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45s [BRAWL CONCEPT] We are Talented Would really love a brawl where instead of choosing talents you simply get all of them. What do you think?Phireo2 45s
2h Mounts What is happening with the mounts? There are many new skins but no mounts to match them. When new mounts come out they dont stay long in the store. Seems like the game has limited space and therefore unable to provide a variety of mounts for players to choose from.Jolie5861 2h
3h [HERO CONCEPT] Rory Swann Rory Swann Specialist Trait: Here, Take Some Gear: Activate to transform a minion into a Mech. Mech has 750 health and has ranged attack. Mech deals 14 damage per second. Q: Charged Blast: Charge a blast that deals 300 damage and increases by 100 each second charging (up to 600 100 per second) If you successfully fully charge it without any interruptions ability is reserved and can be activated again to release the blast. When Blast hits an enemy it explodes dealing half the damage to all surrounding enemies. W: Calldown: MULE: Activate to calldown a Mule that repairs Structures, one at a time, near target point for 40 seconds, healing for 100 Health every 1 second. Grants 1 ammo every 3 seconds. E: Auto Turret: Create a turret that deals 50 damage per second. Turret prioritizes heroes but other enemies standing in the way of fire are hit instead. Cannot be placed in bushes or behind allied buildings R1: Stronger Metal: Passive: All of your robots are improved: • Here, Take Some Gear: (Trait) Gains an extra charge and more health. •Calldown: MULE: (W) Duration is increased. •Auto Turret: (E): Damage increased to 55. •Basic attack also gains extra damage but you lose health. R2: You Work For Me Now: Launch a robot into the ground the robot then travels to the nearest fort. Once it reaches the fort the whole fort is disabled for 5 seconds. During that time fort summons Mechs. 1 Mech per second. What do you guys think? Feedback is definitely appreciated!MrLemon1 3h
4h Deckard Cain Hi guys. Damn, I'm super late to this party, but I'd like to submit my pitch for Deckard Cain, as requested by Nathan LaMusga in the Polygon article. I made a Google doc, for easy ready and sharing, so if anyone is still interested, give it a read. If there is a way I can directly message Nathan, I would dearly appreciate the source. Thanks a lot https://docs.google.com/document/d/1krwbPZPIAZ2mPdmqMnaHfXHkOlyaJvX1IdEQ0qV8QVw/edit?usp=sharingJooj1 4h
4h [Hero Concept] Junkrat This is something me a friend came up with, when talking about Overwatch hero's being transitioned into HotS. This is what we came up with. NOTE: I AM NOT REALLY GOOD AT COMING UP WITH COOLDOWNS, STUNS ETC. So please suggest if you have any ideas. Specialist. Trait: Every 5 basic attacks, Junkrat shoots a red grenade, stunning the first Hero hit for 1.5 seconds. Q: Junkrat places a trap on a structure/minion camp. Hitting it with your red grenade causes more damage, and stuns for 1.5. (With this one in mind, I was thinking about using the same basic concept from Tristana from LoL, with her E) W: Place a trap, when an enemy steps on the trap, they are stunned for 2 seconds. E: Junkrat places a bomb on the ground and lunges himself in a direction. Enemy heroes hit are pushed back. R1: Control Junkrat's riptire. Explodes when reactivated. Enermy's can hit it, reducing it's damage. R2: Junkrat shoots a bunch of grenades in the air, landing in random spots, dealing significant damage.Ghost1 4h
4h Ana: Overwatch Hero Suggestion Yes I know we JUST got Lucio but I figured I'd submit anyway. Her Trait "Tactical Rounds" is an activated ability. Pressing "W" switches her targeting from Allies to Enemies on the fly. When Toggled on "Biotic Rounds" (Yellow) her Auto attacks lock onto her teammates and she fires healing rounds. When toggled onto "Nano rounds" (purple), she fires damaging bullets at enemies that stack damage over time (for variety). Her "Q" is "Biotic Grenade". Ana lobs an explosive that deals damage to enemies and heals allies in an area. Allies receive increased healing for 3 seconds and enemies suffer reduced healing for 3 seconds. (Average Cooldown) Ana's "E" is "Sleep Dart". After a short delay Ana fires a very small dart in a straight line that "Stuns" the first enemy hit for 3 seconds. If the enemy is damaged or displaced the stun expires. (Long cooldown) Ana has 2 ultimates to choose from. "Nano Boost" and "Biotic Boost." "Nano Boost" Increases an ally's Ability Power and Auto Attack damage by 25% each for 5 seconds. (Long Cooldown) "Biotic Boost" Increases an ally's Movement speed by 20%, Grants them 25 Armor (reducing damage by 25%) and Rapidly heals them for a large portion of their maximum health (It would be similar to Dehaka using all his essence). This effect lasts for 6 seconds. (Long Cooldown) So One ult is about making an ally a powerhouse of damage and the other is used to allow a hero to TAKE a lot of damage. Tell me what you guy's think. It's all concept for now. Give this some love if you want blizzard to see it and maybe add it ♥♥♥♥DoubleEdge3 4h
4h C'Thun (hero concept) Hello all, this is the second post i make about this hero, because the last one was deleted for no reason at all. C'Thun is a ranged specialist (still on discussion), with a playstyle very different to most heroes. I will begin with a short explanation about how the hero is played. We can controll the eye of C'Thun, which has low health, and cannot atack (no auto atack). The eye will only use abilities, being it's "Q" his mayor damage dealer spell. Instead of mana, the eye has corruption (max of 100), which is like sonya's rage (all damage done generates corruption, while damaging enemy heroes generate extra corruption) but doesnt decay. Here is a list of the eye's basic abilities: Shadow blast (Q): deals damage in a line, like Gall's Q ability, with more range and less damage. Low cooldown. Mind fly (W): channeled ability, deals small damage and slows the enemy Darkness (E): the eye becomes unstoppeable and gains 75% damage reduction for 2 secs. The damage recibed while darkness is active will generate corruption. Casting darkness doesnt interrupt channeling. Teleport (Z): works exactly like Abathur's burrow (Z) 40 seconds cooldown 1,5 secs cast, useable while darkness (E) is active. The eye counts as a normal kill (even if it's not as strong as a regular hero on its own), so this ability, combined with darkness, will allow you to push a lane alone safely without risking a free kill (keep in mind that teleport CD is kinda long, and even with darkness damage reduction, u can get killed by strong nukes) The fun part of this hero comes with his trait (D), which has no CD, and its planed to be used in every major teamfight. The eye itself is weaker than normal heroes, and does low damage. It's main function is to farm enough corruption to use the trait in the fight. Rise of the old god (D): Requieres (but doesnt consume) 50 corruption to be casted. After 3 seconds, summon the body of C'Thun (bigger than a normal hero, but not as big as a keep). The body of C'Thun can be summoned as a structure form warcraft 3 or starcraft (you choose where to place it) and will consume corruption every second. If the corruption is totally consumed, or the body of C'Thun is killed, we will go back to controll the eye. While his trait is active, C'Thun will gain increased health, depending of how much corruption he had at the moment of the cast. In this form, C'Thun will keep his Q ability (shadow blast) and will replace the other 2 with: Deathglare tentacle (W): summon an eyed tentacle (like gazlowe's turrets). This tentacle will cast a weaker version of mind fly (which deals no damage) to the nearest enemy hero. Claw tentacle (E): this tentacle deals damage. If there are no heroes in range, it will atack minions. Both tentacles have 2 charges, a big range cast(like chromie's