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May 23 ANZ HGC Season 3 Qualifiers It’s time to launch into Season 3 for the ANZ HGC. There is $20,000 AUD prize pool and the winner will advance to the Western Clash. Dates for the ANZ Season 3 Qualifiers are: Gamestah Series Qualifiers: 30 May to 22 June ANZ Heroes Qualifier: 24 June [Link TBD] The top two teams from both qualifiers will compete in the ANZ Finals on 1 July. Qualifier sign-ups are open above, so begin filling out your team right now! More information on the Gamestah qualifier can be found here.Takralus0 May 23
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Nov 29 ANZ Streamers & Content Creators We’re looking for talent from the ANZ region! Are you an avid Heroes streamer or video creator from Australia or New Zealand? Looking to grow your community or just raise awareness about what you do? Then this thread is the place to share your details! Post links to your channel in this thread, along with a few reasons why people should drop by to check it out. Think about including some of the following details in your post: Type of content (Streamer/Pre-recorded content) If you’re a streamer, what are your usual play times? Level of experience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Preferred Heroes A bit about yourselfTakralus25 Nov 29
Apr 23 ANZ Heroes, Battle tags Hey All, I know there was a few of us ANZ people who where lucky enough to get an invite. Drop your battle tag in here and we can organise an ANZ game hopefully. Narull#6634 is me if anyone wants to add me. _______________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP - Keep track of all Official Blizzard posts. There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull265 Apr 23
Apr 17 Weekly Sale Items for April 18 – 25, 2017 A new Weekly Sale will begin on Tuesday, April 18, offering real-money discounts on several items! Check out our upcoming sale items below: Weekly Sale Items for Apr 18 – 25, 2017 Lunara — Sale Price: $4.10 AUD Sentinel Lunara Skin — Sale Price: $3.90 AUD Cyb’arak Anub’arak Skin — Sale Price: $5.17 AUD The following changes will also take place in the Heroes of the Storm in-game shop alongside next week’s sale: Bundles Removed 2017 Heroes of the Dorm Bundle Pirate Queen Cassia BundleSpyrian84 Apr 17
1d Sh**y Matchmaking There is NO matchmaking in this gamefebaranfe2 1d
1d Why does this subforum exist? I'm not against Australia and New Zealand having their own subforum within HotS community. It's just that I would like to know, out of pure curiosity, why Blizzard decided to do that. I mean; I'm from Spain and I'm sharing the same forum with people from North America to Russia. And it's perfectly fine but I don't know why specifically people from Oceanía have got their own subforum. As I said before, it's just curiosity ^^LivingHate0 1d
2d Competitive Team Introduction Hello to you all, I am writing an introduction about a competitive team I want to form. Firstly you must have a good personality. I would like to create a competitive team for up-coming tournaments. As ranking was recently reset completely, I am not after people with "high" mmr. A person's low Mmr could be caused by others stupidity. I am looking for 6-8 people that have always wanted a chance to be in a competitive team. You are however, you are required to do practise 3-6 times a week. You are require to have either "discord or teamspeak". Verbal communication is key to winning so it's a MUST!. As I mentioned earlier, I am not looking for top tier people as this game is more about team work. You will require to fill out an application either through here or message my battlenet tag: Altalize#1241. Please not that it his handy to give out your mobile number as most people mostly forget about practise or if I feel most of us are online then it could be handy giving someone a text that way hopefully we are all on. Application: 1/What is your battlenet tag? 2/What is your current MMR for Quick Match/Hero League? (Can be found at this website: 3/What country are you from? If Nsw, what state? (Times may vary). 4/Will you happily install discord or teamspeak if you don't have and will you use it to help communicate with each other? 5/What hero/role do you prefer to play? Ex: Meele DPS, Range DPS, AOE, Tank, Support or Meele support? 6/You must however agree to not be cursing at a fellow team mate if him/her make a mistake, do you agree? 7/Participating in practises is required to help keep up to dates with; tactics, awareness and goals. Do you think you can keep up to-date with this? 8/Are you willing to try out different roles if the team agrees you might suit a different role better? Ex; Playing too aggressively and going deep with the character "Sylvanas or Jaina" can alternatively change the whole game aspect. End of Application! Thank you for taking interests in reading and filling the application out. I will get back to you as soon as I can or you may reach me in-game. -----------------------------------Altalize7 2d
