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Nov 23, 2016 Bring back haunted mines in map rotation Haunted mines has been disabled for too long and needs to come backDestroNutz0 Nov 23, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Warhead Jct. Medivh Exploit With Medhiv's raven form, it is possible to pick up a nuke and fly all the way to the Core, wait, strike and leave as soon as a single keep is down. This forces a team back for as long as Medivh stays at core since it represents free damage on the core if he is allow to get away unharmed. This issue should be fixed somhow, it will spread as more players recognise this exploit and employ it to there advantage. Deactivate raven form when carrying the nuke or something or make it drop the nuke, this is unbearable.Hedge3 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Fire everyone involved with the starcraft maps How are you guys incapable of making decent new maps? Like every single map added since the original 4 has been trash but these take the cake. I've never seen a comeback. It's just one sided stomps one way or the other. Clearly the people involved in their design don't deserve jobs or money because they are so bad. Fire themIpitydafool3 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Towers of Doom Please remove this map. It is hands down the worst map. I've gotten it 10 times in a row as Chromie and it is the worst map to play Chromie on. But any time I play Chromie I get this map. Please fix the rotation or something. Bring back mines and get rid of this garbage map.OtakuTako2 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 MAP BLACKLISTS The number of maps in the current game is increasing at a steady rate, Blizzard seems to keep popping out an extra 2-3 a year. We have encountered the same issue, which happened with WoW and it's ever increasing number of battlegrounds - people have established their favorites and have grown to dislike or even hate at least a few of these maps. Map rotations is not the solution. Just imagining the stars align and having all the maps I disliked bunched together for an entire season gives me the chills. The solution is simple - the same that was done with WoW would work fine. Just give players the ability to optionally blacklist 2-3 maps. Even if further down the road Blizzard wants to consistently opt for map rotations, they should still implement the option to blacklist a few of them. Players have been asking this for a long time and now seems like the right time. From what I've gathered both in-game and on the forums, most of the players would rather stay alt tabbed in the queue for an extra minute, than play a match on a map, they have grown to hate, which might end up dragging out for ~30 minutes and even if that said match ends up as a win, would surely still leave a nasty aftertaste. Also obligatory #HauntedMinesMattersvvhitey2 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 [PTR - Suggestion] Brawl - Punisher Arena - Talents Background: In the current the Brawl on PTR (Punisher Arena) is a best of three format and all heroes get to pick their level 10 talents (and only them as there are no levels) at the start of each round. Suggestion: If the best of three goes to the last round enable all players to also pick their level 20 talents. This would considerably spice up the action and make the deciding game something more special.NoVoiD0 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 Warhead Junction Cheese tactic Have a Medic. Pick Medivac Ulti. Have at least 2 nukes (not even that hard, since 4 spawn at a time) Fly in and take down a keep. Doesnt matter if the fort is still up, just take the keep then hearth back. Even if both died, it's still worth it cos it's a fricking keep around 10-minute mark, and now Catapults will start rolling down the lane. Repeat for profit.Karo0 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 10, 2016 Braxis Holdout Feedback Visually great, concept-wise it's great. But oh my god the points, can you *please* make it so 1 point gains zerg at a slower rate? Because it is NOT fun to play a tense back-and-forth game, only to have it suddenly turn into an 100% vs 30% zerg wave. Please have both sides gain zerg slowly, and reduce the impact of the zerg wave. Right now, if you don't have an ideal comp, absolutely everything gets tossed to the side just to hold those two points. Toss in a long-range portal Medivh, or a Nova who is playing *in just a certain way,* and it stops being fun.Sharp37 Oct 10, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 new starcraft maps looks? 