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11m Sargeras He needs to become a hero. Warrior, heavy damage. Base skin: Sargeras - fel ascended as we see him in WoW Other skins: 1. Broken Avatar - as we see it in Tomb of Sargeras 2. Champion of the Pantheon - his original appearance, before he found wisdom and fel 3. Darker Dark Titan - what if The Void claimed him? probably some tantacles would happen 4. Lightforged Titan - what if The Light corrupted him? probably some crystals would happen 5. Illegal Alien Groom - what if Azshara seduced him? would he put on elven suit? 6. 100% Natural Bronze - while lesser races need sun to get tan, Sargeras requires nothing more than oil to make his skin shine. two variants: base and championSurinen28 11m
1h Is Talandar possible? One question, now that Fenix was launched, os there place to Talandar or they are the same character? I don't know about Starcraft lore.Garofalo8 1h
1h Druid. D2. Multiclass I'd like to propose that a must need future hero is another multiclass hero and I think that should be the druid from D2. He was after all one of the original multiclass heroes in Blizzard using elemental skills and his shapeshifting. I think he should work very similiar in heroes of the storm. He will incorporate summoning, shapeshifting and elemental abilities. Everything about him should be dictated by his trait. Shapeshifting. Using the keys 1, 2, 3 he will be able to shift between human, werewolf and werebear. 30 second CD will make it so each engagement he chooses basically what role he will be going in. 1. Human. Base stats of the hero. Assassin level health. 140 damage per attack. .8 attack/second. As a human he has access to mage type abilities. 2. Werewolf. 100% increased attack speed. 30% increased attack damage. 5% increased movement speed. Attack range is 2 As a werewolf he does great single target damage. 3. Werebear. 100% increased health. 100% increased attack damage. 25% armor. Attack range is 2. As a werebear he becomes a hulking tank using his CC and sustain to hang in the fight. D (Trait) Shapeshifting. Switch between forms using the 1, 2, and 3 keys. 30 second CD. Q "Summon Spirit wolf" summons a spirit wolf that attacks his designated target . Press Q again to retarget. 120% movement speed until it attacks its target then 105% movement speed. 100 damage per attack. 1 attack/second. 300 health. Last 8 seconds or until killed. 15 second CD. W(human) "Twisters" sends forth 2 twisters in a 30degree arc. Twisters go for a range of 7 and last 3 seconds. Small knockback after initial impact. 40damage/.25 seconds. 6 second CD W(werewolf) "Rabies" bites a targetted enemy. Poisons him for 70 a second for 3 seconds. Any enemey that comes in contact with the bitten enemy becomes infected for 3 second. 10 second CD. W(werebear) "shockwave" stomp the ground radiating a shock wave 360 degrees for a range of 3. Enemies hit are stunned for 1.25 seconds. 8 second CD. E(Human) "Arctic Blast" channeling skillshot. Channel a blast of cold for a range of 8. Damage and slow increases with proximity to the caster. Skill burns mana. 4 second CD after casting. Range 1-4 110 damage/second. Range 5-8 80 damage/second. E(Werewolf) "Lunge" skill shot that lunges the druid forward. If he impacts an enemy hero attack them 3 times in 1 second. 8 second CD. CD resets if an enemy is killed within 2 seconds. E(Werebear) "Hunger" charge towards a specific enemy stunning them for .25 and bite them dealing 10% of their health as damage and heal for 10% of the druids health. 7 range. Become unstoppable. 6 second CD. R(Human) "Hurricane" Immediately change form and cast a spell causing a hurricane to encircle the druid for a range of 6. Any enemy caught circles the druid 540 degrees and are thrown from the hurricane. 400 damage. If the hero thrown from the hurricane impacts terrain/wall the damage is doubled and stunned for 2 seconds. 60 second CD. R(Werewolf) "Fury" Immediately change form and charge forward at a specific hero and attack all heroes 4 times in two seconds. Become unstoppable. 60 second CD. R(Werebear) "Maul" Immediately change form and charge an enemy hero stunning them for .25 seconds for 10 seconds every basic attack increases the next attacks damage by 20%. 60 second CD.weathered3593 1h
2h Liadrin, just Liadrin! As a big fan of the Blood Elves from Warcraft Universe. I like to see that Valeera appeared! She's also a very important character lore wise. I understand she was part of a Gladiator team with Varian and Rhegar, and to complete that team only Bearmantle would be missing. Now let's not push deeply, there's many request for anticipated characters from different universe of Blizzard. I know Warcraft as so many characters it would be easy to pump them non stop. However, Lady Liadrin has been the main protagonist and political leader in many occasions in Warcraft History. Much more ahead then the Reagent Lord who should have been ahead of the scene. Lady Liadrin has many concept floating around on Heroesfire and Mobasfire, so I do not wish to bring forth a concept since it seems there many good ideas. However with how Uther works, the counter part Paladin being more a mix between Holy / Retribution. I was thinking Lady Liadrin would probably be best suit for Protection/Holy or Protection/Retribution. As she is often displayed in both role. In Warcraft, she is the Blood Knight Matriach, as a retribution Paladin. In Official artworks and Heartstone, more as a protection Paladin. The idea of a warrior with a shield would be appealing. Perhaps a new multi role would be suitable as well a this time. In the way of Varian, choosing a specialization between Tank or Bruiser warrior type. Anyway. I believe Lady Liadrin would make the perfect representation of the Blood Elves! Thank you for reading!Prinz3 2h
8h Hero Rework Suggestion I wanted to put together a couple rework thread ideas I had into a more organized space than the forum allows. So I made them into Google Sheet documents. Have a look at them and let me know if you have questions. Please be constructive and read the google sheet before posting. Link to google sheet: https://goo.gl/S62k6j Heroes: Raynor Cassia Lunara Tassadar Greymane SonyaMorogoth21 8h
