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2h [Hero Skin] Bright Mechawing What started out as a reason to mess around with some new materials I bought (alcohol inks, some interesting rag paper that is tough, and silver leaf felts), turned into me wanting to work some digital magic over top of the original. Bright Mechawing is powered by lightning, rainbows, rainbow-lightning, and some unholy combination of happycore and deathmetal music. Here mechanical eyes can move independent of each other, just like a Chameleon's. Rather than eat the flesh of her enemies to sate her appetite, Bright Mechawing consumes them, cremating them within the uncaring mechanical interior in order to produce vast quantities of soot, which help produce more static electricity in the atmosphere. She uses this to seed clouds, rainbows and rain for crops, to those she loves. (link to original non-digitally modified art) 2h
8h Streaming my journey to 20 8h
15h [Hero Concept]: Lana'thel, Blood-Queen of the San'layn Hey everyone, here is a hero concept for Blizzard's MOBA: Heroes of the Storm. Watch the video to learn more: 15h
1d Protoss Map Idea VVV Link to Picture of Map VVV This is my original idea for a new Heroes of the Storm map featuring the Protoss from Starcraft 2. This map consists of 3 lanes with the center lane splitting in two. 4 waves of minions (1 top, 1 bottom, and 2 middle) with the waves moving down the middle lane are accompanied by a probe. Objective: The probe will move into the center area of the map where the center lane splits to collect from a giant mineral field and will then bring minerals back to the spawn point of the probe’s respective team. Any member of the team can pick up these minerals and use them to power 1 of 8 warp gates scattered across the map. After giving the warp gate power it will spawn a wave of minions to push down either the top or bottom lanes; after being powered the warp gate will shut down for 90 seconds and cannot be used until the 90 seconds is up. Probes are not the only thing that can obtain minerals; players can obtain minerals by attacking the mineral field to make minerals pop out. Minions: Minion waves will consist of: 3 Zealots (melee unit) 1 Sentry (health orb unit) 3 Stalkers (ranged unit) 1 Immortal (siege unit) 1 Probe (middle lane only) Structures: Gates are Force Fields Cannon Towers are Photon Cannons Forts/ Keeps are Khaydarin Monoliths Healing Fountains are Pylons The Core is a Nexus with a Mothership Core ontop of it Mercenary Camps: There are 6 mercenary camp areas: 2 Siege Camps 2 Bruiser Camps 2 Boss Camps Siege Camps have 2 void rays that will push down their respective lane and the longer they attack consistently the more damage they do. Bruiser Camps have 2 Phoenixes and 2 High Templars that will push down their respective lane. Phoenixes can only attack towers, forts/keeps, and enemies in the air. They can lift enemies occasionally stunning them and putting them in the air for a short time. High Templar will attack and create psionic storms that damages enemies inside of it’s radius. Boss Camps have 1 Colossus that will push down it’s respective lane. Only one Boss Camp will be available at a time and when one is captured then the cooldown will start in the other camp, resulting in the boss rotating between the two camps. The Colossus will rapidly attack with two side swiping lasers. The Colossus can move faster than other bosses but will stop to attack minions.Nathanworld2 1d
3d RazyeLx Gaming - Streams Hi guyz! if you are interested in HotS GamePlay, come visit my stream!:) Streaming NOW LIVE: Ranked Team League [CZ, ENG, COME ALL]: See ya there!:) RazyeLxRazyeL20 3d
3d [TOOL] Play HotS with a gamepad (v1.2.7) Hi all For those few of you who are interested in playing the game with a gamepad, I created a tool for that. Link is at the top of the following post: Version History 1.2.7 - Multiple bug fixes, New Profile for Diablo 3. 1.2.5 - Improved Virtual Aim Timing and various bug fixes. 1.2.4 – Fixed a crash that happened under certain conditions 1.2.3 – Added complete button definition to analog configuration, updated Heroes of the Storm profile to fix self cast. 1.2.2 – Improvements on Virtual Aim, improved profile for Heroes of the Storm 1.2.1 – Fixed a crashing bug when a gamepad wasn’t connected. Basically: - Left Analog: Character movement, describes a small circle around the character so it feels as if the game has analog movement support. - Right Analog: Moves the pointer in an elliptical area for aiming. - All other buttons be mapped to skills, talents, etc I made the app with the intention of playing Diablo 3, Path of exile and those type of games, once I entered HotS beta I made some adjustments and I got it working. I enjoy playing the game with it so I figured I should post it here, for any feedback and check if its ok with blizzard to use it, heh, the tool is not trying to give any advantage, simply map both analog sticks into movement and aiming. A ps4 gamepad is highly recommended to navigate through menus with the trackpad. So, any feedback is appreciated Thanks:weberto35 3d
