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Feb 6, 2018 Gul'danDeep impact deep impact needs improvement for a lvl 20 ult especially giving up 1extra sec on fear and 25% increase damage or gul'dan free get away card demonic teleport. why don't you make deep impact do a little bit more. - at the start of gul'dan's cast of rain of destruction he is immunne to stun effects for 2 secs/ cc effects. - slow increase to .75 with a slight radius increase on splash radius. -deep impact also makes rain of destruction circle radius also tick damage for 45 fire damage for the 7 secs only effects heroes help gul'dan with RNG issues at times. -gul'dan summons forth little demon imps that POP up randomly and attack the lowest HP or nearest heroes in that radius and so forth until all heroes are out of rain of destruction-Avrand1 Feb 6, 2018
Mar 21, 2017 Saying Probius sucked 2 weeks ago bad but now its OK? Well.......I had a few posts a few weeks ago expressing my disinterest with Probius as a hero in general as well as his kit.........per the usual I was down voted to hell and somehow labeled a troll. 2-3 posts on a brand new hero reveal is "spamming" apparently. But now? lol Now you can make a thread called "probius sucks" and everyone suddenly loves it. One post after another on him being poor. lol this community is hilarious.DoomHammer51 Mar 21, 2017
Mar 23, 2017 Opinions on the Gazlowe rework... Hello again forums! I'm honestly curious what other players feel about the new Gazlowe buffs (or nerfs if you feel that way). Improvement? Downgrade? Neutral? I personally find him less linear with the two and a half builds. I still can't help but feel like while the Robo build got a buff, Gravo build got a Nerf by not being as viable as Robo. Lazer build seems to be...Extinct. I could be wrong, but it's just what I think. I'm still getting used to the new build (hitting R to retarget my turrets instead of 1 which it was changed to). So, what do you guys think?Piximae27 Mar 23, 2017
Apr 21, 2017 Valeera is the definition of fun sponge I've been playing since alpha so I have over 4000 games done since I started playing Hots, there has been plenty of ups and down with releases of insanely strong heroes (Li-ming at release...) as well as shocking MMR matchups which still happen to this day, although not as frequent. However, since the addition of Valeera QM + Unranked (or relaxing games for me) have been completely dominated by stealth compositions or simply going against just Valeera. It's not about winning or losing that bothers me I mean I just play to chill and take a break from HL, but when you are forced to play a hero that counters Valeera in order to have an ounce of fun it's making me slowly lose the will to continue playing. Now with these extra buffs although she hasn't got an amazing win rate (no stealthy really has, samuro is semi/stealth) I've seen her deleting any hero with a Jaina, Valla, Chromie size health pool before anyone can even get to them. So I thought I'd try out Valla again since I'm well experienced on her and thought I could avoid it and see what all the fuss was about, lo and behold post 16 I was being deleted before I had the chance to react... Please blizzard, from a seriously dedicated hots player, stop with the anti-fun heroes like Valeera, rogues sucked all the fun out of WoW PvP for many casual players and now you've just done the same in Hots. Expecting crap tons of dislikes since she isn't "OP" per se just a total fun sponge. Edit: Ty for all the upvotes, since blizzard has actually just introduced a new rule which limits stealth to 1 per side there is no more triple stealth threads thank god, however I will not be replying anymore as the thread has derailed from my original point and some good has come from it.Vecejj500 Apr 21, 2017
Mar 21, 2017 Valeera the most fun ruining hero ever. This is not a "she is op", cause she isnt. Like every other invis hero, she sucks in competitive most of the time. The thing is that this hero ruins the fun of every Quickmatch she is in. That stupid hero forces you to tryhard like you are playing a ascension match.. just so you can have a bit of fun. Also dont pick a mage except li ming, cause you get ripped a new ahole espacially with lvl 20.. Pick a tank and you are fine. Her kit is annoying as hell.. silence, stun, blending.. Why does blizzard add all those !@#$ty heroes that are freaking bad in competitive and piss of people in qm?.. its a loose/loose.Deathawaits36 Mar 21, 2017
Dec 13, 2017 So We Should Nerf Varian? A lot of people are complaining that varian is OP, but I really don't understand why. His charge with warbringer seems to be the main thing along with fury/second wind. His low cool down charge and stun, like I've said on other threads, is the main thing making him viable. Without it he would pretty bad. Varian, exactly as he is now, is winning less than 50% of the time. Aka below average. So for those that want him nerfed what is balanced in your opinion? Below 45%? Below 40%? If so there are many other heroes that need nerf more than varian. Just keep in mind any nerf will lower his win rate, and it's already below 48%.Grim51 Dec 13, 2017
Mar 22, 2017 Should Valla get a slight HP buff? I have started playing Valla lately, she is a lot of fun, but I feel she is super squishy, there's ranged assassins who have a lot more HP than she does and more damage too. I'm not a pro at saying 'Nerf this, buff this' so I am asking the community :) Do you think Valla needs HP/Defense buffs or is she fine the way she is? :DSammyKnight59 Mar 22, 2017
