Bug Report

Sep 30, 2018 Did not received last ranked season rewards Hello, I was not played game for last 2 month and after log I didn't get rewarded for my ranked season. Please check itQuda0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Sylvanas heroe skin selection We can see a horizontal line in menu of skin selection.ShadowDragon0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Cursed Witch Whitemane - Visual Bug - Mount-up As you know, this skin has it's own mount and it's own mount-up animation. Yet, after you die once, the mount-up animation switches back to the normal animation. This is nothing... major, but it's annoying and it could be fixed. Thanks!Forsen1 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Brightwing Movement Speed Bug(?) Noticed in a game today that if you take the Speedy Dragon Talent at Level 20 (Permanently gain 20% Movement Speed.) you move at 120% Movement Speed but when you activate Pixie Dust it doesn't give you the additional 20% Movement Speed, you just stay at 120% rather than going to 140%. OR If you take the Pixie Boost Talent at Level 13 (Pixie Dust gives 40% bonus Movement Speed, decaying to 20% over 3 seconds.) then Speedy Dragon at 20, you will only move at a maximum of 140% Movement Speed, not 160%. I don't know if this is intentional that Pixie Dust will ONLY put you to 120% Movement Speed (without Pixie Boost) but it seems worded wrong if that's the case, it seems like Speedy Dragon + Pixie Dust (without Pixie Boost) should make you move at 140% and Speedy Dragon + Pixie Dust (with Pixie Boost) should make you move at 160%.Sarithius3 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Visual bug when in the ranked window Hello! I found a visual bug when im waiting in queue in rank. Whitemane's staff goes under the glowy borders of the ranks. Here's the picture https://imgur.com/a/UzCZZMfOwMyGawdz0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Help Blizzard!!! Abuse in Ranked Games by BUG every season the same story: people sabotage all placment games in HL and TL, by trolling / AFK or feed, becouse they get Master 1000 point anyway. After that they get very easy games and can climb Grandmaster without problems. This system my friends use for every season, but for people like me, who started lower rank and have to climb, its inpossible to play in the first weeks of new season. Plz fix this abuse, even if we "normal" people allready got punished in our placement games ... btw. i cant upload replay to show the abuse / sabotageMartin1 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Sgt. Hammer AI inconsistency Ever since the AI changes (where Morales wouldn't heal teammates at all), Hammer has been a bit stubborn during objectives. For example, she doesn't deliver coins properly, sometimes she "tries" to, like moving toward Blackhearts but doesn't deliver. This also happens everytime in Cursed hollows, she is never able to capture the tribute. I'm not certain what happens in Tomb of Spider Queen, since she dies before she is able to give the gems. My guess is she is having trouble with objectives that requires channeling.Harlbinger1 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 rank qualification When I started qualifying my rank, in the first match I got to played with Gold 2 people. Each subsequent match, I got again and again with people who had Gold 2. Having won 8 matches out of 10 I was given 2 gold. Does that mean the game decided I was gold 2 before I even qualified? I consider it abnormal, and I ask to consider, and to change rank system.Hugs0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Brightwing's Soothing Mist can heal while dead In Hall of Storms you can heal other heroes as Brightwing when dead. It happened to me in Lost Cavern and I noticed I healed a Tracer for the exact amount my trait heals. It was easy to notice because no one is healed in Hall of Storms when in a brawl like Lost Cavern.cHaOssPElls0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Stunned heroes can be pushed Currently you can move stunned heroes (for example under the effect of Ana's sleep). This bug used to only be possible with Rexxar's Misha, but you can do it as any hero currently.cHaOssPElls0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Deserter without leaving etc Hi, im was marked as deserter for 4 games. But i have not been disconnected or left a game. I finished my last game yesterday night successfully, shutdown my pc start up today and see that i was marked as deserter. why? Can you please remove that? I had connection issues the days before and was disconnected. so there it was with a reason. but this time it is not correct.Yromem0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Cant get into games, counts as "leave" Hey guys, i've just recently discovered a big problem which prevents me from playing games. Whenever i want to play a HL game, i do find the game, but then i get kicked out immediatly and it counts as a "leave" although i didnt leave. Sometimes i do get in the game, but when its