3d My Slip'n'Stream Tracer Cosplay Hiya! I'm Wawi and I'm an Italian Cosmaker. I love playing HotS, so I decided to cosplay my favourite character in her special summer version. Here are some shots: And here the full album in HD! (ph by Il Sogno in uno Scatto) Let me know what you think, any opinion is well accepted. I hope you like my work and if you do, please follow me on Facebook (Wawi Cosplay) Cheers love, but from Italy!Wawi0 3d
4d Heroes of the Storm Youtuber LF exposure Hey I'm a Rank 1 player from preseason and took a break until this season. Uploading Daily Ranked Games to my Youtube channel. Trying to get this thing off the ground. If Heroes of the storm is all you enjoy watching I have a playlist solely for HotS. Make a Hero Request either here or in the youtube comments.Monti0 4d
4d Zerg Mounts there are many terran mounts but currently no zerg mounts available i think including of zerg mounts would be a good idea. zergings, hydras, large drones for big characters.Bullyfish0 4d
5d HotS Full Ranked GamePlay #2 [Kerrigan] with subtitles NEW video!:) HotS Full Ranked GamePlay #2 [Kerrigan] How to MISS Every Combo, with subtitles!:) In this gameplay, you can see that I missed almost every combo. I was really unlucky with that, but even so we have won easily. This showcasts that even tho you might be unlucky, don't give up, your team can still win. Huge shout-out for Garrosh who played like a god. Also dont forget to turn on subtitles if you don't understand us, I wrote them myself:D Thanks for every LIKE and SUB!:)RazyeL0 5d
5d [HERO CONCEPT] KING JOKKUM, KING OF THE ICE GIANTS Hey everyone, here is a hero concept for Blizzard's MOBA: Heroes of the Storm. Watch the video to learn more: 5d
5d Pena Firme Gamer - BR streamer Fala pessoal. Estamos começando um canal no youtube e tentando mostrar um pouco do nosso estilo de jogo, que pode ajudar aos iniciantes no que fazer ( ou no que realmente não fazer). Deixem seu comentário lá e nos ajudem ! Segue o link do canal com um dos vídeos da escolinha dos heróis !: AbraçosGalarrad0 5d
5d [Guides] Ultimate Zagara How-To! Hello everyone! I've been playing HotS for a few months now and absolutely love it. I picked up Zagara the moment she came out, extremely eager to give her a whirl. I've gotten up to level 25 with her almost exclusively, and her hero level after the patch is about to hit 8. While I may not have tons of hours under my belt, I wanted to spend some time and create a powerful guide for players interested in learning Zagara or wanting to pick up some tips. Who is Zagara? Zagara is a powerful Zerg Queen/Broodmother from Starcraft 2. In Heroes of the Storm she functions as a sort of summoner, using creatures instead of direct attacks to deal damage and crush defenses. In this sense, she is a master of using creatures to their best effect, and many of her talents enhance how she uses (or even creates) these creatures. Strengths and Weaknesses To begin, it should be noted that Zagara is a Specialist. She has a couple of niche roles that she can fill in a party, but they all improve a group's effectiveness. Having a Zagara on your team is a very powerful option for controlling camps and split pushing. Strengths - Very high HP sustainability; with the right talents and gameplay she can last a very long time in a lane before going to recharge health and mana. - She has VERY good camp control if allowed to set up her Nydus Network, but can even be great at solo camping as early as level 6. - Banelings do an incredible amount of structure damage, making them very good to do harass and push bases with. - Hunter Killers are very good at dealing single-target damage and focusing healers. One of the upgrades for it even allows you to summon a second one, essentially allowing Hunter Killer to deal 2x damage to a single target. - All of her minions can help push a lane along with your own team's minions, soaking fire from cannons and wasting their ammo. - With proper creep management, she easily has the best map control in the game, able to put tumors anywhere for a very cheap price. Weaknesses - Zagara is VERY squishy. You'll always be in the back during a teamfight, and you'll very often get focused. If you are jungling, you can get seriously screwed over if the enemy team is hunting camps with two heroes at a time, or