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Jan 13, 2015 Blizzcon Diablo battleground preview. An idea. So I can assume this forum section would be the right place for what I was discussing with a few of your crew at Blizzcon after the 'Heroes of the Storm: What's next' panel. With your ever so teasing preview of the Diablo battleground an idea came to mind on what can be the battleground map objective mechanic. "Souls." Collect souls to strengthen your side of the map and begin to purify OR corrupt the other side. As you gather souls and use them for your side (say a soul vessel in near each core much like the plant terror) your angels/demons domain will begin to grow and creep further along the map purifying or corrupting as you put souls into the vessel (saving them or enslaving them) much like Act IV with Diablo invading Heaven. As either side begins to touch the opposing towers/forts/keeps the buildings begin to weaken. This may be too full on and could be more split in a way such as there is a vessel on each lane and the corruption/purifying in each lane is dependent on the souls accumulated in the vessels assigned to said lane. The buildings can be weakened in ways such as "50% ammunition, takes more damage, attacks slower, does less damage, or other simple things. Things like that aren't too overpowered or under powered and could always be tweaked e.g. instead of 50% ammunition instantly, it drains ammunition or may use 2 charges for 1 shot every so often. As the purifying/corruption progresses and reaches the core, the Core itself is not hindered in any way but begins to in fact be purified or corrupted itself (Worldstone anyone?) if the enemies core is 100% purified/corrupted your team wins. Of course you can simply destroy the towers/forts/keeps and core as well, but this mechanic may give a little extra flavor which relates entirely to the Diablo themed map. I considered in my idea that the camps as well get affected by this as well but that seemed a little overboard so I thought "Just leave each side camps angels and demons as they are" While the Bruiser and Siege camps are not affected by the maps objectives, the boss could have an interesting effect. The boss, a unique soul. When killed will give a major boost to a lanes progress which can be extremely effective for say lane pushes or when your team is struggling to hold a lane progression back. Kill the boss gain the soul, place it in the vessel of your choice and instantly gain a powerful force to push onward or push back a heavy onslaught of purification/corruption. Unsure of how the Bosses soul would get to the vessel if there are 3 vessels for 3 lanes (however many lanes you guys are choosing to have) Could be that a Hero collects it and brings it back to which ever vessel they choose. Of course they can be killed, and the soul will be lost, though in terms of a team trying to catch up it may be beneficial in terms of balance that the soul grants a periodic ability blocking shield or straight damage shield to help in the transport of the soul. The unique soul could even be in the mechanic of Blackheart's Bay chests. But there will be only 1. With only 1 unique soul on the field it would be an area filled with team battles or ambushes. For anyone who didn't feel like reading the big post TLDR: Angel vs demon cores, collect souls on the battleground to strengthen your side, more souls = more map advantage. Reach the core and core itself begins to purify/corrupt. 100% purification/corruption and your team wins. Or ignore map objectives and kill towers, take mercenary camps, kill core. I think this would be a real interesting twist for a new map. It relates to the Diablo world, does not make the battleground purely objective driven but is also a different mechanic again. While it may look like Bay's collect coins or Gardens collect seeds the souls are used in a different manner. Thank you to the testers who read this, I hope you are having fun in Heroes and thank you to blizzard for your tremendous work. ~HooblieHooblie2 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Do we need "Team Leader" mechanics? I'm a new spawn to hero brawlers in general and to HotS. Although I'm probably not the only one having some trouble with the objectives. I was wondering if a team leader mechanic could help to handle objectives? You know, like when queuing for a match. A player could queue up as a team leader. Maybe that's all we even would need. Without having the devs to implement special map pings or something like that. The thing about an "official" team leader title for a match. Is that it could create an authority players are likelier listen to. My problem is that often multiple pings occur, and I just don't really know if I should go and help or just keep doing what I'm already doing. Because, obviously, I'm not sure what I'm doing in the first place. At least, regarding the objectives. :DSouldomain1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 New/Random announcers for every map? Maybe? Since announcers per player wont really be possible, since this game isn't really about you getting kills and your own double/triple etc. but rather team, could we