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Mar 13, 2014 Technical Alpha Installation and Play Instructions If you’ve received an invitation to take part in Tech Alpha testing, please follow the steps below in order to install and play Heroes of the Storm: 1. Download the Heroes of the Storm installer. 2. Run it, log in, and follow the installation instructions. 3. That’s it! Now get ready for some action-packed team-based play! If you run into any technical issues during or after the install process, feel free to stop by the Heroes of the Storm Technical Support forum to get assistance. Please note that you may also encounter bugs while playtesting Heroes of the Storm. If you do, help us squash them by creating a new thread or adding to an existing discussion on the official Bug Report forum. For further information, please refer to the following blog: Mar 13, 2014
Jan 7, 2015 Guide to Being a Good Heroes Tester Hello fellow testers! I know some of you may be new to the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha and possibly new to Alpha/Beta testing in general, for those of you that are; welcome! The purpose of this guide is to help new testers understand how to effectively make a positive contribution to the testing process. The main goal of the Technical Alpha is to test stability and improve the game service. As a tester you can contribute in a number of ways; by playing lots of matches in a variety of different ways, trying out new things, new heroes, reporting bugs, and providing feedback on your experiences. Table of Contents 1. Testing the Game 2. Bug Reports 3. Providing Feedback 4. Dealing with Technical Issues 1. Testing the Game The most important thing to do as a tester is simply to get in and play the game a lot! Just playing the game helps Blizzard test and improve the stability of the game as well as providing data and statistics that Blizzard can analyze to help them make balance and gameplay decisions. The bottom line is the more you play the game the better! When playing try to be friendly to the other players on your team and work together as much as possible. Heroes of the Storm is very much a team-oriented game, and coordinating your efforts will not only make the game more enjoyable, it will also significantly improve your odds of winning. Remember that this is first and foremost a testing environment, players may be trying out new heroes, new talents, encountering bugs, or dealing with a new map mechanic for the first time. Try to keep that in mind and be understanding if your teammates are experiencing difficulties or otherwise not playing at the top of their game. It is also helpful to try out a variety of heroes, play with different talents and mechanics, come up with new and different strategies, and in general just try out as many different things as you can while you play. Incorporating exploration and variety into your gameplay will not only provide you with a broader perspective on the game which you can incorporate into your feedback, but it also increases the likelihood of finding and identifying any bugs that may exist in the game. 2. Bug Reports Bug reports are a critical part of game testing, if you encounter an issue that you believe to be a bug then head over to the bug report forums and follow the quick step by step guide below to create a bug report. ... How to Post a Bug Report: Step 1 - Identify the Issue In-Game: Identify what the issue is in the game so that you can accurately describe it. Try to understand the circumstances of it's occurrence, and if possible how to reproduce it. Step 2 - Check the Known Issues List & Look for Existing Threads: Check the Known Issues list to see if Blizzard is already aware of the issue. If it is not on the list then search the Bug Report Forum for an existing thread about the issue. If a recent thread already exists about the issue, add your report to it. If no thread exists or the existing threads have been inactive more than a month make a new thread. ... Step 3 - Create & Title your Thread: If you are making a new thread try to include in the title a brief description of what the bug is and what it affects. An example of a good title would be something like "Haunted Mines - Hero Cannot Collect Skulls" Step 4 - Write the Bug Report: This is a basic format for a bug report Version Number - It is found to the right of the "Play" button in the launcher, it looks like this: Version Describe the Issue - Write a to-the-point description of the issue, include all relevant details. Describe the Circumstances - Where were you, what Hero and map you were on, what were you doing, and what was happening when the issue occurred. Describe the Steps to Duplicate It - If possible give a step by step break down of what must be done to duplicate the issue. Other Information - Add any other information you feel is relevant and important here.- Continued in Next Post --Eldacar38 Jan 7, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 (Updated) Heroes Maintenance -- Jan 13, 2015 Update (8:00 a.m. PST) Good morning! Players in the Americas region of should now be able to begin downloading today's Closed Beta patch using the application. Heroes is still down for maintenance, but you can read up on all of the changes coming to the game by checking out our Closed Beta Patch Notes blog. We'll let you know as soon as the Nexus is back online. Thanks! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings all! I'm very excited to let you know that we'll be bringing the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha offline Tuesday, January 13 in order to roll out a new patch! Maintenance will begin around 3:00 a.m. PST tomorrow, and we anticipate that Heroes will be back online around 11:00 a.m. PST. When we do, the Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta testing phase will have officially begun! We'll be deploying the Closed Beta patch in the North America region of first. Additional regions around the world will enter maintenance and receive the patch throughout the rest of this week. Keep your eyes on and this forum thread for more announcements! As always, we'll keep you updated as necessary throughout maintenance right here in this thread. Thanks and we'll see you in the Nexus!Spyrian1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Intermittent Stimpack Bonuses -- Dec 11, 2014 We've received reports that players with an active Stimpack are not always receiving its bonuses following completion of a Heroes match. We're aware of the issue, and are currently investigating so that we can find and roll out a solution as soon as possible. We'll keep you updated as soon as we have more information to share. In the meantime, if you continue to encounter issues with Stimpack bonuses being awarded intermittently, please report your experiences as replies to this thread, rather than creating new topics. Thank you for your reports and patience!Spyrian30 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 (Updated) Hotfix for Stimpacks and Long Queues Update: We finished deploying the hotfix for all regions around 4:30 p.m. PST today. Please be advised that Stimpacks may still award their bonuses intermittently for the next few days, but today's fix should help to reduce the occurrence of the issue. Additionally, the very long queue times that some players were encountering while queued in a party should now be resolved. If you continue to run into either issue, please add a reply to this thread to let us know about your experiences. Thank you! ------------------------ Good morning! Around 10:00 a.m. PST this morning, December 12, we’ll be deploying a hotfix which will help reduce issues with Stimpack bonuses being awarded intermittently after completing Heroes matches. This fix will also help to resolve an issue in which players in a party can experience very long queue times. We will not need to bring the Technical Alpha offline, but matchmaking queues may be interrupted for several minutes while we work to release the hotfix. The hotfix will be released first for the Americas region of, and we’ll roll it out to additional regions throughout the day. I’ll also unlock this thread once the fix has been deployed to collect additional reports in case you’re still experiencing the issues mentioned above. Thank you!Spyrian14 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 6, 2015 Free Hero Rotation - Updated: Jan 6, 2015 We've just refreshed our free-to-play Hero rotation with a fresh set of seven Heroes who stand ready to start smashing towers at a moment's notice! As always, fresh accounts begin with five free Hero slots, and the two remaining slots can be unlocked by reaching player levels 12 and 15, respectively. Here are your free heroes for this week: Week of Tuesday, January 6, 2015: Diablo E.T.C. Li Li Nova Tyrande Gazlowe (Available after you reach player level 12) Jaina (Available after you reach player level 15) This post will be updated each week during the Tech Alpha whenever we refresh the free hero rotation, and you can expect the next set of free heroes to arrive next Tuesday. Make sure to do some brawling with this week’s roster before they rotate out of the pool! If you'd like to see hero rotations from previous weeks, we'll be posting them as replies to this thread.Spyrian45 Jan 6, 2015
Dec 28, 2014 Valla Pre-Order Bonus Enabled Back in February, The Diablo III team announced a number of pre-order items for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, including a future unlock of Valla the Demon Hunter in Heroes of the Storm. With the launch of the final phase of the Technical Alpha upon us, we wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that if you digitally pre-purchased the Reaper of Souls expansion or redeemed your Reaper of Souls game key via your account on or before 11:59 PM PST on March 31, 2014, you should now have Valla unlocked on your Heroes of the Storm account. Pre-purchasing Diablo III: Reaper of Souls did not guarantee a spot in the Heroes of the Storm Alpha or future Beta tests, but if you pre-purchased Reaper of Souls and you are still awaiting access to Heroes of the Storm, fear not! Valla will be ready and waiting for you as soon as you are able to join us in the Nexus. Curious to learn more about Valla? You can read her short story, “Hatred and Discipline,” on the Diablo III site, and keep an eye out for more about her in a future Hero Week blog!Vaeflare13 Dec 28, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Update Your Nvidia Drivers In our ongoing effort to improve the Heroes of the Storm experience, we’ve worked with our vendors to help resolve a number of issues through their most recent driver update. If you’re an Nvidia user that’s experienced crashes when alt tabbing or switching windows, the newest driver update may help solve your issues. You can check out this post to get detailed information on the bugs resolved in this update, as well as links to the most up-to-date Nvidia drivers.Spyrian0 Oct 9, 2014
Jan 21, 2015 big top sadness what an incredibly cool skin, truly amazing and well done guys. i am left with a small amount of sadness cause there isnt any change i can see to the turrets. kinda a bummer and a missed opportunity :( other than that, pretty incredible.Sylect12 Jan 21, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Option to gag Uther I gave Jaina a try in practice mode Sunday and Uther got to be really annoying. I couldn't find an option to disable the tooltips. I'm hoping it doesn't happen every time you do practice mode!Stein0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Screen going dark and red when on low HP Hello I !