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1m CDC #3 - Naughty or Nice The holidays have come, and the spirit of giving has filled the air. But among these heroes, there are those that want to take the gifts of others all for themselves... Hello and welcome! This is the Concept Design Contest #3 - Naughty or Nice thread. Here, over the course of this week, you will create a brand new concept based on the following criteria and provide a link to it here. Please leave a comment if you are signing up for the contest below, and use that comment to deliver the link to the thread.The contest will have three judges, who will each take one week to look over the designs, commenting and helping out with the design. All dates are set to allow the maximum time, and the deadlines will be at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time. The thread must be submitted at exactly 11:59, and there will be no exceptions. Theme: This contest falls in the holiday season, so for this contest, we will either emulate the giving spirit or succumb to our envy, and take everything for ourselves. Every concept must have some element of either giving benefits to your allies, or stealing something from your enemies. This can be as different as stealing life, armor, buffs, or anything else you can think of. Or, you can give your allies all sorts of beneficial effects. Sign-Up Saturday, December 3 Come one, come all! Every sign-up today preferably, but if you missed the day, go ahead and leave a comment over week 1 and you will be accepted into the contest still. The judges will be Azihayya, Bliztron, and SleepyKitten. Judges are not able to make concepts themselves. Week One Sunday, December 3 - Saturday, December 9 This week is for the base concept. This is simply the abilities and the role. Remember, the role is very important, and part of the judging will be on how well the abilities fit together under a role. If it doesn’t fit under any role, make sure you make it a Specialist. This is the only week for sign-up, so make sure you give us something before the week is up! Azihayya will be the judge that will comment on the Sunday that follows. Week Two Monday, December 11 - Saturday, December 16 This week is for the talents. This means a fully fleshed out talent tree set up with the tiers in order. Make sure your talents are interesting and creative, but still fit with the character and design as a whole. You should touch up on your abilities based on week 1 feedback, as that will also be considered in week 2 judging. SleepyKitten will comment on the Sunday that follows. Week Three Monday, December 18 - Saturday, December 23 This week is for the finishing touches. This includes fluff, stats, additional notes, skins, and whatever else you want to add. This has an element of freedom to it, but to give yourself the best shot, you should probably make your concept sell itself. Make the judges become immersed in your concept. I, Bliztron, will be the judge that will comment on the Sunday that follows. Week Four Monday, December 25 - Saturday, December 30 This week is the last week for changes to the concept. All major work should be finished by this week, and major changes are risky. Each of the judges will keep a close eye on the concepts, coming to their own opinions. The judges will have all commented feedback and ratings as they saw fit over the last three weeks, so you will have some idea as to what each of us are looking for. At this point, just make sure to touch up your design and make it truly sparkle. Finale Sunday, December 31 - Monday, January 1 All changes are closed. The judges will gather to determine who is the ultimate winner of the contest, announcing the winner sometime on Monday.Bliztron26 1m
55m My skin suggestions Spiritual Probe - perhaps legendary ‎ Getting out of Probe's mechanical appearance, I hope this skin would have a colorful fluid fiery fe‎ature. It's skill set would match the theme, making it look like structures from a spiritual world.  (maybe it could be a ball of flames with a smiley face haha) Orrr.. maybe you could make a drone or scv skin Supply depot.. bunker.... sunken.. c: Have a nice dayHors2 55m
1h [Hero Concept] Ysera, the Dreamer Ysera, Dragon Aspect of Dreams, is a ranged support who's SO good at her job, she can literally do it in her sleep. ...Sleep lasts indefinitely or upon taking damage, can be cancelled. Dragon form is lost upon waking up. ......The area is about the size of Lunara's untalented Noxious Blossom. .........It should be noted you don't gain the increased range from your trait if you use this while asleep. Potential Talents: Level 1: -(!) Quest: Place 5 stacks of Faerie Fire on enemy Heroes. Reward: After reaching maximum stacks 5 times, increase the area of Faerie Fire by 50%. Reward: After reaching maximum stacks 15 times, Faerie Fire reduces an additional 2 armor per stack. -(!) Quest: Collect Regeneration Globes Reward: Gathering a Regeneration Globe increases Ysera's Mana regeneration by 0.1, up to 2. This is doubled while asleep. Reward: After gathering 20 Globes, Lifebloom applies 3 stacks to its target. Level 4: -Fae Magic: Faerie Fire reveals enemies for its duration. Level 7: -Hibernation: While asleep, Ysera regenerates 3% of her maximum health per second. Level 13: -Nature's Protection: Ysera gains 40 armor while asleep and for 4 seconds after waking up. Level 20: -Master of the Dream: Reduces the cooldown of Emerald Dream to 30 seconds. Ysera can reactivate Emerald Dream to teleport to her image's location. -Eternal Slumber: Enemies hit by Dreaming Flame are slowed by 75% for 3 seconds upon waking. -Wild Growth: Upon expiring, the initial target of Lifebloom applies its stacks to all nearby heroes. -Blessing of the Green: Activate to grant an allied Hero 1 additional Mana regeneration until they die. Cannot be used on Ysera, or on a Hero who already has Blessing of the Green.Darhide0 1h
1h (Hero Concept for CDC#3): Drek'thar Drek’thar is a melee warrior (bruiser), designed to peel for his allies, and chase down enemies relentlessly. Note that this is not the wheelchair Drek’thar, but the one you fight in Alterac Valley. (D) Trait: Ghostwolves - Drek’thar summons a pair of ghostwolves; one on his left side, and the other on his right. Ghostwolves have health equal to half of Drek’thar’s, and the effect ends if cancelled, or if one ghostwolf is killed. Activate (1) while Ghostwolves are active to move them to your curser. 15 second cooldown This is the core part of Drek’thar, where he can grant what his allies need: Pop Ghostwolves to become an aggressive bruiser that chases foes, and keep the wolves at bay if you want to be a defensive peeler. Q: Wind’s Gift - Activate to grant an ally additional 5% movespeed for 5 seconds. For each 1 seconds allies are moving, increase movespeed by an additional 3% and grant them a shield for 4% of their max HP. 10 second cooldown Ghostwolves: Wind's Ferocity - Drek'thar empowers his weapons with wind for 5 seconds, and giving his Auto Attacks a 15% slow. Movespeed taken is given to Drek'thar for one second. Does not stack, but does refresh. 10 second cooldown W: Tremor - Drek'thar causes the ground to erupt in an area over 2 seconds, enemies standing in the area during these seconds are slowed by 15%. After eruption, enemies are rooted for 1 second and the slow remains for 3 seconds afterward. 