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1h For who would you like a Hallow's End skin this year? I could not have been more surprised and pleased with her fine Nexomania additions last spring, but I can't help but feel like Lunara is a couple years overdue for a pseudo Headless Horsewoman get-up of sorts. The likeness seems to be public domain, and whereas all Blizzard would really be doing is putting a jack-o-lantern onto their Dryad's neck, I don't foresee there being any monkaS legal angles involved any way, heh. How about you all? Which heroes would you like to see get decked up for the next annual event & what sort of skin ideas do you have for them?Sickroom9 1h
2h The Lich King Idea Arthas: The Lich king A Melee Attacking Unit Talent: Ruler of the dead - The Lich king will now mimic Malthael. Melee attack similar in strength to the warrior varian Class - Melee Assassin Death Coil: Deals dmg an heals Howling Blast: traps them for 4 secs but cause no dmg. Frozen Tempest: Slow's hero's attack's an movement to 80% but causes no dmg. Eternal Frostmourne: stay's Permanent eye's let up after effecting 4 hero's 5 time's the dmg increases. Heroic Abillite's Army of the Dead: Rase 3 Ghoul's an 2 Skeletal Warrior's deal's 30 dmg Summon Sindragosa Deals 50 dmg per second. Anti-Basic dmg-Shell:Activate to become immune to Basic dmg for 4 sec but has 150 cooldown Lich king new Skin spoiler: http://oi64.tinypic.com/15zmhj9.jpgUSSRHeroUSSR1 2h
5h More "The" Heroes The first was The Butcher, but what about the others from Diablo? - The Oppressor http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Oppressor - The Unburied http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Unburied - The Siegebreaker http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Siegebreaker_Assault_Beast - The Cow King http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/The_Cow_King - The Tickle Monster (A legend from WoW) - The Executioner http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Executioner_(Monster)Kuddlesberg0 5h
6h The Real OW Reaper or Valla OW Reaper Skin I have see that many suggest Reaper from Overwatch to be add wich would be nice but i wounder if blizz dose seem that fits so could atlest Valla have the Female Reaper skin then and some voice change maybe for the effectTompan1 6h
6h Poor Ragnoros has never gotten new skins The fire lord is sad....Shade23 6h
6h The end of Starcraft Heroes? Overmind is nigh impossible to implement, Mengsk is not a fighter, and we dont really have any relevant protoss, that wouldnt be clones now that Fenix has been added. Is Blizzard going to pull the plug on Starcraft until starcraft 3 is announced? Maybe focus on some more Diablo heroes, finally?Stef0w136 6h
10h The Lost Viking: Basic Abilities Concept These are basic abilities that do not require a talent to use. With each ability being specific to a single viking. Intended to strengthen their individual specialty, and pay homage to their abilities in the original Silicon & Synapse classic. (Q) Shield Bash - Olaf charges at a selected enemy dealing damage and blocks all basic attacks from that enemy for 3 seconds. (W) Fiery Arrow - Baelog fires an arrow that ignites the first enemy target hit. The Ignited target will have a fiery aura that damages nearby enemies for 4 seconds. (E) Jump - Eric becomes Invulnerable and is able to pass over enemies for 1.5 seconds. Shield bash is basically his current passive, but now blocks attacks just as he did in the original game. Baelog Originally could shoot arrows. This interpretation applies burning rage to enemies. Further emphasizing his role as the lane clear/damage viking. While Eric gets to keep the jump ability. It is perfect for a character that is meant to be fast and slippery. Plus, it was his primary ability in the original game. Few Talent Ideas Spin to Win - Whenever a viking uses their ability. The other two will deal damage to nearby enemies. Hunka' Burning Olaf - Fiery Arrow can now be used on Olaf. It wont harm Olaf, but the fiery aura will deal 100% more damage in a larger area. Jump With Me! - The other vikings will jump along with Erik if they are nearby him. At the cost of a increased cooldown.RatherDashin1 10h
10h New Druid Hero please!!! Broll Bearmantle or Hamuul Runetotem would be great addition to HotS! I'm probably bias cause I love druids and main druid in WoW but I think having a shapeshifting hero in this game would be great. He can be the next multi-class hero or a jack of all trades type character.KoHippie0 10h
10h Which Hero do you want in the Nexus? A) Captain Rumford, of the New Tristrim Militia B) Fredrik Farley, the Innkeeper of Goldshire C) The Elevator Boss D) A N'raqi or "faceless one" known as "The Tickle Monster"Kuddlesberg26 10h
10h Abathur rework Why? : I feel blizzard has been neglecting abathur for a while, he has been the way he is now for ages now and has near to no diversity in competitive builds. Monstrosity has also never been viable which is something i would like changed. Finally i feel Aba deserves to have an E ability like everyone else :P. (Note: Any talents and abilities that are not mentioned are unchanged) -New Ability: E: Monstrous Evolution: Whenever an enemy minion dies near abathur or his Symbiote Target, gain 1 stack of Evolution. at 30 stacks you can activate this ability to consume all stacks of Evolution and turn into a monstrosity, increasing basic attack damage by 1000% and health by 300% for 10 seconds. -Talent Changes: Level1 : Survival Instincts (Changed) : Quest : Gain Stacks of Evolution Reward: Upon reaching 100 total stacks of evolution, Increase the health and damage of your Locusts by 50%. Reward: Upon reaching 200 total stacks of evolution, Locusts last indefinetely. Envenomed Nests (Changed) : Quest: Hit enemy heroes with Toxic Nests Reward: Upon hitting 15 heroes, increase damage dealt by toxic mines by 75%. Reward: Upon hitting 30 heroes toxic mines also slow enemies by 40% for 4 seconds. Level4: Balistospores(Removed) Prolific Dispersal (changed): Increase toxic nest charges by 2. Whenever an enemy