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30m [Hero Concept] Jake Badlands Jake Badlands - Rock and Roll Racing A unique hero with four different options for a vehicle chosen by the first talent. All four vehicles are assassin types with high burst potential but also relies heavily on skillshots with a high skill ceiling not to get caught in a position where they can't drive out of by enemies. There is no multiclassing, Just variations on the vehicles as in the game. So I'm going to put the tier one talents before the abilities and then move onto other talents later. This hero cannot stop his vehicle from moving and when hitting a wall must turn or hit a dedicated reverse button with Z. As long as Z is held the vehicle moves in reverse for the duration based on the direction of the mouse, Has a cooldown of 15 seconds. Level 1 talents, Cars could have passive abilities related to their passives in game. Not likely though because some of the vehicles like the Havoc would be unbalanced with their ability to ignore/lessen the effects of roots. Abilities charge at a rate of 1 per 10 seconds and have a very short to no cooldown. Marauder - Q-Jump W-Lasers E- Spike Strips Airblade - Q-Nitro W-Missiles E-Mine Battle Trax - Q-Nitro W-Missiles E- Cluster Mine (( Resistant to slows )) Havoc (Hovercraft) - Q-Nitro W-Missiles E-Cluster Mine Q abilities - Jump "Locust Jump Jets" - Jump forward using hydraulics freeing the vehicle from root effects and damaging targets you land on. - Nitro "Lightning Nitros" - Boost Forward damaging and knocking back all enemies in the path of your vehicle. Does no damage or boost while rooted, Just makes a cool FWOOSH sound. W abilities - Lasers " VK Plasma Rifles" - Can only be fired forward, Global range - Good single target damage maybe lower spellarmor of targets hit - Missiles "Rogue Missiles"- Can only be fired forward, Global Range - Fire a missile forward that explodes on impact dealing area of effect damage - Homing shots "Sundog Beams"- Seeks out the nearest target in a radius around the vehicle, Lower damage and seeks out heroes as a priority (Think Sylvanas Q) E abilities - Spike Strips "BF's Slipsauce" - Channeled ability laying down a series of spike strips behind you that deal damage and slows enemies by 40% this ability uses more charges the longer it is channeled. - Mine "Bear Claw Mines" - Plants a mine behind your vehicle that when stepped on does damage, If player runs into their own mine after 5 seconds or more of placement they can use it for a jump and take minor damage doing so. - Cluster Mine "KO Scatterpacks"- Plants a mine behind the vehicle that explodes after 4 seconds and splits into four more mines in an X shape that also explode dealing area damage. Abilities will have set charges to them which can be upgraded through talents, a base of 1 charges each that can be upgraded through talents and possibly given 1 charge for each ability every talent levelup. Using a well or calling home will refresh these charges but only once every minute for calling home.Corydonn4 30m
33m BLACKTHORNE!!! You added the damn Lost Vikings. Where is Blackthorne already?Pestilence1 33m
36m Garrosh Hellscream? I want to see this guy get the treatment he deserves the only problem is he has a similar fighting style to varian The lack of class identity might cause him not to be in the game\ maybe give him the power of yasharajj the old god to compensate?OtakuSama6 36m
42m I need more heroes from Warcraft Well in World of Warcraft we had 12 unique classes and 36 specializations. So I need all of them to be represented in game. Retribution Paladin - Maraad or Tirion "Ashbringer" Fording. Protection Paladin - Lady Liadrinn. (As she is the only paladin who uses shields in-game) Warrior - all classes are already represented by Varian and Muradin. Survival Hunter - Nathanos Marksmanship Hunter - it could be Alleria, Lorthemar or maybe Shandris. Shadow Priest - Archbishop Benedicticus Holy Priest - Velen Discipline Priest - Anduin Demonology Warlock - Wilfred Wizzlebag Destruction Warlock - Archimonde Windwalker Monk - Taran Zhu Arcane Mage - Khadgar, Antonidas (Medivh does not shows specifics of this specialization) Unholy Death Knight - Baron Rivender Blood Death Knight - Teron Gorefiend Assasination Rogue - Garona Halforcen Outlaw/Combat rogue - Edwin VanCleef Feral & Guardian Druid - Broll the Bearmantle Balance Druid - Hamuul Runetotem. Demon Hunter - Havoc and Venguance are already represented by Illidan himselfjoodat18 42m
56m Three Stooges TLV Skin Another thread pointed out that TLV hasn't had a new skin in over a year. This is a simple and possibly highly amusing idea that I came up with in 2 seconds :P Olaf is Curly Erik is Moe Baelog is Larry Olaf can get Curly's running in circles laying on the ground animation for an idle/hearth. Erik can use his 2 fingers as his slingshot(channeling Moes love of poking eyes with his two fingers) Baelog can just have Larry's ridiculous hair. Maybe have him throwing clothing Iron's instead of swords. Viking Boat can be an old 1940's car. Chop chop Blizz.Dreadspectre7 56m
1h Swimsuit DLC for D.va Come on Blizz, it is time to cash in on D.va while she's still hot. I'm not sure if it is summer time right now or is it just really hot, cause I am sweating like crazy, perfect time for D.va to release herself from her mortal coil. It wouldn't matter in Overwatch cause that is in first person but in this game, not only does this game has better graphics than Overwatch, but also it is not in first person. I'm willing to say that there will be a lot of people willing to gamble on your loot boxes for a new legendary swimsuit for D.va.Wesker23 1h
1h Colossal Golgor time I hope that next hero will be a simple badass colossal golgor who laugh on his deep evil voice after he kill an enemy hero.VasPaladin0 1h
1h Rokhan or Voljin? Which of these two Darkspear trolls do you think would be a better fit? Probably Voljin since he was Warchief for a time, but I wouldn't discount Rokhan.darkdill4 1h
1h [Hero Suggestions] Several diablo-verse ideas The Blood Witch Adria [q] Blood Magic (promote) turns a lane minion into a Flesh Golem. [w] Blood Rune sets a small aoe on the ground. The marker is invisible to enemies and the damage doesn’t dismount. [e] Clot: removes blood magic from a minion or turns a blood rune into a blood pool. Pools have increased damage, but less duration than runes. -talent variation: using clot on a minion triggers aoe damage -using clot on a minion recovers hp for adria or boosts her max hp% [R1] — Blood Demon: Adria becomes a melee unit with increased Hp and can move between Blood Runes. When she exits a pool, she automatically deals aoe damage with a whirlwind attack. note: this is a permanent change, and not an active transformation. [R2] - Pool of Blood: activation summons blood-slimes from blood pools that seek out nearby enemies, and damage them. trait: Hemorrhage: [passive] adria’s abilities have inversely controlled spell power and duration based on her hp. (lower duration, higher power, and vice versa) [active] expend a % of adria’s max hp to increase the magnitude of her ability power. The intent for this suggestion makes adria a sort of vol’jin of mages: her ability power is increased when she has lower hp, however, the unique attribute is that her trait increases the scale of this power shift by temporarily reducing her max hp. The use of clot and talent picks would also allow adria to do the reverse and increase her max (and current) hp at the cost of her ability power and/or cool downs. The design aim is to have adria manipulate her durability to influence her damage potential, shifting somewhere between chromie fragility to azmodan durability . Since she manipulates her max hp, her hp bar becomes rather deceptive in how much damage she could take at any given time. Additionally, her ability power also influences the duration of her abilities. Having a low power set allows lots of pools and minions to be out at once, but those could be amped up through use of hemorrhage. So the end goal is for adria to want to shift between being durable and fragile to make the most of her abilities.Xenterex5 1h