9h Diablo Dark Wanderer Medivh Skin? He'd fit the Dark Wanderer pretty well if you ask me, he also doesn't have that many skins.Labreris3 9h
10h Angelic Sonya vs Angelic Valla The differences aren't subtle. They are huge. No wings, no halo, no glowing eyes. Nothing to see here but a common Sonya with a not so common skin.VILEINFECTED0 10h
12h CDC#4 - A'dal, Light of the Sha'tar: Ranged Support The naaru are beings composed of pure light. When their light is extinguished, the do not die. Instead, they become a vacuum of void energies that absorb energy from their surroundings. When enough energy is absorbed, the light within them can reignite, and the naaru will shine once again. ... A'dal is an offensive support with an involuntary mode shift. While Light, he has access to powerful sustain and support. While Darkened, he gains more damage options. He is not designed to be a sole healer, but he brings a lot more utility than just survival. ... This is A'dal's primary gimmick. It gives him a second health bar and a second set of abilities. Supernova acts as an emergency button that grants a large heal to your team, if you can get it off. If you're killed without activating it the heal does not happen. As a recovery method, you can deal damage to enemies to regain the Light faster. If you're killed while Darkened, you die. Large radius, similar to Lucio's Crossfade. ... A'dal's primary offensive tool, and the only ability that doesn't change between forms. This ability is meant to encourage aggression in teammates, giving them a bit of omph to their attacks. Range and width is similar to Uther's Holy Radiance. ... A'dal's primary heal in Light mode, and damage while Darkened. Since the well is dropped at his feet, it encourages him to stay in the mix. Size is similar to Malfurion's Entangling Roots ... A'dal's primary damage in Light mode, and a unique form of support while Darkened. While Light, the reveal and damage can assist in scouting. While Darkened, the Stealth offers a unique form of support, either allowing allies to escape or go aggressive more safely. ... This allows A'dal to double cast all his Basic Abilities. And since it does not have range limit or duration, it can also be used to support allies from across the map. ... Rite of Eclipse effectively doubles A'dal's utility, giving access to both effects of his Basic Abilities, regardless of what mode he's in.MrCLFN10 12h
13h Probius Suggestions (art) As a spec main, I love Probius but I have a couple suggestions for her(I decided it's a her) First: please add a charge for the Photon Cannon. One short-lived Photon Cannon hardly feels like an ability, maybe have the level 7 cooldown reduction talent also add a charge for the ability. Second: As a Starcraft fan this one is more important to me. please update the art so that the pylon and photon cannon match the tint of Probius because it really looks wrong to see a Tal'darim Probe warp in a Khalai Pylon. It's not too hard, look, I do it for you: http://i.imgur.com/tqSekfS.png http://i.imgur.com/3f56ZV6.png http://i.imgur.com/l4WKLm0.png http://i.imgur.com/3fDK8kK.png http://i.imgur.com/8sD7Gaf.pngGiammod64 13h
15h Zergling Mount I've been playing Starcraft since StarCraft Brood War, frequently play SC2 and I have always been loyal to the Swarm. I wish there were more SC heroes in HotS, but I have an excellent idea for a mount! Zerglings have always been a popular unit in SC and I believe that to have one as a mount would truly be something to look at.Mars15 15h
15h [Hero concept] Moira, Shadowy Healer I think it's weird that Blizzard hasn't ported the remaining member of WoW's Council of Three Hammers, Moira (https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20759255810#post-1 )—who I never encountered in-game, into HotS. Thus, I propose the forthcoming as part of her HotS kit. I'll take suggestions for the missing info. Name/flavour: Moira, Shadowy Healer Blurb Role: Ranged Support Stats Health pool: Health regen: Resource: Mania (100 max) Basic attack: Attack speed: Attack range: Armour: 0 Scaling: 4%/level Abilities Shadow word: Pain (Q); (14 sec. CD): Moira reduces the armour of a single enemy by 10 for the next 3 seconds, causing that enemy to take 10% more damage during that time. Generates 3 Mania per second while active. Shadowform Shadow word: Death (Q): Moira reduces the armor of all nearby enemies by 10 for the next 3 seconds, causing them to take 10% more damage during that time. Shadow mend (W); (12 sec. CD): Moira heals an ally over the next five seconds but reduces their armour by 5 making them take 5% more damage during that time. Generates 10 Mania during that time. If the ally takes damage while being healed, subsequent ticks generate 4 Mania. Mind blast (E); (8 sec. CD): Moira hurls an explosive bolt of violet energy dealing moderate damage to the main target and cleaving to nearby enemies or 15% of that damage. Does not generate Mania. Mind torrent (1); (8 sec. CD): Activate for the next mind blast within three seconds to consume 10 Mania, increasing its damage by 10%. Cooldown is shared with mind blast. Cannot be activated in shadowform. Shadowform Voidbolt (E): Moira hurls an explosive bolt of violet energy able to hit Stopped enemies dealing moderate damage to the main target and cleaving to nearby enemies for 15% of that damage. If the main target is Stopped, the attack doesn’t cleave, instead dealing 115% damage to that target. Holy light (R); 50 sec. CD: Moira calls down a ray of holy light healing 33% of an ally's maximum health. Can't touch this (R); 60 sec. CD: Moira becomes unstoppable for the next 10 seconds. During this time, Bronzebeard's shadow effects all damage or healing from her abilities. Talents 1 Unknown 4 Refreshment (Q): Moira may self-cast Renewal. 7 Unknown Level 10 Holy light (R); 50 sec. CD: Moira calls down a ray of holy light healing 33% of an ally's maximum health. Can't touch this (R); 60 sec. CD: Moira becomes unstoppable for the next 10 seconds. During this time, Bronzebeard's shadow effects all damage or healing from her abilities. 