get new announcers? Have a random announcer every map? So it doesn't get stale with this Gul'dan sounding announcer?Philsphicool1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Garden of Terror... the only map this game has. Can't wait for Skytemple to be added. But seriously, I truly, truly believe something is wrong with map RNG. I know, I know, "RNG is RNG." Except I don't think it is in this case. It seems to me that there is some sort of "map of the day" that causes one map to be picked above all others. Sadly, the last several days have been Garden of Terror. I don't know, could you recheck your map algorithms or something? <3Det1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Game is way too focused around the event for each map The event should be an optional thing, not your team won't win if you don't do it everytimegamerdude30536 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 "Destroy The Enemy Core" objective is getting boring Could we get some variety in match winning objectives that don't just make you repeat the same thing (ie, killing the core)? It'd be nice to have: Main Objective: Destroy the Core Map Mechanics: Current things like Curse and Bombardment that help kill the Core Secondary Objective: Something other than killing the core that wins the match Secondary Objectives could be something like: Deathmatch: Get a total of X amount of kills across your team to win the match (Ex, First team to get 30 Kills wins) Resource Race: Control Certain Areas to gain a Resource and first team to X resource wins (like Arathi Basin or Battle for Gilnais in WoW). You can come up with a lot of unique objectives like these that would add a little variety to the game.RhokenStrolm2 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Feedback: Blackheart's Bay Hi there, I've logged some 50 games on Blackheart's Bay since entering beta (it is my most played map at this point), and it's also the map I have the lowest win ratio on by at least a 13% delta. Common issues I've seen on this map. Coin Issues Teammates farming coins, but not turning in. On this map alone, death grants a four pronged punishment. You lose the team member to death for a duration of time, the enemy gains experience for their death, you likely lose your progress to the next turn in, and they likely gain coins to their next turn in. Thus death on this map (if you have coins) has a much larger impact than on any of the other four. Lack of a need for team fighting in that you can win by coin turn ins alone. Simply wait for the enemy team to take the boss or a Knight camp, steel a turn in, and then defend against the merc push. While the turn in point should be a source of team fighting, in practice I see more team fighting over the watchtower at the start of the match, then I tend to see over the chest during the match. Late Game differences When losing late game, it's often harder to recover. Engaging in a team fight (if the other team is even willing to fight you) could cost you the game. You have to defend against Minions / Mercs, as well as attempt to stop a turn in which will destroy your core. Cursed Hallow doesn't have this same drawback, because you could get the Curse and still defend, because the other team is much more likely to engage the Core / start a team fight, being unlikely to rely on minion / merc pushes alone. This gives the defending team the chance to wipe the attacking team, and regain initiative, this interaction is much less likely to happen in Blackheart's Bay. I think the concept of the map is interesting, but the fact I do not need to directly fight the other team to win, I feel goes against the concept of 'team brawler'.Fenier3 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Performances on the maps So far with the performance of each map I have played, a couple of them seem to have a stability issue at least on my end. While Cursed Hollow is the most stable map for me at a steady 60 FPS as well as Dragon Shire. But, for some reason Haunted mines is the least stable for me. It seems to go from 60 to 30 FPS at random intervals and freezes for a frame or two at random times. While I do understand that the game isn't fully optimized especially for my six-core processor. On the lowest graphical settings it seem to do this still on Haunted mines. I may need to a few more matches to see exactly what is going on, but so far for at least a months worth of play timeTheRedBishop0 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 BOTS ARE DESTROYING THIS GAME End of Story.... Leveling toons is not the answer for this game. Gaming is at an all time rate of patheticism...I no longer play vs... no point to it.... just a bunch of automated bots running around hacking minionsMaxSkill14 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Suggestion: Event Roll I'm not sure if this has been brought up yet but one thing that I have noticed after playing a lot of the Garden of Terror and King's Crest map is that one player usually leaves the fight early so that they can take control of the event character before everyone else. This isn't usually a problem when your playing with your friends, but when you random there can be a