1h What about Eirena? Could she work? Out of all the D3 followers, I like Eirena the most. Cute, can turn demons into chickens, and gets along the best with my favorite Wizard, Li-Ming. But if she were added to the cast, what kind of kit do you think she should have? I'd have her as a Support, one designed to "tweak" fights in favor of her team through crowd controls, debuffs, and other ways of screwing up the enemy. She'd lack healing, but would make up for that with shields or damage-resist buffs. In terms of Heroics, I'm thinking her first should be her Mass Hex, letting her fire a blast that, upon impacting, Polymorphs everyone in the AOE. A bit more instantaneous than Medivh's Polybomb against a whole team, though not as potentially long-lasting. Her second one, I think, would be some kind of temporary aura that buffs her team considerably for a limited time, as long as Eirena isn't sniped. But then again, auras are disliked in MOBAs because of "invisible power, no gameplay" (or at least Riot hates them). But what do you guys think? Eirena for HotS?darkdill3 1h
1h Some WC concepts Here are some of the unfinished concepts for Warcraft heroes, feel free to give ideas to finish these concepts. 1. Maiev (assassin) Q Fan og Knives, hurls knives around her, every knife damages enemies hit for 90 damage. Maybe a talent for this ability could be something like poisonous knives. W Blink, blinks a short distance, cooldown 6 seconds. E Shadow Strike, Maiev hurls a shadow dagger that damages the target for 4 seconds for x damage. R1 Avatar of Vengeance, summons the avatar that fight alongside Maiev for 10 seconds, every two seconds the avatar spawns Spirits of Vengeance. R2 Blinking Strikes, Maiev leaps to the target, blinking around it and attacking it 5 times. Each strike deals x damage. Maiev is unstoppable during the process. Give ideas about the trait 2. Garrosh (agressive warrior or an assassin) D trait, Burning Rage, if Garrosh targets an enemy whose health is below 50%, his attack speed increases by 20% Q Heroic Throw, Garrosh throws his weapon at a target location (skillshot). W Die by the Axe (Die by the Sword, but only Garrosh's version since he uses axes), grants parry and reduces damage taken by 30% R1 Dragon Roar, knocks enemies back and deals 160% of basic attack damage. R2, give ideas 3. Velen (support), he is a draenei and a priest, Nexus needs both Q Smite, deals 60 damage to the target, Velen's defensive ability W Heal, generic but a priest signature ability, heals an ally for 20% of their maximum health E Leap of Faith, pulls an ally hero to Velen. R1 Purify, Velen sacrifices himslef to fully heal ally heroes aroud him. A reference to alternate Velen sacrificing himself to purify the Naaru in Shadowmoon Valley. R2 Divine Star, hurls a wave of light in a direction helaing allies for 67% of their max helath and damaging enemies for 20% of their max health. Give ideas for the trait 4. Vashj (specialist) D trait, Multishot, instead of firing one arrow at a time, Vashj is able to shoot up to 3 enemies that are nearest to her target. Q Forked Lightning, calls a cone of lighting, hits up to 3 enemies. W Froat Arrows, Vashj can activate frost arrows that add 20% damage to her basic attacks and slow enemies for 16% of their max movement speed. Each forst arrow costs 15 mana. E Mana Shield, creates a shield that absorbs damage at the cost of Vashj's mana. R1 Tornado, Vaahj summons a controllable tornado for 8 seconds, tormado deals massive amounts of damage against buildings and if it contacts enemy heroes, it lifts them into the air for less then a second. R2 Tidal wave, Vashj calls down a tidal wave that moderately damages enemies and slows them by 60% of their max movement speed for 5 seconds. 5. Vol'jin (support) Q Chain heal, heals an ally hero for 200 health, the heal chains to next 2 heroes but for each hero, the effect decreases for 50 health. W Hex, Vol'jin turns an enemy hero into a random critter for 3 seconds. E Serpent Ward, summons a ward that primarly targets heroes, dsaling 50 damage. Lasts 9 seconds. Cooldown 12 seconds. R1 Big Bad Voodoo, Vol'jin becomes immovable, making all allied heroes around him invulnerable for 6 seconds. R2 Statis Trap, Vol'jin sets a statis ward at a target location, after a 1 second delay, the ward stuns all heroes caught by it for 6 seconds. Give ideas for the trait. 6. Kel'Thuzad (specialist) Q Forst Nova, dealing 120 damge to the target and moderate damage to enemies near it. Also adds a slow effect. W Frost Armor, gives an ally or self a shield that gains 15% of their max health. If atteck while having a shield, the attacker will be slowed for 17% of their movement speed. E Dark Ritual, sacrifices a friendly minion to hain mana. R1 Death and Decay, channels the spell that deals massive damage to structures for 8 seconds. Immovable while channeling but can activate Frost Armor witout breaking the channel. R2 Cripple (Warcraft 3 Necromancer), slows the enemy hero for 80% of their movent speed and lpwering their armor by 20%. Give trait ideas.;) Varimathras and Mannoroth ideas coming soon.;)MarijaMilic6 1h
2h Witch Li-ming. Li-ming wearing a black pointy hat and gothic clothing, her spells are now a darker purple. When Li-ming set out to understand the dark supernatural forces that threatened Ravencourt, the superstitious townsfolk branded her as a witch. She's found dressing the part keeps them too afraid to interupt her studies.Phlynch0 2h
3h [Hero Concept] Praetor Fenix In case you don't know who he is (I’d be surprised), Fenix is an immensely popular character from starcraft 1 and a legendary figure in the eyes of protoss in starcraft 2, he was also listed to be released in heroes of the storm but due to the early days of creation and design as well as the fact Leoric stole his rebirth option he was instead used as assets to design Artanis, now with the devs being more flexible and imaginative and the invention of the multi-class type I believe Fenix is due for a return to the drawing board, please note Defenders Glory is an entirely unique model as it was originally Talandar but was removed since he can be his own hero, with his Quotes down below I decided to be cheeky and make it seem Fenix alludes to both surviving the events on Auir while also knowing events that came after his death by the swarm and by Kerrigan as a reference to both games. Alignment: Lawful Good. Roll: Melee (Ranged Heroic) Multi-Class. Z: Zealot Rush (45 second CD): Increases Fenix’s movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds unless he is attacked during this time. Trait: Plasma Shielding: Fenix’s maximum default health is reduced by 20% but he gains a permanent shield for 25% of his default maximum health (before the reduction), shields start to recharge 5 seconds after taking no damage. Q: Leap (13 second CD): After 0.5 seconds Fenix will leap towards the targeted location dealing minor XX damage and slows all targets hit by 15% for 2 seconds (generally short distance for balance). W: Praetors Glory (11 second CD): Causes Fenix’s next 3 basic attacks to deal 25% more damage within 1.5 seconds, each successful attack increases the duration for the next attack by 0.5 seconds, 1 second if it hits an enemy hero. E: Masterful Whirl (12 second CD): Fenix does a quick spin around himself slashing with his psi blades for XXX minor amount, changes with heroic choice to become the follow, - Dragoon Rebirth: Causes Fenix to do a plasma beam around in a circle a short distance away from himself leaving a small gap between himself and the beam lance, increases Masterful Whirls damage by 15%. - Defenders Glory: Turns into a close cone smash with Fenix’s Shield knocking back enemies and mini stuns them for 0.5 seconds, if they hit terrain it’s a 0.75 stun. - Auir Armaments: Same as the normal Masterful Whirl except the radius is increased by 25% and blocks incoming damage during the whirl. R1: Dragoon Rebirth (Passive): Boosts Fenix’s stats by 50% until he dies (does not apply to 20 trait), when he dies he is reborn instantly at the starting zone as the Dragoon Fenix replacing his melee attack with a ranged one with semi range (similar to Cassia) and increases his basic attack damage by 30% but reduces his attack speed by 20%. R2: Defenders Glory (Passive): Unique model, based on Purifier Legionnaires extra model parts put onto Fenix in replacement of the old Talandar ability and gives him a plasma shield to use on one arm instead of a psi blade, gives Fenix spell block charges up to 3 for 50 spell armour, also returns his missing health from his trait and increases the shield benefit to 35% of his base untalented health. R3: Auir Armaments (Passive): Only heroic where Fenix survives, arms himself with a Solar Reaper reducing his damage by 10%, increasing his attack speed by 10% and every four attacks causes an untalented (including heroic) Masterful Whirl every fourth attack. Talents: Level 1: - Legendary Soldier (Quest): Works like seasoned marksmen up to 20 damage except the reward is a active ability (20-25 second CD) for 2 charges of block for 50 armour. - Shield Recharge (QUEST): After blocking 10,000 damage (maybe 20,000) Plasma Shielding can start recharging after not taking damage for 2 seconds. - Regeneration Master (QUEST): Gives health regen the same as normal but increases his Plasma Shielding shields by 5% as the reward. Level 4: - Gripping Whirl: Increases Masterful Whirls damage by 25% but requires a 1.5 second cast time now. - Quick Landing: The speed of traveling during Leap is increased by 20% and its range is increased by 10%. - Focused Assaulted: Every enemy hero hit by Masterful Whirl reduces the cooldown of Praetors Glory by 1.5 seconds. Level 7: - Fast Entrance: Reduces the cooldown of Zealot Rush by 15 seconds. - Bolt for It: If Leap hits at least 2 enemies it also increases Fenix’s movement speed by 15% for 4 seconds. - Sudden Jabs: Praetors Glory also increases Fenix’s attack speed by 20% for 1 second.Damian2 3h
4h Can we have a Shadow Priest? :) Something like this perhaps? :) Resource: Insanity (100 Max) - Gained by using your basic attack. All skills require insanity like spells require mana. Passive: Void Form (Gain 25 Insanity) - Activate to increase the shadow damage of your next skill. Basic Attack: Mind Flay (Gain Insanity) - Steady stream of damage. A talent could modify it to have a slowing affect. Q: Shadow Word: Pain (40 Insanity) - Deal damage over time. Can be used on multiple heroes. W: Mind Blast (25 Insanity) - Skill shot. E: Vampiric Embrace (50 Insanity) - Any shadow damage will heal you for a % of the damage done. R1: Shadowfiend (Gain 100 Insanity. Your insanity will drain until it reaches zero. Shadowfiend will last until it is destroyed or until you have zero insanity.) - Prioritizes an enemy hero with Shadow Word: Pain. R2: Shadow Word: Death (60 Insanity) - Deal a massive amount of damage to an enemy hero.Wix14 4h
4h A Grave Mistake. As of lately, it has come to my attention Overwatch characters have been added as playable characters in HotS for some time now. This is an interesting concept as it will attract different fan bases to the game, which I personally find to be the best MOBA I've played, however I believe you have gone about it the wrong way. From what I understand, after waiting a very long time, your developers have "forgotten" to add by far the most essential hero to any game, although this seems unlikely. It is possible that one of your campaign managers is sabotaging HotS by not adding Tobjörn as a playable hero. It is common knowledge that games will become at least 93% more popular with the addition of a scruffy Swedish dwarf mechanic. This was evidenced when Overwatch released Torbjörn on May the 24th, 2016, the same day the Overwatch player base increased by an enormous amount, and began to rise in popularity. Honestly, as a fan of Blizzard games I cannot understand how this detail was overlooked in the making of the Nexus Challenge, and for the sake of the game's popularity I suggest you fire the idiots that didn't add Torbjörn. It is in your best interest, Blizzard, to immediately release him in the next update.cakezero0 4h
6h Cairne Bloodhoof, the Tauren Chieftain ETC can't be the only heifer in HotS. You gotta show respect for your elders, after all. Here's some rough ideas on what his kit could be like. Trait - Reincarnate When Cairne takes lethal damage, he reincarnates after a few seconds. This effect has a significant cooldown, but this can be lowered at level 20. Q - Shockwave Cairne sends forward a skillshot that damages all enemies in its path. Talents can give this some utility. W - War Stomp Cairne stomps the ground after a short delay, briefly stunning all nearby enemies. E - Spirit Link Cairne links his lifeforce with that of an allied Hero, causing a percentage of any damage dealt to them to instead be dealt to him. Talents give him and his teammate extra benefits. Not quite sure what I'd do for heroic abilities since Reincarnate will be his Trait. But what do you guys think?darkdill2 6h
6h Immortal D'Va It's a Protoss skin for D'Va. Her MEKA get the sleek design of Protoss mech unit.TreVorAngELo6 6h
6h New zerg heroes? I was trying to think of new heroes for the zerg. But every time I thought of one, it was immediately followed by "wait, no, X hero already summons that unit" So now I'm curious, what zerg units haven't been relegated to being another hero's abilities?Phlynch15 6h
6h Selendis and Vorazun? How come we don't have any female Protoss? It's discrimination. The other two SC races have both males and females. I suggest Selendis and Vorazun for back to back heroes in next patches.DrSteveBrule4 6h
7h Iron fist Kharazim Because he is the defender of K'un-Luntrymore0 7h
7h LEEEEEROOOoYYY JEEEENKIIINSSS Now this hero sounds dumb... but I assure you, it would be so much fun. I think that the Q should be like a paladin ability from WoW considering the original guy was a pally, I think... than his W should be like an arc that slows or does some sort of CC than his E would give allies life per sec by throwing them a chicken. But most importantly his ult should be a crazy big dmg dash where he yells his name but crates eggs that hatch for the enemy team if not killed in time. His trait could be his shoulder pads and could give him some sort of buff. this might seem absolutely dumb and retarded but it would but so much fun if you gave him some cool voice lines and stuff.I honnestly dont care about the abilities taht much but I need to have the option to yell LEEEERROOOYYY JEEEEENKIIIINNNNNSSSSEldum18074 7h
