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Oct 11, 2016 Chen's flying kick needs a range reduction That kick barrel combo is getting ridiculous because of the huge kick range. Please make it shorter by default and to require a talent if one wishes for it to be longer.Spyro1 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 MVP is a rogue-system, but a great idea! MVP is supposedly given to highest assists/kill/least deaths; however, it is terribly mistaken for "best player", because the one that helps out the team the most is the one that should be MVP. In fact, it would be simple to just run around EVERY team fight, last hit heroes, and peel. This new system has flaws - it was a good start to a wonderful aspect of the game, that could have ultimately changed the toxicity at all levels - with disadvantages towering over advantages. They wanted to give tilted players an opportunity to redeem themselves emotionally, but instead, they gave them more power to continue their toxicity, and gave lesser tilted players a new opportunity for toxicity.OneHitKill2 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Match Making and Personal Rank Adjustment I've just gone 5 loses in a row because someone in my HL queue decided unilaterally to pick poorly and then spend the match insulting everyone on our team. Five losses Blizzard. I've reported each and everyone, but now you've made it harder for me by pushing my Personal Rank Adjustment into a pit. I'm so angry with you right now. Crappy people behaving like morons I can handle, but you're penalizing me because of them. ARGH! Hear my rage and fix this game.Saguache0 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Ranked and Unranked need more bans There needs to be another ban phase. 4 total bans is not enough with the growing amount of heroes. This would be ideal currently Ban Team 1 Ban Team 2 Team 1 pick Team 2 Pick Team 2 Pick Ban Team 2 Ban Team 1 Team 1 Pick Team 1 Pick Team 2 Pick Team 2 Pick Ban Team 1 Ban Team 2 Team 1 Pick Team 1 Pick Team 2 PickOhio032 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Why is there still no gifting option? Id like to be able to gift a friend a hero. We are able to gift wow mounts/subs/pets, why not be able to gift heros/skins/mounts on here?cluckitycluc4 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Remove 50% Winrate Restriction You ever had so much fun reaching high ranks playing hundreds of games with massive winning steaks? Only to later be hit with massive losing streaks to the point you think about quitting the game, where possibly majority of the original population have already left because of this? Well this is because there is clearly something preventing you to go past the 50% winrate. Some people say this isn't true but statistics prove otherwise. Checking players on hotslogs which uploaded thousands and thousands of games and range from leagues to gold to masters, all have about a 50-55% winrate. While it might be nice having a 50/50 chance of winning and losing, it becomes problematic when you appear way above your MMR and gain massive winning streaks, only to be shot back down very closely to where you started from BECAUSE of this pathetic excuse of what you call a system. If someone shoots up in rank and MMR, there is a reason for that and therefore you should NOT be punished for it. I find it VERY hard to believe that the game doesn't intentionally sabotage your games for the sake of maintaining your 50% winrate.Trenix4 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 With Samuro Announced for Blademaster... Does this mean we won't get Grommash Hellscream for a while? Because if memory serves me right, he has the Blademaster Class in WC2 and WC3.Ragingginger11 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 To those whining about the lack of SC Heroes in HOTS I have played all campaigns of SC1 and SC2. I have also played campaigns in WC3, and WoW from WOTLK to MOP. This post is not from a "I only play WoW and I want only WoW heroes" fanboy. I play all Blizarrds's modern games except Diablo 3. How big is SC universe compared to WC universe? pretty much nada. How many SC heroes/units have unique skills that can be translated to a MOBA game? Pretty much used up. Any new heroes introduced to HOTS will require the dev team to design a completely new toolkit. For heroes with already completed concept, all they have to do is tweak the numbers around. Let's take a closer look. 1. Terran: - We've already had 2 Marines, Banshee, Battle Cruiser, Ghost, Odin/Thor, Medic, Medivac, Siege Tank, Mine, and MULE. - We've also had Raven, Goliath and Hellbat as Merc and Viking as Boss. What do we have left? Marauder, Reaper, Liberator and Cyclone. Marauder and Reaper are just generic pew pew units with now special ability. Liberator's ability to root himself and deal extra damage is basically the same as Hammer. The only terran unit left with skills tranlatable to HOTS is Cyclone. Most other characters like Mengsk and Stukov are more like tactician/politician without any combat abilities. Tosh is a spectre, basically just a variation of Ghost; and we already had a Ghost. 2. Protoss: - We have actually only a few Protoss units, but everyone knows that Protoss is a move-and-shoot race. Other than the Blink Stalker who would act like a Raynor/LiMing hybrid, I dont see any unit that can add any uniqueness to HOTS. Adept's special ability is basically just like Wraith Walk. 3. Zerg: - We've had Kerrigan, Zergling, Ultralisk, Primal Zerg, Brood Mother, Hydralisk, Baneling, Roach, Mutalisk, Nydus Worm. - Other than that, the only interesting units are Viper and Corruptor (who has a Heroic to transform into a BroodLord) That's it, just a handful of units with unique abilities worthy of translating to a MOBA game. If you want Blizzard to chunk out more than 2 SC heroes per year, there will be no more SC heroes to add by 2018. Now look at World of Warcraft classes. Not the whole universes, just the MMO classes: - 3 specs of priests, none introduced yet - No Elemental Shaman. There's an Enhanced Shaman who buffs himself and Resto Shaman who heals and buff his allies. What about an Elemental Shaman with Lightning Bolt and Lava Burst as his AA and Q, with other talents and abilities to throw down a bunch of totems with AoE that buff his allies (There are more than a dozen totems available to build his toolkit around) and a Heroic to Ressurect himself? - Only 1 druid so far, and the dude cant transform, what a shame. - Only 1 Holadin, where's Ret/Prot? - No Rogue yet. - Ok so Samuro is an Arms