lot of fighting over the event boss. One thing that might be nice to add is a event roll (similar to WoW loot rolls) where each player can choose to either roll or pass on being the event boss. Once selected, the player could have 'x' amount of time before the roll expires and any player can grab the event boss (so that the garden boss wouldn't wilt before being used if the chosen player did not grab it). Just a thought!HuntedSlayer0 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Blizzard Themed Maps As mentioned in the"Starcraft themed maps " thread ( ) , thought I'd summarize and spread it across all the Blizzard franchises. Make all the maps reference the games worlds. I understand it might be late in the game to remake all the models and terrain, but it would be another amazing shift from the other normal DoTAs. Also, I understand that by having the worlds neutral hero's are not inclined to help either side and by shifting that to a battlefield they are familiar with it is conflicting with a character's lore, but heck diablo and tyrael can fight side by side anyway so no lore restrictions. For example & edited expanded on ideas Battle for Char The Terran Dominion and Tal'darim Protoss battle over the Zerg's homeworld after the mysterious disappearance of the Queen of Blades. Surprisingly, by collecting biological samples they can rebuild and empower their fallen war machines. Haunted Mines map becomes the Battle for Char, all the structures become Terran & Protoss based. Zealots, stalkers face off against firebats and marauders. Mines become nydus canals with a nydus worm entrance. Beware zergling's and ultralisk inhabit the canals and offer biological samples that power each teams super units colossus(or reaver) and thor. Mercenaries become sieging lurkers(or swarm host) and a queen + roaches(or hydralisk) pack. Mercenaries disappear upon nydus worm appearance. Other varieties of mines/canal located here ( ). Blackrock Spire After multiple failures to successfully clear Blackrock Spire both factions blame the other for Leeroy's mass whelp pulls and fight each other for some semblance of victory. By claiming the legendary sword and armor of Leeroy Jenkins a hero can embody the legend as he relives his last moments. Dragon shrine becomes Blackrock Spire. The Horde and the Alliance have set up camps apposing another sending human footman & dwarf riflemen against orc grunts and troll spearmen. Structures become horde and alliance bases, mercenaries become black dragons. Dragon Knight becomes Leeroy Jenkins stuck at the spirit healer those who control his lost sword and armor can embody the fallen hero and gain new powers, ghostly whelps spawn at mercenary camps and circle Leeroy overhead in place of a timer, when whelps reach critical mass they overwhelm Leeroy before his final breath, "At least I have chicken." Fortress of Pandemonium After the fall of Malthael Pandemonium's fortress gates remain breached and swarms of demons and angels alike continue their eternal conflict, Malthael's spirit remains corrupted by the black soul stone those who gather the ethereal shards that shift into existence will direct his wrath. Cursed Hallow becomes Fortress of Pandemonium, Demons and angels rage against each other with cursed and hallow structures. Mercenaries become remnant reapers. Malthael's Wrath weakens structures and current ammo reserves by half. All hearthstones are replaced by superior town portal scrolls. Squabble in Booty Bay The gnomes and goblins of Azeroth have finally had enough after a seemingly infinite amount of races and arguments they decide to end the debate in a grand experiment. Both build their machines of war and test their metal against the other. While the Bloodsail Buccaneers sail in to make some booty of their own. Blackbeard's Bay becomes Squabble in Booty Bay, Goblin shredders and improvised hot rods with rocket launchers face off against gnomish mechs and mechano-tanks. Goblin jumper cables restore a shock your health back into you while Gnome teleporters quickly teleport you to the revive zone and back with a residual healing effect. Mercenaries and blackbeard replaced by the notorious Bloodsail Buccaneers. Garden of Auir In the crater of the dead Overmind, miraculous new life forms with the Zerg wandering without leadership. Meanwhile, the scarred Protoss fight Terran Mercenaries over their sacred homeland in this new garden. Garden of Terror becomes Garden of Auir. Collect biological sample from the feral Zerg to reform brutalisk terrors that launch defilers at structures and drop scourge nest at players.CopperBack48 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Suggestion:We need Starcraft map We need a StarCraft map There is currently no map that represents StarCraft world. My suggestion is to use that world where the lava level goes up and down at certain intervals. There is no objectives, just map mechanic. Lava going up and down will either block off or open access through certain terrains, and changes how the minions moves through the map. Either splitting them up or funneling 2 lanes worth of creep towards 1 fort. If possible, the minions should be changed to SCVs, probes, and