15 second cooldown Ghostwolves: Ghostly Pounce - Drek’thar commands both of his wolves to pounce on the targeted location, slowing enemies hit for 40% of their movespeed decaying over 1.5 seconds. Additionally, each enemy hit takes damage equal to 2.5% of their maximum health per wolf; giving 200% of health stolen to Drek'thar. 15 second cooldown E: Forceful Gale - Drek'thar sends out a slow-moving wind current, pushing enemies back as it travels. Enemies that ride it to the very end, take damage, and are slowed for 40% of their movespeed for 0.5 seconds. 13 second cooldown Ghostwolves: Bloody Bite - Commands both of Drek'thar's wolves to charge in a direction swiftly, colliding with the first enemy hit. If one hits an enemy, they take 200 damage. If both hit one enemy, they take 150 additional damage over 3 seconds and are slowed for 20% during these seconds. 13 second cooldown R1: Vortex - Drek’thar summons a raging vortex in the area for 5 seconds (Azmodan dunk size) dealing very minor damage every 0.1 second and pulling them towards it*. Enemies under the effects of vortex have a ghostwolf summoned on them for 3 seconds. *Acts like the treadmills on Volskaya. 80 second cooldown R2: Predator - Drek'thar empowers his wolves, giving them additional effects: Their Auto Attacks now slow for 15%, Ghostly Pounce now roots for 1 second, and Bloody Bite now stuns for 1 second. 50 second cooldownKrimnorr5 1h
2h [CDC3 Hero Concept] Thakras the Zerg Defiler After heavy thought I decided to look back at my past concepts to find something to match the Naughty or Nice CDC contest and I found the unique Defiler partially in one of my other concepts called Lurk (link to my mega thread is down below if you wish to look) and I figured he could be both Naughty and Nice at the same time so I went with the basis of the Zerg Defilers concept with plagues and such but added abilities like Transfusion for a support part while also going a step further to make him more skill required with no mana regeneration at all naturally similar to Gul’dan while also adding that the Naughty (damaging side) of his abilities can boost the Nice (healing side) to make them work much greater since Transfusion is a moderate heal without the Greater stacks, his mount choices are Limited similar to heroes like Anub and Zagara since he can’t really ride on wolves or horses without killing them in the process. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Roll: Melee Support/Specialist Hybrid Trait: Consume (Activatable, 15 second CD): Consumes an allied minion to gain 200% mana regeneration and 5% Ability Power for 4.5 seconds, cannot naturally regenerate Mana like Gul’dan. Q: Transfusion (7 second CD): Target an allied hero to Transfuse them with energy healing them for a moderate XXX amount, if you have a stack of Greater Transfusion the amount is doubled up, can only hold 2 stacks of Greater Transfusion (would show near the hero portrait). W: Plague (13 second CD): Launch’s a Plague at the targeted location dealing XXX on impact and XX over 4 seconds in a XX radius size. E: Parasitic Swarm (9 second CD): Target an enemy hero to launch a parasite into them to infect them dealing XX amount of damage over 3 seconds, after 3 seconds the parasite comes back to Thakras to be devoured giving him a stack of Greater Transfusion to use. R1: Plaguebringers Burrow (80 second CD): Thakra burrows into the ground become untargetable for 5 seconds (can still be damaged by AoE) and is visually noticeable by the crack along the ground, whenever he moves a poisonous cloud erupts from his position damaging all enemies for XXX amount and applying a poison to them that reducing there movement speed by 5% stacking up to 20% every 1 second, the poison lasts for 1.25 seconds. R2: Blinding Cloud (65 second CD): Causes Thakra to release a large blinding swarm loud around himself in a large XX radius to cover himself and his allies that moves along with him, enemy heroes that are in the cloud are blinded making their basic attacks miss the targets inside the cloud (this also counts outside the cloud firing into it), 10% of the damage from the missed attacks go to heal their intended target instead, Blinding Cloud lasts for 3 seconds. Talents: Level 1: - Dark Swarm: Every 0.50 seconds Parasitic Swarm is active the target pulses around them dealing XX amount of damage. - Corrosive Plague: A mini circle appears in the Plague aiming and if that circle hits a structure the radius is increased by 50% and its damage to minions, mercs and structures is increased by 50% but its damage to heroes this way is reduced by 25%. - Abduct: Consume can now grab an allied minion from a XX range away from Thakras automatically bringing them to him to automatically be consumed. Level 4: - Cellular Adaption: Transfusion increases the targets Armor by 10 for 1.75 seconds, when Greater Transfusion is used the amount is 20 for 2 seconds. - Overabundant Cells: When Transfusion heals an allied hero Thakras is healed for 5% of his health over 5 seconds. - Irritated Aggression: When Thakras is within the Plague cloud every time he attacks he gains 2% attack speed for 1.5 seconds up to 10%. Level 7: - Devouring Greed: Consume now grants XX health regeneration to Thakras, overhealing 150-200 health grants a bonus stack above the cap for Transfusions extra heal. - Metabolic Conversion: Consumes duration is increased by 3 seconds and gives an additional 50% mana over the duration. - Parasitic Bomb: When Parasitic Swarm hits the target, it explodes dealing 50% of the DoTs duration to all enemies near the target and slows them by 15% for 2 seconds.Damian7 2h
2h Probius Improvement Suggestions Blizzard, I was playing Probius and thought of a few suggestions to make him more relevant in the current meta without changing his kit or character roots: 1) Pylons should have longer durations and allow for photon cannons to be warped in globally. This will encourage the enemy team to destroy these pylons even more and allow for probius to have split lane push. 2) A late game ability to warp probius between pylons. This could be limited range or global, but again will follow the core concept of Protoss.SANDMAN2 2h
2h Alexstraza needs total rework. Like 100% rework. Hey. Now before you tell me how skilled you are, how good you are with Alexstraza, how great hero is she and how noob I'm am, let me explain something, ok? Alexstraza is a hybrid of dps and heal, wright? That means, she should have 50% healing skills and let other 50% for supporting and damaging. But in her case, its like 30% healing, and 70% dying. Let me dive deeper. First of all, her W ability is completely useless. If your opponents have ONE aoe damager, like Kelthas or Jaina, they gonna either completely wreck your whole team that stands on that W, or either make your teammates leave the circle. In other words, Alexstraza puts her teammates in danger, which is very bad for a support. Secondly, her traid D ability is also useless. It doesn't give anything to her, except only she heals without losing any health. 