@#$ing hate this function, I know I am on low hp so please let me see what is going on... Screen goes dark and red and it is extremely annoying. It is up to me if i want to stay on low hp or I want to go to base, now every time I get low i have to %^-*ing heal. Add an option to remove this effect from the Graphics menu. I find it extremely annoying.Nixon0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 "Complete my bundle" A feature I like in the iTunes store is the complete my album feature. The cost of an album is reduced if you've already purchased some songs from the album. The reduction is equal to the amount paid for each song individually. It's a nice way to reward people for buying more. In HotS, the cost of a bundle is not reduced if parts have already been purchased. For example, I'd buy the starter pack but I already bought Muridan. So it feels like a rip off. I would definitely buy the starter pack if I got a discount equal to the amount I paid for Muridan. Hope this was helpful. I'm really enjoying the game! Can't wait for the beta.Jack10 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Input/Control Issue Feedback I notice when playing HotS that some keystrokes don't register. This happens when I'm being "spammy" with my mouse or when I'm trying to unload multiple abilities in very rapid succession. It's like if you press a key within a tiny fraction of a second after clicking/pressing a different key, that keystroke won't register. This is terribly frustrating and has a negative impact on gameplay. As someone who plays with a pretty high APM in most games, I find myself running into this issue very frequently. Out of all the things I see in game and think, "Huh, I wish they'd fix that", this one takes the cake.SiGMa2 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Question abaout abandonment According to the patch notes in hero league section: Game Abandonment A player that leaves an in-progress Hero League or Quick Match game will not be allowed to queue for Ranked Play until a new Quick Match game is completed. Leaving a Hero League game during Draft Mode will result in a loss of 300 ranked points in addition to the above penalty, and all of that player’s party members at the time of Draft Mode abandonment will also receive these penalties. What does it mean exactly? Correct me if I'm wrong please If I am in a party with 2 other friends and I'm matched with 2 other randoms, I'm just penalized if one of my friends leaves? In case of the 2 randoms leaves I'm not penalized, correct? What happens if one of my friends gets disconnected and can't log in back due to the know recconection issues? What happens if they can recconect?Anaeron1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Abathur Beta Changes ... Thoughts? I like this overall. Sucks that Ultimate Evolution got nerfed but there were some real crazy combos of a double ult that were OP for the team and ultimately needed if there was going to be a real choice between ults. Level 20 boost Evolutionary link seems awesome though. Locust nest sounds awesome, but seems to be a talent given too late (level 20?? more changes in the future please!). With the level 20 boost to symbiote I feel like there is another real choice. Overall I am excited to test out the new Ult and play around with some new builds. This guy was definitely becoming very cookie cutter. The only no choice talent I see now is level 1 (Survival Instincts still seems like a clear choice).LongLiveJuju5 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 One more hour! Until the extended maintenance is announced!Grandork0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Talent gating is horrible. STILL HORRIBLE! This is STILL horrible. Every time I want to play a new champion I keep falling back onto my other already level 4+ champions. I play high 'Diamond' MMR just before 'Masters' and I just can't play a half champion with awkward synergies. I just had to lose two games with ETC because of a warrior daily, I just don't have the talents to make any fun or working synergistic builds. I still stand to this day. Talent gating needs to go this is horrible punishment for farming 2 months to buy 1 single champion to be force to lose 5 games with it before you can actually play it.geeca45 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 not thinking enough b/f purchase… BLIZZ please Hello, I made a mistake with a hero purchase. I was thinking about change from alpha to beta and don't know why, but didn't expected there could NOT be a wipe. I wanted to spend all my gold to try new heroes I couldn't pick in a weekly choice. I bought Zagara for 10k, that I'm let's say okay with her. But another one was Rehgar and I feel so much much bad about this one. If he would be for like 2k gold, I would say just let it be, but he was for 7k and I missed in his playstyle so much like with no other hero at all! I know that I'm stupid that I was looking for an information AFTER that all. And for more that was just because of info about new Hero League where you need to have at least 10 heroes and I was like „what, so maybe accounts won't wipe?!“. Also it is just 100% my mistake that I didn't used that Try button. I would just like to make a polite request, if there could be any chance to return this hero (both of them would be also nice, but hey, I know I have to pay for my mistakes) for at least less than a half of his price, if not full amount. If there would be a requirement to spent some money on a one of the packs, I would be okay with it, I'm definitely going to support this game in a future, as I really like it. I know it's all just my bad, but if there is any chance, Blizzard please… Thank you and wish a lot of luck for next stages of developement RobertGryning10 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Calldown Mule! patch update. I dont like it. quote from blizzard " mules will now prioritize town halls and towers, then gates, and moonwells, and then walls" I don't agree with this exactly. I think players should have the choice as to where the mule should be able to repair first. If a player wants to repair a gate before a tower then I say let them, don't choose for them. Maybe allow them to choose their priority first and after its repaired then the mule could go onto repairing other buildings in a predetermined order and maybe be ordered to repair other things if wanted to by the player.duff4202 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 My First Impressions So, I've been playing sporadically for a couple months now, and Compared