marinesdamancy2 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Maps and their balance My quick rundown on the maps: Garden: I find this the most balanced one. Not many complaints. I would change the position of some brushes around but eh. Dragon: It can get kinda snowbally, but I still like this one a lot. Many interesting/strategic fights on this map! Since you have to control multiple points at the same time, I love the small skirmishes taking place all over the map. Mines: Okay we have a problem here. A lot of people are not too happy with the current form of this and I believe the problem is, that the golems always revive on the spot they died. Yes, you get some time before the rise so you can prepare, but that's not good enough. You lose one fight, enemies get a strong golem WHICH SPAWNS RIGHT ON YOUR CORE and it's over, even with 5 of your guys hitting on it. There is literally nothing you can do anymore but watch your demise, and that's not fun. Pirates: You never have to set a foot into the enemy base. I suggest raising the cost of increasing shots from +2 to +3. Otherwise it's alright. Or something like, +1, +2, +3, +4 etc. Tribute cursing: I like the general idea of it, but here are my complaints: It's too random. If you're on the north side, tribute on the south side, well, tough luck. There should be a better pattern to this.. Also, seeing how powerful the curse can be it lasts maybe a tiny bit too long. Maybe 5-10 seconds less would be my idea.Nieve5 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Remove Haunted Mines. This map is way too small, encourages deathballing too much. There are only 2 lanes but one is almost pointless to push because the Golem is the best way to win.Slimanes4 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 can you make it so that in haunted mines when you click in the mines while you are outside, your hero keeps going to the mines, and doesnt jsut stop doing what they are doing and stand there?TeamAmerica3 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Played almost 500 games now and regarding Haunted Mines The map is ridiculous :P The golem to be precise. The golem should never be as strong as it is with 100 skulls. Surely if you let the other team get 100 skulls you must be doing something wrong. But consider this before you shout too loud. If you lose one team fight at the wrong time on that map, it's game over, and your team probably hasn't even hit lvl 16 at that point. The game settles too early and it's stupid to say the least. If you're down two guys when mines open the other team will probably get about 70 skulls and ruin your base and own your core next round with no effort. Etc etc, I'm not going to elaborate on all the 100 different scenarios :P Point is, on any of the other maps, you can defend effectively against "the monster" or whatever. (yes not on pirate map but even if you are behind as much as four payments you can still turn the game around and win) On mines, you just get ruined whenever you end up with too few skulls. I mean, a mines game is half over at lvl 6 at some points... that should never happen. Key sentence in this thread The golem should never be as strong as it is with 100 skulls. I think I got an idea for a really good fix though. Make the golem activate when your team has collected 100 skulls and be as strong as it is on 50 skulls. Just like how the garden terror works. This way you won't get dominated-facerolled-shat on when you lose one team fight. Thank you for reading and please thumbs up if you agree that blizzard should take this in consideration as well as any other feedback that may pop up in this thread regarding Haunted Mines.ImJebus12 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 A Better Core I like a lot of the building/tower designs so far, but I don't like how the minions appear out of nowhere by the core (like other mobas) and then start their march across the map. I think it would be much more stylistically pleasing if the core had like these 3 different "scoops" around it where each wave of minions would walk out from instead of just appearing. As if the core is just the head of an underground base (or factory).FOXTROT7 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Experiencing major FPS spikes during BGs I've been experiencing major FPS spikes. It has absolutely nothing to do with my video card, computer, etc... I set every setting as low as it could go only to find the same problem. A message appeared saying that I may be too far from the server or that it may be my local connection, but that makes no sense at all because everything is the same that it has been and I had no problems a week ago. Not to mention I checked my connection multiple times, reset the router, etc.. No fix. I am 99% sure it's nothing to do with my distance from the server or my local connection as I have run many diagnostic tests to see such things. Any information about this problem would be very much appreciated. If you are having similar issues you are more than welcome to describe them in this thread. Thank you for your time, VahinaVahina1 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 In/Out of gates I had a game