Mar 22, 2017 After Probius ranked win spree and MVP... ... i have to admit (especially after i joined the "omg what a trash hero" train before) he aint that bad . Not as fun as he could be, but definitively valuable for team. Even got MVP with him what suprised me. He is just a specialist. Gather exp for team and in TF spawn what u can and set up rifts tactically. Not where enemy currently is, but where he will be, or where you dont want him to be and profit. In TF outside of lanes full of minions the talents for cannon's cooldown reduction are pretty nice. could easily keep 2 cannons up. They seem weak, but in TF its just a constant dota, and pretty effective, especially when upgraded with quest. Enemy is focused on avoiding rifts and fighting your teammates, so the cannons are on rampage. Combined with pylon overcharge its huge suppresive fire and quite the nuke. Probius is worst in quick matches, where team isnt working together, and where probius players are trying to hard to be what Probius is not meant to be. Be always behind in the backline, dive just a bit to spawn stuff, and run back away from danger and laugh at how effective it can actually be. Only time you should be alone, is where you clear lanes to eat some exp. But in fights, awlays be behind someone with your spawning hit&run. P.S. Rifts are not just for combo, dont auto-detonate them. The slow and psychological zoning is valuable too (very valuable when they dive on your support/squishies - they gonna think twice, or get slowed and then bursted). Having 3 of them on the ground is sometimes more valuable than hitting enemy with explosion.Falrinth26 Mar 22, 2017
Mar 21, 2017 Alarak feedback This must be the only character in all MOBAs worldwide who can reduce his damage by 50% permanently, increase his damage taken by 25% and make his HP 1 with his own skills, without any reasonable justification for it. He also has the biggest self-esteem in the game which proves his complete dellusion. He must have been conceived as a troll hero who can scam people out of their gold for buying him.Zver11152 Mar 21, 2017
Mar 21, 2017 Zul'jin Tweak Request Zul'jin Tweaks and Improvements I have been playing Zul'jin quite a bit both in Quick Match and Draft, and have come to the conclusion that he is quite simply not on-par with any other ranged assassins in the game right now (well, maybe except for Raynor, but that's another issue). I think this problem main stems from the fact that most of his abilities simply find little to no use in most situations, right now I feel that Zul'jin has three tricks. 1. Grievous Throw + Basic attacks 2. Toggling D to increase damage output, usually combo'ing with Q 3. TAAAAAAZ'DINGOOOO His W ability, Twin Cleave, has one of the most wacky targeting reticles in the game, and the fact that it is fixed at max range makes it very clunky to use. When people get inside your basic attack range (5.5) they are actually too close to optimally use Twin Cleave (You can still hit them if you get inventive with the targeting, but hitting something right in front of you could mean you have to aim 70-80 degress off to their left or right) His Ability Power build is just kind of a gimmick by now, partly due to how a couple of talent tiers have nothing to add to that build (level 4 only offers extra healing, extra attack speed, or the Headhunter quest), things like Wrong Place, Wrong Time are also very hard to hit (see above comment on W). Aside from all this Guiliotine is also very hard to hit, having both a long casting animation and a long missile travel time. On top of that you need to sit on pretty low health for it to actually be worth casting, meaning that you will likely only get to use it after getting out of a fight, which you barely survived. His E: Regeneration is also problematic. The fact that any damage (aside from slow Damage Over Time effects) breaks the effect, and you need to channel for a full 4 seconds (almost the length of a Void Prison) to regain a measly 25% health (which doesn't last long on a Hero like Zul'jin) makes it kind of useless in a lot of cases. Having to exit combat to find a safe spot, then channeling for 4 seconds of no-damage-dealing/no-damage-taken is a really clunky thing to do, makes it feel like going back behind your gates to take a well - except that this is not as powerful an effect. Suggestions for treating these issue, without significantly buffing Zul'jin. 1. Make Twin Cleave have adjustable range (I'm not saying it must go down to melee, but atleast being able to hit something as close as 3-4 range) 2. Speed up the (otherwisely awesome) animation of Guiliotine and/or reduce projectile travel time 3. Make Regeneration either have a more powerful effect (no one ever gets the 75% buff, because it is far-surpassed in usefulness by Let The Killing Begin, available on the same talent tier), or alternatively make it a vampiric effect (life regain by dealing damage) (4). Perhaps add a talent to tier 4 or 13 (where there are no truly good talents for Ability Power) to make Twin Cleave capable of activating the Grievous-Marks for a damage bonus. The main problem with Zul'jin is not that his abilities are that bad, or his damage so low. But his abilities are much harder to work effectively than what you see on other ranged assassins (Valla, Tychus, Greymane, Falstad, etc.). And even if you do use your abilities optimally you still aren't better than those other assassins. Zul'jin is so much more risky (due to the necessary health total balancing) and has abilities much harder to hit (compare Valla's Rain of Vengeance to Guiliotine) than other Heroes, but he doesn't out-perform those Heroes even when played perfectly. Now you could say that Heroes like Chromie have abilities that are as hard to hit as Guiliotine or Twin Cleave, but Chromie, for instance, also has her timed-stasis traps and reliable slow/choose-where-the-target-goes abilities from level 8 and up. I would be perfectly comfortable landing Guiliotines and Cleaves if Zul'jin could get his hands on Ensnare before level 20 so that he, like Chromie, could make reliable setups for his abilities. (The 15% additional slow per axe for Twin Cleave talent, available at level 16, also makes hitting Guiliotine a lot easier, but that talent is out-performed damage wise by the other options at that level). I really do like the Hero, and think he is one of the coolest guys in the Nexus, but right now I just can't justify picking him over any other ranged assassin (well maybe except for Raynor...)Cheese29 Mar 21, 2017
