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31m Questions for Reddit AMA So according to this, they'll be doing an AMA about hero design and balance on reddit next week:... I don't have a reddit account, so I was hoping someone with one could ask a couple questions for me (if you're already planing to participate, or something). My questions are about this forum, kinda: 1. According to this, Blizz doesn't take suggesstions for games or expansions:... A previous version of that site (which I looked at that one time I wanted to pitch them a game) used to word it more like they're not even allowed to look at unsolicited suggestions (because of Activision-Blizzard company-wide policy). So my question is: are they even allowed to look at the hero concepts we post on this forum? (or is it just to keep us entertained? :P) 1.5 If they are allowed, have there been any times they saw something cool for a hero design and used it? (even if not on the hero it was suggested for) 2. Are the hero designers aware of the Comunity Design Contest that user Bliztron hosts here every couple months? 2.5 If so, do they have an opinion? (are the concepts generally OK? are they kinda "superficially" designed? What about the judges? is the feedback genearlly good? are they too harsh or too lenient?) Those are all the questions I wanted to share. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to ask them for me. :)Efede2 31m
1h Eternal Empire/Star Princess Skins We all know that the Star Princesses and the Eternal Empires are at war, so why is it only Star Princess/Queen Li Ming fighting the Eternal Empire when they have Star Lord Leroic, Star Lich Kel'thuzad, Dark Queen Alextrazsa, Chlestial Empress Whitemane, and legions of Star Wraith Mephistos? I'm thinking they should add another skin for the Star Princess side. There are plenty of Spray choices you could pick from that I imagine are on that side, Eternity Princess Valeera and Magical Gal Chromie for example. I'm thinking Uther, Rexxar, or Matheal could get one, Uther being a knight and Rezzar being like a pathfinder with a mechanical bear as an ally, and Matheal (being a bad guy turned into a good one for this universe, the opposite of Alextrazsa) being like a Star Wraith, but reprogrammed into fighting for the Star Princesses. Heck maybe they could bring in Torb to be the person who reprograms it and he gets his own skin. Little side thought that I doubt will happen but whatever Who do you thinking could get a Star Princess side skin?Dshobz014 1h
8h Ghom concept for CDC #6 Ghom Lord of Gluttony Warrior - Collision Tank "...can hardly breathe! I do not know how the garrison will make it through the next season. That reeking demon must have spoiled all of the food." — Sister FrancesDrDildamesh12 8h
9h Kings Crest Nexus Original So i'm asking for some input or ideas on what people would envision a solider/knight from the Kings Crest realm, so far im thinking to title him as a Knight of the Rose meaning he works for the Lady of Thorns (realm lord) but beforehand he worked for Queen Nightshade (another powerful member of that realm possibly a lord level too) so this way he has elements of rose plants and the dragon knight im thinking as a hero like a heroic that is basically the dragon knights charge. Any ideas or input gets full due credit if used by the way cause im not a !@#$%^- that way :D.Damian0 9h
9h CDC #6 - Hellscape With Mephisto's emergence into the Nexus, the gates of hell are all but asunder. Flooding in are his trusted minions and companions, the demonic forces of the burning hells. Hello and welcome! This is the Concept Design Contest #6 - Hellscape thread. Here, over the course of this week, you will create a brand new concept based on the following criteria and provide a link to it here. Please leave a comment if you are signing up for the contest below, and use that comment to deliver the link to the thread.The contest will have three judges, who will each take one week to look over the designs, commenting and helping out with the design. All dates are set to allow the maximum time, and the deadlines will be at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time. The thread must be submitted at exactly 11:59, and there will be no exceptions. Theme: The theme of this concept is simple. To amend for the lack of enemies from Diablo in Heroes of the Storm, the only requirement for your character is that they must be a demonic enemy from the Diablo franchise. However, they cannot simply be a neutral faction (like the Khazra) that is corrupted, or an evil human. They must be demonic. Corrupted Angels, like Death Maidens or Exarchs, are not allowed. Sign-Up Saturday, September 1 Come one, come all! Every sign-up today preferably, but if you missed the day, go ahead and leave a comment over week 1 and you will be accepted into the contest still. The judges will be Damian, Bliztron, and Deefe. Judges are not able to make concepts themselves. Week One Sunday, September 2 - Saturday, September 8 This week is for the base concept. This is simply the abilities and the role. Remember, the role is very important, and part of the judging will be on how well the abilities fit together under a role. If it doesn’t fit under any role, make sure you make it a Specialist. This is the only week for sign-up, so make sure you give us something before the week is up! Damian will be the judge that will comment on the Sunday that follows. Week Two Monday, September 10 - Saturday, September 15 This week is