Technical Alpha Hero Feedback

Dec 24, 2014 December 2 Patch Notes Addendum Hello brawlers and fans of patch notes! I’m John “Johnzee” Hodgson, Technical Designer on Heroes of the Storm. We here on the Blizzard design team think that many Heroes Alpha testers would be interested in seeing some of the reasoning behind the changes we make to the game. Many of today's patch notes are balance changes, some are core design changes, and still others are changes we’re making in preparation for future updates, and we realize that sometimes it’s hard to tell what we’re up to. To that end we’re going to start providing explanation about some of these changes. As always, we are constantly evaluating the state of the game and listening to and community feedback. Let us know what you think! Talents Conjurer’s Pursuit ... We’re experimenting with giving level 1 “quest” Talents like Conjurer’s Pursuit an immediate benefit for picking it, instead of having to wait until you’ve completed the quest objectives. If this feels good and doesn’t break things, we’ll look into making similar changes to Talents like Seasoned Marksman and Regeneration Master. Imposing Presence ... We wanted to make this Talent more pointy. The attack speed slow isn’t too noticeable right now. Promote ... First, it stinks to Promote a low-health Minion just before it catches some splash damage and dies. We fixed that. Second, Promote is extremely strong right now. There’s not much risk for the Promoting Hero to simply Promote minions in their own base and letting them push all the way across the map – particularly Catapult minions. This made it very difficult to counter against to the power in split-push team compositions (we’re looking at you, Abathur/Azmodan). We want these strategies to still be effective, but require a more investment to pull off. Resurgence of the Storm ... We’re not too happy with the way that Resurgence has been playing recently. It’s a neat Talent, but it hurts clarity (I just killed that guy, but he’s already back?) and prolongs games to an uncomfortable degree. We’re evaluating more changes, but for now, we just want to make the resurrection effect happen less often. Rewind ... We think the expectation with Rewind is to refresh cooldowns entirely – it’s a clearer, more deliberate effect. Made it so, and adjusted the cooldown accordingly with this new power. Heroes Abathur ... We are working on a major Talent update for Abathur: these are just the beginning steps. We’ve also been taking a hard look at Ultimate Evolution – Abathur may be too strong right now, and we’re evaluating Ultimate Evolution changes that will make it more balanceable. In the meantime, we want to put all the cooldown on Ultimate Evolution after the clone dies to improve clarity and reduce variance of how often this Heroic ability is available. Chen ... The original intent for Wandering Keg was to allow enemies some counterplay to “break the barrel,” (so to speak) – if you could eat through Chen’s Wandering Keg shield, you would kick him out of the barrel early. It became quickly apparent that because Chen cannot be disabled by slows/stuns in this mode and he couldn’t be realistically hit with close-range attacks (he would just knock enemies away), this counterplay just wasn’t happening. Removing the shield cleans up the ability: Chen no longer gains a shield, and by extension can no longer be knocked out of Wandering Keg early. Li Li ... Li Li needs some love. This is just the tip of the iceberg: a major Talent rework is coming soon.Johnzee75 Dec 24, 2014
Mar 14, 2014 Direct All Bugs to the Bug Report Forum To help us get the most of out of your Technical Alpha feedback, we ask that do not post bugs in this or other discussion forums. If you come across a bug during your Heroes of the Storm testing experience, please post it in the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha Bug Report forum. Similarly, issues with the game client itself (including downloading, installing, or playing the Technical Alpha client) should be posted in the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha Technical Support forum.Vaeflare0 Mar 14, 2014
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Mar 26, 2015 Still no Illidan nerf? Why did blizzard nerf Zeratul and Uther and others but not Illidan? If he has a healer with him he's nearly impossible to kill. Especially with metamorphosis giving the health bonus- that part is so bull!@#$ThunderHex10 Mar 26, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Azmodan changes - why? Here are the changes: Globe of Annihilation (Q) Cooldown increased from 8 to 10 Seconds Scaling damage increased from 13 to 15 damage. Taste for Blood (Talent) Damage bonus per kill increased from 1 to 2 Demonic Invasion (R) Demonic Grunts now have real Health, rather than Doubloon Chest-style Health. Without playing, which will have to wait another 8 hours, I can't even say whether these are buffs, nerfs or just lateral changes, but it feels like a slight nerf. Regarding the Globe, adding 2 seconds to Az's bread and butter attack seems brutal. I'm already finding myself hitting Q a lot and getting the "clink" sound because it's not ready yet. This change could be brutal. I can't say if Taste for Blood will be viable now, but my feeling is that it still will not. We'll see. Is the DI change a buff or nerf? It feels like a nerf because they will probably be one-shot now. I thought he needed some tweaks, but why these changes?Mithrandir3 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Things that dont make sense from patch notes Jaina nerfs: ok, devs are tunning in order to encourage talent variety? shouldnt this have come with buffs somewhere else? because she was bottom tier Nova nerfs: completely unnecesary, she was fine (a little bit on the weak side) versus experienced players Falstad: top tier hero with a very solid kit, did he really deserve a complete rework? when there are far more urgent cases? now he may be turned into tychus god mode status, for no reason ... Tychus: god mode, Odin is a second health bar and the damage it does is completely ridiculous, outside of Odin, he has too much mobility utility AND survivability without investing a single talent point Arthas: Army of the death is just broken, it provides too much healing, is insane, Envenom needs to be removed on a tank hero with so much damage Stitches: Gorge is "i win" button most of the time, and the only requirement is being at melee range? the damage of gorge needs to be drastically lowered, cooldown increased too and posibly duration lowered, Slam builds need to be tonned down, the damage he does with it is insane Chen: nice change to his OP ultimate, level 16 talent "combination attacks" is broken and needs nerfs as soon as posible, the damage is too high and it comes every 5 seconds for next to no brew cost Zeratul: Broken in solo queue, he simply cant be killed with 5 out of jail cards, blink, wormhole, void-prison, bolt and stealth, this allows him to keep max gathering power stacks the entire game, double bombs is too strong too Overall, nice patch, especially the resurgence removal is soooo good, would be very nice if these lose ends are tied as soon as posible because they negatively affect player experiencedarthades15 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Nova Changes I'm