8h Alterac Valley map If we wanted to do a Warcraft theme, a recreation of Alterac valley would be nice. The place feels built for MOBA, with destructable towers, two themed bosses near the center, and a bunch of nice choke points. If we wanted to be really rebel, we could even have it play vertically, and have a boss spawn to defend the enemy's core. (So if you made it to the Horde core, you would have to defeat Drek'thar to win the game.)Euphoniumguy0 8h
9h Bastion announcer please The most adorable announcer forever,trust me!LandycsLam0 9h
10h [Skin] Thug Life Abathur This is an easy skin for the developers to make. The skin is like normal Abathur skin but he will wear a hat, sunglasses and a golden chain. His Locust, symbiote and Monstrosity will also wear hat. (Of course we can't get him to smoke cigarette in this game XD). Illustration: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/whEt7-Ujt1k/hqdefault.jpg This will be listed as rare or epic skin. This will be a legendary skin if he also wears "slug vest".Daniel1 10h
11h Big Top themed Goblin Trikes! Pleeeeease.Reciprocity0 11h
11h New Support idea I main supports and I think it would be nice to have another dedicated healer, like Malf or Morales. Perhaps a priest and possibly a Draenei since Heroes does not have that race yet. Maybe Ishanah, or VelenRecklessdvo0 11h
12h Tyrande Ultimates (Currently feel lacking) So there is something I've noticed in most of my games with Tyrande (against and with). Her ultimates feel somewhat lacking. Currently Starfall, is an AOE ability that does low damage. Yes, this can be very good to do sustain AOE damage on minions. However, teamfight wise, this is a zoning ability for squishies at best. Shadowstalk: Current iteration is much worse than the last iteration. Sure it's some damage, but it can't be used for engage like it was. Doesn't provide any healing. Acts as a threat drop. The damage boost is okay at best. Proposed: Stars of Elune: Much like starfall, this ability is a larger aoe circle, that heals any allies that stand in it. This ability does strong aoe healing to any allies who stand in it. Shadow Stalk: All Allies are stealthed, and move through the shadows for 6 seconds, Allies are healed for X amount, and attack damage and spell damage is increased for x seconds. (A really strong engage tool, we saw in the last iteration) Void Coruption: Tyrande places and AOE on the ground, any Heroes who pass through will take medium damage, and will be silenced for 3 seconds.PerkyTricks2 12h
12h Warcraft 3 style map Warcraft 3 melee style map. A 2/3 lane map where workers gather gold into respective Forts. After one side collects the required amount of gold the team is awarded with an advantage. And these workers can be killed by the enemy team. With each enemy fort captured more workers spawn increasing the amount of gold income. The map could have a shop where heroes could choose to buy map aids, eg. recon, healing, etc., or save up gold for the push. The merc camps need not be said. I miss playing maps like Echo Isles, Road to Stratholme. I know many vets miss it too.MuddyBoots10 12h
12h WC3 Heroes we're still missing Those of us who still remember when Warcraft was still an RTS game can probably list the hero classes for all 4 factions as well as the mercenary heroes by heart. Each faction (Human, Orc, Undead, and Night Elf) had 4 hero classes apiece and 8 different "mercenary heroes" could be hired from taverns in skirmish maps. All of the Alliance heroes have been done. Paladin: Uther Archmage: Jaina/Medivh (technically) Mountain King: Muradin Blood Mage: Kael'thas The Horde heroes I would say are about 50/50 Farseer: Thrall Blademaster: Samuro Tauren Chieftain: ETC but I'm not too quick to count ETC as he doesn't really match up with the WC3 Tauren Chieftain hero in spite of the name. (Cairne or Baine Bloodhoof?) Shadow Hunter: Missing (Vol'jin?) Undead Heroes are also 50/50 Death Knight: Arthas Crypt Lord: Anub'arak Dreadlord: Missing (Mal'Ganis, Varimatharas, Tichondirus?) Lich: Missing (Kel'Thuzad?) Night Elf Heroes are 3/4ths covered Keeper of the Grove: Malfurion Priestess of the Moon: Tyrande Demon Hunter: Illidan Warden: Missing (Maiev Shadowsong?) I was worried that with warden themed skins for Tyrande and Lunara that Maiev won't be done. I felt this way about Gul'Dan as there was the Gul'Azmodan skin but obviously that was a "worried over nothing" so Maiev is still a strong maybe. Mercenary Heroes are 5/8ths covered Beastmaster: Rexxar Firelord: Ragnaros Dark Ranger: Sylvanas Naga Sea Witch: Missing (Lady Vashj?) Pandaren Brewmaster: Chen Goblin Tinker: Gazlowe Goblin Alchemist: Missing (Any suggestions?) Pit Lord: Missing (Mannaroth?)Boskov0112 12h
12h Zul'jin Axe Body Spray Skin hello forums this is just a idea me and my brother came up with while messing around in some matches. It basically boils down to Zul'jin dressed up like a frat boy and his axes are replaced with Axe body spray. And some slight voice line changes like in stead of "TAZ DINGO!" maybe "This be sponsored". I dont really think this will become much i just wanted to put it up and get some others thoughts on it.Doulscream1 12h
13h D2 Druid The D2 Druid! Perhaps a specialist His mount should be him in werewolf or wear bear form (kinda like Rehgar) Or be able to change into them like Graymane. His Heroic ideas could be Hurricane Large for area slowing damage or Arrgeddon or a more chaotic spread damage (like Guldan) his q would be ravens for sight w would be summon wolves to attack e could be vines to stop the bombs or be used a a kinf of roots and damage. Anyways I think this would help represent the Druid from D2 and his attacks well!MetalValkyri0 13h
13h Malfurion a non serious Skin Malfurion more like Meowfurrin ahahha.... hes Mafurion in a cat outfit.... his staff can be one of those cat toy wands... or could be in a cheesy cat furry out fit just because its a pun....... okay I will be quite for now.....MetalValkyri0 13h
13h Leoric Skeletor skin Yeah Leoric needs a Skeletor skin nuff said.MetalValkyri0 13h
14h [Hero Concepts] Diablo Heroes (57 total!) Here are links to all my Hero Concepts. As always I would be happy to hear feedback and suggestions for any of these concepts as well as suggestions for future concepts. Follow me @PrestigiousHotS for updates! Diablo III - Classes Monk ~ Name: Mikulov ~ Melee Warrior ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12296549593 Wizard ~ Name: Li-Ming ~ Ranged Assassin ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12188439170 Crusader [RELEASED] ~ Name: Anajinn ~ Melee Warrior ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12285778465 Diablo II - Classes Amazon ~ Name: Celestia ~ Ranged/Melee Assassin ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12248895154 Necromancer ~ Name: Mehtan ~ Ranged Specialist ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12187049206 Paladin ~ Name: Rakkis ~ Melee Warrior ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12286558553 Sorceress ~ Name: Isendra ~ Ranged Assassin ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12188439172 Assassin ~ Name: Natalya ~ Melee Assassin ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12248735133 