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Jan 12, 2015 Direct All Bugs to the Bug Report Forum To help us get the most of out of your Closed Beta feedback, we ask that do not post bugs in this or other discussion forums. If you come across a bug during your Heroes of the Storm testing experience, please post it in the Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta Bug Report forum. Similarly, issues with the game client itself (including downloading, installing, or playing the Closed Beta client) should be posted in the Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta Technical Support forum.Spyrian0 Jan 12, 2015
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Aug 22, 2018 Extremely long wait times for returning player. I just got back into the game after a 2 year hiatus, and I find that I routinely have to wait 10 times or more of the "estimated wait time" before I connect to Quick Match. Unranked is just not happening for me... the wait times go on ad infinitum. Is there anyway to resolve this? I do not want to just play AI in a moba.Eli0 Aug 22, 2018
Aug 18, 2018 Experience and all that Recently started. What's the experience amount needed for account holder to level? I ask cause the player character I'm using recently is on level 3 but my account level is still on 2. I realized there's a difference but can't find a recent listing online for experience amounts. Only charts from when the game first came out.Marrok0 Aug 18, 2018
Aug 2, 2018 Primal Flamesabre with BFA Digital Deluxe Pack I see that the Primal Flamesabre is available in the Digital Deluxe Pack, however is it for HoTS for WoW? I mean, if i were to preorder BfA Digital Deluxe Pack, will i get Primal Flamesabre in WoW or not?Archi0 Aug 2, 2018
Jul 12, 2018 New match making system for minor region sucks Playing in NA/singapore, avg queueing time longer than 1400 seconds, literally queued longer than I play. And it's not only me, other players are also experiencing this. Despite waiting for so long, the games we get still has weird ranks. GM players and silver players still play in a same game. I didn't see any improvement to the match making quality but the queue time is severely increased. Hope you guys can address this problem asapSlimShadyLP0 Jul 12, 2018
Jun 8, 2018 Bug Report I consider this a bug...prove me wrong. Jun 8, 2018
Jan 11, 2018 Update all skills to have accurate area indicators. With most of the new heroes, all of the skills have red areas to indicate how big the skill is so that the player knows where they will be affected. Please go back and update all of the old heroes who are still lacking this feature. The biggest offender is Falstad with his Hinterland Black ability. The pathetic little laser is completely inaccurate for showing the aoe of the ability.Samus0 Jan 11, 2018
Dec 28, 2017 Why am I flagged as Australian on the forums while I am in the US Hey Blizzard, just out of curiosity, I haven't really been on the forums as of late, but I was wondering why I'm flagged for regional discussion on the AUS/NZ forums while I live in the United States. My region under my account is set as the United States (I just double-checked).As an alpha player I had access to the US forums (I live in Texas and have always lived in Texas my whole life). Just thought I'd post since I'm unsure if itAesprika0 Dec 28, 2017
Sep 20, 2017 Volskaya protecter I think the protecter is too powerful the damage is too high菜頭0 Sep 20, 2017
Sep 18, 2017 Nerf Kael thuzad The chains are very long and the cc is very heavy, it becomes boring and uncomfortable not being able to escape the combo, the reuse of the ulti is very shortNotKillMe1 Sep 18, 2017
Sep 18, 2017 Attencion, Johana the ultimate skill of johana that stuns, must be rethought, there are BASIC talents in other heroes (such as kael thuzad and tyrande) that can stun the same amount of heroes and for the same time. To be a definitive skill you have to wait a long time to fly to use, it seems worthless in comparison to the skills of the aforementioned championsNotKillMe0 Sep 18, 2017
Sep 13, 2017 Garrosh OP Garrosh is super over powered, being able to grab melee and throw them over the gate. At least with Stiches hook the hooked can't get pulled through. Total BS, it means instakill for any melleePopecarl0 Sep 13, 2017
Aug 30, 2017 A problem with 'heroes speech' HI, please i ask you to not use this word 'finally' a lot in the game or i will delete the game for ever !AmroGDI5 Aug 30, 2017
Aug 16, 2017 Limit characters in posts Add please counter written characters for seeing how many symbols written in post.ANik0 Aug 16, 2017
Jun 24, 2017 Hanamura is a terrible map. hanamura is a terrible map, take it off of the random play list.Daemon03112 Jun 24, 2017
