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40m Alexstrasza and her canonic appearance. Like you probably guessed already, I want to talk about Alexstrasza, who just landed on PTR and already made a lot of fuss. There were many discussions about her looks, several threads already been deleted from Reddit. Those threads did not have a productive discussion and I aim to explain why those people everywhere (Reddit, forums, other Blizz social network pages) are so disappointed and salty about Alexstrasza in Heroes of the Storm. In short, people are upset because she simply does not look like Alexstrasza. Honestly I couldn't care less if she has pants or panties and I actually like that kind of body in real life, many of you probably do. But there are several lore statements and descriptions of Alexstrasza in her human form: 1) There is her WoW model whose looks didn't change for a very long time despite numerous events that happened involving Alexstrasza. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/wowwiki/images/c/cb/Alexstrasza.png/revision/latest?cb=20120816022248 In HOTS her model is quite not the same, the differences are extremely obvious: http://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/673433.jpg There were no reasons to make such drastic changes to her appearance. If there are - nobody knows about them. Besides, on early unpainted sketches Alexstrasza actually looked somewhat close to what her canonical look is: https://imgur.com/a/zdfn8 In fact, there are fanmade models that are way more canonical and simply better in terms of quality than original skin. Have a look at this, for example: https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/006/225/669/large/julia-acherontias-m3.jpg?1496931113 2) Those who fear that Alex' lack of clothes is an attempt to sexify her, here's a small citation - in 'War Crimes' it is said that 'Alexstrasza, whose true form was of course a dragon, did not usually display much modesty in her choice of clothing when in her humanoid guise'. Also, in the book 'Twilight of the Aspects' Alexstrasza's humanoid form is described as the one of young elven maiden with a slim body. Model we got in HOTS simply doesn't fit into those descriptions and appearances. Developers even didn’t sculpt her ears from ‘Dragons of the Nexus’ cinematic. Wrong looks is exactly what upset so many people. Sure, they are salty and probably too rude with their words, but please try to look to the bottom of this before you judge. Just imagine that you know a certain character for 10 years, you see this 'canonical' look you get used and attached to, it is a lore-based appearance which never changed... Then suddenly your favorite character is announced on Blizzcon to be the next HOTS hero. You get hyped because you were waiting really long time to play as her (I guess that's what we're all here for - playing favorite Blizzard characters that are depicted exactly the way they are described in lore), you see a well-made cinematic that blows your mind away... You still remember developers' words (from 'Resurrecting Kel'Thuzad' video series) that their goal is to keep the spirit of the original game in the appearance of a hero and evoke original emotions we had when we first saw this character. So you expect pretty much the same appearance and character Alexstrasza had in WoW. And then you get to look at an actual game model which is in no way similar to the character you knew for a decade, her voice lines, her looks, even her animations just don't line up with her original character. And it's done to one of your favorite characters of the whole universe, an iconic one! Imagine the frustration. So the numerous amount of threads on reddit, game forums and social networks just proves the fact that many people who are loyal old fans of Blizzard games and care about lore are actually very disappointed with Alexstrasza. There's a lot of us, and all we want is to make Blizzard aware of this problem and maybe get a changed canonical model. Or at the very least a reasonable explanation of this sudden change of her appearance.Demona188 40m
44m Hey Really Happy about Mecha-Rehgar but.... Can we fix the purple voidclaw Rehgar, and the ivory voidclaw rehgar so that the wolf form matches the Rehgar form colors.MrFizzbin7612 44m