hero is hit by a toxic nest 2 charges are instantly replenished. Sustained Carapace (Changed): Increase shield ammount by 40%. Quest: Absorb 3000 damage with Carapace. Reward: Carapace persists indefinitely (but can not stack) (New Talent) Evolution Pact: Whenever a minion, non-boss mercenary or hero dies near Abathur during Monstrosity, Abathur gains the attack and health of the target for the remaining duration of monstrosity. Level7: Calldown Mule (Removed) Vile Nest(Removed) Needlespine(Removed) (New Talent) Toxic Stab: Stab range decreased by 20%. Enemies hit by stab are slowed by 30% for 1 second. (New Talent)Reinforced Coating: Symbiote's Carapace gives Buildings 50 armor. (New Talent)(Ability) Cooperative Evolution: Use up 5 stacks of evolution to instantly defeat a mercenary and increase their damage by 10%. Does not work on bosses. Level 10 Evolve Monstrosity (Changed): (Passive) Increase the duration of Monstrosity by 100%. Damage dealt to minions mercenaries and monsters is increased by 50%. Level 13 Bombard Strain (removed) (New Talent) Support Strain: Minions and mercenaries near your locusts deal 10% more damage, this effect can stack up to 100%. Assault Strain (Changed) : Reduce the cooldown of Locusts by 8 seconds. Level 16: Volatile Mutation(Removed) Adrenaline Boost (Changed): Symbiote's Carapace makes the target's cooldowns refresh 25% faster. (New Talent) Adapt Razer Claws: Deep Tunnel is now instant. Basic attacks during monstrosity Blind enemies for 2 seconds. Level 20 Evolutionary Link (Removed) Hivemind(removed) Evolution Complete (Changed): (Passive) Abathur Is permanently In monstrosity form. (New Talent) (Upgraded "Ultimate Evolution") Superior Evolution: Ultimate Evolution can now be cast on enemies, doing so disables their heroic ability for the duration. (New Talent) Immune System: Symbiote target has 25 aditional spell armor. Symbiote Carapace Gives the target Unstoppable for 1 second. (New Talent) Barrage: Spike burst now has 3 charges that refresh simultaneously.ŊǾRZEŬS3 10h
11h REINHARDT Put him in the game already please.Celpwns2617 11h
11h Next Hero after Yrel? Exarch Yrel has been revealed in the Echoes of Alterac trailer. Who do you think comes after? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTF3u5lmIH4Macaulyn148 11h
13h Why is [status effect] [a different status effect]? Why is dehakas pull a stun? Sylvanas' ult is to take control of an enemy hero's movement, and she can't attack them while it's happening. Its utility is in walking an enemy into your team, or into towers. Dehaka has the same thing as a basic ability. It kind of severely undercuts sylvanas, especially bc his version is better-- he can attack and self-heal while he's doing it to the enemy. So, why is his basic ability -also- a stun? Rn there's never a reason to not use it, aside from the presence of better targets, so turning its stun into a root or a taunt, where the enemy hero you're dragging is at least able to beat on you would give you places to -not- tongue (like on a varien when ur alone) which increases the value of when you -do- tongue Why is taunt a silence?? bc varien's taunt is also a silence it's vastly more powerful againt mellee heroes, who might be able to out-power him with their -mellee- abilities, than it is against ranged poke heroes who are already going to die if varien is hitting them anyway. I mean, it's a stun where ur character still AA's but that's so worthless in the face of who actually has taunt that it might as well just be a stun where ur target follows you wherever you go. Should make it -not- silence your abilities but any ability that can be targeted targets as if you clicked them on the taunterDeshara0 13h
16h Human Tyrael Skin I curious as to why this isn't in the game yet specially that his already human in D3.SupHypUlt0 16h
17h [HC] Cenarius, Lord of the Forest Cenarius is one of the more iconic characters from Warcraft, having been a huge figure in Warcraft III, and being an important part of Night Elf lore. While Malfurion took the core Keeper of the Grove design, Cenarius is far more than that, and I wanted to make a thematic kit that was also very different from what he had in Warcraft III. In HotS, he is a patient and planning specialist who must look far into the future in order to maximize his abilities. He can play the part of a damage dealer, a support, or a summoning specialist, depending on which talents are selected. Universe: Warcraft Role: Specialist Emerald Amble Z (Mount) – 4 Second CD (Passive) Cenarius has 10% increased movement speed at all times. (Active) Only usable if Cenarius has not received damage in the last 4 seconds. After a 1.5 second channel, Cenarius enters the Emerald Dream, becoming immune to damage and tripling the movement speed bonus to 30%. While in the Emerald Dream, he can use abilities, but they deal no damage and apply no effects. Cenarius can emerge from the Emerald Dream at any time (even while channeling), which causes his abilities to once again take effect. All units summoned by Cenarius while in the Emerald Dream are also in the Emerald Dream, becoming immune to damage as well, and emerge when Cenarius does. Structures will not fire at Cenarius (or his summons) while in the Emerald Dream. Explanation: While the idea of the patient nature demigod was appealing, he needed a way to transverse lanes calling up Naturalize and growing his minions. I didn’t want to diminish the thematic of waiting, so I decided to grant him a defensive option that fit with his nature of being from the Emerald Dream and also his status as a demigod. He clearly would not work on a mount, so I decided to make this. Naturalize Trait (90 sec Cooldown) Cenarius channels for 1 second before calling forth the powers of nature under a target fort over the course of 60 seconds (the area encompasses the entire structure area). Every second, all structures in the area have their attack speed reduced by 1%, stacking up to 50% over the first 50 seconds as vines grow upwards. Upon reaching 50%, the vines fully envelop the structures, disabling their attacks