earlier where a Stitches was picking up my ally in his stomach and placing him behind the gates. Another game, my ally Diablo picked up an enemy E.T.C and threw him behind our gates. As priceless as it was, I think you should be allowed to exit the enemy gates, but NOT be allowed to enter. It kinda makes it really dumb for that person who is a victim to that. Just a thought?RabidMonkeyz1 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Towers should have invis detection Hello I thought it would be nice to have some invis detection on towers at least.. its too ez to play nova and never get detected.bcorangekush2 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 Volume up Just that, the game has a very low max volume, I have that at 100% and still really lowAdros1 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 blackheart's bay and coin stack There should be a limit of coins you can stack (20 for example), toxic players decide to stack all the coints they can, then gets killed and gives the victory to the enemy.Nenkie4 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 Maps all look the same. Not a big thing but I think it'd be better if you changed the appearance of buildings from map to map.Arakhion8 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 Include fountain in tutorial. Basically what the title says. It took me about 3 days to realize that I can heal myself by clicking on fountain.Snowdream1 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 Idea about mines that makes fighting in mines better Make it so that if you die in the mines your team loses 1 skull (pops out of you), and if you kill their team they lose 1 skull. So the most your could steal in 1 team fight would be 5, not much but could still make it more beneficial to stay as a team in mines rather than split up. Just an opinion.Wesus0 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 Hero not visible at loading screen/cant hit ready slilly2 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 9, 2015 Pathing Problems continue around tight areas I've been meaning to bring this topic up for some time, but there are STILL a butt load of problems with pathing around tight paths. Some particular areas include: - Dragon Shire: The areas around the siege camps that generally act as hiding places for Murky eggs. - Dragon Shire: The areas just above the Knight camps (again) that act as hiding places for Murky eggs. - Haunted Mines: The areas the Siege Camps are facing (again) that act as hiding places for Murky eggs There's a lot of tight places like that that generally cause my hero to go back and forth and back and forth trying to path through these areas. It's very frustrating =(.Lighthammer0 Jan 9, 2015
Jan 9, 2015 End of Match Stats I would love to be able to access the full match numbers at the end of game, similar to the tab option while playing.Superbia6 Jan 9, 2015
Jan 8, 2015 Haunted Mines added mine content So i like the Haunted Mines map the way it is but i was playing on it once and i had a thought that i thought i should share. How about adding items to the mines aside from the skulls? Like keep the skulls (mabby less skulls to about 50 skulls total but you could possibly keep it at 100) but add in 2 items that you can get for the golem that spawns. Like a weapon "camp" and a armor "camp" the weapon would make the golem do more damage and give it a bigger AoE on the green circle bash and the armor would give the golem more health and lower CD and/or bigger root, however it would be awesome if you gave the golem a specific ability based on what item you got for it or 2 abilities if you got both or replacement abilities, like instead of the golem just doing a bash if he had the weapon item he would slam the weapon into the ground and cause a shock wave in a line or some such thing. I could see this being hard to balance but i think it would make the map better (not that its not good as it is). This would also make the golem stand out more from the boss mercs on some other maps like BHB and GoT plus why not add something a little more tactical than just a flat increase in stats based on how many skulls you collected, however a full skull golem would be equal or roughly equal to a golem with only items. You could add in a little mini-boss fight for the items (probably something about equal to a Bruiser camp) or something like the circle (like for capping mercs and shrines) to represent the team finishing digging up the items, guardians of the items or the original miners only uncovered it but weren't able to fully excavate them. The aesthetic for the items could be that whoever made the mines uncovered more than just ore in the mines...possibly what caused the dead in the mines to rise again. ORB OF THE UNDEAD AHHH, i miss you baldurs gate.Grah0 Jan 8, 2015
Jan 8, 2015 Manually Gearing I love the shared team XP. pool but I would love a some kind of Shop that was in the game to manually gear your character the way you want to. Have minions give some form of currency when killed, bonus for hero kills and other added currency bonuses from events etc. I hate to Play the League of Legends card here but without a way to manually gear my character the way I want to play them, this game holds no more interest to me. On a side note, the game runs very smooth and I have noticed no glitches besides the UI health bar only bug that was worked around. Game has potential, but please do something about manually gearing our characters please.Victoryrush2 Jan 8, 2015
