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Apr 17, 2017 Weekly Sale Items for April 18 – 25, 2017 A new Weekly Sale will begin on Tuesday, April 18, offering real-money discounts on several items! Check out our upcoming sale items below: Weekly Sale Items for Apr 18 – 25, 2017 Lunara — Sale Price: $4.24 USD Sentinel Lunara Skin — Sale Price: $3.74 USD Cyb’arak Anub’arak Skin — Sale Price: $4.99 USD The following changes will also take place in the Heroes of the Storm in-game shop alongside next week’s sale: Bundles Removed 2017 Heroes of the Dorm Bundle Pirate Queen Cassia BundleSpyrian85 Apr 17, 2017
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Oct 7, 2016 New Team forming I'm looking to start a team for team league games. The team will be based on having fun while also trying to rank up. One thing I want to make clear is the team philosophy, please take a moment to read. Team Philosophy: We want to play our way. We aren't worried about whatever current trend or meta is in the game. We want to win using our own unique brand of play. If we lose, we lose. There will be no finger pointing or negative energy. We will be creative when it comes to strategy, and theorycrafting will play an important role in what we do. Finally, we want to be aggressive and confident in what we do. I have a mumble server we can use, and usually play weeknights and most of the time on the weekends. Please post here if interested and I will contact you.Crusade3 Oct 7, 2016
Oct 7, 2016 The worst moba ive ever played -No items -20-45 gold a game -heros cost 7k gold -156 games later i can have ONE (1) new shiny hero -TOO objective based -eight dollars a hero when i can unlock every current and future hero in smite -money grab -incoming downvotes from fanboys MFW blizzard used to be a great company until the activison-blizzard merger. Every game they've put out since then has been a complete and total money grab.ChelseaGrin13 Oct 7, 2016
Oct 7, 2016 Sargent Hammers Can Nova give orders/commands to Sargent Hammers on the Nexus? In terms of Terran Military rank.Ex3beatnik8 Oct 7, 2016
Oct 7, 2016 dont fix bug so fix good player?? amasing. dont fix bugg so fix good player?..i see same bugg,one year long..(i play beta test!) so bliz fix good player...strange.. ,most, i see really bad player!! on tournament!!??? how monney you win to this....horrible.. ( i play this game manny time on past! (2005!)( i french!)its only amasing..... $jalak1 Oct 7, 2016
Oct 6, 2016 Master@lvl 34 solo ranked q looking for serious team as the subject states, I take this game kind of serious. I am always looking upon ways to improve but I do not wish to join a team that I need to coach 100% of the time. I have no problem leading and I have no problem taking a backseat as long as things are being done to the best of ability. To be one of the best I believe it requires some talent and I feel I am talented and belong with other talented players. I am FLEX my smurf is Paydro305#1593 my main is paydro#1391 A little about me: I am 26 years old, east coast Florida. Currently I have no time restrictions as I work for Uber and I tend to start work late at night past midnight. I want to go pro. If i'm in a serious team I should be there 100% availability. I am looking for TALENTED players although I don't mind leading. Please drop a friend request if you are interested thanks for reading.Paydro0 Oct 6, 2016
Oct 6, 2016 New innovative idea for competitive play Kills give points, deaths take away points, assist give points,damage/healing give points, and xp contribution give points. At the end of the match and/or during the match there will be an in game ranking for the duration of the match for each team ( 1-5 ). If you are providing your team with the most help ( rank 1 ) you will be rewarded more xp, gold, and if your team loses you will not lose points but only if you are rank 1 for your team. This system benefits the players that are consistently stuck with bad teammates such as myself where you find yourself with the best k/d ratio and damage yet you always find yourself on the losing end cause you can't carry a whole team sadly. I think this system will take out the excuse of ( my teammates suck ) cause even if you lose but you are providing the most help to your team you don't lose your hero league rank.Paydro1 Oct 6, 2016
Oct 3, 2016 Forming ateam I want to start up a Team league team, looking for players who want to climb the TL ladder and are sick of the cancer that is HL. I am a tank main, (Chen, Tyrael, Stitches and ETC) If you want to be on the team and climb the TL ladder post ur bnet tag below and state what role u are.N11CHILL4 Oct 3, 2016