Mar 21, 2017 The new Cho'Gall has me flabbergasted Towards the last six months or so, Cho'Gall has been a relatively weak pick for almost any map, and extremely weak against his counter picks of Monk, Tychus, or Leoric. Regardless of him being weak, me and the friend I usually played with still managed a pretty good win rate, somewhere around 75% in unranked draft. After four matches as Cho'Gall today, unranked draft, against teams that were no where near counter picks to us, we lost pretty badly, all four games. How did you take a stale character, completely redesign the character, and the end result be a character that's even worse than before, by such a significant margin? Gall's damage is about the same, and only the same if you can manage to keep Ogre Rage up most of the game, without focus. Even WITH Ogre Hide up, Cho isn't even equivalent to any other decent tanks in terms of survivability. So the end result is a tank with the damage output of Lucio, the survivability of Thrall (And that's being generous) and a mediocre version of Chromie riding on your shoulders, that'd be doing a much better job by themselves. All the while one death counts as two, and you're left wondering why you didn't just pick Chromie and literally ANY OTHER CHARACTER as an improvement. How did you mess this up SOOO bad?Shagra10 Mar 21, 2017
Mar 21, 2017 [Nazeebo] Please revert the sticky spiders buff Just now finished an infernal shrines map where an enemy Nazeebo was doing 1850 dmg @lv20 to my Kael'thas over 4 sec with his spiders. He is just spamming that ability every 4 seconds, hitting lane minions / shrine guardians to get guaranteed hits. Not to mention how good it works with his lv20 Vile Infection. That leaping buff is clearly too much, at least it used to be possible to run away from them once upon a time. Not even speed buffs are helpful now, spiders are even faster than Valla + Vault. Please remove the leaping effect and make them walk at normal hero running speed. Also do some buffs to alternative talents.Spyro31 Mar 21, 2017
Mar 22, 2017 NOVA = Fine l2p Seen some tasty NOVA faceroll tears, but any decent NOVA player #1 has adjusted to changes #2 is actually decent player Three are multiple stealth choices now to detection is becoming more viable and coming Only difference in NOVA is now I see top kills and not always fewest deaths. Used to be top kills, top hero damage and no deaths. That was nice to roll you face on the keyboard eddie gordo style and doo that BTW. Yeah boo hoo you cannot 2-3 shot every non-tank anymore booo hoooDonnybrook23 Mar 22, 2017
Mar 22, 2017 Rehgar Ghost Wolf I dont see a reason for this ability to be able to be canceled by hitting the mount hotkey while in Ghost Wolf. Is there some benefit to canceling Ghost Wolf? The only effect I can see is a negative one.LotSaltpillr15 Mar 22, 2017
Mar 23, 2017 [Redesign] Nova I know this is supposed to go in the hero suggestion forum, but I think it just got accidentally deleted there when the thread was starting to pick up popularity. Anyways, here we go again... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From the game's covergirl to a 6% pick rate; it's no secret that Nova's bad and outdated. I wanted to brainstorm some good ideas to help her come back to the meta. I will keep the core of her design, and simply add to it to make her work as intended. In the end, I want her to have at least three viable builds (one for each of her skills); hard ultimate choices; and stronger base kit to be less reliant on talents. Her main problems are: - Kit designed around poke, but with numbers for sustain - No escape or engage - Poor utility - Literally ZERO wave clear Key, For easier reading: Buffs, New or returning talents, Moved talents from a different tier So, IMO, some baseline buffs are in need: - Extra 20% range in all abilities and AA - Higher AA dmg, with lower attack speed. - Ghost Protocol as part of her trait like Valeera. BONUS: change her animation sounds to make them more like they do in SC2. Talent Rework: LVL 1 – Lane presence a) Advanced Cloaking - unchanged b) Covert Mission (Bribe) - moved from lvl 4 c) Explosive Rounds - moved from lvl 13 d) Easy Headshots - Your AA deal 3x dmg vs non-heroic units LVL 4 – Decoy improvements a) Holo Stability - Increases the duration of Holo Decoy by 120%, its cast range by 100%, and its vision range by 50%. b) Psionic Detection - You and your Holo Decoy can detect stealth units. Reduces the Cooldown and Mana cost of Holo Decoy by 40%. (like the detecting ghosts in SC2) LVL 7 – Damage boost a) One in the Chamber - unchanged b) Anti-Armor Shells - Your abilities and AA now ignore the targets armor. AA's deal an extra 2.5% of the targets max health. c) Snipe Master - stacks up to 3 times (down from 5), each stack gives 25% dmg bonus (same total bonus). d) Covert Ops - moved from lvl 1 (or flat out remove it, not sure) LVL 10 – Heroics a) Lockdown - Place an enemy in stasis for 5 seconds. 70 sec CD. b) Precision Strike - unchanged LVL 13 – Skill Specialization a) Psionic Efficiency - unchanged b) Double Tap - unchanged c) Double Decoy - Holo Decoy now also spawns a decoy at your location LVL 16 – Current builds revolve around this tier (so, I build the other tiers around this) a) Perfect Shot - Hitting an enemy hero with Snipe reduces its CD by 3 secs. Snipe now pierces through all non-heroic units. b) Crippling Shot - unchanged c) Lethal Decoy - unchanged LVL 20 – Ultimates (redesigned to take out the generic stuff) a) Complete Lockdown - Increases the duration of Lockdown to 8 seconds. b) Nuclear Launch Detected! - Precision Strike now launches a nuclear missile instead, with 100% wider area of effect and deals 200% dmg to structures. c) Triple Tap - Activate to give up to three charges to your next Snipe as long as you don't miss. 60 sec CD d) EMP - Pinning Shot now deals dmg in an area around the target, and it silences the primary target for the duration of the slow.Wyrmheart31 Mar 23, 2017