abilities), and can be killed by the enemies. Ultimate abilities (C'Thun ultimate abilities can be used in both forms): Dark glare (R1): After a 2 sec delay, cast a big laser from left to right in a semi curcular area. The laser is slow, and deals HUGE damage. Heroes near the initial cast area will be alerted of the cast, in order to allow them to avoid it if they are fast enough (heroes away from the initial cast area will see the beam once its casted) lvl 20 talent: Once the cast is completed, blasts another Dark glare, from right to left, for 50% damage. Induce madness (R2): Twists the mind of the selected enemy. Every time he atacks, or uses abilities, a % of his damage will be dealt to the nearest enemy hero. This damage generates corruption. If the enemy dies while induce madness is active, a faceless servant will be summoned. lvl 20 talent: gain more corruption, and the summoned faceless servant will copy the dead hero abilities (for less damage). The servant will also gain atack damage based on a % of the dead hero. Possible skins: Yogg-saron (the eye is replaced by sarah), Overmind. Thanks for reading, if you have any idea or you think that any ability is way too op, just post it below and i will edit. Have a nice day, and sorry for the bad english.DamianPoggio6 4h
5h [Hero Concept] Broll Bearmantle, specialist class druid We have Malfurion an iconic druid with iconic balance and restoration spells, but one thing he lacks is the ability to shape shift, a very iconic and unique druid ability. So I introduce Broll Bearmantle, shape-shifting druid specialist A little background on Broll: He was born with antlers, a sign of great things to come. And he had many powerful shape shifting abilities which he used frequently. He was gifted the Idol of Remmulos by the green dragon. He fought in the Third war, and was a gladiator alongside Varian Wyrnn under Rehgar Earthfury. Which brings us to his ability kit, and how he could make an interesting addition to the HoTS Roster. Q-Broll transforms into a wildcat increasing his attack speed and movement speed while in this form.(Recast forms to return to Night Elf form) W-Broll transforms into a dire bear increasing his health pool and and regen. E-Broll transforms into a storm crow granting him a ranged attack and increased damage. R-King of the jungle:greatly amplifies his current forms enhancements for a short duration, (faster attack/move speed. More regen/health. More damage and range. R2- Mass root: Broll summons roots from the earth, rooting all enemies in a large area for X seconds and dealing damage. . Trait (D) A unique spell changes based the form you are in. The Cat form trait becomes a Rake, causing a bleeding DoT. The Dire bear trait becomes Bash, stunning the target for a short duration. The Storm crow trait becomes flight, allowing Broll to fly over terrain for a short time. In his night elf form his trait becomes rejuvenate, placing a heal over time on allies. Also as an added bonus, instead of mounting, Broll casts and transforms into a stag (ala Azmodan or Zagara) His talents would look to amplify certain forms, or grant unique passives, a temporary stealth in cat, or enraged regeneration at low health in bear form etc. I left them, as well as specific numbers, open to interpretation from professional developers. Feel free to comment, add your own thoughts, or any ideas you have in relation to the kit. Thank you!Dragonov15 5h
5h [Hero Concept] Alexei Stukov, the Infested "Let's recap—I was betrayed and killed, shot into space, captured by the zerg, resurrected and infested, cured, given to Moebius to research the protoss cure, and was instead experimented on as the cure slowly failed. Everyone up to speed? Good." Alexei Stukov is a terran that has been infested by the cerebrate Kaloth when he was left to die. He reappears in Starcraft 2 to help Kerrigan in her quest against Narud. He is most likely to stay with her in Legacy of the Void. In Heroes of the Storm, he is ranged specialist. His basic attacks are corrosive bolt from Starcraft 2 and he attacks his opponents with infested terrans. Overall strong damage output and splitpushing, but very frail. Here's my concept, hope you guys like it! _____________________________________________________________ Trait: Infestation - When an unit dies within a certain amount of time after being damaged from Stukov, it will spawn a tiny infested civilians. They have low health, deals low damage and last 10 seconds. They push the nearest lane or attack near enemies. They are invulnerable from non-heroic targets. Q: Corrosive Blast - Fire a corrosive projectile to a target, dealing low damage on contact and moderate damage over 4 seconds. This projectile bounces to 2 additional targets for same damage and the same effect. During those 4 seconds, minions, mercs and structures affected by Corrosive Blast take 25% more damage from Stukov and his minions. Targeting (enemies only), Mana cost: 65 Cooldown: 12 seconds W: Infested Terrans - Summons 4 infested marines that has moderate health and moderate damage per second for 12 seconds. Reclick W to control their movement. Ground targeting, Mana cost: 65 Cooldown: 20 seconds E: Ravaging Frenzy - You and your minions gain 30% attack speed and 30% lifesteal for 3 seconds. Instant (global range), Mana cost: 50 Cooldown: 10 seconds R1: Sticky Egg - Stukov lauches an egg towards a target, dealing moderate to high damage on contact. The egg sticks to the target. After a certain amount of time, the egg hatches, letting out an aberration that has very high health and moderate to high damage for 25 seconds. The aberration attacks the target or pushes the nearest lane. If the target dies in the processus, the egg will hatch immediately. Targeting (enemies only), Mana cost: 80 Cooldown: 80 seconds R2: Binding Bile - Stukov fires in a large area green bile that greatly decrease movement speed to enemy heroes in the area for 5 seconds, roots minions, mercs and summons and disables structures for 10 seconds (does not disable the Core). It deals low to moderate damage per second. Also spawns 10 infested civilians. Enemies hit by Binding Bile will attract infested civilians for the duration. Groung targeting, Mana cost: 90 Cooldown: 90 seconds R3: Scourge Clone - Infect an enemy hero for very high damage over 10 seconds. If they die, during this time, their corpse will be revived as an infested self fighting for you for 15 seconds. You can make them use an ability by clicking R. They attack nearby targets. Targeting (enemy only), Mana cost: 100 Cooldown: 80 seconds _____________________________________________________________ Quotes: "Our victory is assured!" Kerrigan interaction "These are dark times." "I bring a whole new meaning to "zerg Russian." "Funny, as a child I loved horror stories. Now I'm in one." "Some days I miss vodka. Like today for example." "Being infested isn't all bad. These spiky things are great for scratching your back." Kill Interactions: "There will be no end to your suffering." General Hero kill "Is this all you have." General Hero kill "No hesitation." General Hero kill "I expect nothing less." General Hero kill "Those about to die, I salute you." General Hero kill "I fight to win. For me. For me." Terran kill (Nova, Raynor, possibly Mengsk) Quotes come from http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/StukovMemile25 5h