Oct 3, 2016 Loss after loss after loss Is not in by any means fun at all. What is the point anymore? 3 nights in a row. Central time USA at least 5 losses in a row every night. Resulting in maybe 1-2 wins out of the 3 nights.JacobsHell1 Oct 3, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 Creating a new NA team! Hello friends, I am on here to recruit for a potential new North America Esports team(What's new right?). I've been working on setting up not just an Esports team/organization but an actual business as well. This is part of the building process and I'm looking for people interested in teaming up and starting out small in HOTS by participating in TL, casual leagues/tournaments, and then maybe work up to the big tournaments and qualifiers. You never know what kind of momentum could be had at any moment. One moment you could be a silver league player in HL and then the next moment could be on a tournament winning team! That's a big jump isn't it? The reason I think that is possible is because I think everyone has potential when in an organized team and anything it possible. I don't care what your MMR is or what league you are in. Bronze, silver, gold, or even grand master it doesn't matter! I care how well you play with a team, how you get along with others, and what drives you. So the type of players I'm looking to recruit obviously have to be team oriented. You have to be able to make time for the team as well. Real life and family always come first of course. That being said, if you aren't putting in the same effort as your team is than you don't deserve to be on the team. So I want people who love the game and will go that extra mile to get better and compete in this game. Loyalty to each other is a huge thing for me as well. Patience is another big thing. This isn't just gonna be start a team and compete at Blizzcon right away. We have to earn our place and earn the right to be with the best. So let's make it happen? Who's with me? **BONUS** I'm also looking for people who have a personality for people. My gaming team needs streamers to increase our brand, raise extra funds, and showcase our awesome games/communities. So if you are willing to stream or interested in streaming let me know and i'll help you with that as well. What I need from you! -Contact Info -Age -What drives you? -Favorite class? -Are you flexible class wise? -Times of Availability? -Short term and long term goals for HOTS? -What other games do you play? -What can you bring to the team? Answer this and I'll promise to get back to you within 24 hours. My battletag is FrostProtege#1832 so if you see me online always feel free to chat with me. I'll be active on this post as well so am open to all questions! Thanks guys! **UPDATE** At the moment I am stopping the recruitment. Have talked to many people and have found a good core to work with and see how we mesh together. While I do this I am stopping the recruitment for now.FrostProtege22 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 25, 2016 looking for a duo to play with I typically play warrior and support so im looking for someone who likes to duo i am curently 5 games in my ranked just looking for someone who likes to duo more then solo q Naughtybox#1879Naughtybox0 Sep 25, 2016
Sep 20, 2016 NA Team Looking For Looking for a good player that can grind some ranked team league 2 days a week for 2 hrs. Team Speak 3 is required Add me if interested MusicBSecret#1782 Have a good day and stay happy!!!MusicBSecret0 Sep 20, 2016
Sep 19, 2016 NA Team recruitment UXPG is currently looking for a 5th member for our rated HOTS team. We're starting progression for this season very shortly and are in need of a team player who can remain dedicated and make the times posted. Contact Us: PM me VIA forums or add me on btag @MrKren#1137 Our times: 6pm - 8pm On Mondays and Fridays every week. Requirements: 1: Have general and decent knowledge over 2/3 of all heroes available in game. 2: Have Teamspeak 3 3: Be able to communicate and listen to Team leaders' directions. 4: Be of a decent skill level. [AKA] No bronze equivs. 5: Have some knowledge of comp setups / who is best on what map.MrKren0 Sep 19, 2016
Sep 19, 2016 Matchmaking Sucks Seriously this is getting ridiculous, the higher and higher i get, the more and more rank 40's i get in my games, I don't want to carry them, its getting ridiculous and it needs to change, its not an MMR thing, I've looked at the hots log and there's a clear difference and its causing much frustration and lots of wasted time and gamesScarred33 Sep 19, 2016
Sep 18, 2016 1 person throwing for the team far more prevalent now The way the meta has changed far more shows when a single player doesnt understand game mechanics and rotations and leads to them feeding and throwing the game.Ohio030 Sep 18, 2016
Sep 17, 2016 PSA: bots in ranked Been paired with this player: AJTE for four ranked games now and he/she is clearly botting. Doesn't talk at all. Picks the same hero every match and doesn't group up with the team at all in game. If you encounter this player or players like this please report them. I'm sick of losing ranked points like this and wish my reports would be answered. ThanksSir0 Sep 17, 2016