Druid ~ Name: Fiacla-Géar ~ Melee Specialist ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12248734755 Diablo I - Classes Rogue ~ Name: Moreina ~ Ranged Assassin ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12296549559 Warrior ~ Name: Aidan ~ Melee Warrior ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12296489556 Blood Raven ~ The Corrupted Rogue ~ Ranged Assassin ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/18301000222 Dark Wanderer ~ The Befallen Warrior ~ Melee Warrior ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/18300613310 The Summoner ~ The Demonic Mage ~ Ranged Assassin ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12584228675 Prime Evils Mephisto ~ The Lord of Hate ~ Melee Assassin ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12330573425 Baal ~ The Lord of Destruction ~ Melee Specialist ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12329703328 Lesser Evils Andariel ~ The Maiden of Anguish ~ Melee Assassin ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12373437361 Duriel ~ The Lord of Pain ~ Melee Warrior ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12373497508 Belial ~ The Lord of Lies ~ Melee Specialist ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12404210338 Azmodan [RELEASED] ~ The Lord of Sin ~ Melee Specialist ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/13508001215 Angiris Council Imperius ~ Archangel of Valor ~ Melee Warrior ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12673657783 Auriel ~ Archangel of Hope ~ Melee Support ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12504201904 Itherael ~ Archangel of Fate ~ Melee Assassin ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12504780963 Malthael ~ Angel of Death ~ Melee Assassin ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12504872249 Outcast Angels Izual ~ The Fallen Angel ~ Melee Warrior ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12426983021 Urzael ~ Harbinger of Death ~ Melee Warrior ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12504781300 Followers Kormac ~ The Templar ~ Melee Support ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12472737327 Lyndon ~ The Scoundrel ~ Ranged Support ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12472737314 Eirena ~ The Enchantress ~ Ranged Support ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12471507277 Artisans Griswold ~ The Smith ~ Melee Warrior ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12674627465 Covetous Shen ~ The Jeweler ~ No Basic Attack Support ~ http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12880007888 For Citizens of Sanctuary and Creatures of Hell check out page 7: http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/12297869711?page=7Prestigious136 14h
15h [Hero Concept] Lady Levera [SUPPORT] Lady Levera, the Astrologian from Final Fantasy XIV joins the Nexus! Her knowledge of the stars, will grant her allies immense power and with it, victory! [Combat Trait] [D] Celestial Deck Target Allied Hero or Self Mana : 0 Range : Long Cooldown : 9 seconds Levera draws one of six cards from the Celestial Deck, the card drawn will be random. The card drawn will have a effect depending on what card it is, and will be applied to the target. The cards are as follows: The Balance : Increases all Damage done by 20% for 6 seconds. The Bole : Increases Armor by 20% for 6 seconds. The Arrow : All Ability Cooldowns refresh 10% faster for 6 seconds. The Spear : The Cooldown to Mount refresh 10% faster for 6 seconds. The Ewer : Grants 10% Increased Mana Regeneration for 6 seconds. The Spire : Grants 10% Increased Resource Regeneration that isn't Mana for 6 seconds. [Q] Benefic Target Allied Hero or Self Mana : 80 Range : Long Cooldown : 10 seconds Levera calls upon the powers of the stars to heal the target for a large amount. [W] Helios No Target Mana : 90 Cooldown : 12 seconds Levera unleashes a large AOE around herself, healing all allies within for a medium amount. [E] Malefic Target Point Mana : 40 Range : Long Cooldown : 4 seconds Levera unleashes the power of the stars onto the target point, inflicting minor damage to all enemies in a small AOE of the point. [Heroic Ability] [R] Celestial Opposition No Target Mana : 100 Cooldown : 120 seconds Levera calls upon the full power of the stars, stunning all enemies within a large AOE of herself for 2 seconds and extends the duration of any effects of her Celestial Deck by 10 seconds. [Heroic Ability] [R] Astral Stasis No Target Mana : 100 + Requires Full Charge of 100% Every time Levera or her allies that are close by heal, inflict and/or take damage, she gains a 2% charge for Astral Stasis. When used, time is slowed to a stand still, putting herself, all allies, and all enemies that is within a large AOE of herself into Stasis for 3 seconds. While in Stasis, her allies have their HP rapidly healed.Wesker1 15h
15h The "Retro Event" needs to happen 2 new heroes: Blackthorne RnR Racecar 2 new maps: Tomator's spaceship Racetrack 2 new bits of awesome-ness: Larry the Loudmouth announcer TLV variation comprised of Fang, Scorch, and Erik ...and let's not forget a plethora of emojis, sprays, banners, etc Please, please, please Blizzard. Make this happen.Thurgor5 15h
16h Mecha-Gul'dan Skin Imagine Gul'dan as a bucket-headed retro robot in wizard robes, with angry eyes, a grill mouth, accordion arms, and big clumsy pinchers. Corruption could be rendered as mortar rounds, Fel Flame could turn orange, and Drain Life could be carried out by actual metal tendrils. (Those might pulse green just to make the visual cue less confusing.) Instead of putting a filter on Gul'dan's normal voice acting, his lines are instead delivered by a text-to-speech program like Microsoft Sam. Just imagine a stilted, dorky robo-voice saying, "YOUR SUFFERING HAS JUST BEGUN." "GOOOOOOOD." It might make more sense to call such a skin Robo Gul'dan, since it's not necessarily fitting into the Kaijo/Mecha universe. He'd probably be from Space King Leoric's world.Duraz0 16h
16h [Hero Idea] "Massive Meat Shield" So this is more part of an idea rather then a solid concept for a hero. In HoTs, we have a wide variety in the size of various hitboxes - From tiny hitboxes such as Chromie, Murky, and TLV, to extra-large hitboxes such as Cho'Gall, Diablo, Azmodan, and Stitches. I personally think that getting a hero with a super-size hitbox, such as the Ultralisk, Brutalisk, Siegebreaker Assault Beast, or a Kunchong/Giant would be something worth considering in Heroes, as a very simple warrior concept - Soak all the shots, and prevent most enemies from going around you to the enemy. So, here we go. Role - Warrior. Health - Huge. Old prot Varian lvl, if not more. Damage - Mediocre imo. Maybe a bit higher if he is naturally slow. Hitbox - Large enough that he tends to plug up most jungle pathways. Smaller pathways, such as the W and V shaped areas on Cursed Hollow, are unpathable. Trait - Massive. Immune to any and all Stuns and Knockbacks. Can see over obstacles that normally block LoS. Z - Unstoppable. Immune to slows and roots. Q - Cleave. Cleaves a large area in front for "medium" damage. 15 second CD. (Pretty much all of the listed ones above could cleave. W - "Insert Defensive ability here". Lets say Toughen - Gains 50 armor for 2 seconds, 10 second CD. E - "Some form of Charge". In the case of the Ultralisk/Brutalisk, Burrow Charge. Brutal Charge for the Siegebreaker Assault Beast/Giant/Kunchong. Charges forward, knocks things back. R1 - Intimidation - Passive - Very nearby enemy heroes deal 15% less damage. Active - Reduces the attack and movement speed of nearby enemies for 3 seconds. R2 - Protective Giant - Nearby allies gain 20 armor. Also, the Giant no longer has collision with allied heroes (Basically, Allied heroes could walk "under" the giant, but the Giant wouldn't allow enemies to walk under him - He'd just sit on em.Frogspoison5 16h