for the remaining 10 seconds, and increasing the damage they take by 25%. Explanation: Naturalize was the first ability I wanted to implement in the character, as it felt so thematic for the patient demigod of nature to have. I wanted the character to have pockets of power with long build-ups, which shows patience and stalwartness. This is the pinnacle of that idea, and creates opportunities for his team to quickly kill an enemy structure. The effects are visible to his enemies, which allows his enemies to guard the area while the structures are down. Nature’s Wrath Q (9 sec Cooldown) Cenarius targets an area and starts to channel a blast over 1.5 seconds, moving at 75% of his normal speed. After the 1.5 seconds, Cenarius launches a blast of power at the area, dealing 465 (+4% per level) damage to all enemies and structures hit. Every minion and mercenary killed by Nature’s Wrath heals Cenarius by 39 (+4% per level). The target area is invisible until launched. Explanation: Nature’s Wrath is Cenarius’s one direct damaging ability. With it, he can quickly clear minion waves, which in turn grants him a nice heal if he is able to kill a group of minions. It can also be used to fight heroes, but its large cast time, reduced movement speed while channeling, and ability to get interrupted makes the ability hard to use, unless using during Emerald Amble. Force of Nature W (14 sec Cooldown) Cenarius calls forth three sprouts at the target location (in a triangle formation), each with 260 (+4% per level) health. The saplings grow over the course of 6 seconds, and then fully emerge as Treants. The Treants run alongside Cenarius for 10 seconds, and will attack nearby enemies with melee attacks. These treants have 525 (+4% per level) health and deal 36 (+4% per level) damage with their attacks. Treants deal double damage to structures fully entangled by Naturalize. Explanation: Force of Nature provides Cenarius with much of his pushing power, while also being able to soak large amounts of damage. Force of Nature has a lengthy cooldown and a long build-up time, but once it is active, his treants can be a menace, soaking large amounts of damage from skillshots and structures.Bliztron6 17h
18h Character Hero Creation Ideas After my Rework Ideas, i'll be trying to Recreate some Characters!! It will be mostly Warcraft, but if suggested, i'll try one!!! WARNING: If there's a Negative reaction to this, please ignore instead of spreading negativity, I'm open to constructive criticism so I'll understand... Thank you so much!!CVA9 18h
23h Why cant you reroll legendaries?? I get it, you're insanely money-grubbing and rig the boxes to give duplicates more often than anything else. I have gotten the same 4 legendary skins in the past 15 legendaries. What happens when you reroll? YOU GET NOTHING; YOU LOSE!! GOOD DAY, SIR! Why, oh why can you even get the same stuff you already have? At least give more dust than a QUARTER of the cost to craft something. You need your sheckels for your goyums, i get it. But comon...Naetheras1 23h
1d Banner suggestion It would be super cool if there were a Kirin Tor banner!Osulivan0 1d
1d Nova Rework Concept Hi everyone! Nova is one of my most played Stealth Hero in the game, unfortunately, the rework didn't actually fix most of her problems and OiTC is still the go-to build. New changes Ghost Protocol no longer deploys a Holographic Decoy. Snipe Master removed. Mana cost of Snipe and Pinning Shot reduced to 50. Holographic Decoy changed to 1 Snipe damage increased to 260 EMP Round 50 Mana / Cooldown: 12 seconds Nova targets an area after 0.75 second and deals 90(X% per level) damage and 150 (X% per level) additional damage to shields while silencing Heroes for 1 second. Ghost Protocol - Trait Cooldown: 20 seconds Activate to instantly gain Stealth and unrevealable for 1 second. Passive: Nova gains Stealth after 3 seconds of taking no damage, while in Stealth, she gains 15% Movement Speed. Talents (Tier 1 / Level 1) EMP Stabiliser EMP Round radius increased by 10% and its damage against non-Heroes increased by 100%. Explosive Rounds Snipe also deals 65% damage to enemies near the impact. Shrapnel Shells Nova's Basic Attack splashes for 60% of the damage dealt around the target. Talents (Tier 2 / Level 4) Precision Sniper ❢Quest: Hitting enemy Heroes with Snipe below 75% Health permanently increases Snipe's damage by 5 up to 200 bonus damage. ❢Reward: Upon gaining 200 bonus damage, Snipe range increased by 15% and its cooldown reduced by 1 second. One in the Chamber After using an ability, Nova's next Basic Attack within 3 seconds deals 65% additional damage. Anti Armor Shells Nova's Damage ignores Positive Armor. Passive: Basic Attack damage increased by 20%. Talents (Tier 3 / Level 7) Ionic Force Field Nova gains 30 Armor after breaking Stealth for 3 seconds. Defense Matrix If EMP Round hits an enemy Hero, it grants Nova Shields equal to 100% of the damage dealt including bonus damage to Shields. Sabotage Drone Cooldown: 30 seconds Active: Activate to place a Sabotage Drone that deals 125(X% per level) damage after 2 seconds, enemies caught in the blast are also slowed by 30% for 2 seconds. Talents (Tier 5 / Level 13) Ocular Visor Upon gaining Stealth, Nova's ability range is increased by 20%. Double Tap Pinning Shot now has 2 charges. Covert Ops Pinning Shot cooldown reduced by 4 seconds and its damage increased by 25%. Passive: Attack Speed increased by 20%. Talents (Tier 6 / Level 16) Crippling Shot Pinning Shot lowers a Hero's Armor by 15 for the duration of the slow. Defensive Drone Cooldown: 50 seconds Active: Activate to an area to deploy a Defensive Drone, granting allies and Nova 20 Armor until they leave the Defensive Drone's radius, lasts 25 seconds. Apollo Suit Stealth cooldown reduced to 1 second and Movement Speed is increased by 10%.hellobg10 1d
1d Sara Kerrigan Hello developers of the Heroes of the storm. I would like to see in the game Ghost human Sarah Kerrigan With her abilities and skins. Because she is a very interesting character and I think she could show herself in battle very good as a Ghost with psionic powers. Thank you very much.HellPrior7 1d