for the talents. This means a fully fleshed out talent tree set up with the tiers in order. Make sure your talents are interesting and creative, but still fit with the character and design as a whole. You should touch up on your abilities based on week 1 feedback, as that will also be considered in week 2 judging. I, Bliztron, will comment on the Sunday that follows. Week Three Monday, September 17 - Saturday, September 22 This week is for the finishing touches. This includes fluff, stats, additional notes, skins, and whatever else you want to add. This has an element of freedom to it, but to give yourself the best shot, you should probably make your concept sell itself. Make the judges become immersed in your concept. Deefe will be the judge that will comment on the Sunday that follows. Week Four Monday, September 24 - Saturday, September 29 This week is the last week for changes to the concept. All major work should be finished by this week, and major changes are risky. Each of the judges will keep a close eye on the concepts, coming to their own opinions. The judges will have all commented feedback and ratings as they saw fit over the last three weeks, so you will have some idea as to what each of us are looking for. At this point, just make sure to touch up your design and make it truly sparkle. Finale Sunday, September 30 - Tuesday, October 2 All changes are closed. The judges will gather to determine who is the ultimate winner of the contest, announcing the winner sometime on Monday.Bliztron44 9h
9h Legendary Skin Vendor Implement a feature similar to Destiny and have a special NPC that shows up for a limited time each week and sells skins that are normally locked behind seasonal or past special events outside their normal time. Make it be like 3 or 4 skins and they have a 10% higher cost to buy.DarthFrowny1 9h
12h Bremm Sparkfist. Yes Big Thanks for bringing Mephisto to the game, just won a team ranked with Diablo and Mephisto on our side. So initialy i hoped mephisto would have the spawn of sparkfists council member as an Ult, but thankfully he did not. as topic title stated, and if the community agrees, i would be much hiped to see sparkfist in the mid/far future. as a diablo fan, Andariel and Baal is more needed then sparkfists, but im sure they were beged like i beged for mephisto, so i will just bring this idea to the table. Steven BoulangerMcm0 12h
14h The Nexus need Arcade mode and why you should care At 2015 Blizzcon, Blizzard presented the Arena (PH): a fast paced gameplay made to break HoTS rules and be even quicker than the standard mode. As development went on, this mode turned into our well known Heroes Brawl, keeping most of its original design and further adding new rules and different gameplay. We saw funny mini games like Pull-Party and engaging PvE maps like Escape from Braxis. Roughly 2 years later, this mode has its own share of popularity and a fair number of different modes. I think its time for an evolution from its current design as we are going to behold major modifications to the role system. Presenting the Arcade Mode If you are not familiar to the Overwatch game, the Arcade allows players to choose from a rotating selection of game modes, maps, and rulesets that don't quite fit into Standard Play. Putting this into a HoTS perperpective, we would have a daily rotation of ARAM games, PvE brawls, fun modes (e.g. Pull Party) and other creative maps to choose. Thus, if you love PvE or like to play one lane modes, all you had to do is queue for that particular mode. Improving the reward system One cool example of why this mode can improve gameplay regards to the reward system. Instead of playing a particular mode to get your reward, you can queue to the mode you like most and play it until you fulfill the set amount of "Rewards Points" to earn your chest or some additional itens. For example: PvE modes could have a weekly Ladder or Objective to unlock cool Portraits, Skins, Banners and even main screen themes. Pull Party could give you a particular Portrait by achieving something. Particular Quests could be taylor made to a certain game mode. Improving the feedback system As another example of enhacements, developers can make specific questions pin pointing particular rules of every map: do you like forcing 5 players playing the same hero? Not having healers in ARAM is okay? Should ARAM/PvE force players to choose their roles before starting? Testing Hero/Map reworks and concepts Imagine that Garden of Terror is going through a rework and the devs want some feedback regarding some drastic modifications to its gameplay. Why not put it in the test mode? Players try the map, gets their rewards or even get a particular reward, answer some questions (Do you like this feature? And this change? Is this new flamethrower cool?) and thus gives some feedback pointing towards decisions that would please the majority of the playerbase. As another example, lets put another Uther rework into a particular ARAM mode. Is this new design too strong? What talents did you like? Does he still feels like your familiar Hero? Rate his power in these particular characteristics. Such feedback should be taken with discretion as it have its fair share of bias. So, what are your thoughts about this? Would you like it? Is there any issues/challenges? Feel free to comment. Thanks for the reading.Goiaba3 14h