5h Gelbin Mekkatorque Hero Concept Mekkatorque is a hero that would be unique in that ALL of his Talents are Active abilities. They are all inventions that he can use for different functions in order to strengthen his team, weaken the enemy team, heal allies, or deal damage. Tons of invention combos could be thought up in order to disrupt his enemies. His base kit is more simple, but offers some mechanics to help his team and disrupt the enemy. ... Health- 1670 (+4% per level) Health Regen.- 3.4 (+4% per level) Mana- 500 (+10 per level) Mana Regen.- 3 Attack Damage- 77 (+4% per level) Attack Speed- 1.225 Attack Range- 5.5 ... Mekkatorque reduces the cool down on all of his Actives and Abilities by 1 second every time he basic attacks an enemy unit. ... Deal 55 (+4% per level) damage to the target enemy hero and Polymorph them into a Chicken for 1.75 seconds, causing them to be unable to basic attack or cast spells for the duration. Cost: 65 Mana Cool Down: 12 seconds Range: 6 ... Place down a Repair Bot that will follow you around and heal you for 50 (+4% per level) health every other second. The Repair Bot has 750 (+4% per level) Health and lasts for 30 seconds. Cost: 40 Mana Cool Down: 40 seconds Range: 2.5 ... Give the target ally 15 Armor, 15% Ability Power, and 30% increased Attack Speed for 5 seconds after a 0.5 second delay. Cost: 65 Mana Cool Down: 20 seconds Range: 6.5 ... A rocket propelled chicken slowly flies toward the target enemy unit before exploding, dealing 375 (+4% per level) damage to the enemy and stunning them for 1 second. This ability can store up to two charges. Cost: 50 Mana Recharge Time: 12 seconds Cool Down: 1.5 seconds Range: 8 ... Call in a gyrocopter that, after a 2.5 second delay, drops a supply package at the target location on the map. Allied Heroes can channel on the supply package for 4.5 seconds in order to completely refill their Health and Mana. The channel is interrupted by damage and each allied hero can only channel on a supply drop once per cast. The supply drop lasts for 50 seconds before disappearing. The Supply Drop has 1475 (+4% per level) Health and can be destroyed early by enemies. Cost: 100 Mana Cool Down: 75 seconds Range: GlobalChappie2 5h
5h Idea up/rework Illidan Firstly, i apologize for my bad English. Secondly, ideas that i got is intended to developers and people managing the balancing of heroes. Spells : Evasion ( E ) : Now, you can cast it during Dive ( Q ) or Sweeping Strike ( W ) Talents : Level 1 : Immolation : Quest : • Every time you kill a minion with Sweeping Strike ( W ), its damage is increased by 1, up to 30. • The effect cumulates to infinity • Reward : Once you reach 30 bonus damage, receive an additional 30 damage and after using Sweeping Strike ( W ), burn nearby enemies for 64 ( 29+4% each level ) for 3s. Unending Hatred : Quest : • Every 6 Basic Attack against Not-Heroics target, increases Illidan's Basic Attack damage by 0.4. • Every 6 Basic Attack against Heroics target, increases Illidan's Basic Attack damage by 0.8. • Reward : Once you reach 30 Attack Damage, increase the Basic Attack bonus of Sweeping Strike ( W ) to 50% Level 4 : Rapid Chase ( Q ) : • Increase the move speed of Illidan by 15% each time you use Dive ( Q ) on a hero for 4s. This effect stacks 2 times. • If you got 30% bonus, The cooldown of Dive ( Q ) recharges 50% fast as long as you got the bonus. Unbound ( W ) : • Passive : Sweeping Strike can go over walls and terrain. • Quest : Hit a hero with Sweeping Strike ( W ) decrease permanently the cooldown of Sweeping Strike by 0.1s, up to 1s. • Reward : After hit 10 heroes, you receive an additional 1s bonus. Level 7 : Reflexive Block ( Q ) : • Do not reduce the damage of the 2 next Attack. • Now, Dive ( Q ) grants 50 physical armor for 1s. Level 10 : The Hunt ( R ) • The Hunt gains unlimited range • Cooldown increased from 60s to 90s. Level 13 : Elusive Strike ( E ) : • New Functionality : Increase the duration of Evasion by 0.5s Sixth sense ( E ) : • Do not reduce the damage of the 2 next abilities • Now, grants 40 magical armor. Level 16 : Marked for Death ( Q ) : • The talent has been completely reworked, now • Quest : Every time you hit the same hero within 10s with Dive ( Q ), its damage is increased by 50, up to 150. • Reward : After hit 3 heroes, increase the damage of Dive ( Q ) by 100% if you hit the same hero within 10s. Fiery Brand : • Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes deal bonus damage equal to 1.5% of the Hero's maximum health. • This bonus damage heals you equal to the Life Steal of Betrayer's thirst Level 20 : Bolt of the Storm : Removed Nexus Blades : Removed New Talent : Thrill of Battle ( Trait ) : • Passive : Basic Attacks reduces abilities cooldown by 1.5s instead of 1s. • Activate to increase the bonus from 1.5s to 2s for 8s. Cooldown : 20s Shadow Shield ( E ) : • Activate Evasion gives you a shield equal to 15% of your maximum health for the duration of Evasion ( E ). Level 20 : Nowhere to hide ( R ) : • New Functionality : Increase the damage of The Hunt based on distance traveled, up to a maximum of +50%Aurorus2 5h
5h Tyrande and other supports neutral talents. I am a level 20 Tyrande player, you can say she is my favorite hero. Been playing her since beta. Tyrande had her ups and downs with buffs and nerfs regardless she is a great hero that few can utilize properly or work with. What i am asking is some slight improvements of her healing Talents. Most people play the Sentinel build, which is a mediocre build because they think Tyrande cannot be solo support. I refused the last notion because i solo healed with her on so many games and won. What i am suggesting is the talents such as Protective shield,Healing ward,Mark of Mending,Mule be given a bit of a boost,just to improve her healing presence a bit, she should never heal as much as Brightwing or Morales, but a small improvement is welcome. Mark of Mending is the least utilized talents of all time(will not speak of Mule now),It should be boosted from 2.5% healing to 3.5% minimum. Protective shield is also not something people think about using,not just on Tyrande but on most support heroes. It needs an improvement either cooldown reduction from 60 sec to 45 or the amount of protection boosted from 15% max health to 20%. Healing wards, is a used talents but not as much as others.It really helps Tyrande as a Solo healer, but 60 sec cooldown,removed with a single attack,range limitation are some negative things to talk about...Healing wards could be replaced with Moon ward similar to Rehgar's Healing Totem. Mule, Do people even remember that talent? on any other support? Why would a Night Elf use something like that? It should be replaced with Repair Wisp or Mending Wisp... It should also repair faster and give more ammo to towers or else no one will bother with that talent. These are some of the Talents i think that Blizzard should look at.Malfurion9 5h
6h AU Gul'dan skin. This probably has been requested already, i don't see any recent topics though. AU Gul'dan deserves a skin here, specially now that hes done in WoW. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cf9mLT8WQAAATcS.jpg i think this would look amazing. A small suggestion though, keep his eyebrows, lmao,Vulgrim0 6h
6h Larva Multiclass #1203 Someone suggested a multiclass larva hero, and I liked it so much I wanted to try my own crack at the idea. Trait- Regenerative DNA Passive: Regen health out of combat, Active: 150sec cd Reset all talent picks keeping quest progress. The idea with this trait is that it provides a passive regen power to the character so that no matter what they choose they always have guaranteed sustain in the kit. The active portion allows you to reset your character, maybe early game you want a safer comp but late game you need something else. This character has no abilities until a talent is chosen at level 1. Level 1 is where the character chooses their 'class' pick. Three level 1 talents would be available. Morph Zergling. This would give them two bodies to control and be the melee assassin morph. Zerglings attack fast individually and with both hitting a hero they would be able to earn a quest talent faster that involved hitting heroes. The idea with giving a talent later that required hero hits is that you pick a zergling morph and then earn that quest talent and then choose say a roach next. Morph Roach. This would be the off tank morph. Ranged attacks and the ability to burrow to avoid abilities and to regen hp, dodging shots would be how you get value out of the Morph Roach as well as using the regen while burrowed to tank damage and then sustain. There could be a quest talent for damage healed that you would get most value out of as the Roach, maybe providing damage reduction once reached. Morph Hydra. This would be the specialist morph. Long range and slow movement speed would characterize this morph perhaps the quest talent here would be for structures destroyed allowing you to evolve into a lurker and siege structures while stealthed. I imagine that tier tier 4 talents would be the main quest talents. Damage to heroes, Structures destroyed, and Damage healed. All of these are complete-able in all forms but each level 1 form has an advantage at completing one of these quickly. Tier 7 could then be a utility tier. Maybe life steal, regen out of combat, or combat controling cc. Tier 10 could be a passive buff to the character's armor and damage, or maybe a unique ultimate based on each level 1 choice. after that I struggle with the talent choices but I think the base is there to build upon.Zomnivore0 6h