1d Rokhan as new hero or Nazeebo skin Rokhan would have a simular kit to nazeebo and was what we thought we were getting when they teased nazeeboo, so are we going to see him as a new character or as a skin for nazeeboBullyfish1 1d
1d Derp Fester Anoucner or Skin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faqft3m_wwU Made my day!Kuddlesberg0 1d
1d Sarah Kerrigan (Legendary Skin for Nova) Okay i decide to make this more complete thread for some people understand why i want more a real Sarah Kerrigan skin instead of that Nova red skin colour variation BS yeah the one who looks like Sarah Kerrigan but in truth is just Nova in red skin colour nothing more. For some normal people or people who don't care about this yeah that Nova red skin colour is enough for them but now for people like me the ones who love more Human Sarah Kerrigan more than Kerrigan Queen of Blades that is just disappointment, and the reasons are making me to do another thread about this is the reason i dont want to give up on this >_< So you know that Widowmaker in Overwatch will have a Sarah Kerrigan skin right, so with that i still have some hope for HotS as well ^^ - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OakFHqN2Vwg Sarah Kerrigan (Legendary Skin for Nova) - Contain Kerrigan's own lines, quotes, Dance, face, hair, and different colour abilities instead of Blue from Nova Default Skin: Original Sarah Kerrigan - http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Sarah_Kerrigan?file=SarahKerrigan_SCR_HeadAnim.gif Second colour variation: Black Hair and with uniform White and Green colours Third colour variation: Sarah Kerrigan (Human form with Zerg hair) from Heart of the Swarm expansion - http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Sarah_Kerrigan?file=SarahKerrigan_SC2_HopesandFearsCine1.jpg Four colour variation: Infested Sarah Kerrigan - http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Sarah_Kerrigan?file=InfestedKerrigan_SCR_HeadAnim.gif So what you prefer: A real Sarah Kerrigan with all her details and forms or a Red colour Nova just to be like her? As a fan of Human Sarah Kerrigan i prefer a complete and professional Skin work, instead of some BS colour skin, say whatever you want but if Overwatch can have so HotS can have as well, just imo.LordFrieza12 1d
1d Druid Multiclass Druid - Multiclass range attack similar in strength to Malfurion Trait - compost - restore a small amount of health and mana to all nearby friendly units when you kill an enemy. Q - Wrath - deal damage to all enemys around you (range to hit all minions if positioned right) W - barkskin - Target gains armor for a short time E - Bush - Create a bush R1 - Bear - shapeshift into a bear to Guard your allies use again to change back strong slow Melee attack, gain 25 armor Trait - Brambles - Attackers get Damaged Q - Thrash - Moderate Bleed damage and slow all targets in radius W - Roar - nearby friendly units get damage and speed buff E - Rejuvinate - Heal over time effect R2- Cat - shapeshift into a Cat for a more stealthy aproach use again to change back Stonger faster Melee attack, 10% movement speed increase Trait - King of the Jungle - Deal increased Damage against Mercenaries and when you enter a Bush you become stealthed Q - Rake - Deal small amount of Damage and the target Bleeds for more Damage W - Shred - Deal moderate Damage inrceased when target Bleeds E - Pounce - Jump at a target slowing them. only usable while stealthed Basic abilitys cost mana even in Bear and Cat form but shapeshift is free with a small cooldown maybe 2-3 seconds and the basic ability cooldowns are not shared so you could use Wrath then shapshift Bear and use Thrash If Multiclass isn't a thing anymore then replace Bear with Moonkin for a Melee or ranged Assassin or add Moonkin just for three ways to play R3 - Moonkin - shapeshift into a Moonkin for more powerfull spells use again to change back Stronger range attack, 10 armor gain Q - Lunar strike - greater range and more Damage (or AoE damage) W - Force of nature - Summon 3 treants for 10 sec E - New Moon - lvl1 Deal small amount of damage to target, upgrade lvl2 Deal moderate damage to target, upgared lvl3 Deal great amount of damage to target and around him, downgrade to lvl1Broll0 1d
1d Baron Rivendare: Death Knight of Naxxramas A melee support hero, Baron Rivendare dogs his enemies with relentless attacks while rallying his allies to join his charge. With his heroics, he can temporarily revive an allied player with Raise Dead or call forth one of his fellow Death Knights, the Four Horsemen to aid him in battle as a powerful summon. Base Statistics: Health: 2500~ DPS: 150~ Trait: On a Pale Horse Baron Rivendare is permanently mounted on his deathcharger, granting him +25% bonus movement speed and the ability to attack his enemies without stopping (as long as they are within a 240° arc infront of him). Q: Death Coil Baron Rivendare casts a bolt of unholy energy, healing it's target for 300~ and dealing 100~ damage around him in a small area of effect. This is his primary tool for targeted healing. Baron Rivendare cannot heal himself with Death Coil. W: Anti-Magic Shell Baron Rivendare creates a barrier of runic energy around an ally, shielding them from 200~ ability damage and granting them an additional 40 spell armor. This, the good Baron can cast on himself. E: Death Grip Baron Rivendare casts a link of malefic force between himself and an enemy. After a short delay, the target is pulled towards Baron Rivendare and stunned for 0s (in laymans terms, it interupts). The enemy can break this link by moving away from Baron Rivendare before the delay is complete. Heroic 1: The Four Horsemen Summons one of the Four Horsemen of Naxxramas to Baron Rivendare's side. Thane Korth'azz, Sir Zeliek, or Lady Blaumeux. Thane Korth'azz is large, tanky warrior with burning rage and trample, a low damage dash that slows enemies. The good thane focuses whoever Baron Rivendare attacks, and attempts to bodyblock them. Sir Zeliek has a healing aura, not unlike that of a Healing Ward, and follows by the Baron's side. He casts a cleanse on CC'd heroes that Baron Rivendare heals with Death Coil, provided his cleanse is not on cooldown. Lady Blaumeux volleys constant damage at enemies with shadowbolts, striking whichever enemy is lowest health (percentage based) in her range. She additionally casts a weak damage over time and slow on the target of Death Coil.Heroic 2: Raise Dead Immediately raises a fallen allied hero back from the dead as a revenant with full health. The raised hero takes 150~ damage and a stacking -2.5% healing received debuff every second. Killing the raised hero does not grant any experience, nor does the raising itself affect the hero's respawn timer. It only gives them a second chance to do some good this fight.DarthWalrus4 1d