13 Unknown 16 Unknown 20 Holy renewal (R): Holy light self-casts whenever Moira uses it on an ally. Bronzebeard’s vengeance (R); 75 sec. CD: Moira becomes unstoppable for the next 10 seconds. During this time, Bronzebeard's shadow effects all damage or healing from her abilities. If she dies during this time, the last ability used recasts against her killer. This causes Renewal to deal damage. Increase the cooldown of Can’t touch this. Council of Three Hammers (Active); (120 sec CD): Moira’s next basic ability casts three times.This causes Renewal to deal damage. Can be reactivated to retarget. Falstad level 20 talent Council of Three Hammers (Q): Gathering storm recasts after BOOMerang returns. Muradin level 20 talent Council of Three Hammers (W): Thunderclap always triggers a second explosion 2 seconds later in the same location that deals 50% (+4% per level) damage. If the second explosion hits a hero, it triggers a third explosion 2 seconds later in the same location that deals 25% (+4% per level) damage. Final template edits One: Added Mania resource and overhauled basic abilities General edits One: Added link to original topic for clarification. Probably should have resurrected that topic, actually.Tarantula11 15h
16h D. Va should have missles Overwatch updated D. va a while back and gave her missles as an ability. I think this would spice up the character in hots and make her more fun to play.Codacious1 16h
17h [HC] Velen, Prophet of the Naaru A Priest that can use the light to heal allies, damage enemies, and cause his spells to cast again for free, at reduced power. Easy enough to pick up and play his trait use is what will separate the beginners from the veterans. Velen, Prophet of the Naaru Ranged Support Health – 1834.38, Regen – 4.42 Mana – 500, Regen - 2.9 APS – 1.14, Ranged – 5.50, Damage – 91.29, DPS – 104.07 Damage: 5/10 Healing: 8.5/10 Utility: 7/10 Suvivability: 6/10 Complexity: 9/10 Trait: Echo of Light – Activate – 0 Mana, 15 Second CD, Self Cast The next Ability Velen casts will be cast again on the same target after 2 seconds. Basic Ability effects are reduced by 50%. Holy Fire will burn the target for 2 more seconds. Guardian Spirit will last 3 seconds longer. 1) Mastery – Increases the effect to 65% of Basic Abilities. Holy Fire and Guardian Spirit will now last 3 seconds longer. 7) Shining Light – Basic attacks lower the CD of Echo of Light by .5 seconds. 13) Plea – Activating Echo of Light heals Velen for 100 (+4% per level) health. 16) Reverberate – Echo of light will cast a 3rd time. This 3rd cast does not affect Heroics and the effects are further reduced by 50%. (example. 100 healing original, 50 healing 2nd, 25 healing 3rd.) Q: Holy Blast – 50 Mana, 8 second CD, Targeted Heal the Targeted Friendly target for 370 (+4% per level) and knock back all nearby Enemy units. Echo of light heals do not knock back enemies. 4) Echoing Blast – Nearby Enemies are knocked back again after 3 seconds. 4) Lingering Light – Holy blast also heals for an additional 75 (+4% per level) health over 2 seconds. 7) Holy Nova – All Allies caught in the blast are healed for 50% of the original heal. 13) Hastening Light – Targeted friendly unit has their movement speed increased by 20% for 3 seconds. W: Holy Smite – 45 Mana, 6 second CD, Targeted Velen smites his enemy with holy power dealing 135 (+4% per level) damage. 1) Harsh Light – Increases damage of Holy Smite by 15% 7) Heavy Burden – Target of Smite is slowed by 20% for 1.5 seconds. 7) Radiant Smite – Smite deals 25% damage to nearby enemies. 16) Vengeful Light – Smite now has 2 charges and refunds a charge if it kills an enemy. E: Power Word: Shield – 45 Mana, 12 Second CD, Targeted Grant a friendly unit a 200 point Shield that lasts for 5 seconds. 1) Shield Discipline – If the shield is completely used up Velen is refunded 40% of it's mana cost. 4) Shield of Faith – Increases the shield by 20%. 13) Strength of Soul – Allied heroes are healed for 4% of their maximum life upon being shielded and are granted 10 spell armor while the shield lasts. 13) Blinding Light – Enemies near the shielded Hero are blinded for 1.5 seconds. R1: Guardian Spirit – 50 Mana, 80 second CD, Targeted Velen grants a friendly unit a guardian spirit to help them. The spirit increases all healing received from Velen by 50%. Increases Shield amount on heroes by 50% when cast on a unit under Guardian Spirit. Lasts 12 seconds. 20) Naaru Guardian – Targeted friendly unit heals for 1% of their Maximum health every .5 seconds for the duration R2: Holy Fire – 75 Mana, 60 Second CD, Targeted Enemy, Medium Range After a .5 Charge time, Velen calls upon the holy fires to burn his target, dealing 345 (+4% per level) damage to that target and burning them for an additional 180 (+4% per level) damage over 5 seconds 20) Purifying Fire – Holy Fire Removes all HoTs, buffs, and armor effects from the target. Can now be cast on an ally. Doing so does not damage them but will remove all DoTs, debuffs, CC, and Armor Reductions. Non Ability Talents 1) Gift of the Naaru – Velen grants a friendly hero the Gift of the Naaru. Healing them for 1% of their Maximum Life each second for 8 seconds (8% of total life). 20 Mana, 25 Second CD. Echo of Light effect - Increases duration to 12 seconds. 7) Call down: MULE 20) Servant of the Light – Velen summons a small Servant of the Light. The Servants attacks deal 25 (+4% per level) damage and restore 2% of Velens Maximum Mana. 0 Mana, 60 Second CD, lasts 15 seconds, 300 (+4% per level) health. Press the 1 Key to order the servant to attack a target, press again to reassign targets.Legendairy4 17h
18h Have a hero skin concept? I want to draw it! Pt. 2 It appears, that we reached the post limit :D 500 replies is maximum, that can be. There is no other way, but to start another thread. Here is the link for previous post if anyone would like to check it out: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20743696083 Album with all sketches I've done so far: https://imgur.com/a/YlHh1 And I will post new sketches below: 113. Survivor Kargath Bladefist - https://imgur.com/rPuHF7h 114. Conspiracy Theorist Leoric - https://imgur.com/w5uwTXk 115. Red Pajama Falstad - https://imgur.com/qWcZVMP 116. Giant Crab Azmodan - https://imgur.com/rNlEQrx 117. Primal Hydralisk Hakkar - https://imgur.com/fsqbg2K 118. Dark Templar Tassadar - https://imgur.com/LZ79tmm 119. Kael'Thas French Maid - https://imgur.com/GulrkcV 120. Paladin Lucio - https://imgur.com/osyJeCY 121. Angelic Kerrigan - https://imgur.com/rW3lkEY 122. Firefighter Zarya - https://imgur.com/ezGnHcm 123. Hellfire Tychus - https://imgur.com/hn0sCIa 124. Military Junkrat - https://imgur.com/qgVHkPU I hope you will join the fun also in this thread. As always, Have a great day Paul.DigitalGhast76 18h