14h Highlord Murky skin. Thoughts on a Highlord murky skin? I think it would be cool to see him walking around impersonating Alarak. I was thinking that his fish becomes Alarak's gauntlet as the handle and the blade being a red fish. Slime would be red, potentially looking like lighting, the pufferfish being a probe.Jasonator1 14h
14h FAKE PTR PATCH NOTES New Talent – Intensive Winds (R) Lower the cooldown of Emerald Wind to 3 seconds. It now costs 200 Mana in game it lowers the cooldown of emerald wind to 5 seconds!Zeorg1 14h
14h Hero Re-work Suggestion Kerrigan looks fantastic now, major re-work. I like the double ability, like Tyrande's heal. Illidan once had double sweep. It is now in the form of a quest, hard to achieve. Return Illidan's double ability. Thank you.Blckconejito1 14h
21h and stans from udner tale you guys should add sans from undertale: online as a hero and he should be a dps and do a lot of damage and his ult makes people have a bad time and he sends kids to h-e-double hockeysticks and he burns them and stuffCologne40 21h
22h Who/what would you like to see after the re-works? Personally I'm hoping for an evil World of Warcraft hero or Chen buffs/re-work. (Our drunk, fat panda needs some love.) Another twin character like Cho'Gall would be fun but better if you could split and play independently. The Emperor Twins or Eredar Twins would be an interesting concept. You play one character by itself or play both with a friend. Their abilities could complement each other like Cho'Gall or they just get small bonuses from their trait by playing together.SexyHair1 22h
1d New skin on hero Jaina! I want to suggest the idea for a new skin in Heroes of the Storm for Jaina, that will be similar with one that she wears in Battle for Azeroth! https://www.wowhead.com/news=285529/updated-notable-npc-models-in-the-battle-for-azeroth-pre-expansion-patch#screenshots:285529:5Lorewalker0 1d
1d Request for a skin theme/universe search feature. I have a rather simple request to make. I think my favorite thing about HOTS is the concept of the nexus and all the fun, crazy alternate versions we can have of our favorite characters. Over time, many of these have gravitated to common themes and have descriptions that place them within the same universe as other skins. Examples include the "reverse Stormrage universe" which switches the places of Ilidian and Malfurian, as well as related characters like Luna and Tyranda, the Mad Ax universe, the Star Princesses, a circus theme, etc. What I would like is for these various common-universe skins to be officially classified together with the ability for me to select each universe from a search bar or menu and see all of the skins of that universe together that have been released so far. I think this would enhance the fun and fantasy element of the game, and any skins that don't fit into a shared universe could simply be placed under a miscellaneous category.GoliathDwarf0 1d
1d [Skin] Priestess Maiev (Alternative Universe) We have all alternative universe skins (Illidan Shan'do, Betrayer Malfurion and Warden Tyrande) except Priestess Maiev. If the problem is hide her face, Blizz can think an idea for that, and make the skin.Cuyi31 1d
1d thanksgiving skins? -turkey mount, -rag can have a pilgrim hat and throw a wave of gravy down the lane, -pilgrim outfitsLumpymoomilk0 1d
1d More Cross Franchise skins i would wish to have more cross franchise skins, like those which change nova into amazon, or that which change Johana into orc or blaze into fel reaver. I wish more of those kind of skins and since iam a bit troll guy i would wish some WC troll skins, like headhunter cassia or troll witch doctor nazzebo. any other Cross Franchise skins which you wish to be in game?Trollcrates7 1d
1d Bolvar Fordragon Hero Concept I made a very interesting (and pain to make) idea for Bolvar, basically he does a far more passive role but it is a meager one. To summarize, he is the core and sends Minions of the Scourge into a single lane to fight. Those minions are slightly buffed (nothing to game breaking, I promise you) and he can also buff them or his allies farther. Let me know what you think, I like the idea personally. https://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/bolvar-fordragon-10067Dshobz019 1d
1d Suggestion: Dont change Garden of Terrors I understand that there are some reworks which are needed to game work, on of te best thinks in this game is diversity. in heroes and in battlegrounds, so why you wanna change unique battlegrund in something very similar to Alterac pass or Tomb of the Spider Queen. I love day/night changing on this battlefield, colecting seeds an basily all mechanics of terror which blizzard is going to dissmist. Like/dislike ratio onyoutube annoucement of this change should Blizz show how players feel abouth this change. You give ahard work in this rework, but most of players did not like it. I call on all of you who disagree with this change to go on video annocement of rework, give it disslike to show how you feel about it, if you like change please show it asswell to blizz see and then decide in the good of all.Trollcrates1 1d