120 cooldown on it (I know about talents, but still, even 60 sec cooldown and +9 sec duration changes nothing). Finally, her both ultimates are useless. Yes, yes. Her one target healing ulti requires having full health, which is impossible because she loses HP because of healing with Q. I know about healing blossom talent, but it changes noting at all. And her flying ability, everyone uses it to damage. She is a support, just reminding. Here are my suggestions. First, you gotta make her W ability controllable, like if she presses W again, it heals(you trigger it, like Stukov). The longer circle exists, the more it heals. Also, you can make her better pusher, if she could heal mobs with that skill. Second, remove any duration from her trait. Let her stay in dragon form as long as player wants, but her abilities will cost 3 times more, and do 2 times better healing. After she went out of her dragon form, it goes on 120 seconds cooldown. Also, let her heal with her auto attacks, so make your allies targetable for auto attacks. Finally, change her talent on 7 level, where she heals herself with E. Let her heal nearby allies with that spell, when she hits someone with E second time. Besides her problems that I mentioned before, I gotta say, she is so boring. It's not fun to play with her. I'm tying to make her 5 level, and forget about her. I'm not criticizing you, blizzard, but you should accept your failure, and start working on her. She looks great, the dragon form is also looks pretty cool, but heroes on this game are all about being fun, in my opinion. I really really don't want to Alexstraza, one of my favorite characters from WoW, be so boring and useless.Robert4 2h
2h (CDC #3 Hero Concept) Duriel and Andariel Duriel, Lord of Pain and Andariel, Maiden of Anguish Multiclass Tank/Assassin Health: 2200 Attack damage: 125 Attack speed: 0.9 Range: Melee D) Come Sister!/Come Brother!: Switch between controlling Duriel and Andariel. Your currently inactive form will regenerate health, however they only benefit from 60% of Savagery's bonus (20 second cooldown, 1 second transform time.) Savagery: When Duriel and Andariel kill an enemy minion they gain a 5% buff to mana and health regen, stacking to 30%. Hero kills grant 15%. When in the form of Duriel you gain 20 armour, +10% move speed and slow enemies near you once every 5 seconds by 20% (Lasts 3 seconds) Q - Charge (10 second cooldown, 70 mana): Charge in a straight line, pushing enemies to the sides, dealing 80 damage and slowing enemies by 50% for 2 seconds. W - Jab (15 second cooldown, 70 mana) Strike in targeted direction 3 times over 1.75 seconds. Everytime a hero is hit reduce their healing received and armour by 5% (stacks up to 15%) for 4 seconds. Deals 40 damage per Jab. Heroes affected by jab also heal D&A for 6% of their max health when damaged. E - Skewer (10 second cooldown, 50 mana): Stun a target for 1 second, dealing 75 damage. When in the form of Andariel you gain 20% attack damage, and + 0.5 attack speed. Switching into and being killed in this form releases a fountain of fire, dealing 50 damage per second to enemies neaby, lasts 4 seconds. Q - Poison Sting (6 second cooldown, 30 mana): Empower your next basic attack with poison, causing it to deal an additional 200 damage over 3 seconds. This poison will spread once it's finished dealing damage. This effect can spread through minions indefinitely but cannot spread to the same hero twice. W - Poison Spray (10 second cooldown, 70 mana): Spray poison in a cone in front of you, dealing 350 damage over 6 seconds to anyone hit. E - Lunge (12 second cooldown, 50 mana): Lunge in a targeted direction, if you make contact with an enemy deal 75 damage and stunning them for 0.5 seconds. R1 - Persistent Onslaught (100 second cooldown, 100 mana): While in the form of Duriel gain an aditional 15 armour and whenever an enemy is killed your cooldowns are refreshed. While in the form of Andariel Heal for 20% of the damage you deal and reduce your basic ability cooldowns by 40%. Your Savagery buffs are doubled during this time. 12 second duration. R2 - Sadist (75 seconds, 100 mana): Cause an enemy to take 50% of the damage they deal themselves, rather than dealing it to an enemy. Lasts 8 seconds. Overview: Duriel and Andariel are intended to be a constant presence throughout the game, staying in a teamfight indefinitely if not prioritised this is emphasised through their join passive "Savagery". Duriel is designed to focus on widespread cc and debuffs, while Andariel focuses on dealing large amounts of damage over time.ShotGunGamer5 2h
2h Probius skins should change pylons and cannons I understand that the Terran Probe changes the cannons and pylons, but I think that we should also get Red Pylons, Red Cannons, and Red Warp Rifts when you are doing the Tal'Darim skins it would just looks so much better. I'd even pay for that type of skin.iLoveMyWife0 2h
2h (CDC #3) Dr. O'Deorain Dr. O’Deorain Support Dr. O’Deorain is a mobile life drain focused support with a low health pool. She has to put herself into the action, if she wants to consistently heal her team. Her heroic Coalescence can assist her in decent healing or damage if the enemy team is to dangerous to approach at the time, it also helps in sustained fights. Dr. O’Deorains second heroic One Hand Gives on the other hand can completely cripple the enemy teams sustain if used right. In other words she’s a good contender for the naughty list. Shes also Moira from Overwatch, I just didn’t want to use her first name because I want Moira from Warcraft as well. And I expect another person might use her in the CDC3 as well. Lore- Dr. Moira O’Deorain, Minister of Genetics used to work for Overwatch’s Covert ops named Blackwatch before it was disbanded. Now she works in the city of Oasis ware the terrorist cell Talon funds her work. Dr. O’Deorain will go to any length to make a scientific breakthrough, even if it means experimenting on the creatures of the Nexus. D-Biotoc grasp- Dr. O’Deorain Basic attack and Biotic Orb will heal or deal damage depending on the toggled trait. (can also move while basic attacking) She also uses Biotic Energy instead of mana. Max biotic energy at the start is 600. Q1-Regeneration- basic attacks heal in a line like D.vas basic attacks at the coast of her biotic energy. Q2-Decay- basic attacks damage enemies (single target) and restores her Biotic Energy by the amount of damage that she dealt. (this also counts for minions, mercenaries and structures to not just heroes) W-Biotic Orb- fire an orb that will heal or damage, depending on the current Biotic grasp active. 10 second cooldown.(this ability also bounces off walls and Heroes, so body blockers take note) W1-Regenerative Orb- fire a yellow orb that will heal surrounding allied heroes for 40 health a second. Until its healed for 400 or it expires after 10 seconds. (note that this is O’deorains only form of self-healing) W2-Decaying Orb- fire a Purple Orb that deals 40 damage a second. Until it deals 600 damage, or it expires after 10 seconds. (note that this shares a cooldown with Regenerative Orb) E-Fade-increase Dr. O’Deorain’s movement speed by 150% and allow her to move through units for .5 seconds. 6 second cooldown R1-Coalescence- select a hero enemy or ally in the range of 6 units, then fire a large yellow and purple laser at them for 8 seconds. This does 100 damage per second to enemies and heals 100 to allies, caught in-between the laser Dr. O’Deorain can move and cast Fade while casting this, but using any other ability or being stunned will cancel it. The laser will extend to 14 units. 40 second cooldown R2-One Hand Gives- Dr. O’Deorain creates an aoe cone (4 units long and 2 units wide at the end) that steals all enemy hero healing inside of it. The cone will always follow Dr. O’Deorain, and lasts 2.5 seconds. All healing absorbed will be added to O’Deorains Biotic Energy. 40 second cooldown.Pdunz4 2h