19h Victory Pose(s) at MVP screen Similar to how it is in Overwatch. How about having at least one (or of course, multiple ((over time)) Victory Pose to choose from in Heroes loadouts (would be a new category, also a new category in Collection). Then applying that pose at the MVP screen after a match? Either only the MVP Hero gets to see it, or all the Heroes (including enemy team's) get to use their chosen Victory Pose as well (I'd prefer it if everyone had it really). If no Victory Pose would be chosen (or unlocked), then the 'default' Pose would be applied (basically what we currently have for all Heroes, which is the same idle / combat-ready pose they have after we select them before Readying up.Lyrondor7 19h
19h Fenix Zealot skin for Artanis (In this case) Fenix is the new upcoming Hero and since he only has Dragoon form, well this seems fair to give his Zealot form as skin for Artanis in my opinion :) Since we can't have Fenix with both Zealot and Dragoon forms :/ so at least give that Fenix Zealot skin for Artanis just pls :)Veil11 19h
20h Next Hero after Fenix? Fenix has recently been confirmed as the next Hero: https://www.facebook.com/BlizzHeroes/videos/756400947902745/ Who do you think will come next? I personally hope for a Diablo demon of any kind.Krimnorr49 20h
1d Acolyte Abathur The Acolyte from WC3 were the original Abathurs making that slapping sound. A lot of WC3 stuff; especially icons, made it to WoW, Hearthstone, and Hots. What if Abathur develop legs or had a more humanoid form? When using his Q, there will be a summoning circle or aura surrounding him? The Locust can be parasite-worms for this skin.Kuddlesberg0 1d
1d {CDC #4} - Bloodlord Mandokir Link to the CDC's main post here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20761977354 Tied to the CDC's theme of Rebirth in his own unique way, Bloodlord Mandokir is one of the few characters in the game that might be able to be considered a "Carry", with a unique "Personal Level" system, a shifting state of being mounted, and a gimmicky Execute. ... ...............WhoYouExpect16 1d
1d Hey, remember Diablo 2? wouldn't be cool if you did something for the Diablo 2 fans, like, dunno, releasing an hero from that game? one of the evils, like Baal or Mephisto, Andariel or Duriel, or any other character? Don't worry Blizzard, if you forget, I will remind you, over and over, you can release heroes from other games and for other fans, that's fine, no complains, everybody deserves their fav. heroes, but you shouldn't forget fans from classic Diablo, alright?Zeox246 1d
1d Let's Create A Hero 2: Electric Boogaloo Link to the previous one: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20762007918?page=1 I love this little community thing, so here it is continued. This time everything is still blank, except a single basic ability has already been made. (by me!) The rest will be up to you! Good luck! Name ... Role(s) ... Stats ... Mount ... Trait ... Basic abilities ... ... ...Labreris18 1d
1d <CDC>Teron Gorefiend, The First Death Knight Here's my entry for the 4th Community Design Contest, "Rites of the Reborn" (link to the contest thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20761977354 ) Teron Gorefiend, The First Death Knight. Ranged Specialist Lore: Once the Orc Shaman Teron'Gor, he was one of the first to join Gul'dan's Shadow Council, and he was also the first member of said Council to be sacrificed by Gul'dan to appease Doomhammer. With his spirit bound to the corpse of a defeated Stormwind Knight, he was reborn as Teron Gorefiend, The First Death Knight. ("reborn"... See what I did there? :P) After Gul'dan's death, he helped Ner'zhul in his attempt to open new Dark Portals on Draenor in order to invade new worlds, as Gorefiend intended to claim one of those worlds for himself and his Death Knight followers, but he was vanquished by Turalyon before he could complete his plan. He then came back in Outland, fooling a WoW player character into resurrecting him, but that same adventurer killed him again. Design: Teron is an unusual Specialist Hero who can sustain himself by draining enemies' health, and assist his allies by increasing Armor, while his ability to resurrect Minions can make him a dangerous pusher. But it's his Trait that stands out the most, allowing him to temporarily take over an enemy hero. (I'll refer to him as "Teron" in the rest of the Thread, because the name "Gorefiend" by itself seems to be associated more with his AU version from Warlords of Draenor).Efede12 1d
1d Just heard rumor Sombra is next OW hero >.> is this true?BastionE5411 1d
1d Sgt hammer changes are awefull. You killed her range, and her poke damage, and her cool builds. Now theres just these lame talents that dont really change play style or anything. Im really dissapointed in the hots team with this one, yeah sure they made it so shes more of a siege tank by HAVING to be in siege mode. Except heres the kicker, siege tanks are still decent in SC2 even out of siege. Siege just elevates them into being one of the best units in the game. They need to make the same approach with hots, It moba's mobility is king always. So if they strip that mobility away, they need to give massive boosts to everything else. There is one, and only one change I enjoyed in this update. The armor on her E, and her siege mode on her D. Other than that, I can absolutly say sgt hammer, one of my favorite characters in this game is absolutly un-fun, and garbage to play. This change only helped against dive comps which if you had the right team comp hammer could already do well against. It did nothing to alleviate the Chromie and Li-ming cancer that plauged her. Shes now even shorter range than she was before, and while armor stops 1, a single instance of their burst.. Its up roughly every 4-5 seconds anyways. So thanks, I can now not die once but im so weak out of siege mode I have to be in siege mode all game to preform, so I siege up again and they still just kill me. Even with double support which you just nerfed.. Please please please get rid of these talent changes, her old talents were more fun and better made. I know im pleading to a brick wall... but, I can try. Goodbye siege tank having the highest range in the game, Goodbye move while stealth siege tank burst build (Dubbed the assasi-tank) Goodbye normal !