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May 23 ANZ HGC Season 3 Qualifiers It’s time to launch into Season 3 for the ANZ HGC. There is $20,000 AUD prize pool and the winner will advance to the Western Clash. Dates for the ANZ Season 3 Qualifiers are: Gamestah Series Qualifiers: 30 May to 22 June ANZ Heroes Qualifier: 24 June [Link TBD] The top two teams from both qualifiers will compete in the ANZ Finals on 1 July. Qualifier sign-ups are open above, so begin filling out your team right now! More information on the Gamestah qualifier can be found here.Takralus0 May 23
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Apr 23 ANZ Heroes, Battle tags Hey All, I know there was a few of us ANZ people who where lucky enough to get an invite. Drop your battle tag in here and we can organise an ANZ game hopefully. Narull#6634 is me if anyone wants to add me. _______________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP - Keep track of all Official Blizzard posts. There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull265 Apr 23
Apr 17 Weekly Sale Items for April 18 – 25, 2017 A new Weekly Sale will begin on Tuesday, April 18, offering real-money discounts on several items! Check out our upcoming sale items below: Weekly Sale Items for Apr 18 – 25, 2017 Lunara — Sale Price: $4.10 AUD Sentinel Lunara Skin — Sale Price: $3.90 AUD Cyb’arak Anub’arak Skin — Sale Price: $5.17 AUD The following changes will also take place in the Heroes of the Storm in-game shop alongside next week’s sale: Bundles Removed 2017 Heroes of the Dorm Bundle Pirate Queen Cassia BundleSpyrian84 Apr 17
Oct 27 ANZ Streamers & Content Creators We’re looking for talent from the ANZ region! Are you an avid Heroes streamer or video creator from Australia or New Zealand? Looking to grow your community or just raise awareness about what you do? Then this thread is the place to share your details! Post links to your channel in this thread, along with a few reasons why people should drop by to check it out. Think about including some of the following details in your post: Type of content (Streamer/Pre-recorded content) If you’re a streamer, what are your usual play times? Level of experience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Preferred Heroes A bit about yourselfTakralus23 Oct 27
7h The new Sun's out Guns out is AU/NZ not allowed? After reading the countries allowed to enter the prizes I saw ours not in it so I wanted to know does this mean we also can't enter to win the lootboxes as well? if so this isn't a event for us it seems then sadly.Malthael2 7h
1d LF - TL players Enjoying Hots, but hero league is getting frustrating. Looking for a community or people to play TL with, that sweet sweet fun TL climb. Let me know :) - Also must not be bad ;).Crumpet0 1d
2d Ranked play in ANZ "We have had feedback that hero league has been better with solo queue HL" Yes but you sacrificed lower pop regions to do it. My ranked experience previously: Hero league: 2-5min queues into Australian server games Team league: 5-10min queues into Australian server games My ranked experience currently: Hero league: 10-20min queues, 50:50 whether it is Australian server or 200+ ping on an American server Team league: 5-15min queues, 50:50 chance to be on an American server with an instant loss. Team league duo queue: null data set. Have waited up to 70minutes on numerous occassions, have not seen it pop yet...MissBoJangle26 2d
2d New Female only team looking for members Team "victorious Secret" is an all female team , looking for members to make up the 5. Rank is not an issue as it will be a newly formed team, wanting to grow and build together and have fun, please hit up mzhyde#1909 for more info, looking for all roles atm.PROX5 2d
5d Why are we left out of the comp who else hates the fact that we cant enter the comp for the loot chestMultimancer6 5d
Jun 21 Hero League placement Is it normal that I won 9 times and got silver 3?Korazon1 Jun 21
Jun 19 Malthael's Bargain: Alex Horley Print Giveaway Just a clarification, after checking the qualified entrants, it doesn't seems as though anyone from the Oceanic region can win this rather spiffing looking looking print. Am i correct in this conclusion? Also if I am, may I ask why? Thank you Kindly.GrandadyPurp1 Jun 19
Jun 19 Hour long queue times? every time i queue im in queue for an hour or two then i just give up on it and play something else, anybody know why i cant find a game?Spankengine1 Jun 19
Jun 18 Australia TL Queue times. Hey guys, TL Queues on Australia Servers are pretty bad right now, and by pretty bad i mean its on average 15 minutes to find a game during prime time regardless of stack size. So far I've only found 4 maybe 5 people who have completed their Team league placements. The new Team League changes really don't seem to be working for AUS servers. I'd personally prefer the old system back, at least just for AUS if possible.Phobic0 Jun 18
Jun 18 Pretty good TL queues now. Nothing says fun quite like the TL matchmaking change in the last patch. It better produce more diamonds and up, otherwise the five or six current master TL groups might as well just play customs. Jun 18
Jun 15 Lost Cavern Can the map lost cavern not force random heroes? Thankslambdon0 Jun 15
