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2d Give Voice a Chance I've seen a lot of posts around where players are trying to ensure that they opt out of voice in-game. I'd rather see everyone give it a chance first so I've written up my thoughts about it. You can find my thoughts about voice here: If nothing else I hope that more of us would be interested in voice than not, because the few bad ones shouldn't be able to spoil this whole experience for the community.Agg0 2d
2d let's develop RTETI/TI and make cash cows let's develop RTETI/TI and make cash cows SC2 Galaxy Editor cell settings that are vague to point out where it is but knows that it exists ㅇsomewhere in editor it has feature to adjust the structure's grid and I think there's cell/polygon adjusting and more that I think might lead to easy develop of Real-Time-Expanding-Trimodular-Inventory cash cows focused after develop of RTETI because I don't think I can break the 20min aimed no item AOS HOTS's concept>.< unless there's surprise 3.0 4.0-ish there's vestige of hope on <zenderly> modeling of Diablo heroes in HOTS and I heard HOTS's is based on Galaxy Editor. __________part 1 *rough assumption prediction estimation>.< ㅇ3or more layers of for inventory <don't know how to treat/sort items as......> ㅇ1 for base and its like whole grid ㅇ1 for inventory or inventories ;placing it like pylon and modify, utilize as game process; 'pylon' level upgrades and increase the inventory size ㅇ1 for items and interact with clicking; click to place item inside pylon area, then clicking again for uprooting/floating/etc. item effect works as aura <or others but as item effect in inventoy I don't know if it's hard to understand @.@ concerned> ㅇclanup and polishing of interface might require after basic structure build up _________ really, till part 1 is really really essential >there's other parts in my poorly maintained website (and it's in progress) about 15000letters besides the roughs< link's on bottom-side also [name is based on trumpcard-jeon'ed race<there's chess also but rough> and website is constructed on 2012 and not really maintained it. Donald Trump wasn't famous before being president but website is now suggestive in that way Q.Q lalala~wheee] ; and inventory expanding via variables like strength attributes will lead to distictive gameplay vice versa and think it's blind spot in game industry and unique-ish ; think systemically summing the buildings<items> on the list might be done by counting installed structures but item listing wasn't that visible in Diablo2 or Diablo3 also _________part 2 *develope RTETI then try to implant it to other companies game or develop IP and aim profit and stuffs>.< [ promatch and cash cow aiming sort of ] details cropped on post ps:there's lotta Blizzard calling before looking up code of conduct and guideline, after seeing Blizzard calls are frown upon I shortened the topic post,etc <about 15 Blizzard calling but there's still Blizzard calling in website >.< <Is there any better place to put this topic? shyness and awkwardness erupts@.@ I wan't sure but not sure where's Game prompt suggestion-ish suppose go :( this is sorta community creation I think and Blizzard have heavy item bank potential from WOW Warcraft3 and Diablo series; which leads thirsty feeling about no item/inventory in HOTS although I don't wanna argue that much about no Item/Inventory in HOTS where I'm focused more on Part2 and more-ish>bravebro0 2d
2d Li-Ming Montage - Khada After seeing how well my last montage was received by the community, I decided to make another one. This time it's all about Li-Ming. Enjoy!Khada0 2d
2d New Streamer Hello all, I am new streamer getting back into the game. Looking to grow in the community and meet new people. Want to also learn, and climb through hero league. Currently Silver, and helpful tips in regards to streaming or climbing are welcomed. 2d