@#$ing hammer being able to actually shoot out of siege mode (For real shes garbage) If I havent made it clear... These changes are awe-full and im pretty sure what just about every hammer player didn't want to see.ZinAethor18 1d
1d Peasants! So since we've already proven that a probe can make it in the nexus,how about a human peasant from good ol warcraft 3? They could use classic abilities like "Call to arms" and "Back to work" so they can swap between being a specialist and a warrior. it could be really awesome and hey it'd double the multiclass rosterBubilsGnim0 1d
1d Velen (LF feedback from Hpriest Mains!) So, I've got this concept for a Holy Priest hero for HotS. It's Velen, obviously, but beyond that, I'm not sure how Holy Priests play in comparison to other healers. Paladins revolve around their Beacon and being melee healers, Mistweavers fistweave and channel, Shamans have chain heals and totems, Druids have heal over time, and Disc priests use shields. So what does Holy priest do? Is it just vanilla healing in general? So far, my kit design is to have his healing output be in a tier completely above everyone else in HotS at the cost of low damage and CC. He's meant to be a solo support that can keep a whole team up by himself. Holy Priest is the most archetypical healer, so having one be the best at the role of healing by itself just makes sense. His trait would be Gift of the Naaru (Draenei Racial), which is a hat which creates this healing aura around around the hatted hero. The aura heals a percent every second, and doesn't have a leash range, so he can just hat someone in one lane, and manually heal the other (with a self-sufficient third solo lane as usual). This would also give him completely manaless sustain. His Q, would be some kind of basic, but very powerful heal where you can cast it before it's full CD is up at the cost of higher mana costs. W Would be some kind of mana-management based ability to keep him spamming his Q, or a damage tool (or both. Could be both). Shadowfiend is obvious, but also doesn't fit with Velen as a whole thematically. E would be Leap of Faith, which is a point-and-click pull that causes allies to perform an unstoppable leap towards you. Use it on warriors to help them peel for you or to pull someone else's rear end out of the fire. His Heroics would, as my current design goes, be Spirit of Redemption, a unique Heroic Ability that he can only use while dead. It'd spawn him as a half-naaru angel thing with infinite mana to spam his Q, and possibly additional features. Sort of a insurance against being ganked before a fight or focused down, which would be inevitable as a solo healer. The other one, I'm not so sure about. Velen's big scene in WoD was him giving his life to save everyone, Divine Hymm, a massive aoe channeled heal, could work, although it runs the risk of being "basically big bad voodoo" if the heal was too big, and is interupt bait so it has to be big.DarthWalrus2 1d
2d Elementalist Alarak Picture Alarak as a WC shaman. Lightning Surge becomes a lightning bolt. Telekinesis would have some watery look to it, or like a strong gust of wind. Discord Strike would be a lance of fire.Labreris6 2d
2d Varian Death Knight skin ... This is quote from my original thread in the EU forums. I tought it would be nice to put it here as well.Nephrithos26 2d
2d Death Knight Varian Skin! Any chance of a skin that changes Varian into a Death Knight? With Unique Voice + Frost/Blood/Plague effects added? http://oi62.tinypic.com/2na9251.jpg <- This ArmorTalathion2 2d
2d Please Blizzard, listen to the fans,fix Alexstrasza https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/006/225/674/large/julia-acherontias-m1.jpg?1496931149 has been linked many times, this is by far the best work I've seen that truly emboldens Alexstrasza's character. Please for the love of god, swap the models. Everyone wants it, and I for one have been waiting for 3 years for alex to release and was completely heart broken when I saw how truly ugly shes been made.SexualWizard193 2d
2d Tychus needs more skins Tychus needs more skins, atleast new color variations of current skins, especially the master skin.Branikald2 2d
2d Maps How about some new maps. These ones you have now are played out at this point, would love some more varieties.CrksNCastles0 2d
2d Hemet Nesingwary, Azeroth's Greatest Hunter Role: Ranged Assassin Base Stats: Health: 1575 Health Regen: 3.276 Mana: 500 Mana Regen: 3 Attack Damage: 147 Attack Speed: 1 Attack Range: 5.5 Hunting Party (Passive Trait) Hemet and his allies within 6 range of him gain 3 Power for every allied hero within 6 range of him including himself. Stacking up to a total of 24 Power (Vikings, Rexxar, and Misha all count for one stack of the buff). Lock 'n' Load (Q) Mana Cost: 60 Cooldown: 12 seconds For the next 4 seconds Hemet's attack speed is increased by 50% and his movement speed by 15%. Scatter Shot (W) Mana Cost: 60 Cooldown: 12 seconds Deal 216 damage to all enemies within a 120 degree frontal cone of Hemet and within 5.5 range. These enemies are blinded for the next 1.5 seconds. Steel Trap (E) Mana Cost: 30 Cooldown: 15 seconds After a 1 second delay place a steel trap in front of Hemet. This trap will become invisible after 3 seconds and last up to 30 seconds. If an enemy steps on the trap they will take 240 damage and be stunned for 1 second. Summon Kroshik (R1) Mana Cost: 100 Cooldown: 90 seconds Summon Hemet's monstrous devilsaur companion to dash forward in a straight line for 12 range at 175% standard movement speed stomping all enemies within a width of 4 range dealing 240 damage to them and stunning them for 1 second. Shattering Rounds (R2) Mana Cost: 70 Cooldown: 70 seconds After a 1 second delay load up Hemet's gun with Shattering Rounds causing his next 6 basic attacks to deal 70% bonus damage.AetherTheory0 2d