1h Voting Poll: Diablo hero after Blaze Seeing as how we haven't had a Diablo hero since June (not joking) and because there's some mention about an anniversary event for Diablo 3, I figured it would be a good time to take a vote for the most wanted Diablo hero. Blizzard, take notes. The rules are simple: 1) you can only pick one hero 2) you can't re-post to keep voting I'll check back every day and update the results. And I'll be voting for Mephisto of courseThurgor51 1h
1h Skin Idea: Cookoff Blaze So I came up with what i think would be a pretty funny summer skin for Blaze. First off his body would need to become dad-ified with a beer gut, a tank top or some other summer wear shirt, and shorts. Blaze's head would become a guzzler helmet, one of those hats with 2 cans of soda or beer and a tube for drinking, with the tube connecting to a grill or rotisserie oven as Blazes backpack. Either on the grill or in the oven should a goose getting cook. Next his arm flamethrowers can become skewed sausages that shoot the flames or some kind of super soaker looking flamerthrower. Back to his body, Blaze should be wearing an apron with some cheesy phrase on it like "kiss the cook" or have some of his quotes on it, "original or extra crispy?" Finally, as for foot wear Blaze can be wearing sandals or be barefoot. The mental image i had in my head of this skin idea made me laugh. So I thought i'd share my thoughts.Followhaler0 1h
1h why kharazim skins are so bad and ugly the only problem by kharazim is his ugly face and there is no luck in his skins so far so why not giving him new skin like female monk in diablo game i mean come on why is the new skins are so bad and ugly.lets give him female monk skin:)WildRage1 1h
2h Bliztron's Hero Compilation Hello, I am Bliztron. I have offered ideas for a variety of different games. Game design is something I find very fun to do, which is why I have introduced a few concepts to this forum. I decided to make this thread so that both I and others could more easily access my various concepts, and, if someone enjoys one concept of mine, they may enjoy others. As a side note, if you want to exchange concepts for review or brainstorming, simply reply on this thread. At the bottom is an update log, showing where I've been, what I'm thinking now, and where I'm going. A new update is added at every hero release! ... Starcraft Warriors Horace Warfield, General of the Dominion http://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20749666448 Khastiana, Stalwart Immortal https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20753319521 Brakk, Challenger of the Swarm Assassins Talis, Praetor Adept http://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20752195195 Ji'nara, First Ascendant https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20752625337 Stone, Defender of Man https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20759228592 Supports Guardian X72, Prime Sentry http://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20752155235 Vorazun, Matriarch of the Nerazim https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20753295127 Rohana, the Preserver https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20753716168 Specialists Rory Swann, Hyperion's Chief Engineer http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/19621652019 Karax, Khalai Phase-Smith http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/20743036117 Overmind, Master of the Zerg http://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20752287020 Mengsk, Emperor of the Dominion https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20753345545 Experiment Eight, the Evolved Lurker https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20759576501 MulticlassBliztron18 2h
2h {Hero Concept} Karax, Master Phase-Smith Here to start off my return to the forums, is Karax, a hero I've published here before, but, well, has probably changed somewhat since then. Karax is a supportive Specialist, making use of utility buffs and zone denial from anywhere, but is more effective at directing said buffs/denial when nearby the area. For a more formatted version of this concept, complete with its Changelog and Skin Suggestions, the heroesfire link is here: https://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/karax-5246 Rough Level '0' Stats Health - 1450 Health Regen - 3.02/s Attack Damage - 20x2 Attack Speed - 2 .....................WhoYouExpect3 2h