if you end up being very unlucky and get a group of them going after the camp you are at. - Banelings are hard to work with. Not only are they a skill shot, but they travel slow and can be very easily avoided if a player sees them coming. (On a side note, they are very fun to use against Hammer). - While Zagara has high HP sustain, her mana regen can be an issue. Because Zagara is almost constantly using her abilities it can be a huge task to manage your mana if you are pushing hard or being pressured. If you don't manage your abilities and mana pool correctly, you may often find yourself running to a well to recharge more often than you'd like. - She has no escapes. Zero. Until level 20, you have to rely on your own guesses and intuition when it comes to fight or flight, and even at level 20 you still have to choose between a teleport or your upgraded ult. Often times, your ult will take priority. - The only ability of hers that is solid at damage is Hunter Killer (and possibly Infested Drop) since they do a lot of damage very reliably. Otherwise, her roaches and broodlings are pretty dumb and will just go for whatever target they like, and banelings just go in a straight line. Play Styles As mentioned already, Zagara is very much at home dealing with lanes and forts or running around the map controlling camps. She can pick one or the other, and can often fill both roles when need be up until level 10. At that point though, Zagara needs to make a decision as to whether or not to focus on teamfights or map control. Lane Control (a.k.a. Split-Pushing) Split Pushing is a team tactic that involves distracting the enemy team from a lane long enough for one hero to make a push past a gate or fort. Zagara is nearly unmatched in Split Pushing (except for maybe Gazlowe) since her banelings do tremendous amounts of damage. Since towers, gates, and forts are all stationary targets, you can get the full amount of damage from them. Be aware, however, that overextanding (going too far in a lane so you can get attacked from behind) is a huge issue with this playstyle, again because of how squishy Zagara is. Be mindful when you push a fort and always have tumors and a close eye on your surroundings. Map Control (a.k.a. Jungling) Jungling is the idea that a character stays in the jungle (or in this case, forest, marsh, garden, whatever) and kills the monsters there for experience and camp control. Camp control in Heroes of the Storm is so important, it can make or break a game at any time. If your team (or you!) are great at controlling camps, then you'll have a significant advantage over your enemy, pressing their bases and forcing a hero to come defend. Placing your tumors around the map helps with scouting and provides a great way to see incoming attacks and warn others. Placing tumors at camp spawns is a great way to see when the enemy wants to take a camp. In essense, Map control is extremely important and Zagara can fill this role better than any other champion. Hero Killer/Faux Assassin While I personally don't enjoy this build, Zagara CAN be built to be able to deal a good chunk of damage to her enemies with the right artifacts and talent selections. If you're building her like this, though, I'd much more recommend that you select a different hero such as Nova or Valla, since these heroes have escapes and ways to function better in a one on one fight than Zagara. I've only ever used this build to be an assist assassin, never a primary one. You want to pick the talents that increase her overall damage the most and help people out in teamfights. Talents like Ventral Sacs, Envenomed Spines, Battle Momentum/Rapid Incubation, and Brood Expansion are keys to playing her as a support assassin. Abilities Q: Baneling Barrage - Zagara spews forth four Banelings that travel in a straight line as a skill shot. She remains motionless while the Banelings are being emitted. Banelings will violently explode upon contacting the first solid object in their path, dealing AoE damage. - Centrifugal Hooks will increase the range you can launch Banelings at, making them great for sniping towers. - Volatile Acid increases baneling damage by 50% against NON-HERO targets, meaning towers, minions, and mercenaries. - Baneling Massacre allows Zagara to fire 8 banelings instead of 4, but she will still remain in her spot longer as she "channels" the ability. W: Hunter Killer - Zagara commands a Hunter Killer Hydralisk to attack a selected target. The Hydralisk will follow and pursue its target until it dies, or when the timer for it runs out. They deal a considerable amount of damage, and make excellent harass tools. - Combined with Envenomed Spikes, you can deal a very scary amount of