17h Garrosh Hellscream? I want to see this guy get the treatment he deserves the only problem is he has a similar fighting style to varian The lack of class identity might cause him not to be in the game\ maybe give him the power of yasharajj the old god to compensate?OtakuSama0 17h
18h Lazy? Let me start off by just saying I love playing HOTS and see it as a huge step for MOBA development. To get pessimistic very quickly, I see hero development as simply lazy and lackluster. Now I know many individuals love Overwatch and of course blizzard is trying to promote their games as a whole, but the character introduction to HOTS is simply lazy. You took a four button character, and made it a four button MOBA hero, congrats to you. Mainly my irritation lies in the fact that in the Diablo and Warcraft universes alone (Never really got into Starcraft) there are so many interesting in dynamic characters from lore that would provide so much more depth and interesting play to the game. I could list them, but I'll save you all the time of reading 100 or so different characters that are from a development standpoint mind-blowing in comparison to what we as players have seen over the last few months or so. (Yes I understand Cassia is great, she's also basically a Pantheon knock off with some tweaks) Maybe I am completely biased but what hit the nail on the head for me forming this opinion was the Heroes 2.0 launch. This gigantic buildup to release D.va? I laughed to myself.Dandaman3 18h
20h [HERO CONCEPT] Xavius the Nightmare Lord XAVIUS NIGHTMARE LORD The Nightmare Lord Xavius was not sated with just corrupting the Emerald Dream and the World Tree, his desire for destruction leads him to the Nexus. Xavius is a Melee Warrior who becomes stronger and controls the battlefield as his enemies fall in battle. Health: 2400 Health Regen: 5.9 Mana: 750 Mana Regen: 5.2 Attack DMG: 105 Attack SPD: 1 COMBAT TRAIT NIGHTMARE Xavius' Basic abilities cause all enemy units to gain Visions of Nightmare that lasts 5 seconds. If an enemy unit dies with Visions of Nightmare a patch of Nightmare Corruption appears at the spot of death. Nightmare Corruption grants Xavius Resistance, reducing all incoming damage by 25%. Nightmare Corruption lasts 3 seconds. PRIMARY ABILITIES [Q] CORRUPTION METEOR Cooldown: 8 Seconds Mana: 70 Xavius calls down a meteor of Nightmare corruption that deals 300 (+4% per level) in an area. Meteor deals 15% less damage per Hero damaged. [W] NIGHTMARE BLADES Cooldown: 10 Seconds Mana: 55 A row of blades erupts from the ground perpendicular to Xavius that deals 115 (+4% per level) damage. If the target has shields, Nightmare Blades cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds. [E] NIGHTMARE INFUSION Cooldown: 15 Seconds Mana: 70 Xavius courses Nightmare essence through his veins, gaining 20% move speed and causing his auto attacks to cleave for 50% damage and apply Visions of Nightmare. Lasts 4 seconds. HEROIC ABILITIES [R] BLACKENING SOUL Cooldown: 60 Seconds Mana: 50 Xavius corrupts the soul of an enemy Hero, removing all vision except that of Xavius. The affected enemy Hero can only attack Xavius, deals 50% reduced damage, but receives 75% less damage from other Heroes. Lasts 5 seconds. [R] OVERWHELMING TERROR Cooldown: 75 Seconds Mana: 60 After a 1 second cast time, the targeted enemy Hero gains a visible aura, once another enemy Hero enter the aura, all enemy Heroes in the aura become feared and run from Xavius for 2.5 seconds. Aura lasts 5 seconds. TALENTS Level 1: [Q] Nightmare Comet: Quest: Hitting enemy Heroes increases impact radius by 1%. Reward: After increasing radius by 30%, damage reduction reduced to 10% per Hero hit. [Q] Redeeming Impact: Refund Mana if meteor damages a Hero. [W] Reaching Blades: Increases cast range by 25%. [Trait] The Lord of Nightmares: Quest: Collecting Regen Globes increases duration of Nightmare Corruption by 0.1 seconds. Upon reaching 3 bonus seconds, increase radius by 20%. Level 4: [Q] Aftershock: Nightmare Meteor causes a second explosion for 50% damage after 2 seconds. [W] Sharpened Blades: Nightmare Blades deals the 25% bonus damage to enemies with shields. [E] Dominating Nightmare: Basic attacks and cleave deals 50% more damage to non-Heroes. [Trait] Frenzy: Nightmare Corruption increases attack speed by 15%. Level 7: [W] Seeping Nightmare: Nightmare Blades spawns Nightmare Corruption. [E] Nightmarish Momentum: Nightmare Infusion auto-attacks reduce cooldown of basic abilities by 0.5 seconds. [Trait] Nightmare Fuel: Nightmare Corruption heals Xavius for 60 Health per second. Level 10: Blackening Soul Overwhelming Terror Level 13: [Q] Shattered Meteor: Upon impact, Corruption Meteor will split to cause 4 smaller impacts that deal 70 (+4% per level) damage. [E] Rage Infusion: Auto attacks against Heroes extend duration for 1 second. [Trait] Swift Corruption: Friendly units gain 20% move speed on Nightmare Corruption. Level 16: [Q] Meteor Shower: Gain two charges of Corruption Meteor, but increase cooldown by 4 seconds. [W] Shattered Armor: Enemies damaged by Nightmare Blades take 100% bonus damage from Xavius' next basic attack. [E] Nightmare Ferocity: Increases Xavius' basic attack damage by 5% per second Nightmare Infusion is active. [Trait] Imposing Nightmare: Enemy Basic Attacks are slowed by 30% while on Nightmare Corruption. Level 20: [R] Total Darkness: Enemy Hero no longer gains damage reduction from other Heroes. [R] Hysteria: Increases aura radius by 30% and chains the aura to all enemy Heroes affected by fear. [Active] Root of Corruption: Roots of Shaladrassil burst from the ground causing all enemies standing in Nightmare Corruption to be rooted for 1 second. [Trait] Ysera's Protection: All friendly Heroes gain a shield worth 3% of their max health per second they are standing on Nightmare Corruption, maxing out at 15%. Shields are lost immediately after moving off of Nightmare Corruption. [Trait] Total Corruption: Minions die instantly while standing on Nightmare Corruption.BuckSleezy4 20h
22h Album with 50 fan made skin ideas realistic images! Check it here: http://imgur.com/a/cmEvjHexerVooDoom7 22h
22h [Hero Suggestion] Cairne/Baine Bloodhoof MELEE WARRIOR Trait: Heroes Baine Cairne/Baine's deaths only count as a .5 death. Once Cairne dies he immediately spawns Baine where he died. Baine gains invulnerability and cannot use abilities for 3 seconds. Once Baine dies you receive the regular death counter. About Cairne/Baine Cairne health pool is about 75% the health pool of any other average tank. Baine health pool is about 50% the health pool of any other average tank. He also has a 15% move speed buff but a -25% dmg buff then Cairne. Abilities [Q] Bull Rush A channeled charge affect with a 30% move speed increase. Can only charge in a straight line and uses mana per second. Knocks enemies to the side and stuns for .5 seconds. [W] Totem Swipe A cone-like swipe attack that deals high dmg and pushes enemies back. [E] Endurance Each hero kill adds a charge up to a max of 3. Use to heal for 20% of max health. ULT 1 Warstomp Send out a shock-wave that throws enemy heroes up(ie: Anub-arak impale) and stuns for 2.5 seconds. ULT 2 Rampage For 5 seconds, continuously cast Totem Swipe. Also able to move during it.Vision4 22h
