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1h Gallywix? I think we need at least 1 more goblin in HotS. It would be cool to have the leader of the Horde goblins and the Bilgewater Cartel alongside the Boss of Ratchet.SirGoblinII4 1h
1h Greymane needs more skins! Idk about you guys but I think Greymane needs more skins.SirGoblinII5 1h
1h Tal'darim Zeratul wrong color Just a minor error about the Tal'darim Zerg Hunter Zeratul skin. His psionic blade should be Tal'darim red not dark templar green. I noticed for the high templar zeratul skin Blizz made the blade blue to fit the theme. It's not a big error but attention to detail thing.Segeta4 1h
1h Zergling Assassin... thing Hey guys! I don't really have a good proper number analysis just made this bored one day! Hope you enjoy! Any feedback or thoughts are welcome! Hero compromised of Only zerglings running around in a little clump. Short ranged assassin hero (Zerglings run from the pack to attack) with relatively short cool downs and two unique play styles after level 10. Zerg swarm (All zerglings) Ranged attack - zergling runs up 2-3 Hits run back (untargertable) Passive Swarm - on death breaks into four parts if one part survives becomes new swarm with x % of health (x Being how many parts survived [1 for 25%, 2 for 50%) Q - Leap Jump to target area doing damage in a small aoe. W - metabolic boost Activate to increase movement speed and attack speed by x% for x Seconds. E - Latch on (melee reach) Zerglings latch on to target slowing their movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds. R1 - Evolution - decrease all cool downs of abilities permenantly (1-2 seconds) - activating Evolution will also increase the number of zerglings sent on auto attack by 1. R2 - Evolve Banelings - Changes all your zerglings to Banelings, instead of auto attacking send out Banelings to explode on target. Activating Evolve Banelings will also throw Banelings at target area for substantial explosion Damage.foxymoxy1 1h
3h Revert Widowmaker skin and make Widowmaker as a Hero Revert Widowmaker skin on Nova and make Widowmaker her own Hero pls :) People said both will be the same in Gameplay (yes i was one of this people) but that was a long time ago but now i watched a video and changed my mind about this :) There are Two ways now to make difference between Nova and Widowmaker tip; Widowmaker don't use Sealth and for her abilities in game, now watch this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6P2Q7rBtg4 Man the guy who did that Widowmaker gameplay for HotS is a real "Genius" :) Now for Nova, she can be very different now because if you follow the Lore, she's able to wield a Sword (Who played her Own Campaign in StarCraft 2 knows what i'm talking about) Nova in HotS needs that Sword on her back and she needs her "Dash ability with the Sword" for Damage and for Escape, tip for Extra ability like Xul or Replace her Holo "E" ability :) All this can do the difference between the Two now ;) Also Blizzard add the Old colour of Novazon skin again pls, I know you Replaced that colour because of Cassia but still... That Old colour of Novazon skin was the best one for me, tip the new colour now is cool and can stay but add Old skin tint back pls :´)Zamasu31 3h
5h [SC] Raven Court, Crimson Count Alarak -His clothes would look like a combo between fashionable style and heavy armor -He would wear carnaval mask -His Q could be dark-smoky styled -His W could look like swarm of bats pushing the enemy -His E could look like long range blood sucking (Blooddrinker WoW) -Both of his R abilities could be dark-smoky styledJesi0 5h
6h [Hero Concept] - Broll Bearmantle, Druid of the Claw Hey everyone! I promised I would post this soon so here it is! My multi-class druid! One note on the character i decided to use, Broll Bearmantle, i don't think the character is what is too important for this kit. I think any druid that focuses on shape-shifting would work just as well. Also the entirety of the game is played as cat form or bear form anyway, so you wouldn't see there humanoid form anyway, except maybe in a taunt or emote. Broll Bearmantle, Druid of the Claw Warrior/Assassin Multi-class You start the game in cat form, and are able to later choose to be a tank, or empower your cat form to increase your ability to deal damage. Mount - (Z) - Stag Form May be used in Combat Increase movement speed by 30%. Taking damage lowers this bonus to 15%. Trait - (D) - Rend and Tear Damaging an enemy with your abilities applies a bleed effect. Enemies with Rend and Tear take a small amount of damage each second, lasts for 2 seconds. Possible Talents: 1. Bleed now slows targets affected by it 2. Autoattacks refresh the bleeds duration 3. Every 2 seconds Rend and Tear is active on an enemy, increase its damage by 30%. (Q) - Thrash 7 Second Cooldown Swipe your claws around you, dealing damage and slowing all nearby enemies by 20% for 1.5 seconds. Possible Talents: 1. Each enemy hit increases your movespeed by 10%, up to 50% increased movespeed 2. Deals increased damage if only one enemy is hit 3. Increased Slow amount to 30% (W) - Maul 8 Second Cooldown Maul target enemy, dealing heavy damage. Possible Talents: 1. Now also deal and additional 8% of the targets maximum health as damage, but add 2 seconds to the cooldown. 2. Stun the target for 1 second if Rend and Tear is already on the target. (E) - Wild Charge 12 Second Cooldown Jump to a target enemy, slowing them by 60% for 1.5 seconds. Possible Talents: 1. Jumping to a bleeding target reduces the cooldown of Wild Charge by 6 Seconds. 