my turn to pick a hero, then i get kicked out and the same problem occurs. I have to play quick match games then, but there the same problem often occurs, i find a game, but then get kicked and it counts as leave as well, so i am stuck in quick match now and cant play games. I have to play 3 quick matches now, because of the "leaving", but of course i cannot get out of here, coz of this problem. I did not leave any game, i just want to play^^ Has anyone else experienced this problem? Please i need some help.Rigety0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Wonderful reconnect Blizzard. The game crashed at the end of the team League match. My team won in a minute. I don't have time to connect and game is decided give me lose. It doesn't have to work like that.Sunshine0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 AI ping What is wrong with AI help? Follow dsnt work, must many times ping to AI for follow AI must stay on place if in move imposible clicking cant work!!!Front2422 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Halloween Banner disappeared Beautiful good day, I've just noticed that since the update that went online today, my Halloween banner I've always used has disappeared (looked like a scarecrow with pumpkin head and was under events to find). It would be a pity if he were gone, since I used this banner for almost every character. Hope the bug can be fixed and the banner will be restored. Maybe even banners are scary, I only noticed the one because he was there yesterday. Best regards Devil04 PS: It is the war banner of the Hallow's Nights ( Kriegsbanner der Schlotternächte ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi alle zusammen, Ich habe gerade bemerkt, dass seit dem Update, das heute online ging, mein Halloween-Banner (sieht aus wie eine Vogelscheuche mit Kürbiskopf und war unter Ereignissen zu finden) verschwunden ist. Hat jemand noch das Problem? Oder fehlen vielleicht auch noch andere Banner? Gestern hatte ich ihn noch, ist mir auch nur aufgefallen, weil ich den bei fast jedem Charakter drin hatte. Mfg Devil04Devil043 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Ready button broken via hero select Clicking the ready button when selecting hero (Versus A.I. or Quick Match) The cancel button isn't present The game doesn't start Platform: windows 10Shutall0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Problem with starting game Hello i can;t start any games it says that it;s turn off. What i can do to make it right ?Brutus6 Sep 30, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 0:51 game time disconnect Every single game, every mode. Reconnect 1:11. Tested on 40+ games. Happens from game one of new patch. I am connected to Internet when the game itself drops me. UPDATE: new brawl is an exception, 1 disconnect at 0:14, tested on 3 games.Taisho8 Oct 1, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Notification for items that don't exist. For a while now I have received the notification number that you get when you open a loot box and get a new item, but i have gone through every item and it hasn't disappeared, now the number just keeps stacking whenever a new loot box is opened.Craftyesa2 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 "Leading the Charge" Event Quest Not Progressing I've played two games with Leading the Charge active, both of them Co-Op Vs. Elite AI, and the quest is still sitting at 0/100,000.ThreeJames0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Garden of Terror 2 "terrors" in 1 lane. Late in a game the other team got the 3/3 seeds and and 3 terrors 1 bot, 1 deep in mid, and 1 mid at their core.....yes 2 in mid for some reason. Was quick match. Here is a copy of the demo the seed is captured at 21:40 in the demo file, is part of current patch. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ce7xolo9xyi34zc/Garden%20of%20Terror%20%2861%29.StormReplay?dl=0ChicagoBen1 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Echoes of Alterac Twitch drops I received the six hour portraits, but a week later still have not received my 3 hour reward or any other rewards. Where can I report and get this resolved?WhiteKat7 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Game randomly ends match For the fourth time in two days, I am playing an AI game and it just suddenly ends and takes me to the character select screen. Today I was playing Blackheart Bay and had just cleaned out one chest and was walking to the other and poof, it ended like one side had won the match but neither of us did (both sides had undamaged cores) and there was no summary screens of any kind. It has done this occasionally in the past but maybe once or twice a week or month not multiple times in one or two days.WhiteKat5 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Loot Crash Dear Blizzard, I just started playing HoTS today, and for some reason everything works fine until I am rewarded with loot and gold at the end of a match. Once the match is over and it shows me the chest I got, or whatever, the