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Nov 21 PTR SURVEY: FEEDBACK REQUESTED! Greetings Heroes! Due to the large amount of changes on the PTR, we decided to put together a quick, simple survey. You can only take the survey ONCE so make sure you get 2-3 games with the changes below before taking it. The survey will address the following changes: Updated Stealth Visuals Laning Changes (Regeneration Globes and Structure Changes) Mercenary Changes Map Objective Warning and Timing Changes Once you are ready to take the survey, navigate to this survey link here and let us know your thoughts! See you in the PTR! Zobrek0 Nov 21
Aug 18 Forum and Bug Report Rules Greetings Heroes! On behalf of my fellow moderators, Hugincord and Fizivix , welcome to Heroes of the Storm Bug Report Forums! Please note that all posts in this forum are investigated by Blizzard Quality Assurance Analysts. While we try to post as much as possible please do not fret should your post not receive a Blue reply. Even our moderators are analysts who work to investigate every report, on top of their standard testing duties. Should you be experiencing account access, purchasing, or technical support issues please be sure to contact our Support Teams as a priority. ::Bug Forum Ground Rules:: All posts are subject to the Blizzard Code of Conduct. While we welcome feedback, this forum is not the appropriate location to discuss intended gameplay mechanics in depth. At times we may venture into discussion territory for the purposes of clarifying a report; but in general feedback posts will be moved to our General Forums, where further discussion is encouraged. Do not bump posts without adding relevant new information to your initial report. A single report of a potential bug is enough to get our teams investigating the matter. Should you wish to report that an issue is still occurring, please make a new posting after a reasonable amount of time has passed. Report each bug individually – We request that each bug you submit have its own posting, so that we can ensure a proper analyst investigates the contents of it. Bug “lists” need to be passed from one type of analyst to another, which can complicate getting validation on your report. Please use the search feature at the top of our forum landing to find similar issues. Should you feel your issue is unique, or that related issues are non-relevant, please create a new posting. The exception to this is if the newest thread you can find is older than 2 months, and your issue is still active in the current patch. Please post from the account that is experiencing the issue. It helps us more accurately diagnose any issues that you may be experiencing on the server side. ::Bug Writing:: When posting a bug, please begin with a one sentence Summary that clearly describe the bug. We should be able to understand the majority of the issue you are reporting by reading your Summary. As a note, our “Try/Sandbox” modes operate on slightly different rules than standard matches. Bugs experienced or orchestrated in these modes, may not be possible in standard play modes. Please check standard modes along with any Debug Mode issue you experience. Good summary: The tooltip for the Zagara’s Baneling Barrage skill contains a typo. Bad summary: Bug with barrage After your Summary, include a detailed report of the bug you experienced. Include as much relevant information as you can. If you have steps and can reproduce them consistently, write them out. This will help our team in reproducing your report, getting into the hands of our developers all the faster. Attachments, diagnostics, system files and supplemental information can be emailed to us at Heroesbugattachments@blizzard.com. Prior to sending us an attachment, please review our guidelines for those. Please feel free to report issues to us by that email as well, should you feel uncomfortable with posting in a forum environment. Do not assume that your audience will immediately see the bug you are reporting, even if you feel it’s obvious. Factors such as region, ISP, hardware configuration, and even play-style can cause the player experience to vastly differ. ::Types of Bugs:: Below are several categories of bug you may encounter during play. We have included the specific information we would like for each bug reported of this type. Functionality/Design – You are expecting something in the game to work one way, and it’s working another way. This could include skills not functioning properly, computer AI behaving oddly, or a hero completely disappearing after using a skill. Helpful info to include: Whether you’re in menus or in game. What hero is affected, or if all heroes are. Proper name of functionality (tooltip skill name). Screenshot or video of what’s wrong. (uploaded to the file or media sharing site of your choice) Compatability – If something is wrong with how the game is behaving with your hardware or peripherals, such as graphics not displaying properly, sounds playing