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Sep 11, 2014 Welcome to Heroes of the Storm Mac Support! Welcome to the Mac Technical Support forum for Heroes of the Storm. This forum exists to provide Heroes of the Storm customers with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and Blizzard Tech Support staff members. Blizzard Tech Support staff regularly monitors and replies to this forum (between 8am-8pm Pacific) and will do their best to assist you with your issue. If you cannot resolve your issue through the forum, we recommend checking our Knowledge Center for resolutions and workarounds for common issues at and if unable to locate a solution, please go ahead and create a new post regarding your issue using the guidelines below. Please keep all posts on topic. This means technical issues, advice, and discussion of technical issues. Game discussions, criticism, or commentary should be posted in the General Discussion forum. When requesting assistance with or discussing an issue, please create your own thread unless a topic for the issue already exists. Do not hijack threads with your new topic. Posting an issue which is similar but different from the original topic means that your request may be missed or the original request ignored. Please post a subject with a clear summary of your issue. Starting posts with "I need help!" or "Can't play no matter what" only serves to make your issue harder to resolve. We understand that emotions can run high while dealing with technical issues, but posting in an abusive or disparaging manner will not be tolerated, and does not advance our goal of providing assistance to the widest audience of customers in this forum. Please do not post direct contact info for other companies. It is acceptable to post links to websites where contact info can be found, but posting the information here on the forum is not permitted. To provide feedback on a ticket or customer support response you have received, please utilize the survey system built in-game or on the online ticket. We hope that this forum can continue to be a place where users can find quick resolutions to their issues. To help do this we ask that the Forum Code of Conduct and forum guidelines be observed at all times when contributing to discussions.Glaxigrav0 Sep 11, 2014
Jul 1, 2017 Common Connection and Latency Issues Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpDrakuloth4 Jul 1, 2017
Sep 11, 2014 Payment & Purchase Troubleshooting If you are experiencing difficulties upgrading your account, or completing a character service, please follow these tips: Payment Option/Billing Profile A Billing Profile is required to make purchases within Heroes of the Storm. In the event that your purchase fails, double-check your Payment Options for accuracy as expired cards do not automatically remove themselves. 1. Log on to Account Management 2. Click on Settings and select My Payment Options 3. Click on Add a Payment Method 4. Add all the required information and click Save Payment Method when you are done 5. Success! You are finished adding a Billing Profile Multiple Billing Profiles and Primary Payment Method If you have multiple Billing Profiles on your account, make sure that the card you are using to make the purchase is set as the 'Primary Payment Method'. By default, we will always default to your Balance before using your Primary Payment Method. 1. Log on to Account Management 2. Click on Settings and select My Payment Options 3. Look for the card you wish to use and click on ‘Make this my primary payment method’ You can also add, remove or edit payment methods on this Wallet page. Credit Card Payment Assistance/Invalid Credit Card Errors If you are encountering credit card errors and have already added a Billing Profile, please verify that all the information is entered as it appears on the card. This includes: Card holder’s Full Name Full Card Number Expiration Date Billing Address Verification Code Additional troubleshooting steps can be found in our Common Credit Card Payment Issues page. **Note** For security purposes, please DO NOT post any of the above information on the forums. Should you continue to experience any payment related issues and you have already talked to your financial institution, please contact our billing and account services team directly. ______________________________ Technical Support: Monday - Friday, 12pm - 9pm Pacific Time How am I doing?Glaxigrav0 Sep 11, 2014
Jul 20, 2018 Function (Fn) keys no longer working This issue started recently (Sept 2017). I'm using MacbookPro 2013. While in game pressing the F keys used to carry out their default mac function (volume adjustment/brightness ect). Now, in game, pressing these keys has no effect. There is no option in the hotkey menu to enable/disable this particular override. I'd like to be able to press the F keys while playing the game and adjust volume/brightness like I did previously. How can I fix this?Jellyphant44 Jul 20, 2018