Warrior and there's little chance of building a Fury Warrior Heroes with uniqueness (crying to Varian) but we can still have a Prot Warrior with charge and shouts and stances and all those stuff. - Only BeastMaster Hunter so far, we still have room for a trap throwing Hunter. And that's just the playable classes in the MMO, I havent touched anything on WC3 or the rest of the WoW Universe.Karo10 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 Lag since last patch I'd never experienced lag before, but since the last patch half of my games are almost unplayable. I'm playing from Spain, maybe the servers need to be scaled?ChuckLePlant5 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 Im done ranking heres why the current ranking system cares only about high level player while sinking lower skilled players. the placement matches are basically useless you will stay near the rank you were last season win or lose. Low tiers are simply awful lots of toxicity, players refusing to draft properly, players who think they are better than all else in the team (you're stuck on there rank yes?) also no hero swap is terrible some players cant even play their favorite heroes because they know they will start hell in draft with their first pick. climbing up ranks with these situations is nowhere near fun and will lead to a ton of bad gaming experience. I still love the game but QM is now dps only lower tiers rank isnt worth the trouble. all im left with is unranked draft and I dont know how long that will last either - Sincerely: a big fan of this gameDanteFaustIX3 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 MVP General Feedback Let's try and prevent lots of the same thread from being made. Post your thoughts on the new MVP system here! Here's my thoughts on the system: 1. Interesting, but there should be a way to skip it. 2. The sound effect for upvoting is... underwhelming and slightly annoying 3. It's a little buggy. For instance, I got Dominator - 17 kills but on the End Results screen I had 5 hero kills and 9 kill assists. So one of the two is off 4. It feels like certain players get MVP "just cuz". In one game, Tyrael got MVP status because he healed 8% of team damage (we had no healer)Darhide15 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 On premade groups in casual queues... As a note beforehand: I have played games solo and with a group varying between 2-5 players during my time playing this game, as well as other similar games. Nor is this to say that any cases are universal. I believe that the matchmaking algorithms need to be altered to change how solo queue players and groups are placed into teams. My current issues with the system: - Premade groups consisting of 4 players - Solo players getting matched against full premades - Premade A + premade B + Potential solo queue matched against a premade team of five - Premades getting poorly matched so they don't need to wait extended periods of time In my experience, I have never really experienced a good game where there is the odd person out, or a majority group matched with solo players. In the best cases they can be enjoyable experiences, but in the worst, it's like having a being under a microscope all game. The group will usually expect you to do as they want, when they want, and when their plans fail, it's generally your fault, and they will never not tell you that. That is, if they even communicate with you at all, sometimes, they are too busy communicating with one another, forgetting that you aren't in on their voice chat. I have also seen it from the side of the group, where my friends would berate someone for doing the right thing from their perspective. I really don't care how you cut it, a party of two, with a party of three, or any of these permutations down to 5 solo players, does not equal a premade 5 in terms of how coordinated they should be. Sometimes the algorithm matches large premade groups against people who are much higher rated or people much lower rated than they are. One side getting completely stomped is not a good game in my eyes, I do not enjoy a stomp nor do I enjoy being stomped on. If I wanted to stomp every game, I would never leave bot games. Means to fix it: - Premade groups of 4 players are unable to queue - Groups should be forced to wait for an equitable match In Smite, premade groups of four were not allowed to queue for certain game modes, due to the fact there would be a player excluded from their party, and likely harassed by the group. Getting rid of this, or allowing for 4 v 4 games in these instances helps alleviate the issue of a solo player being stuck in a potentially hostile environment, as well as the group from picking up a potential problem internally. As an alternative, promote using the LFG tool to fill in that slot, by allowing players to show which roles they would like to play, and actively promote parties looking for individuals seeking those roles. Finally, large groups should need to wait for games with players of roughly even skill. By doing this games should be a bit more even outside of hero choices and the map changing how effective their compositions are. I know that there is a benefit of extra experience, but if we want to encourage premade groups of 5 to play together maybe attach a bonus gold incentive if all the players are are friends over the application and are grouped together.LegioUrsa1 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 FOR THE DEVS -> What HOTS needs to do.. Honestly Heroes of the Storm NEEDS to do better at tracking statistics. Especially individual hero statistics. A game like this is highly dependent on how well THE PLAYER plays their hero. It is important to know what heroes - YOU - the player play best.Yes Blizzard tracks who I've played the most but not much about what hero's statistically I'm best with. Tracking these types of statistics would improve player experience. You will know what different heroes you're best with - yes you may have played the MOST games as Nova - but you actually win more and die less with Valla..these things I think will help players hone in their skill sets and truly master the heroes they enjoy playing most. Stats I feel should be tracked: HERO STATS: K/D/A's (Averages and Highest / Lowest) Average Damage / Healing / Tank (received dmg) done Map win statistics Games played / Games won (Win rage with that hero) Most common talent builds By tracking these stats It would add a new depth to the game where players can actually find who - THE PLAYER - is best with or what role they are best or best hero in ______ role (Assassin, Support, Specialist, Tank) and even who is the best in the world with ______ hero. This idea is so good for Blizzard they should pay me but I have so many good ideas that I guess it does not hurt to give some away for free anyway. When Blizzard decides to listen to my advice they will draw more people in and give commentators while casting the game or during tournaments another topic to discuss like JUST HOW GOOD IS Zuna with Zeratul??! It honestly amazes me that with Blizzard being one of the biggest game developers on planet earth they do not have a design team that can think that far outside the box.. Please - Make Hots Hero Tracking - Happen.ShaggNasty1 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 two boss maps are dumb Once the enemy gets one boss they are basically guaranteed to get the second whilst you're dealing with the first. Then whilst you're dealing with the second they grab the objective. It's kinda stupid. Either deactivate the second boss whilst the first is still alive or simply remove one of the bosses from the map altogether.ManicMonkey16 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 Reconnection Reconnection is bassically the worst system ive ever seen in a game. First of all you dont have any other option beside of closing the game, or stay and wait for nothing. (literally, internet was ok and i waited for 5 mins for not getting me into the match) Second, it takes a LOT of time to reconnect to the match once you have reopened the game, why cant the server set you at the exact moment that the game is? since beta has been this way and its so frustrating. I hope blizz do something about that, is not good for ranked games.ScUnl1m1t3d3 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 So this happens Well I was playing a Quick match flaming people very hard left and right ... then when I had enoguh I did alt tab and open some chrome pages ... unfortunately I got disconected from the game and the luncher I had to type my username and password - so I did and after login I got a windows saying "you left a gay in progress press "here" to recconect" but I did notice thatunder that there was somewindows saying something about freedom of spech and impresion and some!@#$ about internet and video games that I could not read well bcz that big windowsz that say I need to reconect to the gay in progres was blocking my fuking view ... well I did reconect to the game but that was like painfuly slow ... it was like the game was not catching what is happening at this moment it was like a dream and I was looking at what was happening when I was gone .. how I got replayced by a fuking bot and how people was playing ... I tell you it was almost the same as the game but it was kina ...... speed up ... very interesting .... anyways I did reconect but only to see some screeen where you can vote for people who had done something autistic like catch 50 camps of ussles mercenariz and you could vote for this autistic acchivments very interesting indeed. anyways the part I'm here is to tell I can't talk to ather motherfukers in the game who are not part of my team ... it is like I was kina like divine judgemnt opon me or some %^-* .... is this a bug or it is a divene judment not to MUTE FUKING P[LAYERS IN THE GAME THEY FLAME BUT MUTE THEM AFTER GAMES BCZ OF FUKING NO LOGIC ? ... Oh yeah I almost forgot to ask this question : if I make new account will I be rewarded a portrait of early technical alpha testing that I would not be even able to use in the forums ? If I remember correctly some "friend" told me that this game even after its "official" release around a period of 12 years will give this kind of portraits to new players.He might have been mistaken but to be honest after watching at what state this game Is ... I believe,Blizzard, you should really hang this kind of portraits to new players :^) ah... and one more thing ... you need to make some balance to match making on quick match ... now I can give it a solid 6.5/10 quick match making rating but it could be better if you take some feed back and do something about it than putting flags with 6.5/10 in places they should not be in :^)Stiliyan0 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 not the first time it stucks at waiting for stats why? cant see if i got exp or gold ,neither do i know nothing at the end stuck forever why?Frius0 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 Dealing with toxicity So. I'm really tired of this. Like. Beyond tired of it. I just played a game with a player who threw the game on purpose. When we said we were going to report him, he literally said, "It doesn't matter. Been doing this since alpha. Reporting doesn't do anything." I'm over it. I'm so totally over this TERRIBLE system that is in place to deal with toxicity in the player base. You NEED to start banning people for these behaviors. I understand you would rather keep them playing, since that's what makes you guys the most money, but no one is going to want to play HoTS anymore if everyone they play with rage quits, hurls racist, ableist, and sexist epithets, and just generally acts like a steaming pile of garbage. There is literally NO CONSEQUENCE for any of these behaviors aside from silences. Almost every ranked game I have played this season has included at least ONE of the previously mentioned forms of toxic behavior. I have lost dozens of ranked games with people on my who either ignore their team on purpose, die on purpose, throw on purpose, or call me "!@#$%^", "-*!@#$", or "retard". This is UNACCEPTABLE. I shouldn't have to re-queue with the same guy who threw my previous game because he was mad that my team recommended he not first round draft a Nova, or made some other completely innocuous comment that sent them flying off the handle to the point of rage quitting. We need: * Comprehensive banning policies against toxic players * Significantly reduced penalty for losing a game because a teammate (OR TWO) AFK'd out of the match in order to ensure our loss * Some way to temporarily block a player from our HL queue pool so we don't have to keep queuing with these toxic losers I really love this game. But I hate playing it anymore.Slice2 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 Ranking system change I'll keep it brief. Basically, I think that it would be nice for all of the ranked divisions to be sorted into blocks of mmr. For example, by the hotslogs system we could have each 100 points represent the 5 - 1 tiers, and every 500 points would be a division. The master and grandmaster divisions