single-target damage in a very short amount of time. - The Mutalisk talent turns the normally ground-based Hunter Killer into a flying zerg unit and lasts 50% longer. It can fly over obstacles and will pursue the target as long as possible. Still gains bonuses from creep - Grooved spines is also a solid option, but consider that it only grants a 20% damage bonus vs Mutalisk which grants a 50% extended duration (essentially 4 more seconds to deal damage, almost 50% increased damage assuming all shots hit). - Brood Expansion is almost a must-have choice for me every time I play. It gives you a ton of options when it comes to jungling and teamfighting. You can spam them both on an enemy healer to keep the pressure on, or put one on each giant if at a giant camp, or one on the knight caster and another on a big knight. Simply an awesome choice. E: Infested Drop - After selecting a location, a Zerg drop pod hurtles towards the ground, exploding, dealing damage, and unleashing two Roachlings. Roachlings are ranged attackers that deal a very small amount of damage, but last for a decent amount of time. Their health is fair, and they can take a shot or two from a cannon before expiring. - Ventral Sacs van be useful if you plan on pushing towers a lot, since one more roach means one more target for a tower to shoot at before it targets something else. - Corpse Feeders increases the duration of roachlings when they get a kill. It's not particularly exciting or interesting, but can sometimes help with killing lane minions. - Bile Drop adds a 100% damage over time effect to the initial hit from Infested Drop, effectively allowing it to deal double damage.Defilus10 5d
Sep 17 [Video][Hero Concept] Cairne Bloodhoof, High Chieftain Hey everyone, here is a hero concept for Blizzard's MOBA: Heroes of the Storm. Watch the video to learn more: Sep 17
Sep 14 New Streamer Hey guys, I'm Zawarudo. I never really post on the forums here, but would like to invite all of you to come watch my stream. A little bit about myself: I'm a father to a 1 yr. old son, Husband to my beautiful wife, gamer, & twitch streamer. I've been streaming for about a month & a half. In ranked I'm usually around the high plat to low diamond range. My goal with the stream is to mainly help promote this game more. I love heroes of the storm & have been playing since beta. I want this community to grow & be welcoming to new players. Also if you're a streamer I'd like to use this post to invite you to leave your stream link here as well. I'll check it out & give you a follow. Thanks to all who read this, & hope you stop by! Sep 14
Sep 12 We need Ghost Kerrigan As new character or skin, we need ghost Kerrigan with 2 types: 1) Dominion Ghost Kerrigan 2) Healed Infested Kerrigan which was at the begginning of Heart of the Swarm. But surely psionic power of each Kerrigan must be differentiate.Tauri1 Sep 12
Sep 10 [ADV] HOTS facebook site hey guys just created a fb page for make hots more popular i would like to invite you if you like hots memes: Sep 10
Sep 8 Concept - Kel'thuzad raid encounter Hi everyone. First off, I'm sharing some of my thoughts about the MOBA gaming experience but also would love feedback about scripted AI fights against my new favorite hero. Kel'Thuzad! I've I know there is no custom map editor yet. However, I was curious if people wanted to give me feedback on this idea I've been teasing through? I've always seen MOBAs as lacking as a gaming genre due to its lack of campaigns/story integration. Concisely put, my argument is that solo play is tied to some inevitable competitive nature, even Brawl. Anecdotally I think this creates a gaming atmosphere of serious competition, animosity, etc. When what we find to be the best gaming experience involves teamwork and immersive story telling. Though there is solo play vs. AI or custom games, the intention of the game is either 1) To level heroes, 2) To improve gameplay mechanics, or 3) To get to know a hero. I think mostly, the way players interact with the game is through improving gameplay mechanics or low stakes AI stomps. Simply having fun tends to be frowned upon or chided by other players who want more competition vs. other players or in the case of AI, has no depth. I think one way to remedy this would be to create an immersive 1 player/Multiplayer experience that is competitive but also low stakes. That said, I've thought about recreating fights or tuning heroes up to an AI level /Raid encounter by scaling up 1 or 3 Heroes by 5-10 levels, tuning damage, and adding some scripts to how they fight. I propose a raid like Brawl or campaign mode. With the recent release of KTZ, whom I thought was a beautiful encounter at Naxx, I put together a little script