Jul 19, 2018 Guide: Limiting FPS to help your Mac stay cool & quiet WARNING: By following these instructions you agree that I am not responsible for any harm caused to you, your computer(s) and its software as a result of following these instructions. The following instructions will have you navigate to hidden folders in your OS X installation that contain configuration files which could negatively affect the proper working condition of your computer if you delete or edit the wrong files. Tread carefully. Read the entire contents of this post before attempting to execute the following instructions. You are strongly encouraged to read any comments following this posts for any amendments, helpful tips and pitfalls before attempting to execute the following instructions. Motivation: At the time of this writing, frame rate limiting options were not yet implemented in Heroes of the Storm so I decided to write this guide in an attempt to help the community. This guide will show you how to help your Mac stay cool and quiet while playing Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm. This guide will have instructions for OS X Lion (10.7.x) and above. These instructions may apply to older versions of OS X but I don’t have a machine handy to test them out. What we will be accomplishing (Summary and not actual instructions): We will be limiting the frames being drawn per second by the game. We will be navigating to the following hidden folder Macintosh HD/Users/[actual_osx_username]/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/ Heroes of the Storm/ where [acutal_osx_username] is your OS X username. We will add the following two properties to the contents of the Variables.txt file located in that folder: frameratecap=X frameratecapGlue=Y Instructions: Make sure Heroes of the Storm is not running. If it is running please close it. Open Finder. Click on “Go” in the menu that is docked at the top of your screen. Hold the “alt option” key on your keyboard and the “Library” will appear in the list. Select “Library” in the list that appeared in step 4 all while continuing to hold the “alt option” key on your keyboard. Open the “Application Support” folder by double clicking on it. Open the “Blizzard” folder by double clicking on it. Open the “Heroes of the Storm” folder by double clicking on it. You will now see a text file named “Variables.txt” located in the “Heroes of the Storm” folder you just opened. Open this “Variables.txt” file by double clicking on it and a text editor will open displaying the file contents. Scroll down to the bottom of the file and add the following two properties to the bottom of the file: frameratecap=30 This first property will limit the frame rate to 30 frames per second while in game. You can set it to any whole number you wish. I recommend 30. frameratecapGlue=30 This second property will limit the frame rate to 30 frames per second while in menus. You can set it to any whole number you wish. I recommend a value between 25 and 30. Leave an extra empty line at the end of the file after adding the two previous properties. Save your changes to the file by selecting "File" in the menu docked at the top of your screen and then selecting "Save". You can also use the keyboard shortcut “Command + S”. You may now close your text editor. You may now close your Finder window. Launch Heroes of the Storm and enjoy! Notes: Do not make edits to the Variables.txt file while Heroes of the Storm is running because all your changes will be lost the next time the game is exited. The difficulty in these instructions lies in navigating to the Library folder which was hidden from users starting with OS X Lion (10.7.x). Some of you may notice that these properties also work in Starcraft 2. ~ AnimalKAnimalK44 Jul 19, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Keyboard shortcuts don't work in fullscreen mode Good evening, I set up some keyboard shortcuts to be able to change system volume using a non-mac keyboard. When I enter HoTS fullscreen mode, the shortcuts become unusable. They are usable in windowed mode. Is there a way to get hots to stop blocking the volume control on mac?Beatfreak0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Cursor Freezes When Pressing Any Key Every time I press a key on the keyboard in game, any key, the mouse stops tracking and jumps to a different location for about half a second. When pressing many keys very quickly is essential for basic mechanical skill, it makes the game impossible to play. This problem happens only in Heroes of the Storm, not in any other application or on the OS. It also seems to come and go, and recently came back after Heroes crashed (two different games) when beginning a hero league game (separate issue which I still haven't got resolved). I've tried disabling all third party software, and even reinstalled the game, which was a pain having an internet monthly data limit. I've had this