3h I just want ONE new Vikings skin in 2018. Seriously Blizz. I know it's more work to make a skin for the Vikings than the other heroes since they use 3 models but come on now. The Vikings haven't had a new skin since they released. As much as I adore the hell out of their Heroic Sequel skin (The Captain America shield is dope) I really wish they had something else I could swap to occasionally that I liked. There's been a bunch of ideas thrown around over the years. My favorite has always been a Starcraft skin variant of Marine Marauder Firebat, but I'd be up for basically ANY new skin at this point.Vindicare6 3h
3h Jurassic Park inspired Dehaka skin? Let me start out by saying Dehaka is my favourite hero. I am also a HUGE Jurassic Park franchise fan. Am I the only one to notice this? In the latest "in development" video it shows a sorta red/brownish mecha dehaka skin. If you look on his shoulder there is a logo. Now google "jurassic park raptor logo" this is the logo on Dehakas shoulder. It is a little different side-by-side and probably stylized for Dehaka’s claws, but eitherway I am very excited for this skin… The 1600 gems are saved up and readySuperBad14911 3h
4h Fel Reaver Blaze Skins not good enough Why aren't the flames colored to go along with the color of the Fel Reaver skins? I was totally hyped for the green fire.PuLsar7 4h
4h Alextrasza secondary skin with her wow appareance https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/006/225/674/large/julia-acherontias-m1.jpg?1496931149Ukitake91 4h
4h Sylvanas announcer. Make it so, my one Christmas wish.SizzlePie19 4h
4h (Skin Suggestion) Ysera and Classic Alexstrasza Yes yes we have one for our little drago friend but Alex should have one as well. Also a Classic skin for Alexstrasza is LIKELY gonna happen but suggesting juuust incase. It'd make lotta people happy. Hell might as well suggest a slimmer Alexstrasza skin to make others happy. Even tho the Thiccness is a result of them wanting us to be able to see details in the characters. Same goes for EVERY Character.Sinkitsune37 4h
4h NO Felfire From Blaze Fel-flame Skin Seriously, lack of detail from the guy who makes these skins should be criminal. I am not that into wow anymore but even I know that Fel-fire should come from a FEL-themed skin of a character that shoots flames!DragonKnight20 4h
4h Please fix Alexstrasza Like, have you devs ever played !@#$ing Warcraft before in your life? You know what she actually looks like, right? I mean what the %^-* kind of obese piece of !@#$ is that thing you've slapped her name on to.. Do you even care about coherency at all over there at Blizz HQ? And no, despite how I express myself this is not a troll post. I really do want you to fix that shameful model you've made.Kelvar8 4h
5h Ugandan Knuckles Murky Skin Can we please get a Ugandan Knuckles murky skin? My only request is that March of the Murlocs is a bunch of Ugandan Knuckles clucking. *Cluck**Cluck**Cluck**Cluck**Cluck**Cluck**Cluck*Felipe2 5h
5h New model of Alextraza is too fat 1) New model of Alextraza is too fat. It is dwarf like. But in WOW it is more blood elf like model. Make like it was in WOW 2) Face is ugly. But in WOW it was serious as it should be, she is Keeper of Life. One of Great Aspect. Please make model and she's face as it was in World of Warcraft.Almas2500286 5h
6h TALIS SC2 Adept [Hero Concept] Flashy Combos Talis SC2 Adept Ranged Assassin Took some creative liberties in filling out the kit, but this has some fun combo potential built around teleportation that I think you all will enjoy. D Resonating Glaives - Passive Basic attacks increase spell power by 5%, stacking up to 50%. The stacks will diminish after 5 seconds. While at 50% spell power, gain a bonus effect. (effect chosen as part of lvl 1 talents.) Q Glaive Cannon - CD 5 Launch a projectile that deals 150 damage to all enemies in a line. If glaive cannon hits the psionic image, then Psionic Transfer will instantly teleport and nearby enemies will take 200 damage. W Static Shield - CD 10 Deal 50 damage to nearby enemies. Gain a shield equal to the amount of damage dealt for 5 seconds. In addition, Resonating Glaive gains 15% attack speed for each enemy hero hit. Attack speed gained this way can extend over the 150% attack speed limit for 5 seconds. E Psionic Transfer - CD 14 Projects an invulnerable psionic image that has 130% movement speed but no attack. The image can be independently controlled. After 7 seconds, Talis teleports to the image’s location. The psionic image can be cancelled with the 1 key at any time. R1 Psionic Link - CD 80 Launch a short range projectile that will tag the first hero hit. The tagged hero will teleport with Talis to the psionic image's location. Draw back, psionic images now have a limited range. Psionic link can only be fired if there is an active image. The cooldown is reduced by 50% when used on allies. R2 Tempest Blast - CD 80 Launch a slow moving projectile that deals constant damage to all enemies in its path for 2.5 seconds. If the projectile collides with Talis, then its duration will refresh and reverse direction. Thoughts? 10 points to Gryffindor if you can figure out the max combo.RatherDashin4 6h
