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Oct 27 ANZ Streamers & Content Creators We’re looking for talent from the ANZ region! Are you an avid Heroes streamer or video creator from Australia or New Zealand? Looking to grow your community or just raise awareness about what you do? Then this thread is the place to share your details! Post links to your channel in this thread, along with a few reasons why people should drop by to check it out. Think about including some of the following details in your post: Type of content (Streamer/Pre-recorded content) If you’re a streamer, what are your usual play times? Level of experience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Preferred Heroes A bit about yourselfTakralus23 Oct 27
Jul 31 ANZ Heroes, Battle tags Hey All, I know there was a few of us ANZ people who where lucky enough to get an invite. Drop your battle tag in here and we can organise an ANZ game hopefully. Narull#6634 is me if anyone wants to add me. _______________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP - Keep track of all Official Blizzard posts. There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull264 Jul 31
1d HGC ANZ Championship Recap over on Hey Everyone, GLPhoenix has written a lovely Championship recap over on for anyone interested in reading it or missed the event on the weekend. Or you can also check out the VODs themselfs on Blizzard ANZ Twitch channel - Cheers!Disconcur0 1d
3d LFP For Azeroth! Hey I am looking for people to party up with for the event that is up. Anyone wish to add me and play a few games? Vegekuson#1361Vegekuson1 3d
Feb 12 Standard Deviation Timer Match Search Can we get a standard deviation timer or quartiles, so we can get a better gauge of waiting times when searching for a match?PUMPKING0 Feb 12
Feb 7 Are the AU servers down? Of the last 5 games I've played, 4 have been on Western United States and 1 from Central United States. I'm queuing with 2 other Australian players in Quick Match.Epi0 Feb 7
Feb 6 Looking for team Hi there I am looking to join up with some players or team. I do have another friend who is looking for the same as me. We are sick to death of the qm scene and want to start moving into ranked games. We want to learn more. We want to get better. And i want to push to tournaments if possible. I may not be good enough now but i want to learn, i am a fast and keen learner. If someone out there is willing to help please add me chucky#6834chucky0 Feb 6
Feb 6 Hero/Team League in Aus I played a lot of hero league with my boyfriend, Unrelenting. We used to duo queue and try and climb to the top of the ranks together and it was really fun playing with others of similar skill levels. I was excited to try out the new team league this season as I thought it would bring extra challenging games with it. Instead we are left with enourmous wait times into games with and against people 2-4 ranks beneath us. We've also always been put against 5 stacks for 3 placements in a row which seems unfair seeing as they could be using voice chat. So after a few games this got pretty disheartening and I feel like we won't be able to have as much fun duo queuing as we did in hero league.. Does anyone else have similar feelings to this? I feel like solo/duo queue hero league in Australia is necessary because of the lack of people we have for each division.Asky8 Feb 6
Feb 6 Creating competitive team!! Road to pro I am looking for willing players that want to build a future competitive team. I prefer everyone has a headset so everyone can talk. I am not looking for players that scatter after a loss, I am looking for players willing to build and work better as a team and stronger as an individual. I am willing to work around everyone's daily schedule and would like the team to play as a team often so the team synergies together. Add me if you're interested Goku#11202 P.S I am a Gold player so if you're going to be judgmental by rank please do not bother, thankyou :)Goku2 Feb 6
Feb 5 Whats the the long que times literally 90% of games if I can get in under 5 minutes its a surprise, 10 minute wait times for a ranked is not uncommon. Is this game unpopular in SEA/Ocean region? because on dota2 I can get a game in about 10 seconds.Bakess15 Feb 5
Jan 31 Forming 1-2 Amateur Teams I have been missing my experience with the Onyx team so will be reforming a team possible 2 over the next couple of weeks in anticipations for upcoming Amateur events for Heroes of the Storm in ANZ. I have 2 goals… 1.To support the ANZ HOTS community and help retain the player base through Amateur competitive play. 2.To find the best practices for improving Amateur teams and players. I am looking for Silver, Gold and Platinum players who want to play in a competitive environment who can make a small commitment of a few evenings for some training and to play in community events. To Apply all you need to do is fill out the form at this link…. And add Grumpshot#1117 to your friend list. If you have any Questions just ask. Grumpshot#1117Grumpshot2 Jan 31