whole game minimizes and then goes into "not responding" mode. Similarly, if I try to check my loot before a game, the same thing happens--a couple times it crashed my whole comp. Fun game, but help! Thx.Clank2 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Guldan's talent Darkeness Within Not Functioning. Guldan's Level 16 Talent Darkness within does not increase the damage of his abilities after life tap. Except Drain Life Tested in play mode and try mode.Crisp0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Severe Loot Chest Crash I've been getting this every time. Whenever I try to open the loot chest menu, or get a in-game notification that I've received a loot chest, my screen immediately goes black. No image whatsoever, I have to restart my computer just to be able to see anything. Has anybody else gotten this?Thundercrash1 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Abathur cloned Kerrigan bug. In testing Abathurs clone with the new Kerrigan I noticed after each clone I had a giant shield on Abathur after the clone expired. Shields only went on aba in the last 6 seconds of the clone like the cloned Kerrigan's trait is supposed to do, but instead of going on the clone it goes on Abathur instead. The testing was on the practice map. I believe this to be a bug and here is a screenshot of it after the fact Link to image of the bug (unsure if links allowed) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/482802334905401345/495756227079307265/Screenshot_876.png If this is not a bug it's time for tank aba.ChicagoBen2 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Alarak's "Deadly Charge" bug Greetings. When Deadly Charge is activated and the cursor is above the minimap icons, aiming going crazy. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but it sometimes causes problems in teamfights, especially when the opponents are in the lower right corner of the screen. This happens when the "smart commands through minimap" is on and off. Small example: https://youtu.be/Y1OdSKKFBcEBossong7 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Did not receive my ALTERAC REWARD: Swift Frostwolf ! Hello Guys, i just looked over my Mounts and i can not find my Swift Frostwolf ! Iam sure i finished the Questline, including the 8 games as a Warcraft Hero so i should have the Mount aswell. I contacted the Live-Support, maybe somebody here can verify if i completet the Quest. Thank you :)Starstriker2 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Toggle cooldowns on Deckards Ancient Blessings In sandbox games I could not get deckards trait at lvl 13 (Ancient Blessings) to instantly retoggle if you disable CDs. Would last whole CD duration.ChicagoBen0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Completed Alex's two quests without selecting them So I was selecting Whitemane's destroy 6 keeps or forts quest, and I played an Azmo game in Quick Match. For some reason, after the game, I completed both of Alex's last 2 quests. Now if I selected them, it would make sense, because I did get MVP and got a LOT of XP, but what's weirder is that I selected Whitemane's quest. What's even weirder is that I made PROGRESS on Whitemane's quest as well (Ticked from 3 to 4 forts/keeps destroyed.). I dunno if this is intentional or not. I never selected Alex's quests today. But hey free stuff so woo.RzdaCipher0 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Illidan Bugged Illidan is healing off of the dmg that the turret camps he deploys deal. You can heal from across the map.Shamrocker160 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 система репортов Система репортов хуже блядь некуда бесполезное говно бесполезнее только мои тиммейты и автобаланс в игре можно писать что угодно и как угодна это все равно бесполезно рейнор ваншотящий с фантана или кувалда с 99999 жизнями похуям потдержка нихуя не сделает как же я блядь рад что вы суд на дотан проебали там хоть лоу прор есть тут нихуяSibelius0 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Can not complete Healing the Wounded quest still.... I am unable to complete the Healing the Wounded quest. I have completed it multiple times in winning games, it still says 0 healing. Please look into this blizzard.Kroak4 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Event mount My mission does not even comply with the requirements.Lopes0 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 On Mac OS (10.14), the camera is not followed На Mac OC (10.14) не работает следование камеры через пробел(клавишу). При прожатии клавиши пробела, над персонажем появляется луч, но камера не переходит к персонажу и не следует за ним при удержании пробела. On Mac OC (10.14) does not work following the camera through a space (key). When the space bar is pressed, a ray appears above the character, but the camera does not go to the character and does not follow it when holding a space.Martius1 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Multiple Collections, yet, no new to discover. Hello! I was trying to clear my collections