23h Sub-zero/Scorpion Stitches Alright, I know blizz is adept at narrowly avoiding copyright issues. There is already a ninja ogre they could name the skin after, but it would be awesome if there was a stitches skin that looked like Scorpion from Mortal Combat, that yelled "get over here!" when he hooked someone. There could be yellow/black, blue/black, and green/black for the different characters. It would be awesome.Marx1 23h
1d Narg the Taskmaster Narg the Taskmaster (Melee Specialist) Narg is a kobold that oversees production of the Fargodeep Mine in Elwynn Forest. Like most kobolds, Narg has spent his entire life in underground tunnels mining for gold. Kobolds are naturally cowardly creatures, preferring stealth and cunning over direct combat. For protection, kobolds will make alliances with stronger races, like the harpies, or enslave weak minded races, like the trogg. Some kobolds, like Narg, are talented fighters and quickly rise to leadership positions. Mount Z: Tunnel. Narg cannot use a mount due to his small size and general fear of most other creatures. Instead, Narg uses his mining skills to instantly tunnel anywhere on the battlefield that his team has vision of (like Abathur). Abilities Q: Kobold Fireball. Narg casts a fireball on an enemy. Fireball is a targeted ability with a short cast time and long range. Has a low cooldown. W: Frost Trap. Narg sets a nearby frost trap. Enemy heroes that touch the trap are slowed for 6 seconds. The trap is hidden, but can be destroyed (similar to an Abathur mine or Chromie time trap). E: Kobold Candle. Many kobolds wear helmets with candles. Narg can press E to light the candle on his helmet to reveal everything within a moderate radius. Narg can press E again to extinguish the candle. Narg is stealthed while the candle is extinguished. Using any ability automatically activates the candle and cancels stealth. Basic attacks do not reveal Narg. If Narg takes damage from a heroic source, he drops the candle. The candle must be retrieved by right clicking on it. Trait Kobold Gold. When enemy minions die near Narg they drop gold. Narg can collect the gold and use it to bribe mercenaries to fight for him. Heroic Abilities Summon Harpy. Kobolds offer equipment they scavenge to the harpies in return for information and protection. Narg summons a Harpy to fight for him. The Harpy has a ranged attack and can fly over terrain. The Harpy has low hp, limited duration, and can be controlled similar to Raynor's Raiders. Enslave Trogg. Kobold geomancers can enslave earth creatures like the Trogg. Narg enslaves a Trogg to fight for him. The Trogg has a melee attack, large hitpoints, limited duration, and can be controlled similar to Ultralisk. Hero Synopsis Narg prefers to roam the battlefield in stealth, collecting gold from minions and letting his allies do the fighting for him. Narg can use basic attacks while stealthed, but using abilities or taking damage from heroes will reveal him. If combat is unavoidable, Narg has a mining pickaxe for melee attacks and can cast a ranged fireball to burn his foes. Narg can also set up frost traps to protect himself. While unstealthed, Narg's candle reveals the area around him allowing for vision of stealthed heroes and into bushes. Taking damage from heroes causes Narg to drop the candle and it can be retrieved with a right click.Resmi2 1d
1d Firebat Hero Role: Tank or Bruiser Name: Gui Montag? HP: 80-90% of Johanna or Chen Attack is a channeled fire that deals damage to the target and all other nearby enemies in a small AoE Passive 10 Physical Armor Basic Abilities Light 'em Up - Instant fire damage in a cone in front of the Firebat. 4 Second Cooldown. Increases heat by 15 Jet Boost - A short charge that will knockback and deal damage to enemies. 4 Second Cooldown. Increases heat by 20 Smokescreen - Grass-like vision blocking smoke effect in a circle in a target area next to the Firebat. 15 Second Cooldown. Increases heat by 10. Ults Flamespitter - The Firebat becomes immobile and channels a wave of fire in front of the Firebat. Science Vessel - Place a science vessel nearby that will cast Defense Matrix on the allied hero in range with the lowest HP every 2 seconds; absorbing damage over the next 6 seconds. Lasts 14 seconds. (Make the AI not cast DM on a hero that already has it). Trait Heat Gauge(Replaces Mana) - As the Firebat performs basic abilities, his heat will increase. As the heat bar increases, the range of Jet Boost and Light 'em Up increases. If Heat Gauge reaches it's maximum, the Firebat will take damage over time until the heat is reduced. The Firebat can not be reduced below 1 HP from this effect. Can be activated to deal damage to nearby enemies in a radius around the Firebat and deplete the heat. The more heat that is depleted, the more damage. 30 Second Cooldown. Allow abilities to be used if they will push the Firebat over the maximum, but not while he's at his maximum. However, if the firebat uses an ability that would put him over the max, he will receive damage for the excess. Example: At 95 heat and use Jet Boost, receive a fair amount of damage for going 15 over. Result is damaged Firebat at 100 heat (Add pop/explosion effect coming from the Firebat's suit). Talents Level 1: Health Globe Collection - Increases health regen. Upon completion, increase maximum life. Block - Gain block charges that reduce the next basic attack damage by 60%. 2 Charges. Light 'em Up Quest - Quest that increases Light 'em Up damage when it is used on heroes. Upon completion, increase the damage more. Heat Disbursement Quest - Damage heroes with a full power trait activation several times. Upon completion, increase max heat to 125. Level 4: Super Heated - Increases basic attack damage by 1% for each point of heat. Knock 'em Down - Light 'em Up now knocks enemies back. Blue Flame - Basic attack deals 100% bonus damage to non-heroes. Level 7: Basic Attack Area - Increase the area of effect for the basic attack by 40%. Heat Shield - Gain 25 spell armor while above 50 heat. Heat Resistant - Gain 20 physical armor while below 50 heat. Jet Rush - Reduce Jet Boost heat cost to 10, but it will no longer knock back. Level 13: Burn 'em Down - The damage of Light 'em Up is increased by 50%, and the cost is increased to 25 heat. Smokescreen Radius - Increases the radius of Smokescreen based on the current heat, up to 50%. Smokescreen Blind - Enemies that enter the smokescreen are blinded for 2 seconds. Immolation - Passively deal damage to nearby enemies. Increases radius up to 30%, based on heat. Level 16: Super Heated Smoke - Smokescreen deals a moderate amount of damage to enemies over time. Heat Sink - For every 1 second the firebat spends attacking, his heat is reduced by 1. Enhanced Insulation - Reduces the damage received from Heat Gauge by 50% Level 20: Inferno - Increases Flamethrower damage up to 100%, based on heat. Flamethrower now removes all heat when it ends. Science Vessel 20 - The Science Vessel now casts Defense Matrix every 1 second, and will cast Irradiate on enemy heroes every 4 seconds, dealing damage over time to the target and nearby enemies. Ignite - All damage dealt from the Firebats basic abilities apply burning. The enemy will receive fire damage over 6 seconds. Drinking from a healing fountain removes this effect. Life Steal - Active to heal 10% HP and deal the same amount of damage to an enemy hero. 60 second cooldown.Nugs1 1d