1d [specialist] warbringer progression of this topic: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20765697465?page=1 Idea comes from HeoKungMeh's base in said topic. HERO:warbringer unit type: reaver health: high mana: moderate escape: almost none (no mount) instead has a home recall replacing hearth. hearth: when triggered can not be canceled by the enemy but warbringer takes double damage from all attacks. role: multi (based on level one talent. D (passive): scarab production, every 10 seconds produces one scarab charge, can hold 8 charges (with out talents). Q (toggle): launch scarabs, when active fires a scarab at the target instead of a small laser pulse, scarabs do increased damage and splash with bonuses based on the level 1 talent. W (active): observer, deploys an observer which reveals an area and removes stealth on enemy stealth heroes, lasts 10 seconds (talents improve length) E: tunneling scarabs, requires two charges of scarabs built up, launches underground scarabs at a selected target. R1: deploy warp prism info: deploys a warp prism at the selected location, said prism lasts until destroyed spawning waves of 3 melee minions + minions based on the level 1 talent. R2:scarab swarm info: deploys mini scarabs at all targets in range 3 per target. effect depends on level 1 talent. mini scarabs will target minions and buildings, but will only fire one at minions. LEVEL ONE TALENTS AND EFFECTS shielding units: scarabs are replaced with shielding units, these small robots can be targeted to allies granting them a small shield and healing X health, or towards enemy giving a -5 to armor. Plasma shell: scarabs have a longer range and do double damage against minions and buildings, but halved damage against heros. Heavy plating:: removes scarab storage and replaces with a shield generator and heavy armor, gain +10 armor and 200 shields at the cost of 4 scarab storage. scarabs now slow enemies that they hit. level 20 talent boosts for R abilities. warp prism (might need some work) shielding units: adds an engergizer to the summoned units, the energizer will boost the nearest ranged minion to its self upping their attack rate by 25% and increasing their damage by 10%. plasma shell: adds a vangaurd to the summoned units, this acts as a siege minion though it does not out range towers like the common ones spawned by destroying keeps. heavy plating: adds an immortal to the summoned units, this unit is unique in function being a ranged minion with a shield and double damage to other minions. scarab swarm shielding units: the scarabs launched will target allies as well healing them for X*3 if all three hit. and giving an armor boost. plasma shell: doubles the scarabs launched to even out their damage to heroes making it a heavy siege ultimate. heavy plating: reduces max targets from 5 to 3 but adds a heavy slow to all targets hit.warbrand26 1d
1d The Lost Viking: New Trait Idea New Trait Stronger Together Olaf gains 1 armor for each time he takes damage, stacking up to 30. Baelog gains 1% attack speed for each time he deals damage, stacking up to 30%. Eric gains 1% movement speed every second while moving, stacking up to 30%. Stacks gained will diminish rapidly from inactivity. In addition, Viking traits generate 1 additional stack for each nearby viking. For example, Olaf would gain 3 armor for each time he takes damage, if Baelog and Erik are nearby. The idea is that each viking would have a trait that enhances their individual strength. The Traits have a slow build up when they are separated, and build up much faster when working together. Players can still take advantage of their ability to multitask, but should also notice that fighting along side each other brings out the best of their individuality.RatherDashin3 1d
1d Hero Char. Update Ideas My Ideas and recommended updates and changes on the Characters of HotS. Mostly WC: 3 Heroes WARNING: This is all pure suggestions and opinions and should not be taken seriously, as I am well aware that most of this Heroes does not need any changes at all... So Have Fun and Enjoy!!!CVA35 1d
1d [hero rework concept] Zag First off yes, zag doesn't need much of a rework if any at all, though I think right now Banelings are pretty much your go to as zag with her other abilities being well meh depending on them with devouring maw being way to situational. Suggestions. hunter killer Info: replace with a passive minion that sticks near zag and auto attacks heroes, talents relating to it mostly stay the same. brood expansion makes it so upto two can follow her. Devouring maw, remove and replace with another ability. zerg nest info: spawns as small zerg nest at the point, can be used to block movement and spawns melee minions until destroyed, spreads creep. Sure it would lack the stasis but well stasis doesn't fit zag as she has no real way to take advantage of it once the heroes are released and most of hte time it is just used to block a path of retreat.warbrand20 1d
2d Arcturus Mengsk(Hero Concept) Just a friendly reminder, there is this cool villain called Mengsk. One of the most important character in SC and one of the best Blizzard made characters(IMO). Because I want Mengsk so much I decided to make this concept: https://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/arcturus-mengsk-9801 TL,DR: Mengsk is ranged specialist with strong pushing potential and various support and utility options for his team Any feedback is welcomed.Marrossi9 2d