3d disconcur why is he a caster? i just watched a vod of his, this guy is a silver 3 who lacks basic understanding of game play at a gold level and yet we are to believe he can cast grand master games in this region.EruhinMakhta10 3d
5d Leaver queue I get punishing leavers is a must but when it takes upwards of 3 minutes constantly to get a normal match, sometimes even up to 20 minutes (I've had times where I started up CS:GO, surfed for a while, and completely forgot I was in queue because it took so long), is it really a good idea to separate players? This is the 4th time I've cancelled and readied up again after it hit 5 minutes. That's 20 minutes just waiting on a game. Until the Aussie community gets bigger, can we please see a different form of punishment?JohnnyBeef0 5d
5d Cant handle 250 ping Hey all, I was playing with 2 friends and we were all set to AUS however it put us into US server base games 3 times in a row with the wait only being around 3 mins. I am not playing any game with a 250 ping don't care what it is and I am a patient man and can watch videos while I wait - is there any way to prevent connecting to a region you don't want it to? If not there should be :)SmiteBringer22 5d
6d Can we request a player be banned; on the forums? Hi All, Can we request a player be banned here? i have logged it a number of times as he clearly goes AFK and moves enough to not get booted, but otherwise just waits the game out, more often that not, he is not even talking. Now I don't understand why someone would play like this, but he does and his match history shows it as well, without a single win, in maybe 30 games, then one win, then another 20+ games without a win etc. He seems to enjoy the pre-game chatter where he winds the team up, then he goes AFK and blizzard seem unable (or unwilling) to ban him. So can we mention names here? would it help? He is ruining the game experience! it's no fun to win when he is on the other team, and it sure doesn't help when he is on your team.Whitelight2 6d
Dec 5 What time is good for playing ranked? 15+ min queues are wonderful.Excerion0 Dec 5
Dec 1 Blizz stop the cheaters Hey peeps! Just come across in my past few game a player on my team cannot move and seems to get auto targeted by a specific ranged player like kal or tyrande till our player dies. And I mean instant owl targeted from other side of map and hit till death.... seems like a hack is in play. has happend 2 times in a rowIronoxx0 Dec 1
Dec 1 Blizz stop the cheaters Hey peeps! Just come across in my past few game a player on my team cannot move and seems to get auto targeted by a specific ranged player like kal or tyrande till our player dies. And I mean instant owl targeted from other side of map and hit till death.... seems like a hack is in play. has happend 2 times in a rowIronoxx0 Dec 1
Nov 28's real power Everybody know how strong Dva now but what I saw in this video just shocked me: you still think I will play your game, hotsteam?Stebus1 Nov 28
Nov 26's real power Everybody know how strong Dva now but what I saw in this video just shocked me: you still think I will play your game, hotsteam?Stebus0 Nov 26
Nov 24 Reason for why no Oceanic Server on PTR? Its a shame that we don't get one for HoTs making it not worth testing out new Heros/Changes.Malthael1 Nov 24
Nov 23 Angry player needs help Hi all I am Nikita (NikitaKnght / Knghtlight) I have noticed my behavior after losing a match over and over (is cause I suck) I know.. becoming more whats the word .. nasty towards other good players. I get angry even though I know I suck. I don't find it amusing at all. I don't also feel that its fair to the other player on the other end to cop my abuse. Is there any way I can improve myself ie do something after the game that I have lost so I don't abuse them. I keep my chat off in game that is how I pay attention in game. To me that half a second I spend typing to someones abusing or bullingy in game, I'd rather spend it getting a camp or pushing a lane? I sometimes play as a team but most times think there is no point in running into a group where half your team is dead. Tips appreciated. Thank YouNikitaknght21 Nov 23
Nov 21 Blizzard, Stop! Can you please, for !@#$ sake, not put me in anything other an an Australian match. I would rather sit in queue for hours.. literally hours; than play one %^-*ing game for 15+ minutes of 200+ ping. Can you introduce an option to enable this so that the other minority of idiots in Australia who enjoy 200+ ping games over sitting in queue for 5 minutes? Is it possible to introduce a factor of 'leaving the game' and requeing instantly if high ping is recorded to be a problem? I can literally think of so many options and failsafes to introduce into this game to avoid this rubbish.. Or is the netcode just as bad as your disconnection/crash resolution of wasting 5 minutes to catch up on all assets? So bad that you cant implement a new system or youd have to recode/rebuild the entire game? I write this while I wait for the bot version of myself to provide a better player than I in the 260ms ping environment I just had to rage quit out of. End rant.Oriphen1 Nov 21