confused about these changes, particularly to Anti-Armor Shells. Does this now mean that the damage bonus is reduced, but they fire more frequently? I am taken back by how this hero was further nerfed because the community (of inexperienced new players primarily) clamored for it and got what they wanted. In reality, she will continue to remain a non-competitive Hero. Her singular improvement of the level 13 Talent "Headshot" does not make her suddenly viable. All of the changes to the Holo Decoys, too? I don't understand. Was this some kind of unbalanced skill? I thought they also had no collision as of the previous patch, but that's just semantics.Oscar6 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Wait... is that Abathur's new heroic? In the newly released beta walk-thorough video, they show off some of the upcoming changes in the next patch. Abathur is... a little more aggressive in this version. Check out the video below: ... What's your initial reaction? Like, dislike, excited to learn more?Sole25 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Murky/Abathur shouldn't work on heal platform I couldn't fit what I really mean in the title, but I think Murky shouldn't be able to place his egg behind the wall of his healing platform and Abathur shouldn't be able to Symbiote when on his healing platform. I say this because It seems, to me anyway, that their ability to have constant map presence should be balanced better with their ability to be easily killed if found. As it is now, Murky can just place his egg on the healing platform or Abathur can just stand back there and that weakness is nullified. While I understand that they aren't as effective when they are back at their base, they are also unkillable and will always have map presence. Hiding their egg/body should be something they always have to think about. However, I think that just changing it so they can't place egg/symbiote from healing platform would make them underpowered in the current state of the game. I think another change that should happen along with this (which IMO would also be a good change in general) is Forts should reveal Stealth heroes the same way the Nexus does. The reasons a Murky or Abathur would play from the healing platform are either their team has been pushed back to their Nexus (at which point they shouldn't be able to just have constant map presence and stall the game) or they have been getting killed by a Zeratul or Nova over and over and have been forced back (Which the stealth reveal on Forts would do a lot to help mitigate).MartinRiggs18 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Diablo skin... Boobs So I am sure this has been said before, but... Diablo female skin. 'Nuff saidAang13 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 JAINA NERFED?! Wait, I'm confused. The most commonly complained about hero regarding WEAKNESS of skills and you decreased ability damage in Frost Bolt AND Water Elemental, while increasing the damage of Cone of Cold? No Rooting, no improvements to skills that don't require you to be practically in the face of your enemy (eg, exactly where she shouldn't be) ??? No Increase to HP, no improvements to her survivability in any way? I'm totally confused by thisOscar14 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Resurgence of the Storm REMOVED!! Thank the dear sweet baby jebus, sitting in his crib learning his shapes and colors! This talent has been removed!Ralathar447 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 SGT Hammer Blunt Force Gun WTF So I just watched a team use this gun to take down our entire base. The rocket is off cool down every 5 seconds and destroys buildings and you main base. Kinda bull!@#$ if you ask me. I can see it doing damage to players...but being able to sit in your base and destroy your opponents base doesn't seem right.Adorak18 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Brightwing voice Hello, I would like to see how many people would like Brightwing hero to be revoiced. For me it sounds like it's made with some app from appstore, sounds cheap lets say. Maybe it needs to sound that way, if so ignore this.HappyPirate17 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Zagara's passive. I'm probably one of the first to bring this up but Zagara's passive is completely overpowered. It costs 20mana, has a short cooldown and it can be spammed all over the map without limit. The only limit being how long they last which is quite long, lasting four minutes. The tumor is invisible, can't be targeted and can only be destroyed by an area of effect ability which all have longer cooldowns and cost more mana than a creep tumor does. In MOBAs vision is everything. What Creep Tumors do is not only give vision around the tumor but the entire creep area. That's a massive area of vision. It's the same amount of vision as a stationary hero. You can place 3 right off the bat and then have a 15 second cooldown stacking up to three times. It's too much free vision for a MOBA and there is literally no penalty to Zagara for losing a Creep Tumor. The amount of vision it delivers is nothing short of overpowered.Larry8 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Abathur rework discussion. Ah, good 'ol patch notes, discussing Abathur's rework. Essentially, they removed many talents that contradicted other, "better" talents. Moved many talents around and added many new talents. Ultimate Evolution no longer copies ultimate abilities, but now always has the shorter cooldown from the level 20 talent. Currrently, after looking at his talent changes, he appears to have several amazingly viable builds, that will increase his push power early game, without having to rely on later talents to really spice things up. You can now go for a spines/spike hybrid build where-as before we were often limited to choosing spines feeling like we didn't get much value with spines. Spines improved range can now be chosen level one. Level four, we can now choose a talent that increases attack speed of the target of our symbiote. Level 6 we can choose both stab talents merged into a single talent. Level 10, Ultimate Evolution. Level 13, an additional stab charge, or the ability for Spines to heal the symbiote target based on the number of heroes hit. Level 16, Slowing Spines, faster movement on Carapace, or a new talent that makes UE deal aoe damage. Level 20, a new talent that allows us to cast two symbiotes at once. If you're looking for a new Support Abathur build, you can start off with Regenerative Microbes that is now level 1. Sustained Carapace at level 4, granting the ability to have longer lasting shields and persisting shields. Level 7 you can choose Mule (with the new updated AI!), Networked Carapace, to make shielding minions more beneficial, Vile Nest for more teamfight control before the fight happens, or choose the new Needlespine, which again has both stab talents in one. Level 10 you can choose Ultimate evolution. Level 13 you can choose Soma Transference, a new talent that makes Spines heal as in the other build. Level 17, you can choose Adrenal Boost for mobility. Lastly, level 20 you can once again choose Hivemind for two Symbiotes. For those looking for Locust push builds we can have the following. Combat Adaptation, for healthier locusts and longer lasting ones. Level 4 we can choose