over again (again, again, again)Zer0ofTime1 May 9
May 2 What a full real name of this music? May 2
Apr 30 Give Voice a Chance I've seen a lot of posts around where players are trying to ensure that they opt out of voice in-game. I'd rather see everyone give it a chance first so I've written up my thoughts about it. You can find my thoughts about voice here: If nothing else I hope that more of us would be interested in voice than not, because the few bad ones shouldn't be able to spoil this whole experience for the community.Agg2 Apr 30
Apr 30 short Cinematic to Uther, Jaina and maiev Three characters that I feel need an short Cinematic are: Uther, Jaina and maiev. why then need that ? I think these characters was born In the real time of war craft. And it's time We'll see them in a special video for them, a video that we can taste the truthfulness that has They accompany us over the years. BLIZZARD, you created wonderful characters of several years and it is time to show them differently in the short Cinematic or new trailer to Heroes of the storm!lotem2 Apr 30
Apr 29 NeilOh Warrior Montage Pt. 1 - Garrosh Here's my first warrior montage. Clips are mainly taken from hero league. I hope you enjoy! - NeilOhNeilOh1 Apr 29
Apr 29 Fenix Entertainment Video I made a YT video from Fenix for entertaining, I wanna bring you some joy :) . I just starded with editing and I will improve in the future. Also will the Quality improve xD Apr 29
Apr 29 Hanamura Showdown with Ed Edd n Eddy Sound Effects I got stupid bored so I decided to meme a bit, I had a crud ton of fun editing this actually, let me know in the comments below if you want me to do another Blizzard cinematic! Apr 29
Apr 29 Heroes sing songs, whaaaat??? OK so before I continue, these songs are metal, so if you have issues with that - stop reading :D For all the rest open-minded foxy people, I started to make these songs where I do some voice acting as if a hero is singing. Currently there are 3 songs at a time of posting this (Arthas,Illidan,Garrosh), but if you watch them all, you can say for sure illidan wasn't good and this is where I could use some help o.o If anyone can do some character voice and want to be a part of this please contact me. Idea is to use hero quotes and set them up as lyrics, but music and lyrics is my job so no need to worry about that ._. Take it a look and let me know if you like it :)Krendor2 Apr 29
Apr 28 New map idea(s) Warcraft 3 inspired Warcraft 3 inspired maps/ideas How cool would it be to have a dragon with chaos (splash) damage as a boss. The following are random ideas that can fit in a new map or as an addition to current ones to add some more flavor. New bosses/mercenary camps that are random or map based, like dragons, siege vehicles, demons, allied/horde races, etc. *New map mechanic - Night/Day sequence. Certain bruisers and/or waves are stronger in the day/night. Some are available in the day while others at night. *New map mechanic - collecting materials to strengthen your waves/keeps and/or add by building an extra NPC to your waves.KingAthens2 Apr 28
Apr 25 Falstad MVP with Quad Kill! Messing around with friend doing some quick matches and had a great one with falstad! go watch and leave a like or sub! Apr 25
Apr 17 Youtube GamePlays! Check out my gameplays! :)RedAlert0 Apr 17
Apr 17 Jhon Travolta gif Are there any gif memes about jhon Travolta confused, but in some place of the Nexus? Could someone make one, if you know how todo do It? I think It would be coolGarofalo1 Apr 17
Apr 16 New Streamer! Come check me out! I'm a new streamer looking to help support the Heroes community! Come check my stream out and hit me up for games. I offer a chill experience at decent gameplay. I'm by no means professional, but I do have a good grasp of this game! Any support is drastically appreciated! Apr 16
Apr 11 [New Brawl] Minigames Like the topic says, i was thinking for an idea for a brawl, the people gets really toxic usually because they have to play together as a team against other team so, what if we make a brawl uther party kind like (for the people who are not familiarized with the name, its a Warcraft 3 custom map that consisted in several minigames). The idea of this brawl is having fun, playing 10 people individually on minigames that sets a score to get tons of points till the end and the one with more points win. The idea is for relaxing, having good time between all because no one is teamed with no one, its just you having fun in several minicompetitions against or with others using all the same characters (who survives dodgin skills, who gets till the end of the maze, make a mage fight between all, a quiz, a follow what the líder says game, a hide and don't get find game) and like that, i think that will be a fresh air for people tired of toxic people for a time, at least to try it. You can make the maze a run where the 10 players are there waiting and anyone can enter, you can have dehaka's launching ultimates or Q's in a timed way so you have to dodge it and like that with every other gameSunfire0 Apr 11