1d Alternate Mephisto I took inspiration from current Mephisto as well as Carbot's concept on YouTube! Role: Support Key Words: Bushes, Nullification, Enabler, "Makes others do the job for him" Weak Against: Sustained DMG and Heals, Poking, Reveals Strong Against: High-octane DMG, Burst DMG and Healing Abilities: Curse (D) - Trait Enemy heroes hit by Mephisto's abilities are afflicted by curse. Cursed heroes deal 5% less damage and take 2% more damage. Stacks up to 5 Times and lasts 4 seconds. Hateful Ghost (Q) Mana: 30 Cooldown: 3s Sends out a long range slow moving ghost (white coloured "mist" like spirit) in a straight line, cursing the first hero hit. - Note: acts like Nazeebo's Toads in that it goes around obstacles Hell's Prophet (W) Mana: 50 Cooldown: 10s Duration: 5s Cast on an allied hero (not self) to increase their Spell Power by 5% per each stack of Curse Mephisto has, up to 25%. Poison Cloud (E) Mana: 70 Cooldown: 20s After 1.5 seconds of chaneling, Mephisto conjures poisonous gas around him, acting like a bush and slightly damaging and cursing enemy heroes inside every second. Durance of Hatred (R1) Mana: 100 Cooldown: 100s Duration: 4s Reveals all bushes in a massive area (similar to Azmodan's Q range) and causes their edges to become impassable, preventing heroes to enter or escape them. The Travincal Council (R2) Mana: 80 Cooldown: 100s Duration: 12s Summons 3 members of The Travincal Council to follow Mephisto, attacking enemies, periodically cursing enemy Heroes and healing allied Heroes.MatthewCreak1 1d
1d Li Li - Hallow's End Skin! Li Li needs a skin for the Hallow's End event! Whos most likely to dress up for (Halloween)? Young ones! Put her in a Tauren costume carrying a pumpkin candy bucket!Sargonnas0 1d
1d Map ideas I know this is a little off topic here, but I think it would be cool if they branched out and developed some 3v3 or 10v10 maps. One of the things that added good variety to the WoW arenas was 2s,3s, and 5s. Similarly the battle grounds had a good variety of sizes. At very least, it would be something to set it apart from all the other games out there.JackBurton1 1d
1d Next hero after Mephisto? https://youtu.be/m0nt7SJKfwo Finally a Diablo hero, who comes next?Macaulyn86 1d
1d love too see whitemane new skinn so soon thank you very much art teamZETHRIMON0 1d
2d Hero Concept: Rakanishu Rakanishu Universe: Diablo 2 Role: Bruiser Subrole: Hit and Run, high health pool, deals damage through tanking. SKILLS: Passive: Lightning Enchanted - Every time this hero receives non-periodic damage, release 4 bolts of charged lightning. (Q) Spiked Club - After a 1 second charge up, attack target and slow them by 50% for .75 seconds. Immobile during charge up. (melee range ability) (W) Flesh Wound - Activate to reduce incoming physical damage by 80% for 2 seconds. (E) Scurry - Increase movement speed by 100% for 3 seconds. Every 4th basic attack to Rakanishu knocks him back slightly while scurry is activated. Ultimates: (R) Tiny Spark - For 3 seconds gain 80 armor and store up all charges of Lightning Enchantment. Upon expiration release all received damage and stored charges of Lightning Enchantment at once. (R) Demon Hug- Gain 30 armor and jump on the target hero for 3.5 seconds. The target receives 300 damage over the duration and is silenced. You have no control over your hero for the duration and you are locked onto target. Possible Talents: (16) Hit and Run- If spiked club successfully hits a hero, reset the cooldown of scurry. Conclusion: Rakanishu does not do the majority of his damage through basic attacks, but by reflecting damage dealt to him through Lightning Enchantment. The long charge up time of Spiked Club incentivizes the player to move behind his/her target to secure to hit while also maximizing the potential of Lightning Enchantment. The passive style of dealing damage by tanking encourages a different style of play that focuses heavily on positioning and absorbing attacks. This also gives the enemy team an interesting choice... do they engage the hero and risk doing more damage to their own team in the long run? Vulnerabilities: Burst ranged magic damage.Bamboozled5 2d
2d Li Ming wtf Hey Blizz, Now that you guys have nerfed ming to the point that she's no longer even a viable pick with the team built around her maybe it's time to return at least some of the damage potential she used to have? Calamity doing no damage to minions, was that really necessary? She has one of the lowest health pools in the game and requires hours of practice effectively use her skillshot only kit, why does she have one of the lowest win rates in the game?? If not a total rework at least give her some kind of damage buff because she used to be a glass cannon now shes just made of !@#$ing glass. Thank you for your time.XDrive1 2d
2d Can you rate this Hero list please :innkeepercool: So I rarely come here anymore but felt bored and I've seen much less spamming on Hero Release videos apart from the ol' "that is a weird looking deathwing!!", so I thought I'd take a shot at a top 10 of the heroes I feel should be or should have been released. Criterias that (I believe) Blizzard are trying to uphold: - Release as much Female characters as possible - More Tanks and Supports 1. Rohana (SC2) (Support, Protoss) 2. The Innkeeper (Hearthstone) (MultiClass -> Lost viking style / multiple heroes/cards) 3. Reinhardt (Overwatch) (Tank) 4. Imperius (Diablo) (Tank) 5. Lady Vashj (WC) (Ranged Assassin) 6. Rory Swann (SC2) (Tank, Terran) 7. Zoltun Kulle (Diablo) (Specialist) (hangs out with his Golems) 8. Cairne OR Hogger (WC) (Tank) 9. Karax (SC2) (Specialist, Protoss) 10. Moira (Overwatch) (Support)JazZ4 2d
2d Where is Imperious and Deathwing? Three years down the road and these Heroes are still missing from the game? How is this possible?D3ATHSPARK2 2d