Adrenal Overlord, to increase attack speed, this will give us both level 1 talents for buffing locusts in one talent. Level 7 we can choose Needlespine. Level 10 our new beautiful ultimate that allows us to control a Monstrosity and push lanes quite easily, although the cooldown is not yet stated. Level 13, Locust of your choice. Level 16, quite obvious the Locusts swarm. Lastly, level 20 a new talent that lets us spawn more locusts at a chosen location, or the new talent that enhances the Monstrosity. Lastly, we have a final build, that's a nest build, which is again slightly weaker than the other builds but seems to be viable in terms of utility. Level 1 you can choose Venom Nests. Level 4 you can choose either, unlimited range and increased duration, or extra charges on Toxic Nests. Level 7 you can choose Slowing Nests. Level 10 Ult of your choice, probably Ultimate Evolutio. Level 13 is probably the weakest talent of the build, as there's no talent that truly creates a solid choice. Level 16, either slowing Spines or the mobility on Carapace. Level 20 will probably be Hivemind, again. These are just some of the wonderful builds Abathur can look forward to having in this new patch! Look forward to seeing you guys when the servers go live. Remember, "Not good enough. Can improve."khaosshinobi0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Common Misconceptions with Jaina I've seen a lot of discussions about Jaina and I see a lot of posts I simply cannot agree with, so I've decided to compile of list of corrections. 1. Jaina is not a fire mage/too offensive. It feels this way because you can blow all her abilities at once, but frost mage strategy is all about control -- this often includes not using your abilities as soon as they are ready. There are times when you do want to use everything at once(team-fights), but most of the time you should be saving something for escape, depending on how you spec your abilities. 2. Jaina is not too squishy. Again, frost mage is about control, and saving a cooldown for retreat really means a world of difference with Jaina. She has no dash, so you need to play at range and be aware of all your enemies, predicting their basic strategy. Sort of like a mage might do. Other assassins have bigger margins for error because their dash is so strong, and unless your enemy has predicted their chase(unlikely in pubs), you're already free. Jaina requires more prediction and effort, but accurate prediciton pays off big for her. 3. Jaina really is defensive. Yes, her wave clear is stellar. Blizzard eventually clears entire waves on its own, and before that, blizzard+coc will do the job. She can counter lane pushes of any size if they will fit in her Blizzard. Icy Veins or 3-wave big Blizzards will stop everything. CoC-spec can also do the job in a spamming way. 4. Chill is not useless or unnoticed. Her basic attacks always do the same damage, but her abilities do more damage depending on the debuff. If you don't slowly combo your spells accurately, the debuff falls off and your damage does too. That's why people think her damage sucks(as well as her blizzard damage display bug). Chill is why prediction pays off so big for Jaina. If you know it's coming, your ability to simply buy time for retreating can render you practically unkillable. Chill is why Jaina is the Hard Counter for stealth, and generally all melee. If you can see stealth with your eyeballs and accurately predict their movement, you can land any of your abilities on them first and have a free kill unless they use an Ultimate. You know that part in the Jaina video where an elemental spawns underneath Nova when she's about to snipe Jaina? That can happen, and it's loads of fun. 5. Jaina can solo. It's very dangerous, but after 10-13, you have enough controllable abilities to at least jungle your own side of the map effectively. Ideally, however, you want a melee teammate or at least another player with you at all times. 6. Cone of Cold does not suck. As Jaina's instant and most unpredictable spell, it can be a constant defensive tool that can also assassinate very effectively when used from unexpected directions in team-fighting. It is her highest risk/reward. Now, I'm going to describe a few talent synergies you may want to consider. Personally, I abhor complete talent builds, because they create dogmatic beliefs, but fortunately Jaina is versatile enough that I don't think complete builds are necessary for anyone. I do generally use one particular spec for Jaina that I'm comfortable with, which I'll also share. Winter's Reach + Frost Shards + Ice Lance -- A popular talent selection, each one has the same artwork, indicating they all work for the same spell. This is also a very safe build, letting you throw frostbolts through enemies quite often from very far away, leaving you plenty of room to hold onto other spells. Snowstorm + Storm Front + Snow Crash -- Similar to the above build, except with Blizzard as your long-range destroyer. This is exceptional on team-fights because you can't determine Blizzard's origination point. Lingering Chill + Arcane Intellect + Frostbitten -- An extremely good build for the novice Jaina, it gives you huge Chill duration, lots of Mana return, and a flat damage increase to everything that gets Chilled. An even more defensive build could replace [Frostbitten] with [Frost Armor]. Deep Chill + Frost Armor -- A very strong anti-melee combination that allows you to start running from anyone who initiates with you. Icy Veins + Ice Barrier -- By allowing you to spam spells at low cost, you can deal tons of damage and generate a shield that more than doubles your health, depending on just how much damage you put out. It's a very strong burst DPS combo for Jaina that allows you to remain defensive. There's plenty of other options, but these ones stand out in particular to me. My personal talent build for Jaina that I use most of the time is: Deep Chill Snowstorm Frost Armor Water Elemental Icy Veins Ice Barrier Bolt of the Storm It feels like a balanced selection to me and gives me lots of versatility, though it is more defensive than other builds.Vekkul11 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Heroes become stale quickly In most other MOBAs I play, the games last longer, there's more of a laning phase, there's items you build based and your character will feel a lot different depending of these factors. In HotS, people tend to go the same build most games. There's not much of a laning phase. There's a lot less of an individual feeling of being strong in the game. You're just the same level as the rest of your team. There's no sense of "I did well in laning phase, I got a lot of gold, I out harassed the enemy and I'm really strong, I even went this build because of it." You pretty much have the same feeling of progression every game and it just comes down to who team fights better or who's like a couple of levels ahead. I think it is because those reasons that I find the heroes become stale quickly. I get tired of playing the same hero WAY faster than I do in other MOBAs. It may just be the games are shorter, but I also feel like it has to do with the lack of a real laning phase, and the fact that you pretty much get the same build path offered to you every game. It makes it hard for one game to feel different from another. Sure