1d Maraad, Ret. Paladin, Assassin Vindicator Maraad Melee Assassin HP: 2,312(+4% per level), Regen: 4.81 (+4% per level) APS: 1.12, Melee: 1.50, Damage: 137.94 (+4% per level), DPS: 154.49 Mana: 500, Regen: 3, Holy Power: 3 Trait: Retribution Whenever a nearby ally dies Maraad gains 20% increased basic attack and ability power and 25 Armor for 5 seconds. Maraad also holds charges of Light which are used to power his E ability. 1) Avenging Wrath – Quest: Spend 20 Holy Power while Retribution is Active. Reward: Retribution can stack up to 3 times. Quest: Spend 40 Holy Power while Retribution is Active. Reward: Retribution Lasts for 7 seconds. Quest: Kill 3 Enemy Heroes during one Retribution use Reward: Complete the previous Quests and Maraad gains 10% attack speed during Retribution. 4) Justicar’s Vengeance – Maraad is healed for 15% of the damage he deals while Retribution is active. 7) Shield of Vengeance – Maraad gains a 250 point shield for each nearby ally that dies. Shield lasts 4 seconds. 20) Crusade – Each Holy power spent during Retribution increases retributions duration by 1 second. Q: Crusader Strike – 3 sec CD, 45 Mana, Targeted. Generates 1 Holy Power Maraad Strikes his foe dealing 107 (+4% per level) damage. 4) Zeal – Grants Crusader strike 2 charges and Maraads Basic attack speed is increased by 10% for 3 seconds when he uses Crusader strike 4) Eye for an Eye – For 1.5 seconds after using Crusader strike 10% of damage dealt to Maraad is dealt to the attacker. 13) Guarded by the Light – Maraad gains a 50 point shield each time he uses Crusader strike, lasts 5 seconds and can stack up to 3 times. 16) Judgement – Hitting the same enemy with Crusader strike within 5 seconds increases the damage of your next Crusader strike by 10%. Stacks up to 3 times. W: Consecration – 10 sec CD, 65 mana, Targets self. Maraad Consecrates the ground beneath him, dealing 65 (+4% per level) damage per second to enemies around him. Lasts 4 seconds. Generates 1 holy power per enemy hit, per 2 seconds. 4) Fires of Justice – Increase damage of Consecration by 15% 7) Blinding Light – Enemies are blinded for the first 2 seconds they are in Consecration. 13) Righteous Fury – Quest: Have enemies caught in Consecration for 80 seconds. Reward: Increase the Radius of Consecration by 40%. 16) Avenging Wrath – Consecration Lights enemies on fire dealing an additional 2% of their Maximum health as damage per second while they stand on consecrated ground. E: Templars Verdict – at least 1 Holy Power CD, Targeted Maraad judges his foe, dealing 50(+4% per level) per charge of Holy Power up to 3. 1) Hand of Hindrance – Templars Verdict slows enemies hit by 30% for 1 second for each Holy Power consumed. 7) Hammer of the Righteous – 15% of Templars Verdicts Damage splashes to nearby enemies for each Holy Power consumed. 13) Rebuke – Maraad silences any enemy hit with Templars Verdict for .5 seconds for each Holy Power consumed. 16) Final Verdict – Templars Verdict acts as though you had one more Holy power when cast. Up to 4. (this extra Holy Power does not count towards Retributions Crusade Talent. Still need minimum 1 actual Holy Power to use Templars Verdict.)Legendairy6 1d
1d Terran Abathur, A.B.A.T.H.U.R A.B.A.T.H.U.R. - Advanced Bionics And Team Helping Universal Robot. Invented By the Terrans to combat the ever growing threat of the zerg. It steals its design from the swarm leader of the same name. Capable of teleporting in Mines to any part of the battlefield. Generating Nanobot replicas of it's fellow marines to help them fight. And utilizing advanced Neuro-Bionic Link technology to shield, heal, and provide increased firepower to any soldier out on any part of the field, the A.B.A.T.H.U.R. is a must have for all our marines out there combating the Swarm.Legendairy3 1d
1d [Hero Concept] Infestor (Starcraft 2 unit) INFESTOR (STARCRAFT 2) These are my suggestion regarding how the Infestor unit should be represented. GENERAL DESIGN The infestor is a cool and powerful unit of the Zerg race, and being very iconic in the game, I felt it could make an appearance in Heroes (since they are adding “generic” units, such as the Faerie Dragon and Siege Tank, I don’t think it’s a problem). All of the units abilities from the game can be used for this design, as well as borrowed abilities from other caster that probably won’t make it to the game (like flying Queens). Those abilities made me design the Infestor as a Support Hero. So, let’s begin. ROLE: RANGED SUPPORT Although the Infestor doesn’t have basic attacks, there is a Infestor in the campaign that can attack with tentacles (I think his name is Choker), so I think this Hero could also do this – however, his basic attacks are very weak. BURROWED MOVEMENT [COMBAT TRAIT] Instead of mounting, you can burrow (Z keybind), gaining the same bonus to move speed as if you were mounted. You also become invisible. You cannot attack or use abilities while burrowed (you must first unburrow). If you take damage while burrowed, you surface and become stunned for ?? seconds (very short duration). This is one of the most iconic traits of the Infestor in the game, and makes him a very different Support type. With this trait, he could be compared to Nova – come stealthed, use abilities, and then run – but instead of dealing high damage, heals allies and controls enemies. PARASITE [Q] Shoots a parasite in the highlighted direction (skillshot) that grabs onto the first enemy hit. An enemy affected by parasite is revealed and takes ?? damage for each ?? seconds, for a total duration of ?? seconds. Each time the damage procs, (you and allies) nearby the target heals for ??. This ability comes from the SC 1 Queen, and it also serves as your healing mechanic – and a very different one than what is usual. CONTAMINATE [W] Contaminates the target enemy for ?? seconds, silencing it and reducing its attack speed by ??%. If used on a structure, it reduces attack speed (if used on a tower/fort), or reduce the amount of heal (if used on a Fountain). This ability comes from the Overseer of SC 2, but the theme fits the Infestor (contaminate and infest are words with similar meanings). TERRAN INFESTATION [E] Spawn eggs that, after ?? seconds, spawn infested terrans to fight for you. Last ?? seconds. Like the infestor ability. It’s important to notice that the eggs can be destroyed before spawning the units. FUNGAL GROWTH [R] [FIRST HEROIC ABILITY OPTION] Launches a projectile; enemies within the area of effect are instantly rooted and suffer ?? damage over ?? seconds. This is one of the most powerful Infestor abilities, and very iconic – it is effectively why Infestors are used in the game. With that much importance, I thought it should be a Heroic Ability. NEURAL PARASITE [R] [SECOND HEROIC ABILITY OPTION] You extend a long tentacle, latching onto the target enemy Hero, which is then covered in green tentacles. You lose control of yourself and gain control of the enemy Hero, except that you cannot use the target’s Heroic Ability. Lasts ?? seconds, until canceled or until the channeling is broken. The last ability of the Infestor. I think that using the enemy’s Heroic Ability would be too powerful. Instead, the R keybind serves to cancel the effect. So, what do you think? --------------------------------------------------- Links to my other suggestions: http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/13272037293GustavoMesel6 1d