Jun 23, 2017 Malthael's healing doesn't show up on the stats screen I know it is a fairly minor thing, but it would be nice to be able to see just how much healing I am doing with him after a match is over.Flinx0 Jun 23, 2017
Jun 19, 2017 why limit the block list why limit the block list????????????????????blacksky0 Jun 19, 2017
Jun 9, 2017 A Year in the Nexus This is gonna be long. My technical alpha invitation is dated 5/15/2014. I opened Heroes the day I got that e-mail, and I basically haven't closed it since. The very first hero I tried was Tyrande, because I wanted to play a Warcraft female. The second hero I tried was Illidan. Oh, I did not put him down. Since I joined, I've seen an entire Illidan rework, hilarious bugs, and I specifically remember Li Li week on Twitter. I have 2,000+ matches on Illidan alone. I've posted threads pointing out unique bugs, and seen them acknowledged and fixed in the next patch. Trikslyr once commented on a thread of mine, and then I got queued up against his Murky. I had a 50-minute match because of Resurgence of the Storm. I have and use the lanyard you were rewarded for hitting player level 40 in the first alpha phase. I won a match where we wiped the enemy team with 1% left on our core. I saw Artifacts come and go within, like, a week. I've become known around parts of the community as the all-knowing Illidan queen and master, which is incredibly fun. I've never made so many friends in one game. The community, especially the one from back then, is so friendly. As someone who's played WoW for years and never kept a single in-game friend, this has been and continues to be a new experience and really, really fun. What kept me around in the beginning was the hype of playing an early development game and how much there was to do. All of the heroes to learn about and strategies and maps to learn. Probably the biggest factor, though, was the friends I played with. This is an entirely different game when you have friends on the same page as you and having a good time. Shout-out to x2wenty2x, who added me after one game and introduced me to Rolic, Soap, and meLd. They're all the best friends I've had in this game, even though a few have slowed down on playing. I'm glad I got to be the group's token female/Illidan main. Thank you for putting up with someone who only played Illidan for several months. I've got 100 BNet friends now, so there's no way I'm calling you all out, but you know who you are. What keeps me around now is the steady release of new content and the competitiveness. I like playing with and against higher-skilled players, where you have to vocally discuss strategy with your team to figure out how to win. I look forward to lore references and unique in-game quotes between related heroes, different dialogue for altered fates skins. That lore stuff just feeds me. I love it, please keep it coming. Also, y'know, the friends. People I can talk to in Vent about Heroes as well as real life. Being on friends' streams, getting whooped in "Surprise! You're against this really good streamer and their entire team and you have a large audience," matches. In low-population early alpha, it was easy to get set up against your friends if there were 10 of you on. There weren't custom matches then, so it was really exciting to have that. We'd purposefully queue at the same time in hopes that we'd get put into the same match. This is the first MOBA-styled game I've played, and I feel like it's ruined all MOBAs for me, by spoiling me with fun mechanics, a friendly atmosphere, cute lore mentions, and short matches. I like that some people look to me for advice on the game. I love helping people out. That's one of the best parts. Honestly, I could ramble on forever about this game and all the fun times I've had in it. It's come sssoooooo far since the day I got that invite. It's sort of ridiculous, but I feel rather motherly toward this game because of how much I've been allowed to see it grow. I've got a sense of pride for it, and I'm not even one of the developers. I can't imagine how they must feel. Thank you, Blizzard team, for letting me have this experience. I'm sticking around for a long time. :) P.S. You keep putting Marvel skins on the heroes I don't play. Are you doing this to mess with me?MissMarvel30 Jun 9, 2017
May 15, 2017 maps why are there only 4 maps running same 4 over and overjester11833 May 15, 2017
May 13, 2017 Hero Chests not containing specified loot Got Varian to lvl 10. Got a Varian Chest reward... Got a Varian quote... kind of an anticlimactic reward... maybe a skin or something special for lvl 10ZulDan2 May 13, 2017
May 10, 2017 Miss old days blizzard support Hi there. I miss the old days of blizzard support, Back in the vannila times, where we had a faster and personal response from the GM about blizzard bugs or some kind of problems we might had. And how they gived us for exemple: 7 days gaming time etc and it was fair . Now , we have loads of wating times for an answer about critical issues, but in other hand, we see a fast response for small maters.... Im very unhappy with blizzard in these days.Scythes0 May 10, 2017