Jan 8, 2015 More interesting / complex objectives I really feel this game needs some maps with more interesting and/or complex objectives. Collect the things to make the guy attack the enemy structures is getting redundant. If there were more interesting triggered events and mechanics, it could create for some very fun counterplay that is lacking since this game is not focused around items (a feature that I do not say with negativity as I love the design intent of this game so far).SchlitzCritz0 Jan 8, 2015
Jan 8, 2015 Multiple colors for minimap and team colors please! Instead of your team always blue, their team always red and the map always purpleish we need something else. This isn't easy on my eyes, personally, IDK about the rest of you. Maybe have 3-5 minimap colors and multiple team colors? Example: Whiteish map with your team green, their team red. Things that players themselves can personally change. So it is only on our end.Philsphicool3 Jan 8, 2015
Jan 8, 2015 Small, specific thing about taking easy camps I don't think I've ever mentioned this, but if you are taking an easy camp and use Dive before the giants finish throwing, you're on the other side of them, and they throw the opposite way of you, but you still take the damage. It almost gives the appearance of you being able to dodge their damage, but you don't. This doesn't happen with any vaults or Sweeping Strike, just the ability that lifts Illidan off the ground. Not sure if anything else does this. (Teleports, maybe?) I don't think their throw should have a targeted area like they do after you take them (then anyone would be able to solo them), but they should follow your movement even off the ground, just so it doesn't look like you're taking damage from nothing. I figured I'd throw this out there while you guys are polishing things up.MissMarvel0 Jan 8, 2015
Jan 8, 2015 Towers don't need ammo. Wouldn't it be better if towers did not have any ammo? When you throw a ton of creeps at a tower it drains the ammo or even the demo telent drains it faster it is nice and all but when they are drained any hero can just go up and start hitting it and nothing to defend but another hero in that lane. I think this should be removed because yes this game is more faster paced but it seems somewhat too easy to take out bases, or if they must still have ammo maybe fast ammo regen, more dps, or just make towers harder to take out.Bloodmaster33 Jan 8, 2015
Jan 8, 2015 The Leveling System I find the leveling system interesting because it's a team effort to gather exp to level up as a team instead of each individual player leveling up and being stronger than the other. It's different, but It's a new experience.TangyOranges0 Jan 8, 2015
Jan 7, 2015 Disconnection issues Ive been having a problem where when my connection resets or i have to reconnect it wont reconnect the game will freeze and when i alt + f4 and come back in instead of being able to reconnect i instead get brought back to the main menu and can start a new game...and lose out on xp and gold for that last matchTelseran0 Jan 7, 2015
Jan 7, 2015 Tower Strength/Tower Diving and Ability Casting I'm coming from 4 years of DotA and more recently 3 years of LoL, so I'm comparing a lot of game facets to LoL. First off, you may already be working on this, but the most important aspect of any game is to have smooth mechanics. It is quite difficult to chain abilities together rapidly, and some, like Tychus' grenade, just cast clumsily even if you aren't trying to pull off a quick combo. The casting seems essential to me, but as far as suggestions go, I would like to see towers do a little more damage, maybe just to heroes and not minions. It's too easy to turret dive people, which does speed the game up, and you guys seem to be trying to make it a faster game overall, something I like. I really like the removal of items and gold from farming. Farming especially is tedious and draws the game out longer. I like the seige breaker concepts, but teams that group and fight (and consequently have higher damage heroes) seem to do much better overall, rendering heroes like Azmodan less useful than a Nova or even Diablo. In any case, it's a great game, and I look forward to its release.DropABearOnU1 Jan 7, 2015
Jan 7, 2015 Dubloons I dont know if anyone has mentioned this one yet, but in Co-op mode, I can run around with a bunch of dubloon and the NPCs dont chase me down. Have you thought about making it to where they do? I've had 10+ dubloons on me and am not scared of having them like I am in Versus.Amorebekka2 Jan 7, 2015