issue for like two years, and thinking it was my mouse I just recently bought an expensive gaming mouse, but no luck. Also happens with two different keyboards. Everything runs smoothly while just clicking around with my mouse. I've done everything I can think of on my end that would cause it. New computer, new mouse, different keyboard. But it seems to be a software issue. A fix is very much needed. ----- Hardware: iMac 5K 27" 2017 - CPU: Intel i7-7700K, GPU: Radeon Pro 580 MacOS 10.13.5 Logitech G502 RGB gaming mouse Apple Keyboard (both bluetooth and connected via usb/lightning), also Logitech K750 Solar KeyboardJimJam6 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 No voice chat on Mojave I think something is wrong with HoTS and Mojave I get no microphone on voice chat. I can hear everyone fine tho.Alos9 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 ON MAC OS (10.14), THE CAMERA IS NOT FOLLOWED На Mac OC (10.14) не работает следование камеры через пробел(клавишу). При прожатии клавиши пробела, над персонажем появляется луч, но камера не переходит к персонажу и не следует за ним при удержании пробела. On Mac OC (10.14) does not work following the camera through a space (key). When the space bar is pressed, a ray appears above the character, but the camera does not go to the character and does not follow it when holding a space.Martius0 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 27, 2018 Osx 10.10.5 Not supported - "end off life popup" Dear Blizzard I think this is a big let down users who paid real cash for a genuine game and now they face potential block (end of life scenario) because someone thinks that their operating system is antiquated. In my case I have purchased my macbook pro just 3 years ago and I won't be upgrading my Osx because I have programs that run perfectly well on it. Moreover if I upgrade suddenly I will need to pay for a new versions of Parallels etc ... which isn't cheap. Please do not keep me hostage since I paid for my game. Alternatively please stop unwanted updates to my games since I wan't to keep my Starcraft remastered, SC2, Diablo III as it is. Thank youpsyhotron3 Sep 27, 2018
Sep 27, 2018 Left mouse click stutter. When playing hots or in the menu's. When clicking my left mouse button while moving the cursor it is stuttering alot. The same thing doens't happen when clicking with the right button. This makes my cursor derp alot while in a match, and can't even play heroes like Illidan or Lunara anymore because of it. Any ideas how to fix this? I am on OS X 10.11.6Amplus4 Sep 27, 2018
Sep 26, 2018 Apple Depreciating OpenGL with Mojave Will this be enough to finally push the game fully over to metal? (bottom of page)critter9 Sep 26, 2018
Sep 25, 2018 My threads are getting deleted! :D Like it wasn't enough they are ignoring the very most of us with the high sierra issues. Now when I type a thread asking them to do something or us to sing a petition to get refunds they are simply deleting it. Blizzard is nothing more than just a huge disappointment!Daranyx0 Sep 25, 2018
Sep 25, 2018 Is it playable on High Sierra yet? Is HotS fixed for High Sierra? I had to downgrade to Sierra (10.12.6 (16G1036)) in order to be able to play the game. Any word when wer can move onto High Sierra?caba37 Sep 25, 2018
Sep 22, 2018 "Your login information was incorrect." NA Only I downloaded and HotS last night so I could have everything set up for the Genji skin event. I'm a console player, and so I didn't previously have a account, the client installed, or any other Blizzard PC stuff. I tried to get in to play last night so that I could do any tutorials and get a feel for the game, but I kept getting a message that my login information was incorrect, and to please try again. I know there are staggered maintenance schedules and whatnot and I figured a lot of people might be doing the same thing, so I put it away to mess with it today. I downloaded a patch this morning and tried again. Same error message. I found this page via Google search: I tried playing on the European region and everything fired up with no problem, and I played the tutorial. I tried the rest of the stuff recommended on that page (try a different region, delete the cache, change your password) and have had no luck at all. I'm able to log in to European servers, but not NA servers. I saw that there was maintenance today, so I thought maybe it was related to that. I waited and tried again just now, and I still can't log in to NA. Help. :(Phade5 Sep 22, 2018
Sep 22, 2018 How is performance on macOS Mojave beta? Anyone playing Heroes on Mojave? I know it’s still in beta but it’s getting close to being released (iOS 12 in Sep and macOS Mojave likely in Oct). Any performance improvements? Has Blizzard historically released a compatibility update for major updates? Edit: macOS Mojave will be released on Sep 24th.Ocular2 Sep 22, 2018