6h Why no Mecha Azmodan Of all the heroes I enjoy playing who I wish would get new skins, it's Azmodan. Yes, I know he already has two custom skins (not counting his Level 10), but both of them are basically joke skins. "Har har, it's Azmodan but he's Gul'dan", or "Lawl it's a Basketball skin cuz Dunk build." That's fine, but I generally don't like using "joke" skins personally. So as far as I'm concerned it's always felt like Azmodan just doesn't have any custom skins. Mecha Azmodan, though? That would be awesome! I would have immediately unlocked those if they were part of this launch, and it would be easy to translate everything Azmo does to a "sci-fi" theme. So come on, why not give one of your longer-running heroes an actual cool skin?Shiro2 6h
6h kharazim skins the only problem by kharazim is his ugly face and there is no luck in his skins so far so why not giving him new skin like female monk in diablo game i mean come on why is the new skins are so bad and ugly.lets give him female monk skin:)WildRage3 6h
7h ZR4-2L skin you know that you MUST create it now or maybe you started already?? yeah yeah i can dream about it :)Amok3 7h
7h Deathreaper Mecha Tyrael Sick Skin my favorite so far, but why do u have to mess the wings on pink color instead of red?Ragnarok3 7h
8h Draenei 2018 Blizzard pls can we have a draenei in 2018? all other races are present. it would be a logical step to release a draenei hero. what are your thoughts on that?Fredhotshot38 8h
8h Murky Lategame? Murky goes from an annoying pest that can be dealt with, to an unkillable tank that wins teamfights with his ult and is always present.Labreris1 8h
8h Please Blizzard, listen to the fans,fix Alexstrasza https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/006/225/674/large/julia-acherontias-m1.jpg?1496931149 has been linked many times, this is by far the best work I've seen that truly emboldens Alexstrasza's character. Please for the love of god, swap the models. Everyone wants it, and I for one have been waiting for 3 years for alex to release and was completely heart broken when I saw how truly ugly shes been made.SexualWizard145 8h
8h Imperius hero idea. So i made this little hero idea overnight atleast 6 months ago but i thought i could share it again and get responses and feedback from you guys. It also may help Blizzard finally create this hero that ive been waiting for. Q. "Fire of Solarion" Incinerate enemies in a cone infront of you, deals fire damage over time. W. "Vengeful Strike" Jump and strike your target, dealing 5% of the enemies HP. E. "Angelic Wrath" Become glowing red hot with increased attack speed and attack damage, you also gain +3 armor depending on how many enemy heroes are around you for a short time. R. "Valors Fall" Fall from the High Heavens dealing massive damage in a large area, enemies are blinded for a short time. (Global) R. "Rallying Cry" Boost your teammates attack damage and movement speed for a moderate amount of time, aswell as minions but for a shorter duration. D. "Angelic Speed" (Passive) The lower your health becomes the faster Imperius can move, up to 10% faster in movement speed.SweTroll128 8h
8h Dehaka is Way to Small (New Level 20 Talent) PLS change his Body Size After Camera Patch he's even smaller Pls give me the Answer Which of the Primal Pack Leader are small? Brakk, Yagdra, Slivan, Kraith, Glevig, Murvar, Dakrun, Zurvan and Dehaka himself in Sc2 Co-op ALL OF THEM ARE SOOO HUGE I really love his Playstyle but theres something missing A new Level 20 Talent "The Destiny of the Primal Zerg" Quest Talent: Collect 750 Essence Gain 20 % More Hp Gain 20 % More Essence Capacity Increase Body Size by 40% And why you remove the "Roar" Taunt from Dehaka? This Taunt made him so frightening. Why :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( PLS make him Grow up at Level 20 pls plsppsllspspslspslsplslspslsplspslpslpspsl Here his Level 20 Talent Animation (https://youtu.be/NVEoIiqeQ6I?t=56)<---- So Heavy Btw his Level 10 is so Sick and Imagine the Mecha Dehaka Skin in New Size Daaaaaaaamn. Quote of Dehaka why he wants to be Big "I change. I grow. I live a thousand life times. And I look pretty good!"Emircan3 8h