2h Artanis Tal'Darim Skin Lets get an Artanis skin that has the dark armor with red blades like Alarak. As if he decided to be under Alarak in the SC2 campaign. Changing his voice to be more dark would be cool too.iLoveMyWife0 2h
3h {CDC#3} Hakkar, the Soulflayer Created for the Concept Design Contest #3: 'Naughty or Nice', found here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/20759527794 Hakkar the Soulflayer is a highly sustainable melee assassin, focused around lifesteal and health costs, with occasional debuffs for his foes. Rough Level '0' Stats Health - 1850 Health Regen - 7.71 Attack Damage - 75 Attack Speed - 1.75 .....................WhoYouExpect4 3h
3h (CDC #3) Zerg Infestor Zerg Infestor (name undecided) Role - Specialist Attack Type - Melee Health - 2000 Resource - 600 Mana Attack Speed - 1 Attack Range - 2 Attack Damage - 70 Abilities D - Debilitation Enemy basic attacks against you apply a dose of Debilitation to them. Debilitation reduces their damage by 10% for 5 seconds, and stacking up to 5 times. Your basic attacks refresh the duration, but do not apply a dose. Q - Fungal Growth 14 sec CD, 75 mana Launch a projectile. Upon colliding with an enemy, Fungal Growth will spread to nearby enemies. Those effected will take 200 damage and be slowed by 40% decaying to 10% over 4 seconds. In addition, those effected will have their cooldowns paused for the duration. Passive: Gain a shield worth 20% of your maximum health when Fungal Growth comes off cooldown. Shield is lost when Fungal Growth is used. W - Infested Minion No CD, 25 mana Toss an infested Swarm egg, from which hatches an infested minion after a 1.5 second duration. Infested minions will focus nearby heroes for 10 seconds. Taking damage reduces their duration. Stores 5 Charges. Charges are gained when a nearby minion dies. Also, infested minion has no mana cost if it used within 1 second of casting infested minion. Maximum of 5 active Infested Minions. E - Burrow 10 sec CD, 50 mana Burrow into the ground to gain stealth. Activate again to unburrow. Basic abilities can be used without breaking stealth. Movement speed is lowered by 15% for 1 second after taking damage while burrowed. (Note: Infestor does not block pathing wile burrowed.) R1 - Neural Parasite 120 sec CD, 100 mana After 1 second delay, launch a stinger that will take control of the first enemy hero hit for 8 seconds. The target hit will temporarily switch sides and be under your direct control. Cannot use their Heroic ability. The Infestor is channeling during the duration. R2 - Choker 70 sec CD, 75 mana Attach a tentacle to an enemy hero. The target will take 100 damage and be slowed by 15% every second. Stacking up to a 90% slow. Choker will remain on the target until they leave its range. Z - Shred Carapace 30 sec CD Lose 25% of your maximum health to gain 25% movement speed for 10 seconds. The health lost from Shred Carapace will be regained at the end of the duration.RatherDashin4 3h
3h [CDC #3] Jastor Gallywix, Trade Prince Now, let's be honest here. Gallywix is a Goblin. With that out of the way, we know he isn't exactly the most generous of fellows. But I'm sure that with a quick buck or 800, he might be persuaded. Through the whole battle, Gallywix refuses to get down on his own feet and instead chooses to ride on his classic spider mech. Hero Synopsis: Gallywix is an aggressive Support, and a team oriented hero who requires coordination to get his full potential out. He specializes in taking from enemies, and peddling it off to his allies to give them whatever he stole. He encourages teamwork and fast reaction times in his enemies to when he jumps in to gain attributes. Has low health and armor, being allowed to be quickly torn apart. Role: Support Z: Stop N' Drop: Gallywix and his mech roll forward in the targeted direction. Cooldown: 15 seconds Developer's Notes: This was mainly created to be used in tandem with "Purchase" as you roll in and jump out. D: Trait: Trade Prince: Using this ability changes your stealing priority from Health, to buffs, to armor, and then back to health. Q: "Purchase": Steal either health, armor, or a buff from the nearest enemy in a small radius. Stealing the chosen attribute causes you to leap back opposite of the direction you were facing. The stolen attribute is determined by Gallywix's trait. You can hold onto a stolen item for 20 seconds. If the stolen attribute is a lasting effect, eg. Garrosh's armor or Lució's speed boost, they lose it for 5 seconds before it returns to them. Gallywix will still own the attribute after the 5 seconds. They'll both have it. Attributes stolen are lost upon death. Cooldown: 9 seconds. W: Peddle: This ability cannot be used unless a stolen attribute is owned. Gallywix holds the attribute up in the air, with the attribute shining with a golden effect. The attribute's original owner and icon are displayed. Allies can right click Gallywix within a small radius to obtain this attribute. Health is a normal heal, while armor and buffs are a temporary 8 second effect. Gallywix can still move while this is active, however, it is at a very decreased rate. If item is not picked up by an ally by the time the attribute runs out or the move is cancelled, Gallywix obtains the effect. If Gallywix dies while peddling the item, the item is lost. If an ally is under the effect of a stolen attribute and die, they lose the effect. Cooldown: 0.1 seconds E: Ripoff: Can not be used lest you have a "purchased" item. In a small radius, activating this performs the opposite of whatever attribute you have onto your selected foe. eg. Health hurts, Movement speed slows, etc. (Shields and armor have the same effect in his situation, lowering their armor. So Sound Barrier would just give them dreadfully low armor.) Almost if not all rules, oddities, and exceptions are shared with Peddle. Cooldown: 9 seconds R1: So Generous!: Only usable is an attribute is stolen. Gallywix shares (How rare...) his currently stolen item with his allies in a medium radius. Conditions may apply... (Allies only get 5 seconds worth of the effect, while Gallywix gets the full 8. Of course there was a catch... Most rules, oddities, and exceptions are shared with peddle.) Cooldown: 60 seconds. R2: Big Profit!: Quest: This move starts with 0 charges. Every 3 attributes stolen gives a charge of Profit!. Profit! Throws 3 coins around Gallywix, each one restoring 15% health, 10% mana, and grant 10% more move speed. Coins have a distinct Gallywix branding. Cooldown: 10 seconds per charge.RANDARR2 3h
3h [CDC 3] Arch-Thief Rafaam Arch-Thief Rafaam (Hearthstone Ranged Assassin) Rafaam is an ethereal who travels to different worlds seeking powerful artifacts. Ethereals are reputed to be liars and scoundrels who will stop at nothing to pursue their mysterious aims. Rafaam proclaims himself to be the "Supreme Archaeologist," but he usually loots his artifacts from other people's museums. Now, Rafaam has traveled to steal powerful artifacts in from the Nexus! Hero Synopsis Rafaam is a scoundrel who will stop at nothing to acquire artifacts of power. His trait, Spellfilcher, allows him to temporarily steal and use a basic ability from an enemy hero. Enemies that try to chase Rafaam are rooted with Void Lash. Rafaam is incredibly difficult to capture while using Nexus Stalker, which provides him increased movement speed, the ability to move through units, and redirects a portion of damage to his own mana. Rafaam can restore his mana and deal aoe damage with Curse of Rafaam. Rafaam's heroic abilities are incredibly powerful and disruptive. If Rafaam chooses Mirror of Doom, each time a nearby ally is damaged the Mirror spawns a Mummy Zombie. If the Mirror isn't quickly destroyed, enemies can find themselves quickly overwhelmed by Mummies. Rafaam can also choose Timepiece of Horror, an aoe Stasis whose length depends on the number of enemy heroes it hits.Resmi10 3h