Sep 21, 2018 Unplayable mouse cursor As per a prior three, it stated that a new thread be opened if the mouse cursor issue came up again. 1. Macbook 2. Logitech mouse 3. full screen mode The cursor will either stop responding, or jump around the screen. A moderator stated the bug was previously fixed but I am seeing the same symptoms.FreezeThaw6 Sep 21, 2018
Sep 20, 2018 rapidly disconnecting when ever i play a game i join then i disconnect then the map rapidly glitches in and out and when i reconnect i can not control my carecter and then after 2 second it disconnects i have tried many fixes but no avail i have not cheat for wifi problems like dns or powercycling but it dose not seem like that because the problems were fixed when i deleted then redowloaded files so can i get so info i play on a 2015 MacBook air on high sierraSaif5 Sep 20, 2018
Sep 19, 2018 FPS reduced to half in High Sierra update :( I run a Mac pro 2013 with dual D500 and before upgrading ot high sierra as suggested here, I had 120 fps steady running metal (beta) render. After patch it is stuttering close to unplayable never going beyond 60 and frequently going to what feels sub 10 even if reporting higher. On a sidenote I get mouse stuttering that can't move beyond a box in menus after first few games...Edel93 Sep 19, 2018
Sep 13, 2018 Account went Blank it started on - 12/9/18 Logged in around 5 times and everything still remains blank - Scan and repair (a few times nothing happed no missing files were added) - Check for updates - my game is update. - Been checking and restarting my Mac, Net & Router. For each log in Ive waited at lest 5-10 mins per log to see if anything loads up still nothing and still blank the Profile, Games modes, empty hero selection, mode is currently disabled, etc. I've tried switching to other regions - [b]Ended up getting Stuck on Authentication[u] Ive tired clearing out caches also but nothing seems to effect. Ive tried reinstalling the game and logged in at the playable mark still blank I'll test it out again when it passes though optimal, if not one more time when everything is fully downloaded. - I think thats all I can describe about my issue I currently have at the moment.Azndanny0 Sep 13, 2018
Sep 11, 2018 Game client version mismatched with selected region What is this and why is it happening? If the game is down as it is being patched, shouldn't that information be in the launcher? I have tried several fixes suggested by others, but nothing works. These kinds of issues are what I like to call the "Blizzard special" because they always happen (weird, inexplicable issues that seem to only affect a small number of people, but do so consistently and get 0 coverage from Blizzard). How do I play Heroes of the Storm? Why has this issue not been fixed after years of it affecting people?ArcadeKid1 Sep 11, 2018
Sep 9, 2018 Mouse gets stuck Hi, Recently, I've noticed that while holding down any key, the mouse cursor gets stuck or flickers within a minimal area at best. I've tried three different mice and two keyboards, all with the same result. This bug is present only while in a match. Holding down a key and moving the mouse while in the menus works fine. Kinda hard to play properly right now with this bug present. Has anybody else noticed the same? iMac late 09 (retro, but it works)Snowyowl5 Sep 9, 2018
Sep 9, 2018 Forced Mouse Acceleration Hey, what's up. So, with this recent patch v.16.0.40431 (Li Ming) I notice that HotS is enabling Mouse Acceleration whenever the game is loaded. I keep Mouse Acceleration disabled. When HotS is not loaded, it is disabled. When it is loaded, even in Windowed mode, it is enabled. Kind of a bummer. This literally makes the game unplayable for me. Was sort of expecting big things from this game, but if they can't even figure out how mouse settings work, they'll have to do it without me. Alas. Has anyone figured out where the OSX version of this game keeps it settings stored? Like, a config.ini or variables.txt file or something? It probably is in the same place where one would go to customly edit their resolution, or keybinds. These files sometimes have options to modify mouse settings, and maybe there's one for acceleration I can turn off. Anyone else suffering mouse acceleration woes this patch?Lyme43 Sep 9, 2018
Sep 8, 2018 Is there a way to turn on Metal using Variables.txt? OpenGL2.1 overheats my CPU hard (mb pro mid 2014 / iris pro 5200), SC2 runs fine ~60fps/low/no overheating, temps in 75-80C range, but HOTS causes my CPU going to 90's after 10-15 mins of gameplay.avxkim1 Sep 8, 2018
Sep 8, 2018 Game crashes on draft screen ' Team League Game crashed on draft screen. I lost all the points but i did not get marked as a leaver. This is happening regulary, its very frustrating because the game crash before the match starts and i lose like 600 pts and i have to win 3 games to get back were i was. Is there any chance u could review this and i get my points back?ElPerro8 Sep 8, 2018