Jan 31 Looking for players for competitive team! If anyone wants to make a competitive team, let me know. I am looking for players with decent knowledge. So when I do come online do message me or reply on here as I will check this post a few times a day.Altalize3 Jan 31
Jan 30 The Return Of Anub'arak! Just went on HOTSlogs to see some stats... Anub'arak is back on number one spot with 55 percent winrate! I'm going to have to bust him out more. He used to be my main!NobleGunner1 Jan 30
Jan 26 Matchmaking at it's TL finest. I was playing TL today with a friend, after waiting twenty minutes for the game to find a suitable match up, this is the rankings of our team and the opposing team. Our team: Gold 1 Gold 5 Silver 1 Silver 1 Silver 2. Opposing team: Master Master Diamond 3 Diamond 4 Gold 1. How is this even a remotely fair match up?Casatore2 Jan 26
Jan 26 Can't get into Unranked game I don't know why but I can never match an Unranked game. I've tried waiting for over 30mins for several times since I played in AUS region, but I can never be matched in Unranked mode, while other game mode works well. Pls help me!JohnnyOO1 Jan 26
Jan 19 My friend launches 22.6 instead of 22.7 His client shows 22.7 for hots, but when he launches it launches 22.6 instead. His bnet app doesn't seem to be showing its updating or anything. Are there any solutions for this?Deadpoool1 Jan 19
Jan 18 Can the MMR be fixed for next season please? Okay, so I am getting frustrated with some of the AnZ community to where I am getting put with a team that play like bots. Players like: Xplicit, Parramount, plutoeject, they always play the same style and to be honest it's getting my more frustrated then ever. I am trying to climb but instead falling. I started back this game 3 weeks ago when I was plat 2. I spent 3 weeks to not only go backwards but also had a few times where I was gold (5) MMR seriously needs a change. How is it that 1 team gets three diamonds and the other team gets 1 but has more plats. Enough about me randing, I honestly think in the next season, everyone should have a fresh start. Back in preseason when I achieved rank 1. I was always in winning games due to the fact I was playing with people with the same play style as me. Now this season 1 crap is putting me with golds and unknowledgeable people. If anything I do my best to try and win it, but I am always getting toxicated people giving up. Something needs to be done about this. I love this game and the Moba but I mean I sit here to play all day to 5am to only de-rank and I am over it. If this doesn't get fixed I feel like just giving up and quitting. I participate in events like the qualifiers and have fun with making new friends but I am getting tired just losing every game.Altalize5 Jan 18
Jan 18 LF long term competitive team As the title suggests, im looking for a competitive team thats willing to stick together for more than just a set of quals and then disband. have played every role in competitive, with the exception of main support, including shot caller, although my shot calling can still use some work. my preferred role is either tank or ranged assassin. im looking to take the next competitive season quite seriously, so i will not be considering offers from teams that do not consist entirely of rank 1/diamond+ players for more info or to organise a trial, add me on Zami#1346Zami8 Jan 18
Jan 17 Hero league changes have made HL unplayable Ever since the removal of duo queue in Hero league, my average queue time for hero league is well over 10 minutes. After that point, it is a 50:50 split on whether we actually get a game or someone disconnects. Bring back duo queue for hero league. kthx.MissBoJangle0 Jan 17