5h The most wanted rework: Raynor Hello everyone and welcome to my rework idea for Raynor, our favorite derpy shooter. Big changes for him, this rework aims to make him more rewarding to play correctly, as with most Blizzard's reworks of late. Mindlessly shooting enemies is still the goal, but there are new certain conditions to accomplish to bring the best out of this reworked Raynor. His role within a team stays the same and the playstyle as well. I tried to stick with the role of a ranged assassin " that is resilient and can keep enemies away". Let me know what you guys think, I'm always open to suggestions! P.s.: Numbers may not precised, they can always be adjusted. And I'm bad with names lol Raynor, Renegade Commander Ranged Assassin "Ex-Confederate Marshal James Raynor has stood against whatever the universe can throw at him and survived. He stands as a beacon of hope among enigmatic aliens and monsters, fighting for justice in a cold uncaring universe." Base stats Health increased from 1302 (+4% per level) to 1625 (+4% per level) Health regen increased accordingly Basic Attack damage slighly reduced to adjust to the rework Basic Attack range fixed to 6,5 (excludes the trait)Memile10 5h
6h Malfurion Innervate should be more user friendly. As of now , you don't see the range to cast it.Jdawg1 6h
7h a small change for sgt. hammer is there any chance you could change hammers move set around so that siege mode is on the "w" key and the new armor ability to the "d" key? i think i speak for many sgt. hammer mains when i say the siege/unsiege button at its current location feels weird and that pressing the wrong key has cost us a few lives in some matches or at least give us the ability to reassign spells to the keys we want.Senkoukura1 7h
8h Hogger I'm really surprised Hogger isn't in this game, he's one of world of warcraft most Infamous characters, so how come he isn't in this game? Is there a good reason, I mean, I would probably enjoy playing him.Seraphim6 8h
8h Can we remodel Kerrigan? In the heroes trailer we see Kerrigans Sc2hots model yet the in game model is so bland and comared to the other heroes its just bleh, other heroes do need an update to their base skin, but kerrigan should be firstAriux28 8h
9h Tirion Fordring I think tirion Would be a great hero to add since he is a major character in wow and the Ashbringer would be really awesome i think if you add tirion into the game u will make an awesome job Pls make it HappenFrostyDeath23 9h
13h Next hero after Alexstrasza and Hanzo? Took a while before I needed to post one of these threads, but now that Alexstrasza and Hanzo were revealed at Blizzcon, who do you guys think will be next?Macaulyn88 13h
13h HC Pharah at Overwatch ... further than it seems ... normal skills ... Like Li-ming's but, circled area. ... Fly freely짧은밤0 13h
13h hero suggestion- Zerg Queen Hero concept: Zerg Queen role: support/specialist Description: she doesn’t support her team directly by being beneficial but rather by being detrimental to the enemy team in a way that it causes each engagement to be unfavorable for them, cause displacements within enemy formation. on her own she can hardy cause any damage but can be a serious threat once shes surrounded properly so she can exploit the enemies. Given the nature of the queen, she has no basic attack. Abilities : Q: Parasite-15CD: infect target enemy with a parasite that last 1 minute, infected target are revealed for its duration and cannot be removed. W: Ensnare-12CD: target area will have all its unit revealed and slowed both in movement speed and attack speed by 40% for 8 seconds. E: Spawn Broodlings-12CD: target enemy minion is instantly killed and will spawn 2 broodlings that last for 10 sec. targeting a hero(ally/enemy) will release 5 zerglings upon death of the hero if he is killed within 10 second of being marked by spawn broodlings. R: Infest-65CD : target enemy hero or unit below 25% health, for 15 seconds its basic attack damage is reduce by 40% and spell power by 50%, upon death will detonate damaging all of its nearby ally target for 35% of its own life. R: Plague-100CD : very small area : all unit in that area will be infected by a plague that will deplete the targets life by 100hp every second and turn their life/sec regeneration negative until the target’s life reach 1hp. plague end 5 seconds after the targets life has reach 1hp. Trait: Consume-10CD: Target ally minion or mercenary, after 1.5 second, consume the target to regain health and mana. minions provide 75 and mercenaries 250. (queen has no mount but moves at 120%)MySelf1 13h
15h Kael'Thas's Flamestrike on Sky Temple Kael'Thas's Flamestrike on Sky Temple is impossibly hard to see in certain terrain. the bright red circle on bright orange sand is a bit much.Ennovative1 15h
15h The New Skins We Need for Easter When Easter starts to roll around the corner (because we all know the winter holidays fly by) what we need to see is some bunny skins for jumpy heroes we know. This could include Bunny Genji, Bunny Illidan, Bunny Lunara, and onwards. This would be really entertaining to play as during comp and all the other game modes. If you agree, leave a like and please suggest some more possible bunny characters. And yes I know it is not close to Easter yet.Angelic2 15h
15h The Lost Vikings announcer pack as the thread subjects suggests, i think the game should have a lost vikings announcer pack.GrinkdaBoy8 15h
15h Rework Illidan, Blizzard, hear me please Stats : Basic Attack damage increased from 78 (+4% per level) to 90 (+3% per level) Based Maximum Health increased from 1650 (+4% per level) to 1659 (+4.5% per level) Health regeneration increased from 3,4375 (+4% per level) to 3,45625 (+4.5% per level) Abilities : Dive (Q) Damage reduced from 66 (+4% per level) to 57 (+4% per level) Sweeping Strike (W) Damage reduced from 119 (+4% per level) to 105 (+4% per level) Basic Attack bonus damage reduced from 35% to 20% Evasion (E) Now, can also be casted during Dive and Sweeping Strike animation (MOST IMPORTANT CHANGE) Now, a circle similar to Sweeping Strike circle will show the duration of Evasion at the right of hero’s portrait The amount of damage will be shown at the end of Evasion Metamorphosis (R) Can now be self-cast Duration reduced from 18 seconds to 8 seconds Damage reduced from 46 (+4% per level) FOR EVERY ENEMY to 37 (+4% per level) FOR EACH HERO HIT Bonus HP changed from 200 (+4% per level) to 10% of your maximum current health ( per hero hit ) New functionalities: Metamorphosis removes damage over time Passive: Gain 10 Spell Armor The Hunt (R) Now, has unlimited range Cooldown increased from 100 seconds to 120 seconds “10.000 years of hatred” Baseline Quest added !Quest: Minion kills grant 0,1 Basic Attack Damage !Quest: Mercenary kills (except boss) grant 0,4 Basic Attack Damage !Quest: Hero Takedowns and Boss grant 0,5 Basic Attack Damage !Reward: Each time you gain 5 Basic Attack Damage, increase the duration of Sweeping Strike's Basic Attack bonus by 0.25 second. !Reward: After gaining 15 increased Basic Attack Damage, Dive automatically