Sep 7, 2018 consumption faster than charging since new patch 2016 late MacBook Pro with official 87W power adapter battery condition normal Is there any way to reduce power consumption?NEUROSCIENCE3 Sep 7, 2018
Sep 4, 2018 What does it take to fix a serious bug? A year ago, people posted about Mac function keys being disabled by The problem is still not fixed. This is a serious problem. People should not have to reboot their machines just to play a game. If you think about it, it's not much different from a system CRASH... and that would clearly be a sev-1 problem.BambiB1 Sep 4, 2018
Sep 1, 2018 Game Crash On Fullscreen in Draft Hi, I have today twice had the client crash on me when I am queued for hero league in windowed mode and, when I join a game between when the game states which team is banning first and when it loads in, if I go into fullscreen mode the game goes black with just the in game mouse icon showing until it crashes. Not only is it annoying that it crashes, but it also gives me a leaver penalty. Please let me know if you'd like any additional information. ThanksAequitas16 Sep 1, 2018
Aug 29, 2018 Stuttering graphics even though 60fps Hi guys, I run HOTS on my 2017 iMac 27" Retina with the following speccs: 4,2GHz Intel Core i7 8 GB 2400MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro 580 8192MB Resolution 1920 x 1080 In Game Graphics/Details are on Medium Setting Even though I've about 60fps and 35ms the gameplay is overall and constantly stuttering und laggy. I tried lowering the Graphics/Details Settings but no improvement on the stuttering. Does anyone of you guys have an Idea how to solve this problem? Thanks!killerburns1 Aug 29, 2018
Aug 26, 2018 MiniMap not Clickable in Anyway Howdy Blizz- I wanted to note a new problem included in the new Ana patch. The MiniMap not Clickable at all anymore (Right Click or Left Click). It makes for a rather unenjoyable way to play the game :( I've tried restarting and making sure the "click through minimap" is toggle off. Help!FoolManChoo118 Aug 26, 2018
Aug 25, 2018 Metal API when will it come back? Any word on the Metal API returning? I used to get 60fps now I'm down to 25 fps. Heroes is my favorite game used to play every day. Spent a good amount of money too. It's kinda annoying to boot into windows just for this game.SpaceCowboy2 Aug 25, 2018
Aug 24, 2018 Draft screen frozen : considered as a leaver Hello everyone, I am a bit saddened by the fact that sometimes I am disconnected during the draft time --> I loose a lot of points. But yesterday (13th August, Paris Time, cf screenshot in this post) I had a weird "disconnection" : I didn't even leave the HL draft but the draft freezes. I was still able to check the heroes list, send and receive messages. So i contacted a guy of my HL team to check what was happening on his computer and he told me he received the message that someone left and was back on the HL ready page. I was stuck there, nothing to do, just had to disconnect and lost the points as a consequence. I leave you this screen shot, if I can have these points back it would be awesome ;) Thanks Blibli Luc Screenshot of the bug : Aug 24, 2018
Aug 24, 2018 Were still crashing folks! Yes gotta love it. Barley played hero league or team league last season because of the crashes during draft. To no surprise blizzard keeps running around in circles on this topic because we are such a small segment of their consumer base. I understand the penalty associated with dodging the draft as I've been playing since Beta, but something truly needs to be done other than these consistent band-aids Blizzard throws ontop of issues.sSxLiL5veR2 Aug 24, 2018
Aug 21, 2018 Disconnection at the end of every game I have been disconnected at the end of all my HL games today. It will show the defeat or victory then DC me and refuse to reconnect. Eventually it says "Game has Ended" and lets me exit to the desktop.... I don't seem to lose ranked points, but I also do not seem to be gaining xp. Is anyone else having this issue?Verin54 Aug 21, 2018
Aug 20, 2018 Screen freezes during draft Im having the same problem. This is the ID for my report: A912F69C-B0BE-4628-923B-E4DC84B9A780 I keep getting a frozen screen during draft and considered as a leaver, losing a lot of points. This happened at least 3 times. RegardsElPerro0 Aug 20, 2018
Aug 16, 2018 Mac Graphics Bug Graphic problems on Mac since today with new patch? Maps have flickerings around holes in the map, for example, the frozen lake on Alterac flickers all game long, same as Sky Temple's holes (where u can see the sky) flicker all game long. Everything was fine with last patch I'm playing on a Macbook Pro with Retina Display 2013, Intel Iris.Killaor19 Aug 16, 2018
Aug 16, 2018 High Sierra issue Previous topics locked with no update. Blizzard, please update here.Sully0 Aug 16, 2018