incorrectly or not at all, freezes or performance loss. Helpful info to include: Again, whether you’re in menus or in game. Provide your System information (DxDiag.txt or System Profiler) and Variables.txt (found in the Documents folder of our game) Connectivity – Your client's connection to our service is impacted, or you have issues dealing with login, grouping, matchmaking, chat, or any other issue related to the networking of our game. Helpful info to include: What region you are connecting to. Run a Pathping and Tracert if you suspect a network issue, and report your findings. Crashes When the game crashes, you may be provided with a text entry field, which sends a report directly to our bug database. Provide details in that box if you have any, as that sometimes is the only information we have to identify hard-to-reproduce but critical issues. Once you submit the report, you are provided a UUID code. While we will automatically receive your crash report, please feel free to report it here as well, including that UUID code in the posting. The more specific you can be in any report made to us, the faster we can work towards resolving the issue Thank you for taking the time to visit our forum, and enjoy your stay in the Nexus! -ZobrekZobrek0 Aug 18
Sep 11, 2014 Mac Bug Report and Tech Support Forums Greetings, Mac Brethren! Today we've launched our Mac Tech Forums for Heroes of the Storm. If you requires assistance with Mac Technical Support, please feel free to come on over and visit! -HugsHuginncord0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 28 D.va Immobile Bug Was playing D.va in Ranked, and I rocket boosted back into my base mid game and I was stuck on the side of my fort. I couldnt hearth or boost out or do anything. I had no choice to leave the game and give my teammates an AI while i reconnected. But since it took me awhile to reconnect it costed us the game by the time i got back. It really sucked how random that happened. Never seen it happen before. wish i can get my points refunded lol.Kakarrot65 Sep 28
Sep 26 Known Issues List - 12/12/17 UI and Online Enemy team models can appear during the match countdown sequence. Players who have already selected a hero in draft are unable to chat link heroes in Allied Chat. The "Invite to Game" button is active while friends are in a game or lobby. Hero League games are still sometimes giving Leaver Status inappropriately, and our research continues. Scorescreen stats are not updating properly if you leave the game and rejoin. Daily Quests can sometimes not have their criteria able to be completed. Certain settings can cause map textures to not load in properly. The buff/debuff icon for Regeneration Master is centered and cuts off the icons head on the bar. The top left corner of the quest tracking icon at the tab screen does not produce a mouse over tool-tip. [Alexstrasza] Transforming to Dragonqueen can cause the Blessing of the Red UI icon to disappear.Game Content New – [Nazeebo] Selecting Superstition while dead causes the spell shield animation to persist when Nazeebo dies. New – [Hanzo] Storm Bow does not allow Hanzo to move while in targeting mode when using Force Move. New – [Hanzo] Priming Storm Bow will not allow hold right-click to move commands to update without clicking again. New – [Malfurion] The staff in Malfurion's hand flips upward when riding a bike mount with his Winterveil skins equipped. New – Target Practice tracking icons don’t always display on clones. New – [Butcher] Meat collection is not granted while in a vehicle. New – The detailed tooltip for Holo Decoy is inconsistent. New – Grave Golem regen globes are missing animations. New – Invisibility outlines are not always visible over Ragnaros' lava trail. New – Targeting guides disappear when the local player's mouse moves outside of the Battleground area New – [Hanzo] Fleet of Foot talent is not adding a buff to the buff bar. The Hidden eye marker is active on Heroes that are not visible. [Volskaya Foundry] Heroes can become stuck or unresponsive between conveyors and nearby terrain islands. [Kel'Thuzad] Frost Blast will explode in the enemies Hall of Storms if the target dies before getting hit. [Kel'Thuzad] Frost Blast will continue to follow heroes with post dealth effects. [Tyrael] Using Smite at Tyrael's location while rotating causes the search effect to stack on top of its self oddly. [Stukov] Massive Shove can fail to end when pushing a target toward their Altar. [Genji] It is possible for Genji to become stuck in a T-Pose. [Stukov] Massive Shove and Flailing Arm have visibility issues in certain situations. [PTR][Junkrat] Junkrat can become disjointed from his rocket and mount when issuing movement commands during Rocket Ride. [Cassia] Blinding Light is not revealing stealthed heroes. [Varian] Dismounting from a Ridebike mounts with some abilities causes Varian to lose his Weapon.Mac New – Hot Corners can become active in Fullscreen mode through 'Disable OS Keyboard Shortcuts' Changing between display modes and 2880 x 1800 causes scaling issues. First launch after a fresh install may launch the game in 4:3 resolution.Engine and Game Systems New – Resizing the game window in windowed mode can cause resolution and mouse placement issues. New – There is an odd shadow on the Hanzo Homescreen on Medium graphics Some players may experience a lag spike or disconnect early in a match. [AI] [DVa] Elite AI heroes will continue to attack the Meka while its self destructing.Huginncord1 Sep 26