Jun 13 Chogall thread. I love chogall. I strictly play him in QM on voice comms with my buddy (HL I don't think I'd be able to, it would be a mess). He is just a blast to play. And no, I have played the counters in QM. Greymane a, tychus', Leoric, raynor and so on. But honestly a smart chogall knows when to get out. The only one I really fear out of all of em is leoric. I for one think that the level 16 on cho with the unstoppable healing q is one of the biggest power spikes in the game. He can just sit there and run in circles while I poke with gall. I also find galls bombs away quest to be ridiculous. I usually let cho hold the trait, and by 16 my bombs are still hitting for 800+. This thread really is just to remind people that chogall is not an instant loss. I've had numerous people say "chogall gg" and it's sad. People just don't know how to work with him.SparkyGang1 Jun 13
Jun 13 Cant handle 250 ping Hey all, I was playing with 2 friends and we were all set to AUS however it put us into US server base games 3 times in a row with the wait only being around 3 mins. I am not playing any game with a 250 ping don't care what it is and I am a patient man and can watch videos while I wait - is there any way to prevent connecting to a region you don't want it to? If not there should be :)SmiteBringer12 Jun 13
Jun 13 Malthael's Bargain. Looking for team mate. Looking for someone to do the Malthael's bargain event with. (play 15 games with a friend as Diablo Champions). Hit me up if you're keenTrollCityBro0 Jun 13
Jun 10 Dedicated Team League I am looking for players to create a team with that are able to practice 3-4 times a week (times will be discussed) and earn and grow with each other. I myself play flex and can fill any role but if I were to main a role then I would support. To be considered for the team I would prefer that you have a average-advanced understanding of current heroes and great awareness and mechanical ability. If you wish to join then you must also be comfortable playing/or already at a minimum of platinum skill level. I would like to see this a permanent team that can push the boundaries and are open to advice and analyzing. If you are interested my battletag is Scintillate#1255 Or alternatively you can contact me through Discord at Vanguarded#9143Scintillate0 Jun 10
Jun 5 Looking for duo/team Looking for a duo partner or a team of gold+ Main Ranged assassin off support Willing to learn and try and better my self with others ;) WachMash#1709 Add meWachMash0 Jun 5
Jun 3 Whats the the long que times literally 90% of games if I can get in under 5 minutes its a surprise, 10 minute wait times for a ranked is not uncommon. Is this game unpopular in SEA/Ocean region? because on dota2 I can get a game in about 10 seconds.Bakess19 Jun 3
Jun 3 Position for the mini map Can we get a option to swap the position for the hero portrait and mini-map please.Rorschach1 Jun 3
Jun 2 automatic chat notifications on/off option it would be great to have an option to either turn on or off the acn. Sometimes it's blocking the view, especially when players spam vvvvv or stuffs like that. tySyrena0 Jun 2
May 30 LF Diamond+ HotS player for team LF 1 diamond+ player to trial for flex/ranged/support/melee pm me if interested or add me on discord Nuyomi#0278Kotori1 May 30
May 29 Team League match making is frustrating Myself and my friends are silver and gold ranked in Team League and we like to trio queue for as it receives the fastest queue times. However we have been matched consistently with Diamond & Master 5 man teams which compared to our skill level is frustrating to verse. Is this meant to happen or is the amount of people playing Team League so minimal. If so Hero League should incorporate a duo queue system because I personally prefer playing this game with someone rather than on my own.Kobrin0 May 29
May 25 Looking for duo Looking for a duo partner in AUS , i main Assassin but can suppport too. I mainly play at night around 10-11. Add #thelidorn1842 cya in gamethelidorn0 May 25
May 23 2.0 Challenge NOW! Hi guys trying to get another 8 games in tonight to complete the challenge before work tomorrow. If your interested in helping out or maybe you need them too, add me : Messy#1780 much appreciatedMessy1 May 23
May 18 Grab your MechanoSpider for free! Everyone had been wondering how to get the MechanoSpider, well Blizzard are giving it away for free as part of the launch event! Just head over to and build your team from your facebook friends then claim your free mount! Edit: At time of posting the site is getting hammered hard as there was over 50,000 people watching the live stream when announced. Give it time and keep trying (or try later) and it will work. ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP and player of all Blizzard games There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull52 May 18
May 14 Just another Hero league complaint. what is going on with hero league?. Chain losing streak... impossible to gain rank with plays either afking, being terrible or just simply staying in one lane the whole time.Crumpet0 May 14