Nov 19 Stop putting me onto a Brazil Server Honestly, I am getting sick and tired of this game queuing me onto Brazil, I do not enjoy struggling to play this game with 750+ms Not only do you screw over my enjoyment you screw over 4 other players. So sick of thisOrd4ined6 Nov 19
Nov 14 Alextrasza wow like secondary skin Just give her a wow like secondary skin, more thin like blood elf are, dark skin, blood elf body, a decent walk animation, blood elf ears & improved face and we all can be happy...Ukitake0 Nov 14
Nov 13 200 ping while playing 200+ ping while playing Hero League . Please Blz, if you can not match AU/NZ players for me, tell me then. There is NOTHING to play if i am with 200+ ping. I lost more than 3 games with that. In WOW, it's ok but players need smoothly internet in Hots thank you.Voria1 Nov 13
Nov 10 I'm going to lose all my heroes right? :o Just looking for confirmation I lose all mah heroes as I've moved back home to Aus from USA... true? Ugh. So much money T_TTMO2 Nov 10
Nov 10 Competitive player looking for new team. Competitive player looking for new team. I have experience in both the tank and support role, but am able to work in Flex role as well. Prefer not to play Hyper carry. Top 4 finish qualifying for LAN under Team Crimson in the 2017 HGC season. Interested in returning to competitive play after a small break for health reasons. Available for trials or scrims at all times due to no time restrictions. Laika#6676Laika2 Nov 10
Nov 7 Settings on Aus, keep getting US So my friends and I wanted to play some matches, we sign up, quick queue, seemed nice until we got in and were hit by 250-300ms, we lose, we wait a little sign up again, same people and once again their server. I get we have a lower player base but still playing on any other server is just horrible, we couldn't be bothered playing the 2nd match because simply it is a waste of our time.Terragaia4 Nov 7
Nov 6 Finding a game... is it possible? how long does it take to find a game... i have given up all hope on the American server hell I've started actually playing on the Asia server hardly any queue time sure i probably get yelled at by my team in a language i don't understand and the extra bit of lag can be a lil inconvenient but i get to the part where i actually get to play kinda sad though that i have to unlock a lot of the stuff from scratch again nevermind on it i just switched outta the aus server cause it never finds anythingJet4 Nov 6
Nov 1 Looking for Australian Team! Battle.Net: Divine#11965 Heroes that I play: Abathur, The Butcher, Tyrael, Li Ming, Lucio, Stitches & Alarak. Microphone: Yes. Rank: Platinum 4. Age: 17. Reason: Generally sick of the Australian ranked community not communicating and losing games due to poorly picked Drafts.Divine3 Nov 1
Oct 29 Huge lag every damn game I keep being put into servers like Brazil even when i have picked Australia in my in game options. This causes huge lag spikes that make the game unplayable. Please fix this, I don't know how you can report Brazil servers as having 40ms but Aus servers having 187 when im in Aus? This is definitely not my side, i have a rock solid 13Mbps connection.Melchior5 Oct 29
Oct 25 WHY why is my regional discussion set to aus/nz ? is it related to why unranked draft no longer works for me? why do i not have the option to change it? canadian player hereYogth0 Oct 25
Sep 30 Left Aus Server and Went from Gold to Diamond! I had been playing on the Aus server for around 2 months and was fed up with the general lack of skill and lack of adequate player base that the server offered. People in AUS were the most toxic of people I had ever encountered. Frequently I would play with the same people over and over again. Some were known feeders and some would purposely throw if they ever came across some one they didn't like. I was permanently stuck in gold while playing on this server because I would play with all range of ranks such as grand masters to bronze because there just isn't the right amount of people... As soon as I went back to Western USA servers (I'm actually Canadian) I noticed the difference in team work and skill in every game I played. Even with ping sometimes over 200 I climbed incredibly fast. This was in part due to playing with people of my same rank so each game was a fair match. Also, the Americans were far more skilled than your average Aussie. Australian hero league feels like quick match 2.0 whereas US actually had some cohesion and thought out drafts! I urge any one playing on AUS servers to move over to the American servers... Get off the toxic nonsense that is AUS.NobleGunner11 Sep 30