2. Wild Charge lowers the targets armor by 15 for 2 seconds. Heroic 1 - (R1) - Bear Form (Passive) Call upon the power of Ursoc, changing your form into a Bear. Bear Form empowers some of your abilities, and increasing your maximum health by 40%. Empowered Abilities: Trait - Rend and Tear For each bleeding target, gain 8 armor, up to a maximum of 40 armor. (Q) - Thrash Double the slow amount and duration (E) - Wild Charge Now stuns on impact instead of slowing. Bear Form Active - (R1) - Frenzied Regeneration 20 Second Cooldown 2 Charges (60 second Charge Cooldown) Heal for up to 50% of the damage you took within the last 4 seconds. Heroic 2 - (R2) - Empowered Cat Form (Passive) Call upon the power of Ashamane, improving your abilities, and allowing you to stealth out of combat. Increases movespeed by 15% Empowered Abilities: Trait - Rend and Tear Increase the bleed duration to 6 seconds and auto-attacking now applies your bleed for 2 seconds (W) - Deals 50% more damage to bleeding targets (E) - Jumping to a bleeding target increases the bleed damage by 60% for 6 seconds Empowered Cat Form Active - (R2) - Prowl 10 Second Cooldown If you have not taken damage in the past 4 seconds, you may activate this ability to become stealthed. At level 13, there is also the option to choose your affinity, very similar to the WoW talent tier for druids. Theya re able to choose another 'specializations' bonus to increase their effectiveness. Affinities: Balance Affinity - Increase the Range of Thrash and Wild charge by 40% Restoration Affinity - Every 3 seconds, restore 3% of your max health. If you are already at max health, heal a nearby allied hero for 3% of their max health. Guardian Affinity - Gain 10 armor (Cannot be chosen if Bear form Heroic was chosen. Feral Affinity - Increase Movement Speed by 10% (Cannot be chosen if the Empowered Cat form Heroic was chosen) Thank you for checking out my hero concept guys! I greatly appreciate any feedback!Argent6 6h
6h CDC #2 - Subtly Supporting Every victor has the ones behind them, who lurk in the shadows, offering invaluable advice and assistance for victory, swaying the battlefield in such subtle ways, only they can know the true effect of their actions. Hello and welcome! This is the Concept Design Contest #2 - Subtly Supporting thread. Here, over the course of this week, you will create a brand new concept based on the following criteria and provide a link to it here. Please leave a comment if you are signing up for the contest below, and use that comment to deliver the link to the thread.The contest will have three judges, who will each take one week to look over the designs, commenting and helping out with the design. All dates are set to allow the maximum time, and the deadlines will be at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time. The thread must be submitted at exactly 11:59, and there will be no exceptions. Theme: For this contest, you will be able to create a concept for a support from any universe. You must have your character focus on unique effects instead of pure healing output, like buffs, debuffs, utility effects, crowd control, movement effects, and whatever else. The support should be assisting allies in different ways than just dealing damage and healing allies. Blizzard spoke about how future supports will drift from the healbots we have currently, so let's let those imaginations shine. Show us some unique kits and possibly even new mechanics. Sign-Up Saturday, September 2 Come one, come all! Every sign-up today preferably, but if you missed the day, go ahead and leave a comment over week 1 and you will be accepted into the contest still. The judges will be Efede, Bliztron, and KyuubiJRR. Judges are not able to make concepts themselves. Week One Sunday, September 3 - Saturday, September 9 This week is for the base concept. This is simply the abilities and the role. Remember, the role is very important, and part of the judging will be on how well the abilities fit together under a role. If it doesn’t fit under any role, make sure you make it a Specialist. This is the only week for sign-up, so make sure you give us something before the week is up! I, Bliztron, will be the judge that will comment on the Sunday that follows. Week Two Monday, September 11 - Saturday, September 16 This week is for the talents. This means a fully fleshed out talent tree set up with the tiers in order. Make sure your talents are interesting and creative, but still fit with the character and design as a whole. You should touch up on your abilities based on week 1 feedback, as that will also be considered in week 2 judging. KyuubiJRR will comment on the Sunday that follows. Week Three Monday, September 18 - Saturday, September 23 This week is for the finishing touches. This includes fluff, stats, additional notes, skins, and whatever else you want to add. This has an element of freedom to it, but to give yourself the best shot, you should probably make your concept sell itself. Make the judges become immersed in your concept. Efede will be the judge that will comment on the Sunday that follows. Week Four Monday, September 25 - Saturday, September 30 This week is the last week for changes to the concept. All major work should be finished by this week, and major changes are risky. Each of the judges will keep a close eye on the concepts, coming to their own opinions. The judges will have all commented feedback and ratings as they saw fit over the last three weeks, so you will have some idea as to what each of us are looking for. At this point, just make sure to touch up your design and make it truly sparkle. Finale Sunday, October 1 - Monday, October 2 All changes are closed. The judges will gather to determine who is the ultimate winner of the contest, announcing the winner sometime on Monday.Bliztron54 6h
6h Nova anti-armor talent I didn't found any benefit of anti-armor talent much unless for last shot. If I choose anti-armor, I couldn't lane push at all or even 1v1 fight since I slow at shooting. I'm now play Nova all game with One on Shamber or Snipemaster(My fav), because I can lane push and kill whoever on that lane most of time ot even team fight since Snipemaster(5)+explosive+holo dmg is the beast. On the other hand, anti armor is do nothing since it's slow shooting and most of fight end up with less than 5 shots. I just wanna suggest may be make it ignore armor as it's talent name with normal dps. I love playing Nova because I love mind game, even she was nerve asf. Last updated was make her better with snipe master not losing when you shoot at any enemy. Thank you,DolphinWindy1 6h
