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18h HOTSmafia wants your replays! Hello everyone. We're a girl & boy tag team, and we want to cast YOUR replays for our YouTube channel. Quick Match, Ranked, Unranked, Brawl, Custom, whatever, we'll cast anything (as long as it's player vs player). League doesn't matter. What we hope to see: - Big comebacks. - Unusual heroes and builds. - Wacky tactics (they don't have to be effective). - Impressive displays of idiocy/noobishness. - Hero deaths galore. - Wombo combos. - Close-fought matches. - Lots of action. Send us your most entertaining replays to Our channel is HOTSmafia on YouTube. So far we've only casted random replays downloaded from hotslogs, but hopefully, as early as next week we'll start casting replays that you have sent us. :] The channel (we've just started): Thanks for your time. I hope you enjoy the show.Giga1 18h
1d new gold stream come watch! Hey guys im Ultima i've been streaming HoTS for awhile now and i wanted to invite everyone to come hang out and enjoy a new stream! 1d
1d Started up a channel! Hey y'all! So a while back I started up my YouTube channel to do vlogs and such but on Fridays I do gameplay vids on heroes! Just posted my latest video so head on over and check it out if you like :) Hope ya enjoy it!SpideyQueue0 1d
2d Artanis Guide Hey guys! I made an Artanis video guide on youtube that you guys may enjoy and learn some stuff from. Feel free to check it out and leave feedback. 2d
2d Ragnaros Guide and Gameplay Hello my fellow HoTS lovers today I uploaded a new video where I took advantage of this weekends all heroes free rotation and I finally tried out our lord of fire Ragnaros I had an amazing time playing him even though he is not my typical style of hero for a chance to have a look at him in action check out my latest YouTube video over at my channel I will be uploading daily videos and guides to other heroes so if you would like to stay updated on that please subscribe 2d
2d Zul'jin guide and gameplay Hello everyone, I've recently started up a YouTube channel focusing heavily on guides on Heroes of The Storm heroes guides I record these while playing so you may see the hero in action as well, I would love your support and any advice for a new to YouTube creator here is the link to my first video 2d
3d [TOOL] Play HotS with a gamepad (v1.2.7) Hi all For those few of you who are interested in playing the game with a gamepad, I created a tool for that. Link is at the top of the following post: Version History 1.2.7 - Multiple bug fixes, New Profile for Diablo 3. 1.2.5 - Improved Virtual Aim Timing and various bug fixes. 1.2.4 – Fixed a crash that happened under certain conditions 1.2.3 – Added complete button definition to analog configuration, updated Heroes of the Storm profile to fix self cast. 1.2.2 – Improvements on Virtual Aim, improved profile for Heroes of the Storm 1.2.1 – Fixed a crashing bug when a gamepad wasn’t connected. Basically: - Left Analog: Character movement, describes a small circle around the character so it feels as if the game has analog movement support. - Right Analog: Moves the pointer in an elliptical area for aiming. - All other buttons be mapped to skills, talents, etc I made the app with the intention of playing Diablo 3, Path of exile and those type of games, once I entered HotS beta I made some adjustments and I got it working. I enjoy playing the game with it so I figured I should post it here, for any feedback and check if its ok with blizzard to use it, heh, the tool is not trying to give any advantage, simply map both analog sticks into movement and aiming. A ps4 gamepad is highly recommended to navigate through menus with the trackpad. So, any feedback is appreciated Thanks:weberto27 3d
3d Heroes Radio: Episode 42 - #BlameRuss We're getting better at this. Despite having technical issues again, we managed to pull this episode out of our butts. Heroes has another free Hero weekend so don't miss that. Also Blizzard goes into even further detail on the Armor System which we are thankful for and there is never a shortage of sodium on the internet so come give us a listen. Listen first on SoundCloud Email us Tweet David @dcdavidson89 Tweet Russ @R_D_Ripley In game /join heroesradio Find us on iTunes and leave a 5-star review Find us on Stitcher Radio and leave a 5-star review Follow and watch Silver Squad live Wedneday night @10ET/7PT Subscribe to Russ on YouTube Subscribe to David on YouTube 3d
4d Insane 1v4 on Braxis Holdout Who said you can't carry in this game?curreil0 4d