9h [HC] Duriel, Lord of Pain Duriel has long been on my list of characters to do, as he is a cool Lord of Hell from Diablo II. I don’t have as much experience with Diablo II, but from my research, I have created a character that should feel like Duriel while bringing a new niche to the game. Duriel’s notoriety came from the inability to escape his onslaught, so that unprepared players would be devoured by him. I wanted to replicate this feel. Duriel was designed to be a punishing ant-mobility warrior, staying alive through aggression and keeping high mobility characters locked down. Universe: Diablo Role: Warrior Haste of Hell Z (Mount) – Passive Duriel always moves at 20% increased speed. Explanation: It would look incredibly bizarre for the maggot to be riding a horse, and one of his more notable attributes was his astonishing speed. Lord of Pain Trait (Passive) Every time a nearby enemy or ally is dealt damage, Duriel is healed by a small amount. In addition, when dealt over 30% of his maximum health in a period of 4 seconds or less, he gains Torment, which heals him for 30% of his maximum health over 6 seconds. This cannot happen again while Torment is active. Explanation: Lord of Pain contains all of Duriel’s sustain in it, granting him a great deal of conditional survivability. Duriel will be healing for massive amounts in a teamfight, being a natural counter to AoE characters, and doing wonderfully with DoT’s. The counter to him is over time poke and sudden pockets of burst. Insufferable Smite Q (8 sec Cooldown) Duriel strikes an enemy, dealing heavy damage and knocking them back a medium way. In addition, they are dealt damage every .1 seconds for 1.5 seconds. The duration does not depreciate while an enemy is moving. Explanation: Smite in Diablo II was a knockback that came with a stun component. This didn’t really fit into the idea I was going for, nor was it all too creative, and so I felt that giving it the bleed effect it currently has would be both unique and thematic. Unholy Freeze W (14 sec Cooldown) Duriel unleashes a growing aura of unholy chill around him for 4 seconds. Every second, the aura grows in size. Enemies in the aura are slowed by 30%, and are prevented from using mobility moves. Explanation: Holy Freeze was another trademark ability of Duriel that assisted in the impossibility to escape him. I wanted to amplify this theme, and add a new mechanic in the dismissal of mobility moves. Multiple other MOBA’s have something akin to this, so why not HotS? Maggot Charge E (12 sec Cooldown) Duriel moves in a line semi-quickly. The first enemy hero hit is dealt medium damage on impact and Duriel gains 25% of their movement speed for 3 seconds. Explanation: Just in case Duriel isn’t fast enough, he can always siphon the speed of out his enemies. He can charge you in Diablo II, and a warrior need an engage.Bliztron3 9h
9h Alextrasza´s model is so fat and walks weird It suposed alextrasza adopt a blood elf form,so why can´t she got a real blood elf body? There is a comparation about valeera (a blood elf) and alextrasza a dragon aspect in a "blood elf form" https://orig00.deviantart.net/8238/f/2017/313/7/7/nueva_imagen_de_mapa_de_bits__3____copia_by_ukitakesh-dbt7xqx.jpg Why can´t she be more similar?With ears, more skinny...dont walking so weird...Ukitake130 9h
10h Illidan Gameplay Suggestion What if Illidan could move while auto attacking? You have ranged move-while-auto-attacking heroes, so why not a melee move-while-auto-attacking hero? It would freshen up his gameplay, boost sales, and quite possibly save the world.Jagermorder0 10h