Sep 16, 2016 Dropped From Game While playing a Quick Match, everyone on my team was dropped from the game and are unable to log back into Battle.Net. This happened ~2 Minutes ago. It appears to be server wide. EDIT: I also can not connect to Battle.Net in the client, or to other Blizzard games.WckdKazanzky1 Sep 16, 2016
Sep 11, 2016 BEST FLEX MASTERS masters pro ranked solo q any donation helps thanksPaydro0 Sep 11, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 Toxic player(s) Salutations: I was just in a game in the new map at 1118 pm est . The player names [Removed]/ hero Uther stated before the game started that he would be feeding the enemy team only and would move around only enough not to be kicked from the game. He proceeded to do just that and we lost the game. Q- How does blizzard intend to stop and or try to correct this form of behavior? Q- Are there any plans for implementing a system for such bad conduct? Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a great weekend.Sapper91 Sep 6, 2016
Sep 1, 2016 Hero League Draft Disconnects Ok this has now happened 4 times in a row on my final placement match. During draft I get randomly dropped and it says "a player you were matched with has left or been disconnected" So yet again I have to go through a 500 second queue. This is a joke. Can't even play any games. Yes, I'm salty.CynderStryke1 Sep 1, 2016
Sep 1, 2016 Ifsomeonelosesbronze5demogametheygetbootedntilnexseason If someone loses bronze 5 demotion game they get booted from ranked until next season!!!!!!!!!!!!! This should be in the next patch. It eliminates trolls who just play to make others lose. There are still many other platforms that they can practice on to get better.... that won't cause players who care 200+ rank points every time we are matched with one. This is the start of a revolution to eliminate the trolls/terrible players from ranked Please leave feedback on this idea.... I dream of a day when HOTS is fun again... I dream of a day when people no matter what their screen name will select a support/healer when they're the last pick and that is the last role left to fill.... not Neezebo or Hammer! I dream of a day when people show their picks from the start of the draft and use the draft chat to help build a good team comp. that correlates to the MAP they're playing that game. I dream of a day when people don't pick characters purely out of draft chat spite. Just to stickittoya. I dream of a day when players who have a thin hero pool communicate this upfront instead of just saying f it I'll just take nova and get a bunch of kills because they don't have any tanks other than etc and he has already been banned. One day I hope my dreams come true and the nexus is a fun place again. P.S. Don't troll just because there isn't a Bronze 5 demotion game... I'm aware of this and want to change it!FrostyDog4 Sep 1, 2016
Aug 31, 2016 Master Tier meaningless? Okay so the premise is, you get games 1 tier above or below your current rank. So bronze plays with up to silver and plat plays with gold to diamond. Everything seem about right so far. So why do diamond players play with GM's if there is the whole Masters tier inbetween those two ranks? Being real though we all know it's cause there aren't enough players but really breaking the MM system at the upper end is kind of dumb, let the bronzies play with like gold 4/5's and break it down there too.Hinocala0 Aug 31, 2016
Aug 30, 2016 battlefr0g this guy is a troll, ban him immediatelyHyperion0 Aug 30, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 TL Matchup Issue Lost 158 points as a Gold 5 even though our team got matched against a group that had 4 Diamonds and 1 Grandmaster#70... Thanks.Sordo5 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Looking To Develop A Team Hey everyone!, I have been playing HoTS for awhile now and I specialize in ranged assassins. I am wondering if anyone is interested in forming a team to play matches with and eventually Hero League when I can buy the characters. If anyone has a team they need a ranged assassin for that would be awesome too! Thanks guys, KIRA (God of the New World ;) )KIRA10 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 Looking for more team members I have a couple real good people that I team league with, we always use CURSE ( voice coma required) most are plat/ diamond, I am gold on my main accnt. My smurf accnt is pushing 3k mmr. Reply to this with your battle tag and I'll send you a friends request. We are always looking for a main support, but we are all flexible.Magoo1 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 [NA] - Forming a team - casual but consistant We are looking to form a team that plays a few times a week a couple hours at a time. this will be casual as in: -we will not make you sit through replays -force you into roles [ play who you are best with] -babysit or chase you down for games ------------------------------------------------------------ We do expect: voice chat consistency --------------------------------------------------------- Both of us are rank 35 and want take playing to the next level. We have: A team fight shot caller -ranged assassin player -flex [mains greymane,lunara,anub,rgahar,xul] we are looking for: roles: gameplay shot caller [ non combat - objectives/camps/ rotations/ map timings] -main tank[ muradin,johanna,] -support [mains - karazim,BW,tass] -melee assassin [ thrall, illidan,zeratul] Availabilities: Tuesdaynights: 6:30 to 9:30 mountain / 5:30 to 8:30 pst / 8:30 to 11:30 est wednesday nights: ^ (sometimes fridays) ^ saturday mornings: 7am to 12pm mountain / 6am to 11 am pst / 9am to 2 pm est sunday mornings: ^OPprophet11 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 Looking for a coach Availabilities: Tuesdaynights: 6:30 to 9:30 mountain / 5:30 to 8:30 pst / 8:30 to 11:30 est wednesday nights: ^ (sometimes fridays) ^ saturday mornings: 7am to 12pm mountain / 6am to 11 am pst / 9am to 2 pm est sunday mornings: ^ Looking to improve my gameplay mosty best heroes: greymane , regharMechaMurky3 Aug 22, 2016
Aug 19, 2016 University of Georgia Heroes Players Just curious to see if anyone from UGA plays! If so I'd love to play a couple of games with y'all :). Go Dawgs!Rob2 Aug 19, 2016
Aug 16, 2016 Mind Control Lore wise. Guys, is Nova strong enough to mind control protoss units such as zealots too or is it only restricted to humans? How powerful is that psychic brain of this ghost? And can she make MC two protoss units at the same time kill each other?Ex3beatnik0 Aug 16, 2016
Aug 10, 2016 Sorry if annoying, but want a little of your attention Good afternoon everyone. first that nothing I want to say to you, do not write in English. so I am using a translator. I'm here because I would like to ask for help, a donation... Perhaps this, is something very strange of see or perhaps not what is, really it know... My name is Edwards! I am a 26-year-old boy. and as all you share other personal hobby, am normal someone that likes the video game, go out with friends, study, I want to have a normal life. I live in Venezuela, Táchira State and here is where my problems started and my sadness. I live in a country that we currently have the higher inflation in the world and has a control system of currency, where is the Government, which approves and decides who will get the official sale price $, but these are scarce for economic mismanagement only can buy an (illegal) black dollar that is too expensive and is one of the main problem because everything is imported I am in a country, am in a country where the minimum wage does not exceed the $14,96 and that daily wins as an O.80$ live in a country that is run by a corrupt government, where if you think different you will be persecuted by the Government, ending any possibility to get a good job. today is 8 augusts, lack little to December... and not be able to enjoy of many things, and I were missing many others things. ago 3 years that I not be, that is have clothing new, shoes, shirt... Oh that something is entertainment already I can not leave or continue to pass near a bakery or coffee to give me a taste, xq the price are too high... and not only have a problem of inflation, also there is a shortage very large both of food as of drugs... The supermarket are not stocked, and the little that comes, it is intended to be sold using a lottery that only you can buy those that its number of ID ends in (1-9) the number they determine it for that day. There is person that is leverage of the scarce of food, to buy the little food that is is for resell it to high prices. the crime is a problem also very serious... We are already one of the countries most dangerous in the world. are so things that could tell them and not know exactly of where start.. But today I feel concerned of see that do not have a future stable, that not have nothing safe in my own country. and feel concern, that every day is more difficult to find food, and every day my family who are my parents, we are eating less and less. So much that we began to lose weight... am a boy of a height of 1.79 meters and have a deficit of weight of 49, 5 kg my father to lost 20 kg and my mother 17 kg all are below the 50 kg. Would like to ask you a collaboration, for power out of the country and work in the outside and can help to my family, oh take me them of Venezuela. I want to go to Peru, where there is already a community of Venezuelans who have managed to emigrate to there... help please any help will be appreciated... I want to collect $ 600 I am not sure if it will be enough, Solo is that a passage by land costs, in my currency BsF.270.300, 40, that would be about $ 270. here you can see the changing of the greenback to my currency the other $ 300 only had intended to buy food for the trip, and have for lodging when you arrive to Peru... else that happens, will be on my own and I just hope to have a chance. If you want to help me with any amount will be very grateful here leave a paypal donation link I do not speak English, really all you are speaking and writing Spanish is... and I am using a translator to communicate I hope to understand all my words. And in the same way thank you for trying to read me. This is my kitchen, and this is the situation that I speak and not almost nothing worries me to eat and this is the scarcity of food in markets which discuss them.! You can review it by google and is will find with many pictures equal [code][/code] ... [li][/li] [ul][/ul] [i][/i] [/u] [u]Zaregox0 Aug 10, 2016