activates Sweeping Strike's Basic Attack Damage bonus. !Reward: After gaining 30 increased Basic Attack Damage, gain a second charge of Sweeping Strike Talents : Level 1 Immolation (W) !Quest: Every time you kill a minion with Sweeping Strike, its damage is increased by 1, up to 30 !Reward: After killing 30 minions, increase its damage by an additional 40 Passive : After using Sweeping Strike, burn nearby enemies for 14 (+4% per level) damage for the duration of bonus attack damage Battered Assault (W) Bonus damage reduced from 125% to 100% Battered Assault doesn't increase the duration of Sweeping Strike's Bonus Damage any more. !Quest: Hit 2 heroes or more with Sweeping Strike !Reward: Each time you hit 2 heroes or more, increase the bonus damage of Battered Assault by 5%, and grant 2 points to the quest “10.000 years of hatred”, which increases your Basic Attack Damage by 2. Increase the power of “10.000 years of hatred” reward: Each time you gain 15 Basic Attack Damage, increase the duration of Sweeping Strike's Basic Attack bonus by 1 second instead of 0.75. The circle showing the duration of Sweeping Strike will shine in blue as long as Battered Assault is activated instead of yellow (and yellow if Battered Assault isn’t activated, as currently) Unending Hatred (Passive) Removed New Talent : Gathering Strike (W) Each time you deal damage to an enemy hero by using auto-attack, increase bonus damage of the next Sweeping Strike by 2%, if you don’t attack a hero for the duration of Sweeping Strike's Basic Attack bonus, the bonus is lost. Using Sweeping Strike doesn’t remove the bonus, and it keeps growing as long as you hit heroes. !Quest: Reach a total bonus of 250% !Reward: After getting 90% total bonus, increase Sweeping Strike bonus from 20% to 30% !Reward: After getting 175% total bonus, automatically grants 5 points to the quest “10.000 years of hatred”, this increases your Basic Attack Damage by 5 !Reward: After getting 250% total bonus, increase attack speed by 10% permanently Level 4 Rapid Chase (Q) Move speed increased from 15% to 25% for 2s. New functionality: Illidan gains permanently 10% increased Movement Speed Unbound (W) The Quest has been deleted New features: Reduce Sweeping Strike cooldown by 6 seconds if you don’t hit any enemy, or if you go over wall and terrain If you don’t hit any enemy within the first half of Sweeping Strike, increase its range by 20%Aurorus12 15h
15h Alexstrasza and her canonic appearance. Like you probably guessed already, I want to talk about Alexstrasza, who just landed on PTR and already made a lot of fuss. There were many discussions about her looks, several threads already been deleted from Reddit. Those threads did not have a productive discussion and I aim to explain why those people everywhere (Reddit, forums, other Blizz social network pages) are so disappointed and salty about Alexstrasza in Heroes of the Storm. In short, people are upset because she simply does not look like Alexstrasza. Honestly I couldn't care less if she has pants or panties and I actually like that kind of body in real life, many of you probably do. But there are several lore statements and descriptions of Alexstrasza in her human form: 1) There is her WoW model whose looks didn't change for a very long time despite numerous events that happened involving Alexstrasza. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/wowwiki/images/c/cb/Alexstrasza.png/revision/latest?cb=20120816022248 In HOTS her model is quite not the same, the differences are extremely obvious: http://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/673433.jpg There were no reasons to make such drastic changes to her appearance. If there are - nobody knows about them. Besides, on early unpainted sketches Alexstrasza actually looked somewhat close to what her canonical look is: https://imgur.com/a/zdfn8 In fact, there are fanmade models that are way more canonical and simply better in terms of quality than original skin. Have a look at this, for example: https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/006/225/669/large/julia-acherontias-m3.jpg?1496931113 2) Those who fear that Alex' lack of clothes is an attempt to sexify her, here's a small citation - in 'War Crimes' it is said that 'Alexstrasza, whose true form was of course a dragon, did not usually display much modesty in her choice of clothing when in her humanoid guise'. Also, in the book 'Twilight of the Aspects' Alexstrasza's humanoid form is described as the one of young elven maiden with a slim body. Model we got in HOTS simply doesn't fit into those descriptions and appearances. Developers even didn’t sculpt her ears from ‘Dragons of the Nexus’ cinematic. Wrong looks is exactly what upset so many people. Sure, they are salty and probably too rude with their words, but please try to look to the bottom of this before you judge. Just imagine that you know a certain character for 10 years, you see this 'canonical' look you get used and attached to, it is a lore-based appearance which never changed... Then suddenly your favorite character is announced on Blizzcon to be the next HOTS hero. You get hyped because you were waiting really long time to play as her (I guess that's what we're all here for - playing favorite Blizzard characters that are depicted exactly the way they are described in lore), you see a well-made cinematic that blows your mind away... You still remember developers' words (from 'Resurrecting Kel'Thuzad' video series) that their goal is to keep the spirit of the original game in the appearance of a hero and evoke original emotions we had when we first saw this character. So you expect pretty much the same appearance and character Alexstrasza had in WoW. And then you get to look at an actual game model which is in no way similar to the character you knew for a decade, her voice lines, her looks, even her animations just don't line up with her original character. And it's done to one of your favorite characters of the whole universe, an iconic one! Imagine the frustration. So the numerous amount of threads on reddit, game forums and social networks just proves the fact that many people who are loyal old fans of Blizzard games and care about lore are actually very disappointed with Alexstrasza. There's a lot of us, and all we want is to make Blizzard aware of this problem and maybe get a changed canonical model. Or at the very least a reasonable explanation of this sudden change of her appearance.Demona146 15h
16h Venom inspired Diablo Themed Abilities Q = Diablo charges with both arms on enemy while leaving a trail as if he broke the ground W = Diablo lets out Symbiote Tendrils in all directions E = Diablo summons tendrils from his back to flip over. R1 = Diablo releases a torrent of tendrils lashing at enemys R2 = Diablo summons pockets of symbiote beneath enemies that engulf and damage for the duration of the stun.WrongSideBud1 16h
16h Tychus-800 It would be very cool to have skins for Tychus based on Terminator. I'm thinking of the cult moment in Terminator 2 when they attack cyberdyne and when Arnold Schwarzenegger destroys all police vehicles with a minigun. And it would be nice to use an M79 to throw grenades like in the movie. Tychus-800 Tychusminator TerminatychusSuna0 16h