Sep 30 chat in today america player topic pick MN that pandaren whit the dragons of the very familiar looks of the asian imagenes ... that make essence play games whit anime ? ... two two ... a part of the new reason of be a regional world player=... great day to be a human to play blizard games... or that hunter is a an one... americas gamer of the blizzard games. here!. pick more characters than you can see. numner chomputer ... ¡bad time hell is about time!WMECO0 Sep 30
Sep 27 Competitive team looking for 2 flex players. Competitive team looking for two flex players ( one must be able to tank). Be able to scrim a few days per week to prepare for the tournament coming up. Message me: touchme#11294TouchMe2 Sep 27
Sep 23 Well known bot 'Crow' still going For season after season Crow is still allowed to freely bot. Thanks Blizz.Grumpdogg15 Sep 23
Sep 23 Hero League AFK-ing / Trolling - Xplicit So I just had a rated game where our Medivh (player name Xplicit) AFKed all game. No reason given . No response to messages. Possibly a bot. Third game I've seen him do this tonight. I am sure he's getting x 4 player reports for AFK every game. Others tell me they've seen him doing it for weeks. I am here just to confirm nothing is being done by blizz about this all reports are just ignored / report system is non actioned ? Has anyone else quit the game because of unaddressed trolling ? Pissed WAMO <Wamo5 Sep 23
Sep 20 Team League FIX Could you take Team league down for a few weeks? Say you're working on it, then bring it back up with a bit of a promotion. The burst of players should keep queue times down for a while.Earlgrey7 Sep 20
Sep 20 Hero League Que wait times Hi guys, its 4:20 pm AEST, i have been in waiting for a game for a hero league since 3:45 pm, first Que went for 14 mins, then game started but someone left so had to re-que. 2nd Que went for 13 mins and some left again. I'm wondering when to play Hero league, and what are the best times to hop on. Cause this is Ridiculous.Twisted1 Sep 20
Sep 20 Queue times are actually ridiculous. So I understand that Australia might not have a huge player pool, but this is ridiculous. Something has to be wrong with your matchmaking when it can't find 8 other people over the span of an hour to play a game with. I'd even understand a 15-20 minute wait time, where it would give time for people playing to come out of a game, re-queue, and then get matched with the people at the front of the queue ( i.e us at this point.). But an hour is enough time for that to happen multiple times over and we still haven't found a game. Literally the only feasible explanation from you guys at this point is that there are currently only 7 other Australians playing right now. Anything else is a problem with your system that should be fixed.Tremendous1 Sep 20
Sep 13 New Female only team looking for members Team "victorious Secret" is an all female team , looking for members to make up the 5. Rank is not an issue as it will be a newly formed team, wanting to grow and build together and have fun, please hit up mzhyde#1909 for more info, looking for all roles atm.PROX11 Sep 13
Sep 11 Team League match making is broken It's just not possible for us to find a team league match. Currently I'm in a 2 man at 3590s wait time, and this is unfortunately the norm not the exception. We've tried about 5 times in the last 48 hours to get a TL happening. It doesn't matter if we 2, 3, or 5 man, we just cant seem to find a team league match. This happened last season as well. If we got lucky, we'd find a match after 10-15 minutes wait during peak time. We put this down to the fact that we had others unranked with us. We thought with the new season that finding a match would be easier. Nope.LimpCrayon2 Sep 11
Sep 4 Cancel / Ready / Cancel / Ready / Cancel / Ready... I am sooo sick of having to hit cancel and then ready every friggin' 100 seconds when versing AI. It is not fun, it's not right in any way shape or form. What idiot thought this would be a good idea? Right now, at my time, I have to hit cancel / ready about 6 times to get a game. I SHOULD be able to just leave and go do something while the match maker finds a group. But NO..... I. MUST. SIT. THERE. FOR. 20. MINUTES. AND. HIT. CANCEL/READY. EVERY. 100. FRIGGIN'. SECONDS. I want an OPTION to turn that crap off. Seriously... I just give up and not play at all. It's a joke. I'm so frustrated with this.Cujo1 Sep 4