2d [CDC #4] Darius, Leader of the Northgate Rebellion Link to the CDC: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20761977354 Role: Assassin/Warrior (Kinda similar to last time, heh) Hero Synopsis: Darius is a melee Multiclass hero, that is designed to jump into the fray as a human and dish out the damage, while dangerously playing with your health reserves to transform to a worgen. Human form is an Assassin, that can take somewhat of a beating. Specialises in mostly spell damage. Worgen form, on the other hand, can act as a main tank for your team, providing a healthy frontline and decent CC. This form does hefty basic attack damage, but swings slowly. Quite mobile, as well. Darius pairs well with allies that can capitalize on slowed and stunned enemies, such as Lunara with Unfair Advantage. And even Greymane, with his version of Unfair Advantage. Trait: Beast Within - After participating in the takedown of all enemy heroes (Besides a character like Abathur), Darius gains the ability to morph into Worgen form. Upon morphing, Darius gains his Worgen abilities. This is a one-way transformation. Explanation: Acts a bit like Zul'jin's headhunter talent, but with this theme's own twist. I decided to go this route since it thematically fits a Worgen, and is an assassin's main goal; killing everything. Q (Human): Dashing Strike - Darius dashes in a thin line a medium distance, slicing enemies along the path for 200 damage with his sword. 8 second cooldown Explanation: An ability to quickly close the gap while dealing damage. W (Human): Clean Slice - Darius instantly slices with his sword in a semicircle in front of him, dealing 180 damage to all enemies hit. Enemies hit by the outer edge of the circle are dealt 80 more damage. 5 second cooldown Explanation: Rewards strong positioning with extra damage, and possibly other benefits when talented. E (Human): Tactical Retreat - Darius instantly rolls back from the targeted enemy, throwing a net 0.5 seconds later in the direction of your mouse cursor which roots for 1 second. 15 second cooldown Explanation: This is designed to swifty get out of combat, or to position for W. It can also be used as some solid lockdown, so keep that in mind. Q (Worgen): Ferocious Leap - Darius leaps savagely to the target, stunning them for 1 second and dealing 120 damage. While the enemy is stunned, Darius can only act by using another Ferocious Leap, and basic attacking the target. 6 second recharge | 2 charges Explanation: Gives Darius a mobility tool and some CC, while also thematically fitting a worgen.You don’t have long to re-activate Ferocious Leap, so choose your targets carefully. W (Worgen): Rebels Valor - Darius enters a crouched position, gaining a 400 point shield and increasing the range of Ferocious Leap and Blood Frenzy by 30% for 4 seconds. 10 second cooldown Grants Darius defensive power and increased chase and lockdown. Use this when taking a beating, or if that one enemy got just out of your range. E (Worgen): Blood Frenzy - Darius charges forward quickly, and latches onto the first enemy Hero hit for 4 seconds or until cancelled. For each second Darius is on the enemy, they move 10% slower and take 80 damage. Additionally, Blood Fenzy does 100% bonus damage to minions, and killing them grants you 5% of your maximum life and resets the cooldown and mana cost of Blood Frenzy. You can use Ferocious Leap while latching onto a hero. 9 second cooldown Explanation: Rewards skillful aiming for very solid lockdown and damage, while also giving Darius an escape option with a charge. Can also be used on minions for sustain.Krimnorr15 2d
2d Next Hero after Maiev? Maiev Shadowsong has been confirmed to be the next hero in HotS: https://twitter.com/BlizzHeroes/status/956587499618357248 Who do you guys think will come next?Macaulyn224 2d
2d Broodlisk, champion of the Swarm My concept for CDC # 4, link to the contest thread here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20761977354Deefe11 2d
2d [CDC #4] Odyn, the Prime Designate of Azeroth This concept for Odyn is that of a High Damage Warrior who emphasizes Zone Control Abilities. Odyn can manage a Solo Lane very effectively, particularly against other popular Solo Laners. In Team Fights Odyn is capable of Deterring Ranged Damage Dealers, Being able to Peel for his Team and he is able to Bring Back his Fallen Allies as Stormforged Valarjar. Odyn's greatest Weakness is that his Abilities have High Cooldowns....... ......... ......Azihayya12 2d
2d New hero idea,Mimic/changeling. Hello everyone! This is my first time writing a topic and usually I keep my idea to myself but I really like this character idea so I thought I'm gonna share it with you. Hero: Mimic(never thought a name for it) Role: Specalist(Or multiclass) 3 basic abilities: Surprise stun - 70 mana 8 seconds cooldown Surprise silence - 70 mana 8 seconds cooldown Booby trap - 50 mana 6 seconds cooldown Trait: Mimic - 40 seconds cooldown Low amount of health and no auto attacks at all. 1. ability(Q) Surprise stun: Mimic will cast a Circle with an another circle in it(Imagine Ring of Frost). After 1 second,the circle will explode,stunning every enemy character who stood in the center of the circle for 0.75 seconds. Using the ability will put a 1 second cooldown on "Surprise silence" if it's not on cooldown. 