Feb 16, 2017 When will you fix junkrat? Yeah that tire steering junk ball. It's a toxic thing in the game. Fix this.Goodgame0 Feb 16, 2017
Feb 14, 2017 Cho'gall / Medivh MAKE CHO'GALL AND MEDIVH BETTER , these two have the worse win % in the game.... and NO popularity. Cho'gall pretty much like a "Ghost" of the game..... And one of my favorites to play , but people like raging you for picking them , than you're top for everything and MVP. Cho'gall does need a "Rework" , but picking this guy is not trolling , most people don't know how to play with it. Gall is actually one of my best played.(I have a 59.1 % chance of winning with him) To many people rage from start if picked , not even knowing the skill lvl of the player. It takes "PRO" player and lots of GOOD commutation to play. The lack of teamwork and not know how to spec makes for a bad Cho'gall. (The driver "Cho" is the MOST important. If you grp with someone that likes to die and cant learn to kite back , then you will FAIL ! ) The problem really is that to many scared to played it because they get raged and called a troll , even if they are good. PLEASE WORK ON FIXING THIS !!!Sarita62 Feb 14, 2017
Feb 8, 2017 Lucio testing not sure if this is the best place for this post however since lucio is on test seems like good place. i was useing try mode with him to get a feel for him on PTR and nnoticed there are many things u cannot try without a FEW allies or several aponets in order to get a good feel this should be an option i can select in try mode.gaud2 Feb 8, 2017
Dec 9, 2016 PTR Ragnaros feedback As a raid boss... Ragnaros feels squishy is an unstealthed Nova. Visually, looks the part but easily gets isolated and duo'd. Let's look at another "raid boss": Cho'Gall Large HP pool, lots of damage. Let's look at current Ragnaros in combination with his fantasy. Ideally he is super powerful when connected to the core of the world, but still a major threat on his own. Ragnaros should give up damage for mobility when not using trait. Instead, he seems to miss all three wishes (DMG, Survivability, Healing). Then there is Ragnaros trait. It start off locked, which doesn't make a lot of sense. The current timer makes it impossible to use in combination with the start of game skirmish. The cooldown is overly long for something that is highly situational anyway. On a personal level, I wish Ragnaros could talent a global teleport. Trait -> tunnel to a different fort / destroyed fort -> wreck havoc Sulfuras Smash is a high skill skill shot; very balanced. Lava Wave has timing issues, and is largely unusable for team fights.TickleMeTrog12 Dec 9, 2016
Oct 24, 2016 Please Major Nerf Samaro Dear Blizzard if you don't Nerf Samuro this next week then i know a lot of people are going to quit Hots all together. It may seem funny now but many people are leaving QM battles an Ranked due to the buff status of Samuro. Read my description an get this done.CutthroatTom2 Oct 24, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Greymane i really love him, but i hate abilities and talents that this hero has. we need to rework him cause no one plays him... i suggest you these changes: * allow us to permanently pick worgen or human (like karazim first talant or from lobby) * make unique talants for each form * give some lifesteal to worgen * CD is too high for worgen ulty, lower it or change it so that ability could EXECUTE low percentage heroes, for example add some kind of bloodthirst so he could see low hp heroes and he could instakill them with ulty or smth.... * i dont currently have ideas for human form cause i prefer worgen :) make dead heroes playable please, people play same heroes all time.....Jafarson5 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Samuro - thoughts on the hero in PTR hey folks, just wanted to get some 3rd person feedback on Samuro. - what do you think of him as an hero, overall? - do you think he's a high skill cap hero? - what kind of comps or even partner duo heroes would he work well with? - are there any direct counters that come to mind Just thought I'd throw it out there....my view, he's great, requires some skill especially with illusion master and is a pest like he was in WC3!GoodFella6 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Samuro Mirror image I tryed him on the PTR and i really enjoy playing him. But i have a bit of an issue with his Mirror Image. Either i am doing it wrong or it feels a bit weird. Maybe you can tell me. If you dont get Illusion Master you have no controll over your Illusions. Problem with that is (unless i miss something here) that they dont prioritise Heroes. So if a Minion or a Tower or anything else is near they are pretty likely to hit the wrong target. That makes it, especially in the laning phase, pretty hard to stack up his Q quest talent. And it also makes the dmg of his Illusions very unreliable.lol494 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Auriel needs nerf Hhis healer is too OP. Healer whith no man is fckn stupid design.Bnetplayer11 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Li Ming remains borken - suggestions to fix her Just compare these two Li Ming Trait - Critical Mass - Getting a takedown will refresh the cooldown on all of your Abilities. *Doesnt matter who killed the hero, doesn't matter with which ability, EVERY ability gets refreshed. Nova Level 20 Talent - Fast Reload Triple Tap's cooldown is reset if it kills an enemy Hero. ___________________________________________________ Li Ming's trait probably is still broken if it didn't include her heroic ability! I suggest the trait should have a cooldown - maybe this cooldown can get a tiny reduction when another hero is killed, if it is still on cooldown. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Additionally whats up with Calamity? Li Ming Level 7 Talent Teleport does 542 (309 + 3% per level) damage to enemies near your destination. ____________________________________________________ No talent on that level (or any level) even comes close to such a damage increase on an ability - not just percentage wise.. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Remove the trait altogether. She doesn't need even more burst.CaptainHero63 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 The data is in. Chen got a nerf Before his winrate was 52%+, it is now hovering around 51. People have started to realize how ridiculously more easy he is to kill now. Taking away his regen and relentless hurt his sustain too much. He is now more of a low-dmg bruiser than a tank. He for sure cant solotank anymore.Baluba15 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 do ppl misunderstand kerrigans aoe ? fury of the swarm talent 60% from basic attack aoe psionic pulse does aronud 60 dmg /s after E isnt 60% better? 60% of 300= 180 aoe dmgFrius3 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Will Samuro's mirrors be like Holo Decoys? If there's no way to differentiate between the real and the decoys, Samuro's Heroic that allows him to swap place is gonna be pretty OP. Normally you can differentiate a real Nova from her decoys by looking at the movement behavior. Some pro Nova players can mimic the Decoy's moment behavior to fool enemies, but they're very very damn rare. For Samuro, there will be no difference in movement behavior in team fights, cos the all 3 versions of the dude will just stick it to your face instead of Shoot n Run like Nova.Karo12 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Jaina's immobility is terrible Jaina is a melee mage, that has no mobility and even lacks proper defences. Against Chromie i had to wait UNTIL LVL 20 to be able to ice block myself. Looking at how close jaina has to get to use her spells, she should have improved icblock at lvl 7, and it should be merged with frozen armor. But then again, it would be a must pick talent........ With the current options like Chromie or Li ming, Jaina is just a liability. ps. I'm glad i leveld jaina in beta, and now i only had a few games to get her to 10. Not fun...zlajo40 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Artanis only weak cause people cant play him Aba is considere weak by players not over 3,5k mmr, same goes for vikings. But there is 1 more hero who is viable, but played wrong and is not understood where he belongs: Artanis: People cant play him, and dont know what he is supposed to do. first, he is designed about autoattacks and requires you to hit every autoattack, this is more crucial for him since this is linked to his trait, so he is hard 2 play mechanical like illidan to reach a good level. Second, people play him wrong besides machanically and dont see his "role" correct. Artanis is the highest dmg fulltank in the game and you have to exploit his strenghts. 1. he beats every classical tank in a 1v1. 2. he is unkillable when enemy has low dmg sustain setup. Some heroes like aba, vikings are situational strong on certain maps with right team, so is artanis. There are heroes that are too weak, but artanis is not, people are not mechanical good enough to pull of his fullest potential, unlike kt who always performs good even with a noob on him and unlike aba who sucks with a noob on him. But unlike gazlowe, who cant do !@#$ even played by a pro, the numbers and tools are there for artanis to be a strong hero, but you are maintank and dps in 1 person, and you must count your autoattacks, even abathur is easier to play "decent". YOu are not a muradin or etc who setup kills for his assasin, no you are the tank AND you deal dmg! MUradin or etc, noone cries if they miss 1 autoattack in between, but for artanis this is vital, and this is the point where your true skill comes through. Dont play artanis if you are uncomfortable to be Tank and Assasin in 1 person, and with that i dont mean "bruiser". Arthas and sonya take pressure of the tank and deal dmg and can add a bit cc, sonya indirect cause she runs faster. But artanis is not a "bruiser" he is a dmg tank that is balanced by 0 utility and 0 mobility and 0 cc(his e sucks) Exploit this or dont play him if you want a tank that takes pressure of your dps, and ccs the enemy that your dps can kill them easier, dont take artanis, he is not the tank to initiate, nor is he the tank that peels for you.hydralisk38 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Alarak Feedback/Suggestion Why is there no talent for your 'W' so that it can push allies as well? Like: Reduces damage bonus of Sadism by 10%, but your Telekinesis now pushes ally players as well. I think this will really fit to the hero's play style.Daisu0 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Phase Prism now usable during Blade Dash Although not noted in the PTR Patch Notes, Artanis can now use his E during his Q. (on the PTR for now) The potential for this is massive in two ways, especially if you take the 30% range and speed upgrade on Q at level 4. First, say a target is trying to run away. If you are close enough, you can Q away and if you then instantly E towards the target, they will be swapped at the apex of your Q. With the 30% range talent, that is massive distance. Add in Warp Sickness at 7 (35% slow after E) and you can really force a target into a bad spot. In reverse you can of course Q towards a target and hit them with E after the apex of your Q (as you start to turn back). Secondly, you can use it to swap whilst Blade Dashing through a target. Say you are body blocking someone, you can now Blade Dash through and then E them back. Using Q and E stops your Q when you swap so there are some tactical uses there as well. Just tried it out and looked like a lot of fun.Thez13 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Hero Balance mega patch!