Aug 23 Bug Attachment Guidelines Greetings Heroes, We are happy to announce that we now have an easier method for submitting requested attachments! From now on we will request that you send your attachments to the email address HeroesBugAttachments@blizzard.com instead of uploading them to file sharing sites and providing a link. This should help us address your issues more effectively and be less of a headache for you. Below are a few guidelines we would like you all to follow when submitting your files and information to us: What to include: A link to your original thread. The requested attachment (nothing else, please). (NOTE: When attaching a replay, please also include the in-game time at which the bug occurred.) A brief description of the issue. The region in which you were playing. The time/date of the occurrence. Commonly requested attachments and how to find them: Screenshots Windows users: Screenshots can be found in your “Documents\Heroes of the Storm” folder. An example path might look like this: ... Mac users: ...Replays Windows users: Replays can be found in your “Documents\Heroes of the Storm” folder. An example path might look like this: ... Mac users: ...DXDiag & MSInfo Mac System Info (Under the Mac Tab) Connection Info How to format a bug attachment email: First, include the name of your thread and the attachment included in the subject line. For the body of the email, start with a link to the thread, your region, then the date and time of the occurrence. After that, please include the bug description and any other pertinent info. It should look something like this: ... Thanks! -ZobrekZobrek0 Aug 23
Apr 30, 2015 Overclocking Notice - Please read! Hello everyone! Before reporting any graphical hardware related issues, or unexplained application/system freezes, please take a moment to read the post by Glaxigrav in our Tech Support forums here: http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/17084690607 If your card is in fact overclocked, try reverting it to normal operating speeds to see if this resolves your issue. Thanks! - ZobrekZobrek0 Apr 30, 2015
8m Hots rank reset Hots ranked reset ? really blizzard? we are not the first april no ? Hope you do something for thatdeathbottle19 8m
20m Hots RANK Season 4 RESET ?????? (2 TIMES) Hello, i did my 10 placement matches on the first day for this new season 4 on Hero League, quilifying gold 5 (i finished silver 1 in the season 3), in the last 2 days i make it up to gold 3, winning a lot of matches... and today i got MY RANK RESET FOR NO REASON, and now i have to do ALL 10 PLACEMENT MATCHES AGAIN. Can someone tell me what is going on ? i'm soo pissed off rigth now, i have never been out of silver, i was gold 3 and i got my rank reset... EDIT: are you kidding me ???? 2nd reset ??? I DID AGAIN THE PLACEMENTS FOR WHAT ???? ALL MY WIN MATCHES IN THIS 2 DAYS GONE ??? I'm quitting if i don't get my points earned winning back.... i'm done wtf is this... I was GOLD 1 after 2nd reset, for me it's a lot high... i want my rank back In this 2 days i could have done something else better than play Hots....DoHLogan54 20m
30m HELP please my rank disapeared In this new season 4 after I played my placement matches I got Rank 2 Gold. But next day I came back I am back to Placement matches, but I can still see in my match history and statistics of season 4 Hero League games that I have played placement matches all ready.FinnExp4 30m
33m VS AI Quest fail to track progress Hi, i have invited my girlfriend to play and her quest to play games vs the AI doesn't track the past 9 games we have played vs the AI her BT is Lynn#12587 please fix the bug or remove the quest, then she can get a new quest.ElfTemplar0 33m
36m Portrait or level?! HOTS 2.0 question I have an uncertainty! I do not know why I did not write it earlier, but I suppose I am writing it now because I have noticed it recently. Well, I have a problem, if it is possible to call it a problem. I guess it came on to me (and I did not notice it by the first time) when the HOTS 2.0 update was released. The thing is that before the update I had a task for the portrait of Sylvanas and Stitches - reach level 10 for both of them and you can get the special portrait. At that time I had my Sylvanas more than 10, and my Stitches NOT! That is for sure! I have a good memory:) but the thing is that after the update conditions under which you could get that exact portrait changed. Now it says that I have to reach level 15 for both