Jan 17 HGC - Esports 2017 in Australia/New Zealand Following on from the announcement of the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship we have information to share on what to expect for esports in Australia and New Zealand in 2017. Next year we will be increasing the seasons to four (4) up from three (3) in 2016. This will provide more opportunity for local competition. Local prize money going forward will be in AUD currency with every season having a $20,000 prize pool. Each season will lead into a major global event where the top ANZ team will represent the region on the world stage. ANZ Season 1 will feed into the Western Clash in March. Dates for the ANZ Season 1 Qualifiers are: Gamestah Series Qualifiers: 15 January to 15 February ANZ Heroes Qualifier: 11 February The top two teams from both qualifiers will compete in the ANZ Finals on 18 February. Qualifier sign-ups are open above, so begin filling out your team right now! Our regional site Heroes Looking for More is a great place to start if you have roles to fill or are looking to join a team. Stay tuned for more detailed info on when you can watch all the Australian/New Zealand HGC action early in the new year. 2017 Season 1 image 2017 Seasons Overview Glory in the Nexus awaits!Arcagnion4 Jan 17
Jan 13 Aussies/NZ regulars for QM Hey guys I want to put together a team of regular players for QMs and down the track some ranked games I work Monday to Friday but I'm on everyday after work and nearly all weekend (I'm addicted as hell to this game) I'm based in Perth so anyone who could work with these times should message me :-)HeroicBanana14 Jan 13
Jan 12 Getting put into American servers (US West/Central US) I feel like I can't be the only person getting this. I've recently been playing QM auto-select, since I want to level characters up, and I've been getting constantly put onto US servers. I've been queueing with a friend (also auto-selecting (gotta love the bonus xp)), and we've had maybe 2 games on an Australian server out of about 8 or 9 in the last 16 hours. We've been playing around 1-4pm our time, and later at night around 8pm-1am or so, with no obvious change to the servers we're getting put on. We've both got our preferred servers set to Aus, but we keep getting put on these damn 250+ ping US servers where we can't land any skill shots, since we can't see 3 seconds into the future. I've also noticed the US queues are about 1-2 minutes long, when we'd wait 8+ for an Aus one, but I'd rather wait so I can actually play the game, rather than stutter around the place and get stomped.Rominiust0 Jan 12
Jan 10 Banter cast Team Space Sharks v BLKCON So me and PordyJordy decided to shoutcast a scrim with both teams permission. Please give us feedback as we are thinking about becoming full time casters. thanksMorton37 Jan 10
Jan 9 Hero League... is it always like this? O_o All this before the game even starts… “no tank and no healer and gl without me f***ing idiot l2p gg enjoy your loss” And then during the game… “im a p**** to noobs and proud of it go drown yourself gl getting me banned trust me they wont ban me they understand good players like me and are sick and tired of noobs like u” See here for more complete record… I’ve only play 5 or so Hero League games because I didn’t unlock enough heroes until now. This guy was in two of them on my team despite being muted during the second game presumably because of reports submitted from the first. And he fed in the second game too, albeit rather more quietly that game. I’ve come to test the waters of HotS from a Dota background (1000 or so games since it came out of beta, peasant rank). I've tasted some salt in that time. And yet I’ve not seen someone throw a tantrum like this and concede defeat so utterly before the game has even begun, nor have I ever seen someone flaunt how they won’t get banned for their low behavior so flagrantly. Perhaps I need yet play more Dota to see such things. How often is it like this? O_oLycan18 Jan 9
Jan 7 Aussie Chat group Is there a specific chat group for aussies to join in game to find games? I often ask around in general for friends but everyone I speak to is usually NA. I cant handle 400ms ping unfortunately so it would be nice to group up and play on aussie servers. I joined a group called ANZ that had 33 members in it and nobody spoke at all haha. TY in advanceBradderzH4 Jan 7
Jan 3 Sick of getting bad team mates I'm a Diamond 3 league player and have almost 6k solo MMR on Dota 2. If you're good, add me: b0b#6304b0b13 Jan 3
Dec 30 Team league against grandmasters !@#$ blizzard. You make us wait 10 mins to find a game then you put us against grandmasters when we've only have less than 1500 games between us. Like wtf. No point playing if you dont have players at all levels. Was going to spend $10 and buy some heroes but %^-* that. Fix the match making. In QM we get put with new players and in team league we get new people and get ranked against grandmasters. This is just !@#$. %^-* HOTS Dead gameMasterK6120 Dec 30