3d The Last Stand A sequel after the "Escape from Braxxis". Intro: On the last episode, Alpha Team was spent away to Braxxis on a scouting mission, Team Beta is alone to face the ruthless "Planet Buster" (Infested and 3 times as big as normal Cho'Gall). Will the Alpha return after their escape from Braxxis to Warhead Junction in time or will this be the final stand for Beta? Gameplay: 10 players are allies splint into two groups of 5 in this PvE scenario. Team Alpha is fighting as they rush from buttom to top corner of the map. Team Beta is stalling for time against the massive Omega Swarm, while they wait for Alpha to rescue them. Zergs lead by the Planet Buster himself as the final boss. This map is 45-60 minutes of gameplay for those who have time to enjoy. The bosses will only level up when the players do. Battle from level 1 to 30. Heroic Difficulty: Bosses may have their traits full or quest done at level one. Butcher may have 200+ meat and Diablo may always return with 100 permanent souls as they assault Team Beta. Completing this should be a a 15,000 gold reward, 300 gems, or 1,000 shards. Final Boss: He has slightly more damage than a playable ChoGall, but appears much larger, with between 500 thousand to 3 million health at lvl 30. Both teams will also be at their level cap during the fight. This boss is immune to giant killer or anything similar, so 10 players must focus to kill him as quick as possple. The Boss uses a suicide mechanic that takes 7-8 minutes, passively charging up his power to ready it for use. If the players won't defeat him in time, he will explode, destroying the entire planet, thus wiping out the only hope remaining in the Nexus, and ending the scenario in defeat. In the Heroic Difficulty, all the bosses, now lvl 30, will respawn and charge in a massive wave to accompany the boss. After 50 minutes into the game.Kuddlesberg0 3d
6d [STREAM] Toxic 1.5 year mute - Carrying Unranked Draft for when I go live: 6d
Feb 17 Valeera ranked Q build only Lets try to test Q build, coz everyone sure Garrote is the only option v=GPIO4lZggko&t=1s&index=2&list=PLg27BS2lDpbKH1BGyVhwYElXan8f5h_HO Feb 17
Feb 14 YouTube channel(spanish) hello guys, I want to share my YouTube channel, I make ranked gameplays on the Brazilian server in Spanish, I hope you like it and we'll see you in the nexus. Feb 14
Feb 12 Classic Kael'Thelas Skin is the SAME as Sovereign Skin I do not know how to get in contact with you guys, but I just wanted to let you know that 2 of Kael'Thelas' skins are the exact same and need to be changed next patch. Also on a side note on Diablo 3. The Highest lvl Emerald Gem has a lower gold cost than the one below it. I figured someone would read this and can figure out how to change that asap. Thank you for your time.Sappyipz0 Feb 12
Feb 11 Free guides and coaching! Hi everyone, I will keep it short. I recently started to work as a coach for HotS so if you want you can use this link to get a discount, even if you don't pick me. Meanwhile, I am making guides on youtube - two types of videos. One is for talents and combo while the other is a gameplay part where I execute and talk about variety of stuff happening in-game in real time. You can check out my channel here: Thanks for reading and I hope I can help you climb and even play with you in master+ ^^Krendor0 Feb 11
Feb 10 Lucio Map Glitch on Volskaya! Hi everyone! I want you show a little Glitch/Bug which i found with Lucio while streaming. Its a funny glitch which only works in the base. Dont know if Blizzard will fix it it no effect on the Game at all. Feb 10
Feb 6 HotS Highlights - HGC EU Week 3 Hi Fuska here with another video, this time it's highlights from Week 3 of HGC EU group play. Enjoy! Feb 6
Feb 5 Feedback on Heroes Tournement Stream I just watched HGC Europe - Open Division | Cup 2 | Day 1 today and what I am really missing is like a comparison on what hero did how much damage in the last important team fight. Isn't it possible to make it visual to players? I mean - it's getting calculated anyways as we can see in the MVP-Screen sometimes.Devaz0 Feb 5
Feb 3 grinded from g2 to dia 5 watch me boyspimppap0 Feb 3
Jan 31 Nice little combo to secure the comeback <3 Stukov Jan 31