10/10 these maps look and feel fantastic and made me giggle with glee(kinda sad the protoss have not made an appearance... jesus just change one side to be protoss instead of both being terrans? like the diablo themes?) But hot damn in hell they snowball like its Christmas every day! Braxis just needs a simple change in how the zerg are spawned I think, like having to stay on the point, the objective going FAR SLOWER or going half speed if only one point is held either way something needs to happen. Warhead on the other hand... maps far too big after you just lowered the movement speed... but lets talk nukes. I like nukes. You like nukes. EVERYBODY loves a good ol nuke but they really are too good, I'm fine with them being strong its just they're too easy to use and don't offer any risk to the player at all! A few things I thought of to map the map less snowballs 1) reveal the player holding the nuke on the map 2) make the back forts immune to nuke damage until the front three are down (to stop inta 4 nuke core rushes) 3) stun the player for the ENTIRE duration of the launch 4) disable firing nukes at fog of war covered areas so you have you remove the gates to get to the tasty forts inside? 5) I thought of this because in my mind it'd be hilarious to watch the sheer panic... Instead of dropping the beacon thingy when you die have the nuke launched at the point where the hero holding it would have dropped it? really make that team who's been stocking up on nukes feel bad when a chain reaction kills everybody! one or multiple of these things could be good or bad I'm not sure, so what do you think? any ideas you like or do not or what do you think could be changed to make these maps stop being a "awww not this map again" to "hell yeah I love this map!"washkip2 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Drastic differences in placement when duoqueing. I elected to do my placement matches with my girlfriend this season as playing solo in the preseason was less than desirable for us. The problem is that I placed well in the preseason and she did not due to a lot of her matches involving trolls. We played through our 10 matches together, her as support/tank, me as specialist/assassin. The matches were hard and besides a few trolls we got we ended up with 6 won and 4 lost. During this time we mostly faced gold and plat players on our teams. My gf managed to pull in several MVPs in those matches by playing the least liked role in the game. However, when it came time to being ranked I place Platinum 1 and she placed Silver 2. This does not make sense to me. She faced the same people I did and played better than me in some cases but because of her preseason or some nebulous algorithms that weigh her performance against that of other players on our team she ended up placing 10 ranks away from me. Why is this a thing that happens, and the best answer I got to it from support is that if she is that good then she should have no problems reaching my rank. Except why does she need to, I would like to have more transparency in what the ranking mechanics are because being screwed out of the rank and rewards you deserve is a rather terrible experience. Not knowing exactly why makes it even worse.Ageless1 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Now THIS is more like it, Blizzard! The moment I saw the In Development trailer showing Braxis Holdout and the upcoming Warhead Junktion I thought "Yes! YES! This is what I wanted from Heroes of the Storm since the beginning!" And no. I'm not talking about whether maps are balanced or not. This thread is not about that topic so please don't bother to start. This thread is about the overall aesthetics, visuals and look of the maps in Heroes of the Storm. When I first heard about Blizzard making their own MOBA, or "Hero Brawler" as they like to call it and to be honest it's not a bad term, I was excited. Not only because I could play heroes such as Thrall, Kerrigan, Diablo, Arthas etc. but also because of the maps. The game was not gonna have only one map like the more traditional old school MOBAs do but multiple of them with different map objectives. I was so excited to see maps based on Blizzard universes. I mean Blizzard uses their well known and loved characters with lore we have played as or played against in their games as heroes in Hots so it only makes sense that we'll also have maps based on some of the locations of their other games, right? Maps like the current StarCraft maps and the Heaven vs Hell maps from Diablo universe. But no. Instead we get some boring and generic looking fantasy maps in this realm known as "The Nexus" (very creative) we don't give two rats' piss about. Maps like Dragon Shrine, Cursed Hollow, Blackheart's Bay, Garden of Terror etc. And no. They're not "Warcraft" maps. Not at all. I don't see Alliance or Horde banners, orc grunts, human footmen or night elven sentinels or even places like Warsong Gulch or other easily recognizable locations from Warcraft III/WoW. All I see is generic fantasy maps that have zero connection to any Blizzard games. Blizzard. You didn't need to be creative here. All you needed to do was make maps like what you're giving us now with Machines of War and previously in the Eternal Conflict events (although you could have made Infernal Shrines and Battlefield of Eternity to look different aesthetically)! You got your great games and their universes offering you these neat and iconic easily