6h Diablo Skin / Imperious Please make the Diablo 3 Skin an option like in the original trailor! Also, Imperious would be an amazing addition to the Meta. Thanks a ton!CooterKing010 6h
7h Amazon & Widowmaker Nova´s skins and... Hey community, in this post im trying to express my opinion on this single little matter, and make a petition related to it. I am a big Blizzard fan, liked their games since Diablo 1/Warcraft 2, battle.net was probably the first online platform i ever used, etc; and Heroes of the Storm, a relative new game of Blizz, came to us like a dream came true, and blizzard all-stars fighting each other give us hype until today, we have been there since technical alpha. The thing is what happened with Nova, a character very popular in the community, and who got 2 iconic (imo) character look as skins, yep, Amazon from Diablo 2 and Widowmaker from Overwatch, making us think that they wont be in HotS as a playable character, which gives us sadness, yep :( So please guys at Blizz, give us a respond accroding to this matter, can we hope for Amazon or even Widowmaker in the future as a distinct playable character. You Amazon is not only bounded to archery, or long range projectile weapon, she would be an amazing Multiclass Character. Widowmaker, can wait... And, please don´t make McCree a Raynor´s skin.Soyoyos0 7h
7h Valeera Since now, Im stop playing, buying skins and other stuff until Valeera got nerf. Thats all.Rychlik11 7h
8h Hearthstone Map Suggestion Maybe it's too silly... but it seems in keeping with Heroes to have a map be modeled after the aesthetic of the actual, literal Hearthstone table with tavern-goers all around the table hollering and making commentary as the game unfolds. Maybe there's even a game underway with two players that are somehow connected to the cores, and the objective of the map has something to do with actual cards being played. To me, the idea that the heroes are little figures running around on a gameboard of sorts is aesthetically in line with what the game has been doing so far. Personally, I've always seen my Heroes as little virtual toys that we smash into each other. Why would the Nexus not transpose itself upon a Hearthstone table, I ask you? To me, the Lords of the Nexus have always been like cosmic Marvel villains, pitting heroes against one another in contests of strength and cunning for petty or esoteric reasons... and why not make the Heroes fight it out on such an iconic battlefield? I'm only an extremely casual Hearthstone player, and even I would have to nod to the appropriateness of such a setting!TekkerTen1 8h
8h Diablo, Crusader armor skin I'd like to see Diablo in an armor similar to Reinhardt's crusader armor. I'd love for Rein to eventually get in the game, but I love crossover skins and think it'd be neat. I wouldn't expect the skin to be an epic skin or replace anything, just diablo wearing similar looking armor, customized around all his horns. Maybe replace the lion on the left wrist with the face from Diablo 3.VSCSupreme1 8h
8h Deadwing hero suggestion Deadwing (human form)Sargeras0 8h
10h Bath House Auriel Skin I have always felt the Auriel's Detainment Strike was similar to snapping someone with a ratted up bath towel so I thought of this idea. Throw Auriel in a hooded bath robe and some bath slippers. Her wings could be concealed or replaced with extra bath towels. For Angelic flight she can spin one or two bath towels really fast like a helicopter. Replace the crown over other players' heads during Bestow Hope with a bath towel bundled up. All light animations could be replaced with a water or steam animation. I probably shouldn't ask this, but if this ends up in game can I have it free for suggesting it?PLASMASHADE5 10h
12h Rock N Roll Racing #1203 This hero would be characterized by having an announcer similar to the old game shot-calling for you when you hit certain milestones like maxing out movement speed, bumping a wall, running over a hero, getting a kill, dieing, or connecting with an ability. Whenever you die a new driver, and car model/color tint appears, the announcer changes the voiceline for who is driving. The look of the hero is a racing vehicle, maybe with a small driver with their head peaking out the side. The hero select screen for this hero would be all the drivers infront of a giant golden trophy. I imagine that this hero is either an assassin, or a specialist. Trait- Reving up. You have no mount instead you slowly gain movement speed up to 40% over 5sec bumping into terrain or heroes resets this bonus. Your control scheme is also different then other heroes instead of moving normally you move much in the same way as Chen's barrel roll. Turning more then 90 degrees slows you down 10%. Bumping into terrain or heroes resets your bonus. Auto attacks are a lazer. Q-Speed Bump. Passive: Running into an enemy hero knocks them back, and damages them. Resets your passive. There's a small cooldown on this effect Active: When at 40% movement speed you can run over opponents in a line stunning them for 1sec. W-Jump. Ramp into the air damaging enemies where you land, applies your Q passive. E- Drift. Turn in an wide arc spraying exhaust at your opponents blinding them for 2 sec. Don't lose speed using drift. R1- Power Ups. Passive: Power ups begin randomly spawning on the map giving health, damage bonuses, or speed bonuses. R2- Finish line. Place a finish line in a large straight line in front of you, affecting enemies in the line. Enemies affected by Finish Line must reach the Finish Line or be damaged. If you place first you deal full damage if you reach 2nd you deal half, if you're third you deal 1/3 of the damage, if you're last you take damage instead. The announcer announces who got first 2nd third or didn't place. The goal with Power Ups is to support your team globally with buffs and have more support for your team. The idea with finish line is that you jump into their team, knock them back and then set the finish line into your team. You can also use it to dive the enemy solo and deal 50% damage to a target if no one else is able to place in the race.Zomnivore3 12h