would have placement based on actual mmr, rather than points that seem fairly volatile in comparison. I frequently see Diamond 3 players on stream that ban over D1 players or GMs, which seems backwards to me. Shouldn't the players with insanely high mmr already be high ranked? Also the transparency might be effective in helping players understand where everyone stands and why, as opposed to ranked points and tiers/divisions that aren't necessarily directly proportional to skill.dopi0 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 Framerate drop with Li-Ming and Artanis talents I get a huge framerate drop with Artanis when Shield Burst kicks in after 16, and Li-Ming when I use Disintegrate. Pretty sure it's just that my graphics card isn't up to the challenge, but I was wondering if anyone knows which settings I need to dial down in order to alleviate the problem? Tried taking Effects down already, and that doesn't seem to be it.Reamus0 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 CAN YOU FIX NOVA ALREADY? ( lvl 1 bug ) It is unacceptable that the lvl 1 talent bug have not been fixed yet!!!!! It makes for an OP talent that is not intended to be that strong!!! Fact is: the "covert ops" talent is written like this: "Gain 2% of slow each second in cloak to a max of 60%" In reality what happens is: "nova gets a 80 percents slow with no drawback at lvl 1" COMMON BLIZ YOU GOTTA FIX THIS THINGTooEzForMe3 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 BRAXIS HOLDOUT S@#T INCARNATE this is by far the worst thing that ever happened in hots history every time i see that name i know its going to be a bad game, win or lose it doesn't matter.. small snow ball map and when the zerg rush happens u cant see any thing doesn't matter if it is ur zerg or not good luck having a team fight under all those zerg units ,i hate this map and i hated every min i had to play on that map and am not the only one who said that at least give us the option to ban maps at the start of a match this idiotic map will be banned every time , we r forced to play it every time it shows up and we hated every sec of it .RONIN1 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Matchmaking in less than 2 minutes As a minimum quality, matchmaking should not take more than 2 minutes.Baja1 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Braxis Blowout So let me get this straight. Blizzard removes Gravekeeper's map because it's too easy for it to push thanks to a massive boss-style add whose health is determined by how well they can team fight at objective, and ends the game quickly. Then they add in Battlefield of Eternity, a game where it's too easy to push thanks to a massive boss-style add whose health is determined by how well they can team fight at objective, and ends the game quickly. Now we get Braxis "Holdout", an ironic moniker considering its the shortest holdout in history. Because, wait for it, it's too easy to push thanks to massive adds whose health is determined by how well we can team fight at objectives. Oh wait, it's completely different because its not a single add this time, now it's multiple ones. Blizzard hated Gravekeeper so much, they decided to make two more.Zeus9 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 MVP Screen Remove it. It's half-baked and generally not very fun. It just extends the match when I want to get on to the next one. Nothing about it enriches the game, it's only a gimmick to try and copy Overwatch, and it does so very poorly.SwolePatrol0 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Worst matchmaking ever Hardly i retrieve g4 in one week and lost it in 2 days! Matchmaking is a joke, give me 3-4 low skilled players in team, often not even ranked! But i still can't play league with unranked friend! Who created those a stupid rules? I like this game but i hate this stupid matchmaking system ruined all the fun! It is even worst than was before "big patch"! I got bad teamates we lose in 16m, ok next time it will be better... And next time we lose in13m. Ok! It is just a coincidence of circumstances... And next we have idiot who pick nova at first pick and lose in 10 minutes! All reports does not matter, it is not work, useless waste of time, because i reported that troll and guess what? It's get to my team next round! STOP RELEASING NEW HEROES AND MAPS! MAKE NORMAL MATCHMAKING! AT LIST AS IT WAS!PhazZzy5 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 @Leaver debuff -Get disconnected 5 minutes into my match -Attempt to reconnect for another 2-3 minutes -Discover there is no longer an internet connection -Use phone to check XFINITY website for outages -Find out outages were reported in my area -Able to log in ~20 minutes later -Have leaver status Thanks Blizzard, you're so understanding.Zakius2 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Worst matchmaking ever Blizzard Mmer developers team. Shame on you. Your mmer sucks.Bnetplayer0 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Hero League Slump. Last season Platinum, this season headed down from Gold. Honestly, I don't like pointing fingers at fellow teammates, however, it has never felt this bad in Hero League. For example, just now had a Malferion go "DPS"? How can anyone level in Hero League if the people they keep getting grouped with plain fail on multiple levels. This game isn't about skill, it's just Russian Roulette to see if you get a good group and for some reason this season everyone has been oblivious of the mechanics in the game on my team. Love the game, but it doesn't have a way to really reward an individual for their personal skill past maybe tipping the hat to top damage and that doesn't level you in Hero League.Brandisher1 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Personal Rank Adjustment, loss for winning? I lost personal rank adjustment and my team won the match. I was at every objective, I had over 18 assists and a few takedowns. We never lost an objective in fact and I never died, yet I lost personal rank?spydertau54 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Stop cast on spells. I wish non instant/delayed spells could be stopped via stop attack/stop movement button. It helps with aiming and can scare some heroes into retreat. An ult like illidans hunt - if i could stop it right before unleashing it - I may save myself a cd from interruption, or with alarak specifically his q is sometimes just randomly hits the wrong direction, I wish I could stop it? It would be a very nice feature.YoloWhatever4 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Matchmaking