team fights will be different slightly depending on who you're playing with or against this time, but it's not that much different. I may be alone with this opinion, but my brother said something yesterday that made me think he was starting to feel the same way. He was kinda bored of the heroes and wanted to wait til the 13th to play again. I still enjoy the game, I just feel like some heroes need more viable talents to have a legitimate alternative to how they're played for the most part.Kizoja12 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Murky actually ruins games, not a balance issue. He's just....he's not helpful. He has one disable (other than his melee slow), it's channeled, and leaves him open to just melt. He can contribute best by... ready for it? Backdooring. That's it. That's his "specialty." Die, backdoor, die, backdoor. He really needs a total rework, because as it stands, he's not going to be useful ever.Mike10 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Hero cost vs income is unbalanced I've just read the annoucement of ranked and well, everything seems good but the 10 heroes requirement bothers me a little. There are 32 heroes if I'm right with two new coming soon (Kael'thas and Thrall if I'm also right). So that's almost 30% of the heroes pool. I'd like to point that unlike LoL where there are tons of really really really low cost champ that you can get after few games (their cost would roughly be 500g in HoS), heroes in HoS are seriously really expensive in both Gold and real money. (that's also something that baffles me. I'm conserned that not everyone will actually own 10 champions once they hit lv 30. I'm almost lv 20 and I barely got 11 000g. which is either 1 expensive champ, 2 average or 3 low cost champions. So either someone lv 30 will need to buy every single 2000g champions, or they'll need to put some money. Don't get me wrong, I do realise that it's a company and their main goal is to make money, but the point of a free to play is that it is free to play. Right now, the cost of heroes is so damn high that unless you play 10h a day there's no way you'll ever make enough gold to buy more than 2 10 000g hero. In LoL, let say you want a new champ, you roughly get 100 points per game. So you need 68 games to buy a max cost champ (roughly 50h of play) and this does not include the first day win (the daily). Which seems nice I mean, 68 games, that's a lot, but it's not so high that you feel you'll never get it. One week of intense play and gotcha. In HoS, You need to do over 400 games in HoS for a 10 000g champ (let say you win loose 50/50). That's over 150 hours! (considering 25min games). Sure there are the dailies. So if you play 10h a day (which I doubt a lot of people will do) you would roughly need two weeks of full time gaming for 1 new hero. The thing is, depending of how you play, the cost can suddenly become acceptable because we got the dailies. We make 200-300 per day, so let say 250/day. You make 1750g out of dailies per week. So 3500 for those two weeks. That means that if you actually want to make more gold through gaiming than dailies, you actually need to play nearly 8hours a day. I think this is a problem, because it means that the vast majority of players will only be able to get heroes through daily gold. Let say that every day you play to do your dailies, that 2-3 games (let say 3games. You make 75g from the games plus 250g from the dailies, 325g a day, one month. it would take one month to get a new champion. And weirdly, in this case, it seems ok! because you "only" played 30 hours. This is pretty weird because it seems that playing a lot isn't really rewarding. Someone playing 8h hours will get only twice more heroes than someone playing 1h a day. So I would like to know what people think of this income unbalance. Either you play like a casual and get one hero per month, or you play like nuts and get two. Of course, this is considering you do not buy stuff from the store. I realise that someone playing 10h a day would probably buy a stim pack.Cmagik11 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Gazlowe Master skin Picture is wrong I was looking at the master picture show for Gazlowe in the box where you choose your skins and the master skin shown when clicked on and it looked like 2 different skins. If someone else could tell me if they see the same thing that would be great.Killermamoth2 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Tyrande, underpowered? So I've been using Tyrande a few times and...completely underwhelmimng. Sentinel & Shadowstalk are the only worthwhile things about her. Everything else just seems MEH to me. Maybe she needs a rework? Tyrande doesn't really come off as a hunter IMO. She's more of a Priestess than anything, based on Lore, if I remember correctly.Kane22 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Chen should die if ALL 3 clones(ult) are killed. Any thoughts?WittyRemarks24 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 [Hero Rework] Nova, Dominion Ghost Role(s): Ranged Assassin, Mage General Concept: The goal of this rework is 3 fold: Mitigate the base potency of Snipe and Pinning Shot for bonus effects when Nova casts these Abilities from Stealth or very recently from Stealth. As well as granting Holo Decoy synergy by now making Nova automatically trigger Active Cloaking to give her an actual escape option but will still be caught if she is out of position. Assign a secondary role to Nova as a Mage along with a more sustained damage role through Basic Attacks if she finds her team lacking sustained damage or she cannot properly maintain Stealth against the enemy composition. Overhaul the talent tree to reinforce her playstyles, in particular Tier 3 to give competition with Anti-Armor Shells. Stats: (Numbers are placeholders until properly tested) HEALTH: 700 (+110 Per Level) HEALTH REGEN: 1.457 (+0.227 Per Level) MANA: 500 (+10 Per Level) MANA REGEN: 3 (+0.096 Per Level) ATTACK DAMAGE: 40 (+10 Per Level) ATTACK SPEED: 1 RANGE: 5.5 Difficulty: Medium / Hard Ability Kit: (Subject to change) [Z] Mount COOLDOWN: 5 Seconds Channel for 2 seconds then Mount, gaining 40% bonus Movement Speed. Dealing direct damage, casting Abilities or taking damage Dismounts you. [Trait] Active Cloaking RECHARGE COOLDOWN: 2 Seconds Nova deploys her Active Cloaking after 2 seconds of being out of combat, entering Stealth. Stealth is broken when dealing direct damage, casting Abilities or taking damage. While in Stealth or within 1 second of exiting Stealth your next Snipe or Pinning Shot deals bonus effects: Snipe: Deals 30% bonus damage over 3 seconds. Pinning Shot: Reduces the target’s Movement Speed by 30% bonus Movement Speed over 2 seconds, this bonus decays by 7.5% per 0.5 seconds. [Q] Snipe COST: 65 Mana COOLDOWN: 10 Seconds Fire a Psi-charged shot that deals 132 (+26 Per Level) damage to the first target hit. If Snipe is used from Stealth or is your first Basic Ability used within 1 second from leaving Stealth it deals 30% bonus damage over 3 seconds. [W] Pinning Shot COST: 65 Mana COOLDOWN: 12 Seconds Shoot a Psi-imbued round that ravages the target’s nervous system, dealing 50 (+10 Per Level) damage to the target and reduces its Movement Speed by 25% for 2 seconds. If Pinning Shot is used from Stealth or is your first Basic Ability used