11h Skin list: Make ideas for Heroes who lack skins I maybe missed some skins because they aren't available in the Shop now or just isn't that unique from the basic look (just another colour tint), but here are a list about all the Heroes and how many Skins they have in January of 2017: Abathur: 4 Alarak: 2 Alexstrasza: 2 (too new) Ana: 1 Anub'arak: 4 Artanis: 4 Arthas: 5 Auriel: 3 Azmodan: 3 Blaze: 1 (too new) Brightwing: 4 Cassia: 2 Chen: 3 Cho'Gall: 3 Chromie: 4 Dehaka: 2 Diablo: 5 D.Va: 3 ETC: 4 Falstad: 3 Garrosh: 1 Gazlowe: 4 Genji: 2 Greymane: 3 Gul'dan: 2 Hanzo: 1 (too new) Illidan: 5 Jaina: 6 Johanna: 3 Junkrat: 1 (too new) Kaelthas: 4 Kel'thuzad: 1 Kerrigan: 6 Kharazim: 4 Leoric: 4 Lili: 5 Li-Ming: 7 Lt.Morales: 3 Lúcio: 2 Lunara: 3 Malfurion: 4 Malthael: 1 Medivh: 2 Muradin: 4 Murky: 5 Nazeebo: 4 Nova: 5 Probius: 2 Ragnaros: 2 Raynor: 4 Rehgar: 4 Rexxar: 3 Samuro: 3 Sgt.Hammer: 3 Sonya: 6 Stitches: 5 Stukov: 1 Sylvanas: 4 Tassadar: 3 The Butcher: 3 The Lost Vikings: 2 Thrall: 3 Tracer: 4 Tychus: 5 Tyrael: 4 Tyrande: 5 Uther: 5 Valeera: 3 Valla: 5 Varian: 3 Xul: 4 Zagara: 4 Zarya: 3 Zeratul: 6 Zul'jin: 2 The purpose of this thread will be to give some love to the Heroes with the fewest skins espacially if they've been out for a long time. Bring up better and better skin options! My ideas: The Three Musketeers or The Three Street Boys (all of them would have those weird propeller hats which they'll use to fly if they pick 'Jump!') Chen the Bear of North (a viking brown bear) Tracer the Mosquito (with the annoying mosquito noise) Val'kyr Auriel Lunar Medivh (floppy Rooster instead of Raven) Lunar Greymane (for year of dog) or a Panther Greymane Grim Reaper Leoric Cupid Tychus (with diaper and little wings) Mercury Lúcio (the god with thy flying sandals)Karabars84 11h
13h Mounted Knight Light: Turalyon I've been wanting to make a mounted knight for a long time, so I went to Warcraft II for inspiration. Turalyon is the perfect hero for it, and as a Paladin he makes the role even better. So the idea behind the character is to create a binary, mounted hero. He fights better while mounted, and will briefly dismount to form a temporary support role. His goal is to wreak as much havoc on the enemies with powerful defenses as he can, before having to retreat and "heal up". Abilities Trait - Eye for an Eye - Attacking Turalyon reflects 1% of his current HP to melee attackers. (Deals less damage when he's at low health.) Z - While mounted Turalyon moves 20% faster and has 20% armor. He cannot be dismounted by attacking, using spells, or being attacked. Q - Holy Wrath - Turalyon's weapon becomes a radiant lance, penetrating the enemy's defenses. Holy Wrath deals moderate damage, ignoring armor and dealing 200% additional damage if the target is affected by "Protected". W - Lightforged Armor - Turalyon reduces all instances of damage against him by a flat 4% of his HP for 5 seconds. E (Mounted) - Joust - Turalyon fixates his lance, unable to use his basic attack, but increasing his movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds. The first target hit is pinned to his lance for the remainder of the ability. E (Unmounted) - Consecration - Turalyon channels a holy ritual, healing him and two allies for 5% of missing health a second for 5 seconds. Moving or attacking cancels the effect. 30 second cooldown. R1 - Righteous Charge - Turalyon becomes a beacon of Holy Light, the battlecry of his steed echoing throughout the battlefield as it is readied, and charges in the specified direction until he collides with terrain or the effect is deactivated. Turalyon becoms unstoppable while knocking down all targets down in his path, stunning them for 1 second. He is able to partially redirect his trajectory using the cursor. 60 second cooldown. R2 - Repentance - Turalyon fills the target with remorse, forcing them to meditate for 4 seconds, taking X damage over the duration. Must be channeled, any damage to the target will awaken it. 30 second cooldown. Tier 1 Talents - Choose your Weapon 1 - Lightforged Sword - Increases attack speed by 15%, attack heroes 50 times to increase movespeed by 5%. 2 - Lightforged Hammer - Increases basic attack damage by 25%, and slows attack speed by 15%. 3 - Lightforged Halberd - Increases basic attack range by 25%, collect 15 regen globes for basic attack to critically hit for 40% additional damage every 6Ocek9 13h
13h Pancake Chef Chromie I can picture Chromie as a (pastry) chef with apron and hat. Her Q would throw sugar instead of sand. Her W would drop a giant pancake that lands on other heroes with a big flap and crumbles into small pieces. Her E, time traps and maybe the slowing sands heroic, would spill sticky (maple) sirup on the ground. Her other heroic and general time theme could stick to cooking, maybe an egg timer or similar. What do you guys think? I can try to draw a concept in the meantime. :)Xarbrough0 13h
14h New Hero Request: HOGGER How about adding Hogger from World of Warcraft?CoachK2 14h
15h What Would Archimonde be like? - Finger of Death or Planet Buster as an Ult? - Frieza or Kil'jaden skin?Kuddlesberg2 15h