still sucks If you get placed in different leagues on different accounts and they get stuck where they are, then clearly blizzard has no clue how to balance their MM. Same goes for 50% of the games, where victories and defeats happen by a huge landslide. If one team has 2-3 people who battles with 5% HP and never retreat and also never soak the god damn lanes, but meanwhile the other team plays intelligent, soaks lanes and doesn't die constantly, then you SIMPLY KNOW the matchmaker didn't do anything. The matchmaker should at least try to spread out the low MMR players evenly across the two teams. If there are two feeders, give each team one of them. If there are two people who often leave the game, give each team one of them. At least it's somewhat even.OrganGrinder1 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Team composition Hello everyone I'm here to talk about the composition of the teams, specially in QM. Recently I've played games with some inequality in the roles of heroes, for example, I played in a team with 2 supports, 2 specialist and one assassin, against a team with 4 assassins and a support. First of all, no tank. It's very boring to play a game without one. Second, the game obviously was very unbalanced, and thank God it didn't turn out into a disaster. So, that's my complain. Please try to do something about the balance of the teams, and be concerned that the number of roles in each team is the same. Regards.AnemosJM076 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Few important things about silence I don't know why Blizzard can't see the flaw in the the report system and i'm afraid to ask. First of all, I should mention that i play Hots a lot, like really a lot since OB, I like all Blizzard franchises andI like this game and it has always been fun for me, but the game just punished me with a 9 month silence. I'm rarely toxic, mostly i respond to toxicity with toxicity, that's my blame, but since i play the game a lot (4500 games so far), I just naturally get reported more than people who play it way less, that has nothing to with me being toxic than average, it's just maths. In my opinion, there is few things that need to be addressed: 1/I believe Riot reset your chat ban multiplier if you didn't get one in a long period. They also allow you to send limited messages per game. Riot clearly believe in their players and give them the chance to prove they improved their attitude. 2/ Since Blizzard implemented the silence system, I personally failed to see one silenced player ruining a game purposely. Blizzard decisions were merely an attempt to calm down the few people who were crying on internet. meanwhile, Riot allow chat restricted players to play ranked, even tho their player base is much bigger. 3/ in LoL, there is no way other players could know you are chat restricted, it's a very smart decision to avoid negativity from non-silenced and lower the moral of the team. 4/ Blizzard silence you for a duration, Riot chat restrict you a certain number of games. I believe Riot's penalty is smarter again, since players who play a lot will get eventually more reports, they will also have the opportunity to end the penalty faster, it kinda compensate. This isn't about me, 9 months silence is for me the end of my HoTS experience, I'm making this topic for everyone who will still enjoy this great game without uneeded restrictions. PS: About comparing Hots with LoL, I know a lot of people hate Riot and i understand, but they are the most dedicated game developer with a long experience and dealing with a huge player base, you must give them that at least.Cannibalisme6 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Waste of Time Please remove this attention !@#$% screen at the end of each game, nobody has time for this ^-*!, at least give the option to leave the game at this point, because who the @#$% cares about it!Seb8 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Leaver debuff infinite and no gold reward Dear Blizzard I hate the leaver debuff you guys are making. It make me feeling so disguting. My ISP is so bad this month, it disconnect me almost every game for like 2 3 seconds a match. And you keep mark me as leaver and no reward everytime even i often win :|. 2 3second disconnect a game and i must play 4 quick match, wth is that. It like infinite leaver debuff, and make me wait so long, nearly 20 minutes for a game :|. waste me so much time and get no gold. It's not fun at all. Sorry i'm not good at english :D.FROZENSATTHU0 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Solution to the 'all-chat' Okay. Being honest I wish we could have all-chat during the game, but I know that will never happen. I am not sure why because there is a silence system for the real toxic people. Anyway, here is my solution to give us the relief many of us want. At the end of the game, at the MVP screen, instead of sitting for 5 seconds and then getting booted to the score screen... How about instead we get to 'all-chat' there and stay as long as we like? Just an idea.Foggon5 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Funny matchmaking I have a winning rate below 50% because of this. My teammates feed at the first minutes at the game. I know I can act like a super hero and roam from lane to lane to help them but some of them also go alone against their whole team and I can't do anything about it. What kind of matchmaking algorithm is that? EDIT: Now I started another game and my teammates are much lower level than my opponents. This happens in every game lately... EDIT 2: After 3 losing streaks I finally won, but this time it is the opposite team who fed us. Again, imba matchmaking.Zenith2 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 Can we stop counting AI games as overall wins? I really HATE that my versus AI wins count towards winrate and wins on my profile. I play versus AI to grind quest gold and, obviously, my winrate is 100%. But why should this games be shown on my profile? Everyone can win vs AI. I feel that it really ruins my image as a whole. Players do not understand what level I am at. I had a nice 71% winrate on my Thrall, now it's 83%. Sylvannas, which is the best hero for grinding quests money, jumped from 55% to 80%. Why does my skill must be overshadowed by AI games? A difference between 71% winrate in QM and 83% in all modes is too huge. Of course, I can show my HotsLogs profile to selected people, but it would take much more time. So, please, Blizzard, make profile page more meaningful than it is right now by removing AI games