2d Probius Suggestions (art) As a spec main, I love Probius but I have a couple suggestions for her(I decided it's a her) First: please add a charge for the Photon Cannon. One short-lived Photon Cannon hardly feels like an ability, maybe have the level 7 cooldown reduction talent also add a charge for the ability. Second: As a Starcraft fan this one is more important to me. please update the art so that the pylon and photon cannon match the tint of Probius because it really looks wrong to see a Tal'darim Probe warp in a Khalai Pylon. It's not too hard, look, I do it for you: http://i.imgur.com/tqSekfS.png http://i.imgur.com/3f56ZV6.png http://i.imgur.com/l4WKLm0.png http://i.imgur.com/3fDK8kK.png http://i.imgur.com/8sD7Gaf.pngGiammod82 2d
2d Buffing and Nerfing? It's always talk while you play with friends. So who does everybody think needs buffs and nerfs? I'm curious and I feel like everybody should talk about their favorite and OP heroes. Play nice!DioBrando1 2d
3d Hey, remember Diablo 2? wouldn't be cool if you did something for the Diablo 2 fans, like, dunno, releasing an hero from that game? one of the evils, like Baal or Mephisto, Andariel or Duriel, or any other character? Don't worry Blizzard, if you forget, I will remind you, over and over, you can release heroes from other games and for other fans, that's fine, no complains, everybody deserves their fav. heroes, but you shouldn't forget fans from classic Diablo, alright?Zeox308 3d
3d CDC # 6 - Tor'Baalos, the Lord of Destruction Submission for CDC #6, Hellscape: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20768666797 In a battle against Tyrael and the Horadrim, Baal was drawn into a shard of the soul stone meant to imprison him. Being unable to contain him forever, the mage Tal Rasha sacrificed himself to contain Baal’s essence within his own body. Centuries later, Baal was freed by the Dark Wanderer and Marius, and from there set out North to corrupt the worldstone and bring humanity and the nephalem into enslavement. “Have you ever wondered if it would be better for you to… die?” Baal is bringing his wanton destruction to the Nexus as a versatile specialist who excels at laying siege to fortifications and causing disruption on the battlefield. Role: Specialist Health: 1550 Attack Damage: 175 Attack Speed: 0.8 Attack Range: 1.5 Strengths + Imposing Siege presence + Strong Objective / Team Fight presence + Very effective against Melee & Tanks Weaknesses - High Cooldowns means that Baal must be very tactical - Difficulty soloing Enemy Heroes & Mercenary camps - No escapes & low health, vulnerable to nimble ranged damage dealersAzihayya6 3d
3d Urzael, Harbinger of Death, when??? Pretty self explanatory. Urzael is seriously one of the best composed bosses in D3. Probably my favorite fight, and the best song you could possibly imagine from the OST. He would be pretty easy to implement I feel, and his diverse possible kit would make for a good tank. My idea for him would be basically copy pasting his abilities, but change a few things around. Urzael. Description of the hero: Urzael is a front line tank who charges his passive to properly engage on the enemy team with solid CC and damage. D - Demonic Intent: Urzael uses this is a resource in order to power his offensive engage, the bar will go up to 1000. Urzael gains Demonic Intent from taking damage, killing minions/heroes, and using his Fiery Swing. (He will NOT gain charges from attacking, thus forcing him to engage only at the right time, he can be stopped by not being focused during a team fight, thus destroying his CC capabilities and damage output.) Upon reaching 1000, Urzael has the choice to activate this ability to become engulfed in flames and deal 25% more damage, 20% armor and passively burn all around him, the bar will go down by 75 every second, and his other abilities become free to cast in this time. Q - Fiery Swing: Urzael swings his cannon in front of him with a 180 degree radius, at a medium range. This ability generates 100 Demonic Intent. (11 second cooldown; lowered by a talent pre-10) W - Blazing Leap: Urzael can pick a location within low-medium range of him and leap into the fray, once he lands he deals a ticking burn to all of the enemies hit and slows them slightly.(Maybe 10-20%) Costs 150 Demonic Intent, and can become a stronger slow at a higher level talent(13 or16) E - Slam: Urzael slams his immediate location dealing a small bit of damage to all around him, as well as stunning them. (You can talent at level 7 to give him a shield per enemy champion hit that will slowly deteriorate in order to force him to play aggressively for the few seconds he's shielded) Costs 200 demonic intent but refunds 50 per enemy hit, up to 150 refunded. R1: Cannon Ball: Urzael shoots a short ranged burst shot in front of him that leaves all enemies in his path weakened, dealing 40% less damage to everyone they attack for the next 7 seconds, while also doing a small bit of damage that will leave a dot as well. R2: Ceiling Shot(Could be called Hellfire as well, just using the ability names): Urzael fires his cannon upwards and causes debris to rain from above, it will target all enemies within his large ranged circle(Should cover about 35-40% of a lane) and will rain continually on random locations for the next 4 seconds) Just a thought, could use tons of work, but I would love to see Urzael, and hopefully this will at least set the foundation for him to be implemented within a year or two.Keidis0 3d