2. ability(W) Surprise silence: Mimic will cast the same looking circle as Surprise stun but a little change between them.After 1 second,the circle will explode,silencing every enemy character who stood in the outer part of the circle for 1 second. Using the ability will put a 1 second cooldown on "Surprise stun" if it's not on cooldown. Between the 2 circles should be a little bit of difference(like different type of runes(decorations) on the outer line of the circle) so people can notice which one of the ability is that. But just a little diffence,not a huge one because that's one of the point of the 2 abilities to trick them which one is it. 3.ability(E) Booby trap: Place a trap down with stealth(imagine chromie's time trap) and arms after 1.5 seconds.The trap is immune to all type of damage and won't break its stealth(of course stealth detection abilities still works). The first enemy hero to touch will be rooted for 1.5 seconds and puts the ability on a 5 seconds cooldown. If you or an ally touches the trap first,then it will be destroyed and put a 10 seconds cooldown on it. Only 1 trap can exist at once. Trait(D) Mimic: Transform your hero into one of the enemy hero(chosen randomly) for 5 seconds(you won't gain his/her abilities,just the look). The enemy will see you as an ally but they can still attack you. Taking any damage will break this ability. level 1 talents: Double agent(Trait): Transformed hero will see you as an another hero. For example,your ability picked Nova as a mimic,but Nova will see you as herself and quickly react to it.But with this talent,Nova will see you as one of her ally instead of herself. Surprise deliver: Quest,collect 12 Regen globes. Reward:Your movement speed will increase by 10%,this reward will be kept if you change hero and the quest can not be completed if you changed hero.(Note:I'll explain this part on the level 10 talent). Surprise fake(new ability): Mimic will cast the same looking circle as Surprise stun and silence but a little change between them.After 1 second,nothing happens! Using the ability will put a 1 second cooldown on "Surprise stun" and "Surprise silence" if it's not on cooldown. Level 4 talents: Bear Trap(3.ability): After the root effect ends,the enemy is also slowed by 20% and taking low amount of ticking damage over 3 seconds. Surprise,PUNCH!(1. ability): If Surprise Stun hits only one target,he will take a moderate amount of damage. Here's more surprise: Mimic will gain a ranged auto attack,dealing a low amount of damage. Mimic can only attack stunned,silenced or rooted enemies. Hunting for surprise : If the enemy is stunned,rooted and silenced at the same time,he will gain a -50 armor,-20 spell armor and will be revealed for 5 seconds. Level 7 talents: Surprise into surprise(Trait): Taking damage while your trait is active will spawn 2 additional clones of yourself that will run away. well,I keep this surprise then(2. ability) If your surprise silence didn't hit a single enemy character then Mimic will gain 25% movement speed for 3 seconds. Surprise me,surprise you: If mimic is stunned,put a Surprise stun under him and if he is silenced,put a Surprise silence under him. This has 15 seconds cooldown.Ropi4 2d
2d We have Asmodunk we need FeKNIX Basketball themed dragoon that fires balls not energy orbs.GLoRToR1 2d
3d [HC] Simply an attempt at MCCREE Trait ... Basic abilities ... ... ... Heroics ...Labreris1 3d
3d Diablo, Leoric and Butcher skins from Diablo 1 Event So you made Diablo 1 Event for Diablo 3 game and in that Event Diablo, Leoric and The Butcher has their models more perfect with better textures and everything. Here is the link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udVrSfNQ5Zs So can you make that skins from Diablo 1 Event for Diablo, Leoric and The Butcher in HotS? The only issue here is that Diablo has tail and is skinny on that Diablo 1 Event but in Diablo 1 game itself Diablo doesn't have tail and he's muscled.LordFrieza13 3d
3d Fel Reaver skin and Ranger General Sylvanas skin Fix I feel these Two skins incomplete in my opinion and i don't know if there are others skins in same situation but let me explain this to you. Fel Reaver Blaze it's a Rare skin, and Rare skins only change Hero's appearance and i understand that but it's really awkward to see a Fel Reaver without his Green (Fel) Fire in my opinion. I think Fel Reaver skin must be changed for a Epic skin and his Normal Fire must be changed for Green (Fel) Fire colour ;) Now talking about Ranger General Sylvanas skin it's another Story, this skin it's a Rare skin and only change Hero's appearance and nothing more and at the start everything seems Ok to me but..... everytime i saw Sylvanas Hero trailer i change my mind about the skin and seems wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I70plIgmn1I&t=2s Really i think this makes no sense at all and Ranger General Sylvanas skin must be changed for a Epic skin and her Arrows (Auto-Attack) and her abilities must be changed for Golden/Yellow colour and also her "E" could be changed for Golden/Yellow Hawks instead of Banshees in my opinion ;) If i remember Blood Elf Tyrande skin in Beta only changed Tyrande's apperance and nothing more, and 1 year later Blizzard gave her New ability colour effects ^_^ I wonder why Blizzard don't do the same thing for other Skins in just like they did with Blood Elf Tyrande skin? :) Well i don't know if i'm wasting my time with this but hey at least i tried ;)Veil6 3d
3d Voldo Artanis Skin Anyone a fan of Voldo and those freaky moves?Kuddlesberg0 3d
3d Sporting Skins Along the same line as Azmodunk (Basketball) or Striker Li Ming (Volleyball), I think other sports could be represented in Heroes of the Storm as well. At the moment, all I can think of are Baseball Leoric, Hockey Arthas, Boxer Kharazim, and Wrestler Diablo, but I thought I'd suggest them.Paviel0 3d