May 10 HotS and Overwatch skins Im sure i am not the only person who feels this way but blizz. Can you stop forcing people to play another one of your crap games just cause one of your games is good. Overwatch for example is good game and i hate to see it ruined because in order to get fun skins you force us to play heroes of the storm in order to get them. Heroes of the storm is bad and if i wanted to play a game similar to it i would play League of gaylords. I know a large group of the population who play overwatch are not happy about having to play heroes of the storm in order to get these skins. I just wanted someone employee to read this so it could make me feel better. Thanks and kindly take heroes of the storm and throw it away and then fire all the developers. That would make me happy and then maybe i will play world of warcraft again if you stop making x-packs for that and create legacy servers.Hugostiglitz3 May 10
May 9 Balance Can anyone explain to me how the fk this game is balanced being 2 shot by Chromie, Artanis beam hitting like 1200 in 2 seconds oh then add in nova 3 shotting me as a fken muradin and the list goes on like does blizzard even play there own sht? or do they pay some dyslexic kid to test it then go all good ready for releaseFynoL0 May 9
May 9 #1 BUG IN BLIZZARD I'm playing ranked placement league, but on my first game out of 10 (solo) on Heroes of the Storm, its matching me up with Bronze Rank (5) players. They tend to commit suicide during games excluding myself. Please fix this bug. It should be with Placement and Placement Players not Placement League Players with Bronze Level 5 - the lowest league. -They die faster -Blame every deaths (10+) on you even if you have 0 by saying FU ** you - repeatedly -destroy this game -CURSE other players -Generally speaking, they bring 120% negativity into the game Why is it that you're matched with Bronze 5 during Placement League anyway in the first season of the year on the very first game (1/10)? It should never be like that you know. I know League of Legends does it too always ruining their own game with bad reputations. I think this bug needs to be fixed permanently. Start as a new paper.HappyDragon1 May 9
May 5 Need help with Nexus My friend needs somebody to help him with the Nexus challenge Battlenet is SHADOWDION#1296BulkHead0 May 5
May 5 QM - Team up for improvement Hi guys! I'm looking to make some friends in the Nexus and play some Quick Match games. I've started playing quite recently and am enjoying myself... but I would love to team up with people who can be patient with me and help me improve. Just for reference, I am based in Perth. But I can play with anyone around the country. Add me: xillixa#1826xillixa0 May 5
May 4 Looking for Amateur Teams and Players The Onyx Guild 2.0 is a small group of Amateur teams (Around Silver to Platinum Level) that work together to improve each other and support the ANZ Heroes of the Storm Community. We started this guild in January and wanted just 1-2 teams to start. In last season’s qualifiers, we had 5 Amateur teams enter from the guild to support the events. Now we are looking for more teams and players to bolster our teams and join our little community. If you are…. A Full Amateur Team (Somewhere Around Silver to Platinum Level). A partial Amateur Team looking for players. A player looking to join an Amateur Team. Then come check us out. More information can be found at or contact Grumpshot for more information. See you in the Nexus. Grumpshot Bnet ID: Grumpshot#1117 Twitter: @GrumpshotGrumpshot1 May 4
May 2 Nexus Challenge 2.0 plz add me senpai KRbest #11834KRbest0 May 2
Apr 28 Nexus Challenge help Add me for help with nexus challenge Mayno#1310Mayno1 Apr 28
Apr 27 Nexus challenge 2.0 Looking for people to do the nexus challenge with. SignSaysNo#1723SignSaysNo0 Apr 27
Apr 25 Looking anyone haha Just started back after a very long break from the game. Basically have no friends that play HOTS..... Mainly play on weekends and evenings: Gibs #1324Gibs2 Apr 25
Apr 24 Left Aus Server and Went from Gold to Diamond! I had been playing on the Aus server for around 2 months and was fed up with the general lack of skill and lack of adequate player base that the server offered. People in AUS were the most toxic of people I had ever encountered. Frequently I would play with the same people over and over again. Some were known feeders and some would purposely throw if they ever came across some one they didn't like. I was permanently stuck in gold while playing on this server because I would play with all range of ranks such as grand masters to bronze because there just isn't the right amount of people... As soon as I went back to Western USA servers (I'm actually Canadian) I noticed the difference in team work and skill in every game I played. Even with ping sometimes over 200 I climbed incredibly fast. This was in part due to playing with people of my same rank so each game was a fair match. Also, the Americans were far more skilled than your average Aussie. Australian hero league feels like quick match 2.0 whereas US actually had some cohesion and thought out drafts! I urge any one playing on AUS servers to move over to the American servers... Get off the toxic nonsense that is AUS.NobleGunner7 Apr 24
Apr 24 Fix your match making line ups I've only really noticed this over the last fews but i thought they fixed this getting put in games were one team has a warrior and the other team doesnt. This causes same major miss matches, also what is the go with one team getting 3 support classes and the other team has one. I know its quick match but blizzard atleast try and even out the teams alittle betterZoo1 Apr 24