15h So, that image on the launcher... Sombra? Are we getting Sombra next on HotS or am i missing something. I've been away for a bit, and probably missed something but it looks like a security feed freeze. Which maybe was how they started with Sombra on OW... i think. I tried to click it and it acted like it'd do something and then would just go back to the start of the news cycle. I'd love to see her but really i'd love most any hero. Though another healer would be my first choice. :)Legendairy8 15h
19h Cho'gall and Brightwing legendary skin suggestion. I have an idea for two new skins, that Blizzard can add with some hero in future. For Cho'gall it will be Protector Cho'gall. It will be like the Triglav protector and have similar ability effects like it. For example Gall's Dread orb can look like Zarya's Q and his Twisting nether could be like some electricity around him. Cho's Runic bomb and Hammer will be mechanical. For the second skin it will be Zergwing. Brightwing will look like mutalisk. His Polymorph will turn enemies into some kind of smaller Zerg and for his Arcane flare Brightwing can spit out small explosive tumor or something like that. Both skins will have altered voices and Cho'gall would get his first legendary skin.Junkrat5 19h
20h Mal' Ganis please. Not Varimathras. When you guys do finally release a dreadlord hero. Please let it be Mal' Ganis and not Varimathras. Mal' Ganis and Arthas... NUFF SAID!TheNightman35 20h
21h New Malfurion build not working Does anyone else think new malfurion build is worse then old one? Please someone correct me on this if my missing something; but I cant seem to compete with other healers with this new build. From what ive seen, all the healing is based on a regrowth(Q)/moonfire(W) combo. I cant cast regrowth often enough to keep someone alive just by itself. the cd for it feel way too long. moonfire's range isn't great, I'm having to get in range of dps just to get the extra boost to healing which just ends up getting me cced or focused down by the other team. I would think if they wanted the build work around these two skills, there would be a quest talent to improve the strength of them(more healing/dps or cd reduction, burst heal/dps) and not root for a treant. the other talents extending are ok; but really show their downside a team fight where regrowth/moonfire issues really start to show. Anyone else having similar issues with this hero?veran2 21h
22h Blaze Observation After playing him exclusively since his release date everytime im doing something related to HotS (minus my Kalimos concept writing and my upcoming diablo hero one) i've found that overall he's actually pretty balanced and might be one of there more balanced heroes released in half a year to a year depending on who you'd ask but there is two things i've found that seems odd. Old Habits seems to just make Pyromanic more active and to make your Combustion heroic work without stuns during its starting area but it should give him health till 15 then at 30 the unstoppable status this will help his survival as a tank i feel. And secondly his Bunker heroic is underpowered its only use is extreme situational times as i've only had 2 games i've found it actually work and that wasn't 100% its health is just too low and the fact your level 20 is just oil spill, 25 armor and duration by 1 second? personally i'd make that 20 Physical armor baseline and even make it true armor for both physical and abilities perhaps even add 200 health to it and his 20 talent can remain largely the same even with it just increasing his physical armor on the bunker up to 50 max but ability remains 25. Overall he is extremely fun and i love him (being my fav SC unit back in the day) and i'd recommend him to people to play.Damian0 22h
23h hero idea: Sombra the Talon hacker I've got another hero idea from overwatch. Since they killed Widowmaker from being in the game, i decided to make an idea for another hero. Sombra. Ranged assassin. Abilities: Q: Hack: Sombra hacks an oppenent. Silences them and they won't be able to use any abilities for the duration (doesn't disables passive abilities) W: Thermoptic camo: Sombra becomes invisible and gains speed boost for the duration. Attacking,taking damage and using abilities will expire this invisibility earlier. E: Translocator: Sombra places a translocator for a duration. (Only one translocator can be actived in time) reactiving the ability will teleport Sombra to the translocator with no delay. Even if she is in a fight. Trait: Opportunist: Any enemy heroes with less than 50% health will be seen by Sombra. Even if they are invisible or hiding in a bush. (Detected enemies are only visible to Sombra. Her teammates are not able to use this.) Ult 1: EMP: Sombra uses an EMP that disables enemies' armors and shield and applies a hack on all enemies in the EMP radious. Ult 2: ???? Thats my ideas. If you have any idea for Ult 2 and talents, comment below. Thanks.N16HTM4R30 23h