recognizable locations on a silver platter. And you haven't taken advantage of that until NOW?! They had two ways to be unoriginal with their map ideas when it comes to looks: 1. Make maps based on their great games and their universes all their fans know and love Or 2. Make some lazy uninspired generic fantasy world maps with zero connection to their major game titles And they picked #2 because... REASONS!?! I bet for anything that if Blizzard had asked us which option we wanted them to pick I think we all know which one would have been the obvious winner. It's so plain damn obvious! Anyway, you're on the right track, Blizzard. I know you're not going to do this because it would be too much work and all. But you know what I would really like? If you reskinned the current "Nexus" maps completely to look like Warcraft/StarCraft/Diablo/Overwatch maps. Let's take Dragon Shrine for example. That could be made to look like the red wasteland of Hellfire Peninsula from Outland, WoW. The shrines you need to capture are the PvP flag sites and the Dragon Knight could be the big Fel Reaver who roamed around the zone in the game. I'm quite sure that everyone who played WoW during the Burning Crusade remembers that big bastard very well. One side is Alliance's Honor Hold sending human footmen, mages and high elven rangers and the other Horde's Thrallmar with orc grunts, blood elven mages and troll axe throwers. I personally also want to see a map based on the frozen continent of Northrend and Warsong Gulch map. Sky Temple could work as Silithus with Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj-looking map. Towers of Doom could have worked as Scarlet Monastery one side being Scarlet Crusaders and the other undead Scourge. That Monastery is the place where you find and kill the Headless Horseman during Hollow's End event anyway so it's only fitting. Kinda strange how Warcraft is Blizzard's biggest franchise and yet Hots doesn't have even one single real Warcraft map in it... What about you, folks? What kind of maps would you like to see when it comes to aesthetics and looks? How would you reskin the current Nexus maps if you got the power to do so?Siperos1 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Warhead Junction feedback First off, i am a big fan of the map. I think it's put well together, and opens for a large variety of team combos. How ever, the nukes really need to change. The damage from them should be cut in half, and the cast time doubled and made interuptable. Right now it's just too easy to walse up and drop them, and the games tend to be very snow balling and short. At half dmg and dubble cast time, they would still be a powerfull tool in a group push, but not as viable as a solo hero run in and demolish a complete fort/tower section.Gnot1 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Blizzard, something new please While the maps look beautiful, and are all fun to play. They still seem repetitive. Either hold a beacon like structure for x seconds and then get a buff, or capture this or capture that. They all revolve around the same teamfight based gameplay. It would be nice to see some more diverse maps, with Objectives that change as the game progresses. Perhaps a map with various spellbooks lying around that offer smaller bonuses rather than large bonuses that are decided by teamfights. Braxis holdout is literally like dragon shrine but worse. There could have been various beacons that add certain types of zerg to the holding pen - some zerg could hunt out heroes, others would push lanes. At least the dragon knight adds a fun twist with new abilities. Hautned mines is fun with the tunnels and different layers to the map. I guess my point is that all of the maps are so rigid and while the objectives do add diversity from the classic moba, if it is too rigid then it makes no difference really. More complex maps basically.TibzKabibz6 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Problem with Braxis is the Beacon Timing, not Zerg dmg The team who wins first zerg wave is guaranteed to reach 10 first. Once they get first win there are only 2 lanes to soak so there's no chance enemies can out-soak them. The lanes too far apart for any ganking rotation, just play safe and wait for the 2nd Beacon which they will win again because now they are 10, which now give them a 3 level lead, or at least 2 if they are unlucky. How the heck is it possible to comeback when enemies had all map control and are always 1 talent tier ahead?Karobetta1 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Suggestions on how to make more snowbally maps? So it's becoming pretty clear that blizzard wants to make it's maps the most snowbally as possible. Anyone have any more suggestions for mechanics they can implement so they can continue to accomplish this?DizzyDwarf2 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 Warhead Junction is pretty bad it's too easy to deploy nukes. it should take just as long to deploy nukes as it takes to pick up the nukes.KareemKambri13 