12h [HERO CONCEPT] Rock 'n Roll Racer We only have one Blizzard Classic Hero so i decided to come up with another. So I did my research and this is what a came to. Rock 'n Roll Racer: Specialist Trait: Gaining Momentum: Passive: Every time you kill a minion you gain 0.02% extra movement speed and also reduces your ability cool-downs by 1 second. Every time you kill 2 or more minions at the same time with one ability also gain .05 extra basic attack damage. Bonuses stack but are lost on death. Passive: Basic attacks are ranged and deal an extra 25 damage to structures. You can move while you attack. Q: Run Over: Run over enemies in a short line dealing 350 damage and stunning them for 1 second. W: Drift: Drift in a small circle one time around you dealing 300 damage. E: Power Ups: Activate to cause minions killed near you to drop Power Ups. Possible Power Ups include Health Pack: Restore 250 health to your hero. Pack is lost when used. Mine: Place a mine that when stepped on deals 450 damage around it and stuns. Mines cannot be seen by enemies. Can only have 2 mines out at a time. Rocket: Launch a rocket in a line dealing 300 damage. Dynamite: Place dynamite that explodes after 3 seconds dealing 810 damage to structures and 410 damage to enemies. Has 300 health and can be taken down by basic attacks from enemy heroes. Can only hold one of each Power Up and are lost when used. Power Ups can be used from the number keys. R1: POWER UP OVERLOAD: Gain 2 copies of each of the Power Ups. Stacks to 3 (including Power Ups from minions) R2: Let's Race Gain 30% movement speed (from your original movement speed) and gain Unstoppable and Invulnerable status. Cain move through anything. Anything you run over are take 350 damage. Structures take 250 damage. What do you guys think?MrLemon6 12h
13h Luxoria Universe Skin Ideas Luxoria Universe Skin Ideas What I call the ”Luxoria Universe” includes for example the ”Desert Queen” Zagara skin and the newest Kharazim & Chromie skins. This universe has an ancient egyptian theme with fictive elements, like for example huge semi-scorpid/human creatures but also humans. This ”skin universe” is the most interesting lore wise in my opinion so I would like it to be explored further. Another faction for example? Something that justifies the Scorpid Swarm’s side of the war perhaps to nuance the universe more? Or just creatures wandering the desert plains? ABATHUR – SAND WORM BATHUUR The sand worm Bathuur spends most of his time under the sand dunes of the Luxorian desert to rest and avoid danger. He has a fragile body but uses his intelligence gain allies and improving these to make them into capable defenders so he can keep himself out of danger. When this doesn’t work he can burrow far from the enemy to escape the danger. These tactics has left him unscathed despite the raging war between the empire and the scorpid swarm, thus far. Sand worm, think the movie Tremors with Kevin Bacon. Or a simple Google search would give you the idea. No eyes, large mouth filled with teeths, spiky body. But weak looking as ”Bathuur” isn’t the regular run of the mill sand worm but instead an abonomaly, basically a wussy sand worm. Q1 – This could be made very cool I think. When Abathur symbiotes the target gets a ”hat” and with this skin it could be made into several different things, like for example a hieroglyph, a scarab, an egyptian eye, a pyramid or why not a cat’s head as ancient egyptian culture held cats in high regard. Q2 – The symbiote’s stab ability. Depending on how much time is allowed to spend on a skin this effect could be left as is or be made into something simple, like a ”sandy” looking spike. W1 – Same as with the ”spike” ability here aswell, it could probably be left as is. Or it could be made into something like a ston with a glowing red mist, to signify some sort of cursed trap. W2 – Spike Burst could be made into a sandy sort of mist. Or just replace the color with beige so that the burst looks ”sandy”. E – The symbiote shield. Cover the target in a beige shield that has scrabs/spiders running across it? R1 – Ultimate evolution can be kept as is R2 – This could be made into some huge, scary looking monster. Inspiration could be taken from scorpions, scarabs and/or spiders to create something very cool looking. Maybe a tough looking, large sandworm (Abathur would be smaller and more weak looking so they would look different) with scorpion claws/stingers as arms, spider ”butt” and scarab art colors (google it but like shiny darker colors, gold details). D – A small scarab. BRIGHTWING – STONE GARGOYLE DARKWING Some talented Luxorian magic users can transform stone statues into living creatures. Darkwing is one of those and when her master died she gained free will, and now she’s looking for friends to help and enemies to eat. Well, basically a stone gargoyle but witha cuter look than ones seen in real life and fiction. Darker color scheme but could have wings with intricate engraved-looking patterns that are perhaps not very flashy but still looks cool and wellmade. Q – Spitting stone rubble on the ground W – Transforming the target into a cat/big spider/scarab/scorpion E – ”Throwing” glowing sand R1 – Blink heal...keep as is? R2 – A HUGE SAND STORM D – Blue/beige wave BRIGHTWING – SAND WHELP SANDWING (This and the above are kinda similar so either or if this would be added into the game) In the Luxorian desert a certain sort of dragons live. They come in different sizes – small, medium and large. Sandwing is a Luxorian Sand Snout, a large kind of playful dragon but she’s only a whelp – hence her small size and her large eagerness for different sorts of food – scorpions, spiders, sandworms, humans...you know, regular tasty things! Would look more whelpish than the regular Brightwing with sandy/stony, tarnished colors. Instead of the faerie pattern on her wings she could have hieroglyphs made into a colorful pattern but that still works well with the more dull colors of the rest of her body. Q – Spitting sand on the ground. W – Turning the target into a quite large egg with feet sticking out and with the top of the egg off that reveals two large eyes. E, R1, R2, D – Same as aboveDialM4Murloc5 13h
15h [Hero Concept] Aldaris Aldaris was a firm believer in the Khala and did not hesitate to judge others through a strict interpretation of its tenets. Now from the depths of time and space he have been recalled to fight in the Nexus. Class: Utility Z - Arbiter:Aldaris is flying permanently in arbiter ship giving him 10% increased speed Trait-Warp field: Aldaris allies gain an activated ability to recall to his current possition after a short channel.Every hero have his own separeted cooldown.120 seconds cooldown. [Q] Phase cannon: Target a hero dealing a small amount of damage and slowing him for half a second. 3 seconds cooldown [W] Psionic drain: Aldaris creates a psionic field around him draining up to 25% of enemies mana and refiling his for half of the drained. 8 second cooldown [E] Congeal time: Target an area. Enemies hit by the blast have their abilities cooldowns greatly increased for 5 seconds.11 seconds cooldown [R1] Disrupting ray: Charge a ray that cause 20-35% reduced damage of enemy abilities for 6 seconds. The longer the charge the greater debuff, area and distance the ray is fired (similar to gazlowe's lazor). 55 seconds cooldown [R2] Khaydarin Core : Passive - cooldown reduction(-1 sec for [Q], -2 sec for [W], -3 sec of [E] ,20% increased cast range, + 100 manaSharrukinu3 15h
16h (Revised) Top 10 Heroes to be Added 1. Blackthrone 2. Stukov 3. Prophet Velen 4. Deckard Cain 5. Mephisto 6. Vol'Jin 7. Kel'thuzad 8. Overmind 9. Reinhardt 10. BastionChappie6 16h
17h Thrall Earth Breaker skin I have the skin but my portrait doesnt change anymore in gameVodnik1 17h