17h Stop nerfing nova? There's at least 10 heroes WHO NEEDS nerfing, nope...let's make nova unplayable. What about chromie? Isn't she too op? Insane dmg, whole map range and only class who doesn't show enemy where she's shoting! No! Let's nerf paper made nova, by the cover of "nerfing all invisible unit". Nova comparing to other invisible units is made of paper mache and if revealed in awkward situation dies 100%, while ALL other can escape. EPIC BALANCING! I was better opinion about battle net, but no deffo idiots are everywhere. And no Nova is not my fav character, but I like her. I used to at least. Now she is revealed by nearly anything on the map. In 25 minutes game I was probably INVISIBLE for about 4 minutes max and THAT'S NOT ENOUGH. Let's make her auto attack from invis. Omfg how many times i died just because she decided to auto attack minion and no, that's absolutely fair. Chromie can oneshot her, valeera kills her in 2 auto attacks, but nova with 70% snipe boost -25% armor doesn't deal even a half hp and most likely will die because she didn't kill the enemy. But yeah let's destroy a character, which I only recently started to like. And for the haters. "Nova for noobs", "Play something what requires skill" and other bs like that. Stick that in deep, dark and smelly place, preferably your own. Nova is HOTS char and I will use it, since it's available. *dropping mic*SinSoul4 17h
17h Tychus- In the Rhythm+ That's the stuff I wonder if it was considered by the balance team that changing the effect of "that's the stuff" at 13 to only grant healing once the effect of Tychus's trait expires directly nerfs the talent at 4 that makes the duration of his trait last longer. The longer the game goes the longer you have to wait (7+ seconds in some chases) to actually get the healing from the talent. Needless to say, you can't wait 7 seconds for healing in the middle of a team fight so taking these two talents that used to pair so nicely is now actively stupid. The problem is that they take away this option but don't replace it with anything. I don't understand why they changed That's the Stuff to begin with but I believe they ought to reverse that decision ASAP or at least change the talent to in some way not make you less powerful for taking it. That's my take but maybe I've overclocked something. Anyone have ideas?Moridin3 17h
17h Medivh's rework I think he really needs it. I've worked on this a bit, as a person understanding and will offer you my own version. Sorry for my English(+Google translate) if I have mistakes. •Removed Talent - Raven Familiar(7 lvl) •New Talent - The Guardian's Duty of Tirisfal(1 lvl) 1 lvl •Portal Mastery - now has an additional effect in Raven Familiar with rescaled damage from 118.56(+4% per level) to 88.92(+4% per level). •Raven's Intellect - talent was reworked. Now in Raven form basic Abilities recharge 30% faster. • A new talent - The Guardian's Duty of Tirisfal - Task: block by Force of Will 15,000 damage(from heroes). Reward: Sample_name (active) - grant to chosen hero an additional 75 mana to maximum, 1 mana regen and + 8% ability damage before his death. For each hero, you can't give more than 1 of this effect. Can not be used on yourself. Cooldown - 60 seconds.* 4 lvl • Mage Armor - now grants 50 cinetic armor for 1.5 seconds after the first attack, received while passing through the portal(once). The effect disappears in 4 seconds, if nobody hit you. • Dust of Appearance - when you reveal a visible character, reduces cooldown by 2 seconds, and when reveal an invisible hero reduces cooldown by 4 seconds. 7 lvl • Arcane Charge - damage bonus increased from 25% to 40%. • Arcane Explosion - damage rescaled from 190.32(+4% per level) to 266.45(+4% per level).** Ults were not changed 13 lvl • Winds of Celerity - bonus to movement speed in Raven form increased from 50% to 75%. 16 lvl • Enduring Will - talent was changed. Now if you have blocked by Force of Will with more than 507(+4% per level) damage, Force of Will cooldown reduced by 1 second. 20 lvl •Arcane Brilliance - Talent was reworked. Activate to consume 10 stacks of Arcane Brilliance, Cooldown - 15 seconds. Restore 150 Mana to all nearby allied Heroes, also granting them 12% increased ability damage for 10 seconds. Gain 1 stack of Arcane Brilliance by hitting enemies by Arcane Rift. * - So strange talent, but I like it. You can give heroes which haven't mana or instead this have something else, but in gains only +8% ability damage. ** - this talent weak, yes, you can take it when you have 3 melee with 16th Circle of protection but no more. The damage from it was too small to compared with Master's Touch. Mb +40% up is so OP, but Master's Touch always better if you have good hands. Discuss and suggest new ideas for the promotion of the project)KelThuzad17 17h
20h Varian needs nerf. Why they don't nerf Varian properly? He's unfairly op. Every day i see the same scene how Varian fights 1v2 and always kills both. Me (Tyrande) and Rexxar were fighting Varian. I healed, marked, stuned, everything, he killed Rexxar first and Varian had literaly 1 or 2% of HP, i had 100% Hp, and he killed me. Because his W is the most imbalanced ability in the whole game! Why can't they fix its freaking cooldown?! You literaly can't kill him. This is not fair. Survivable like tank and damaging like assasin. Where's the balance? I knew you'll say that he is fine, he has no mobility, he is situational and some other tales, but seriosly, lets be hones, he's op as hell and needs at least cooldown nerf for his W.GenesisET15 20h
1d Argus the Unmaker I really want this character to be in game, he just is so cool, also, he's already got a lot of abilities due to his raid boss status, now that I think about it, World of Warcraft raid bosses could be kind of easy to transition to heroes due to them already having all their abilities thought out.Seraphim1 1d
1d What happened to Multiclass? Title basically, would love to see more of this conceptCodenameCake11 1d
1d Alarak - Cyborg ninja skin Zarya has a cyborg ninja skin, Kaelthas has one, why not alarak? --- put dragOnblades on his forearms xdddddddd It fits alarak, hes a sassy space wizard.Labreris0 1d
1d Vegetarian Butcher "MEAT IS MURDER! And so is this *tree. So I guess it's a moot point." *Implying the skin would have some replacement weapon to mention here.HamnCheeseIt7 1d
1d Garrosh skin Grommash skin for Garrosh I think is a good idea :DTestamento7 1d
1d More level 20 Zagara talent ideas Zagara needs more level 20 talents. She either picks Fury of the Storm, or the Heroic upgrade, leaving for quite a boring level 20. I got some ideas if anyone wants to see them: More Overlords Hunter-Killer now has 2 charges. Improved Pods Increases the Damage, Radius, and Range of Infested Drop by 50%. Additionally it spawns 1 additional roach and increases their damage versus Heroes by 35%. Rupture Increases the explosion radius of Baneling Barrage by 50%. Hunter Strain Baneling Barrage can now go through terrain. Loyal Brood Increases the Health, Damage, and Attack Range of the Hydralisk by 50%, and it now permanantely follows Zagara at her base and mount speed, and can be ordered to move using the keyboard. Hunter-Killer is replaced with Frenzy, which increases the Attack Speed of the Hydralisk by 100% for 5 seconds (14 second Cooldown). The Hydralisk has a 10 second respawn timer. The cooldown of Frenzy is affected by the Brood Expansion talent. Any feedback?Squidsmastah0 1d