Jan 30 short Cinematic to Uther, Jaina and maiev Three characters that I feel need an short Cinematic are: Uther, Jaina and maiev. why then need that ? I think these characters was born In the real time of war craft. And it's time We'll see them in a special video for them, a video that we can taste the truthfulness that has They accompany us over the years. BLIZZARD, you created wonderful characters of several years and it is time to show them differently in the short Cinematic or new trailer to Heroes of the storm!lotem0 Jan 30
Jan 30 Ten Ton Hammer Support If you're not aware, Ten Ton Hammer recently put out a request for the communities support. The full write up on Ten Ton Hammer: Or, the TLDR can be found on my site: I am in no way affiliated with Ten Ton Hammer I am simply showing them some of our vibrant communities passion and support.Agg0 Jan 30
Jan 28 Map Idea - Onxias Lair Just a loose idea in my head but thought I'd throw it up quick some sort of 3 lane map with Onyxia in the middle At say 3 minutes something like a bunch of whelps pop up or eggs you have to clear out the whelps and the eggs in your nest area faster then the other team to gain Ony's favor and then does something special for your team Could work somethign like Towers of Doom where she hits the core could be something more like you fight over a point whoever controls the point has whelps spawn and attack the other team and if they dont kill the whelps in the time limit Onyxia does something maybe when whelps spawn u kill them to turn them back into eggs the eggs spawn and help the team that controlled the point last ideally your either trying to protect the wehlps to push themup further or kill them fast so they dont push to close to your side of the map just an idea maybe get the ball rolling or stimulate someone more creative on this type of thing ty for readingFainflinn2 Jan 28
Jan 27 Salvator de Terra is looking for recruits for NA server Salvator de Terra is looking for recruits for NA server. We are looking for active members to join us in a community for North American players. This group is open to new and experienced players. Please leave your b-tag in the comments and join the discord server Discord name must match b-tagtmike1001 Jan 27
Jan 24 Sun and Moon gods map Hey guys, I had an idea for a map for HoTs with a new gimmick. So go ahead and read through it and then criticize it, call me an idiot and then trash everything about it because I know that’s how forums work. I know originally the idea of HoTs maps was that they would be their own worlds different from the other blizzard franchises, though lately we’ve been seeing that the maps are now being featured in blizzard universes so this theme could change to maybe a WC Troll theme. Location: High up in the mountains Theme: Incan empire theme, like Machu Picchu (or Warcraft Trolls) Feature: The map will feature a day and night cycle which will happen every 2 minutes from the start of the match. The cycle at the beginning will be random. In other words, sometimes the map will start with the sun out, others it will start with the moon out, and once the map hits the 2 minute mark, the time of day will change, and change again at minute 4, minute 6, etc. Objective: The first objective should always activate between the day/night cycles, so minute 3. After that, the next objectives timer will start from whenever the last objective was turned in. There will be 3 set locations in the map that will feature a climbable bluff. A warrior will appear randomly at the center of one of the 3 bluffs. The warrior will have about half the health of a boss. Once you defeat the warrior you can “carry” him (right-click instant cast, no chanelling) and you must take him to the center of the map were there will be a sacrificial altar. You must place the warrior at the altar (which will have a channeling time to place). Once the warrior is put on the altar a knife will drop and kill the warrior. Depending on the time of day (day/night) you will get 1 of 2 outcomes: Day time: The Sun god will honor your sacrifice and shoot a ray that will cause a fiery blast wave that will go from the altar at the center of the map and spread throughout the whole map. The wave will do no damage to friendly buildings, but will do 1.5% damage to ALL enemy buildings except the core. The