within 1 second from leaving Stealth it reduces the target’s Movement Speed by an additional 25% for 2 seconds, this bonus decays by 6.25% per 0.5 seconds. [E] Holo Decoy COST: 70 Mana COOLDOWN: 15 Seconds Instantly deploy Active Cloaking and constuct a Holo Decoy with Nova’s current Health at the target location for 5 seconds. Holo Decoy does not break Nova's Stealth and performs Basic Attacks and Basic Abilities that deal no damage or debuffs. Reactivating Holy Decoy while it is active allows Nova to move it and reactivating Holo Decoy while targeting an enemy causes it to perform Basic Attacks which do no damage. [R-1] Triple Tap COST: 100 Mana COOLDOWN: 100 Seconds Channel for 0.5 seconds then take aim at the target enemy Hero, firing 3 consecutive shots over 3 seconds that strike the first enemy Hero or Structure that collides with the shots for 113 (+33 Per Level) damage each. [R-2] Nuclear Strike COST: 100 Mana COOLDOWN: 60 Seconds Signal for a Tactical Warhead to be launched at the target location that lands after 3 seconds, dealing 335 (+35 Per Level) damage to all enemies within 4 Range. Unlimited Cast Range.Blorgorize5 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Li Li Overview I have been playing Li Li exclusively since before the last wipe. I find that as I whole, it doesn't feel like I contribute to my team. At least as an active participant, I don't "make plays" that determine the outcome of fights. Li Li is a handy passive aura around her team mates, one that the enemy can cash in for experience. Spells: Fast Feet (FF): Li Li's trait. She gets a burst of speed when hit by an enemy, as long as she takes damage she moves faster. Taking damage on Li Li is a bad thing and it's a small boost for a second. It's at its best when you have somewhere to go: behind your team or your walls. If you're caught by enemies in a jungle with bushes and multiple escape routes then it can very likely save you. When you're the last man standing from a botched team fight and your only escape route is down the lane then you're probably screwed. A one second speed boost with the enemy in pursuit won't give you a chance to mount or hearth against enemy chase tools or mounts. If you're caught by the enemy team without an escape route, there's no point to even trying to escape--you're dead. Healing Brew (HB): Auto-targetting heal. The main reason I play Li Li. Can be very annoying when it's targeting the wrong person--like me when I'm low-health but otherwise "safe" from the enemy team and the warrior is in better shape but needs a heal to keep fighting. Or Nova's hologram. You need to stick close to the person you want healed which can be dangerous. Cloud Serpent (CS): A buff cast on your allies that attacks whenever they do. Li Li's worst spell as a whole, not contributing much on its own. It's adding a weaker Li Li auto-attack to an ally's auto-attacks. At best on a fast-hitting assassin. Blinding Wind (BW): Li Li's damage. Auto-targets 3 enemies, hero priority, doing about double auto-attack damage. Also causes hit enemies to miss their next basic attack. Nothing specular on its own, Li Li is not an offensive character unless very specifically built. Jug of 1,000 Cups: (JC) Li Li's healing ultimate. Very easy to interrupt and Li Li can do nothing else while channeling it. It's really all or nothing with this spell: either it's saving the day or doing very little--or being interrupted. If it's saving the day it's less because it's a powerful ability and more that the enemy team isn't focus firing. Water Dragon (WD): Damage ultimate, doing decent damage and slows with a reduced area effect. I've never been impressed. The best use is that you can cast other spells while channeling. The problem is that it has a long "wind up" that is very obvious and also auto-targeting. It's too easy to lose your chance to finish off a fleeing healer or assassin because the WD changes target to the enemy tank when he wades in. Finishing off said-squishy encourages chasing after them, which is a poor decision on Li Li. Functional but not awe-inspiring or fight deciding.Level 1 Talents: Conjurer's Pursuit: Can be handy early-on, when mana tends to matter more. As the game progresses I rarely have any mana concerns even after several team fights or pushes. You also need to collect those orbs, tempting to push to reach one or stop to finish off the minion mage. Mass Vortex (BW): My top talent in the tier. BW is already decent utility and prioritizes heroes--this can weaken most of a minion wave, an entire merc camp, and potentially the entire enemy team. Gale Force (BW): Decent if you're pushing to be a faux-assassin. Surprisingly effective but not my choice of play style. Bribe: Better than I previously thought. The main problem is that Li Li doesn't have the raw damage to clear minion waves to gain stacks quickly. Especially given that the talents that would aid her are in the same tier as Bribe. I tend to have stacks I can use after bouts of laning between more important matters that let me snag the giants or nerf the knights, I really can't effectively farm stacks for this purpose.Rotpar20 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Lili This champion is a little broken, and I would say more, but this is an Alpha so I'll bite my tongue. I'll keep it simple: Tone down his heals. Then he'll be fine. Otherwise it's pretty ridiculous having him solo 2-3 other heroes as he runs around healing himself in his lightning storm. The champ has no risk, so why so much reward?Elpidios21 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Kerrigan talents tree First at all, please, bear with my grammar. Im not english native speaker I love kerrigan, she is one of my favorite fantasy character ever, and when i saw her on the game i was really excited to master her But after using a lot of other heroes i see that some talents are really cool and change the way you must to play or even the way that some skills looks. AND THAT'S GREAT! it make you feel powerful and you can feel the progress on your character. (perfect example: Tassadar distortion beam) But Kerrigan dont have any... not even a couple that make a nice and worth combo Taking away the buff/nerf stuff, im focusing on the fact that there's no fun on any talent... seriosly, there's no talent that make you feel better or help you on anything. Maybe Blade Torrent that increase the W aoe, but im not even sure I think that she need a new talents tree, maybe im playing her wrong or something... i dont know. im the only one feeling like this?KillerSnake1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 HAMMER USES FIRST AID? for a hundred of games i played, i just thought that why is hammer using first aid? shouldnt it be Repair? well whatever it is im just sharing my drunken boredomLainV0nDyrec12 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Lili Bribe is useless when facing real people The bribe option you get at the beginning of the round is helpful when doing co-op because you can be alone and get minion kills, but when facing real people you have to follow your team mate that most of the time take your kills making that "Expert" skill useless. I feel this needs to be change or you can bribe after a certain amount of healing. This needs to be fixed.whitedragon3 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Illidan