4d Blizzard Heroes Voice Imitiations Hello everyone.I am good at and interested in Demonic Voices.I created a project named Replica Series on youtube and i want to share it with you. So far i made Malthael,Imperius,Urzael,Demonic Illidan(war 3) and Diablo(hots&d3) If you enjoy it and want me to make more please tell me what hero should i voice. If you are also interested in making starcraft 2 or warcraft 3 map editor.I am willing to offer my services for free,as long as you request badass or demonic voice. Here is the link to my playlist.If you enjoy it,please like the video 4d
5d we should have specific lore "It's been a year and a half..... why...?" whispers in the darkness a cold and sharp voice. "I've been fighting over and over. I've faced death more times that I could count. I've killed the same foe over and over and they always return. Those insects, those faceless creatures and even her.... why?" *wings flapping* *a crow sits over a crystal in the middle of nothingness* A fierce voice answer "I bought you here. The Nexus is beyond time and space. You coexist with yourself. You coexists with who you once was, with who you could have been, with who you will be. Multiple cosmos cross over and I summoned you to fight for me." "Your voice...... the Raven Lord!" "Yes. In this realm I am your Lord! You will fight for me!" "Why should I?!" "Here, even YOUR will is bound to me. You have no choice." "We shall see." "You can always chose death. And I will bring you back again and again. You MUST fight. And if you win, perhaps I'll give you something in return." "What could you possible give me?" "Your heart's deepest desire." "!!!" "But first you must destroy the Grave Keeper's core. Feed me with it's energy and I shall prevail! The more energy I consume, the more powerful I'll become and in time I alone shall rule this realm! When this time comes, you shall have *it*". "Now go! Gather tribute, or face my curse. The choice is simple!" 5d
6d Dehaka Gameplay Video Hey this is the necronlord of the League of Awsomeness come and check out my latest video. 6d
6d NLG Community Next Level Gaming Community A Discord Sever: What is Next Level Gaming Next Level Gaming is a community for gamer's focused on providing every player with a unique, fun, safe, and secure gaming experience. What makes Next Level Gaming a good community is the people and the staff who make it fun and safe for new players to come and have fun with everyone else. Our community comprised of gamer's, students, streamers, teachers, parents, families and more. We care about each other and are always there to help and find new ways to make the community even better we always listen to what are members have to say on making our community better we love everyone who is on this server and is always willing to make it even bigger. We want you to come and have a good time in our community. If you want us to sponsor a game that is not on here we are always looking into new games and will add to the server. If you are looking for a ranked team, private room for your team you can always come to a staff and ask them to help you put together a team or to even start tournaments for or community. What type of gamer is NLG good for? We are diverse and have gamer's of all types! What can we offer? 1. Safety 2. Team Rooms 3. In-House games 4. Events for all types of games (including tournaments which will be announced on the server) 5. Hang out rooms so you can chill out with your friends 6. Casual game night (where we play online board games, team games and other games people suggest) 7. Movie/Shows 8. Streamers/Shoutcasters 9. Staff assistance 10. Coaching 11. Leveling System W/ Rewards 12. Music Bot for anyone to listen to 13. Cards Against Humanity 14. NSFW-18-Plus room can only view this room with the 18+ tag on you 15. Enter the lotto to earn prizing or ranking points 16. Russian Roulette 17. 8 Ball Requirements to becoming a member of NLG? You will need to have discord: Have fun and obey our server rules If any of the above interests you I urge you to give us a shot. Let us try to show you what we are all about! Come play games, meet people, make friends, and have fun with us. Here is the link once again if you missed it: 6d
Jan 8 Zul'Jin Troll Spotlight First of all i have took some suggestions that "PaleBlueDot" gave me. Don't know how good i implemented them, but i wuld like to hear what you guys think about this one :)Plaevå0 Jan 8
Jan 8 Samuro Troll Spotlight Hi guys, first video I even made for HotS and i would like You to tell me how can i improve my next video to be better and more funny! Thank you soo much for your time! :)Plaevå1 Jan 8