from it (at least by pressing a button).Slimper1 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 Ranked still does not accurately place people Those placement games are missing the point. They already place you somewhere when you start them, be it gold, platinum or diamond. So why even do them if you already decide where a player is placed? I'm stuck going back and forth between gold 1 and platinum 5 while my brother got placed at diamond 3 to start with. And no he is not a better player. It seems where you are placed you won't go much higher than it. I started at gold 5. The matches are ridicilous, one game its one sided for me, then for the enemy. Your balance is screwed wrong somewhere blizzard. Now here's some suggestion to make placement matches actually matter. First of all no pre-placement for anyone. Nobody gets to start in diamond when only on the first placement match, seriously blizzard. People who have not played any placement matches yet are completely rankless and can only play with other placers. Player's placement shifts with their stats. Ingame performance matters but something else must have a large impact. At the end of a placement match participants can rate other players' teamwork and skill levels. So for your own teammates you can rate the 2 stats: teamwork and skill from 1 to 5 stars. For your opponents you can only choose to commend those that you think deserve it, give them a +1 to skill. To encourage players to actually use these ratings give players a bonus for each team member they rate after the match. That bonus can be anything you think of.Ari2 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 I would like to play Hero League without Disconnecting Every day I get a DC at least 4 times a day. Please fix your game. Only have issues with Blizzard games, everything else is working fine.Ohio030 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 Duo matchmaking algorythm is terrible The thing is that it is simply abusable. The same thing was going on when we had rank 50 to rank 1. Somebody was queuing up with 10 ranks lower guy. In the result the second team without any party, had an average elo/mmr lower than 3 players in the first team, much lower elo/mmr than the player in the party with high rank and only slightly higher elo/mmr than a low rank guy in a party. This was causing complete stomp in favour of team with a duo. Today same thing happened plat 1 player queued with gold 2. In the result my whole team was made of plat 5 and gold 1. Enemy team had two plat 4 players and one plat 3 as far as I remember. What happened? we had good start mainly because of that gold 2 player, but as soon as enemy started to coop and obviously listen to plat 1 player they just stomped us so hard it was not possible to win (we didn't destroy a single fort/keep). It is not the first time a duo ruin the matchmaking. It happens everyday. Few days ago on the other hand I had a duo in my team and we completely anihilated enemy team. Something must be done with duo matchmaking algorythm. The player with higher rank in duo simply boosts his elo using lower rank player.T4underbolt0 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 Auto attacking feedback and visual bugs So I have some general feedback that I think is good for everyone. I noticed it playing a lot of chromie so I'm going to put it through that lens. The first is auto attacking. A couple of characters have talents that cause your next attack after using an ability to deal bonus damage. It's possibly a chromie specific thing, but I actually have a lot of trouble not wasting it on a nearby creep. Hit Q, and you really have to be MASHING right click to make sure it lands in the small time window between your q animation ending and your first auto. Wasting those procs on a nearby minion because of auto attacking which is hard to prevent is pretty annoying. The second thing is also auto attacking. For some reason, I've noticed that my character will auto attack characters that do not see me if I am not in a bush. It's a weird case. My best example is that once I tried to hide on cursed hallow in the little juke paths right above mid lane. A hero walked by in the lane that I saw due to creeps, and I auto'd him and ended up dying. I don't know if you can fix that but it'd be nice. It should be consistent with bushes, the other case, where you DON'T auto if they can't see you. The last two things are like, some visual bugs. Basically somehow, sometimes I can see characters but not target them with point and click abilities. I think the vision is intended because it happens all the time - like if nova snipes you over a wall you see her for a few seconds, and no one thinks it's weird. However, I've had quite a few problems using temporal loop on characters revealed in fog this way. Maybe it's intended, not sure. I can guess a few characters who would like to be able to use their point-'n-clicks like this besides chromie. Oh, and selfish things - players, especially in wow, feel like blizz doesn't listen to their feedback when they clearly do. Maybe you could like, create a read by blizzard tag in addition to a posted in by blizzard tag. Also it'd be cool if hots had the dota style report feedback where the game tells you if someone you reported got silenced (not their name of course).Rakobi1 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 Asian Server Problem "Heroes of the Storm" is divided into seveal servers, one of them is the Asian server. However, the communication problem between Korean and Taiwaness is a serious headache. Taking my personal experience as an example, the Koreans are lack of English speaking skill, everytime I gave advices like " Abathur go to top lane to get more exp.", my answer would always reply as Korean or some simple English as "FxxK U" or"Shut up u xxx". Absolutely, those Koreans' education quality is unimaginablly low. However I believed that it is not able for other Blizzard players to concern.What I suggest is Blizzard should separate the Asian server into Chinese speaking server, Korean speaking server and English speaking server. As "Heroes of the Storm" is a game that each of the teamates reaction can lead to huge affect on the result, our motivation for the game can be ruined by those none-educated players, especially Koreans. Thus I hope blizzard can give us a feedback that how would you solve the problem like this. Thank you.XdesperadoX1 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 Why do we only get 1 SC hero During the SC event? I get that WC has more lore to pull