needs a new skill set. His current one is Maiev I believe the current build of Illidan is not reflective of his lore, and, ironically, Maiev is the character who most fittingly matches Illidan’s current skill set. First, Illidan should have a mana bar. His whole lore surrounds upon his obsession with obtaining more magical power. His major exploits have all been because of a quest for more magic, be it seeking out Sargeras, gaining his tattoos and eyes removed, creating a new well of eternity, consuming the skull of gul’dan, seeking out the eye or sargeras, etc. All of his actions have had major consequences for the Warcraft universe, and his major driving force has been a desire for more mana and magic. I would go as far to say as Illidan not having a mana bar is as contradictory as Jaina not having one. It just does not make sense. I am asking Illidan to be seriously looked at, his current skills in game do not match him as a character, at all. I understand it’s cool seeing our favorite night elf jumping around the battle field slashing down foes with those beautiful war glaives, but it is not true to his character. Second, Illidan currently “hunts down” his enemies, refusing to let them escape. Illidan is the hunted, not the hunter. I would go as far to say, that he is cowardly. He hid and stowed himself away in Black Temple, fearing Kil'Jaeden's wrath. He constantly fleed from Maiev too. Illidan is not the hero who boldly goes into battle, chasing someone down no matter what. He is apt to flee away, not fight. Maiev is the character who hunts and pursues, refusing to let her prey go. She should instead have Illidan’s skillset. She constantly stayed hot on Illidan's trail (pun intended), relentlessly pursuing him. Her skills could be the same even, with the exception of evasion, and maybe metamorphosis, though I think that could be easily turned into a “Avatar of Vengeance form.” Your thoughts?littlepuddle16 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Zagara's Nydus Worm Heroic Causes G-crashes/vis bugs Hi, I absolutely love Zagara and think the Nydus Worm heroic is amazing, but it's causing a lot of technical issues for me. Don't get these issues with any other hero, and it's only when I use her nydus worms, please fix this.Tali1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Lili feedback So, this creature, this hideous abomination is so overpowered with her healing ability that enemy's team dps (except for huge AOE cast like Maelstorm from Kerrigan,so ulti must have constant dps) does nothing but creates tons of apportunities to brake game's balance. This faul panda is basicly unstoppable considering her mega healing powersh in AOE, thus making her teammater intuitively cluster around her/it, making the job in just disabling her for a second near to impossible. She needs a nerf, dear blizzard. Loosing all damage made by my team with all utli-AOE skills in a matter of seconds because of this little squater is not balancedInquisitor4 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Nova/Zerathul and Lili ***Before I start giving my feedback on this situation, I would like to say that my concern for these champions are from my personal experiences and from what a lot of other people that I play with have said.*** I would like to start off by saying that as it stands, the game is coming along fine and it is in fact extremely fun to play as expected. I am mainly writing this because I am currently very worried about the state of Nova/Zerathul and Lili. I will be composing a list of the main things that I am worried about and how they can be looked into and adjusted accordingly. First off, Nova & Zerathul. Nova Cloak time-(What my main concern about Nova's cloak time is the time it takes to for her to go back into stealth. The way I feel this can be fixed, will be to maybe increase the time it takes for her to go into stealth to 3 sec or 3.5sec. Damage-(Right now in the Alpha, a lot of people I have ran into (including Nova players) are saying that we damage is really strong in comparison to other assassins. At the current state of the game, Nova can 100 to 0 almost any Hero except Diablo or Stitches. Also her Triple tap's cooldown reseting on Hero assist/kills should probably have it's damage reduced slightly since its 700 damage per shot, which can by itself, can one shot certain Heroes.) Cloak mechanic-(The main reason I have "cloak mechanic" here is because of the fact that Nova can past by towers and not be seen. I understand that is the whole point of "stealth" but it seems kinda of rediculous considering other MOBA games fixed this problem and their stealth Heroes are perfectly fine) Zerathul Cloak time-(Basically the same for what I said about Nova) Damage-(In my opinion, Zerathul's damage isn't really insane like that of Nova but I do think that bomb damage a bit too high when you chose the talent to double cast it with cleave) Cloak mechanic-(Basically the same for what I said about Nova) Now for Lili, i personally think that the amount of burst healing the Lili is able to do, in my opinion of course, is completely nuts. Lili is able to completely carry games just because of how strong her ult heal and normal heal is. Now, I do understand that her ult heal should actually be that strong considering it is an ult after all. What I mainly will want to see is the numbers reduced a bit. As for her normal heal, in the current state of the game is healing for nearly 1000 health around level 22 (if you took the heal increase talent, which you always probably will) which is completely nuts for a spam able ability that has next to no resource requirement. Heroes of the Storm in it's current state is extremely fun and all my friends are really addicted to it at the moment.Nakatani6 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Abathur has a second ultimate!! (I think) A few frames into the beta preview/walkthrough: (1 46 time) Looks like some sort of buffed up meleeathur that you 'create' perhaps? Looks sick! Also why is he using symbiote in the lane....Lilraven1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Sgt. Hammer Blunt Force Gun Bug I was against a Sgt. Hammer on Blackheart's Bay and they used Blunt Force Gun straight down the middle crossing over Blackheart. Then every 25-30 seconds after another Blunt Force Gun shot would come in the exact same path over and over again, interrupting coin turn in and doing damage every time. Not sure what caused it but the player wasn't doing it since I would watch them use Blunt Force Gun somewhere else and then the glitched rocket would come seconds later as well.CHIPINATORs4 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Gazlowe The wind up time for his death laser for the amount of damage it does is not on par with other hero abilities(nova snipe instant cast and does more damage then max charge, yes i know that death laser is not an aoe and does pass through multiple units but charging abilities have a penalty as you do not auto attack during the time of the charge so you must factor in a dps loss plus you are stationary which makes it easily avoidable ), so people can just out run it as the distance gained is very slow. I play him but i rarely use death laser to its full potential as you are using the other 3 abilities in synergy more effectively and may get a 1-2 