Jan 8 The comunity is a disaster So I am new player here and i played this game for 2 weeks and i wanna tell you the general impression this game made to my. So this is the arguable best moba in the world. His strong points are the gameplay , the variability and also got good graphics and music. However it suffers from a major problem the comunity. The people that are playing this game at least the people that are not old and already have ranks are just a bunch of toxic wasters of life. Is ok for people to play for fun some games , but when you're doing an Esports game , and you got people that play unranked draft or even ranked draft without have anykind of common game sense or don't even treat the match seriously you ruin the progress of the people that are dedicate to this , the people that are puting a ton of effort to get good at it , the people that one day might go to esports event , that might travel the world to see a live esports match . And the fact that Blizzard made that Nexus challange is terrible . Sure we get hereos and skin but the main focus of this is that people from Overwatch will play Hots..... And so what ?? You actualy made the comunity even worse , the forums are full of guys that wanna team up just for that genji skin and you have a large ammount of players that have no ideaa how to play this game but they do go on qm and unranked matches . I saw a lot of people doing that and no i'm not just mad those people actualy admited that to my. The comunity is still small and 90% of the players that come for the genji skin will just leave either cuz they are not good at the game either that they don't like it. What Hereos of the storm actualy needs right now is a rework for the matchmaking system and the reward system not skins , or this kind of advertise. The advertise that will make the game more popular is the advertise that puts in value his strongest point : the gameplay I know that right now Blizzard is right now busy with Overwatch but after they finish to deal with the comunity from Overwatch they realy need to step in for this game. I'm not hating it, as i said is the best moba and i still enjoy it more than other games right now. If you read this post please reply so that Bliizard will take in consideration if you have the same opinionTheEyezlader5 Jan 8
Jan 7 New player UI Tried my luck with creating a new player UI for the game. Link below: Talents shown: Bottom left contains: Hero portrait, mount and hearthstone buttons, stackables(block, season marksman etc.) with completion bar above and Trait specific(Frostwolf resilience etc.). Bottom mid contains: Basic abilities, heroic, trait, health, resource(mana etc.), talented abilities(bolt, envenom etc.), and external buffs[Green]/debuffs[Red](shown here debuffs: Xul's Cursed Strikes and Poison Nova, while the buff is Raynors: Inspire). Top mid contains: Game time, team level, team xp bar, hero portraits(and below death timer, if dead) and core health. Link again: Talents shown: Jan 7
Jan 7 New Hots Streamer. I've been in high diamond/masters mmr before and wanna climb back up to masters and stream my adventure. Come join me at Jan 7
Jan 6 My first zeratul montage!! My first game montage i was play zeratul for 850 games Here is my video. Have fun :)Crystal0 Jan 6
Jan 6 My HOTS gameplay latest video Hey I just made a video and will continue to make more so come check it out and enjoy Jan 6
Jan 6 Web Site-Nexus Challenge/Bad Marketing I tried doing the Nexus Challenge yesterday (1/4) with a friend of mine and finished all of the 15 games before midnight on 1/4. I am in the U.S. in central time zone. The reason we decided to try the challenge (Apart from being Overwatch junkies) was because on site there was a banner for the nexus challenge saying,...I wish I would have taken a screenshot. So we both agreed on tackling this challenge. Come to find out we did not get the rewards for our time spent playing HOST (Was fun, but not my cup of tea) because the achievement of us finishing the matches allegedly came up on 1/5 on Blizzard's system. Who knows on what time zone that showed up in, but where I was, it was before midnight. We played roughly from 8:00PM-11:45PM Central Standard Time. The problem that I have is this. If there would have been a time zone along with a date and I missed I completely I would understand. But you don't put a challenge or an offer that ends at ... on a day and then have an asterisk saying **Exact start and end dates may vary slightly by region I find that absurd along with a banner on the day off on the home page saying 1 day left. All I ask is please be on top of your game and be fair to the loyal players (and fans) who play your games and because the "specifics" weren't too specific many of us were left hanging. If a new challenge were to be brought and believe me we are grateful, but please be more detail on the start and end dates. -Calibre P.S. I already did a support ticket and was giving the news from a Game Master. I already followed the correct steps.Calibre1 Jan 6