numbers, so I view my collections and there are no new ones to clear/discover, yet it still shows I have unlocked items. Emojis, Banners, Etc... I have had this issue for a while and just now wanted to post about it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! VileInfectedVILEINFECTED0 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Kein Skin Bei Zarya Quest Hallo, ich habe den Zarya-Quest abgeschlossen aber keinen Skin erhalten. Woran kann das liegen. DankeAnarane0 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Matchmaking issue Hi guys, i'm currently lvl 128, when i play quick match i'm tagged with lvl 1-30 is this normal ?GreenArrow0 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 New Garden of Terror 2 terrors 1 lane Just played a game in which one of the terrors was apparently drunk and went middle instead of top lane. So after getting 3/3 we had 2 terrors pushing middle lane and one on bot lane with nothing in the sad top lane.BraxtonKai3 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Brightwing can heal Dragon Knight Since the most recent patch, brightwing can teleport heal the Dragon Knight.pinacate1 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Champion which you didn't picked I get champions I didn't pick, for example I picked Chromie, and I had to play Alarak without any skin, mount, announcer or banner, just clear champion just like I played him for the first time back in 2017. I had this issue for like 7 matches already (not in a row) and I don't know when this might happen again. Can you do something about this? Thanks in advance.Borneu0 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Stitches hooks through walls! I noticed it today in brawl, where enemy Stitches hooked me through what i tought was hitbox of our fort. Later I saw him hooked my teammate through our gate. And at the end of the brawl his hook went through the middle of our core. I tried it out in trymode and you can hook through enemy structure from certain angles. logarex2 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Disconnect - lose Hello, i playing a game and we win it. at the end i get a DC. The game was won but i get a lose for it??? is this normal or just a mistake (bug) ?? also i didnt get a match for "complete 3 games with a supporter" Thanks for help.Funk883 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 auto select is so bugged Got 5 TLV on hanamura in a row. That's really annoying.normalice0 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Disconnect - Lost (Won) game? I was trying to complete my quest to take down 6 forths and keeps. My team won the game but I had a pair of disconnections in the middle of the game and in the end. When I got to the final screen the game was marked as a defeat. My team got 4/5 mentions in the MVP screen and I even got one for mercs but at the end the game was marked as lost so I didn't recieve any exp, any gold and I didn't get to complete my quest.Braules0 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Battle events / cursed tutorial glitches as Muradin I played the Battle Events (Curse of the Raven) tutorial three times; twice as Muradin and once as Jaina. As Muradin, the curse events don't complete and the game is unwinnable. Repro steps are simple: just play through the tutorial. - On the cutscene explaining how to capture the curse, after capturing it, nothing will happen - You can't move (I waited several minutes). You can eventually press escape to cancel the cutscene. - After this, the first curse location never spawns. The game claims that it spawns, suggests you go to the location, and the green arrows on the ground lead you there; but the actual capturable entity never appears. The game is unwinnable because your companions keep going and waiting there for something to happen. As Jaina: - In the cutscene, the screen turns a dark purple, and the explanation finishes - After this, the capturable curse entity spawns correctly, you can capture it (and the other two) and eventually win.ashes9990 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Varian Rework PLS Can someone please rework that hero is it just me or is that hero broken ? When u take an Abatur as supp u like unkillable.... and his dmg with that tank skills is bit broken i think so....SantaCuz0 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Azmodan and D.va visual bugs D.va: Defense Matrix's damage absorbed doesn't change from 0 on the UI next to the portrait on bottom left. Azmodan: when you complete Greed quest on lvl.1 and throw Q at the maximum range, the explosion animation plays even before the globe reaches the target area, making it look weird. Also, not sure if this is bug or not, but on Azmodunk skin where did the voicelines go when I cast ult? ("Watch the shot clock" thing)완벽한영웅한조0 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Wrong placement in Team League I was Master rank 2 seasons ago and now I'm Gold 3 with best of 10 = 6 wins 4 losses. Is it right? I don't think so.QuemÉQueSobe5 Sep 29, 2018