6h Nurse Stitches Stitches already has a hook... But he needs a needle, and thread, so he can Sew up his enemies! He might even look rather cute in a nurses hat. :DZurandrya3 6h
7h Spectral Sight for Illidan (a balanced option) Hey! I think Illidan should have Spectral Sight. He is obviously not the most powerful or deadly hero, but he's not exactly supposed to be, according to the devs (the term "swarming gnat" comes to mind). I'm not here to argue his design philosophy, but I do think he could have Spectral Sight in a very workable manner. For starters, I think it should just be baked into his trait - so you press D to activate it and "gain Spectral Sight." A good way to describe its functionality would be to call it a slightly (very slightly) stronger version of Medivh's Bird's Eye View talent. When activated, it gives Illidan vision in an area (probably roughly as wide as Bird's Eye View, maybe slightly smaller) around himself (that sticks with him as he moves, like Bird's Eye View) for just a few seconds (I'm thinking only about 3-5 seconds, and I'd guess the cooldown would be anywhere between 30-45 seconds), and reveals all stealthed units within this field of vision for Illidan only. This way, just like with Spectral Sight in WoW, Illidan has to hit the stealthy (thus knocking them completely out of stealth) for any of his team to see them. I think, with the slowly-growing number of stealthies present in the game, this would be a nice addition to the Demon Hunter whose job it is - not necessarily to deal massive damage - but to hunt for his enemies, see the unseen evils lurking in the dark, and wear them down.Neo4 7h
10h Update Old Heroes's Models It's time to Update the Old Heroes in my opinion. And you want to know my opinion in relation to Murky when was Updated and players Raged? (Bad Word) that because i'm sad seing Iconic Heroes like Illidan, Arthas, Tyrael, Malfurion, Kerrigan and more so Outdated in relation to the New Heroes. Blizzard didn't Rework the Old Models already because of the Rage of a Joke Hero Murky -_- Don't get me wrong, if you like Murky i respect but i hope you respect mine because i hate Murky and i don't like him, you can't compare this Hero to Iconic Heroes such Illidan and Arthas and more, Because of Murky our Iconics Heroes are suffering in Old Details. No sorry but i can't accept this, Blizzard really needs to do somehting about Old Heroes models. To avoid this Rage (about Murky's model Rework) again, Do something like PTR just for we testing the New Models Rework on Old Heroes if we like it or not before goes to Live, it's the only Real solution here.Zamasu13 10h
10h [Hero Concept] Troll Bundle Helo guys, I've been creating this heroes and finally I can bring the Troll Bundle. I created concepts for every troll I considered a real possibility for the Nexus. I've posted them one earlier phases to have discussions about it and gather feed back to improve them. Now the ideas are finally matured and completed. If you recently saw the concept, you can now see it complete! King Rastakhan https://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/king-rastakhan-8229 Vol'jin http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/voljin-8216 Sen'jin http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/senjin-7471 Kazakus http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/kazakus-7108 Zen'tabra http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/zentabra-8209 Zul'atal http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/zulatal-8193HexerVooDoom4 10h
10h [Skin Suggestion] Death Knight Arthas Arthas should have a helmetless version of himself (No Lich King helmet). And hooded variant as seen in the cinematic where he murders his father.NapTimeOD4 10h
12h Probius = eyeball better yet, give Probius eye of Sauron.Quipaunas6 12h
14h Widowmaker Concept Any suggestions, questions or constructive criticisms are welcome. https://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/widowmaker-8253Lazarus0 14h
16h [Hero Concept] Sen'jin Sen'jin, the spiritual leader of the Darkspear, is an enigmatic witchdoctor who uses wards to control the battlefield. http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/senjin-7471HexerVooDoom7 16h
16h Archimonde needs to be in this game he is my favorite heroBlove5 16h
17h Grom Hellscream the real Hellscream It is time to bring Grom Hellscream the real Hellscream. The War3 one not the WoD one(of course WoD one can be a Skin) Onto the field of battle. -Character type - Multi class assassin/bruiser -Trait Rage gains damage based off missing health -Q {Cleave} deal weapon damage in a cone slows by 20% resets on kills(including minions. This is essentially a wave clear tool as well as a slow) Fair cd - W {Retaliate}, Short range deal weapon damage to the nearest target after being hit. Short cd. (Skill is for dueling other auto attackers doesnt activate if not hit or if going too long without using skill) - E {Mockery} Grom insults target hero for the next five seconds if target attempts to flee from Grom they are slowed. (Great ganking tool and for encouraging other heros to fight taking a slow. Downside is if they are running at you it does nothing. Maybe if talented Heroics -{All in}(I want him to say "I can wait no longer" or roar when he uses this ability) Grom takes gorehowl into his hands becomes unstoppable and leaps at his target dealing damage + weapon damage to his target and everyone around it. Other enemy heros hit by the weapon damage are knocked back a short distance. -{Demon Blood} Grom accepts the demon gift and becomes a chaos orc. Passive grom gains 20 armor and the ability to ignore armor and protection with his attacks. Activate-able Grom heals for 100% of his weapon attacks for the next 5 seconds. Fair cd. Strengths Great Ganker. Wave Clear. Great Duelist vs other auto attack heros. If you go assassin(all in) high burst + ae knockback potential If you go bruiser becomes an exceptional duelist vs tanks with the added utility of anti protection for certain heros that spam it(looking at you Varian. Tiny bit genji but if a genji is in range to get smacked by this hero he deserves it) Weaknesses Mages(most of their damage is non auto attack based and in burst) and crowd control really stand in his way not to mention if he doesnt go demon blood he doesn't have any self sustain.Highdark0 17h