to other MOBAs these are my first impressions: 1.) FAR LESS TEDIOUS!!!!! ;~) Compared to what I assume to be the "Standard", or at least it is in DOTA, Strife, Infinite Crisis, among others, of buying items w/ stats and effects, and combining them to make other items, and needing to run back to base, or have a flying donkey (who can be attacked and killed) bring them to you... The talent system is FAR SUPERIOR... My biggest problem w/ all of those other games was that I didn't know wtf I was doing, and it didn't help that there were 50billion items, and furthermore, you personally had to get last hits on kills to earn personal gold to buy them... It was a downright stupid, and far to complex system. Talents provide a little noob buffer... in that, for one, there are at most 5 things to choose from, AND they are easily accessible before starting so you can read and plan ahead of time. 2.) diversity of maps: definitely compared to DOTA, which has one setup, which is simply re-skinned (and I believe LOL does the same) HOTS has a wide variety of maps that actually change the style of play and strategies. W/ different map objectives, that are actually different enough to make the maps interesting; Dragon shrine, is very similar (in my eyes) to hockey, you need to balance between Defense and offense, if you have one shrine, you can go aggressive to take the other, and even MORE aggressive by sending one to dragon as well, or you can go w/ a 2/3 split on the shrines, and hope for a power-play w/ a kill, otherwise you just have to keep solid D on the shrines to get the dragon... Whereas Shambler's Rise and mines, provides you the opportunity to out-race your opponent to the NPC enemies, and/or to use the npc's as bait, and get the jump on them. (as well as going risky by letting them do the work, and grabbing the tokens for yourself ;~P) ... In addition to the uniqueness of the map objectives themselves, the bonuses are just as unique, between directly player-controlled "bosses" such as shambler or dragon, to player-initiated, but not controlled bonuses like the curse, which gives free pushes by your own minions, plus giving you quick-cancellation (unless I'm wrong on this) to mercs. all of the maps promote teamwork and strategy to use them to the best of their ability... Best example I have is on the mines map, we were evenly leveled throughout most of the game, though towards the end I think they ended up getting 2 on us, so we didn't bother going to the "last" mines. But while the opposing team did, because we had already gotten through to last fort in the bottom lane, we went YOLO on a straight up brute-force push through, and though we had a weaker golem, it was enough to get through to the core and buy us enough time to bust it down and win, because we heavily D'd against their golem the entire match, while they were more spread out... I say this to point out the versatility in the map objectives... there is an OBVIOUS way to play them, but you can also use them to your advantage in other, more creative ways ;~P Overall this IS one of the best MOBAs I have ever played... I am still a noob, as none of the other MOBAs have been able to hold my attention for very long, but I can actually gain a grasp of this one, while enjoying myself... even when I am terribad it is far easier to realize my mistakes, and want to improve because the game as a whole is enjoyable. Anyway, that's my $.02, good job on the game, I am looking forward to Thrall joining the party, and seeing what else you all can come up w/ ;~) {maybe some unconventional maps for 3v3, or other compositions, even if not rated, or if it is in a different category, I think it could be interesting for shorter games, while allowing a change-up of strategies, hero comp etc... even if it is more of an exhibition / fun mode, it would quell some of the complaints about game length I think, and would provide a more "laid back" atmosphere for doing dailies, or playing around w/ heroes}Wellxam0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 I want to spend money, but shop bundles are greedy I was really looking forward to spending a lot of money in the cash shop today, but I'm annoyed at the bundles that have been released. Above everything, I wanted to get the magic carpet mount, and discovering that I could only get it as part of a bundle was disheartening. I get WHY that happened... it's clearly a way to generate extra income by making players buy stuff that they didn't want (I'm currently in this boat right now). This wouldn't bother me so much if there was a way to get value out of the bundles that include heroes I already own, but such a system still does not exist. I would be a happier customer and might consider parting with more cash if there was some form of gold compensation for heroes already owned. Besides that, I'm glad that there are so many items in the cash shop and am enjoying the quality of the work.Tozen2 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Income 10 gold per bot match and 30 for a pvp match, are you kidding me? With the cheapest heroes at 2000 and the most expensive at 10000? Make it at least 100 per pvp match.Ganch10 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 First impressions and feedback This game has alot of potential to be great. Unfortunately in these early alpha stages the gameplay seems.. finite. You can only play the same map, with the same heroes, and same skills/talent trees so many times. There needs to be a variant somewhere in the game. Items i think would be a good start. Or a talent tree outside of the game which you can give general base stats to your build. I cant wait to see where this game ends upTripodfay9 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Voice chat team game, absolutely 100% needs it. Anyone that disagree's should be kicked out of alphaWycked19 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Loading screens in 2015? Can someone explain why we are forced to stare at a 100% pointless loading screen in 2015? It made sense in 1990 or 2000 since loading maps actually