(what blizz should do) ABathur: Qol: reduce delay where you unable to move after symbiote cancel by 50% Qol: allow toggle on/off his trait and allow toggle on/off position lock increase stab dmg from 117 to 122 increase spike burst dmg from 115 to 120 Lvl 7 needlespine: increase dmg from 20% to 25% Artanis: reduce phase prism cooldon to 13 seconds lvl 7: triple strike, reduce cooldown from 5 seconds to 4.5 seconds Azmodan: increase infernal globe dmg from 171 to 227 All shall burn: increase dmg from 104/208 to 114/228 and reduce mana cost to 15/s from 16, only deals 15% more bonus dmg to structires down from 25% reduce demon warriors mana cost to 35 from 40 lvl 1: taste for blood: reduce stacks to 1.5 per minion to balance out baseline change lvl 1: sieging wrath. reduce damage to 3 dmg per hit, can stack up 30 times for 90 dmg, get an additional 90 dmg when quest is complete, compensated by baseline buffs lvl 4: demon warrior: reduce mana cost by 15 and increase damage by 30% up from 20% lvl 7: march of sin also reduces the cooldown of march of sin by 1 second lvl 13: infused power: also reduces the cooldown of march of sin by 1 second lvl 16: battleborn: also reduces the cooldown of infernal globe by 0.25 seconds for every enemy hero hit lvl 16: demonic smite: now blasts targts every 8 seconds instead of 10 Diablo: increase firestorm dmg from 111 to 120 lvl 13: firestorm: second wave now deals 100% down from 125%, but base dmg got increased to compensate Gazlowe: increase hp from 1826 to 1900 Deathlaser: fires now 30% faster TNT: reduce arm time from 2.0 seconds to 1.75 and reduce cooldown by 1 second lvl 4: clockwork steam fist: reduce stacks to complete quest to 450 from 600 lvl 7: hyperfocus coils: now increases firing speed to 75% from 100% but also increases dmg by 10% lvl 10: robo goblin. now also increases dmg dealt to heroic targets by 25% and grants 10% movement speed passive Kharazim increase basic attack damage from 63 to 69 Lili: Healing brew: increase travel time by 50% and increase healing from 204 to 226 Cloud serpent: increase dmg from 31 to 34 lvl 4 mending serpent: heal from 23 to 24.5 lvl 7 lightning serpent: dmg from 16 to 17.5 lvl 7 the good stuff: 63 heal over 6 seconds changed to 75 heal over 4 seconds lvl 13 surgign winds: increase time to 11 seconds from 8 lvl 13 elusive feet: can trigger every 9 seconds down from 10 Murky: increase hp from 634 to 660 increase aa dmg from 60 to 63 increase slime dmg from 86/214 to 95/220 Pufferfish now explodes after 2.5 seconds, to make it harder to be killed in time, additionally when disarmed, reduce cooldown by 2 second lvl 4 pufferfish: when beeing disarmed reduce cooldown by another 2 second in addition lvl 10 march of the murlocs: make activation time/animation faster and murlocas walk now 30% faster Nazeebo: lvl 1: pandemic reduce number of hits from 40 to 30 lvl 4: hexed crawlers: increase mana/health return to 1% from 0,75 lvl 7: spirit of arachnyr: now always spawnds 1 additional spider and another bonus spider when only hitting 1 target lvl 16 soul harvest: increase radius by 25% and increase duration from 15 seconds to 20 seconds lvl 20: vile infection: instead of 150 stacks for the effect. make it for ever stack below 150, increase the dmg of voodoo ritual by 1.5% and it works vs heroes, upon reaching 150, you get the current effect Remove fury of the storm and replace with anything else raynor: inspire: now grants baseline 5% movement speed and increases the bonus for 2.5% for every ally lvl 7: revolution overdrive: doubles the movementspeed effect of inspire and grants an additional 10% attackspeed for raynor himself Rehgar: lvl 4 stormcaller: also increases duration by 1 second lvl 7 totemic projection: also reduces totems cooldown by 2 seconds in addition: lvl 10: ancestral healing, can now be selfcast for 50% of the value lvl 10 bloodlust: 40% attackspeed and 30% movementspeed now redesigned to: 30% attackspeed 30% movementspeed and 15% dmg reduction while the effect is on lvl 16:rising storm. now gets 15% more dmg per tick from 10%, stcks up to 12 times down from 20 Tassadar: Psystorm deals now its dmg over 2.5 seconds, down from 3seconds Plasmashield now grants 10% lifesteal baseline lvl 4: old 16 talent resonationm slow on storm gets moved to level 4 promote removed: lvl 10 Archon: now passively increases psystorms dmg by 15% Uther: increase attackdmg from 78 to 85 reduce holy light mana cost from 90 to 85 Divine storm: now passively reduces holy lights cooldown by 1 secondMasterkater19 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Abathur QOL Really simple suggestion for Abathur. I'd like to be able to see the CD of either of my ults without having to press TAB while I am using symbiote on an ally or minion. Maybe a small UI indicator over the Cancel Symbiote button that indicates the readiness of whichever ULT you took. I'm not saying pressing TAB is particularly laborious. It does take up a lot of screen space just to quickly