second turn in will add an additional 1.5% to the damage, in other words, the second turn in will do 3.0% damage to all buildings, whether it was activated by the same team or a different team. The third turn in will add another 1.5% damage, in other words 4.5% total damage, etc. Night time: The Moon goddess will honor your sacrifice and cause a cloud to fall over all friendly buildings, giving ALL friendly buildings, except the core, a 1.5% health shield which will last until the next turn in or until the shield is destroyed by enemy forces. The second turn in will add an additional 1.5% to the shield, in other words, the second turn in will give a 3.0% health shield to all friendly buildings. The third turn in will add another 1.5% to the shield’s health, in other words a 4.5% health shield total for all friendly buildings, etc. With each turn in of the objective the next warrior will have an additional 3.0% increase to all stats (or however is best to balance the fight). Heroes who are carrying the warrior will drop him if they are killed. The warrior will remain kneeling (will look tired out) in the location he was dropped until another hero picks him up (lazy !@#). Why is it interesting, because depending on the time of day you can turn in and have a unique outcome. You may end up defeating the warrior and reaching the altar during day time but decide to hold off on sacrificing him until the night time because you prefer having a shield for your buildings since you see a boss is headed for your base or you may just sacrifice the warrior quickly because you’d prefer to have the damage wave to slowly eat away at your opponents’ base. Keep in mind all the numbers are just place holders, the percentage of the shields or damage from the blast wave may change based on balancing issues, as would the warrior’s health. Ok, go ahead, destroy my idea, rip it to shreds.Zeta0 Jan 24
Jan 23 Heroes of the Dorm 2018 With the announcement of this year's Heroes of the Dorm I thought it'd be fun to look back at where we've come from since the original #StormTheDorm in 2015. You can check out the link to my blog here: Thank you in advance and let me know what you think!Agg0 Jan 23
Jan 21 The Lost Vikings Love <3 Hey guys, im inlove with the vikings! i play the classic game and i play on heroes. unfortunatly there isnt much love for the vikings on facebook. cannot find a group that has been updated since 2005, so i decided to make my own, i will be linking builds, videos etc, just showing love for the vikings, if you would like to help me grow my page please swing by and leave a like <3 thanks in advanced Jan 21
Jan 18 Abathur Is Red, His Locusts Are Blue? Now that Abathur's Xenotech skin is LIVE I've taken this chance to review some of Aby's oddities in his other skins and why they still linger around. Take a look at my blog post here: Thank you in advance and let me know what you think!Agg0 Jan 18
Jan 15 I wrote and algorithm to predict HOTS results Hi everyone, I wrote a pretty simple neural network designed to predict HOTS match results. As a preview, here are a few of the conclusions I left off with: - It might be possible to “game” the quickmatch matching algorithm - Stats-based embeddings may offer deeper insight into class separation and sub-classes - The HOTS MMR rating might not be as valuable as one might intuit To view the blog post in full, check out either of the following links: If you're interested in trying the model yourself, checkout the github repo: I'd love to hear any feedback you have to offer!CommonGibbon2 Jan 15
Jan 13 The Latest 2018 Meta My thoughts and feelings on what the still shifting Meta is since the 2018 Gameplay Update and latest patch. Jan 13
Jan 8 Gaming-Community discord ChoGall4 Jan 8