took a lot of processing power so doing anything else made it slower, but now its mostly disk/network operations, so what's the point of blocking all the UI with a pretty picture? Even WC3 let us see progress bars of individual players. Dota lets players chat or minimize to the main menu while others are loading. Why is HotS still in the stone age?Riv19 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Gold Whiners I don't get it. I just hit level 40 and I have 11 heroes - 6 2ks, 1 4k, 1 7k, and 3 10ks with another 5k gold in the bank. and that is just playing about an hour a day just doing the dailies. gold gain seems fine to me but one thing I would do is restructure the hero pricing so theres more 2k and 4k heroes. I think its a bit too skewed towards the 7 and 10k right now.Prozak85 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Stacking Envenom I think that being able to stack multiple Envenoms on the same target is a little broken.Toast8 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Gold Gains: HOTS vs League of Legends, League wins. UPDATE: With recent patch changes the average time per game has risen about 3 1/2 minutes from what is in the math here. It it's now 23 1/2 minutes per hour. This means combined with que and load you will only get 2 games an hour now, decreasing the amount of gold earned from each game by nearly 1/3rd from what is displayed here. This is an update of an earlier thread with up to date numbers and some additional information. Change log at end. HOTS math is rather easy. A flat gold rate of 25 per game can be assumed with a 50% W/L ratio (30+20/2 = 25). Daily quests if they came up with equal frequency you'd have an average of(800 + 600 + 300*4 + 200*3)/9 = 355.55556, or 356 gold per daily quest. So let’s use a 2 hour play day as our baseline. That way we get a nice middle of the road figure that some people play less than and some people play more than to get a more representative number. Games last around 20 minutes. So in a 2 hour (120 minutes) stint you'd play around 6 games. This does not account for downtime between games like queing, load screens, pee breaks, family, etc. 6 games * 25 gold average per game = 150 gold. 150 gold + 356 gold from averaged daily = 506 gold over 2 hours. 506/2 = 253 gold per hour. With those earning rates in mind: Hero Tiers: 5 heroes at 2,000 gold: 2,000/253= 7.90 hours 6 heroes at 4,000 gold: 4,000/253= 15.81 hours 9 heroes at 7,000 gold: 7,000/253= 27.66 hours. 11 heroes at 10,000 gold: 10,000/253= 39.52 hours. Hero Average Math: 5 X 7.9 = 39.5 6 X 15.81 = 94.86 9 X 27.66 = 248.94 11 X 39.52 = 434.72 818.02 total hours to acquire 31 heroes. 818.02/31 = 26.38 hours to acquire a hero on average. (Average hero cost is 6,677g btw) So 26.38 hours of play, on average, to get a new hero with a low of 7.9 hours and a high of 39.2. League of Legends: For a win, the reward is approximately: 18 IP + 2.312 per minute IP. For a loss, the reward is approximately: 16 IP + 1.405 per minute IP. Average between the two is 2.312 + 1.405 = 1.8585. 60 minutes * 1.8585 = 111.51IP an hour. Average game time is 35 minutes so you'd get 17 IP X 1.71 times an hour for an average of 29.14 IP an hour from the initial bonus. 111.51 + 29.14 = 140.51IP an hour. First win of the day bonus is 150. With a 50% win rate playing 2 hours (3.5 games) we get: 140.51 * 2 = 281.02 + 150 = 215.51 IP per hour. This does not account for downtime between games like queing, load screens, pee breaks, family, etc. Champion Tiers: 11 champions worth 450 IP. 450/215.51 = 2.09 hours. 22 champions worth 1,350 IP. 1,350/215.51 = 6.26 hours 24 champions worth 3,150 IP. 3,150/215.51 = 14.62 hours. 32 champions worth 4,800 IP. 4,800/215.51= 22.27 hours 32 champions worth 6,300 IP. 6,300 /215.51 = 29.23 hours. Champion Average Math: 11 champions worth 450. 450 X 11 = 4,950 22 champions worth 1,350. 1,350 X 21 = 29,700 24 champions worth 3,150. 3,150 X 25 = 75,600 32 champions worth 4,800. 4,800 X 29 = 153,600 32 champions worth 6,300 IP. 6,300 X 32 = 201,600 4,950 + 29,700 + 75,600 + 153,600 + 201,600 465,450/121 = 3,846.69 per champion on average. 3,846.69/215.51 = 17.85 hours. So basically 17.85 hours of play, on average, to get a new champion with a low of 2.09 hours and a high of 29.23 hours (excepting the newly released Chen as an outlier for this). Comparison between games: Low: Heroes of the Storm = 7.9, League of Legends = 2.09 High: Heroes of the Storm = 39.52, League of Legends = 29.23 Average: Heroes of the Storm = 26.38, League of Legends = 17.85 Low: Heroes of the Storm takes 5.81 hours longer per hero High: Heroes of the Storm takes 10.29 hours longer per hero Average: Heroes of the Storm takes 8.53 hours longer per hero. Percentage of Difference: Low: Heroes of the Storm takes 278% LONGER. High: Heroes of the Storm takes 35% LONGER. Average: Heroes of the Storm takes 48% LONGER. ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: Low gold cost heroes are a terrible value. Low gold cost heroes are just a terrible value. Relative to League the 2k heroes take 278% longer to earn via play, however relative to the 10k gold heroes they are twice as expensive. $10 for a 10k gold hero should buy 5 of the 2k gold heroes. However you can only buy 2.5 of them with $10. You're spending double the amount of money for the gold or close to triple the amount of time you'd spend to earn the cheapest League champions. **Gold to $ conversion rates: 2,000g / $4, 4,000g / $6.50, 7,000g / $8.49, 10,000g / $10.00 2,000g = 100g = $0.20 (Takes 278% longer via time to earn) 4,000g = 100g = $0.16 7,000g = 100g = $0.12 (Takes about 50% longer via time to earn) 10,000g = 100g = $0.10 (Takes 35% longer via time to earn.) As you an see, you are screwed no matter which way you go. The purchase will cost you either more time or more money. Bonus gold for leveling HOTS heroes to 5: Heroes of the Storm Hero level 5 achieved 500g bonus. However this is quickly exhausted. It takes 2-4 hours to level a hero to 5 depending on win/loss, game mode, and solo/ lets assume 3. Assuming you leveled 1 hero per 