Jan 7, 2015 Guarding terror AI Boss bug Hello, i've notice a bug,in my opinion using it will gave you a real advantage in future. When guardian terror spawns, and if you engaging bottom boss with high range hero (mostly i noticed it on Azmodan) and you puling boss to middleish-bottom right corner "V"-look flowerbed and you starting channeling him with "E" All Shall Burn boss coming closer to hero and freezing in place and not moving, even not goes evade and running back to his original position, and when you channeling boss there, boss not even casting his spells like a melee aoe stun or range rooting. Also have this replay, Thank you.Bruumak4 Jan 7, 2015
Jan 6, 2015 Idea for a starcraft theme lava map I have always had the idea that you should make a map based off of Starcraft 2's "The Devil's play ground." Where every few minutes, lava with rise and trap everyone into high grounds for 10-30 secs. so you can have a few strategic high ground in the lanes and jungles. If you wanted an objective focus on the map too you could maybe flame elemental's from WoW spawn on high ground during high lava flow and after collecting so many a dragon or something will push a random lane for x amount of time. This would make the teams have to think if they want to group for a team fight for a better high ground position for the lava rise or to split up to try and collect more flames.Dathrio2 Jan 6, 2015
Jan 6, 2015 Invulnerable keeps if the fort has not been destroyed ? Hi, I think that the keeps should be invulnerable if you have not already destroyed the fort that is in the same lane. It is not a major issue in most games but some Abathurs who know what they are doing are using the deep tunnel+spawn 3 locust combo after hitting lvl 16 to spawn up to 4 locust at once to destroy keeps. I feel like this could be an acceptable strategy if your team has already destroyed the associated fort but otherwise it is just extremely cheesy and has very little counterplay (which is a general problem associated to Abathur in my opinion but it is not the point I am trying to make here) Of course HoTS is not LoL but for instance, in order to destroy an inhibitor in LoL, you need to have already destroyed the towers of the same lane before.Pallussa5 Jan 6, 2015
Jan 6, 2015 Suggestion for the Diablo themed map at Blizzcon. I was playing Heroes and I was thinking about the 3 new maps shown at Blizzcon 2014 (of course, only one of them was actually playable but that's besides the point :P), when I suddenly had an idea for the Diablo themed map which was visually divided between a Hellish look and a Heavenly one. I was thinking that since a lot of players have been asking for maps that have much more different mechanics than the current ones. In other words the ''grab the resources (coins, skulls, seeds,etc.) to unleash something powerful (Golem, Plant, Cannon balls,etc.) mechanics, I thought that it'd be interesting to have a map dedicated entirely to ''map control''. By that I mean that players will have to fight over certain areas or objectives (which will be positioned near either the top or bottom lanes) which, once captured, would alter the visual look of the map in a limited area around the said objective(s). Once that particular part of the map has been altered, it will start damaging the buildings of the opposing team in the lane that is linked to the objective. Also, the way these objectives or capturable areas (see Sky Temple) will be appearing in a random order, but in fixed locations (if we're talking about objectives). Furthermore, to spice things up, I think it'd be refreshing to have four lanes instead of three. By that I mean that there will be 2 bottom lanes, 2 top lanes and in between To put this into perspective, here's a sketch I did of the map: Here you can see: - Each team's lanes (Red vs Blue) and how at first, there are 2 lanes which end up splitting into 2 smaller ones, meaning that as players progress towards the enemy's core, they'll have to deal with more and more minions; - The four areas to control/where the objectives will spawn (yellow circles); - The middle jungle where you'll find mercs (pink squares) and 2 bosses at each side of the jungle (pink Xs); - The bush areas (light green lines); - And the central area (pink circle) which will activate after each of the four yellow ones have activated once. Capturing this central area will count as if you captured all 4 yellow ones. So those are my two cents in terms of a new map whose mechanics are much more different than any of the previous ones! Feel free to tell me what you think of it! :) P.S. Here's a link to the original concept art for the map: Jan 6, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 [Suggestion] Selectable Game Modes? Would be really nice to see this! I personally dont like some of the game modes, and would like to select which modes I want to queue for. Please add this Blizzard!Havenbrook0 Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 Map Voting So when this game gets further along it will obviously have more maps, and already i think i read that there are 2 more slated to come out before release and I myself dont like the plant one that much whereas my buddies love it, so how about a Call of Duty style voting system that gives you 2 maps to choose from and then a random button. Just a thought!Jirons0 Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 Map Mechanic Ideas Hey guys! This is just some ideas that I thought up while sitting