3d PJ Skin ideas and bonus pirate one PJ skins Knight Night Johanna Put her in "Mens" flannel pajamas with stuffed animals on her shoulders for pauldrens and bunny slippers. Her shield is now a twin size mattress. The Flail is now a Bed post with a Pillow on a rope Grandma Ana Put her in full body pants and shirt silk pajamas and an bathrobe. Make her Rifle a cane with a scope. She can throw bottles of meds instead of grenades. Sleep Over Zul'jin Put him in Boxer shorts. The mask can stay but make it have a print like you'd see on sheets, flowers, toys, super heroes, etc... Instead of axes he throws stuffed animals. Regeneration makes him curl up asleep for a sec. (Not actually asleep, just pretending until the parents leave the room. ;P ) Grievous throw and Twin cleave would stay close to the same but, again, be stuffed animals instead of axes. Guillotine would chuck a toy chest into the air to land on enemies. Or maybe a GIANT stuffed animal. Taz'dingo would not be changed. Pirate Johanna, Yo ho Jo-jo Stereotypical White shirt and black pantaloons. Tall leather boots, maybe a scarf to go around the neck, face, and shoulders. Pirate tri corner hat. Shield would look like a bunch of deck boards ripped up and lashed together. I think with a parrot on top, or maybe one of those ships figure heads that on on the bowsprit (naga or something). Flail would be a section of mast or railing with a heavy chain on the end that attaches it to a big ol anchor.Legendairy0 3d
3d Nerf Cassia This one is annoying as hell. -Q is a fast rechargable mini-nuke with low mana cost; -65 base physical armor when running ; -20% extra speed on talent 7, impossible to kill when chasing with that 65 trait armor; -common W+E+Q = GG; -clearing wave of minions with ease, taking specialist role and merc capture; -Ball of lighting makes sure she secure the area no matter the situationviske5 3d
3d I like the Zerg Mount but why didn't..... I like the zerg mount and I think its cool. Why didn't we get Kerrigans pet zerg with the broken fang. He was first seen in Heart of the swarm cutscene "Transmission" and was in the cinematic with zeratul. I think having Kerrigan riding her pet zergling into battle would be cool and would be the kind of subtle touch that Blizzard is famous for so can you bust his fang and give us Kerrigan's pet zerg PLEASE !!!!!!!MrFizzbin7610 3d
3d Loved the mecha rehgar skin.Make one for kharazim ? Mecha kharazim would be awesome.Period. Also rehgar needs some talent tweaking imo.The lightning shield talents are garbage.And without lightning bond anymore why not make 1 talent that increases the lightning shield duration based on how many enemies it hits.Also buff earthliving enchant at 13.Just make it so it applies its heal to the main target of chain heal it would be great like that.the lvl 4 and 16 lightning shield talents are also just bad.The only LS talent that is great is the one everyone takes at 13.DucKuLa0 3d
4d Sgt Hammer ideas Sgt. Hammer is one of the heroes that are forced into using one thing, and that is mostly her siege mode while having nothing in tank mode. I have a few ideas to make her better to use. Talents (Tier 1 / Level 1) Regenerative Biosteel: Collect regeneration globes. Quest: Collect 15 regeneration globes. Reward: Neosteel Plating's armor bonus in siege mode is reduced from 50 to 40 but Sgt. Hammer heals 1.25% of her maximum health when she hasn't taken any damage after 6 seconds. Quest: Collect 25 regeneration globes. Reward: Neosteel Plating heals Sgt. Hammer for 7.5% of her maximum health over 6 seconds. Siege Tactics: Absorb heroic sources with Neosteel Plating Quest: Absorb 30 heroic sources with Neosteel Plating. Reward: After Neosteel Plating expires, 100% of enemy hero damage dealt is turned as shields for 2 seconds. Quest: Absorb 60 heroic sources with Neosteel Plating Reward: Neosteel Plating grants unstoppable Passive: Neosteel Plating duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds. Siege Upgrades: Quest: Hit 60 heroes with siege mode basic attack. Reward: Siege Mode permanently gains 25 armor but Neosteel Plating no longer grants armor in siege mode. Quest: Collect 100 metallic platings, they are dropped by minions. 25 stacks are lost on death. Reward: Tank Mode now has permanent 15% increased movement speed. Quest: Participate in 10 Hero takedowns. Reward: Every 4th basic attack deals 60% more damage. Talents (Tier 2 / Level 4) Advanced Artillery: Siege Mode looses 1 range but increase Tank Mode range by 1 Blast Cannon: Hit 2 or more heroes with Concussive Blast. Quest: Hit 12 heroes with Concussive Blast. Reward: Concussive Blast creates an impassable barrier for 3 seconds. Quest: Hit 24 heroes with Concussive Blast. Reward: Concussive Blast deals an additional 5% of an enemy heroes maximum health over 3 seconds. Passive: Concussive Blast cooldown reduced by 2 seconds. Detonation Mines: Hit heroes that are slowed with basic attack. Quest: Hit 20 heroes that are slowed with a basic attack. Reward: Spider Mines movement speed is increased by 20%. Quest: Hit 40 heroes that are slowed with a basic attack. Reward: An additional 2 Spider Mines are deployed. Passive: Spider Mines now absorbs 3 basic attacks. Talents (Tier 3 / Level 7) Ambush: Gain Stealth when entering Siege Mode or after not taking or dealing damage for 2 seconds while in Siege Mode. Basic Attacks while stealthed deals 60% more damage. Maelstrom Rounds: Active: Activate to deal 25% more damage and increase basic attack radius for 5 seconds. Cooldown recharges 150% faster if Concussive Blast hits an enemy for 3 seconds. 2 charges and 90 seconds cooldown. Titanic Shells: Siege Mode basic attack against enemy Heroes deal bonus damage equal to 2.25% of the Hero's maximum Health. Heroic Ultimates (Tier 4 / Level 10) N/A Talents (Tier 5 / Level 13) Rapid Sieging: Transformation is now 25% faster. Passive: Siege Mode transformation grants 25 armor until finishes. Hover Siege Mode: Sgt. Hammer can move at 35% movement speed while in Siege Mode: Passive: Movement speed increases by an additional 5% if hitting an enemy hero with basic attack for 3 seconds, duration is refreshed for every attack. Stacks up to 3 times. Graduating Range: Sgt. Hammer gains 1.1 range for every 2nd basic attack against enemies in Siege Mode. Stacks up to three times. Passive: Hitting three heroes with Concussive Blast while in Siege Mode grants Sgt. Hammer 2.2 additional range for 3 seconds. Talents (Tier 6 / Level 16) Tactical Mine Deployment: Spider Mines slow increased from 25% to 50%. Passive: Spider Mines activates 25% faster. Hyper Cooling Engines: Thrusters cooldown is reduced by 1.25 seconds for every basic attack. Passive: Thrusters cooldown reduced by 10 seconds. Entrenched: Concussive Blast roots enemies for 1 seconds if close to Sgt. Hammer. Passive: Concussive Blast radius increased by 15% Reposting again since it deleted my post.hellobg0 4d