Jan 6 Kerrigan wallpaper concept (request?) I've been looking around Deviantart and Google Images but so far there's nothing. What I had in mind was a wallpaper (1080p minimum btw) with Kerrigan's face looking at the screen (at you) centered, with half of her face as the Queen of Blades (say, on the right side) and the other half as Sarah Kerrigan (human). There's that one I spotted: It's close, very close to what I imagine. But it would require one half to be the human form. Ideally, the separation of both forms at the center wouldn't be straight up 'cut' with a line, but more like a fade-in-fade-out effect on both sides. So, like at the center, you wouldn't see a perfect cutting vertical line to distinguish both forms, but more like portions of the right side going into the left (and fading out) and portion of the left side going into the right (and fading out into it too). I... would definitely do it myself if I was a pro at that stuff. I did look around but I end up pretty much having to ask for it as some kind of request here. If any of you magicians of Photoshopland could do a miracle like that I would be forever grateful. And I would also eat a lot of cupcakes in your name, if that helps.Lyrondor0 Jan 6
Jan 5 Fun and Chill Stream Jan 5
Jan 3 Archimonde Concept Hello , i wanted to share with you my old creation of Archimonde. I have chosen this character ,because I allways liked Fel and everything about that :) You are free to post any constructive Criticism ,but i made this long time ago and I am not willing to continue in that. It was just made for fun :) Jan 3
Dec 24 Carol of Kael'thas A holiday-inspired rendition of "Carol of the Bells" presented by our favourite Blood Elf King, Kael'thas Sunstrider. Happy Holidays! :)Viria0 Dec 24
Dec 21 HotS Highlights: Blizzcon 2017 Quarterfinals Hi guys, I'm here today (although a little late) with a video of HotS highlights from this years Blizzcon HGC Quarterfinals. Hope you enjoy it, the Semi/Finals are already in the works. Dec 21
Dec 20 Blizzard Game Montage It's just something I made because I was bored and love blizzard games, wether it's good or not I'll let you decide, but I hope you enjoyJatedin0 Dec 20
Dec 18 Group MMR I'm just double-checking my information here as I couldn't find many hard answers out there on the internet. I just wrote a post about how MMR works and more specifically of when you're with a friend/group. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in a group setting the average MMR (or something similar) is used to find the match right? Meaning if there is a large discrepancy of the MMR between players then those on the lower spectrum will have a much harder time. You can find my post here for additional clarification: Thank you in advance!Agg0 Dec 18
Dec 17 Sonya memes Dec 17
Dec 14 HANZO BROKE HOTS! Heres how Dec 14
Dec 14 Hanzolo Trying something new, lemme know what you think.Jerross0 Dec 14
Dec 14 HANZO BROKE THE GAME (With Proof) Dec 14
Dec 14 Happy Holidays! Just a silly moment from QM. Have a nice holidays HOTSpeople! ♥ Dec 14
Dec 12 Good streamers to learn from? Hi I kind of became a shot caller for a bunch of guys with whom I play team league and I'd quite like to improve in that regard. I don't necessary need to improve in individual heroes: i'd rather improve my overall game awareness. What streamers would you recommend for me to follow to learn to be better in team league environment? My level in Team League as it is right now is high plat (currently plat 2).Keen0 Dec 12
Dec 12 Good videos The guy put some efforts in his vids but why so few subs? Go and support him). Dec 12
Dec 8 HotS logo from the launcher? Can someone link a big PNG or ICO version of the HotS icon from the launcher? This is the tiny version of it: It's a nice and clean logo, what I would use for my Discord HotS channel. The game EXE icon is too messy for that purpose.Kuszkusz0 Dec 8
Dec 7 War3 Trying to build similar map like Dragon Shire Hello. Here is my alpha stage of my map. It suppose to be similar to Dragon Shire. Maybe you guys can suggest what to add and fix? Hey don't expect to be as good as Blizzard standarts, I'm only an amateur. But I put my heart to this. It seems I have a lot to learn and practice. Here is the image: Middle, the right and the left sides are not completed yet. And I also have to make less grassy.TaiChiQuan0 Dec 7
Dec 4 join my channel fo rnightly streams STREAMING NOW GENJI STRAT JOIN AND WATCH join every night hosting strategy for a chosen hero Dec 4