2d Arthas isn't done right. http://oi67.tinypic.com/htgpcl.jpg i,ll let you comment on it..USSRHeroUSSR2 2d
2d Arcturus Mengsk hero concept This just came into my head and I thought it’d be nice to share. More of a joke than anything. Trait: Betrayal Once every 150seconds, upon taking fatal damage, Mengsk becomes Immune to all incoming damage for 2seconds, and can change position with another friendly hero on the map. Q: Monologue Instant Puts an enemy hero to sleep for 3seconds. If the target has been damaged by Mengsk within the last 1second, stun it for 1.5seconds instead. W: Soldiers of the Dominion Summon five Dominion marines to fight for Mengsk. Reuse this ability to focus fire on a single target. Marines follow Mengsk for 20seconds. Cooldown: 20seconds E: Pistol Shot Fires a pistol for moderate damage. Pistol Shot travels a moderate distance and damages the first enemy it hits. R1: Psi-Emitter Attach to an enemy hero to summon a swarm of zerg creatures, slowing and damaging the target for 15seconds. If the target dies during the skill’s duration, it reattaches to the nearest enemy hero, and duration is increased by 5seconds. R2: Dissent Mengsk can now chat with the enemy team under the guise of an enemy player. Gameplay: You can either go dps and dish damage with W(which happens to have the same duration and cooldown) and R1, summoning wave after wave of forces to fight and die in your stead, or go support and cc the enemy team with Q and harass them with R2. Use E to deal additional damage, and walk into the enemy team to use your trait to change positions with Arthas, or maybe Abathur.Attolis0 2d
2d [HC] Torrasque, unkillable monster The torrasque is one of the things I remember most from brood war: an absolute beast in melee that just. Would. Not. Stay. Down. Given how ultralisks are also one of the most popular Zerg units in concept, I felt it'd be good if we had one to represent them as a hero, like how we have blaze or hammer for terran units. ... ...aleksandor6 2d
2d Uther's Holy Shock I love the offensive talents that Uther can field in the Nexus, they really bring some fresh life to the hero and make him feel like old Uther again. Something that has always bothered me though is that holy shock sometimes can target an enemy when I'm actually trying to heal an ally. This happens frequently when my team has a lot of melee and they're all bunched together. So here is my suggestion: Change the holy shock talent so that a person has to activate it using D. This way, a player can choose when they want to use holy shock, and they won't have to worry about accidentally smacking an enemy when they actually just want to heal a friend. As someone who has most played games with Uther, I would really appreciate a change like this.Omen1 2d
2d Varimathras Hero Consept I made this build biased off of his design in Antorus, the Burning Throne raid in Legion. Let me know what you think of it and any suggestions you have for it https://www.heroesfire.com/hots/concept/varimathras-9773Dshobz012 2d
2d Probius - can we get a rework SOON? The meta full of heroes with high damage/mobility makes his so called 'zone control' laughable. Even with 3 pylons a cannon and my ult pumping (full setup) 1 hero (genji) can either escape, wait for Ult CD and own me.... or just trade me out even everytime... Suggestions: Pylons need more health, need multiple cannons, or make cannons much beefier... worker rush not interupted by damage.... some health.... default shields....Aralain2 2d
2d [specialist] Protos carrier Ok this idea is going to be strange but it is based around a hero that's role depends on its level one talents. But well lets get to the base ideas. D: priority target: allows you to pick the targets with in flight range of the carrier flight range is the same as a base deployed hammer firing range. Q: build interceptor: builds one interceptor costs 100 mana. max 8, you have 800 mana at level 1, takes 10 seconds to build once built auto deploys and will attack any minions or heroes that get in range. W: deploy observer: deploys an observer to the area, giving a wide view and relieving and stealthed or cloaked heros that enter its range. the observer is cloaked its self but only lasts for 10 seconds. E: void ray: fires a direct forward beam that does more damage the longer it is on teh target costs 15 mana a second and deals high damage to minions auto re-targets minions. (requires a talent to do that on heroes) R1: deploy warp prism. info: deploys a single warp prism that spawns in 5 melee fighters replacing them as they die. The prism is weak to all attacks so place it well. level 20 boost: heavy reinforcements, adds 3 support units based on what talent the player took at level 1. R2: robotic swarm info: overloads the production bays producing 16 interceptors that do boosted damage but self destruct after 20 seconds. talent boost: dive bomb, on self destruct will dive bomb into the ground dealing massive damage depending on first talent taken. LEVEL 1 talents Info: these three talents are important as they influence your ability boost at level 20 and change what type of unit you are. support interceptors: interceptors auto heal allied units that get in range, their heal is pretty weak alone but together they can be useful for burst healling. This talent reduces interceptor health and damage. bombers: replaces interceptors with bombers, bombers deal heavy damage to minions and buildings but their attacks are almost useless against heroes, not only that but the bombs are easy to dodge. Interceptor shields: adds shields to interceptors. (this one is for more tank players.) note none of these improves their damage, your choice is support, siege, or tank play the role that fits the match. R abilities boosts. warp prism support interceptors: deploys a shield battery bellow it giving players in range a small shield. bombers: spawns an imortal with the attack groups, this unit is a ranged