3d Arthas Complete Rework Concept Abillities : Mortal Coil (Q) : Untouched , damage increased by 20 and CD reduced by 1 CD : 8 seconds , Cost : 2 Unholy Runes (New!) Defile (W) : Make a pool of dark magic in a small radius dealing 40 damage per 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds , Increasing in size (by 10% when hitting heroes , and 1% when hitting non-heroic targets . Up to 50%) and lasting longer (by 0.25 seconds when hitting heroes , and 0.1 seconds when hitting non-heroic targets . up to 3 seconds) CD : 10 seconds , Cost : 1 Frost Rune + 1 Unholy Rune Frozen Tempest (E) : Now lasts for 5 seconds , Damage decreased by 25% but deals 200 damage once the duration ends CD : 8 seconds , Cost : 2 Frost Runes Army of the Dead (R) : Channel for 1 second , Causing Ghouls and Shambling Horrors to spawn around Arthas , Ghouls deal small damage while Shambling Horrors deal heavy damage . Lasts for 20 seconds CD : 60 Seconds , Cost : 3 Unholy Runes (New!) Fury of Frostmourne (R) : Channel for 2 seconds , Making a platform beneath Arthas and slamming Frostmourne into it , and dealing 600 damage to all enemy heroes around . Can be improved by Runes Unholy : Enemies take additional damage equal to 10% of their maximum health Frost : Root damaged enemies for 1 second , slowing them by 40% for 1 second after root expires Blood : Deal additional 200 damage over 5 seconds to damage enemies , healing for 100% of the DoT dealt CD : 100 Seconds , Cost : 3 of X runes (New!) Runic Blade (D) : Arthas doesn't use mana , instead having 3 types of runes (each holding up to 3 runes) , Arthas's basic attacks generate runes of the specific rune hotkey choosen and each rune has a special ability as trait Blood : Arthas gains 25% physical lifesteal , Blood Strike (D - Active) : Your next Basic Attack is automate , dealing 20% increased damage and additional 50% of total damage dealt by the same basic attack as physical damage over 2 seconds . CD : 5 Seconds , Cost : 2 Blood Runes Unholy : Arthas gains 15% increased movement speed , Necrosis (D - Passive) : Increase Death Coil's damage by 50% , castin Death Coil causes Arthas to gain 15% additional movement speed for 2 seconds Frost : Arthas slows nearby enemies by 5% for 1 second (stacking up to 2 times) and gains 2 armor for each enemy slowed , Permafrost (D-Passive) : Arthas's basic attacks against enemy heroes gives 10% of the damage dealt as shield to Arthas (Shield's max limit : 500) that lasts for 3 seconds (New!) Hotkeys : There is a 4 second cooldown between switching between runes (1) : Blood (2) : Unholy (3) : Frost Talents : Level 1 : Eternal Hunger (D - Passive) : Arthas gets a random rune every 10 seconds Winter is Coming (E) : Enemies that are within Frozen Tempest by 2.5 seconds are stunned for 0.5 seconds Hungering Rune Weapon (Active) : Activate to cause Arthas's next basic attack to give 2 Blood , Unholy and Frost runes . CD : 40 Seconds Level 4 : Killing Machine (D - Passive) : Every 8 seconds while out of combat , cause your next basic attack to deal 20% additional damage Festering Wound (D - Passive) : Basic Attacks deal 10 additional damage over 5 seconds , stacking up to 5 times Clawing Shadows (W) : Defile deals 5% more damage to enemies that are damaged by it Level 7 : Immortal Coil (Q) : Unchanged Blood Tap (D - Passive) : Every 4 basic attack restores 5% of max health (Blood Only) Icebound Fortitude (Active) : Activate to gain 25 Armor, reducing damage taken by 25%, and reduce the duration of Stuns, Slows, and Roots against Arthas by 75% for 3 seconds. (Frost Only) CD : 30 SecondsJackSparrow6 3d
3d [Hero Concept] Inarius and Lilith, Creators of Sactuary Inarius and Lilith, Creators of Sactuary Inarius was a great angelic warrior who was captured, Lilith was his demonic captor. Both had long awaited an opportunity to rebel against their kindred. Before long, the two joined forces and fell in love. In the Nexus, the two work together as a Specialist. [Combat Trait] Unlikely Partners (Active) Activating this skill will switch control from Inarius to Lilith or vice versa. (Passive) Inarius and Lilith are two separate entities who play together as one but have their own skills. Both spawn on the map at the same time and will always stay within a certain distance of each other (if the distance becomes too great then the one currently not being controlled will move closer to the other). By default they will use Basic Attacks against the same target but if one is set to attack one target and then control is swapped and the other is set to attack another they will attack the different targets until the first target being attacked is destroyed or gets out of range, they will then revert to default. If one of the two is killed then that one will be put on death timer while the other stays in play. When the death timer is over, the one that had died will revive next to their partner. If both die then the first to have died will revive in base and then the second will revive beside them. Inarius Inarius is a melee Warrior and a former advisor to the Angiris Council. [Q] Radiant Champion Inarius' wings burst into flames for a period of time. Each Basic Attack that Imperius preforms while in this state will cause all enemies within a radius around him to be damaged by a wave of fire. Each strike will also give Imperius a small damage absorbing shield that lasts for a short period of time. The shield stacks and the duration will be refreshed with each strike. [W] Earth's Fury After a brief delay, the ground at the targeted location will burst upwards, causing all enemies in the (small) area to be damaged and thrown into the air. They will be unable to use Basic Attacks, cast spells or move