second charge off on death laser as being stationary is death for you and mobile heroes will be out of range in hero combat. Please look into maybe making some adjustments, ie quicker charge time and less damage variance or increase damage. anything to make it worth while.M4ddHatter33 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Rehgar problems So I have been playing a lot of Rehgar, and I think hes a great hero, but there a couple bugs I'd like to report. One, sometimes when I try and turn into wolf form, I just turn blue and don't get any movement speed boost. Two, sometimes if I'm using the talent where it makes lightning shield wait for nearby enemies to activate, the rotating balls of lightning are invisible once they activate. It would be greatly appreciated if these problems could be fixed!Tempest2 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Remove Merky From Game Merky has way too much push power with his current build. His egg respawn time is stupid. You should at least make it increase his death timer every time he dies. So by the end of the game his egg is useless. I have lost coutless game because of him and his op egg. Remove him or change his egg.Ikego17 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Stiches Hook Suggestion his hook should stop at walls. Its a hook. Or if it hooks through walls players stop moving at the wall. Or something to that effect.Adventchild6 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Li li face model Anyone else finds that she looks kinda bad if you compare to her portrait or even uncle chen? I think she needs a makeover :(Othinus4 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 (Lack of) Diablo's Feedback Why did I name this thread as LACK OF Diablo's feedback ? Simply - think that basically no-one has played any build that doesn't include Diablo's most staple talent - that's Soul-Feast (taken on lvl1), AND therefore think we're basically 2 days just before BETA announcement in a severe LACK of Diablo's talents I personally believe that that's most likely Diablo's drawback - there's no "Ressureablo" or "FireAblo" there's only "BullyAblo" build and everyone plays it.. Some people take some lvl16 differently, sometimes lvl10, BUT - we're basically stuck with Soul-Feast, Amp-Healing (or if in PUGs then taking Molten Impact), we're stuck with NO ONE taking Shadow Charge talents on lvl13, but take either Spell Shield or Relentless.. And THAT's THAT SO - it's OBVIOUS that people playing the game and the hero overall agree that there's overall ONE WAY TO PLAY Diablo and therefore we're in a place with lack of Diablo's Feedback despite no-one trying anything else probably EVER.. Sooo yah - will ASSUME that Diablo's obviously bad with no differentiation of builds in talents, therefore will talk about ways to improve him without much focusing on current build's feedback MY PERSONAL FEELING is that - Diablo should have "FireAblo" and a "RessurgeAblo" build therefore propose/suggest the following Changes: =============================================================== Diablo's "Current talent" changes: Change #1 - SWAP Demonic Strength and Soul Steal - i.e. - swap the two talents that are for Diablo's Overpower Additionally the following: #1 - Demonic Strength - make that talent give Diablo Root on the Overpowered Target for (at least 0.25 seconds, but not much, 0.5 might be too much already, but whatever) #2 - Soul Steal - if combined this talent with Devil's Due on lvl1 (now able to pick both - one on lvl1, and one on lvl4) is too strong and Diablo comes back waay too fast again and again - then just nerf the soul gained amount to be 4 (or even 3) instead of 5 Change #2 - SWAP Endless Death with Soul Feast (will see why a bit later on below in the "new talent" section of changes) Change #3 - Siphon the Dead - make this uninterruptible by basic attacks and only CC interruptible, as well as - make this have a CD of 30 sec Change #4 - From the Shadows - instead of Range of Q by 33% - make it - Knockback distance increased by 50% (or even better - something ridiculous like 150%) - basically make this build viable after Overpower to knock things waay back into your team - there's already a price enough to pay for not taking SpellShield or Relentless Change #5 - Crippling Shadows - make this something like "Aid of Shadow" - i.e. - make Diablo able to use on allies and knock them back, but not CC them or do Damage to them.. Could provide some (kick in the butt) cool ally plays and gives Diablo an escape (though not quite sure if at this point is much needed) Change #6 - this is a MUST IMO: Apocalypse lvl20 upgrade - Armageddon Fires - Apocalypse has 20 sec less CD and has a "chain reaction" effect - i.e. - if 2 or more targets are hit by the first apoc wave - another one appears 2 seconds after the CC of the first apoc wave finishes (can repeat only once however :D) Now - onto "New Talent" changes: #1 - new Talent on lvl7: Remember we put Soul-Feast on level7 and Endless on level1 ?, here's why: New Talent: Soul Crucible - Diablo gets increased Fire damage on his spells based on the current number of souls he has - i.e. 1.5% more damage for every 10 souls gathered (15% more fire damage, 22.5% with Endless max) So - NOW Diablo on level 7 would have A HELL of a LOT to choose from on level 7 - does he go improved/chain Apoc with Battle Momentum with 20 sec less CD and a chance to reduce that even further, does he go with Fire damage (up to 22.5% more) with Endless on lvl1 and Lightning Breath, does he go for anti-low-CC sustainability IN FIGHT with Siphon the Dead - there's a hella-lot to choose now from on lvl7 FireDevil - make that another "soul-consume" casting ability - something like "Frozen Tempest" - i.e. - AoE fire near Diablo, BUT make that do low amount of fire damage (as opposed to high) BUT give that a bonus of - targets suffer 15% more damage from all ability/spell sources (would've made it 25% more, but - have heroics that deal already a TON of DPS) Sooo yah - that's my changes - discuss them if you like, discuss what you think Diablo might need, or even if he doesn't need anything added - I personally think that there's a reason for us at this point - to have a LACK OF Diablo's f-back And finally a simple upgrade to block - make Block proc for a 100% (or if too much then 75%) RETURN damage to the attack that procced that - change it's name to something like "Hellfire Carapace" or whatever.. Maybe even a small visual - some fires coming out Diablo's back :D That's MY wishlist/feedback - hope ppl (or even better CMs) like the f-back/changesVArsovskiSC9 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 I think Illidan's been left out.... I've noticed that a few other champions have global abilities that can be cast via the minimap, and yet Illidan's "the hunt" has been excluded from this, even when you take his lvl 20 talent. Was this done on purpose for some reason or was Illidan simply forgotten about?Helaxis12 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Zeratul needs number nerfs on skills. For a cloaked, porting hero. His damage is beyond what is needed. When most characters are based on slow dot like damage, a burst like his is needing a little drop.WittyRemarks30 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Zagara banelings should not be considered units So