check your own CD.MuadDib0 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Redesign Morales I hate Morales since he came out... I feel he's just there to break matchups. Every time I see him it's either a mega one sided game because he gets wrecked, or the other way around because NOBODY can even make him scared. Is that even balanced? Well, his win rate is almost 50% so I guess there's nothing wrong there? And what the hell his wrong with his healing output/Mana consumation. He heals someone to full health in like 2 seconds and you barely see his mana decrease AT ALL. Sometimes I think I can finally engage him because I barely see him having any mana. He still can heal like 1/3 of one of its allie's hp. Last game, our Lili : 30-40k healing Morales: 100k+Hoover10 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Stitches trolling. This has to stop NOW Just got out of a game where a stitches on our team spent the entire game hooking our team members into certain death. He would follow us around the map, any time we tried to heart or mount up he would hook us and interrupt it all while laughing at us. Even when our healer (Lili) was at 1% health and 1% mana, and was trying to retreat, stitches would just run into a mob of enemy players and grip her back in to die. None of us could hearth without him interrupting it. I couldn't even mount up. He did 0 damage the whole game, just trolling us and killing us to his amusement. So I have to ask, why give stitches a friendly pull in the first place? Has Blizzard learned nothing from WoW? They give the same ability to priests in WoW and instead of using it to help people, people use it to get people killed and to troll them. This isn't just a one time thing, this has been happening to me a lot recently and I want it TO STOP NOWOrangeJuice20 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Artanis PTR Combo [GIF] Pretty hilarious TBH lol. http://i.giphy.com/UBpogWVml7iSc.gifKnote10 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Rehgar - 42% win rate and dropping (2nd lowest) I hope they address the fact that they destroyed this hero with the nerf to his movement speed in ghost wolf form. Right now you basically have to just pick the upgrade at lvl 1 or you need to just stay in back line and be a heal bot. I know some are going to say it's because Malf is overtuned right now so he's just killing it and dropping all healers win rates, but even before the Malf boost Rehgar was slipping down in the ranks. I want to petition to base line his lvl 1 talent (wolf run). and undo the last nerf to ancestral heal so that he can cast it on himself.Deadpool4 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Samuro - Illusion Master usability issues I have some gripes about how various aspects of Illusion Master works. When you're controlling an image and press R to swap, control switches to Samuro. This is fine if your camera was on the image, but if you were controlling Samuro, send the images more than a screen away, and then hit 2 and R, you're suddenly not in control of the guy on your screen. It should either leave control on the image or jump the camera to Samuro's new location. An option to let the player choose would be wonderful. Having it select whichever one is on the screen would be even better. When you use Mirror Image, control should switch to All if that was the last control mode selected (and especially if Select All was active when you activated Mirror Image). You should be able to switch between 1 and 4 (default hotkeys) when no images are up, and this setting should persist after you summon the images. When you use Mirror Image, Samuro and both images will move to attack a nearby target, even if AI is disabled. With AI Disabled, all three should hold position until you issue a command. The same problem exists with the image summoned by using Wind Walk with the Kawarimi talent. Maybe this one is a bug... I'll post it in the PTR Bug forum as well. (Edit) Adding this here because maybe it's not a bug. When an image channels Hearthstone to completion, it's destroyed. If you don't want to let it hearth successfully (would be nice, but maybe a balance issue), the image should just channel forever.Aardvark5 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 How about a Lunar Flare questing talent for Tyrande? So, lately, I've been playing a bunch of Tyrande. I remember the days when she Diablo were all over the place. Fun times. I was thinking about them and now I've been trying to put in some extra effort into getting good with Tyrande. So now I've gotten to the point where I'm feeling sorta underwhelmed by her talent tree. If I'm solo support, I generally go for a Q based build, as I just don't feel the old CDR build puts out enough heals. I've also been running into a lot of double-supp games, so I've been toying around with damage Tyrande a fair amount, and have been mainly testing auto-attack Tyrande. In this time I've noticed how strange it seems that she doesn't have a quest for her E. I mean, I just feel like there should be. It's one of the main skill caps of playing her, and it seems like questing talents tend to focus a lot on that one ability for that one hero (See Azmodan's Q or Alarak's Q for example). Separate from the main point, but as something else I wanted ot talk about, what do you guys think of Tyrande right now? Does she needs some buffs? Personally, I would say a few number tweaks are in order, but nothing major. She certainly feels viable, just not quite up to snuff. Maybe even a minor talent tree rework/tweak would be healthy.Nicolton9 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Murky needs a change I don't know about a full rework, but here is a simple buff to Murky, that could go a long way. Make his puffer fish immune to damage, so