for how I would structure that encounter. Would love to know some thoughts! Naxxramas KT Fight Phase 1: This phase is characterized by KTZ attempting to stack his Blight to get to the 30 necessary to complete his trait talent. -Periodically summons Ghouls that auto attack people for low damage. -Periodically summons Abominations that Slam/Summons Vile Gas minions. -Summons Ice Blocks with Chain. Can chain 1 hero. 1 Second delay between Ice Block and getting chained. -Casts Frost Nova on CD. -Cannot be attacked. Or can be attacked but has high armor. Phase 2: Starts after he gets 15 blight -He will continue Chaining people/ Frost Nova combo people without the delay. -Starts to use Death and Decay. ~Cannot be stunned but can be silenced. -Uses Armor of the Archlich if people are not in melee range / every 25 seconds. Phase 3: Triggers at 50% HP -He starts to cast Shadow Fissure/Frost Blast every 30 seconds. Phase 4: Triggers at 15% HP -Continues to Chain/Frost Nova people. -He summons 2 Anubaraks - 1 with Cocoon and 1 with Locus Swarm. *When KTZ gets 30 Blight, he gains access to each of his level 20 talents.Krylonwon0 Sep 8
Sep 8 When you pick Stukov and go slap some fools Sep 8
Sep 8 Hero Guides and Gameplays We post Hero guides and gameplays on the good tubez. Come check and see if you guys like our work: Sep 8
Sep 5 Kel'thuzad and my son. Birthday launch. Since the announcement at games con my son Liam has been super hyped about the release of Kel'thuzad. He drew a picture and has talked nonstop about how awesome the lich is going to be. It so happens that today is my son's birthday and he is turning 9 today. He is at school at the moment but he is likely starring at the clock and telling all his classmates that it is his birthday and he gets to share it with Kel'thuzad. It made me smile that he enjoys playing hots with me and his sister, and I thought I would share this the Blizzard team as thanks for making a character my son is so excited about.Calsapheron0 Sep 5
Sep 5 (Razielrx6) Highlight vid and stream Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a video I made earlier today with a few highlights and funny moments. I am new to editing videos so it wont be the best editing you have ever seen lol. Anyways just wanted to share my vid and stream link. If you enjoy the vid and gameplay please stop by the stream! I also play SC2 (currently ranking up back to masters). I hope you enjoy the video! (parental warning! a bit of profanity ><) Sep 5
Sep 4 BR Stream Guys im a Braziliam streamer ^^ please check out, Sep 4
Sep 4 Butcher 44,260 stacks of "Fresh meat!" Reaching 44,260 stacks of Fresh meat! on "Try" mode. It was fun to see how it one shoots most of the stuff. My personal favourite was 2 shooting a boss. Check out the video at: Sep 4
Aug 30 How to play Diablo Cha ching! Youtube vid! Aug 30
Aug 27 Hammer Aug 27
Aug 26 the Feral Abathur Guide hello every it's TheJellyman here with a Talent Guide for Abathur when using his 2nd Heroic Ultimate: Evolve Monstrosity. For someone reason when i started playing Abathur i was more drawn to his 2nd Ultimate instead of the 1st one, maybe because I think that this ult shows what Abathur really is. anyway i'm getting of topic so here is my Talent List for Feral Abathur : Talent 1: Regenerative Microbes. [adds sustain to the Monstrosity & for your Teammates.] Talent 2: Sustain Carapace or Adrenal Overload. [take option 1 if you jump from target to target alot, take option 2 if you want to make your Monstrosity attack fatser.] Talent 3: Needlespine. [this is to add extra poke, harass & long-range damage to your Monstrosity] Talent 4: Evolve Monstrosity. Talent 5: the Players choice, this Talent is pretty much the "free spec", in my opinion. Talent 6: Adrenaline Boost or Violate Mutation. [take option 1 if you feel that your Monstrosity needs a boost of Move Speed (more helpful on larger maps), take option 2 if want to add free A.O.E damage to your Monstrosity.] Talent 7: Evolution Complete. [this will allow the Monstrosity to move around the map much quicker & to teleport to a place that needs your attentions wither its a Team Fight, split push, help team capture objectives & etc. (trust me this will save your Monstrosity's butt)] Now the objective of this build is to build your Monstrosity so that it actually feels like your playing as am engaging Hero when you have your Top Hat on it, & when you do leave it make sure its in a safe place so you don't have to wait for the Ult to get of Cool Down. Basically you'll pretty much babysitting your Monster from mid-to-late game & only on occasion leave it to plant Mines or help a Teammate. If you have any questions on this Build Guide then please leave a comment, reply or your own Feedback on this down bellow, i look forward to read what you have to say & i will answer your questions to the best of my Abilities.TheJellyman1 Aug 26