1.5 days to level 5 the time it would raise your gold per hour from 253 to 419. This is an increase of 66% and it would last for 46.5 days for a total of 2.92 heroes purchased during that time before it was exhausted. The actual gold gained from this leveling is 500 * 31 = 15,500 OR 2.32 heroes worth. It should be noted that you may not be able to level a hero as often as optimal because they may conflict with quests. IE, the need to play 3 specialist (1 hour of play) leave you only an hour left to level non-specialist heroes if you do not have a specialist to level. So hero leveling will likely be somewhat more spread out. Runes in League of Legends: A full survival rune page in League of Legends costs 8,166 IP. This allows you to any champion at an effective level. Still 8,166/215.51 = 37.89 hours to achieve the runes needed to play any champion at an effective level. Depending on your tastes more runes may be needed in the future, but you'll have purchased the vast majority of the needed runes and adaptation to specific rune pages for specific champions will be vastly cheaper. Though it should be noted that competitive players often get many times as many runes. It's different for every player. Heroes of the Storm: Quests forcing hero play: To complete quests you'll often have to play a specific type of hero. With 3 games required and playing 6 games (2 hours) in a day, this means that you will spend 50% of your play time on these days playing what the quests tell you to instead of what you wish to play. Downtime between games: This comparison does not take into account loading times, que times, pee breaks, family breaks, or any other consideration that takes time in between matches. Because Heroes of the Storm has much shorter games (20 minutes vs 35 minutes) it will naturally have a greater amount of downtime over the same duration play session and 3 games in an hour is actually unrealistic. Because you do not get rewarded by play time in HOTS but instead games and quests, this is especially pertinent for Heroes of the Storm. Heroes of the Storm Playtime Scales horribly: Most of your income in HOTS comes from quests and little of it from playtime. So the more time you play the less your gold per hour will be by a large amount. League has a much much flatter curve. Heroes of the Storm: 3 games in an hour, quest done. Single day. Quest = 356g = 5.33% of average hero price. Hour of play = 75g = 1.12% of average hero price. Total for 1 hour of play = 6.45% of average hero price (almost competitive) Total for 2 hours of play = 7.57% of average hero price Total for 3 hours of play = 8.69% of average hero price Total for 4 hours of play = 9.81% of average hero price (Blown away) League of Legends: 1 hour of gameplay, 1st win of the day completed. Single day. First win of day = 150 IP = 3.90% of average hero price IP per minute = 1.8585 * 60 minutes = 140.51 per hour. = 3.65% of average hero price Total for 1 hour of play = 7.55% of average hero price (slighty better) Total for 2 hours of play = 11.2% of average hero price Total for 3 hours of play = 14.85% of average hero price Total for 4 hours of play = 18.5% of average hero price (Crushing HOTS) Within 4 hours League in a single day League has nearly double the progression of HOTS due to this. Basically HOTS is always the worse value but the more you play the worse of a value it is. Change Log from Earlier Thread: Dropped assumed game time to 2 hours a day from 4 (4 is not a realistic daily play time for the average person), removed number biasing against League (40% win rate, dropped decimals, not including the 16/18IP static win/loss bonus properly, etc), updated hero averages for both game. Corrected inaccuracies in overall % difference. HOTS caught up a good bit between this thread and the last thread primarily because of the shorter play time session, but still loses handily to League. (and still loses even with 1 hour played as shown) Original Thread location that was revised for accuracy: Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Starcraft Missing Warrior Hero Hi Blizz, Starcraft needs some Warrior love. Missing Starcraft Warrior Hero!!HerbalVerbal28 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Hmm too many people that don't play objectives Is it just me or is there an over abundance of players in normal queues who don't play the objectives especially in pvp matchmaking? I understand there's often a transition period between different games in a genre and this is no exception but at times due to the lack of map specific queues and the random matchmaking its hard to find teams that will play objectives any better than the AI bots. There are a few solutions we could use for this, 1. Map Specific queues: You can choose which map you want to play on manually instead of randomly being plopped onto a map on a rotation. 1.P "But that would split the community and break up the already small queue listing for players in matchmaking which will cause slower queue times." 1.A Yes that would cause a division in the queues but with the beta coming out soon and the population up for a massive jump in players that should balance out some of the segmentation caused by the addition of map specific queues. and so while in the short term we might experience modestly longer queues it would speed them up in the long term and allow players more control over the abstract random element of "Wait what map am I going to which objectives do i have to worry about?" 