from, but why can't we get at least a few more SC heroes during the SC event before Blizzard reverts to the WC default they seem to have gotten themselves into.Fire3 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 Are you taking the piss? I had 2 AI team mates because of leavers. At the end of the game i am asked to rate the cooperation of my teammates. Wtf?OrganGrinder0 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 Point distribution and favored teams + matchmaking. I've recently had a lot of bad luck with teams in the last week of playing. Every time I get put into a group, my team usually has a somewhat lower average of rank, but literally the last 30+ games, every time I win, I'm rewarded with a bit less than 180 points and every time I lose, I drop 220+. Not only is this getting me stuck in a rut and making it genuinely impossible to climb ranks without winning more games than I should have to, but I'm also repeatedly being pitted against the same players that I've lost against and with the same players I've lost with. If someone could look into fixing this that would be nice.Nick0 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 ranking system needs work the fact that you can pay people to win 10 placement games for you and get a very high ranking is wrong. basically ranking is based on how well you do in your placement games. the ELO hell here is real bad. for fun i'd like to see some of our diamond league players get out of ELO hell. however, if you get lucky and win your placement games you can be in diamond with a 1:1 ratio and still keep your rank. the amount of leavers, rage quitters, and unreasonable picks for team comp makes it very hard to get out of silver leagues. you would have to get a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio in other to get out. suggestion, placement games should not place anyone higher than gold 4, make it so everyone has to go through ELO hell to get up there. it seems like its pure luck to get a high rank placement (sure its based on skill, however if you have a team with a leaver or two leavers doesnt matter how good you are, or even one or two trolls) and all you have to do is stay within a 1:1 ratio or not play at all to keep your rank. placement should be built on ratio. anyone with negative ratio should stay in silver, 1:1 gold, 2:1 diamond, 3:1 plat etc etc (i have a buddy no better than me, got lucky during placements and he is in diamond 3, with a worse ratio than me, however i'm still in silver) it shouldnt matter what MMR they had previous. that will make it fair for others who got screwed the first time or second time. its really ELO diablo torment 9000 mode. people should have to do the same climb everyone else has to. it makes you have to prove yourself every season, not just have to prove yourself once or get lucky and have a perma position up in the clouds. its almost feels like society now n dayz, people in the ghetto remain in the ghetto and you blizz, your making it very hard to get out. (sorry for the social economic referencing, but what i mean is the unfortunate, have to fight 10x harder to get out of the low ELO's) I've played this game throughout Alpha and Beta, its sad to come back and see a fail ranking systemTestment2 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 JaMiM0 needs to Vent/RANT I am getting constantly ganged on in every single one of my posts. It is literally 1vs100 and I have been reported probably dozens of times. The only reason I think I am still here is because I must have a guardian angel. Someone probably reads my threads and notices that I do nothing but preach truth, and has manually blocked an automatic punishment. I have been silenced before on this board for cursing, but lately I have tried to avoid breaking the terms but I am absolutely shocked that I have not been automatically banned. I cannot believe how many down votes and reports I get on a daily basis and I post quite regularly about the evolution of hero strength or new theories I have. Almost everyone knows who I am at this point and they have all turned against me for some unknown reason. That being said, viewing my threads you will see that I provide extensive explanations and support in my topics. Despite this, people call me a troll and distribute down votes and reports to every single one of my threads. There is absolutely no way that this cannot be considered an open conspiracy at this point. I have been labeled a 'brand name' in GD and there is an entire group of like-minded people who have collaborated to report or discredit all of my threads. Multiple people have banded together daily to spam in my threads or report them without cause: they even admit this plainly in their responses. I would have left this forum a long time ago, but I feel compelled to try and make a statement when it comes to balancing content, fixing game mechanics, and improving overall design for the majority. Most of my posts are opinionated and people have a right to disagree with what I am saying, however this has gotten so incredibly disruptive on multiple forums (especially GD) that I feel I must insist on making a useless post to convey my disappointment at this community and tell everyone how absolutely toxic this is. I am literally a victim of attack from people I am trying to assist. This makes no sense and I have never experienced this kind of negativity before in my entire life. I am not a stupid person. I have a high intelligence quotient (no, not over 160) and I don't spend all my time on this game that I love so much. I go to college full-time and I study the physics of quantum mechanics and unified field all the way up to astronomy and cosmology(not so much astrology). I also study in my free time mathematics and computer science, chemistry and pharmacology, biology and genetics, geology, and more. I also do extensive research on philosophy, psychology, and abstract subjects like theology from all major world religions. I am fully versed in gnosticism and the occult. I understand global politics and the history of geopolitical structure. I am not an artist, but I have a collection of poetry I wrote myself that no one has ever seen. It is plainly obvious that I have not intentionally violated any rules yet people have reported me over and over again and go so far as to make a post bragging how they can thumbs down my topic and report me every chance they get. They claim I am a troll who is wasting time communicating the 'opposite of the truth'. I absolutely believe that this game has the worst discussion forum I have ever