Aug 25 [YoloMouse] Mouse Cursor Changer just finished writing this after reaching my limit with crappy tiny hidden cursors in games ... which happened with HotS this will let you swap cursors in HotS or any other game... at least with those I tested on my PC (league, diablo3, southpark, HotS, hearthstone) NOTE: this will NOT touch any game files. it does no more than what FRAPS does. source provided before you yell virus lol feedback and bugreports highly welcome!!!! :DHaPpY42 Aug 25
Aug 24 Some constructive feedback needed :D Hey guys,i want to share with you a Hots channel that me and a friend upload videos regularly. Looking for feedback that will help us improve :D Here is our latest video: Thank you in advance.Gent0 Aug 24
Aug 24 Streaming - Diamond Ranked GamePlay + Team League [CZ] We will be speaking mostly Czech tho. Hope you enjoy it anyway:)RazyeL11 Aug 24
Aug 24 The Traitor King - A Nexus Story Hey guys, I made this comics about a story that could happen in one of the Nexus many alt lines. Aug 24
Aug 22 HotS Ranked GamePlay #2 If you liked it, subscribe for more!:) If not, I am sorry:DRazyeL0 Aug 22
Aug 22 Crazy Comeback I know I was REALLY sucking early game (I was distracted) and when we started losing I got worse. But This come back is ridiculous! We went from 2 towers against 6 to winning the game. If you really like the video check out my stream at Twitch.TV/ThusGirl!Thusgirl0 Aug 22
Aug 19 HotS Ranked GamePlay Highlights #1 [Kerrigan] Hi guyz! Right now I have a huge amount of gameplay videos in my memory and it is just impossible to make from all video and I had this idea of making a full Gameplay Series of mine, bcs some ppl liked it on the stream so I thought that more ppl might like it. If more ppl will like it I will add subtitles to the important parts, so everyone can understand whats happening and so on:) Also if you have an idea how to improve these series, let me know. Thanks for every LIKE and SUB!:) See ya next time.RazyeL0 Aug 19
Aug 18 #1 NA grandmaster stream Hi I'm Lightsy, and I've been top #10 Grandmaster every season so far. I play mainly melee assassins on stream, my favorites being kerrigan, butcher, valeera I like to keep a fun, sometimes educational atmosphere with plenty of dank memes and jokes. Will answer any question about anything heroes related to the best of my knowledge Stream is everyday at noon EST, come check it out! Aug 18
Aug 17 tyrael rework i think we can all agree that even tho tyrael is a very good hero his kit is mostly boring and has zero diversity. so here's what i think would be a nice rework Base stats: increase his auto atk dmg reduce q dmg since it does a little too much dmg for the utility it provides lvl 1 each time tyrael's Q hits an enemy hero reduce its cooldown by 5 seconds. quest: hit 20 enemy heroes reward: get the level 16 blocking field even in death is fine, maybe give it a radius increase quest: collect 30 globes. each globe gives 1.5 bonus regen reward: reduce W cooldown by 7 seconds. the smite dmg increase he has now is fine lvl 4 activate tyrael's trait to consume 50% of his max hp and shield all allies in range for 40% of their max hp for 2 seconds. while tyrael's W shield is active he receives 50% more healing the W shield gives tyrael and his allies a 20% bonus movement speed over 2 seconds. lvl 7 the shield exploding talent is fine reduce the mana cost of W by 40, increase the shield value by 20% after tyrael uses an ability the next basic attack deals 80% more damage. lvl 10 sanct is fine judgment needs a dmg increase in order to compete with sanct lvl 13 active ability: when activated tyraels basic attack deals 2% of target's max hp but each attack consumes 1% of tyraels max hp. lasts 8 seconds, 45 second cooldown tyrael's W grants 15 spell armor to all allies in range. increase its range by 30% angelic rage: tyrael deals aoe dmg. it does more damage for each ally in a range of 5 (if less than 3 allies it deals lower dmg than burning rage, if more than 3 he deals more dmg compared to burning rage) level 16 for each enemy hit by tyrael's trait reduce tyrael's respawn timer by 10 seconds activate to increase the next W shield value by 300%. 30 sec cd hitting an enemy hero with Q reduces their spell damage by 50% for 3 seconds. the old knockback on E would be nice as a 16 talent here lvl 20 nullification shield while tyrael is below 25% health he has 100 spell armor increase the range of sanct by 50%, after sanct expires all allies in its range get 20 spell armor for 2 seconds reduce the cd of judgment, increase the knockback, make the target vulnerable for 2 seconds after the stun expires before saying w build is op keep in mind that if he goes w build which he needs 30 globes for it to be op, he loses holy ground on Q, which is a big deal. - trait value will be a thing now, suicide build might be fun and maybe(?) viableDobreMAN1 Aug 17