Dec 3 we need Warcraft map!!!! Good idea is,making map like outland or broken isles, when two sides base have cores one like fortres horde or aliance never mind and second have base have core like tomb of sargeras maybe:D .Blizz u can make different minions like in map battlefield of entrnty or ifernal shrines.When one side have minions 3 mele orc,3 range dwarf or night elf and one for globe human or blood elf mage:D.Second side have minion army of burning can be 2 lane better for tf.Objective one portal middle on map must be captured like Volskaya foundry 100%.And players have aid of massive army like in braxis holdout,army who push 1 random lane evry time when side of aliance and horde capture portal u team have masive army of azeroth for destroying lanes and legion have too massive demon army for destroying lanes.One thing more,when one team push 1 lane sige minon for Azeroth army can be dwarf sige tank or horde demolisher,legion army can have infernal canon :D.minions can be 3 siege and 2 brusier.Brusiers can be Fell reaver maybe:D and siege 3 mini gunship or zepelin who shoot forts.That is it of me,tnx u all who read this maybe warcraft fans like me support this :D :D :DAxus1010 Dec 3
Dec 2 Newish Streamer I stream all kinds of games but play HOTS a lot come follow me and check out my stream Dec 2
Dec 2 New Dual Specialization Hero Idea Hello everyone! I'm not usual to create topics, but today I've been thinking about a new hero with dual specialization (like Varian). And this is my idea: Hero: Cairne Bloodhoof Role: Warrior/Support Stats: - Health: 2,215 (+4% per level) - Health Regen: 4.92 (+4% per level) - Mana; 500 (+10 per level) - Mana Regen: 2.90 (+0.098% per level) - Attack Speed: 1 per second - Attack Range: 1.8 - Damage: 145 (+4% per level) Abilities: - First ability: SHOCK WAVE (Q):[8 seconds of CD, 80 manacost] Hits all enemies in line for 175 (+3% per level) damage. If it hits 4 or more enemies in line, it will echo on the enemies arround every target hit, dealing 44 (+4% per level) damage to them and all nearby enemies. - Second Ability: WAR STOMP (W): [12 seconds of CD, 40 manacost] Slams the earth around, stunning all nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds and dealing 36 (+5% per level) damage to them. - Third Ability: WARD OF PROTECTION (E):[8 seconds of CD, 55 manacost] Activate a totem that redirects the next 3 nearby enemy harmful abilities for 3 seconds. Every absorbed ability heals Carine for 2% of his maximum health. Doesn't work on area damage spells. - Trait: ENDURANCE AURA: Everytime Cairne hits an enemy, it gains a stack of Endurance Aura for 3.5 seconds, providing him and nearby allies +1% speed bonus, to a maximum of 15%. Heroic Abilities: - Reincarnation: [ 180 seconds of CD] Upon dying, and after 8 seconds, Cairne returns to life with 80% of maximum health, being invulnerable for the first second. - Spirit Link:[90 seconds of CD, 100 manacost] Cairne choose 2 nearby heroes, allias and enemies, for 4 seconds. The heroes chained by spirit link equal their life percentage to the higher health, then, they recieve the same amount of life percentage damage and healing for the duration of the link or until one of the 2 heroes drops below 30% of maximum health. - BLESSED AXE: [ 80 seconds of CD, 100 manacost] Cairne creates a spiritual copy of his axe and throws it towards in a line, hitting the first 2 enemies and dealing them 424 (+4.5% per level) damage. Enemies hit by the spiritual axe are marked for 5 seconds, recieving 187 (+4% per level) damage over time and losing as much armor as accumulations of endurance aura Cairne had at that time. Talents: 1) - (!Quest) Echo SLAM: Trigger Show Wave echo damage to heroes. !Reward: Upong damaging 15 heroes, Show Wave slows enemies hit for 30% of max speed for 2 seconds. !Reward: Upon damaging 30 heroes, Shocwave deals an adittional 2% of enemy heroes maximum health as damage. !Reward: Upong damaging 45 heroes, shockwave gains 2 stacks. - EARTH MOTHER'S PROTECTION: Every stack of endurance aura gives Cairne the same amount of armor, reducing all damage recieved by that percentage. - EARTHBLOOM: Shockwave now also heals allies in wave for 150 (+4% per level) and reduces it manacost by 30. Also, everytime Cairne casts War Stomp, throws one petal of earthbloom to 3 nearby allies, healing them for 127 (+4% per level) health. 