minion that soaks up damage and deals moderate damage to structures. interceptor shields: adds two dark Templars to the spawn group replacing two of the soldiers. These are not attacked by other minions though towers still attack them. they do double damage to mercs. robotic swarm support interceptors: on dive bomb release a small burst heal aims for allies. bombers: on dive bomb deals a small knock back if three hit a target stuns them. interceptor shields: once timer is up they lose their shields instead of divebombing. (the original 8 keep their shields) Hero gameplay: the carrier is meant to be an adaptable hero who can be built in such a way that you never know what they will do, they can go support and heal their allies, tank and soak damage with their interceptors, or siege and be a large threat to a lane if left alone. On all builds though they will be good at taking mercs so watch out. Note: I always wanted an adaptable hero, and while I like multi class heros in concept I think the specialists embody that more. YOu can choose one of three ways to play with this hero but you will not be as good as a dedicated one of those types. HERO PROS AND CONS. PROS +adaptable +lane clearing Cons -slow -requires build up -minion clearing abilities. (as they can easily wipe their attack abilities out.)warbrand212 2d
2d Sgt. Hammer rework Sgt. Hammer seems too overpowered to me. She has the ability to not only knockback heroes but deploy mines to slow them and has a massive range. If you made the mines and knockback be talents, it would temperment her ability to kill from long range. Also, if you slowed her attack rate that would give heroes the ability to close in on her. As of now she can attack from long distance (which is fine, shes a siege engine), but can also slow heroes, knock them back, increase armor, and has the escape ability (movement speed increase). I think this is too much for one hero.OJB4 2d
2d UNFINISHED HC: Itherael, the Angel of Fate Post Ideas by Replying VERY EARLY CONCEPTION Currently, Itherael is a specialist hero who focuses on increasing enemy cooldowns while also revealing them, aswell as reducing his teammate's. Primary Attack Angelic Blade Not dissimilar to Tyrael's. Hero Traits Primary Abilities [1] - Clairovoyance Target enemy's cooldowns are slowed and revealed, targeted ally's are decreased. [2] - [3] - Heroic Abilities [1] - Slow Time Itherael releases a wave which travels a medium distance over a short period of time, slowing enemies aswell as their cooldowns and attack speed. [2] -JamCat0 2d
2d New interesting Hero So one of the first things that really made me fall in love with Hots was it's wacky hero design for some hero's. Think Abathur, Cho'gall and vikings. It was one of the reasons that made me fall in love with hots that the dev team was willing to go beyond what standard is for a hero in a MOBA. I noticed over the past year that since cho'gall release the extravaganz has become a bit tempered with only medivh coming close. (my opinion) Any idea's for a wacky character swirling about in the community to help blizzard put out a new marvel of a character(s)? Saw something like a leeroy jenkins playing for the opposite team that sparked my interest :)Sallierie12 2d
2d UNFINISHED HC: Battle Queen The Battle Queen is a character from Blizzard's 1988 Game; Battle Chess. She would not be an actual playable hero in game, but instead a summoner type specialist similar to Abathur. Post Ideas by Replying Hero Trait(s) [1] - Pawn A 'pawn' is added to each friendly creep group, acting as another melee minion. Drops no collectibles (i.e Butcher meat) or XP. [2]- Last Stand If the friendly core is open to attack, all enemy minions in an AOE radius to the core will be reduced to 1/4 health. On a 100 second cooldown. [3] - Blitz If the enemy core is exposed, all friendly minions receive a minor speed boost. Primary Abilities [1] - Rook A targeted tower/fort/keep's heath is increased by #% aswell as having attack speed increased by #%. Can be on two buildings at a time and is removable. [2] - Knight 'Knights' are spawned at spawn, one for each lane. They travel down lanes providing health and damage buffs to minions and mercenaries. Can be killed or despawn [30?] seconds after initial combat. [3] - Bishop A targeted friendly leader minion can be transformed into a Bishop. Bishops are optionally controlled by the player or act as bots, with an AOE burst heal, ending as a physical/spell shield before depleting, which can heal both minions and teammates. Heroic Abilities [1] - Mad Queen All summons amalgamate into a Queen, which receives more health for each summon. The Queen is controllable and deals percentage damage to buildings, doubling if the enemy core is exposed, as well as depleting surrounding enemy minions and mercenary health overtime. Summons can be recreated once Queen is spawned but the cooldown is restarted and doubled at initial ultimate use. [2] -JamCat0 2d
2d Why is Arthas so bad? Arthas is the most trash character in the game. He is not effective at all. His ability to do damage is trash, his ability to take a hit is trash. He needs major revamping.ColossalGyro6 2d
2d Azmodan, Possibility to Change Tide of Sin Random thought, what if Tide of Sin worked like Kael'thas' trait and empowered Azmodan's next basic ability and removed its mana cost. [Q] - Damage increased by 50%. [W] - Lasts indefinitely and gains 50 armor against non-heroes. [E] - Channeled against every enemy hero in range of you. This would also make some of his talent choices more interesting. Maybe you wouldn't automatically pick battleborn at level 4 for that sweet demon lieutenant cooldown reduction, but would instead pick Army of Hell to create some really strong demon warriors which push down a lane during an objective, or Hellforged Armour with Brutish Vanguard to create a monstrous demon warrior that tanks a fort for your team. And maybe this would make some of his laser talents better as well. PS: Can we make Azmodan's laser talents which say "When all Shall Burn goes to completion do X" count as completing if their target dies. Not getting the healing, cooldown reduction or aoe damage on the laser because my team is too good at killing the person we're focusing feels a bit weird.Devilhunter2 2d