Jan 4 Alarak Cosplay Reference Kits Dear Blizzard: As of recently I have been going through the cosplay reference kits to get some ideas or to see if there are any that appeal to me. When going through the reference kits I had the idea of doing a cosplay of Alarak: Highlord of the Tal'darim (and of sass). Although my voice impersonation is getting spot on, there is no reference kit for him. I have been developing one myself, but but it would be awesome if you guys added more heroes, not just Alarak, for instance Spectre Illidan, or Gul'dan. Thank you for whatever feedback you give me.McLondon0 Jan 4
Jan 4 First Time HOTS - The series! Hey folks, may I humbly present a little series I'm making that should help new players get an idea about certain heroes in an easy and fun manner! The ones who watched it already seemed to enjoy it, so I'd be glad if you did, too! Jan 4
Jan 2 Silenced after being trolled in a game So i got paired with a player called Failfellow who trolled the game and then got to report me and I got silenced. Great community, blizzard. I see no way to contact support or report this player on the site that is easily. I have screenshots and everything and anyone at Blizzard can see the game was trolled by this guy, yet I get reported and silenced. Any help on the matter?Laufey0 Jan 2
Jan 2 - Heroes of The Storm LFG website I am proud to announce and share with the Heroes of The Storm community a looking for player and group finder website I created About: offers players the ability to find like minded players to play a game of Heroes of The Storm with. A bunch of different game modes can be chosen from Ranked, QM, Brawl, A.I. and Custom. You must first connect with your account, set your preferred region, your Hero League and Team League (Rank & Division) and then be able to start posting. The table results will automatically update every few seconds. You have the ability to disconnect your account and change your preferred settings whenever you please. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it works: Once you have successfully connected your account and finished the account set up you will be able to start creating posts. Currently posts will consist of the following information: Looking Type : LFG (Looking For Group) & LFM (Looking For Members) Title Description Game Mode Microphone Roles Region---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Future: I would really appreciate feedback from the community in order to properly grow the site into something the entire Heroes of The Storm community can use and enjoy. Currently I'll be spending the next few weeks optimizing the site and planning for any requested features. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have a nice day and Happy New Year, DS19DS190 Jan 2
Dec 31 Zero to Hero Stream Project!! Zero to Hero Stream Hey guys, I'm writing today to discuss the new project I have had an idea for quite some time now. I have never played HotS but always had an interest to watch stream's and event's when possible. I finally have a decent PC and equipment to stream now so will be entering the game and looking forward to doing so. I love eSports and competing so I would like to maybe one day have a decent team to scrim and compete with but that's a long way off. The idea of mine is pretty simple I want to stream HotS daily to you guys so you can watch/help me achieve becoming a decent player I know this will take a lot of time but time is what I have. With my viewers being my coach from day one and guiding me through the game daily I can listen and play with you guys so I can improve and reach my goal. Please remember I have never played this game yet so the stream game quality want to at a high level as of yet but we will be talking about the game and maybe everyone can learn something not just me. I want to know what you guys think of this idea? I'm coming into this late so I know I 'am far behind but I will reach my goal in becoming a top player. I hope you guys will enjoy the journey of me becoming a no body to maybe competitive player one day. I will be starting the stream in the next 1/2 weeks, Right now the graphics and so on are being made ready for the 1st day I go LIVE!! Thank you for reading this and I would love to hear your feedback on this. #Zero2Hero VibeVibeee1 Dec 31