May 4, 2017 True shot aura range Can we get a visible ring to see the range on tryande's true shot talent? or at least a mouse over under the mana bar by the portrait?DigitaLegacy0 May 4, 2017
Apr 29, 2017 Matchmaking sucks. What the hell is up with matchmaking right now? i keep getting matched up agaisnt full premades, with a full role/composition, and im on teams with 4 assassins and a squishy specialist, full of people that play like they are in bronze. No wi have to play with full premade, to get a fair match, It wasn't this !@#$ before the hanamura patch.ThatMrT1 Apr 29, 2017
Apr 5, 2017 Beta transfer question Do Shards and other items earned by completing quests in the Beta version transfer to a player's main account once HOTS 2.0 goes live?Bina0 Apr 5, 2017
Apr 4, 2017 Stupid but worth a try Hi i know usually you cannot do things for people on this topic but im gutted i finally saved the gold for the golden rooster mount and it was in the store last night i came to get it today and its not in the store anyway of a cheeky take my 10k and give me the mount that mount is my only love in this life XD plz. if not itll be fine ill cry for a while and be okay and just delete the post etc thankyou for your time or great blizzard people.stumpzilla0 Apr 4, 2017
Mar 26, 2017 You must hit level 5 to post. I suppose this counts as an ingame thing, but I can't post in GD because it's asking for me to hit level 5 in Heroes of the Storm first. I'm level 40 though. Am I banned or bugged or ?Akumati0 Mar 26, 2017
Mar 15, 2017 Blizz or bust Well.... Blizzard has always been horrible at matchmaking; that is a fact. with such terrible mm does HotS blizzard people plan on making their mm some what tolerable in this generation? just wondering. screen shot at 9:48 3/14/2017Zails0 Mar 15, 2017
Mar 9, 2017 BNet Goes Down so I get Counted for Dodge? Was in draft for Hero League when BNet went down for whatever reason, and when I log back in I get leave que and -600 points. Why is that? I know BNet went down for a lot of people because I checked streams and they were having the same problem.Emperor150 Mar 9, 2017
Mar 3, 2017 Gazlowe's Deth Lazor weak. I feel Gazlowe's "beam of death", is laughable if not, pointless. Used for mainly poking and that's it. Building into the ability doesn't make it much better either, it can disable and do a little bit more damage which is kinda meh. My opinion would be to change the ability to have no charge time and decrease the damage since it's mainly for poking. If not, then increase the damage of it so you at least feel like there is a payoff for charging it all the way.Flameblade0 Mar 3, 2017
Feb 13, 2017 Количество "инвизников" Будьте так добры, ограничьте количество е"аных инвизников в игре. при 3-х или более я не понимаю какой смысл тратить время на матчHospitaler1 Feb 13, 2017
Jan 28, 2017 . Why in the world, if you have 2 bad games in a row, where you report a player for feeding, and then for non-participation, are we then queued up with that same player for the 3rd game? Are you trying to get people to quit?bubu0 Jan 28, 2017
Jan 11, 2017 Are we ever going to address Gargantuan? The Gargantuan ult for Naz is great, if it worked. Half the time he is stuck in lane or stuck wherever just standing there. He is really only good for teamfights when everyone is bunched up where you drop him, but after everyone scatters, he rarely chases or does anything of use. Are we ever gonna see an update where he is working properly?CPot0 Jan 11, 2017
Nov 23, 2016 Lost Vikings Could we obtain the Lost Vikings character in HoTS if we own the original SNES game? I guess there would be no great way as to be able to prove that someone owns it, but its a thought.Galdon4540 Nov 23, 2016
Nov 12, 2016 BAD Matchmaking Matchmaking so bad i meet solo player team vs teammate team 1 1 1 vs 5 1 1 SO BADZalatuna0 Nov 12, 2016
Nov 7, 2016 Blackhear's revenge feedback This new brawl is unbalanced and is really short (2-4 min). Who have to destroy the ship have more chance to win, 5 hits are too few. I suggest to change this brawl into a bo3 match (like punisher brawl) and maybe increase the hit from 5 to 7B3AR933 Nov 7, 2016
Nov 7, 2016 Neutral objective's color on minimap Green: Uncaptured beacons are green on Braxis Holdout. Dark Blue: Unclaimed Nukes are dark blue on Warhead Junction. Grey/Light Blue: Inactive Altars on Towers of Doom are grey, active ones are light blue. Light Blue: Tributes on Cursed Hollow are light blue. Golden: Blackheart's Bay's coins are golden/yellow. I believe, this is a bit too inconsistent. It would be great if only one inactive and one active color for team-independent objectives existed.Ahli0 Nov 7, 2016