Dec 28 Looking for a competitive team I am looking for a team to compete in the competition. I get 4ms (20ms) in-game fights. I am a plat/gold tier (unfortunately) I was rank 1 preseason. I much prefer to play DPS as I feel I carry better though I can flex if need be. I am keen to try out trials if anyone's team requires to do so. If anyone's interested in more questions do not hestitate to contact me in-gameAltalize0 Dec 28
Dec 27 Aus still being forced to play in US This is still an issue. Sick of losing games purely because matchmaking says we must play on 300ms, despite our preferred server being Aus. This only seems to happen when queuing with friends. both of us have preferred server set as Aus, yet we get <1min queues into US, so dont use queue times as an excuse. Id love to see a blue post at least acknowledge this issue, i dont even think ive seen one in the 2 years this has been a problem forToxify6 Dec 27
Dec 27 How do people queue high rated HL? The queue times are absolutely enormous and I can't justify waiting around for so long, even if I watch tv shows or something, I want to play the game. I haven't gotten into a single game this season. After 10 mins of Q I throw in the towel and play QM which pops within a few minutes. Do we have a primetime when I should try Qing up?Struth1 Dec 27
Dec 26 AFK players Why I lost my MMR, when we lost because player was all game bot? Better when this afk player lost points from other? We lost because 4 vs 5Fajdi0 Dec 26
Dec 10 TL Placement Matches Hey guys, looking for a group to complete my placement matches for TL before end of Season 2 to get my hands on the elemental Lion mount. If you'd like to help out, that'd be awesome. I can be online whenever, so message me if you're up for it!onefootninja0 Dec 10
Dec 10 What's your total hero level? I joined on 16/10/14 and on the morning of 12/02/15 mine's 219diabz11 Dec 10
Dec 10 Match Leavers during draft What are the penalties for leaving during ranked draft? Either people are AFK because they leave the PC after queuing or they don't like their draft. Meanwhile the other 9 players wait for 10 mins each for the next match - that's 900 minutes collectively wasted. Pick Related. I can deal with long queue times, but players wasting each others is just disappointing.Jazzycakes1 Dec 10
Dec 9 Tournament tomorrow LF4 Looking for 4 people to make a team for the tournament tomorrow, don't care who or what rank you are. I was previously gold 3 (I think 3) but unranked at the moment. Message me or post below if you're interested. Or contact me on Twitter @TheEasiesTee Event starts at midday Saturday.pXDuxxie0 Dec 9
Dec 9 Some kind of solo signup low rank league Hey everyone, I have talked about this before but would anyone get behind the running of a short 2 week Bronze, Silver, Gold, Plat Solo Signup league? Lets say similar to how the royal rumble is done but it is for 2 weeks. Thinking like 2 matches a week (lets just say Tuesday and Thursdays Night). At the end of the 2 weeks do a Saturday play off top 2 or top 4 depending on teams. Grumpshot has suggested this idea to me a while ago and had added about including a "coach" for each team if enough senior players wanted to. Smurfs are going to be an issue here, so I would need the community to help me spot out these players. I would post the team lists prior to the event. Had thought about limiting the Map selections, so we only play on 4 maps (ban one out each match). Entire idea is about helping to develop the next line of top tier players in our region. Any thoughts? Ideas ? Suggests?Disconcur6 Dec 9
Dec 7 looking for team/group hello all this may not be the best place for this but here goes anyway. im still relatively new to heroes but i want to start getting more serious. im looking for a group where i can join in for quick matches, unranked and eventually ranked games. basically hoping for something more settled then just random queues. i prefer playing warriors (as secondary warrior) and melee assasins if anyone would be willing to me chucky#6834chucky0 Dec 7
Dec 6 Nexus Challenge looking for players to complete the nexus challenge, came into it a tad late. i'll be free to join players most of the day to get the oni skin. please add me NutBusta3000#1271 to grind this outNutBusta30000 Dec 6
Dec 4 Looking for a coach Hi guys, This is my first post, so I hope you'll go easy on me if I'm flouting any forum rules. I'm just looking for a coach in the Australian/SEA region to improve my play overall. Any suggestions? Thanks! :)Jay12 Dec 4
Dec 2 ANZHeroes: 2nd December Weekly Wrap-Up Summer is officially here in Australia and New Zealand, and it seems that the scene has woken up and is ready to kick into gear. More events, more roster rumours and plenty of international esports news rounds out this week’s news wrap-up. Check out this weeks wrap-up - Dec 2