around yesterday in between games. Are they fun? Hell, I don't know. But it's fun to brainstorm and you never know what might come from that. So feel free to throw in some of your own as well! - Mini-map reveals/blocking: Basically you could have a map where after competing for an objective the victorious team either gets to see the location of the enemy team members on the map for a limited period of time, or makes it so the losing team can't see anything on their map for a limited period of time. (Personally I'm more a fan of the second one since the first might just cause people to hide in their base, but I imagine either could be fun with the right setup.) - Creep rebellion: Creeps are very rarely something I consider when making decisions beyond their delicious, delicious exp. Therefore, it might be interesting to have a map where the creeps become a serious credible threat. Suppose an objective is met by one team, and the losing team then has their creeps turn on their buildings and start spawning out of the middle of the map instead of the core. You could also have a variation of this where the creeps become stronger and attack heroes that were on their side unless the heroes happen to be behind a building first. (The inspiration here is kind of the zombie holdout map in Wings of Liberty. I feel like this kind of mechanic would be pretty awesome with a necromancer or zombie themed map.) - Exp camp: The exp camp gives a level to the victorious team if held long enough. (I suppose this would be ultimately similar to what's going on in Sky Temple, but the effect is less flashy.)Omega3 Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 Whats the point of Lanes? Maybe it's because I've mostly only played LoL. (don't flame me!) However, I think of meta's and whatnot, and nothing bothers me more about the game then when 4 people camp a lane, and unless your 3 teammates come then you lose that lane. Which then makes half the map useless? What I'm asking here is, should there not be a penalty XP wise to the opposing team that just zergs 1 lane of a map while ignoring everything else? One game comes to mind where, this happened to me, and their team actually got up 2 levels on my team while doing this....seems a bit out of balance. Thoughts?Muin5 Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 Merc Camp - Experience Hi, I fell like getting the Merc camp is some time not a good idea. I got some game that we cap pretty much all the camp and the ennemy is tanking it and kill it. they got xp from those kill and i feel like they lvl more than us because they kill all camp we send. When we grab a camp i don' think we get xp, but we should get the same xp as the ennemy get from killing it. We kill the same minion.Funkybaby1 Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 Pirate map mechanics I realize this might be a repeat going around the forums. But I see many people using "You haven't been playing long, you don't know what you're talking about." or "Let me teach you how to play this map." as a response. As someone who would love to see this game be successful I'm giving a critique of the map and its flaws. I'm very much on the thumbs down of this map by design. If you end up falling behind on the first turn in of coins you are put at such a huge early game disadvantage that it makes it hard to recover from. And from the winning standpoint, that's a boring game to me. I like the idea of objective control but when the focus of the map means that your opponent level advantage completely rules you out from being able to play objectives, then that makes the game too extreme and most people will give up after the first turn in. Think of it as 3 points of focus: 1. Defend your forts : Good defense will lead to them having to leave their defenses open while they recover from attacks. This is general back and forth Lane-ing gameplay familiar with most MOBA styles and is an unavoidable back and forth. 2. Kill the opponent : Killing the opponent is obvious as you get free time to whack away at their forts 3. Control objectives : Controlling objectives helps supplement a moderate defense and offense taking into account split pushing and what have you. Obviously there are variants of this but we're analyzing it from a simple design perspective keeping these three things in mind to make a dynamic playing field. Now in the other maps you can focus on these as 3 separate entities to win the game, but in the pirate map you simply need to control objectives and you win. If you killed an opponent, their weight of impact on the loss is determined by objectives. Defending your base is pointless because you need to have control of the objective. And if you can't control the objective you have 1 less fort to defend with every turn in. Which means you defend, which means you fall behind and can't focus on objectives, which in turn means the mechanics of this map is broken. Purely design based perspective, there is WAY too much emphasis on ONE aspect of this match when the objective should simply be an alternate means, not the dominant one. It makes the map focused on one dimension, and it could be much more fun than that.Kalkahnor7 Jan 5, 2015