Dec 30 Divergent Gaming rebuilding This year started off as an amazing year for DG with Dreadnaught and Zoia casting our first tournament. Unfortunately due to lack of leadership and personal issues for the leader, we let things slip and fall. We are currently rebuilding for the new year! We are branching out into other games, but we want to rebuild our HoTS community to it's former glory. Many people are looking for a place to match up with other members to play. We have several experienced MOBA players, some of which play HoTS primarily. We would love for you to join us! We use a teamspeak server and we also have discord. We primarily use teamspeak, but are willing to regrow our discord server also! Our website is and is being revamped this new year. Please join us on teamspeak at nx263.teamspeak3.comBishopspawn0 Dec 30
Dec 25 Stream Boocher All Nite Stop by and watch.. or say hello! :-)Alexander0 Dec 25
Dec 24 New Hero: Aidan I suggest adding Aidan as a playable Hero. I think he is a large part of the Diablo story and is overlooked. Also he is the only Human ever to defeat Diablo (not permanently but even the Nephalem can't do that). Plus it would be cool to see him remade with modern graphics (He had some of the coolest looking gear IMO).Brent0 Dec 24
Dec 20 EmpressMeowMeow This is my thread to show whenever I am streaming HoTS. I am not a very big channel and it wasn't that long ago I started to stream but I stream many types of games from oldies to new ones. I do have a few games I play a lot of though such as Heroes of the storm and Overwatch. I stream for 5hours or more almost everyday but Mondays and Fridays can be iffy and weekends are my off times but even then I sometimes stream I start mostly at 2:30pm-7:30pm ESTEmpressMeow1 Dec 20
Dec 19 Starting a New HotS blog! Trying to get some dedicated readers for my new blog that I recently set up! I'm working on doing giveaways too! Any love would be greatly appreciated. Dec 19
Dec 19 Problems Recording With OBS Hello, I decided to try my hand at recording games with OBS. It took several tries, and I have all the bugs worked out ... except one. When I play back the game the video is very choppy, as though it's not recording at the correct FPS. I've got it set to max (60), and I put the bit rate at 35000. Any advice to help me clean it up would be appreciated. ThanksTuna2 Dec 19
Dec 17 Map Guide: Map Meta: Cursed Hollow Hi everyone I made a map guide for Cursed Hollow. I'm a GM level player and coach that has experience with numerous amateur tournament first place finishes. I made this video to help give new and unaware players some valuable knowledge on how to "up their game". Heres the link: Dec 17
Dec 16 Streaming @ Gold last season streaming placement matches! I am a new streamer i stream many games including every blizzard game (except wow) i like to believe im entertaining so why not come check me out as i play some HL!GrumpyKitten0 Dec 16
Dec 14 Greetings Friends Who Am I? Was up people Swift4Runner Im a pretty chill guy that loves gaming and is a big part of my life. Currently an online student for my Bachelors in Graphic Design but am trying to be a full time streamer. I play a great many of games and like having fun when I play and I hope you will have fun hanging around here with the people. Why I Stream? I started streaming because I want to bring the chill back into gaming. Lately gaming has been turning into more about competition then about the games. Not saying that I am not a competitive gamer myself because I do like my ranked games. However there are those who take it way to far and tend to ruin games more then make then fun or a learning experience. I am here to give gamers that toxic free relm and also to help people get better at the game instead of getting ranted by the masses. My ultimate goal is to make a community for all to come and not worry if their new or pro at the game. Just give it your best and have fun with it. What I Stream? I mainly am a Heroes Of The Storm streamer. I have been playing since beta and I am dedicated to the game. I do Viewer Games where all are welcome to play, Ranked Solo Ques and looking to do Team League if I can get a squad together. With me streaming HotS, I look to help people get better at the game or even learn the game if your new and are looking to play it. I also do Single Player Lets Play days because I love stories that games tell and a huge RPG fan and random chill games just for fun chill days. Sun - Sat 6pm ESTSwift4Runner0 Dec 14
Dec 13 What is this madness? What am I looking at? Where's the art? Why the Korean? Why the Harry Potter? In short... what the Hell?Levyathyn1 Dec 13
Dec 13 [Funny Screenshot]: Eye of the Needle All identities have been hidden.DarthWalrus0 Dec 13
Dec 12 Comeback on the Tomb of the Spider Queen. I really was thinking we will lose, but somehow we manage to win.Bortasz0 Dec 12