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 Can we please be able to set a Map Preference? In Starcraft II, I absolutely loved the ability to downvote 1 or two maps from your map pool so you didnt have to play them. If you didn't like the playstyle of a map, that didn't have to negatively influence your experience. Personally, I abhor Warhead Junction. I really can't stand it, and I can't wait for the game to be over as soon as it loads. Can we please have a way to downvote a map so we don't have to deal with a single map we hate? Yes, I understand this could be problematic in that certain heroes are weak on certain maps, so you could just downvote the one your character isnt especially strong at.Incin3 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 Quick map question - warhead junction Hi, is there any prerequisite needed to play warhead junction ? Out of 15 games I recently played i never had a chance to try it. Is it just bad luck or is there something more to it ? ThanksiPwn1 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 7, 2016 Machines of War: Maps of Cancer Everyone pretty much agree's that Braxis Holdout is a worse version of Haunted Mines in regards to how quickly it snowballs. Even after you changed the early game stats on the Zerg units, it's still bad. Warhead Junction is even more of a joke than BH. Nukes hold too much of a sway on the outcome of the game. No other map rewards taking objectives as much as WJ does. A single Nuke does far too much damage early game, forts are lost far too early because of this. When 4 nukes spawn at once it's pretty much whoever is ahead from the first round gets 3 while the other team gets 1. There's far less chance of a comeback in WJ, far more swing in map control and far too much late game cheese potential as well. 2 Late game Nukes and your team can bum rush an open core for the win, with the opposing team having little chance to stop it. Nerf early game nukes, spawn only 2 at a time, nerf late game nukes.Prototypo4 Oct 7, 2016
Oct 7, 2016 Cursed Hollow tribute RNG element sometimes snowballs There's this strategy that everyone knows on Cursed Hollow: At 2:00 send 1 or 2 men to get the Siege Giant Camp on your side of the map. Let's say you are on the right side, your camp will push the bottom lane. If the first tribute (which spawns between 2:20 to 2:45, all RNG) spawns on top, you can drag the tribute fight for as long as you can allowing the Sieging Giants to push and get a tower or two. Basically, the left team will want first tribute to spawn at bottom, and vice versa. Let say the first tribute spawns at BottomMid location, it's more than likely that the left team will get it. Then if the 2nd tribute spawns on the left side of the map, they again have a better chance of capturing the tribute because they can run back, tap the well, then continue fighting while the opponents cant. Even better if the 2nd tribute spawns at TopLeft location, because the left team's top and middle healing wells are both pretty near. That's almost like 2 free tribute thanks to RNG alone, no skill needed. Later on, when both team and doing their boss and the tribute spawns, the team nearer to the boss has pretty much 100% chance of getting that tribute along with the boss. There's no way the other team can run from one boss to the other boss and contest it. If they choose to give up their boss and contest the tribute they will risk both losing team fight and tribute while the boss strolls down their lane. Totally RNG, no skill needed. What if that's a curse point? A boss upon a curse totally thanks to RNG and the defending team can do nothing about it... Cursed Hollow is the only map where Im not confident calling shots, because the RNG always fruck up everything... Another scenario: Left team wins 1 teamfight and goes for Bottom boss (their boss). Right team cant do anything about it and they dont have enough men to take their own boss, so they just run around clearing lanes, soaking, getting merc or whatever. Left team finishes bottom boss, tribute spawns on top. Right team forced to defend boss (if right team goes top to contest tribute, left team can just drag the fight for as long as possible while boss does the damage), left team gets both bosses and a tribute thanks to just 1 teamfight because RNG decides that tribute spawns on top. If that tribute spawns on bottom instead, the left team would still get 1 boss plus 1 tribute OR another boss, but not both. The RNG alone decided to add on the snowball, and the losing team can do nothing about it... In no other map can the RNG element in map objective spawning favor one team so much over the other like Cursed Hollow.Karo0 Oct 7, 2016