Aug 1, 2016 Forming a team We're 3 players who are looking for 2 more in order to form a team and climb the Team League ladder. Not overly serious just enough to want to improve and climb. We are on PST. What we are looking for: - at least 2k games played - Platinum or higher in Ranked - must have Skype and be able to voice communicate - be proficient in all rolesStinkyman0 Aug 1, 2016
Jul 26, 2016 Meeting the same people in HL on Singapore server Hi guys, I'm playing on NA region but on Singapore server. Personally I would think that this game has hundreds of thousands of players and it would be hard to ever meet someone twice (it was this way in preseason though, and in dota 2). But since after my placement matches, I keep running into the same guys. Not all 9 people in the game are the same but there is almost always someone on my team I know. The thing is I often have bad matches playing with these guys, even to the point of hating but mm always match me with them and I cant seem to find away around it. Now I dont really care about my points but just wondering how can this happen?Diego2 Jul 26, 2016
Jul 26, 2016 Worst experience in years Just played a game on Blackheart's Bay and was told by my entire team that they were reporting me. Was the only one to turn in any coins at all, for a total of 10 the only time we turned in period. The opposing team turned in 22 coins for the kill. My entire team ignored objective and I got blamed because 8 didn't follow them around pushing random forts. Am I crazy or is that just ignorance of map objective?WonkyTerra2 Jul 26, 2016
Jul 26, 2016 Any Florida players? just wondering if there are any FL players, preferably south florida?frglxrhombus31 Jul 26, 2016
Jul 26, 2016 Separate By Language OR Provide Translations Hard enough to find a good team that can at least ping well, let alone chat quick and simple, but when N America is filled with spanish speakers from all of the southern and central Americas, it makes a tough match comp almost impossible.RockFoesbane1 Jul 26, 2016
Jul 26, 2016 LF people who play late >9pm central I have kids so I usually only get to play late at night after 9pm central or so doing quick matches. I'm not terrible, but not great. I'd like to get better to improve my mmr but it's rather difficult when I only seem to end up with teams that don't know what an objective is, team fight in the middle of nowhere for no reason, play only the free to play heroes they have no experience with, or decide to rush core when all members of the enemy team are alive and still have all their tier 2 defenses... I don't get it... I play pretty casually, do win alot of games and my account level is 35 I think, which doesn't mean much, but at least I've played alot of games, quick matches and practicing heroes against the AI do I don't go in blind on a new hero. I'd love to find people at this time at night to group with and play decent games... Not end up with all free to play characters at account level <7 and lose again and again and stay stuck at this !@#$ty mmr.Zarkon1 Jul 26, 2016
Jul 21, 2016 Uther mount unavailable??? I can't find it anywhere for the Judgement skin - have the skin, can't find it in mounts, for sale, purchases, bundles, anywhere? Is the mount supposed to be a come-and go item or should it be available somewhere I somehow can't find ?RyanT21120 Jul 21, 2016
Jul 21, 2016 Placement Match Ranking Dissatisfaction and Suggestion HOTS developers, I've never posted on here before, but I'm hoping that someone sees this and maybe even provides some sort of feedback. I have loved this game for well over a year now, and I want to say that I respect the entire development team immensely for the great product you have made, the consideration you have shown to the player-base, and the warm memories that your product has provided me. However, I am now, for the first time, considering not playing this game anymore, because the game is demonstrating that there is a significantly limited opportunity for upward movement. I have gotten over my initial frustration that would have caused me to rant, but I do still believe that the topic is worth addressing. I would like a reconsideration of my ranked play tier placement, because I don't believe that my gameplay