Dec 12 Heroes Radio: Episode 38 - Back to You Could we go two weeks in a row with no news out of the Heroes of the Storm team? Of course not! We've got a news filled, epic episode where we couldn't even fit in all the news and had to save PTR for next week. We had some great discussions that you won't want to miss, have a listen. Listen first on SoundCloud Email us Tweet David @dcdavidson89 Tweet Russ @R_D_Ripley Find us on iTunes and leave a 5-star review Find us on Stitcher Radio and leave a 5-star review Follow and watch Silver Squad live Wedneday night @10ET/7PT Ranked Season 2 Final Episode Subscribe to Russ on YouTube Doom's School for Dummies Ep 8: Illidan Comeback Doom’s Kharazim Iron Fist Build Dec 12
Dec 9 Stream Feedback Come watch me and gimmie feedback please =D Dec 9
Dec 5 Thrall - Fan art I did a thing! and it took me a looong time to do it. I used a !@#$ ton of textures and pictures from the internet to make this piece happen. + did some massive paint-over job. Geeking out like crazy when the first trailer came out for the Warcraft movie I decided to pay tribute to the most badass Orc character there is = Thrall. While respecting the overall visual of the movie. This was a very fun challenge! And I tried my best to make combo of all the different version of Thrall that exists... because let's face it = he had at least 10 facelift in the past few years... his design changed from 1 promotionnal art to the other or from one game to the other, so THAR. happy? TL:DR I was hyped for the movie, I made a fan art of Thrall in that realistic style. This is a fan art, the character of thrall belongs to Blizzard Entertainnement. = High Definition versionMrGoblin3 Dec 5
Dec 3 Heroes Radio: Episode 37 - #SaveYourGrandma We're back from Holiday vacation and since there wasn't a lot to talk about we took the lazy way out. We made up news! No not really. This episode we do something unique and lazy! We take a look way back when at episode 3 and how Ray and David felt about the state of the game. David and Russ are here to talk about the good, bad, and ugly about Heroes of the Storm from almost 10 months ago! Listen first on SoundCloud Email us Tweet David @dcdavidson89 Tweet Russ @R_D_Ripley Find us on iTunes and leave a 5-star review Find us on Stitcher Radio and leave a 5-star review Watch Silver Squad live Wedneday night @10ET/7PT Ranked Season 2 Silver Squad Ep 6 Subscribe to Russ on YouTube Doom's School for Dummies Ep 7: Tomb of the Spider Queen Dec 3
Dec 2 May do me a favor please? :) Do any starcraft 2 protoss fans at here? May anyone seen this do me a favor to post it on Starcraft 2 suggestion forum? I want to, but the difference in game region (or other issues) does not allow me to post on the forum. Sorry for the off topic from Heroes of the Storm, yet I quite enjoy playing Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm, since HotS includes many familiar characters in gameplay. My favourite character in HotS will be the Illidan Stormrage, Anub'rak the Crypt Lord from WoW and Zeratul from SC2. Now, back into main point: (may help me open a post for the notes below in Starcraft 2 forum? Please...) (Or if Blizzard moderators notice this, before terminate this post, please inform Starcraft 2 crew about this notes... from a Starcraft fan) ******************************************************************* I hope Blizzard will consider my suggestion in their future game testing and release in future major patch. General: *Nexus -Add Power Field to Nexus. (allow quick warp-in units or structures for defensive purpose) *Cybernetic Core -Add a new upgrade "Chrono Recovery" (mineral/gas cost 75/75, research time 181 seconds) to enable all protoss units and structures to regenerate their HP by 0.5 per second ONLY while out of combat. (Very sad and funny to see the protoss don't even know to repair and recover themselves.) Nexus units: *Mothership Core & Mothership -Remove Time Warp ability (will used in Dark Archon.) -Allow Mass Recall to target on ground or through minimap to automatic target on nearest Nexus. *Mothership -Rework "Vortex", cost 150 energy, has 5 cast range, mothership is able to channeling a vortex up to 10 seconds. All enemy units within 4.95 area will being dragged toward the center of vortex, not stunned nor damaged, only prevented from moving out, affected units can still attack and cast abilities. Units with cast range or attack range greater than 4 can easily focus down mothership. (vipers[drag], corruptors, void rays, stalkers, vikings, liberator, etc) Gateway units: *Zealot Since zealot is very easy kite-able and less defensive in early game: -Reduce mineral cost from 100 to 50. (enable more zealots production in early stage, hp is nerfed) -Reduce cargo size/capacity from 2 to 1. (enable more zealots for defensive or offensive purpose.) -Reduce shield/hp from 50/100 to 50/50. (the reduce in hp, make early or late-game macro zealots easier to