18h [Hero Concept] Yrel, Exarch of the Draenei Yrel is a support hero based around using minion waves to her advantage. She's great at solo-laning, and can be great when your team goes for a push. Later in the game, she can utilize her minion-based abilities in a variety of ways. However, She has the downside of being rather reliant on minions to be effective. Enemy heroes with good waveclears will be able to take on Yrel with ease. In general, She's also weaker on maps whose objectives are far away from any of the lanes. Tell me what you guys think! This the first hero I actually finished, so I'm open to criticisms. http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/yrel-8252Dezitronix0 18h
18h Cho'Gall Skin Suggestions Need more good skins of Cho'gall he is lacking some and needs a legendary skin, would suggest a ice/molten skin, or a more shadow/void look?ElunesTear9 18h
19h [Skin suggestion] Light infused Illidan With Illidan turning down Xera's "gift" in WoW it left me with the curiousity of :o 'What would he look like if he didn't turn down the offer?' His eyesight restored? Glowy yellow eyes? Light aura? Glowy tattoos? Would his demon form look make him look something like Lothraxion (light infused dreadlord)?NapTimeOD1 19h
21h Females Protoss Selendis (High Executor/Zealot): (Khalai Faction) - Role (Specialist) "I hope her Carrier will be only Heroic ability because i want to see her form in game :) and i hope her default skin will be from Wings of Liberty because she's so much pretty and her second skin could be her from Legacy of the Void expansion". Vorazun (Dark Templar): (Nerazim Faction) - Role (Assassin) "Raszagal (her Mother) could be a skin for her and with her's Mother Yeallow eyes and i hope Vorazun will have (Avenger skin - is a Version or Upgrade of Aiur Dark Templar but with Blue Blades and eyes) :)" Talis (Adept): (Purifier Faction) - Role (Specialist) Ji'nara (Blood Hunter): (Tal'darim Faction) - Role (Assassin) "Ok i know her form is more like High Templar version but Blood Hunter will fit her more imo" Rohana (Preserver): (Khalai Faction) - Role (Support)BlackGoku29 21h
21h Niadra You know, I always felt like Niadra was meant to have a higher purpose on the story, as she was playable in her own stage in SC2 Heart of the Swarm. Apparently she appeared in a comic, but in the games, she never showed up again. I think HotS would be the perfect opportunity to bring her back. She could be a tank character that gathers biomass and increases in size, and her damage could come in form of zerglings, as she can summon a rather big unit of them to rush the enemies or structures, being good at zoning (nothing gigantic, though, as it would be hard to deal with). Another reason I want to see her is to have two characters of the same class (she and Zagara being broodmothers) being added with different movesets.Macaulyn0 21h
22h Zergling champ I hade an idea for a zergling champ his 1 would make him do more damage his 2 would make him have more attack speed and 3 would make him go under ground for 5 seconds his 4 would make him turn into a baneling and gain 200 heath and when he runs into a champ I does 100 damage his z would make him get wings and run around and a skin could be a starcrafts zerg skin just an idea I had today hope you guys like it.PandaTeemo0 22h
22h idea all blizzard games amazing but did blizzard can make mercy hero in heroes of the storm and make her change between her staff and gun on E and another stuff like that ?TRACER1 22h
23h Carbot-style skins! I want to see Herostorm heroes in Heroes of the storm.노츠2 23h
1d Phenix Look man we have been waiting way too long for phenix make him good and strong so i can enjoy him please i dont want to have a broken version of my favorite hero in any of you games you have ever made give us phenix we need him hes the best starcraft hero of all!!!!!!KillerFrost4 1d
1d If Theramore Jaina is here, more Lore Skins are coming? I'm a big Fan of Lore Skins in this game and at the moment we have some of these Skins in game per example: Daelaam Artanis Skin, Diablo 3 Skin, Warchief Sylvanas Skin, Ranger - General Sylvanas Skin, Betrayer Illidan Skin, and etc.... and now Theramore Jaina will coming for next Patch. Now are other Lore Skins must be in game per example: Diablo 1 Skin Leoric Skin from Diablo 1 The Butcher Skin from Diablo 1 Wretched Kael'Thas Skin (From Magisters' Terrace) Mortal Tyrael Skin (From Diablo 3) Xel'naga Kerrigan Skin (From StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void) Zul'jin Skin (From Zul'Aman) Artanis Skin (From StarCraft 1/Remastered) Raynor Skin (From StarCraft 1/Remastered) Zeratul Skin (From StarCraft 1/Remastered) Ghost Kerrigan Skin (From StarCraft 1/Remastered) Pre-Zerg Ghost Kerrigan Skin (From StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm) and much more.... I like Fun Skins, Cross-Universe Skins, and others in this game but Lore Skins are my favorite ones, I'm a big Fan of them ;)Zamasu20 1d
1d Samir Duran/Emil Narud Hero Samir Duran Hero - http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Narud?file=SamirDuran_SCR_HeadAnim.gif - with Emil Narud for his Skin or Emil Narud Hero - http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Narud?file=Narud_SC2_Head1.jpg - with Samir Duran for his Skin Both are the same person :) I don't have ideas for his Basic Abilities "Q", "W", "E" but i have ideas for his Heroics :) First Heroic "True Form" - http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Narud?file=EmilNarud_SC2-HotS_Head2.jpg http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Narud?file=EmilNarud_SC2_Game2.png https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WzVhjFwJTg Second Heroic "Xel'naga Form" http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Narud?file=EmilNarud_SC2-LotV_Game1.jpg http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Narud?file=EmilNarud_SC2-LotV_Head2.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAVbLdNtshAZamasu1 1d
1d Next hero after Ana and Junkrat? The Volskaya map revealed Ana and Junkrat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ywatBcHp2s Who comes after them?Macaulyn18 1d
1d [SC] Blood Prince Kael'Thas In my opinion he looks similar to them already... skin color change, eye color change, new robe and red-shadow themed abilities - *boom* New Skin. https://www.downfallguild.org/sites/www.downfallguild.org/files/images/bloodprinces.img_assist_custom-320x366.jpgJesi0 1d
1d Kharazim AWESOME skin suggestion Do Super Saiyan Karazhim please please pleaseSirTevalien4 1d
1d Nightmare Tyrande What if we got a tainted Tyrande skin like the other night elves that got consumed into the nightmare realm from Val Sharah? I think its a really cool idea... Kinda like a what if scenario if Tyrande ever fell into the nightmare realm :).Banisher0 1d
1d Paladin Arthas and Stratholme I think it'd be pretty neat if we could see Arthas as a Paladin in the game. And they could also introduce a new HotS map that could be based on Stratholme, and set during when Arthas was "purging' the city. It would be a lovely fan service for us old timers with nostalgia for Warcraft 3 .Belisarios11 1d
1d [CDC Hero Concept] Aessina the Wisp Mother This is for the CDC Second Contest called Subtly Supporting, the hero I chose for it is the wisp from Warcraft 3 but due to lack of names and I didn’t want to invent one I went with the Wisp Mother herself Aessina probably the first wisp as she is the spirit of the forest itself and most likely wasn’t a night elf who had died in the past, her design I originally imagined for a Dreadlord who would steal health via blood then when reading the Wikipedia for Aessina I realized I could retheme this to the wrath and loving natures of the wild and forest itself so enjoy folks and leave some feedback for me. Alignment: Neutral Good. Roll: Ranged Support. Trait: Ancient of Nature: Aessina cannot mount and thus only ever has 15% increased movement speed when not in combat, when she is killed she will Detonate silencing all nearby enemies for 0.75 seconds. Q: Ancient Tether (12 second CD): Target an enemy to launch a tether onto them draining there health by X% per second for 5 seconds which is then emitted around her healing nearby allied heroes for the damage split among them, there is a radius around Aessina similar to Leoric with his tether (does not affect herself), if Ancient Tether misses an enemy its cooldown is reduced by 25% and if an enemy hero is killed while under its effects the cooldown is reduced by 50%. W: Spirits of the Forest (10 second CD): Summons a swarm of 3 Wisps around a targeted allied hero that each wisp gives 5 spell armour up to a baseline of 15, each wisp removed drops the effect by the same amount, Aessina cannot be targeted by this, lasts for 6 seconds and the cooldown does not start until the effect end E: Wrathful Spirit (13 second CD): Aessina launchs a cloud of arcane at the targeted location (the effect is a line attack but visual is target click instead) that damages all enemies in its path for moderate XXX amount of damage, structures can block it and if Ancient Tether is active and she clicks on a nearby allied hero who has Spirits of the Forest active she’ll rip the wisps off them and launchs Wrathful Spirit 25% faster and bypass structures towards the tethered enemy. R1: Weakening Detonation (90 second CD): Aessina channels for 0.75 seconds before releasing a small wisp towards the targeted enemy hero dealing moderate XXX damage and removing all buff effects from them and denies new buffs for 1.5 seconds, it’ll display as Dispelled over the target. R2: Emerald Sacrifice (110 second CD): Aessina becomes unstoppable and begins to channel for 1 second before she enters the Emerald Dream sacrificing half her remaining health in the process using it to heal all nearby allies for the amount lost (this is a base amount not shared) but dies in the process causing her trait to activate, please note this actually requires you being attacked to work else it’ll be wasted and the CD is halved, Aessina’s respawn timer is also reduced by 20 seconds if used correctly, Passively allows her Trait to be activatable with a 20 second cooldown without having to die. Talents: Level 1: - Mortal Tether: Ancient Tether can be used on minions and mercenaries and deals 50% increased draining. - Shielding Spirits (Quest): Passively increases the mana cost of Spirits of the Forest by 20%, Block spell damage with Spirits of the Forest, blocking spell damage 60 times gives two more wisps increasing the cap to 25 spell armour, blocking 75 times gives Aessina a permanent three Wisps that float around her that have a cooldown of 5 seconds each. - Owl Spirit (Active): This is exactly like Recon Drone and Malfurion should also have one (come on cho’gall got one!). Level 4: - Essence of Nature (QUEST): Drain enemy heroes for their health, 45 seconds draining increase the healing received by 2% per second for allied heroes, after 70 seconds reduce the cooldown of Ancient Tether by 2 seconds. - Circle of Life: Spirits of the Forest gains a second charge but its cooldown is increased by 4 seconds and an active passive appears showing when the second charges cooldown starts, cannot stack itself on the same target. - Ancient Wisp: Aessinas movement speed bonus from Ancient of Nature increases by a bonus 1% per second up to 10% when not in combat. - Final Sacrifice: When Spirits of the Forest is used for Wrathful Spirit the allied hero is healed for XXX amount + 2% per wisp taken off them.Damian9 1d