Dec 1 Server Ping Times East vs West Coast I want to find out what ping times are like to the Aus Server from capital cities in Australia. I'm in Perth right now, and generally experience anywhere between 80-100ms ping. Please take a sec to post where you're from and what your average ping time is. Thanks!onefootninja3 Dec 1
Dec 1 Help o_o Need help getting genji skin only got 2/15 please add me its CariusZarin#1874 thanks to those who do ^-^CariusZarin0 Dec 1
Nov 29 Winter Veil Classic Tournament 10th December Hi Everyone, MC Mortgage Solutions along with will be holding a final Heroes of the Storm tournament for the end of 2016. Saturday the 10th of December will be the Winter Veil Classic, a double elimination bracket tournament with a prize pool of $400 (divided between the top 4 placing teams). The event will be start at 12pm AEDT and will be streamed to For information on the tournament and to sign up please use the following link: We hope to see you all there!Disconcur0 Nov 29
Nov 27 Reality joins Masterminds Masterminds are pleased to announce that they have (finally) made the move into Heroes of the Storm, with Reality officially joining the crew. Reality have been solid competitors throughout the 2016 season; they finished third in the Season 3 Road to BlizzCon qualifiers and also took out several rounds in the Gamestah HotS Ember Series. Masterminds co-founder, Disconcur, was excited to make the announcement that Reality would be joining the crew. “Reality bring to Masterminds a lot of things we are looking for in a team. They have proven not only that they are hungry to succeed, but that they are also invested in supporting the Australian and New Zealand Heroes of the Storm community,” he said. The current Reality roster consists of veteran Heroes of the Storm players Kotori (flex), Vanilla (support), IceboLd (tank) and john (ranged assassin). The fifth player will be finalised in the coming days.Disconcur1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Gaming Gladiators looking for a tank or assassin Gaming Gladiators has recently lost one of our core members, and are now looking for someone to fill their position. please be aware this is a permanent position, not a once off, and expect people to stick with the team. applicants will need to trial with the team to ensure that both applicant and team work well together. we will be accepting trials from players that are currently, or at least have been, diamond ranked, any lower will be declined for trial, regardless of your reasoning for rank. we are currently practicing or participating as a team on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday it is expected that you are able to join us on these days, in addition to practice without the whole team. It is expected that applicants have a working mic and communicate during games. last but not least, we expect people to have a positive attitude during games, regardless of how the game is progressing. to apply or inquire further, add myself or Delfeir to Zami#1346 / Delfeir#1429Zami3 Nov 27
Nov 27 Gaming Gladiators looking for two members for team The below if no longer relevant, as the team has disbanded -------------------------- Gaming Gladiators has lost two of our core members to varying circumstances, and we are looking for two members to once again round out our roster. our remaining roster is quite flexible, so any role players are welcome to apply. our team placed 3rd in the second round of the last qualifiers, 4th overall including the already qualified team. we expect applicants to have minimum of diamond ranking in either last season or in this season, anyone of lower rank will not be trialed. currently, we practice on sunday, monday, tuesday and thursday, it is expected that applicants be able and willing to adhere to this schedule. for more info, or to apply, you can contact myself on, battletag Zami#1346Zami2 Nov 27
Nov 27 Negative Synergy looking for DMG/Support player! Due to recent circumstances, Luminum is stepping down from the role of support within the team and as a result we are looking for one more player to complete our roster. Looking for either Damage or Support. Must have reached Diamond 1 as a bare minimum and contact me in game if you think you can fill the role. - DeMiSe#11932DeMiSe8 Nov 27
Nov 27 afk ban my game crashed in hero selection and I get a ban from this. the ban ask me play 3 games with other dc players. and I'm in Australia u know what that means I search for 1 day cannot find the first game there are not even 10 banned player in this game in this server fix this first. otherwise ur genji skin cannot help u.LEONI1 Nov 27