4) - DEADLY AURA: Each stack of endurance aura also increases the attack speed of nearby allies in the same percentage. This bonus is doubled for Cairne. - VIGOROUS STOMP: Every enemy hero hit by War Stomp provides Cairne 2% of his maximum health as shield for 4 seconds. - (!Quest) sPIRIT OF LIFE: Everytime Cairne absorbes an ability under the effects of Ward of Protection, it heals all nearby friendly Heroes for 55 (+4% per level). !Reward: Upong healing 35 Heroes, Cairne wil recieve no damage from absorbed spells, and restores 15 mana for each spell absorbed. !Reward: Upong healing 60 Heroes, Heroes healed by Spirit of Life will recieve 3% of armor for each heal for 3 seconds. 7) - RELEASE SPIRIT: [30 seconds of CD] Activate to make target ally Unstoppable for 1 second. Duration is incresed by 0.1 second for every stack of Endurance Aura. - TAUREN'S FURY: Every third attack against the same target deals an aditional 2% of its maximum health as damage. - (!Quest) BLOOD SPIRIT: Absorb enemy spells under the effects of Ward of Protection. !Reward: Upon absorbing 15 enemy spells, Ward of Protection heals for an additional 1% of Cairne maximum health per spell. !Reward: Upon absorbing 30 enemy spells, cairne gains 800 Health. - STAMPEDE: Activate to increase Cairne's movement speed by 15% and make him Unstoppable for 2.5 seconds. 13) - ETHEREAL FORM: Cairne enters into the spirits realm for 4 seconds, making him invulnerable to physical damage, but still recieving damaga from spells. It can be cancelled to return before to reality. - CHIEFTAIN'S EXPERTISE: Every 10 seconds, the next attack against an enemy Hero will replicate, doing 10% extra damage and stacking Endurance Aura for each attack. - ECHO OF GUARD: Every target hit by Shock Wave increase Cairne's armor by 1 for 3 seconds. - REVITALIZING AURA: Endurance Aura also increases the healing recieved from spells by allies for the same percentage of stacks. 16) - ANCESTRAL PRESENCE: [20 seconds CD] Activate to slow the Attack Speed by 50% of nearby enemies and recieve 30% more healing for 3 seconds. Passive: Heroes and Summons that attack Cairne have their Attack Speed slowed by 20% for 2.5 seconds. - TRAVELING SOUL: [20 seconds CD] Activate to teleport at Shock Wave's position instantly. Passive: Increase Shock Wave range by 20%. - DEMOLITION WAVE: Shock Wave lower the armor of all enemy hit by 15, increasing the damage they recieve by 15%. - ECHO OF HEALING: Triggering Shock Wave echo heals the most injured nearby allied Hero of Cairne by 100% of damage done by the echo. 20) - TOTEM OF REINCARNATION: Activate to set totem's position. Upon dying, and if Reincarnation is up, Cairne will revive at totem's position. Passive: Lower the cooldown of Reincarnation by 30 seconds and reviving time by 3 seconds. - TOUCH OF BLOODHOOF: For 4 seconds after the duration of Spirit Link, Cairne can reactivate this ability to extend its duration by 3 seconds on 2 new selected targets. (Can select previous targets). - ECHOES OF WAR: Increase the max stacks of Endurance Aura to 30, and every hit now stacks 2 times. - EARTHBREAKER: Reduce de cooldown of War Stomp by 4 seconds. I've seen some ideas for Cairne before, but I think he should be more like this. Do you think this heroe would make good? Opinions are well received! Thanks for read!Odion0 Dec 2
Dec 2 GENJI soloing 4 heroes at once LOLRaZ0 Dec 2
Nov 30 ESCAPE FROM BRAXIS (PvE modes discussion) I think Blizz should continue making PVE maps for HoS like “escape from braxis”! They remind me so much of WC3 and it is such an experience to play them. We were not even aware of -how certain talents can actually be so useful in PvE mode- Those talents are pretty much useless in regular PvP (qm, HL, TL etc. ) and we never choose them, but in PvE wow! There are is so much potential it blows my mind. Different ways of teamwork and play style. I hope Blizz will see this post. And players to recognize my interest! PVE HOS FTWHellscream3 Nov 30