of them to get it. At the present day I have my Sylvanas more than 15. Stitches still NOT!:) BUT, suddenly now I have that portrait which I can freely put on my avatar in the game. I guess this is kind of a bug and I do not know what to do with it. It is actually cool when you have items in the game which you have to earn - for free, but as I can see and say, after HOTS 2.0 was released, when everyone had their levels changed, that exact patch made the new levels not exactly right (also remember people complaining about that). I am not trying to say that I am complaining too, in fact I actually like the patch and the game itself (because I play like for 2-3 years) but I think that my level was estimated wrong at that time and only a few days before I noticed and understood it. So now, if I could just only ask you to solve this situation by increasing my level please?! I think this is a logical requirement from me. I would probably ask you to increase the level of my stitches, but I know that the problem is not only about the stitches or portrait, but about the estimating level process itself after the HOTS 2.0 release. So please please please could you may be double check my level and increase it may be :) so that I could play with the clear mind. Very big Thank You! Alexandr Ageyev ageyevalexandr@gmail.comPonchik1 36m
43m Rooted Lunara can Leaping Strike for no effect Self-explanatory title. You eat charges and mana for no jump, damage, or slow. This can be easily tested in try mode against a Malfurion.Honigdachs1 43m
47m Hanzo stun bug on Q When tychus grenade interrupts Hanzo's Q spell pull back all spells including mount and back buttons are disabled.Kovacz0 47m
53m Bug in Volskaya with The Butcher If you are using The Butcher in volskaya and you take a healing or tower camp object you wont be abie to use it. The usual key is the F, but it doesent get active for using the object. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/305058847293177856/391574137295863808/Sin_titulo.png There is a game capture, i took on custom, but it hapened to me 3 other times on QM and NR. I friend of mine tried also and for the moment the only one we found with this bug is The Butcher. Report here if you find more heroes. Hope this is fixed soon.Kingandni0 53m
55m Hero League 3rd Reset Hello, I played all 10 matches and more of hero league and Somehow I'm still reset. I was Platinum 5. This is infurtiating. Considering stoping playing this game. Now I'm placed with Silver??? What the hell.Vrichka0 55m
1h Missing wins from placement I just did my second placement and the system isn't registering it. It shows I have played only one game on the purple circle, but in actuality above my "most played character" it shows 2 wins. Hmmmm, this is interesting.Wreckter0 1h
1h Проблема квалификационных матчей. Доброго времени суток. Появилась проблема в квалификационных матчах. Система каким-то образом сбросила итоги квалификационных матчей. Вместо проведенных шести игр показывает "0", хоть в истории матчей проведенные игры отображаются. Просьба помочь исправить. Заранее спасибо.Deya1 1h
1h Hero league placements Bug Ieri sera ho deciso di giocare un poco ad heroes of the storm in hero league(piazzamenti), dopo aver giocato e vinto 3 partite (2 con etc, 1 con johanna) oggi riapro il gioco e dopo aver perso una partita con artanis sempre in hero league e alla fine della partita mi ritrovo con 1 sola vittoriaAndrea0 1h
1h Lost my wins in heros league Lost my Heroe league wins... what can i do?? please help!! i won 6/6 and now i have 1/1... wtf??Bilo1 1h
1h Rank Reset Twice I have now been reset twice. I'm a prior masters player, I was placed at Diamond 4 a few days ago, then a reset occurred early this morning. I figured no big deal, I'll just replace and work back up, now after 4 more games(3 won), I'm reset again. I can't play ranked atall if I'm never going to have anyway to work my way up. Please look into this when you can. Oh and if it matters, I was halfway through Diamond 2 when the initial reset occurred.Booyah4 1h
1h Sky Temple Guardian arc bug The main temple guardians during the temple phase on this map will occassionally cast an arc push. If noone is inside the arc, it doesn't push anyone as intended. If someone is inside the arc, heroes nearby NOT inside the arc are pushed as wellGhost0 1h
1h My Rank Disapeared and now I am on placement match In this 4 season I did my all 10 placement matches and got to Rank 2 Gold. Next day I come back I am back at placement matches :( and no isn't because of season changed because I got all ready rewards and so on from old season.FinnExp2 1h
1h Hero League reset After beating the 10 placement matches over the past three days, 9 of which were victorious, I logged in today and my progress was undone? I played one placement match, as I don't usually get to play more than one or two a day, and won. Is this an error on Blizzard's part? I was really excited to get plat 5. https://twitter.com/Skormhammer/status/941498234803048448 This is the video of finishing the placement matches this season with the follow up to what I saw today. Good luck team while you fix this.Skormhammer1 1h