21h Unnamed Hero Concept For full list of heroes and the origonal document click here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ljGGesPwjUW19HJFnMbYDiFmDS-NV2ujJr4i6y97WcY/edit This is an idea for a Dopple Gangster hero inspired by the hearthstone card Trait: DoppleGangster Sacrifice 50% of your health and ummon an exact copy of yourself that you have full range of control over. In order to die both copies must die. Cooldown starts when the Copy dies. Cooldown is the respawn timer. When you have a Dopple up then gain Gang Up: Teleport to your copy and gain +30% attack speed for 3 seconds 10 second cooldown Ability 1: Grapple Teleport behind a target grabbing them from behind, preventing movement for 4 seconds. If 10 basic attacks are had onto this target let go and stun them for an additional second. If your copies grappling then replace this ability with Gang Up. Ability 2: Living Shadow Create a shadow of a target that will attack the original target dealing 75% of the original’s damage. Ability 3: ShadeStep Walk into the Shadows becoming invisible to all enemy targets. If you teleport to your Dopple you will not leave invisibility. Upon striking a foe deal an additional 70 damage and slow them for 3 seconds. Heroic 1: The Hidden Army In a ring around where you stand summon an army of shades surrounding enemies, grappling them for ½ duration. Per enemy hero summon 3 shades, if living shadow is cast, use it on all enemies inside the ring. You can teleport to any of the shades at will. Heroic 2: Dark Gaze (Passive) You can see through underbrush and you see all invisible targets Dark Gaze (Active) Stare at a target reducing their line of sight to ¼ of normal, they move 20% slower and take 10% more damage. Feedback pleaseVafnar0 21h
23h Gazlowe and Funnel Cakes Soon retiring from Standard Hearthstone is one of the most beloved cards of all time, the Refreshment Vendor. The Tuskarr who declares, "Funnel cakes, get your funnel cakes here!" This is the Gazlowe skin I want. I would indeed "pay up" for this. Turrets would shoot turkey legs, carrots, and any other not-actually funnel cake food at enemies.MoonJung0 23h
23h Arthas model update Does anyone else think Arthas needs a model update? I know he got a rework recently and I was surprised to see this was not incorporated. His legs are super stubby and not proportional to the rest of his body at all. I get why they might have down sized him when the game was released, but since then they've released heroes like Leoric and Zarya who's legs are easily 30%+ longer and more proportionate than Arthas. With that said, I think his Master skin could use an update, too. I love the big shoulders, but the dragon horns on his iconic helmet seem really cheesy. Additionally, his shoulders are so large and float above his actual shoulders, that when he uses his animation and even readys up, his shoulders poke into his face. Maybe up the armor on his legs and chest, reduce the horns on the helmet?Razi1 23h
1d [HC] Maiev Shadowsong Hero Summary: Maiev is a melee Assassin that likes to fight from the shadows. She strikes from bushes and vents to confuse her foes. I made her pretty much like her Warcraft 3 kit except without Blink and added a few Rogue elements. ...The idea here is to harass enemies from bushes and vents, making her stronger in certain areas of the map. After breaking your stealth, you can immediately re-enter a bush to regain it. ......She's a HUGE fan of knives. ......... Potential Talents: Level ?: (I'unno any level I guess) Master of Shadows: When not in a bush or vent, become cloaked after not moving for 3 seconds. Breaks immediately if you move after gaining this effect. Hit and Run: Sprint's cooldown instantly refreshes after killing an enemy Hero. Level 20: Thirst for Vengeance: Feral spirits deal 40% more damage and can last for 10 additional seconds after the Avatar dies. Shadowdance: Shadowstep deals 50% increased damage to enemies under 40% health. Killing an enemy with Shadowstep refreshes its cooldown.Darhide0 1d
1d New Hero: Gelbin the High Tinker - Mekkatorque please Hi Blizzard, Thank you so much for all the amazing heroes we got. I understand all the races in Azeroth are pretty much represented now. All but one is underrepresented though: Gnomes. We have Chromie but she is more of the Caverns of time, a dragon. She uses lots of magic for which gnome players do not recognise themselives. We have been waiting long to see the equivalent of the Goblin Tinker hero. Please release Gelbin as a hero flying like Falstad. Dwarves have two heroes I really ask for gnomes to have two gnomes and the high Tinker with machines and stuff playing with Varian. Many players would love this trust me !! Thanks !!Markusmagoo3 1d
1d [HERO CONCEPT] Morgl the Oracle Hero Concept Morgl the Oracle So we only have one Murloc hero so far so I figured why not 2? Here's my idea Morgl the Oracle Ranged Assassin Trait: The Oracle: Passive: More mana used on an ability makes that ability deal more damage. Q: Zap: Deal 250 damage and stun them for 1 second. Increase: to 450 mana increased by 75. Decrease: to 150 damage and chains on to 1 other target for 100 damage, mana decreased by 15. W: Wave: Send a slow, tiny wave to a lane that starts at the nearest ally fort and ends at the nearest enemy structure dealing 150 damage to any minions, mercenaries, or heroes in its path. Unlimited range. Increase: to 300 damage, mana increased by 100. Decrease: to 100 damage, mana decreased by 25. E: Summon Totem: Summon a random totem lasting for 6 seconds. Possible totems are: •Earthen Totem: Heals nearby allies for 75 health per second. •Totem of the Sea: Restores nearby ally heroes mana by 25 per second. •Searing Totem: Nearby allies gain increased attack speed and more damage. Increase: All Totem effects increased by 15%, mana increased by 75. Decrease: All Totem effects decreased by 10% mana decreased by 30. R1: Lightning!: Target an enemy, deal 750 damage to that enemy stunning them for 1.5 seconds. Damage chains to other enemies for 125 damage. Increase: Damage increased to 1000 damage but you lose half your health and the stub only lasts for .5 seconds. R2: Summon Elemental. Summon a random Rock, Water, or Fire elemental. •Fire Elemental: Has 250 health and deals 150. (Ranged Attack) •Rock Elemental: Has 500 health and deals 16 damage per second. (Melee Attack) •Water Elemental: Has 350 health and deals 50 damage per second slowing the target for 1 second. (Ranged Attack) Elements prioritize heroes. R3: Circle of Fire: Root a hero for 2 seconds and summon a circle of fire around them. Circle then quickly incloses into the hero for 650 damage. Any enemy hit by the circle take 250 damage. Increase: All damage increased by 200, mana increased by 150. Decrease: All damage decreased by 100, mana decreased by 50. What do you guys think? He has 900 health but the same health regen as Murky making him essentially a glass cannon. He is also very challenging to know when it is right to ramp up the damage or ramp it down.MrLemon9 1d
1d [HC] Cydea - D3 Boss Ranged Assassin/Specialist Trait: After 1.5 sec of not taking action (cant move) become stealthed (Cocoon/Burrow/Nothing - can be damaged with area of effect abilities). Gain attack speed after leaving stealth for few seconds. Q) Pain Bolt: Single target attack dealing high damage, blinds enemy for 2,5 sec W) Web Trap: In targeted area (small circle) enemies are slowed E) Toxic Shot: For X seconds your auto-attacks deal bonus poison damage R1) Spider Pits: Create a killable nest that spawns spiders until destroyed (45sec CD) R2) Noxious Trap: Create a killable stealthed egg that explodes when enemy step on it dealing massive* poison damage ( unlimited amount active, 20sec recharge, 3 charges) *Egg dmg grow with time starting with low amount and ending with massive amountJesi1 1d
1d Probe Protoss ProbeZeals1 1d