Sep 3 LF Casters for Tournaments! - APPLY HERE As the Title says, I'm looking for confident casters for future tournaments. If you think you have what it takes and want to have a go, then sign up below. There are many different types of roles in casting such as: Play by play, Color or Personality casting. I'm looking for multiple types of casters. Not just ones that suit my style but also ones that can fill in for others if they are unavailable. I want to have a wide range of people. Types of caster roles: Play by Play is generally the caster that talks quick and calls the team fights as they happen and answers questions posed by the color caster. Color caster is the analytical one who provides insight and continues the convocation. Example after the play by play caster calls the fight the color caster would then analyses what happened in that fight that really stood out for example "that brightwing ultimate completely changed the outcome of that fight" "this persons positioning was spot on allowing them to do this and that" Personality caster is just purely an entertainer. Keep in mind people can fit more than one category. Please fill in the application below and I'll set up a time to do some trial runs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: Good Clear Microphone Knowledge about the game/meta/players/other scenes - This is not a requirement day one but must be willing to learn. Application: Please copy this and fill it in below. Name/BattleTag: Experience in casting (if any): Experience with Heroes of the Storm: Can you stream: Availability: What casting role do you see yourself as: Describe your role: Extra Questions: Just so I can see how you think. Please don't just copy other peoples answers.. There is no wrong answer unless you legitimately try to make it wrong. Why do you want to cast: If you were to bring me in as a brand new caster, What ground rules/guide lines would you lay out for me: (example - Who/When would it be appropriate for someone to talk over the other) How much do you know about the Meta/Competitive scene: Are the any questions you want to ask me:HappyRage24 Sep 3
Aug 27 really only worth playing on the weekend Consistently during the day playing on US west getting good matches. consistently playing at night on AUS and getting terrible matches.ZyZiferous2 Aug 27
Aug 24 Ranked play in ANZ "We have had feedback that hero league has been better with solo queue HL" Yes but you sacrificed lower pop regions to do it. My ranked experience previously: Hero league: 2-5min queues into Australian server games Team league: 5-10min queues into Australian server games My ranked experience currently: Hero league: 10-20min queues, 50:50 whether it is Australian server or 200+ ping on an American server Team league: 5-15min queues, 50:50 chance to be on an American server with an instant loss. Team league duo queue: null data set. Have waited up to 70minutes on numerous occassions, have not seen it pop yet...MissBoJangle31 Aug 24
Aug 22 LF2M TL Gold - Platinum Prefer Party of 3 LF more to start a casual Team. Experienced Alpha player and beta player with a newer member. Prefer somewhere between Gold 2 and Platinum 1 Experience. LF Flexi players. Jake#6772Jake3 Aug 22
Aug 21 Heroes Untapped 2.0 - VODCAST for ANZ Region Hey Guys! I have fired up the VODCAST again for Heroes Untapped! 2.0. First episode is already up on Youtube if you wanted to give it a listen / watch. Heroes Untapped is an ANZ based vodcast which talks Heroes of the Storm focusing on the Minor region of Australia and New Zealand. In this first relaunch episode the panel discusses the state of Heroes of the Storms, The Season 4 HGC results so far and New Hero Garrosh along with many other interesting topics. Panel: Disconcur / / Host, HGC Caster & streamer DS_Morton / / Dark Sided HOTS manager BlankHOTS / / HOTS Streamer GLPhoenix / / HGC Caster & Analyst You can watch the show live on Thursday nights 8pm AEST. YouTube Link: Twitter (if you wanted to retweet it for me) Aug 21
Aug 20 LF - TL players Enjoying Hots, but hero league is getting frustrating. Looking for a community or people to play TL with, that sweet sweet fun TL climb. Let me know :) - Also must not be bad ;).Crumpet5 Aug 20
Aug 20 Looking to join a team to push ranks in TL Add me Itsshaneo#1845ItsShaneo0 Aug 20
Aug 12 Looking for an Australian team Hey there, I've have been playing this game for quite some time now (1-2 years) and wanted to be apart of the competitive side of things. I main Tyrael, Lucio, The Butcher & Li Ming. Add me and we can talk about it more explicitly. Divine#11965Ignattius0 Aug 12
Aug 8 New To The Game I am experienced though and have put a lot of money towards this game (just shows my interest) I really enjoy this game. I am diamond on League of Legends I am also like 2900 or something in Overwatch which isn't that great but yeah I ain't terrible at games and my MMR on Dota 2 is 4000 which is okay. I play all the time and just looking for people that love to quick match or ranked or just play the game in general. I have discord but you don't have to have it just please add me. GZA#1426 I mainly play support or specialist but can play any role. Edit Reason: I am that guy who really enjoys each hero, their lore and just everything in general. I really like the voice overs and I am just a bit weird in general haha. Also, my internet is great 250mbps downloads and 150mbps uploads so i should never lag or have any problems.GZA1 Aug 8