1d [CDC #2] Mal'ganis, the Dread Lord Mal'ganis is a dread lord from the Warcraft universe. They are cunning and powerful demons from the Burning Legion. As I am not familier with the Warcraft lore, it could be any dread lord, Mal'ganis is the only one I know. As a melee support, he enables all of his allies and help his tank initiates. He prefers auto-attack heroes over mages. Trait: Vampiric Aura - Mal'ganis emits an aura that grants him and nearby ally Heroes 25% lifesteal. Radius similar to Raynor's Inspire. Q: Carrion Swarm - Mal'ganis fire a horde of bats fowards, dealing damage to enemies in a cone. They travel fast. Cone targeting, Mana cost: 55 Cooldown: 10 seconds W: Hypnosis - After a 0,5/0,75 seconds delay, put to sleep any enemy Heroes in the targeted area for up to 3 seconds. If sleeping targets take damage, they will wake instantly. Ground targeting, Mana cost: 70 Cooldown: 14 seconds E: Shadow Wings - Mal'ganis gains the ability to fly for 6 seconds, making him move 20% faster, can go through terrain and have no collision. During these 6 seconds, he leaves behind him a path of shadow that makes his allies stepping on it move 20% faster, can go through terrain as well and have no collision. Enemies stepping on the path takes low damage per second and are slowed by 20%. Instant, Mana cost: 85 Cooldown: 25 seconds R1: Call Down Inferno - After a 1 second channel, Mal'ganis calls down an inferno from the sky for up to 60 seconds. Deals large damage and stuns enemies for 1,25 seconds at the impact area. The inferno has large amount of health, deals moderate AA damage and deals low damage per second to enemies near it. Ground targeting, Mana cost: 120 Cooldown: 100 seconds (does not start until the inferno dies or expires) R2: Nightmare - Activate to make Mal'ganis channel for up to 3 seconds, making nearby enemies put into Statis for the channel duration. During that time, ally Heroes are healed for a up to 50% of their missing health over the duration. Instant (very large radius), Mana cost: 90 Cooldown: 80 secondsMemile5 1d
1d [CDC][Hero Concept] Phylarch I've made this concept for Blizztrons hero concept competition. Phylarch the Evergreen is a botani (a tree person from the orcs world Dreanor) who made 3 attempts to stop the azerothians from cutting down trees in their fight against the iron horde. At the end of his third attempt he surrendered, he promised the azerothian commander that he could process the wood the commander was harvesting more efficiently and humanly. This would slow down the destruction of Dreanors environment. Now Phylarch has been called to the nexus where his nature magic will empower his allies and cripple his foes. Phylarchs basic attack has him throwing leaves at the enemy in a similar range to li-ming. trait-natural balance- Phylarch uses energy instead of mana, he has 100 energy. Energy restores by 10 a second after not spending any energy for 6 seconds. Phylarch also gives his allies up to 20 armor depending on his energy level. when in-between 40-60 energy his allies around him receive 20 armor, but the further away his current energy is the lower there armor is (about 5 armor per 10 energy) q- vine lash- Phylarch swings a vine in a long thin cone that does 50 damage and applying a 20% movement speed slow for 1 second, the duration refreshes every time the enemy moves. 4 second cool down and costs 15 energy w-Iyus blessing- put down a green symbol (about the size as Kael Thas's flamestrike) after a 2 second delay it will give a buff of 20% increased attack damage for 8 seconds the symbol expires after the 2 seconds. 10 second cool down and costs 30 energy e-Gift of a everbloom- a global ability that puts down a flower that will heal an ally for 180 when they walk over it.(enemies can also kill it with any form of damage) The flower will grow over the course of 12 seconds increasing its healing by up to 200% the flower lasts up to 20 seconds. the ability has a 20 second cool down and costs no energy r1-Primal Infestation- turn a dead ally or enemy (its like auriels reserect ware you see ware and who died but it works for enemies to) into a primal zombie that grants 10 armor to allies in an area around it. Any dead ally can activate an ability with the f button to take control of the primal zombie till the zombie dies, the timer expires, or the hero comes back to life which turns the zombie back into a npc (but another ally can take control of it). The zombie has an ability called Shambling Charge which makes the zombie dash in a chosen direction doing a small bit of damage, can only be used once in a zombies life the zombie also retains half the original heroes’ health and cannot be healed. The zombie lasts 10 seconds, this ability coasts 30 energy and has a 60 second cooldown. r2- bound in life- point and click spell that transfers all of the damage that ally would take to Phylarch's energy for 5 seconds(40 damage is equal to 1 point of your energy) if Phylarchruns out of energy during this spells duration Phylarch will die. costs 25 energy and has a 80 second cool down Skin- sea monster Phylarch- all the noise made from the robots built to combat kaiju Diablo awoke a horrible sea monster in the dark depths of the sea(tentacle themed abilities) Phylarch is a non healing focused support whose main focus in combat is his attack buff and vine slow, with his heal only helping with laning sustane or well thought out team fights ware he has to place it well in advance for it to have any use. The ideal way to start a fight with phylarch is to start with gift of the Everbloom in a bush or behind your team a head of a fight, then buff allies with Iyus blessing witch will lower your energy down to 70% after words your vine whip will lower your energy right down to 55%. (right in the sweet spot) Your not expected to have your energy inbetween 40 and 60 the whole time (a 20 armor passive up the majority of the time would just be broken) Phylarch's first Heroics main prepuce is to gain the additional 10 amour the zombie provides, while also being able to receive a little help from a dead ally. While the level 20 talent can get up to 3 people into one horrifying beast. His second ult can save a teammate if used correctly or it can get you killed, the 25 energy cost stops it from giving a ally a full separate health bar. The level 20 talent keeps you in the fight while this ability is active. Edit changed the Summon Foliage Heroic to a talent that isn't as strong as it was before. The new heroic Primal infestation I find much more interesting. I also removed the ally dying in a failed bound in life. and stated that Phylarch has a ranged attackPdunz7 1d