Apr 7 Make Artanis META Lets face it. Artanis biggest weakness is a lack of escape. I believe only thing that has to be done is add a functionality in his Q that allows him to teleport while using Q. Maybe nerf its range or add CD to balance Artanis' power. Would really love to see my favorite Hierarch give 'em hell once again!!!EventHorizon1 Apr 7
Apr 5 Duel Heroic Brawl Can we get a brawl with both heroic's available? maybe on a reduced timer :). Can imagine some crazy fun stuff!OmgAppa8Momo0 Apr 5
Apr 5 HoTs comics Hi guys, Im new to Bnet forums and I wanted to share some comics I doodled for fun for HoTs. I really enjoy the game and the people I play with. Hope you guys like and enjoy them. Apr 5
Apr 4 YouTube - Hero Guides Hi, I am a coach on gamersensei and a HotS nerd ever since it came out, but I am in "moba life" ever since dota 6.27b. I hope these guides can help out people to understand game further, get some game sense through gameplay videos and build their heroes better from game to game. This is my youtube channel which I update frequently so if you see it usefull be free to subscribe and comment which hero you want to see next. If this doesn't help there is a refer link in each video description for gamersensei discount which you can use for any game or coach (not just me). Thanks for your time and enjoy your games :)Krendor0 Apr 4
Apr 2 [Streamer] Now Streaming HotS Hey guys I'm not new to streaming in general but I've been recently getting into HotS and would love to get a community around it on my stream. For fellow players and what not... I'm not the best (more like a bad player) :P but I thought I'll see who wants to "hang"... "yo" Apr 2
Apr 1 Heroes of the Storm SKIN THERAPY Hey all you awesome heroes! I just started a new stream in where the community gets to decide what hero gets the skin therapy treatment. I design new skins on stream w your help. Check it out at Using the facebook heroes community group to make the decisions currently so you can join there to get in on the polls and see where this stream can go. I am currently 2 eps in so check out the VODS. so far we have created LIL DIABLO and well dressed Aabathur or DAPPERTHUR as some have come to call him. Love to see you guys on the stream and help make Blizzard see this and help them know what the community wants to see in game as far as skins are concerned.PennDragon1 Apr 1
Mar 21 Friendly Streamer - Master/GM I've been playing Heroes since Technical Alpha and have grown in this game quite a bit. I'm not a pro or anything I simply play because I have fun and enjoy it. I'm usually pretty positive and don't complain about certain heroes being OP (too often lol) so come check me out. I play at the Master/GM level. See ya there :)LCD0 Mar 21
Mar 20 Streaming HotS and more Blizzard games! Hey everyone! I'm an aspiring guy who wants to be a streamer someday. My favourite games are Blizzard games, especially World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Diablo. I've been streaming a little bit of both the past few days, but I would like to post my link here. In case you're interested in a new EU streamer I would REALLY appreciate a follow so you get a notification when I start streaming! I would love to build a community and have a great time with you all! Thanks in advance! Mar 20
Mar 17 community topic and universe WoW guild & reported for Azyth points .for abusive exaustive multy oposition of the commands... when your read the double the ninja and abathur are doing your negative and stuck people... pls that war your playing human herb psy is under general banners doing fatal using the jaina talent or your name americas region ...... we lost alot add friends and community people offended in your frozen sickness unity of stupid social whit low and reputation on social down off conducted and zero cero oficial games blizz--- stadiums... we cant understand all the idioms werever that means... troll is zuljin and vol´jin .. no idea wtf they talking about to kill human when he is human and human is thinking human and never that zerg rare or epic or legendary ... awww water and food for the poor year of the dog.! of couse your doing incredible numbers bored but always your actitued drink , exersice off and again every 20 minutes can relax and go over taked but always the index or negative dry going on obsolet toys pls understand your _¡high solid sit.!... /cryWMECO1 Mar 17