1d FrankenCho & FrankenGall Alright before we get right down to business I would like to clarify that this is an idea for a HALLOWEEN skin. And preferably an epic skin. Not sure if this fits the bill as a legendary. Frankenstein is an iconic Halloween monster, and I've noticed we have other skins in the game that could pass up for a Halloween skin such as Psycho Stitches, Countess Kerrigan, Crimson Count Arthas, and Scarecrow Xul. So why not a Frankenstein monster using the only two heroes in the game that could fit the bill. The skin will have no replaced voice overs or anything like that, but it will only have themed abilities to fit the Frankenstein monster. And Cho'gall both only have one other skin which has no special effects or anything in it. He kind of got the short end of the stick like Greymane. Alright so let's get down to individual abilities & some talents: Cho: Surging Fist- Yellow pulsing hand(Instead of red) Consuming Blaze- Electrical pulse around him Rune Bomb- Electric ball thrown Hammer of Twilight- Part of a utility pole(https://gyazo.com/8be7cf80832cb64cfbb656a3e53a5ca1 holding that part) Upheaval- (Little change) Little sparks in the ground being pulled. Molten Block(13)- Electric sparks surrounding him. C'thun's Gift(20)- Sparks shoot out of the utility pole Gall: Shadowflame- Shoots out a bolt of electricity Dread Orb- Throw a ball of electricity Runic Blast- Ball explodes sending out sparks Shadow Bolt Volley- Shooting many bolts of electricity Twisting Nether- Surrounding himself and the area around him with electricity Eye of Kilrogg(1)- Basically a decayed eye ward Nudge(1)- Electricity from where the nudge came from Psychotic Break(20)- A shadow of gall made out of electricity stays after Frankenstein was pumped full of electricity, and with this skin we can make him use that to his advantage. Cho'gall uses a lot of magical attacks so by replacing them with the electricity that Frankenstein has it can be possible to have this skin. Thanks for reading! Edit: Forgot to mention what he will physically look like, my apologies. Cho will have the flat-topped head that Frankenstein had while Gall will have the connectors in his neck since he is the one doing mainly electric type attacks. They both will have greenish/grayish skin. A tattered coat with short sleeves(Shorter for Cho to give way for his warrior fist?). Their stomach will be visible to show stitches that they have. Pants that are also tattered and a ripped. And back heavy looking boots as the original Frankenstein.Bladesclaw280 1d
1d [ HC ] Morgl , the oracle Universe: World of Warcraft RACE : Murloc HP : very low ( cause he is a murloc ) resource : Mana Story:- Morgl the Oracle is a murloc shaman, and member of the Earthen Ring. The World Shaman Thrall describes Morgl as a shaman "whose abilities surpass all others", suggesting he is truly powerful.[1] Morgl's opening remark "Time for a lesson, young one!" suggests he is an elder among his people, if not among the other races of Azeroth. Many of the other murlocs pay tribute to the great oracle.[2] Morgl's introductory cinematic depicts a mighty storm ravaging a murloc village: lightning flashing in the sky, fire raging on the ground, mighty waves rising above the huts, and an army of huge tornados closing in. This might depict a cataclysm from which Morgl rescued his people by calming the elements, or perhaps the fate of a murloc tribe that incurred the oracle's wrath. difficulty - very hard role - Ranged Support Trait : Ancestral Guardiance - Morgl's basic attacks are 30% further than all other heroes. every time Morgl attacks an enemy hero he reduces his ability power by 5% and attack speed by 3 % stacking up to 5 times. Max ability power reduction = 25 % Max attack speed reduction = 15 % this effects is reset if Morgl attacks another target or stops attacking for 3.25 secs. Q : Elemental Spikes - (cooldown 7.5 secs) moderate range skill shot that releases 3 projectiles in a strainght line. 1.lightning:- hits the first enemy hero for XXX damage and blinds the enemy for 1 sec. 2.nature:- hits the first enemy hero dealing XXX poison damage over time ( DoT ) for XXX secs. 3.earth:- hits the first enemy dealing XXX damage and stunning it for 0.75 secs. the 3 projectiles move one after the other and there is a 0.3 secs delay between every projectile strike. W : Fire Nova - (cooldown 13 secs) shield an allied hero ( can be self-applied ) for XXX amount for 5 secs , Morgl can recast the ability before it is broken or expired to deal XXX damage around the hero , removing the shield in process. E : Healing Bubble - (cooldown 14 secs) Morgl casts a bubble to an allied hero or self , the bubble stays on the target for 3.75 secs healing him for XXX every sec, Morgl can then recast the bubble and move it to another ally . Morgl cannot return the bubble to the same target and if he doesn't move it within 3.75 secs it will automatically expire . Casting the bubble , healing with the bubble and moving the bubble cost Morgl mana. R1 : Blessings of the wind - (cooldown 100 secs) Morgl channels for 1.5 secs on a friendly hero, making them unstoppable and increasing their movement speed and ability power by 20% for 2.75 secs. R2 : Ice Bed - (cooldown 122 secs) Morgl freezes a large area in front of him , applying a slow that stacks into a root of 1.15 secs after 3 secs , when enemies are rooted they take 15 % reduced damage from all sources.DragonLord15 1d
1d XT-002 Deconstructor Should Be Playable Would be pretty cool. The below could be subject to change and is only a start. XT should be a Warrior Trait - Reconstruct/Ready To Play: Instead of dying when being reduced to 0 HP, XT becomes invulnerable, immovable, and exposes his still attackable heart to start a channel time. While XT's heart is exposed his body starts regaining a percentage of his HP that is based on his max HP. If XT's heart is not defeated before the channel time completes, he is ready to keep fighting right where he left off. XT's real death re-spawn timer could be longer to balance this out. Q - Void Zone Bomb: Bomb is set on a target and detonates after a duration dealing damage and leaving behind a damage dealing zone for some time. W - Light Spawn Bomb: Bomb is set on a target and detonates after a duration dealing damage and releasing an attackable Light Spawn that damages all nearby enemies until it is destroyed. The Light Spawn follows the enemy hero that it was released from when their bomb detonated. E - Deconstruct: Deal damage to an allied or enemy non-hero unit. If the damaged unit dies due to Deconstruct, XT is healed a percentage based on the targets max HP. R1 - Tympanic Tantrum: Deal massive damage to ALL OTHER UNITS in an AoE and slow them while in the area. Effected units adjacent to XT during Tympanic Tantrum are stunned in addition to the slow for a duration. R2 - Heartbreak: Passive that greatly increases XT's max HP and damage output, but removes his trait. Thoughts and talent ideas?PLASMASHADE3 1d
1d New Hero: Katarina Lyons I would like to see one of the racers from Rock N Roll Racing enter the Nexus. Katarina Lyons would be my choose. Talents could be used to level up the various components of the cars just like you could in the original game; engine, shocks, missiles etc. The level 10 talent would enable you to choose one of the vehicle upgrades from the original game like the car with tank treads or the hovercraft. Various abilities could quote parts of the midi versions of the rock n roll songs from the original game.Diewalkure0 1d
1d Titles for Heroes I had suggested Pt. 1 Warcraft Kil'jaeden: The Deceiver Deathwing: The Worldbreaker Varimathras: Archlord of the Undercity Maiev: Warden of the Betrayer Kel'thuzad: Lich Lord of the Plaguelands Mannoroth: The Destructor Cairne: High Chieftain of the Tauren Grom: Redeemer of the Orcs Antonidas: Grand Magus of the Kirin Tor Anduin: Crown Prince of Stormwind Garona: The Kingslayer Mekkatorque: High Tinker Cenarius: Lord of the Forest Tirion: The Ashbringer Moira: Queen-Regent of Ironforge Garrosh: Warlord of the Warsong Archimonde: The Destroyer Al'Akir: The Windlord Vol'jin: Darkspear Chieftain Taran Zhu: Lord of the Shado-Pan Maraad: Hammer of the Light Broll: Champion of the Crimson Ring Xavius: The Nightmare Lord Azshara: Queen of the Naga Diablo Deckard: The Elder Belial: Lord of Lies Duriel: Lord of Pain The Druid The Amazon Mephisto: Lord of Hatred Baal: Lord of Destruction Lilith: Queen of the Succubi Aidan: The Dark Wanderer Jazreth: The Summoner Moreina: Blood Raven Isendra: The Sorceress Mehtan: The Apprentice Malthael: Angel of Death - He could also have an Archangel of Wisdom skin Imperius: Archangel of Valor Itherael: Archangel of FateGlamdringMan3 1d