1h калибровка каждый день скидываются данные о калибровке. Заходя в игру показывается,что надо проходить калибровку заново.FullHustler0 1h
1h Lost 1 of my Wins! I lost one of my wins! 2 Win, 0 Losses and 2 Games. But on my Hero it still says 3 wins. Plz fix this! Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/2OWL1Zandaro0 1h
2h [DEMAND] Un-reset the leagues ! How is it acceptable do you think Blizzard, to so grandly waste people time and effort like this (not to mention money, for those who have purchased your stuff online) ? Ranked leagues have been reset not once, but TWICE. Absolutely ridiculous; this demands immediate and sufficient compensation to all affected. We, the players, definitely do not deserve to be treated this way.Nalipak0 2h
2h HL Reset screwed up my mmr and ranking Last season I finished D2. Finished my placement this season and I was again placed in D2. Reset happened. finished the placement 5-5. Now I'm placed in Plat 2. Could someone please explain this to me?? Be nice if someone can fix this issue for me.Bluntologist0 2h
2h Ranked matches gone Hey Guys, I played some hero league yesterday and wanted to finish my rank in today. But i came online and all the games where gone. I can still see the games in my statistic, but it says i need to do 10 new ones. This happened after the Hero League crash yesterday. Will this be solved? Kind regardsMamamowhawk1 2h
2h Valeera W Whenever I break my own stealth my W auto casts off cooldown until I restealth or hit enter 2-4 times or keep my chat box openDevindor3 2h
2h Pressed right click movement not registering The pressed right click movement seems to periodically break and only work with clicks directly. Breaks, starts working again after a while and then may repeat the process varying times.Shouhei4 2h
2h Force Move (Quick Cast) has breaking bug The following Hotkey is bugged if Global Quick Cast Setting is set to anything other than "On", often sending your hero in the opposite direction to what you intend: Hotkeys -> Advanced -> Hero Abilities (Quick Cast) -> Force Move NOTE: Global Quick Cast Setting must be set to "OFF" or "ON RELEASE" Related Minor Bug: Holding the button does not result in the character following the cursor, as it does with "Smart Commands" and/or if Global Quick Cast Setting is set to "On". This problem has been around since launch of the feature, but its cause had not been tracked down. https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/6hgryx/the_new_force_move_command_needs_fixing/diy7w48/ (Reddit users reporting the problem months ago) Breaking Bug: The character goes not to where you click, but where your mouse is some time after you click. I cannot tell you how many deaths this has caused, trying to run away from an enemy whilst firing spells back in their direction, only to watch my character turn and run towards them. To reproduce, play from Australia, or select a far away server. Enter a game as Try Mode will not reproduce. VS AI works fine, even if all allies are AI. Use "Force Move (Quick Cast)". Move your mouse. Swear in frustration as you watch your character go not to where the Green ping is, not to where your mouse was when you released the button, but where your mouse was about one ping time after you clicked. In Superstar's most recent HGC game, if pro player iakona playing Auriel was using Force Move, w/ Quick Cast set to anything other than On, it's almost definitely what caused his bizarre movement resulting in death: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/170360516?t=14m04s I could not tell you the number of times I've watched my character do something as asinine thanks to this bug.Mania2 2h
2h Lag issues My game has uncontrollable lag. I enter the game and it is fine for about 30 seconds before I can't control my character anymore and I disconnect throughout the game. Now you might think it's: A) Poor Wifi - Nope. My roommate who plays on the same wifi has no issues at all. B) Poor laptop - Nope. I have played Hots before on this very same gaming laptop with no issues at all on full graphics and everything. I have made no moderations to my computer since last playing back in August. I can't see it being anything other than problems with the game. I tried reinstalling Hots to no avail and made sure the firewall is not blocking it. Please help as I would like to return to the game but currently it's impossible.Teddy902 2h
2h BIG Ranked BUG i played already 7 placement matches and i keep getting resetted to 0! i won 5-2 and it just annoys me cause i can't play 10 games a day cause of my real life, pls tell me what's going on here and how you or me can/will fix it, i beg you. PLS!RyuWhiteX0 2h
2h Matches disappeared in League of heroes Dear Blizzard, yesterdey I played 4 matches in League of heroes. They were test match. But on next day these matches disappeared , but show what I play on Kel'thuzad and win. Please fix this.Egor080512 2h