seen. I am accomplishing nothing here whatsoever and I persist simply because I feel like if one person will listen to me then I have done a good deed. Telling people 'this is op' or 'that is op' is irrelevant and is subject to opinion, but it is totally within my rights to convey my opinions and support my claims with logical argument. People have accused me of being psychotic. The truth is actually kind of sad. I have a deficiency that makes me unable to maintain homeostasis or achieve a sense of well-being. I also have an unknown fungal infection (likely from inhaling spores from stale, contaminated cigarettes) which has caused spots to appear all over my body and is eating away at the pigment in my skin, and I have been treating the spread by taking incredibly high doses of anti-histamines which would probably kill some people. No doctor has been able to diagnose me despite much financial expenditure. Lately I have not been able to eat or sleep, and I am very weak and find it hard to breathe. I am now exploring the possibility I may have to treat myself with the neurotoxin present in black widow venom. I lay in bed when I get home and research, play HOTS, do homework, repeat. This semester I did almost 800 math problems, almost completing 3 courses in a matter of 2 weeks rather than taking semesters because of a 'mistake' in the syllabus. Once they found out what I did, they had to void almost 500 problems and I have to do different ones all over again. I work very hard every day of my life on multiple personal projects that make me NO MONEY because there is a gigantic coordinated effort of knowledge suppression. The people responsible are in the white house, the british crown, secret societies in Israel, scientists in the top educational institutions, the LHC, multilateral commissions, you name it. I have been censored so many times electronically that the only way I can spread information is by mouth. I have a son and an ex who basically thinks I will corrupt her infant child by teaching him relativity. Most importantly, I have been exposed to a scientific proof which indicates that the universe is deterministic. This is incredibly disturbing, and despite all my efforts to rebuke this, I have been unable to find a single mathematical fallacy in over 1400 pages of documentation describing what will probably soon become the new standardized laws of physics which is currently being suppressed by the global elite. In case you don't know what this means... A deterministic universe is suggestive that free will does not exist and rather than life being like a 'video game' is is actually closer to being a '3d movie' where no individual has the power to direct their own destiny. I have also submitted an anonymous paper which has been reviewed approx. 180 times which states that the multiverse does not exist. My theory is supported by everything from the structure of the Higgs to the truth of the uncertainty principle. What I am getting at here is that people have endlessly insulted me, belittled me, and put me down in any way they can think of. I have never felt so rejected in all of my days. People in real life often can't get enough of me, or simply ignore me because they cannot contribute to a conversation, so it is easier to deal with especially when I know they just cannot understand or even care to know about what I like to try and teach everyone around me. But I have never been directly targeted in such an extreme manner as here. It is revolting and absolutely demoralizing. This is by far my favorite PC game, and that is saying something. I am a legendary JK2 1.03 player, Quake 3/4/Live player, I even played Runescape classic and was one of the richest people before level 51 wildy with my personal financier being LKJ. I knew SAX since the day he made his account. I was the first to see anyone have 99 strength. I saw Zezima hit 99. I had 10+ party hat sets. I was the first person ever to see a dragon 2h because I ran into Andrew himself who was wielding one and it was PURPLE at the time, he teleported somewhere instantly once he noticed me and dragon was released a totally different color, red or whatever. I was the #2 hammerdin in NL East on Diablo 2, and I was undefeated for years. The only person who ever killed me was Apexi on his lightning sorc, and that was 1 death and he had lots of help and I started at less than half HP, and if I remember correctly I lagged and couldn't aura. I had the only known glitched Annihilus(bugged stat). I also had a glitched HoTo. No one could kill me, no one. It took literally 5+ people to kill me, and I could take on an entire game of people by myself and I did this regularly against hell baal run games and people who had open cow level games which was incredibly rude and I was so toxic that people would simply leave when they saw me. The one friend that played with me died in a car accident and I haven't played since. We did not dupe our items and made it all 100% farming hrs. I must've been scammed 100 times, and I never scammed anyone I actually gave away free enigmas when they were almost unobtainium. I was the #1 zero clutter player in starcraft. I was literally so obsessed with playing that map that everyone knew who I was and everyone on the enemy team would disconnect immediately. I was also a top notch sniper player. I swear some people cheated, but I probably had a few thousand sniper games where I probably lost only a handful of times. I was king of Xonotic. I played it until its dying day with the very small group of people that could actually kill me. I played LAN Halo, and had the highest score in every game for at least 2 months straight at my high school and eventually they shut it down because whatever team I was on would win by default, they actually all decided that they were going to prevent me from playing but I said that was unfair so they switched it to Open Arena. Again, same thing happened and eventually I was not allowed to play. I played CSS and was permanently banned from dozens of popular servers for 'hacking'. I must've went through 10+ cd keys. I played CoD4 Promod, and was also banned from a lot of European servers because they thought it was impossible that I was legit player because I had 150 ping and I was still beating everyone. I was removed from Heart clan because they took a vote on who thought I was cheating, and it was completely unanimous. I was permanently banned and removed from the forums, and they distributed my information and I was subsequently banned from 10+ other servers. tl;dr: I suck at HOTS.JaMiM013 Oct 8, 2016