Mar 17 Map Idea - Onxias Lair Just a loose idea in my head but thought I'd throw it up quick some sort of 3 lane map with Onyxia in the middle At say 3 minutes something like a bunch of whelps pop up or eggs you have to clear out the whelps and the eggs in your nest area faster then the other team to gain Ony's favor and then does something special for your team Could work somethign like Towers of Doom where she hits the core could be something more like you fight over a point whoever controls the point has whelps spawn and attack the other team and if they dont kill the whelps in the time limit Onyxia does something maybe when whelps spawn u kill them to turn them back into eggs the eggs spawn and help the team that controlled the point last ideally your either trying to protect the wehlps to push themup further or kill them fast so they dont push to close to your side of the map just an idea maybe get the ball rolling or stimulate someone more creative on this type of thing ty for readingFainflinn4 Mar 17
Mar 11 Valeera ranked Q build only Lets try to test Q build, coz everyone sure Garrote is the only option v=GPIO4lZggko&t=1s&index=2&list=PLg27BS2lDpbKH1BGyVhwYElXan8f5h_HO Mar 11
Mar 9 Junkrat Guide Junkrat is my favorite hero to play. After 500 games and 100 levels, it was time to make a guide! Now, I just need to get the gumption to make a video guide to illustrate what I'm talking about. This guide is pretty extensive, so if you want to learn everything about Junkrat, please check it out! Any comments are welcome. Thanks! Mar 9
Mar 5 Li-Ming Montage - Khada After seeing how well my last montage was received by the community, I decided to make another one. This time it's all about Li-Ming. Enjoy!Khada1 Mar 5
Mar 3 Basura de mm Lo de siempre, es tan dificil crear una funcion en las lineas de programacion del juego que no permita hacer una partida de jugadores de mas de 1000 niveles jugar contra jugadores nuevos? o jugadores que apenas sobrepasan el nivel 100?????? (ACLARO: el nivel no hace al jugador, pero si define la experiencia que tiene en el juego, un jugador de menos de nivel 100 apenas vio dos heroes y apenas sabe que hacen, un gordo sin vida social de nivel 1000 para arriba tiene experiencia y ya sabe que esperar) Pero bueno, supongo que me bloquearan, como siempre, ya que el staff lo unico que hace es que cuando se les dice la verdad (que su juego es una mierda mal programada e injusta) te bloquean ya que no tienen el valor de confrontar la verdad, una basura de staff y de juego. Prueba de lo que digo, en QM toca un lvl 17 contra jugadores sin vida social de nivel 800 y 900, yo creo que los programadores de blizzard como requerimiento es no saber matematicas y no saber que 17 no es 17>800 y no me quejo por UNA partida, TODOS mis post, fueron asi, estoy CANSADO de tener que aguantarme jugadores de nivel 1 y en rankeds niveles bajos y recien iniciados contra gente experimentada y con conocimiento del juego, ojala este juego se funda y quede marcado como una basura mal manejada. Mar 3
Mar 2 Sonya Finally Streamlined I've been a long time fan of Sonya ever since I found my playstyle on her with Ferocious Healing. Luckily, I can still do that but with a chance to finally wedge her right into the role I want to play as. You'll find my analysis here: With the Diablo Barbarian being so iconic I'm glad to see I can still run-a-muk as before.Agg0 Mar 2
Mar 1 The New & Improved Medivh I've been trying out the updated Medivh on the PTR and I love it. So much so I've done a quick and dirty breakdown of what exactly has changed. You can find that writeup from me here: If you've been discouraged from playing Medivh you'll need to try him again soon. Many quality of life changes have been made and overall he just feels more streamlined.Agg0 Mar 1
Feb 22 let's develop RTETI/TI and make cash cows let's develop RTETI/TI and make cash cows SC2 Galaxy Editor cell settings that are vague to point out where it is but knows that it exists ㅇsomewhere in editor it has feature to adjust the structure's grid and I think there's cell/polygon adjusting and more that I think might lead to easy develop of Real-Time-Expanding-Trimodular-Inventory cash cows focused after develop of RTETI because I don't think I can break the 20min aimed no item AOS HOTS's concept>.< unless there's surprise 3.0 4.0-ish there's vestige of hope on <zenderly> modeling of Diablo heroes in HOTS and I heard HOTS's is based on Galaxy Editor. __________part 1 *rough assumption prediction estimation>.< ㅇ3or more layers of for inventory <don't know how to treat/sort items as......> ㅇ1 for base and its like whole grid ㅇ1 for inventory or inventories ;placing it like pylon and modify, utilize as game process; 'pylon' level upgrades and increase the inventory size ㅇ1 for items and interact with clicking; click to place item inside pylon area, then clicking again for uprooting/floating/etc. item effect works as aura <or others but as item effect in inventoy I don't know if it's hard to understand @.