Apr 24 LF Some TL Chums Howdy Guys, So i'm looking for a few chums to play TL with. Don't want to do anything competitive just chill and have some fun over coms. I have 1 friend whos keen to play but as im sure you know 2 people in TL isnt really viable at the moment. Hit me up in game if you are keen. I am generally floating around the platinum ranks in HL but don't care at all what your rank is as long as ur a nice chap and have discord. my tag is Wheels#1342Wheels1 Apr 24
Apr 24 Looking for duo partner OCE Silver 2 player (just finished placings 50/50 :( I do fairly well statistically, but the game is team heavy- would like someone to climb with & learn how to better my own skill. Asator#1426Asator2 Apr 24
Apr 13 Low ping: is it worth it? Is it worth it to climb ladder faster on usa servers than aus? I know we get lag but I am tired of bots and guys who just dont give a !@#$ about their HL games. Troll picks troll feeding, etc. I was wondering if it's worth it just to play on US servers to miss the trolls in aus servers. Having said that, does US servers have lot of trolls? I havn't been on there yet so I wouldn't know much about it : / What are your thoughts on this guys?Torax1 Apr 13
Mar 26 Terrible Matchmaking Hey guys, i'm just wondering if anyone else has problems with the matchmaking system. Every game I play everyone on both teams are terrible, like absolutely horrid and i'm not sure if its because i've only played like 200 games or because of the relatively low population in Oceania servers. I've got a fair bit of MOBA experience so I understand that I would probably be better than others starting out so is there a way I can get into higher tier matches? I've tried doing ranked but I sat in que for 15 minutes at 2pm on a sunday and still didn't get a match. Do I just wait for as long as it takes to get a ranked game or is there something else I can do to get higher skill games?ZappBranniga0 Mar 26
Mar 15 I'm jack of this AI ally crap. I had a long thought out post about a major problem with this game in Australia, but this stupid forum chewed it up. So here's the short ranting version that you !@#$ers deserve: Get rid of this %^-*ing AI-ally-if-you-have-been-waiting-for-more-than-105-seconds crap from Vs AI. The queues in Australia during the day are FAR too long and as such it's nothing more than a cancel/ready rubbish. I'm !@#$ing jack of it. Yes. This is an improvement over getting put onto Brazil servers, but this is unacceptable as it is. First off: Remove all skill, MMR, level checks from Vs AI - they don't need to be there. Vs AI isn't very skill based. An idiot and a pro can play on the same team. Then give us a bloody choice if we wish to have AI allies or not. Give us the bloody choice to choose how long before they kick in, if ever we want them. Finally, if you're bloody serious about keeping queue times short, you'd get off your asses and advertise in Australia. I've sunk way too much money into this game for you %^-*ers to just let this ship sink. It disgusts me how much I've given you guys.Cujo0 Mar 15
Mar 14 Hero/Team League in Aus I played a lot of hero league with my boyfriend, Unrelenting. We used to duo queue and try and climb to the top of the ranks together and it was really fun playing with others of similar skill levels. I was excited to try out the new team league this season as I thought it would bring extra challenging games with it. Instead we are left with enourmous wait times into games with and against people 2-4 ranks beneath us. We've also always been put against 5 stacks for 3 placements in a row which seems unfair seeing as they could be using voice chat. So after a few games this got pretty disheartening and I feel like we won't be able to have as much fun duo queuing as we did in hero league.. Does anyone else have similar feelings to this? I feel like solo/duo queue hero league in Australia is necessary because of the lack of people we have for each division.Asky10 Mar 14
Mar 14 MONTHLY TOURNAMENTS STARTING BACK UP ANZHeroes is happy to announce the Monthly Open Cup (MOC) tournament for the remainder of 2017 scheduled to start on the 25th of March. With a new (experimental) start time of 2pm AEDT teams will compete in a one day, double elimination tournament. We will also be allowing teams from the SEA region to compete if they wish, however they will need to play on ANZ servers so they are at a disadvantage (If they compete against another SEA team they can play on SEA servers.) The MOC will see a few changes from month to month while we experiment with the format, start time and even region restriction to try and develop a competitive, fun community event for everyone. The MOC will also introduce regional standing for the event, recording the win/lost record of each team and tallying it on ANZHeroes ladder. We will be looking to establish an invitational series off the standings for the top 4 consistence / stable teams. We are working towards securing prizes for future events but at the moment the cup has no prize pool besides fame and glory for the winning team as well as standing on the ladder. The MOC is open to all teams of all skill levels and there is no entry fee to participate. for sign upsDisconcur0 Mar 14
Mar 12 Lag Hey, I'm constantly getting 120ms + ping wise which is unplayable as far as I'm concerned. Ping in all other games is fine. Playing on Americas region, but i assumed i'd be matched via aus servers? Is this normal? What can i do to fix it?Swiftspice2 Mar 12