2h Cassia's "Plate of the Whale" bugged With Cassia's Plate of the Whale, it can give less hp regen than it's supposed to if it stacks too fast, like say from Tracer attacking. When using the Try Mode "Complete Quest" button, it gives 20 HPS like it should. https://i.imgur.com/xFN1xQD.jpg But when stacking it by having Tracer AA Cassia nonstop, it only gives 14 HPS even though the quest is complete at 75 stacks. (A 30% loss.) https://i.imgur.com/3b3AsfB.jpgADummy0 2h
3h Win 3 Games Daily Q bug I've had this quest taking up a spot for some time. None of my wins count towards the progress.bwp25 3h
3h Skill activating on their own. Since recent patch I have had skills activating on their own, especially while mounted. The two abilities I have had this happen with are Cassia's Charged Strikes and Varian's Parry. This happened quite frequently without any apparent pattern or trigger.Greylock5 3h
3h no level up ... My level25... non stopChominiPL0 3h
3h Placement matches reset Placement matches are getting reset daily. It started yesterday and it happened again today. Not sure what's going on. Please explain because I find it a massive waste of my precious time playing and winning placement matches just to have them be reset the following day.PopeFranciss6 3h
3h Couldn't control my hero on Volskaya I load in Unranked, the second I'm in the game disconnects by no fault of my own. Reconnection happens and all I can do is walk around. No abilities or anything else. I have to restart my game to regain full control and am immediately stunned by Dehaka because the bot found it ineresting to 1v5 the enemy team. My team is already losing 8:13 levels, all forts down. How come I have to sit through this frustration and wait until the enemy team slowly walks towards our core bombarding it away, only because THE GAME decided to screw my match up? And this happens constantly on Garden of Terror and Volskaya Foundry. Meanwhile, Blizzard adds Hanzo and nerfs supports, the most infrequently picked role in the lower tiers of the game. Sincerely, thank you.Gewtino0 3h
3h Chen still can't leap over Keep/Core (fort excluded) If Chen leaps over Keep/Core and immediately channels Storm, Earth, Fire, it will auto cancel. Edit: This bug is OLD!!!Timotei0 3h
4h Hero League Rank Reset Again Even after placing Diamond 1 with 1 game from Master I had my rank reset by Blizzard's maintenance on ranked mode. I was annoyed but dealt with it knowing I would place near there again. I didn't do as well in my second placements but still got Diamond 3 and was satisfied. I log on once again to find my rank has once again reset today. This is ridiculous. I have spent so much wasted time on just placements. This is super unprofessional and sloppy. Is there a way I can have my rank restored?carlsjr8 4h
4h Rank Reset Ticket How does one open a ticket for approval of ranking gained if you were reset? I finished all placements, was placed D2, played several games (54% winrate in diamond/master games) and then see all my seasons progress has been removed and I am back into the coin toss of placements. Where is the proper place to report this? Thank you for any help!Xronos2 4h
4h Placement BUG Placement games bug. I played 6 games and then it reseted. My history match up back it up. Fix that.Kloud0 4h
4h Artanis Starcraft 2 Battlechest 2.0 Hey. I have a question. I bought the Starcraft 2 Battlechest 2.0 and it says on the package that i will get Artanis for HotS. How can i activate him? Inside the package was just the code for Jaina.Rentaro0 4h
4h Placements / MM seems to still be bugged I am a multiseason grandmaster and I placed into diamond 5. This was only with a record of 3-7 multiple games I played with people who averaged platinum (from the former season). More evidence of MM bug can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/7k5wih/placements_still_bugged/ https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/7k5rfq/placement_still_broken/Dillon1 4h
4h Placements again? Are you serious? should i play placements the third time in a row?`Ended it yesterday with 6 wins 4 losses. This is not funny. For sure now i will play 5:5 or worse.Raphson3 4h
4h Hero Abilities Casting Randomly On Their Own During two of my games today, my hero would sometimes just fire abilities at random. During a Haunted Mines game, I tried to channel Hearthstone 3 or 4 times in a row, and it kept mounting me about 3/4 of the way through the channel. Then on Warhead, as Tracer for a minute it was casting Recall on cool down without me pressing anything. I stopped and asked in chat. It was happening to our Zeratul as well.Stereo17 4h
4h Dumping of qualifying matches Yesterday I played 3 qualifying matches, 3 games 3 wins. Today I go to the game I have 0 games played? COOL! Is Blizzard a joke or something? Did you decide that 3 wins for me is too good to be true?Fataliti0 4h