Nov 5, 2016 BANNING SUCKS Players should get to opt out of being automatically opted in to ban. It feels i am picked to ban well over 60% of the time. I HATE TO BAN. If i don't ban it builds instant angst among players same if you ban the wrong people. I would like to not have to ban ever again.SmokingAce0 Nov 5, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Russians get their own servers Can russian people get their own servers? i am kinda tierd of ending up playing with 2-4 russian that doesnt speak a word English. and its a team game, won by working together and communicate. and so many games i have been ignorred or reported cuse i dont understand them or ask them to speak English. Russia is a big country so why not give them their own servers so they dont have to care about people wanting them to speak English.Zypher7 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Grant extra points the the MVP When a person gets the mvp of the match it would be fair to give them say 30 points. This would push others to play better and also semi relieve a persons discontent when they experience a loss if they got mvp. Essentially if a person received the mvp award on a losing team he would not lose as much points. This would also help a person gain rank that is being held back by leavers and trolls and so on. If you support this please post your support below and hopefully it might get implemented in the game. Thank you,Leach8 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 My main concerns about this game Hi, I've been playing this game for almost a year now and since a while back I see myself wanting to quit playing it everyday, here's why: -QM Matchmaking is very unbalanced: the team compositions are always messed up IMO, you need to apply a system to reward players for playing a certain type of hero aside from daily quests. -Afk/Leave punishment is too forgiving: It's absolutely amazing how many players leave mid-game, in 1 every 3 games i play at least one player leaves and IMO it's getting out of control, the punishment should be preventing the player from queuing at all for periods of time and acumulating it for repeated cases. -No Surrender option: If a player leaves on your team there should be a surrender option, i can't begin to count how many times the match is already lost and i'm stuck wasting my time finishing a stupid lost game with one or two useless bots. Please make a surrender option just for this case, if a player leaves, give us a way out of that nightmare. Please do something about these matters, for the game has become VERY unpleasant.Kenterino4 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 What is this MM? Why MM'er match more than 5 k games and 100 games or less?Bnetplayer0 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 And just like that, back to Warcraft I've always wanted more SC heroes and I was really excited about the SC event and the possibility of more SC heroes. But nope, only one. It looks like SC will forever be regulated to 2 heroes per year while WC gets disproportionately more. GG Heroes of the Storm.Fire8 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 The most annoying heroes to fight against - Gazlowe - Li Ming - Tracer - Zagara - VikingsMaverick5 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 How dumb is the MVP system? It's this dumb: Apparently, your death count is the only thing that matters. Great news for anyone who wants to sit out and just chew bubblegum. To be fair, the healer was awesome at keeping us alive, but they didn't kill three forts and two keeps and they didn't do most of the wave/merc clearing while repeatedly pushing off or destroying the enemy team.Ghazshakul11 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 [ QM] We need a surrender option when someone leaves. The 'leaver' should have 2-4 minutes max to come back (in case of dc or other issue) and after that, the affected team should be able to just quit, with the whole punishment falling to the leaver. Why? Because 4v5's are ridiculous: Free xp to the winning side and a waste of time to the affected team (10-15m). The fact that people can quit constantly just to avoid bad matches can be confronted with higher punishments to THEM. Just don't make the game boring to people who actually believe in comebacks or fair playing. Thoughts?Abraxas13 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Request forTransferable skins or heros between regions I just had a live chat with GM Pelzzakka, the most awesome and skillful GM in HOS, and he asked me to create this new topic here to let the developers know about my issue. It is currently unsolvable, and a lot of people are asking or requesting the same feature: *Request* -To