for a brief period of time while in the air. [E] Sphere of Protection Inarius wraps Lilith in protective sphere for a period of time, causing Lilith to receive no damage or be effected in any way by enemies while in the sphere. However, she will not be able to use Basic Attacks or cast spells (passive effects will continue). This ability can be reactivated in the duration to move Lilith to a targeted location. Lilith Lilith is a ranged Assassin and the daughter of Mephisto. [Q] Poison Blast Lilith fires a blast of poison in the targeted direction. The first enemy hit and any enemies within a small radius of the target will become poisoned, taking damage over time for a short period of time. Each Basic Attack that Lilith preforms against a poisoned target will extend the duration of the poison effect. [W] Burning Hatred The air around the targeted character ignites with a burst of green flames which deals damage to all enemies within a radius. If an allied hero or minion was targeted then they will gain increased Attack Speed for a short period of time. If an enemy hero or minion was targeted then they will receive increased damage from all sources for a short period of time. [E] Elusive Lilith first targets another character within a radius of her and then targets a location within a radius of that character. Lilith will then teleport to the targeted location and will face the targeted character, can go over obstacles. [R1] Connection to the Worldstone - Inarius Inarius channels the power of the Worldstone, causing enemies within a radius of him to gradually have their Movement Speed and Attack Speed decreased over time while in the area of effect. Lasts for a certain period of time. [R2] Connection to the Worldstone - Lilith Lilith channels the power of the Worldstone, causing the damage potential of all allies within a radius of her to be amplified while in the area of effect. Lasts for a certain period of time. [R3] Sanctuary Inarius and Lilith join together (at the location of the current one being controlled, spell cannot be used if one of them is dead) to create a large bubble where neither side can be damaged. Also if the enemy team has no one inside the bubble then they will not have vision of what's inside it or past it (works like a bush). The bubble lasts for a certain period of time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hero Concepts for many other Diablo characters can be found here: http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12297869711Prestigious11 3d
3d Inarius and Lilith Heroic synergy It would be cool to see Inarius and Lilith in Hots with somekind of synergy ult and no It's not like Cho'gall where you want to play Gall but need Cho. Imagine 2 heroes who doesn't need to be together, but will still have some kind of synergy abillities when they are on the same team It doesn't have to be Inarius and Lilith, but 2 people which are close together in lore. The heroic idea Inarius and Lilith normally has 2 Heroics, but when they are together they have 1 more, which they share, and need to be together to use. Inarius and Lilith summons the Worldstone from Diablo 2, and the team and the enemy team, fights in the worldstone. Not a big place just a place were they have to fight and cannot leave. The team that wins the fight gets a buff that slightly increase dmg, hp and armor or something else. You lose the buff when you die, so the enemy team needs to cooperate to end the buff.yoda9990 3d
3d Headless Horseman-boss Towers of Doom Overview Headless Horseman - boss Towers of Doom Overview In my opinion this character would be a lot to play. When you think of a character to play in this game, you also take into account the fun it can give players. He would be a melee damage hero. I'm sure most of the players would buy this character and have fun while they play. Remembering that the laughter has to have obligatorily during the game and as a speech option. And also the classic phrases of this character are very funny. This character would add a lot in that game. Think Blizzard with a lot of dedication. Put this character in the game.Arthurios0 3d
3d Maelstrom-The storm lord [HC] (CDC#6) MAELSTROM THE STORM LORD Role: Warrior Universe: Diablo Long ago, a canny demon made a pact with captured Air Elementals. In return for release, the Elementals granted this demon virtual immunity to the thunderbolts of the skies. In the fullness of time, the demon gained the ability to channel said electricity, and discharge it in devastating bolts of destruction. This led to creation of Lightning demons. They have since used their powers to terrorize the Sanctuary. The most powerful of those have risen to become the storm lords. Now Maelstrom, the storm lord has found his way to the worlds of Nexus. Maelstrom is a ranged bruiser who focuses on sustained damage and disruption. His trait gives him both selfsustain and ability to stun his opponents. LIGHTNING CHARGE Autoattacking enemies applies stacks of Lightning charge to them. Maelstrom gains shield equal to 1.25 his maximum health for each stack applied. This is doubled against enemy heroes. Shield lasts for 5 seconds and gets refreshed with new stacks. When enemy gets 4 Lightning charge stacks they are stuned for 0.3 seconds. Shield gained from trait is capped at 20% of Maelstrom's maximum health. THUNDERBOLT (Q) Mana: 50 Cooldown: 7 seconds Skillshot Launch ball of lightning in the targeted direction, deals 150 to first enemy it hits and applies 2 stacks of Lightning