2d Mannoroth The Pit Lord (taking suggestions) Post Ideas By Replying Primary Attack Xu'tenash Mannoroth has a ranged fel laser attack and a cleaving melee attack, similar to how Greymane’s gun and cane attacks. Hero Trait(s) [1] - Explosive Remains Upon death Mannoroth deals significant damage in an AOE. Damage decreases based off of the distance from the blast. Primary Abilities [1] - Mannoroth’s Gaze Mannoroth fears all enemies in a cone causing them to run with a slow and cower causing stun for [#] seconds. [2] - Massive Blast Mannoroth sends selected enemy flying away from him and causes a debuff making the enemy take more damage for [#] seconds. [3] - Wing Shield Mannoroth spreads his wings and blocks all incoming damage for [#] seconds. Mannoroth can not move during duration. OR (as suggested by TheWarchief) [3] - Annihilan Charge Mannoroth shields himself with his wings and sprints forward dealing low damage and stunning enemies in his path for 2 seconds. Heroic Abilities [1] - Inferno suggested by Kratos Mannoroth summons a raging Infernal from the sky to come crashing to the ground at a target location after .5 seconds, dealing X damage, and stunning enemies in the impact zone for 2.25 seconds. The infernal passively deals Y damage per second to nearby enemy heroes, minions and structures, and attacks for Z damage. 10 second duration. [2] - Doom suggested by FrostyPyro and revised by Azihayya Deals 2.5% of the targets Maximum Health per second over 30 seconds, this cannot be cleansed or removed. The target has their health regeneration set to 0 for the duration and are revealed if within sight range of Mannoroth. Doom deals less damage over time but reduces the effectiveness of Healing. Talents (not currently in order of level) Blood Chalice Summons a chalice of Mannoroth’s blood that can be interacted with by teammates and grants increased speed and damage AND/OR health for [#] seconds. The amount of teammates that use Blood Chalice grant a 1 second reduction to Mannoroth’s cooldowns. Self Cleanse Mannoroth removes any stun, root or slow from himself.JamCat18 2d
3d Amon in Nexus We got: - Zul'jin in his younger days before he cut off his own arm to escape and lost an eye. - Thrall and Jaina when they were like 22-25 years of age in WC3. - Fenix after he become a cyborg. What we might get: - Amon was part of an unknown race before he became a Xel'naga. Some billions of years later, he lost his sanity and become a dark deity. A lot like Kerrigan, Amon started out as a mortal with high potential during his era. We might get this flashback version of Amon.Kuddlesberg1 3d
3d Which Hero would be the most Broken? A) Hammer with Tracer's attackspeed B) Butcher picking meat from both allies and enemies. He still gets it from minions, even after doing his quest. C) Zagara's allies can follow her into the Nydus. In addition; minions, captured mercenaries, even bosses will automatically use the Nydus if it is next to them. Zagara can also pick where any of them can exit out from. D) When killed, Tyrael's spirit grows in size, causing his explosion to have the same range as Falstad's Flight and damage equaled to Tyrael's own health. Killing or hurting both allies and enemies caught in the blast.Kuddlesberg5 3d
3d murky tiki cups (dodge-brawl loading screen) SELL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GiveMeDanger0 3d
3d Balnazzar {new hero concept} Balnazzar is a slow but very durable Support who heals allies, debilitates enemies, and can deal heavy damage at close range with his powerful claws. Think about a cross between Stukov and Tyrande, with the caveat that he has to sacrifice his own health in order to heal his allies. Trait: Vampiric Aura: Cooldown: 60 seconds. Passive: Balnazzar heals for 40% of the damage he deals with Basic Attacks. Nearby allied Heroes heal for 20% of the damage they deal with Basic Attacks. Active: Activate to increase this bonus to 40% for nearby allied Heroes for 6 seconds. Q: Vampiric Drain: Mana: 60. Cooldown: 12 seconds. After .5 seconds, Balnazzar fires a wave of demonic energy along the ground, damaging all enemies in its path. Balnazzar is healed for 100% of the damage dealt to Heroic Units, 25% to non Heroic Units. Any healing received from this attack in excess of Balnazaar's Maximum Health is distributed evenly to nearby allied Heroes. W: Sleep: Mana: 60. Cooldown: 14 seconds. Balnazzar summons a pall of shadow over an enemy Hero. 2 seconds later, the targeted Hero and all nearby enemy Heroes are put to Sleep for 2 seconds. Any non-periodic damage taken after the first .5 seconds removes this effect. E: Well of Blood: Mana: 30, and 6 per second. Cooldown: 6 seconds. Balnazzar channels energies of blood and shadow in a circle around him for up to 6 seconds, losing 6% of his Maximum Health every second and healing all nearby allied Heroes for 100% of the health lost this way. The radius of the healing effect slowly grows over the first 3 seconds of channeling. R1: Infernal Comet: Mana: 100. Cooldown: 70 seconds. Balnazzar marks a large impact location. After 3 seconds, a meteor strikes the targeted area, dealing damage and Stunning all enemy Heroes in the impact radius for 1.25 seconds, and summoning an Infernal at the point of impact. The Infernal lasts 10 seconds, attacking enemies, and burns nearby enemies for damage every second. R2: Simulacrum: Mana: 100. Cooldown: 100 seconds. After a 3 second channel, Balnazaar replaces himself with a perfect duplicate with full Health and Mana, completely indistinguishable by his enemies from the original Balnazzar, that can be controlled from any location. The simulacrum has 20% increased damage, grants only 1/3 of normal experience upon death, cannot Hearth or Mount, and cannot use Heroic abilities. Lasts 30 seconds, or until killed.Defeatable7 3d
3d illidan i just waiting for demon form illidan skin like prime evil diablo pls D:Mystique14 3d