be wiped out.) *Sentry Since sentries are always traded unfavoritely with enemy cheap units: -Make sentry no longer requires Cybernetic Core. (enable early sentry for defensive purpose, such zerglings harassment) -Reduce mineral/gas cost from 50/100 to 50/50. (due to its short attack range, sentries always get picked up at the front line easily.) -Reduce cargo size/capacity from 2 to 1. (enable more sentries in battle field) -Increase energy cost for Hallucination form 100 to 125. (since reduce in capacity allow more sentries, this could limit the number of hallucination created.) -Slightly reduce the duration of Force Field, maybe by -2 seconds (in normal game speed). -Allow terran Reaper's KD8 Charge to destroy Force Field. *Stalker This unit works pretty well. Maybe just increase a little bonus damage against armored unit. -Increase damage against armored units from 10+4 to 10+8. (recent patch terran have so much buffs on damage against armor units.) *Adept Make adept more like a core unit to counter ground light units, where protoss lacks in early stages (without high-tech units). -Reduce shield/hp from 70/80 to 60/60. -Reduce mineral/gas cost from 100/25 to 75/25. -Reduce damage against light unit from 10+13 to 10+8. -Reduce duration of shade from 7 to 5, reduce the cooldown from 16 to 14. -Increase attack speed by 45%. (no longer require upgrade.) -Replace Resonating Glaives upgrade to further increase damage against light units by +5. *High Templar This unit is expensive in gas, slow moving and fragile. -Adjust the mineral/gas cost from 50/150 to 75/125. (new cost for an Archon is 150/250.) -Should no longer require upgrade to cast Psionic Storm. -Reduce the Psionic Storm total damage from 80 to 50. -Replace Psionic Storm upgrade to further increase Psionic Storm damage from 50 to 80. -Add new upgrade "Khaydarin Amulet" (cost 150/150, research time 121 seconds) in Templar Archives to allow High Templar greatly improve in Psionic control eventually remove friendly-fire damage from Psionic Storm. *Archon This anti-bio force unit is very expensive. -Remove basic shield regen. -Add an passive ability "Pure Psionic Shield" to enable Archon always regen its shield at rate of +5 per second. (the rate is doubled while out of combat.) *Dark Templar -Reduce the mineral/gas cost from 125/125 to 125/75. -Should no longer able to merge with another Dark Templar or High Templar to form an Archon. -Two Dark Templar now merge to form a greenish Nerazim archon, the Dark Archon. *Dark Archon (mineral/gas cost = 250/150) -Shield/hp/energy = 250/10/200 -Almost similar stats with Archon. -Does not have basic attack. -Does have basic shield regen, does not have "Pure Psionic Shield". -Has "Mind Blast" ability. Has cast range of 7. Cast on any single enemy unit to channel a green Psionic Shockwave and deal 100 direct damage (ignore armor type) instantly, the damage done is 100% converted to void energy to recover Dark Archon's energy. This ability has cooldown of 30 seconds. -Has "Time Warp" ability as similar as Mothership. Has cast range of 7. Energy cost is 100,. Delay 4 seconds after casting, reduce all ground enemy units movement/attack speed and structures production speed within the area (2.95) by 50%, last 7 seconds. -Has "Disruption Blast" ability as similar as Tempest in patch 3.8. Has cast range of 10. Has energy cost of 150. Charge up 4 seconds, then all ground enemy units and structures within area (1.95) are stunned for 7 seconds. If Dark Archon die or stunned in charging process, the effect will lost. -Has an ability "Void Surge" that allow Dark Archon to switch itself from ground unit into flying unit, has 3 seconds transition time, energy stops regen while in flying mode, moves 25% slower, toggle again for landing, ability goes 10 seconds cooldown after each toggle. (Enable Dark archon to sneak and cast spells more offensively.) -Disruption Blast requires upgrade in Dark Shrine, cost 150/150, research time 121 seconds. Robotic units: *Immortal -Reduce the Barrier cooldown from 60 to 23 seconds. (since barrier duration is very short, should lower the cooldown.) *Disruptor -Prevent the Purification Nova from casting on spot while targeting out side the maximum cast range. -Increase Purification Nova duration from 2 to 3 seconds (maximum cast range needs re-adjust to 12 [the nova travel 4 range per seconds]). Stargate units: *Carrier -Add an ability "Auto-release inceptors" (can toggle on/off) allowing carrier to release inceptors to randomly attack any enemy within range while carrier is moving. Attack command is disabled while "Auto-release interceptors" is enabled. *Tempest Convert tempest from supporting unit back into Siege unit. -Supply cost remain 6 (as in patch 