Aug 11 Gaming-Community discord ChoGall3 Aug 11
Aug 11 Funny moments in Heroes videos channel Hi guys! I just started a channel for fun and am making videosfor it. If you want to spend some time having a bit of fun, I'll be posting here some links for it ^^ First video Aug 11
Aug 11 Garrosh Decimating Everyone [Rise of the Warchief] Some Garrosh GamePlay/Montage. In my opinnion he is amazing champion and definitely worth buying. Go for it guyz! Aug 11
Aug 11 User Made A.I. Some coworkers and I were thinking about working on a project to create A.I. for Heroes. We think it will be fun and be a great exercise in decision trees. Though we had a few questions: Because "bots" are prohibited in the EULA when they are not approved by Blizzard, is there an approval process that we could go through for this project? Is there an interface other than the keyboard and mouse that could control your hero (e.g. a command prompt)? The reason being we didn't want to spend the majority of the time on controlling the mouse, and not the trees. No worries if there isn't we just wanted to see if this was something that was even viable or if it was DOA.Ikthus0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Hero League Livestream! I like Gold League players! Aug 11
Aug 9 Really Liking Garrosh (Gameplay) New video out on my channel. Definitely has a few cons but I'm thoroughly enjoying him. Aug 9
Aug 8 Viking Community! Positive Vibes! Greetings! We are a community in which everyone is more than a twitch name. The content that you will be watching can be described as solid Diamond play, with sprinkles of platinum and masters, depending on the day... The viking community is one where we promote positive vibes, along with a chill environment where people can come, hangout, and enjoy their favorite game. Sometimes, MOBA environments can be stressful... Our goal is to counter that with positivity. Granted I'll say up front I'm no saint, and I'm not immune to tilting every once in a while; but, the community that we strive for helps counteract any negativity that comes our way! Hope to see you there!TLVErik0 Aug 8
Aug 7 YT channel with best plays of community Hello, I just start YT channel with Your best plays: So If you wanna become a Legend send me your replays on E-mail - or contact me on Facebook fanpage - Tell me the time of moment and small description. Hope you will like it. BebuBebu1 Aug 7
Aug 7 Turalyon and Alleria heroes Among the themes for featured heroes seems to be either the star players and villains from the series, or oft-forgotten legends. When Turalyon and Alleria jump into the Twisting Nether to escape the destruction of Draenor in the events of Warcraft 2, what if in this version of the story they wound up in the Nexus, fighting alongside each other? I'm not going to go so far as to detail out powers and roles, (though I could see Alleria being a ranged assassin and Turalyon a melee warrior for starters), it would be REALLY cool to see these long-forgotten heroes of Blizzard make a cameo here of all places.Swikky4 Aug 7
Aug 6 How to Brawl Aug 6
Aug 5 10 Valla Aug 5
Aug 3 New Master/GM Streamer I recently lost my job and in this downtime was considering streaming HOTS and possibly putting myself out there more into the community. Heroes of the Storm is my favorite game right now and I've been playing it for two years but have never really tried to get to know the community better and I feel streaming it more often might help with that. Aside from the big already known people like Chu, Grubby, and mewnfarez or someone like those, do you guys here like watching casual Heroes streams? I play at the Master/GrandMaster ranks and usually play all the oddball heroes in HL like Kerrigan, Tyrande, Valeera, Tracer, Chromie, Leoric etc and feel it might be a nice change of pace for some folks. Thanks Friends.LCD0 Aug 3
Aug 3 Li-ming nice plays compilation. Let me know if you enjoyed it, it's a really short video but took me a lot to do it, all your constructive comments will be appreciated since it seems like i can't show any of my videos in the spanish forum cause no one is alive there to just click the link that you sharing cause you need that feedback, thanks for watching and don't be rude, its my ''first'' video, at least the first one that took me lot of time to make it since i'm still using Movie Maker so im not the best at editing :) Aug 3