make skins or even heroes transferable between regions. And/Or -Add a feature where customers pay a small fee to transfer skins or heroes owned between regions. It is currently not possible to transfer anything between regions such as skins purchased, owned heroes, or any game progress. Therefore, I thought it would be great to add this feature, because I believe no one wants lose all the skins they purchased and start over again if they move to another country. *My Story* I have recently purchased a Tychus skin on Asia Server in Heros of The Storm. I live in the U.S. but I have been playing Asia Server for quite a while because my friend lives in Taiwan. However, recently it is getting much more laggy playing in Asia server, and yesterday it got to a point where it was unplayable due to the hug delate-ness. I would repurchase my Tuchus skin , but I brought it on 9/26/16, when it was still on sale for 50% off. Now the sales already ended and I wouldn't want to pay full price to buy the same skin which I already owned in another region... Please consider my request and thank you!LittleFish2 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Reporting system and Mature Language Filter So today I was silenced for saying st_u in chat. I was informed of this after an appeal and it was the only line of chat they could find. Ironically I was most likely saying it in defense of myself. My concern is what is the point of the mature language filter if we can be silenced for the use of an acronym that merely hints at the use of a profanity? Furthermore people abuse the reporting system. You cannot tell someone they are doing anything wrong in any way without getting reported for "abusive chat". I've been told I'm being toxic merely by telling someone what they are doing wrong. I'm sure I was reported shortly after. My point is stop silencing people for things that the mature language filter can take care of. That's what its there for.Genjii2 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 mother of god, stop putting me against teams Stop allowing teams in hero league... I am so, absolutely sick of facing duos with my team of solo players, and being completely obliterated... 24 hours ago I was promoting to Master... 6 matches later, all 6 of which I was facing 2 duos, I am demoting to Diamond 2. It is not rocket science that duoing provides a massively unfair advantage... why does it still exist? The problem is exponential in the late night, when I play, where there are fewer players. The highest mmr players will duo, and exploit a near 100% win rate, because there are not enough high mmr players to match with them (where they should be put on opposite teams)... it is absolutely absurd that this still exists, when the problem has been known and complained about for over a year. FIX IT FOR THE LOVE OF GODGoozmania0 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Silencing on accounts needs to change! A friend of mine was silenced last night for over 1 month. The fact that this length of penalty even exists is absurd but the reasons why and the review process is even worse. I am sure we have all been in games where people argue about strategy or call people is not uncommon for this to occur. My friend plays a lot of characters that may not be "meta" or "in" right now but he is really good at them. Just for choosing a character in draft people will attack you. He deals with a lot of verbal abuse in game just based on his character selection alone. I feel that it is unfair and that he is often times lured into these types of arguments. Other times people argue about a bad decision or bad play in game. I actually he was silenced after he defended me and after someone called me an idiot for dying one time in the game. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have but guess what, we've all made poor plays in the game at one time or another. To be fair his personality does get in the way a little bit and he is easily coaxed into getting involved in arguments. I understand that completely. But the fact is, there are in game options to mute players or have a mature language filter on for those who do not wish to speak to certain people or limit their exposure. So if people really do not wish to hear from someone or argue then it takes about 2 seconds to mute them. For this reason I think that silences should not be given based on someone having a simple argument or defending themselves or others. Yeah there might be some horrible things said but after all it is the internet and we all know what we are getting into. It is not right to silence players who have played the game for 2+ years since Alpha for such a long time when we have such a struggling community for HotS in the first place. Please post if you agree and maybe we can get this changed.VuDu7 Oct 11, 2016