that it will always 100% go off. Don't nerf it's damage in the process, because it is the only source of power Murky has in lane and in a team fight. If you are gonna screw Octo-grab the way that you did, then help him in this regard. So that when(not if) he dies during octo-grab, the fish still guarantees some value. Murky might be an annoying hero to deal with, but he does not deserve to get dumpstered this badly by nerfs, no hero does.NatsukiSubar13 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Nova against Samuro Just the obligatory "I call bull@#$%" post. http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/heroes/samuro/ Samuro has Lethal Decoy and Double Fake. Yes. Not just an illusion, he has ~both~. For free. No talent investment. Just you know, free. "But that's nothing." Let's see how TRULY outdated this will now make Nova. Note I am not saying don't release this guy, just that I highly doubt I am ever touching Nova again since this guy is the most LITERAL AND DEFINITIVE VERSION OF AN UPDATE TO ANOTHER CHARACTER. First contention: -Nova's decoy to Samuro's Mirror Image: Nova creates one, Samuro gets 2. Nova's last 5 seconds, Samuro's gets 18. -For Nova to get HER burst, she has to aim a skillshot with a narrow chamber and land it on a target. Samuro has to press W or hit something. Nova has to pick OITC, Samura gets 50% (not 80%, so I guess it's sorta k...not really) for free. HEY ANOTHER FREE TALENT! WOOT! -Nova gets permanent stealth. It breaks on any damage. Samuro presses E and gets 8 seconds, it does not break on damage that starts within 1 second. OH AND ANOTHER FREE TALENT- he gets 25% movespeed in stealth for FREE. HEYO ANOTHER FREE TALENT. -Nova is ranged, Samuro is melee. There ya go. I know someone's gonna pull that up. But as I'm sure a lot of you know, -Butcher, Stitches, Muradin, Dehaka, Alarak, Kerrigan, and Zeratul are melee-. -TECHNICALLY Nova gets more damage. TECHNICALLY. But it's a slow that does about 5-6% more damage than her auto. But, you know, Samuro gets 25% movespeed on passive. So ...that slow though... -Nova's damage is delayed by 1.5 seconds in a ranged aoe, Samuro walks up to you presses his and it starts right away. -You know how Nova players have been asking to be able to swap to decoys? Ye...Samuro gets that :D. Oh and now his free Lethal Decoy/Double Fake gets 15% more damage. Lololol. I think the maximum level of troll, kappa face, less than 3 just happened from Blizz. Either Samuro has less numbers and sees no pickrate, or has more numbers and Nova just NEVER gets to see the light of day again. Someone tell me its gonna be okay :C Edit: This isn't a "Samuro is gonna be op" post. This is a "blizzard doesn't give a damn about Nova anymore". We had a nuclear launch detected post, instead of giving that to Nova they gave it to a map. We lost Double Fake (reasons really just not known, supposedly clutter) but they give it to Samuro. Stealth used to be unique but: Hammer, Greymane, and Medivh made that a no go (especially Medivh). We used to have incredible burst damage, now most players can output 15% or more (much more) damage. Nova has lost a LOT and it seems no end is in sight. But, it's k, here's a bribe talent? Dafuq...Kurome27 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Azmodan's Taste for blood Had many attempts at maxing this talent out. Now after a 27 min game on Cursed Hallow I could only reach 89 stacks. It's bloody impossible to complete that talent within reasonable time frame. Much like Seasoned Marksman, Taste for Blood is a dead talent. EDIT: People asked for replay, here: http://www.hotslogs.com/Replays/ShareReplay?ReplayShareID=18469Zing10 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Change Li Ming Difficulty She's needs to be labeled as medium difficulty because she's not really that hard to play compared to Jaina and Kaelthas in their current states. I mean the teleport makes it so easy not to die and the orb moves really fast. No she's not op. Just not a "hard" difficulty hero.maVERYck10 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Mirror Image on Q Alright, Blizzard, haven't played the hero, maybe this won't be an issue after a bit of playing, I'll concede that point. But seeing Mirror Image on Q is already giving my fingers nightmares. It's basically years of muscle memory dedicated to Wind Walk being Q, Mirror Image on W and I think I can seamlessly transition to Critical Strike to E. It may not be a problem, just putting down feedback that I usually don't get this reaction from my own fingers unless I put them in an electric socket.RvolverJesus6 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Guldan and its Quest talents. raised to 40 ? are you kidding me ? the match ends befor you get any of them to 40 lol. the enemy team needs to be 100% braindead for you to hit them 40 times befor the match ends.Zordrage2 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Malfurion needs a huge NERF Hey blizzard, what the !@#$ were you thinking when you Buffed Malfurion. Now he's bassically imposible to take down. Endless stacks of heal, long ranged ... cancerValentino9 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 TRACER this CANCER of HOTS The fun of playing this game is ruined by this cancer of a hero named tracer. Her blink ability makes her basically imposible to kill. She can escape nova's triple, xul's bone prison, ilidan's hunt and so on. A very good thing for this game would be if Blizzard deletes her and writes letters of appologies to all the fans disgusted by "lady cancer" from overwatch. Until Blizzard does something to nerf this cancer I'm gonna report for cheating all tracer players and I suggest that all of you, who lost the appetite for playing hots thanks to tracer, to do the sameValentino18 Oct 11, 2016