23h Overmind theme'd map I would love to see an Overmind themed map. Maybe even have it like the diablo maps and have it dual tiled. Have one side the Overmind be the core and the other probably have Amon in all his glory. Or maybe have he overmind the the map announcer and you're trying to free him from Amon's grasp, or maybe the Overmind could be an adversary to whatever you're doing. Even a boss on the map, or objective. Maybe it could be themed after the Protoss homeworld crater where the dead remains of the Overmind still lay there. Anything is an option I just reallt like the Zerg and the Overmind. Could play it up as the villain or play more into the tragedy of it's existence. Could go more towards the early stages of Zerus or after the Overmind's demise. So many options.TouchOfChaos2 23h
23h Particle Cannon Blaze Other than the extremely obvious Infested Blaze that I so desperately want, the skin I most want to see is an RDF themed Zarya-esque skin for Blaze. Blue armour, minature hand mounted particle cannons, bright blue and pink energy 'flames'. I'm into it. https://orig00.deviantart.net/da4d/f/2018/015/4/c/particle_cannon_blaze_by_theboyd-dc05qjr.png (Example drawing based on carbot's stylized version of Blaze, for simplicity's sake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5VgPRDFZfA)Boyd0 23h
1d Illidan needs be Fixed His hp is low , which he cant rush into 5 heroes, his hunt heroic's CD is high , and metamorphosis sucks , because its nothing on first talent and also has high cd. instead , increase him normal abilities CDs .SirThornby8 1d
1d Itherael Concept Itherael is the Archangel of Fate from the Diablo series, and with Imperius problaby coming soon, I thought to myself "hey, it would be cool if the entire Angiris Council was added" so I started working on this weird concept. Trait: Talus'ar, the Scroll of Fate (Active) Itherael starts reading the Scroll of Fate, while he reads it, the location of enemy heroes are revealed to him (not his teammates). Moving or receiving damage cancels his trait Q: Surprise Attack Itherael teleports to a nearby location, dealing damage and stunning the nearest enemy hero W: Holy Prediction Itherael becomes ligth for an short duration, the first damage the he receives from an enemy hero is blocked E: Purification Itherael purifies the ground in a strait line, dealing damage to heroes and extra damage to non-heroic units R1:Prophecy (Global) Itherael marks an enemy hero, revealing its location to all allies, while the enemy is marked, allies move faster when walking on that enemy's direction and deal extra damage to it R2:Slow Time Itherael starts to slow time itself, while this ability is active, all units and skillshots around him are slowed Conclusion: It was weird to try make a kit for an character that we know so little about and that we only saw on combat once, honestly, I don't that this kit is great, so that's why I would like your opinion and suggestions on how to make this concept betterHiAndromon0 1d
1d More super hero themed skins i want to see what the art team can show us with more characters in superhero costumesZETHRIMON0 1d
1d Genji is worse than former garrosh How is genji fitting into the game, he's got 2 ecapes (one with reset) and movement AA and protect that punishes you when you attack him, varian atleast doesn't reflect, please, blizz stop addding overwatch heroes to HotS PLEASE.Cafo6 1d
1d Too many Mecha-skins need some Kiajo skins Ok with the upcoming Mecha-Rehgar, and Mecha-Tyreal, to go with Mecha-dehaka, mecha-tassadar, and mecha-Anubarak isn't it time to give some love to the Kiajo side of the fence. Kiajo-Diablo is pretty outnumbered, how about Kiajo-Azmodan, or Kiajo-Zagara, Kiajo Stitches,or Kiajo-Murky, or Kiajo-Brightwing.... Come on guys 5 v 1 is pretty unfair, even for diablo, give him some teammates and make it a fair fight....MrFizzbin7615 1d
1d Blaze the bear Only you can start wildfireNecalli0 1d