charge. Also deals 50 damage in a small area and applies 1 stack of Lightning charge. DEMONIC FOG (W) Mana: 80 Cooldown: 15 seconds AoE Cover an area in thick mist. Enemies in the area are blinded and slowed by 20%. Mist lasts 3 seconds and deals 10 damage every 0.2 second. RIDE THE LIGHTNING (E) Mana: 60 Cooldown: 14 seconds Maelstrom becomes surrounded in lightnings, gains 50% more movement speed and can pass trough other heroes and units. This effect lasts 2 seconds. Enemies he passes trough take 90 damage gain 2 stacks of Lightning charge. FROST WIND (R1) Mana: 100 Cooldown: 90 seconds Wide skillshot Unleashes wave of cold in the targeted direction dealing 205 damage and rooting enemies for 1 second then slowing them by 50% for 2 seconds. THUNDER STORM (R2) Mana: 95 Cooldown: 70 seconds Chanelled ability Six lightning strikes hit enemies in a tageted area every 0,6 second dealing 61 damage and applying 1 stack of Lightning charge. Prioritizes heroes and one enemy can only be hit by 3 lightning strikes at once. Created for the CDC #6 - Hellscape Edit: Changed name for (W)Marrossi6 3d
4d Now that we are getting new Kerrigan... Can we get Xel'naga Kerrigan now PLEASE Also some Mutalisk Brightwing would be awesome as well and finally can we get a zerg mount like the one in Transmission cut scene please.MrFizzbin7612 4d
4d When are you going to release Blackthorne?? If lost vikings made it to the game, let us see more classic characters brought to life again!!Azazel944 4d
4d Wings of Flight Would it be possible for angels and other skins that contain wings to allow them to "mount" into a flight mode. Similar to the Arthas and Kerrigan skins from Halloween that allow them to use their wings to fly. The archangels should be able to use their wings but they can function just like normal mounting to remove any potential bonus. It would be amazing for auriel, malth and tyrael to fly into battle shoulder to shoulder!StormSurge2 4d
4d Tis not the season, but couldn't help but notice I was playing the other day and couldn't help but notice that Guldan could easily be an evil santa this coming Winter Veil. (Yes im aware it isn't near Christmas yet) He could make it rain fiery coals or presents, his health drain could be tinsel or a tangled mess of lights, the fear could look like a Evil Jack Frost face of some sort. I know Rehgar is Father Winter Veil, but Guldan could be the one who punishes those who have been naughty this year.newjack210 4d
4d BlitzPriest - Diablo 2 Paladin Hero Fanatical, dashing, ravishing, charismatic; these are but a few apt descriptors of the notorious "Zealout of Zakarum". A natural born leader, ___INSERT_NAME_HERE___ quickly rose from squire to knight to Paladin by always leading the charge in every battle and leading the toast at every victory celebration! With an upbeat attitude and a contagious enthusiasm it is said that even the most staunchest of his enemies would sometimes rise even from death to heed his call to battle. What a guy! Melee Assassin / Warrior / Medivh style Specialist Q - Charge Charges and attacks target, causing it to flee. Toggles W to Sacrifice. W - Conversion / Sacrifice Conversion - Attacks target and makes target's next ability used in 3 seconds to damage their own team or heal the enemy team. Sacrifice - Attacks target dealing drastically more damage. E - Fist of the Heavens Smites the target with Heaven's Fist. Releases holy bolt towards the target's nearest ally. Toggles W to Conversion. Ultimates R - Last Rites Deals heavy damage to target after a delay. If target dies before delay expires, raises target to fight for the amount of time remaining on the delay. R - Fanaticism Gain Fanaticism, personal aura that increases movement speed and attack damage. Can be activated every 30 seconds to provide the benefits to allies within a radius.Kreliad0 4d
4d Can we get rainbow wonder billy re-released... Please its been 3 years lets bust out that pink wonderbilly....MrFizzbin7610 4d
4d {CDC #6} Rakanoth, Lord of Despair Rakanoth is a slow, powerful Melee Assassin, moving in very telegraphed motions. Despite this, he truly lives up to his title as "Lord of Despair", inflicting enemies with a mounting sense of dread, causing hesitation in his presence. The CDC is found here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20768666797 This is the first CDC I will have my concept up both on the forums and Heroesfire, the link to which is here: https://www.heroesfire.com/edit/concept?concept_id=10032 ............WhoYouExpect5 4d
4d Paragons of the Klaxxi Either one of them such as Kil'ruk or several of them in true vikings style. All I know is I would main the heck out of them as they are great characters and something the game does not have yet. I haven't thought of abilities or interactions yet but I would look to Seige of Orgrimmar raid encounter to get some ideas. Perhaps I will come back to this. Cheers.Avrah0 4d
4d tryande change tryande after the recent change to her build im supper sad to see the owl buil go. i dont know why it needed to be changed nor do i think they understand getting rid of tht build means the end of her play for me. she use to be so much fun for me, now shes just another healer in the game, nothing special about her.evilevi0 4d
4d Wave Racer D.va! As the title says, could we get Wave Racer D.va in HotS plx :-3 incase anyone is wondering what Wave Racer D.va looks like: https://www.gamesear.com/images/2018/8/overwatch-summer-games-waveracer-dva.jpg that is all! thanks!Liewec0 4d