Aug 16, 2018 Solving FPS drops and cursor freeze So there is a known issue that causes the game to suffer high FPS drops, cursor freezing and Mac overheating. This all started when Metal was removed. This thread has been there in many forms already, but it was never solved. I was told by a GM to start a new thread with hope that we will get some proper answers from the Developers. So I'd like to know: 1) What is the best setting we should use to make the game run smooth enough to be playable at least. 2) Are these issues under a maintenance since it is quite some time already? I have also noticed one thing while going through reddit. People who have the luck to own a Macbook Pro early 2017 are not suffering such high issues. The game and mouse are freezing only here and there, not all the time.Daranyx3 Aug 16, 2018
Aug 16, 2018 Finished my Diablo quest as Dehaka Played Unranked draft, if that matters whatsoever. Screenshot: MacOS Sierra V10.12.5 Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB / Intel Iris Pro 1536 MBBeezwax1 Aug 16, 2018
Aug 14, 2018 UI Missing and Hero not controllable So...long story short, I was playing through a few matches and for some reason, my last match got me stuck, specifically with the lack of UI with the hero skill buttons missing and that I can't control my hero in any way. The hero portrait remains though, and interacts like as if I wanted to look at my talents when I clicked on it, but nothing shows up. Turning the game off and on also did not work, which kinda forced me to just leave it and just buy some groceries or something. I mean I probably could still play after that match ended (I'm writing this as said match is going on), but hopefully you guys could prevent such instances from repeating itself, unless it's so rare that I really should not care. Anyways, thanks in advance!Random36 Aug 14, 2018
Aug 12, 2018 Data transferring issue on Mac when installing Hey guys, dunno if Im the only one still have this problem, but every time when I try to install Heroes of the Storm it always pump up an error message "We're having a problem transferring data. Please check your internet connection just in case and try again". Which is weird coz only HOS has this issue.EricStradlin1 Aug 12, 2018
Aug 11, 2018 What is the update on the High Sierra Issue? I'm just now finding out that mac users have been dealing with this horrible issue for months without any updates from Blizzard. Can anyone shed some light on this? I just updated to HS and it has effectively rendered the game unplayable.Robohemoth10 Aug 11, 2018
Aug 11, 2018 mouse not working in game, toon unresponsive mouse is not responding to right or left click and ui for character abilities fails to loadDaoahvar0 Aug 11, 2018
Aug 10, 2018 Will you ever support Metal?? So once more I’d like to know if you can tell us the stage of Metal support. Is it coming or not? I had to quit playing the game because it is unplayable using OpenGL. You can’t really play with fps under 15 in teamfights.Daranyx0 Aug 10, 2018
Aug 9, 2018 My Voice Sounds like a Robot over Chat Apparently my in game voice over my mic makes me sound like a robot :(. I have tried multiple mics with no success. When I test voice chat, it sounds fine, but everyone says I sound like a robot to them. Please help! Running on a mac.wiredInsane2 Aug 9, 2018
Aug 8, 2018 Games crashes on Mac always during my first HL Hi team, After the Azmo and raynor rework patch, the game always crashes when I am playing my first HL on Mac. please help me!Bitcoin0 Aug 8, 2018
Aug 8, 2018 Please Fix Heroes - Graphics/Game Glitches I have a Windows partition to play this on but I shouldn't have to. The game is getting bombarded by glitches and bugs in the Mac OS version. Right now my player level is an arbitrary high value and there are graphical errors. Just fix bugs, and fix metal. I'll happily pay for the game. Screenshot: iMac 27" 2015 intel core i5-6600 3.3ghz 16gb ram m395 2gb vramtassmaster0 Aug 8, 2018
Aug 7, 2018 Visual bug at non-traversable areas of map Reporting a visual bug. Certain areas on the Temple map where you are able to view beyond the ground (i.e. into the nexus outer-space looking area underneath) were glitchy looking/flashing white. Region: US East (Best match regardless of server location was on) Occurred 8/7/2018 about 4:00PM EST. Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac14,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: 2.9 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 6 MB Memory: 16 GB Boot ROM Version: IM143.0118.B11 SMC Version (system): 2.17f7 Serial Number (system): D25NX0KPF8J8 Hardware UUID: 3C34D0AC-491C-5162-934C-4E7C7EDBBA95Boris0 Aug 7, 2018
Aug 6, 2018 UI doesn’t load everything Not everything on UI is loading. I can’t press play, it just says “ please wait” My portrait is a + I can’t choose the loadout abilities or talents and I have no quests!! I’ve tried everything.Greeny0 Aug 6, 2018
Aug 5, 2018 Will you add Metal 2 API support? The question is simple yet nobody seems to know the answer. Will HotS developers add Metal 2 support??Daranyx0 Aug 5, 2018