2. Expanded Tutorials: With the upcoming beta and the preview mentioning expanding the in game tutorials I question how much they plan to add will they add objective specific tutorials for every map or more broad tutorials 3. Champion Select: This kind of overlaps with the map select but I kinda wish that the champion select and queue entry format was a bit closer to the format used by League of Legends where instead of picking a champ and queuing to fill a slot in a party you queue into match making and when a match is found it lets you select blind pick style instead of just shoving you into a potentially mismatched teamGosuHooves11 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 I noticed sometimes when cloaking against COOP Ai that even while cloaked they will run straight after and/or into me Not sure if intended since I don't play cloaking chars much at all. Figured it was worth the mention.Death3 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 BLOOD & GORE should be optional If the effects were already there its not like its hard to add, It should be optional so people who liked the gore effects can still view them , for me no gore is a deal breaker , starcraft has a reduced violence checkbox maybe use something like this , if not make it dlc and get a few dollars out of digital blood lovers like myself haha just make it available somehow. other than that the game is fun. well there is the issue with the unicorns but I guess itll be fine if you let me bleed them hahah.JigoroTHC7 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Resurgance Removed From Game Hurrah ! That is allDeltron0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Remove Resurgence of the Storm or add to all characters I think is pretty unfair for warriors and some other characters like Gazlowe to have resurgence of the storm and so the chance to get back in battle in few seconds when instead other heroes do not have it, if someone dies is not fair to get them in battle just after 5 seconds, especially on maps like cursed hollow where people just jump inside the battle, die, resurrect and jump again, plus this way enemy team is always outnumbered considerign that this talent is only available on tanks which are pretty hard to be taken down.TheBanisher12 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 What about a Diablo like control scheme? As a veteran Diablo player... I Would like to see how the same controls we have in Diablo 3 works in this game, a walk key "W" and mouse one button walk with rollover action, at least for diablo characters that would be awesome, don't you think? The actual control options are fine btw and I got used to it very quick!Leonagard1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 It's 13th of January today but i don't see beta yet... Hello, I am just wondering when this will be live in Europe? Also as an alpha tester i will automatically move into beta right? All the new changes look awesome, especially the skin upgrades making them feel more special. Looking forward to playing it :PStorm9 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Wipe incoming? A friend of mine asked the support service for a refund and he was given this answer: "All online sales are final, so we while we can not offer to Refund this beta purchase...once this Beta does end, you will be re-credited that amount to your Bnet Balance. This way you may choose to purchase a different Hero when the game does release!" Does that mean that there will be a wipe at the end of the beta?Itharael14 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Tanking statistic suggestion I think a stat showing the damage a player has recovered from(healing received, essentially) over the course of a match would be very valuable. It would be a good way for warriors to see roughly how effective they were being, similar to damage to heroes for assassins or healing done for support. One of the key things about measuring this stat is that coming back after a death would generally not count as healing received; while healing wells, trips back to base, and even just basic health regen would. This means the best way to increase this stat is to take a lot of damage without dying-exactly what a good tank should be doing. It might also incorporate damage absorbed(blocked, or taken while a shield is up) to more fully indicate what's going on there. This idea was sparked by a question at the overview panel at Blizzcon. A damage taken stat was suggested, but some problems were pointed out; particularly that dying a lot would raise such a stat massively, making it a poor measure of good play. I think that healing received would clear this up, making it a reward for knowing when to get back to safety. Thoughts?theNater1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 After hours of playing, I have to say its a failure. Blizzard has been emphasizing that this game is maining focus on team fights and thus they have removed all elements such as item shops and equipments, which has becoming a weak point of this game. Players like to take control of the characters leveling and demands something in return after killing, and that is gold=equipments=stronger. This game might suit those who has another 4 friends, that they can communicate while sitting next to each other, but people like me, I will just match up by the server playing with 9 other strangers and hoping the opposing team is as bad as my team, because it highly relying on how your team work, and how a team with 5 strangers bearly knowing each other to have any chemist reaction? It takes too much time for players to leveling up each heroes to gain their specials, and for games like this, what people want is "walk in walk out" meaning: we do what we want during a match for entertaining ourself, not you tell us that team fight is the only way for this game. we want "ShowTime" we want to see players who can 1v2, 1v3, 1v4,1v5 using their physical talent, using their knowledge of the game, people who are talented in gaming deserves a stage to perform and showing off their skills. .. and what blizzard has be doing in this game is cutting out those factors and hypnotising us saying that its more fun in this way. Some suggestions.; -item shop please. -need a larger map and make heroes smaller, so they dont have to look like dwarfs when they are on their rides. -Need a better viewing angle. -let players decide heroes talent before loading, and give upgrade points rather chosing talent. -all those modes are pointless, collecting, collecting,collecting, can you come up with something different? -the roads are too small for players to show their skills, especially when 5v5 starts, its