Oct 6, 2016 Unique Bosses The new maps feature map specific bosses that fit to the individual maps and have unique attacks. Braxis Holdhout --> Viking Warhead Junction --> Swarm Host Towers of Doom --> Headless Horseman The older maps though use the Grave Golem bosses, that are slightly adapted visually but are basically the same and use the same sort of attacks (AOE around them and a root). Or they use those Sphinx like bosses with those small tornados. I think each map should have its own unique boss: Tomb of the Spider Queen --> This boss looks the like one from Sky Temple. Very Egyptian. Why not really add a huge tarantula, a scorpion or another boss with some sort of web attack? Sky Temple --> Fine, it fits to the map. Cursed Hollow --> Some sort of Harvest Golem or Scarecrow would fit much better which some sort of raven swarm attack. Blackheart's Bay --> A King Crab or huge tortoise would also fit better than the Grave Golem. Haunted Mines --> Here the Grave Golem fits. And Garden of Terror and Dragon Shire both have their own bosses or hero controlled bosses already, although the model of the Garden Terror looks like the one of the Grave Golem and it also (as a boss) has the same attacks as the Grave Golem. Some visual update would be cool there, too.Yokihiro1 Oct 6, 2016
Oct 6, 2016 Braxis Holdout and Raynor I was playing Braxis Holdout just a while ago, and I'm pretty sure I could boost the Zerg wave with Raynor's Inspire (at least they got an animation, not completely sure it had any effect mechanicaly speaking) Is this intended? seems kind of OP to increase the damage throughput of map mechanic by 30% with a basic ability... Makes Raynor totaly awesome, thoughEfede2 Oct 6, 2016
Oct 6, 2016 Heroes Under Seige Posted it on Facebook already "Create arenas with 3-5 lanes of incoming minions, catapults, bruisers, seige, bosses and heroes. Each successive wave getting more challenging than the previous. Objective: see how many waves you can eliminate before your teams core is destroyed." I like games where you can work as a team to stop wave rushes, they tend to be fun in my opinion even if they are ai. "Note, may want to nerf mule for this" :PAerim2 Oct 6, 2016
Oct 6, 2016 I do NOT like restricted battleground selection in QM Sure, for a few days (or weeks) have the percentage chance for the newest one (with Braxis and Warhead, newest two) be higher than the rest so we can try it--but don't drop older ones for no reason. An advantage of HeroesotS over other MOBAs is the variety. The restricted pool harms that, while not really emphasizing the the new battlegrounds the right way. I am OK with most maps, but I am getting sick of Towers of Doom b/c I get it so often right now.ReyBeam3 Oct 6, 2016
Oct 5, 2016 Opt out of specific battlegrounds Is it possible to give us the option to not play specific battlegrounds? Braxis holdout is ruining this game for me and I'd rather just not play that match then not play the game altogether.AinzOoalGown0 Oct 5, 2016
Oct 5, 2016 REMOVE THE BRAXIS HOLDOUT ALLREADY how much feedback do you need more??? cant you see you messed up? FIX IT by removing it.put it in the custom games ONLY!JackFrost1 Oct 5, 2016
Oct 4, 2016 Sick of Towers of Doom Every match I play(6 straight), is towers of doom. I know it's RNG, but just remove the lame map please. Go ahead and troll me or w/e, idc but the map is moose piss. Thank you.TWell5 Oct 4, 2016
Oct 4, 2016 Get rid of ToD in HL Please for the love of god remove ToD from HL so many people don't understand the map and make horrible choices. Or make map veto a thing in HL so that ToD cant be played please it makes HL very hard to go up in when people don't make good choices on it.MightyMike1 Oct 4, 2016
Oct 3, 2016 Got super unlucky with Placement games I lost (Maybe7)8 out 10 of my placement games in a row. I understand the point of the placemnt games is to give you a chance to maybe jump a few free places if things go your way but there is always going to be the flip side. I want from gold 1 to silver 1 losing god knows how many games thats going to take to bring back up. In two of the losts I had people d/cing, in some games my team mates were bad and others I sucked I just cant understand why I would lose so many places.(other then me being balls about the game)axewielderko0 Oct 3, 2016
Sep 29, 2016 Braxis Holdout Zerg Waves I'm of the opinion that the first wave of Zerg is far too punishing for early game. Whose with me?Xexanoth0 Sep 29, 2016
Sep 29, 2016 Nothing but Cursed Hollow Hi there. I've had this odd thing happening in which the last several maps I've done have all been cursed hollow, and quite frankly it's getting annoying. Is there a reason for this?Stepwise0 Sep 29, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 Odd Warhead Junction Experience Played as Gazlowe on the new map, and had encountered a really weird bug/glitch. I picked up a warhead, and was unable to use it, the F icon was locked despite the nuke icon next to my name for a solid minute, so it wasn't the cooldown. When I went to screenshot it for proof, it suddenly refreshed and ready to go. It did this twice, the third time it wouldn't refresh no matter what I did, though I still retained the nuke. Two to three minutes later it refreshed and I could use it.RvolverJesus0 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 Map