this is just a weird balance thing I've noticed with Zagara. The banelings (especially after a few levels) are pretty difficult for towers to kill and heroes are unlikely to waste the mana trying to kill them when they can just walk out of the way. The issue with them being targettable though is that I can use them to not only damage towers, but drain their ammo. After a few levels I can fire banelings off at a tower and have both towers fire off 2-3 shots each at my banelings losing none and damaging the towers to boot.Bhorgen10 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 nova needs BIG time nerf im not sure what it is but 3 games ive been in i have been one shotted by her, mid game it seems, i was playing zagara each game, i dont if its zagara but nova one shotted me each and every time.panagiotis19 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 sc2 and diablo being left behind In my opinion wow is going to become the main selling point for this game and it's universe's are going to only have a few hero's Wow has 17 heroes so far and 2 in the next 3 so 19 out of 35 4 assassins 5 supports 6 tanks 4 specialists .sc2 has 9 hero's 9 out of 35 5 assassins 1 support 0 tanks 3 specialists Diablo has 6 1 assassin 0 supports 3tanks 2 specialists Lost vikings 1 specialist In the first 35 wow has over 1/2 of heroes and some of other franchises are missing key heroes such as a primal zergquinn6 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Why hasn't Resurgence of the storm been removed yet? honestly how long is this broken talent gonna keep screwing games overWagle33317 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Direct All Nova Complaints Here I am Tired of there being 3-5 Nova threads on the front page. Tired of it. If you see a "Nova needs X" thread, post a link to this thread, and do not otherwise respond to it. If we can get everything into one thread, then it will de-clutter the foums. I may be doing this for other Heroes as well, but Nova is currently the biggest offender. I will attempt to add new topics on here as they are posted, so keep an eye on this front page. So, the current topics: Nova can One shot anyone No, she can one shot Abathur, and Murkey. Anyone else will require landing a Skillshot (Snipe), Pinning shot (targeted) auto attack (Targeted), and Triple-tap. This takes a few seconds, and you could still possibly survive, unless you were at low health. If you were below full health, that is your fault, not game development. You know she has high burst, don't sit around in her burst range. How to Balance nova Reduce her Damage While this is an option, I want to remind you that she is the 3rd squishiest hero in the game, only being beaten by Abathur and Murkey (Abathur doesn't see combat, and murkey has a death escape). Nova also has no escape, so she's prone to being eaten alive by even the moderately bulky. Alter some of her abilities This is much too broad, but I can agree with it. Slowing down the projectile speed of Snipe would allow for greater counter play. Or it could ask for a wind-up where she is forcibly decloaked in a distinct position (Possibly similar to the kneeling position of triple tap) so that clever players could try to move out of the way. It would also change the learning curve and require more prediction. On that same note, She could also have bigger delays between the shots of Triple Tap in order to allow for more time to escape before full damage is dealt. Rework her from the ground up This is technically an option for everyone, but it isn't a good option.Kajowwojak32 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Tyrael Impressions and Suggestions TL;DR Impressions: - Skillset too similar to Leona (from LoL) - Initiator/tank role not befitting his lore as angelic leader of Man Suggestions: - Balance support and DPS roles (A mix of wise leader and all-out bad-!@#) - Flying animation for 'mounted' state How to: - Swap shield spells for AoE buffs - Swap Eldruin's might for active damage boost or effect - Swap passive ability for an aura of some sort The Long Version After playing Heroes of the Storm for a good 1 month period now, I feel that I have finally garnered a substantial amount of playtime to fairly provide feedback on the games characters and mechanics. I firstly need to point out that I love Heroes of the Storm so far, and I am glad that it fills a much needed faster-paced, easy-to-begin-hard-to-master void in the MOBA genre, and I feel that if the quality of the game holds up till launch, I have no doubts that it will be able to compete at the scale of Dota 2 and League of Legends, at least in popularity, if not in the competitive arena. However, as I do wish for the game to improve, most of the feedback provided in this post will be constructive, rather than complimentary. For my first ever post, my feedback will center on everybody's favorite archangel, Tyrael. I feel that Tyrael's skillset too closely resembles Leona's, from LoL. A ranged AoE spell that he can then teleport to, (Eldruin's Might = Zenith Blade), a temporary shield that explodes upon expiration (Righteousness = Eclipse) and an AoE ulti with a ministun (Judgement = Solar Flare). I am unsure if this is an issue of concern for the HotS team, but I hope that by differentiating Tyrael from his doppelganger, it will imbue HotS with a fresher, more individual character than that of its MOBA predecessors. To address the similarity, might I suggest that Tyreal's skillset be altered to more accurately reflect his lore? As the Archangel of Justice, I have always viewed Tyrael as a secondary fighter, while Imperius led the charge into battle. Throughout the Diablo series, his primary role had been that of a leader, and an inspiration to humanity. As such, I feel that Tyrael should be pushed into a slightly more supportive role, with AoE buffs to replace his shielding abilities. Also, perhaps Eldruin's Might could be swapped for an active damage buff, similar in concept to Arthas' Frostmourne Hungers? The current AoE/teleport mechanic could then be saved for Imperius, when he is later on implemented, to fulfill his more initiation role. After all, we do see Imperius teleporting to his spear in his Diablo 3 cinematic brawl with Tyrael. One other thing about Tyrael's skillset is his underwhelming passive, which does not at all correlate with his backstory and lore. I would suggest that it be changed to a passive aura, either and AoE, or global team aura, buffing damage, or attack speed or movement speed. Lastly, I presume that Tyrael had been one of the earlier heroes completed in the HotS development, and as such, was first designed to ride into battle atop a mount. But seeing how newer heroes like Azmodan and Anub'Arak mount in unique ways, is it possible to provide Tyrael a flying animation for his 'mount' stance? That would be wicked.MiniNinja35 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Illidan needs actual evasion. All it takes is a hero with a stun and you're dead in any engagement larger than 2 people. The hero is made of toilet paper and made to have single target sustained? Sustained damage classes need to have mitigation tools. My experience as Illidan: Stun all die every day> Dead. As soon as there's a warrior or Nova/Zeratul nearby im good as dead might as well go kill minions.Crescent25 Jan 12, 2015