during the placement matches was consistent with the moderately low rank that I am now subjected to overcoming without my friend's camaraderie during my upcoming games. I would suggest that stronger rank emphasis be placed on the games played in the past 3-4 months, because this is liable to more accurately reflect player skill level, while allowing them to advance or decline as is indicated by their continued play. I started an account when I was brand new to MOBA style games, and because of my unfamiliarity, I wasn't very good. After over a year of incredible memories with my friends while playing HOTS, the initial placement ranking system is interfering with my ability to continue creating those memories, and I believe that it is because the game has too much emphasis on remote historical gameplay. For instance, the person that I play most with in this game has a high MMR and was a rank 1 player prior to the rank reset and paradigm shift, but I've been playing quick-match, unranked draft, and ultimately the ranking placement matches, and I've not only held my own, but in some, I've actually been the factor catalyzing our victory. After we both completed the placement matches with an identical record of 7-3, I was placed into silver 2, and he diamond 4. How can I have come far enough that I can consistently excel when playing against opponents that are ranked at least one tier above me, if not two, but still find myself not even remotely near my friend, who I can no longer queue with in ranked play? I would love to discuss further, if given the opportunity. I appreciate the warmth you have shown to me and the rest of the player-base. Best, Aquabebe#1395Aquabebe0 Jul 21, 2016
Jul 17, 2016 Mischief Makers Team Recruiting Mischief Makers is a casual/competitive team looking for more members to play Team League regularly and are now having open trials for those interested. You do not need to specialize in any one role, although that would be a plus, but versatile players are welcomed. We play three nights a week when members are available, and typically starting at 8/9 PM EST. Message me on Hots (Sordo#1236), or leave your information in this forum if you think you'd like to enter a trial period with the team. Requirements: Minimum 2000 MMR on hotlogs Minimum of 800 games played See you in the NexusSordo0 Jul 17, 2016
Jul 15, 2016 Castration and degradation of the talent-pick system The whole direction towards which HotS is racing right now, made me to start such thread, and to point out some crucial things, that disturb me for the last 3-4 months. I believe that the majority of the community will agree with me on my topic. So, about a year ago, with Kharazim being added to the game we experienced some new approach to the talent tiers. I’m talking about his trait. We were given 3 different choices to pick from, and in that time it was quiet unique, unusual and fresh. BUT, after the monk and beastmaster we saw Morales. She had, and has the pretty much same kind of choice: on lvl 1 you rather choose an upgrade for her W over the useless drones and on lvl 13 you *usually* choose one of the healing beam’s upgrades. Then, after a while a lot of heroes that were introduced or got reworked and now half of those are forced to pick a talent for a skill that they probably wouldn’t do if they had a real choice. The bright examples are Nova and Lunara. And a second part of my message – the actual degradation of the talent tiers. A lot of heroes pre-rework had like often 4 if not even 5 talent choices in each tier, except for the lvl 10. Now Blizzard tends to minimize as much as possible the talent and build diversity, making reworks and cutting off like 14 talents, shifting around 6 and giving only 5 new talents instead. Ah, plus let’s rework some mechanics of the remaining ones and make some play with numbers. Did you guess about what hero am I talking? Yes, Karl, it’s Zagara. It’s just a one slight but important example of what is happening. Again, my main point is that narrowing choices and forcing people to pick, is not healthy for an already mass-oriented game. Let’s be realistic – if the MOBA doesn’t have items/runes/gold, all those things that prolong games make gaming process more intense, you can’t simplify the last what you have – talent tiers. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing HotS, but seeing where the game is going makes me sad.BoxOfWonders1 Jul 15, 2016
Jul 12, 2016 Diamond 2 looking for a solid dedicated team. Hi, looking for a dedicated diamond + team that practices regularly. Willing to pay admissions to leagues. Credentials - Diamond 2 , plat 1 in LoL.sephix0 Jul 12, 2016