3.8) -Remove Disruption Blast. (Transfer to Dark Archon.) -Attack Range should change to 11 against Air (1st type: Kinetic Overload)/ 11 against Ground (2nd type: Resonance Coil). -First type attack (Kinetic Overload) allows targeting an Air unit and a Structure, to deal 35 base damage + 15 vs Massive/Structure. -Projectile of ground attack (Resonance Coil) no longer chasing targeted unit, instead, it hits the ground to deal area damage as if Artillery/Siege units in Warcraft. -Ground attack now has Friendly-Fire. Damage area is 1.95. -Add an ability "Artillery Bombard" (ability similar with Artillery units in Warcraft) allow Tempest to siege on targeted ground continueously until receive another command. Can target through fog of war. I hope Blizzard will consider my suggestion in their future game testing and release in future major patch. Thank You. ******************************************************************* (Last but not least, the persons who help me to post on Starcraft 2 forum are the most gracious. Thank You. :) )XanThus31530 Dec 2
Dec 1 Will we ever see a map editor? I know it's not typical of a MOBA, and more for RTS games, but you've created so many cool assets for HotS from all of your universes... I'd like to be able to make some custom - maybe even solo play things.Nox4 Dec 1
Dec 1 REXXAR REMAR PROPOSED CHANGES The first time I made the place seems wrong.... Initial Value Modification Attack range: 5.5 → 2.5 Talent modification Lv.1 Medical Master E skills for Rexxar Remar will also restore the corresponding value of life, but the cooldown of E skills will increase X seconds. man of Steel Rexxar Remar increased the life of 50 per cent, but it will Rexxar Remar attack reduced to 1.2. Kalimdor the wild Long-term display Rexxar Remar and Misha between the limit distance, Rexxar Remar attack range increased to 5.5, when Rexxar Remar attack target will cause 20 percent of the deceleration effect. I am a Chinese player, very much like the storm hero. But the total feeling Rexxar Remar this hero is very strange. Varian Wrynn this time to see the heroic position can not help but imagine a bit, hoping to help the design team, because English is very poor thanks to the translation also please forgive me. . . Finally, I really like Malthael do not know when to see.wuxinangel0 Dec 1
Nov 29 Looking for Streamers Clan GimmeGutz is looking for streamers for our Twitch page We'll need a couple more people who are on daily running any games with other clan members and to take shifts on the stream. We've been down for a while but we are growing again and things should be very healthy by the end of December. We need the streamers to start on December 1st any time the others are offline or taking a break. We are very competitive but always positive. We are currently building teams and revamping the clan roster. You won't need a cam / mic for the stream at least until January 1st. You can respond here or add ggChillinz#1290 For more info check out Thankz!ggChillinz0 Nov 29
Nov 25 Teaching my Dad to play HotS Teaching my Dad to play HotS! So I started last night by playing a bunch of AI games with my dad, just giving him a soft introduction. If you have any tips for making this series better, I'm looking into video editing software to make the videos much more crisp and concise. Any tips you have are welcome! Thanks guys! -Ironhorse Nov 25
Nov 24 My new Muradin Build lvl 1 Third wind lvl 4 Thunder Burn lvl 7 Skull cracker lvl 10 Avatar lvl 13 Healing Static lvl 16 Give em the Axe lvl 20 Unstoppable Force There is synergy throughout the entire build The Thunderburn does the second strike for his W and it also procs healing static a second time. thunder burn also gives much more uptime for Give em the axe. Skullcracker gives more attack speed which means more give em the axe benefit as well. Having Avatar and then also doing the double healing static is so much healing due to it being 5% of his max health for every enemy hero hit. Then at 20 having avatar last longer... just keep healing. This build has been a monster for me in this melee heavy meta. Samuro who??? i havent tested it yet but for Varians High king quest they count as a hero for his strikes. If they count for healing static??? thats healing for 15% max hp healing x2 ... thats 30% of your max health off of only one hero, thats not including the other heroes caught in this as well. Let me know what you think.RoughDayTeam0 Nov 24
Nov 21 !!Hero of the Storm playing Illidan and thral This is a game with thrall I am not the best thrall I'd love specing tips. That is my first Illidan game. I'd like gameplay advice and speccing tips if someone is so kind. Also if you liked the video please like and subscribe.Siree1 Nov 21