1d Messed up abilliti The holy fire really!! - -(( Uther has ABILLITY CALLED HOLY FIRE blizzerd whats going on this wasnt in warraft 3 - -( anyway uther should be warrior not support uther got messed up look at thrall hes assassin... inleast make uther a warrior just like arthas but not no support... He has an hammer for gods shake! Uther was did immaturely...Retribution26 1d
1d Delete This Deathborn5 1d
1d My most wanted heroes to be released 1. M'avina the javazon 2. Isendra the Zan Esu sorceress 3. Maiev, the warden 4. Naga myrmidon 5. Lady Vashj the sea witch 6. Malthael the archangel of Death 7. Imperius - most wanted !@#$%^- in the sanctuary 8. Karax the phase smith 9. Arcturus Mengsk - most despicable human/terran ever 10. Belial the Lord of LiesReg1nleif23 1d
1d Have a hero skin concept? I want to draw it! Aaaand I'm back :D It was a long break, but I just couldn't stop thinking about all the ideas you've sent. I am going to get back to my daily routine and will post them. -You can skip this part- To all who joined the thread. As always, there is this sad moment when something has to end. I am involved in private project with great people from all over the world and we are in crucial stage to launch crowdfunding campaign. Having regular job + doing my project, takes almost all of my time, and I have to take care of my wife a bit more cause we will have a child :D I want to thank you all for this great adventure. Thanks to you, my drawings became better. I hope you enjoyed the sketches. When I will have more time I am planning to continue drawing your concepts. The excel file is still is on my desktop with lots of great ideas that needs to be seen. You are the best community I have ever joined and keep it that way girls and guys! As always, have a great day! -You can skip this part- Hey everyone! I want to make my drawing sessions a regular habit. Heroes of the Storm is a great game and i saw here lots of ideas for skins. If you have anything you would like me to draw I will do my best to visualize your concepts. I did some time ago one drawing, that you can look up to it: http://digitalghast.cgsociety.org/art/photoshop-monk-brawler-skin-hots-fan-art-2d-1333155 If there will be enough request I will try to make one daily. You are great community and I believe that we can make awesome thing together. Have a great day! Paul. I will be adding links to sketches here: It appears that there is some limit and I couldn't add more text with next links. I decided to make an album with all sketches I've already made: http://imgur.com/a/YlHh1 And will be adding new as earlier: 61. Motorbiker Xul - http://imgur.com/o9l51rO 62. Astronaut Raynor - http://imgur.com/a/gBDYX 63. Mira Han - http://imgur.com/km9Fwh8 64. Adjutant Kerrigan - http://imgur.com/pk2IqsD 65. Azmodoom - http://imgur.com/poNqiA3 66. Iron Horde Zagara - http://imgur.com/Q87OCo5 67. Moegara - http://imgur.com/dNvMgWK 68. Ragnaro's The Cereal Lord - http://imgur.com/x8dxAjQ Animated GIF - http://imgur.com/A1mmO9L 69. Purifier Belial - http://imgur.com/zx5MYbF 70. Red Panda LiLi - http://imgur.com/A1a3Ozb 71. Cybernetix Brightwing - http://imgur.com/jMNLcZP 72. SuperMurky - http://imgur.com/CQKMwa8 73. Old God Tyrael - http://imgur.com/sjEWMvV 74. Shadowmourne Arthas - http://imgur.com/SE3yx7J 75. Lionel Butcher - http://imgur.com/Sc2RpNG 76. Loan Shark Dehaka - http://imgur.com/VKpjdXk 77. Sylvanaas Queen of Blood Elves - http://imgur.com/hjvZd4V 78. Iron Golem Diablo - http://imgur.com/dej3wra 79. Hippogryph Rider Falstad - http://imgur.com/a/BNZtD 80. Hippie Malfurion - http://imgur.com/WHFYp8G 81. Vandal Greymane - http://imgur.com/tGzedYu 82. Reaper (from SC) Tracer - http://imgur.com/mhPKNco 83. Lifeguard Uther - http://imgur.com/GLYk6u2 84. El Diablo Pro Wrestler - http://imgur.com/gIVqqXe! 85. Protoss LiMing - http://imgur.com/vtj2tgi And here are skin concepts made by Deathkree: 1. Tassadar's Anubis Archon Skin - https://m.imgur.com/gallery/3E9y5 You can also join discussion on reddit created by ChuckLePlant: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/4pfmlq/great_hero_skin_concepts_by_digitalghast/ The one you will like the most will be made as full fan art. Stay tuned :DDigitalGhast406 1d
1d [HC] Mercy, Valkyrie Medic Angela Ziegler, AKA Mercy, is Overwatch’s main medic, who swiftly flies with her Valkyrie suit tending to the wounded. Her healing stream acts a lot like Lt. Morales’, quickly regenerating one target as long as she sticks to them, and in Overwatch she also has the ability to regenerate if not damaged for a while, again like Morales… but of course I didn’t want the playstyles to be too similar, so I designed a new trait that encourages Mercy to use her mobility in order to maximize healing. I might have given her too much mobility with talents. Eh. ====== Role: Ranged Support Health: ~3200 Basic Attack DPS: Medium. Quick shots from her pistol, the Caduceus Blaster. Resource: Mana ... [Applies when a Hero is within 0.25 range. Repeated contact renews duration but doesn't stack HPS.] ... [Range 5.5. Probably the only real mana expenditure. For comparison, Morales' Q heals 421 per sec.] ... [Also range 5.5. Probably costs 0 mana.] ... [Range 10.] ... [Radius 5. Mercy announces "Heroes never die!" during the cast time; you can't move but can continue to channel Streams during this.] ... [Range 9. Tethered allies are pulled closer so they're adjacent as you arrive at your destination.] ====== I’m starting to write too many/long talents if I can no longer fit them in the second post alone.. ;p I like quite a bit of my last two talent tiers. How do you feel about the designs of the Heroic upgrades? I’m a bit unsure about them; they’re pretty unique, but in a good way?.. And I totally want Lingering Streams in Overwatch. Talents: Lv 1 - Soothing Touch (D): Physiotherapy grants you and affected allies 4 mana per sec. - Modernen Medizin (D): Quest: Collecting a Regeneration Globe increases Physiotherapy's healing by 40% for 5 sec, and by 1.6% permanently up to 40%. Reward: After collecting 25 Regeneration Globes, if you don't take damage for 3 sec, you gain the effects of Physiotherapy until you take damage. - Vindictive Spirit (W): Quest: For every enemy killed shortly after being damaged by you or an ally with Enhancing Stream active, you gain 0.2 basic attack damage and Enhancing Stream grants +0.1 basic attack damage. Takedowns count as 5 kills. Enhancing Stream's bonus damage caps at +25. Reward: After gaining 50 bonus attack damage, you may basic attack while channeling Streams, and gain the effects of Enhancing Stream while using it.Shaiandra6 1d
1d [UI Suggestion] Recently Played Can we please have a recently played drop down list included in our friends list? I'm often coming across players who i've enjoyed playing with but I'm usually focused on gameplay instead of trying to broker a friendship mid game. Having a recently played list will allow me to whisper and make friends with such a player (would make it especially easy to not have to remember an odd name too). Many Thanks!Ratchops0 1d
1d Make a Popemobile mount. Or something similiar to that. Mostly for Leoric's Master Skin. And I'm still waiting for my hobby horse and tricycle mounts :DKarabars0 1d
1d Valeera in HL Valeera is fun to play, but trash for HL due to the low count of xp she gives! No good contribution to siege or XP even if you go all the game only lan. There are Champions at level 20 that are stronger in soaking xp. So for what purpose is Valeera good?Avalon4 1d
1d [Sug For Abathur] Hi ! Just a little idea for our dear Abathur. Can you show us at the end of the game how many damages he stopped et heals he made in the game. Because so many players thinks Abathur is usless and it's hard to show how usfull he is without this kind of informations. I hope saw this one day :) See you in the nexus !Minituc1 1d