1d Harth Stonebrew (CDC) The Innkeeper who supervises hearthstone matches. He learned to use card effects to aid his allies. Ranged Support who aids his allies and harrasses his foes through status effects. Trait: Innkeeper does not use mana. Instead he has 30 cards which he may throw at his allies or enemies to utilize their effects. Cards regenerate 2 every 3 seconds. Cards are also fully recharged upon death. He can use abilities without cards, but it costs him 1% health per ability. In addition he may utilize the deathrattle effect allowing him to cast an extra ability for free upon dying. Basic Attack: Innkeeper throws a card, reducing his card count per attack and granting him a stack of Discard. Discard increases his attack power with each consecutive attack on the same enemy up to a 10 card attack increase. This is reset if he changes targets. Q: Divine Shield: If used on an ally they are protected from the next damaging basic ability or 3 basic attacks to be cast on them. If used on a foe the next friendly basic ability cast on them will have no effect. Ultimates still work in both cases. Costs 3 cards W: Windfury: Allows an ally to use a basic ability twice, but doubles the cooldown. If used on an enemy it just doubles the cooldown of their next basic ability. Ultimates are unaffected. Costs 4 cards E: Freeze: Damages and roots an enemy for 2 seconds. If used on an ally they receive 10 armor reducing damage taken from basic attacks for 2 seconds. Costs 2 cards Secret. Enemies may not see what ultimate Innkeeper chooses until he uses it. R1: Return to Hand: Returns an enemy hero to their core. Long cooldown. If used on an ally the cooldown is halved and their movement speed is temporarily increased upon leaving the core. Cost 5 cards R2: Taunt: Places a marker on an allied minion, merc, or summoned creature. Enemies may not damage allied heroes until the marked target is killed or the mark fades. Mark lasts for 4 seconds. Medium range protect. If used on an enemy it increases their damage taken for 4 seconds, but allies may still damage other foes. Costs 7 cards Harth's strength lies in his ability to juggle attack damage and status effects. However, resource management is important to play him to his full potential. His only real heal is an ultimate that returns heroes to their core. Used poorly it can result in a lost team fight, but used right it can save someone from a lost team fight.Phurr5 1d
1d [CDC] Jace, Diablo II Paladin Concept Design Contest #2 Entry Jace, Diablo 2 Paladin Role: Support/Warrior Attack Type: Melee Health: 2000 Mana: 500 Health Regen: 4 Mana Regen: 3.5 Attack Damage: 80 Attack Speed: 1 Trait: Holy Aura Heal yourself and allied heroes around you for 10 health every second for each basic ability that is off cooldown. This heal will be applied as an aura. All auras are 50% effective in a large area around you and 100% effective in your melee range. Q: Smite - CD 10 sec Charge towards a target point, enemies hit will be knocked to the side, take 50 damage, and you will gain 10% movement speed for each enemy hero hit for 3 seconds. W: Vengeance - CD 10 sec Your next basic attack will increase your attack speed by 30% and add elemental effects to your basic attacks for the next 5 seconds. These effects can stack up to 5 times. Quest: Hit enemies with basic attacks. Reward: After 150 hits, choose another Lvl 1 talent Reward: After 300 hits, choose another Lvl 1 talent. E: Holy Shield - CD 10 sec Grant 30 armor to all allies as an aura for 4 seconds. Passive: You gain 5 armor for each basic ability that is on cooldown. R1: Holy Protection - CD 5 sec Choose an allied hero, 25% of all damage they take while in your aura will be diverted to you. Activate to remove the effect. R2: Thorns of Retribution - CD 80 sec Enemies receive 30% of the damage they deal to you and allied heroes in your aura for 8 seconds. This is applied as an aura. How does he play Jace is an aggressive support that is most effective when working closely with his allies. While a capable passive healer outside of combat. In combat, he changes into a off tank that can divert damage done to his allies by giving them armor or tanking the damage from them directly. He can also focus on a target, setting them up for the team to follow up. Jace has 3 distinct build archetypes, and each tier has an options that focuses to that play style. A good Jace player will pick the talents that shape him to the role most needed by the team. While using abilities precisely to keep the most up time on the healing.RatherDashin17 1d
1d {Hero Concept} Broxigar, The Red Axe Broxigar, the Red Axe, is a Melee Assassin that utilizes Rage - AKA: Fury, But more Warcraft-y, and decaying. While lacking any hard engages or sustain, paired with the right allies he can become a force of nature. As always, link for formatting, icons, changelog, etc.: https://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/broxigar-4878 .....................WhoYouExpect1 1d
1d and stans from udner tale you guys should add sans from undertale: online as a hero and he should be a dps and do a lot of damage and his ult makes people have a bad time and he sends kids to h-e-double hockeysticks and he burns them and stuffCologne26 1d
1d (DreadLord Jaina) Skins and talents ideas. hello, everyone, blizz team most likely already thought about those, but I'll through them out in case...they didn't. Valeera: ghost, specter, Dark templar and zerg adorned dark templar. Rexxar: he have the skin with beasts bones...let it be zerg bones. D.va: A Blood/high/night Elf mounting a goblin/gnome construct, the goblin tree shredder, and the one that Gelbin Mekkatorque have. As for D.va talents: we need a talent tree for pilot D.va, I know that will make her really hard to kill with meka, but not if she chose pilot talents, cause her company cant supp both, u get stuff for ur self or ur meka, e.g.: she can have the Torpedo Dash at the cost of less duration boosters, u know less fuel on the booster given to the Torpedoes for her to Dash. And that's all. ty byeDoomRage24 1d