too crowed especially when minions and field monsters all jamed in their path during a team fight. Dota, LOL are strategic games but its not all of it. Its only a strategic game during tournament and ranking, but its most for the time its for entertaining, where people can have fun and laughs, showing off what they have learnt from a pro players, and died happily after killing a heroe when surrounded. We don't want to be bounded by producers like you that telling us that this is how we want you to play. I'm just not promoted to play this game, comparing to other games like Dota and LOL. Maybe you re saying that try a couple hour and I might start loving it. But first impression is so much important for games like this. I love WOW, but not this.Bandaider15 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Waiting for muh beta *whistles slowly, sips coffee* I wanna try Thrall already god damn it.Nighthavk3 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Warning when offline I´d like to see in game when a player started and is controlled by computer. Today I only see who is controlled by computer when I mark it with mouse and it starts to follow me. I´d like to see that in the TAB window for example. I think it would make it easier to see it... Thanks.BRUTaLDLX3 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Graphics and Heat. Default settings. Too High? I am running windows 7 64 bit on intel core i7 cpu 920 @2.67ghz 2.73ghz, 8 GB installed ram. With a Sapphire HD 7970 Graphics Card. I am seeing heat issues of about 50+ degree's C while just sitting in the character select screen. And over 70 degrees C when i play the game in just practice or other. I have seen Giant black squares on the character select screen and in middle of actual battles, these block a big portion of the screen. I fixed issue by turning down graphics from extreme to ultra, and textures from ultra to high, this seemed to lower the temp to about 38 degrees C on character select screen and about 50 C in battle. I could tweek more and probably will because i understand this is not a top of the line computer i am running, but still should be good enough to play mid to high graphic setting games.TheMan833 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Do Alpha players go to Beta? Question - do Alpha participants get rolled into the Beta, or when the Beta hits are the Alpha folks out unless they get a Beta invite?Rar4 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 2blizz. How to make more money? Here are an idea that I want to share: Poses. Alternative pose when i pick my char and when i press Ready buttonФряг1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Space bar as follow button I recently started using spacebar as a follow button simply by holding the spacebar. It gives me the comfort of not having to press L button again when I want to stop following my hero. The problem with this is that it is glitching a lot. I would like to see this changed so I can follow my hero by holding spacebar, without glitches, fluently. What do you think about it? Anyone with me?Dave11 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 The Grand Concept of Stim Packs Since the last major update to the alpha the new feature of being able to purchase Stim Packs has been a great feature. Over time this will greatly help with the funding for the development of the game. Some might take this as this being a similar concept to being a monthly subscription. This is worth the time for players who are committed to the game. I am wondering if at what point will artifacts be re-implemented back into the game play?Zelain1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Learning about the Free to Play model. Here are some articles citing some of the models, tips, and tricks. You'll find that not all of these apply to every game but you'll recognize many pieces of them in games you've played. I highly recommend you read as much of these articles as possible to make yourself a savvier free to play shopper. They are all from the same site, so that DOES run the risk of some bias, but it's hard to find many places that give you such an in depth look at the Free to play model. The concepts and points are solid and if you doubt I encourage you to judge for yourself and provide feedback. A little learning can go a long way :D.Ralathar4410 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Matchmaking? I needed 3 wins for my daily quest that I wanted to finish up this morning. I won 2, and then I lost well over 10 games in a row. I solo queued, I duo queued, did 3-5 premades, and every time, whether I was with good players or bad, I lost. I lost so many times that I actually made it my mission to win a versus game, and refused to stop until I did. And then I lost some more, and eventually I just wanted to close the game for the night and give up. Some friends heard my poor luck and made it their mission, too, to get a win with me. Coincidentally, the one I went into last, already thinking GG, is the one I finally won. My daily was going to give me 600g, and I was at about 14,400, so I was gonna get enough for Thrall tomorrow. By the end of the night, I had 14,920 from losses. Yeah, matchmaking sucks that much. Did they just drop matchmaking before beta? Is that what's happening?MissMarvel4 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Murky Discussion I would like to start a discussion to make Murky a more viable pick in games. I feel Murky is a very fun hero to play but is way too limited in terms of pvp. His Pufferfish is so hard to land that in the end your pretty much only your Q. Another concern is that certain talents are a must have on Murky like the healing bubble. I feel Murky should have this talent as a passive from level 1 already. He is just way too weak early game in my opinion. You could then make the cooldown reduction a lv16 talent. I would also like to see a change in the Pufferfish skill. Maybe make it instant and apply slime but nerf the damage by alot. This will make Murky less of a 1 skill hero.Laguna7 Jan 13, 2015