1d want.. kerrigan broodwar concept skin... ummm... i'm very impressed with her charismatic bizarre ...(broodwar concept) IMO this concept very awesome and terrific i really want this style in hots !@# love http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/15/157202/2385567-kerrigan.png http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y41/gradius00/kerrigan.jpg http://i.imgur.com/JphcZ4p.jpg her hairstyle and color and her portrait's details..(ex. ghost goggle on her neck and face line etc..) of course I'm saying is this concept is basic and more upgrade neededDemolition1 1d
1d Azihayya's Archive of Hero Suggestions ... ... ... ... I finally have a fourth suggestion and it's a Warrior! I have some other projects that I'm working on- Vorazun (inspired by other suggestions), Alleria Windrunner and Moreina the Rogue (inspired to create interesting concepts for archers) and a Dranei Peacekeeper!Azihayya3 1d
1d Garithos with Donald Trump skin Does anyone disagree with this?BrayliNhal5 1d
1d Imperius Suggestion Imperius, the Archangel of Valor Abilities D [Trait] - Virtue of Valor ... Q - Dauntless Charge ... 45 Mana : 22 CD W - Heaven's Glory ... 80 Mana : 16 CD E - Archangel's Challenge ... 45 Mana : 15 CD R1 - Angelic Descent ... 130 Mana : 160 CD R2 - Solarion's Strength ... ... 130 Mana : 160 CD Talents (some ideas only) LV 1 Righteousness - Active ... 55 Mana : 20 CD Fearlessness - Active ... 35 Mana : 30 CD Recklessness - Active ... LV 20 Two Steps From Hell ... Impale ...DragNH3art1 1d
1d Diablo 2 Sorceress Role: Melee Assassin (although her basic attacks are melee, she should be using spells as primary damage source), Caster. (Note) The interesting thing about her is that is is going to have 12 spells, unlike other heroes. She will be difficult to play, but rewarding if played well. Her spells, besides her ultimates will have no cooldowns (only cast times), but they will be either not-so-powerful and cheap, either fairly powerful, but expensive. [1] Fire - use your fire abilities set. [2] Lightning - use your lightning abilities set. [3] Frost - use your frost abilities set. [Trait] Master of Elements: Fire spells set enemies on fire, dealing additional 14 damage per sec for 1 sec. Lightning spells reduce enemies' armor by 5 for 1 sec (the armor reduction is applied prior to their damage). Frost spells reduce enemies' move speed by 15% for 1 sec. Passive: You regenerate additional 10 MP/sec after not using any spells for 5 sec. [Q] Cheap, spammable ability: [Fire] Fire bolt: deals 50-100 damage, costs 10-20 mana. [Lightning] Lightning bolt: (yeah, I know, the sorc didn't have such ability, but her default basic lightning ability wouldn't have been so good for HotS, I think) deals 50-100 damage, costs 10-20 mana. [Frost] Ice Shard/Frost bolt: deals 50-100 dmaage, costs 10-20 mana. [W] Strong, but expensive ability: [Fire] Fireball: deals 200 damage and has AoE, costs 80-90 mana. [Lightning] Charged Lightning: deals 200 damage to all enemies in a line, costs 80-90 mana. [Frost] Glacial Spike: deals 200 damage and has AoE, costs 80-90 mana. [E] Channeled ability: [Fire] Inferno: deal 150 damage per second and consume 50 MP/sec. (something like diablo's lightning breath, but can be channeled until you run out of mana) [Lightning] Static field: deal 75 damage per second to all enemies around you, costs 50 MP/sec. [Frost] Frost Breath: deal 100 damage per second and consume 50 MP/sec. Affected enemy heroes have their attack speed reduced by 20% for 1 sec. [R1] Sky Magic (150 mana cost, 30 sec cooldown): [Fire] Meteorite: After 1,5-2 sec delay, a meteorite falls in a selected area, dealing 400 damage on impact, and setting the area on fire for 2 sec, dealing 75 dps to enemies there. [Lightning] Thunder Storm: calls down 8 lightning bolts from the sky over 8 seconds (1 per sec), each hitting the lowest HP nearby enemy hero, dealing 150 damage to them. [Frost] Blizzard (v2): Frost shards fall from the sky at random locations in a selected area for 3 seconds. Each shard deals 125 damage. (10-20 shards in total) [R2] Teleport (100 mana cost, 20 sec cooldown) - Teleport to a selected location (within 6 range) and: [Fire] Create a wall of fire between your old and your new location. It deals 100 dmg per sec and lasts for 3 sec. [Lightning] Deal damage, equal to 15% of the max HP of nearby enemies. [Frost] Freeze surrounding enemies for 1 sec. (Note) New effect: "Freeze" - (something between stun and stasis) enemies don't get interrupted - when it's over, they continue doing whatever they were doing, but they can still take damage.RavenFire3 1d
1d Alextrasza´s model is so fat and walks weird It suposed alextrasza adopt a blood elf form,so why can´t she got a real blood elf body? There is a comparation about valeera (a blood elf) and alextrasza a dragon aspect in a "blood elf form" https://orig00.deviantart.net/8238/f/2017/313/7/7/nueva_imagen_de_mapa_de_bits__3____copia_by_ukitakesh-dbt7xqx.jpg Why can´t she be more similar?With ears, more skinny...dont walking so weird...Ukitake64 1d
1d Likely additions to the roster after Hanzo In my estimate: | possible but not very probable Starcraft - Mengsk, Duran/Narud, Fenix, Edmund Duke | Vorazun, Selendis, Ji'nara, Karax, Aldaris, Mira Han, Matt Horner, Rohana, Iszha Diablo - Baal, Mephisto, Andariel, Imperius, Belial | Duriel, Deckard Cain, Adria, Zoltan Kulle, Izual, Cydaea, Druid, Assassin Warcraft - Maiev, Lady Vashj, Archimonde, Xavius, Kil'jaeden, Mannoroth, Velen, Tichondrius/Varimathras/Mal'ganis, Nefarian, Ysera, Malygos/Kalygos, Khadgar, | Liadrin, Anduin, Tirion, Blackhand, Millhouse, Nerzhul, Aegwynn, Kilrogg, Kargath Overwatch - Reinhardt, Widowmaker, Orisa, Moira, Doomfist, Sombra, Symmetra, McCreeEstha11 1d
1d Sgt hammer changes are awefull. You killed her range, and her poke damage, and her cool builds. Now theres just these lame talents that dont really change play style or anything. Im really dissapointed in the hots team with this one, yeah sure they made it so shes more of a siege tank by HAVING to be in siege mode. Except heres the kicker, siege tanks are still decent in SC2 even out of siege. Siege just elevates them into being one of the best units in the game. They need to make the same approach with hots, It moba's mobility is king always. So if they strip that mobility away, they need to give massive boosts to everything else. There is one, and only one change I enjoyed in this update. The armor on her E, and her siege mode on her D. Other than that, I can absolutly say sgt hammer, one of my favorite characters in this game is absolutly un-fun, and garbage to play. This change only helped against dive comps which if you had the right team comp hammer could already do well against. It did nothing to alleviate the Chromie and Li-ming cancer that plauged her. Shes now even shorter range than she was before, and while armor stops 1, a single instance of their burst.. Its up roughly every 4-5 seconds anyways. So thanks, I can now not die once but im so weak out of siege mode I have to be in siege mode all game to preform, so I siege up again and they still just kill me. Even with double support which you just nerfed.. Please please please get rid of these talent changes, her old talents were more fun and better made. I know im pleading to a brick wall... but, I can try. Goodbye siege tank having the highest range in the game, Goodbye move while stealth siege tank burst build (Dubbed the assasi-tank) Goodbye normal !@#$ing hammer being able to actually shoot out of siege mode (For real shes garbage) If I havent made it clear... These changes are awe-full and im pretty sure what just about every hammer player didn't want to see.ZinAethor12 1d