1d {CDC Concept} Ysera, the Dreamer My concept for Concept Design Contest #2. My concept for Ysera is a supportive Specialist, drawing her allies into the Emerald Dream and introducing a new Crowd Control effect. Note that my preferred design for the Aspects holds their Dragon Form as their only heroic, however, a second heroic is provided as well, just in case. .................................WhoYouExpect7 1d
1d [Hero Concept] V-07-TR-0N Preface: This is my first ever modular hero concept, what does that mean you might wonder? well like how cho'gall is 2 heroes, the V-07-TR-0N can be (OPTIONALLY) 1-3 heroes, or 1-3 separate heroes that do not have to combine, but gain benefits when they do (but lose the extra lane presence, so optimal on a 2 lane map) as such I shall present the concept for all 3 heroes in this post, please do not post additional replies until i have reserved a few. Hero 1: Leviathan MKII Role: (modular) Melee Warrior Secondary role: "The legs" Trait: Advanced Self Repair: After taking fatal damage the Leviathan MKII will continue to exist on the battlefield and may control their movement, but may not otherwise attack until repairs are complete. (scales with respawn timer) Mount: Activate to charge a set distance in the target direction. (20 second cooldown) Q: Napalm shell(8 second cooldown): Fires an incendiary round at the target location, dealing damage and leaving behind a patch of fire for 8 seconds that burns all enemies that enter it for additional damage. Deals half damage to structures. W: Static Defense Matrix(14 second CD): Protect yourself in a shell of electricity for 4 seconds. while active you gain 50 armor, but move 30% slower. E: Steam Vents(Toggle): Flush out extra heat through your steam vents, dealing damage to nearby enemies every second, traveling through fire patches while steam vents is active will extinguish them and remove the mana cost of steam vents for 4 seconds. Drains (tbd) mana every second. R1: Orbital Defense Protocol(120 second CD): Become rooted for 10 seconds while targeting all living enemy players on the map, after 10 seconds they take (very high damage) decreased the farther away from the Leviathan MKII they are, down to 20%. (Note: using this ability reveals Leviathan MKII and being interrupted will cause this spell to incur a lower cooldown.) R2: Shock Blast(20 second CD): Release a large wave of electrons, dealing (damage) and stunning enemies hit for .5 seconds. Talents Level 1: (quest) Fire fighter!: Extinguishing fire patches with steam vents increases the damage per second of steam vents by 2, after reaching a total bonus of 100 steam vents mana cost is reduced by 50%. (mount) After charging you leave behind a trail of flame patches for 8 seconds. Quest: Siege Shelling: Burn enemy heroes with fire patches for a collective 300 seconds, once complete Fire patches last 12 seconds longer. Level 4: Static Defense Matrix now grants 75 spell armor, but only 25 physical armor for it's duration. Static Defense Matrix now grants 75 physical armor, but only 25 spell armor for its duration. Static Defense Matrix grants 75 armor, but reduces your movement speed by an additional 30% (for a total of 60% movement speed reduction) Level 7: Gain 10% increased life for every attached unit (minimum of 10%) Basic attacks deal 60% more damage, this bonus is spread evenly through all attached units. Static Defense Matrix lasts 1 second longer for each attached unit (minimum of 1) Level 10: (Heroic abilities) Level 13: (active) Summon a steambot that will seek out flame patches, absorbing the heat from them (does not affect the duration of flame patches), while a firebot is absorbing heat Steam vents are free and do not extinguish flame patches. (active) Mule MKII: Summon a mule that repairs nearby damage structures, This Mule can even reconstruct destroyed walls and gates. (mount) You can no longer charge but always move 20% faster. Level 16: When Napalm Shell strikes an enemy hero directly they will leave behind a trail of fire fir 3 seconds. Napalm Shell gains two additional charges. Static Defense matrix deals (damage) to all nearby enemies every time you take damage while it's active. Steam vents deal an additional 1% of enemy heroes maximum hp in damage every second. Level 20: Orbital Targeting System: Orbital Defense Protocol channels 2 seconds faster and reveals all enemy heroes while it is being channeled. (note: since the effect roots you you cannot self cancel to gain permanent vision of the enemy team) Static Build-Up: Shock Blast will automatically release every 10 seconds. V-07-TR-0N UNITE: All attached V-07-TR-0N units now share a healthpool while connected and receive 50% increased healing. Norgannon's Foresight: (Active, One-time-Use) Activate to instantly destroy all living enemy structures (does not affect the core)TheWalrus2 1d
1d Morales as an actual healbot Rexxar/Misha as Abathur/Monstrosity skin or just infested Rex and Ultralisk Misha and Zergling boars, w/ scourge eagle thrown out. Nagathur skin with Myrmidon Monstros. And other fishy animations.QuietOnset0 1d
1d [Hero Concept] Kazakus - Leader of the Kabal This is an attempt to create a unique and complex hero similar to what we had back in DotA 1 with Kael. I tried to stay close to Kazakus lore and abilities while stay far from invoker. The result was a hero with similar mechanic (combining elements to create a spell) but with total different playstyle, ended up like a lot more support. If you are checking this post now, please now that I'll be releasing a 2.0 version tomorrow with a lot of improvements, specially visual. http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/kazakus-7108HexerVooDoom4 1d
1d BW Talents Can we get peekaboo and manic pixie moved in talent order, currently Level 1 and level 7 phase shift talents are talent spot 2, while the level 4 talent has the phase shift @ talent spot 3.Werbs0 1d