Jul 11, 2016 Need Cosplaying advice Hi, folks. So, I'm planning on making a cosplay of Kharazim for a local event in my city and I wanted some tips about it. It'll be my first cosplay, so any advice would be welcomed, but I have some specific questions. 1 - What kind of matrials could I use? I can't afford expensive materials, but I want too look as close as possible to him without spending too much. 2 - Would silk and synthetic leather look good? I'm afraid of it not looking anything like the monk. 3 - Any tips for the acessories on his arms? I practice martial arts, so I plan on doing some kind of performance, what brings me to the impasse of having something too fragile and risk it falling apart or something too heavy and risk losing balance during the presentation. Many thanks in advance.Josiel1 Jul 11, 2016
Jul 11, 2016 Servers.... Really? Hey everyone, lets talk servers. I'm on the east coast of the US, and the lag is so unbearable, you see, some of you might be saying "Well, your bandwidth sucks" well i did a speed test while i was not playing hots and while i was playing hots, i'm clocking in around 10mb per sec, so not bad from where i'm around. So yeah, i'm writing this because i'm tired that i have to forfeit games jut because blizzard doesn't want to prioritize a free game, even though its been getting some eSports attention. Honestly though its not even a surprise, its not like Blizz has let us down in the past right? But since im badmouthing blizz, im probably going to get removed.Vrykulian12 Jul 11, 2016
Jul 9, 2016 Give Them Own Server Here …and let N Amer have their own, so that we don't constantly have the problems we've been having, most of which seem to be from south of the Rio Grande. It's beyond ridiculous how many game queues cancel over and over again, and how many are dropped during game too!RockFoesbane5 Jul 9, 2016
Jul 6, 2016 New Ranking system THANKS BLIZZ!!!!!!! Not only is this new "ranking" system broken it makes it where you cant even play with your friends anymore in ranked unless you play team league...... So qm and unranked draft are full of trolls and you cant team up in HL..... Good Job BLIZZ!! took a game we loved to play and turned it into something we cant standDottry0 Jul 6, 2016
Jul 4, 2016 NA Server Thank u matchmaking me and my friend play in Brazil and this idiots put us in a NA match with 250 ping thx...EasyPavs1 Jul 4, 2016
Jul 4, 2016 Looking to Contribute Hello all. Right now playing I am still playing casually, but I would like to contribute to the community any way I can. Whether it be playing, coaching, analyzing or anything else of mind I would be glad to contribute. I have a lot of competitive experience under my belt and vast knowledge of the support role (maybe minus Mediev xD) feel free to DM me with interest/inquiries. I am free most nights EST time and weekends. Happy GamingShupler0 Jul 4, 2016
Jun 30, 2016 Solo rank help I'm coming here asking for help on how to climb out of silver league. I'm beginning to wonder if it is even possible in solo play. After placement, which was a bit of crap shoot, went 6 and 4.I wound up at at silver 2. I am now at 4 almost to 5. I'm not a perfect player by any means. Though i do at least get the basics of drafting, and the objectives on each match. I'm also always mindful of pings and willing to listen to other players and try to be a team. However most of my matches i have been in; there will be a player who ban picks just to prevent fellow teammates from choosing a character they don't like, like nova/zeratul. Then there are the players that just don't even ban at all. Then you have people who auto lock in a character with out ever talking about team comp just to play their favorite character, teams that never even say hi to each other, and the classic, the rage team where half the match is spent on a keyboard. This leads to matches with double specialist and no dps, or 2 tanks and 2 specialist leading to having no damage in team fights. At least no dps at the skill level we are playing at. Then you get the players who are playing a character they still have no control over. Leading to badly timed ult's like maw's, terrible placement on mind controls, vikings that cant split lanes.....and it goes on and on and on. I understand the occasional match may have a person who is salty or does not give a flying fudge biscuit, or just an in-experienced player ( i can fall into this last category some games). Though in my experience so far this is about every 3 out of 4 matches and it's just terrible. It makes for a non enjoyable experience. The game gets thrown because one person wants to go off and solo top lane at level 18 and gets picked leaving us down next team fight, or because people think lane control wins black heart bay instead of controlling coin turn in and the ever classic, no one focus's LT Morales when she is the enemy support, or just lack of focus in fight in general. I just don't know what to do. This game can be fun, and i thought with the new re vamp to rank it might not be as bad with the match making, though this is getting ridiculous and unless you start out of silver i don't see how anyone can climb out of this mess.Rollen2 Jun 30, 2016