@ concerned> ㅇclanup and polishing of interface might require after basic structure build up _________ really, till part 1 is really really essential >there's other parts in my poorly maintained website (and it's in progress) about 15000letters besides the roughs< link's on bottom-side also [name is based on trumpcard-jeon'ed race<there's chess also but rough> and website is constructed on 2012 and not really maintained it. Donald Trump wasn't famous before being president but website is now suggestive in that way Q.Q lalala~wheee] ; and inventory expanding via variables like strength attributes will lead to distictive gameplay vice versa and think it's blind spot in game industry and unique-ish ; think systemically summing the buildings<items> on the list might be done by counting installed structures but item listing wasn't that visible in Diablo2 or Diablo3 also _________part 2 *develope RTETI then try to implant it to other companies game or develop IP and aim profit and stuffs>.< [ promatch and cash cow aiming sort of ] details cropped on post ps:there's lotta Blizzard calling before looking up code of conduct and guideline, after seeing Blizzard calls are frown upon I shortened the topic post,etc <about 15 Blizzard calling but there's still Blizzard calling in website >.< <Is there any better place to put this topic? shyness and awkwardness erupts@.@ I wan't sure but not sure where's Game prompt suggestion-ish suppose go :( this is sorta community creation I think and Blizzard have heavy item bank potential from WOW Warcraft3 and Diablo series; which leads thirsty feeling about no item/inventory in HOTS although I don't wanna argue that much about no Item/Inventory in HOTS where I'm focused more on Part2 and more-ish>bravebro0 Feb 22
Feb 22 New Streamer Hello all, I am new streamer getting back into the game. Looking to grow in the community and meet new people. Want to also learn, and climb through hero league. Currently Silver, and helpful tips in regards to streaming or climbing are welcomed. Feb 22
Feb 21 The Last Stand A sequel after the "Escape from Braxxis". Intro: On the last episode, Alpha Team was spent away to Braxxis on a scouting mission, Team Beta is alone to face the ruthless "Planet Buster" (Infested and 3 times as big as normal Cho'Gall). Will the Alpha return after their escape from Braxxis to Warhead Junction in time or will this be the final stand for Beta? Gameplay: 10 players are allies splint into two groups of 5 in this PvE scenario. Team Alpha is fighting as they rush from buttom to top corner of the map. Team Beta is stalling for time against the massive Omega Swarm, while they wait for Alpha to rescue them. Zergs lead by the Planet Buster himself as the final boss. This map is 45-60 minutes of gameplay for those who have time to enjoy. The bosses will only level up when the players do. Battle from level 1 to 30. Heroic Difficulty: Bosses may have their traits full or quest done at level one. Butcher may have 200+ meat and Diablo may always return with 100 permanent souls as they assault Team Beta. Completing this should be a a 15,000 gold reward, 300 gems, or 1,000 shards. Final Boss: He has slightly more damage than a playable ChoGall, but appears much larger, with between 500 thousand to 3 million health at lvl 30. Both teams will also be at their level cap during the fight. This boss is immune to giant killer or anything similar, so 10 players must focus to kill him as quick as possple. The Boss uses a suicide mechanic that takes 7-8 minutes, passively charging up his power to ready it for use. If the players won't defeat him in time, he will explode, destroying the entire planet, thus wiping out the only hope remaining in the Nexus, and ending the scenario in defeat. In the Heroic Difficulty, all the bosses, now lvl 30, will respawn and charge in a massive wave to accompany the boss. After 50 minutes into the game.Kuddlesberg0 Feb 21
Feb 18 [STREAM] Toxic 1.5 year mute - Carrying Unranked Draft for when I go live: Feb 18
Feb 14 YouTube channel(spanish) hello guys, I want to share my YouTube channel, I make ranked gameplays on the Brazilian server in Spanish, I hope you like it and we'll see you in the nexus. Feb 14
Feb 12 Classic Kael'Thelas Skin is the SAME as Sovereign Skin I do not know how to get in contact with you guys, but I just wanted to let you know that 2 of Kael'Thelas' skins are the exact same and need to be changed next patch. Also on a side note on Diablo 3. The Highest lvl Emerald Gem has a lower gold cost than the one below it. I figured someone would read this and can figure out how to change that asap. Thank you for your time.Sappyipz0 Feb 12
Feb 11 Free guides and coaching! Hi everyone, I will keep it short. I recently started to work as a coach for HotS so if you want you can use this link to get a discount, even if you don't pick me. Meanwhile, I am making guides on youtube - two types of videos. One is for talents and combo while the other is a gameplay part where I execute and talk about variety of stuff happening in-game in real time. You can check out my channel here: Thanks for reading and I hope I can help you climb and even play with you in master+ ^^Krendor0 Feb 11
Feb 10 Lucio Map Glitch on Volskaya! Hi everyone! I want you show a little Glitch/Bug which i found with Lucio while streaming. Its a funny glitch which only works in the base. Dont know if Blizzard will fix it it no effect on the Game at all. Feb 10