preferences? I've been playing for a little bit now, and I realized that we couldn't actually pick the map we wanted to play in unless we were playing custom mode. Is there any way that you guys could add a "map preference" option to matchmaking and practice? Having a random map picked out is nice and all, but it does get very old and you don't get to play all the different maps all that often. If there is a way I can choose a map preference and I totally missed it, I apologize.hydrazrulez5 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 Braxis Holdout is Cancer Terrible map, 10x more snowbally than Haunted Mines. Please bring back Mines and delete Braxis; despite its shortcomings Mines was much more fun and less snowbally than this turd of a map.Titanroll2 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 Question about Warhead Junction Is each player limited to carry one nkue at a time? I don't think they said that in either the Battleground Spotlight or the loading screen tips thingy. But when I played today I was Gall and my Cho assured me he couldn't pick a nuke when he already had one, which is a disadvantage since I confirmed Gall can't pick one of his own. if this is the case, then how about The Lost Vikings? are they limited to one nuke for all, or can they pick up to three (one each)? that would be nuts!Efede1 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 Haunted Mines or Braxis Holdout Dear Blizzard If you're going to remove a map (Haunted Mines) for reason A, do not then release a new map (Braxis Holdout) that has reason A x ten, as well as reasons B, C and D. Such a move is rather stupid and irritating. Give us Haunted Mines back at the very least.Bubblesqueak14 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 Hell on Towers Map So I just quit out of a 35 min hell on the Towers Map. I was playing with four friends on quick match and the enemy team was simply better than ours. However, with a 4 level lead and the ability to cap 1 of 2 objectives to finish us off, they refused to end the game and just started farming us for the next 9 minutes. We were basically stuck in our base because when we moved out they just hooked someone w Stitches, ate them, killed them immediately, and outfought us time and time again. We couldn't even use the center lane teleport because they kept tabs on it at all times. Our wills were completely broken, we weren't having fun, and we couldn't start a new game because they wouldn't end this one. We all ended up having to quit, so we're the ones getting flagged for leaving. This experience was terrible. I already don't play quick match much and this made sure I don't do it again for a very long time.YoggeMothi0 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 Smokes on new 2 maps arent very visible. In garden maps the Bushes are very clearly bushes; take one look at it and you'll never miss it. In Blackheart's Bay the smokes are also very dense, very contrast to the surrounding. The smokes in new Terrans map are too transparent. It takes a while to even notice that they are smokes. Not that they are invisible, it's just that my brain has to spend an extra milisecond to register that 'okay this is a smoke, i cant see past that thing' which is pretty annoying in such a fast paced game.Karobetta0 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 27, 2016 What's the problem with the Map-Rotation? Hey Guys, can anybody tell me if there is a problem with the "randomly" picked maps (battlegrounds)? Since one Week I have to play either -> Towers of Doom -> Tomb of the Spider Queen -> Sky Temple or -> Cursed Hollow ALL OTHER battlegrounds are just not coming up anymore!!!! Does anyone know something? If yes PLEASE tell me! This is so f***ed up! Cheers JinXJinX2130 Sep 27, 2016
Sep 25, 2016 Infernal shrines: balance of power missing? When an objectiv is done the power is usualy balanced between the winning an the losing team. By exemple the more the losing team was about to kill the Immortal, the less his shield is strong. In Infernal shrines you need to collect 40 kills, when a team is done an Infernal pop. If you collect 39 kills and the infernal pop, the kills didnt count for the next shrines like seeds, nor they count for a shield/life malus. Collecting 39 or 0 kill is exactly the same for the losing team and this is sad. Maybe there is a life balance yet but not realy visible? A shield at least (based on the losing team s kills) would be a good implementation i think.OmegaPixell0 Sep 25, 2016
Sep 24, 2016 reportar partida injusta Resumen – ya me arte me emparejan con gente idiota que se pasa muriendo cada rato o seque da afk o se desconneta todo el juego no entiende la mecánica caí de rango 1 diamante a rango 5 y sige real mente son una pena su emparejamientoe demasiado injusto al principio creí que era una mala racha pero que me toque en cada partida real mente es una desgracia. Modo de Juego – Liga de Héroes, BattleTag con # de ID – GONNTA#11751 Región –america Tiempo y Zona Horaria – todo el tiempo esto pasa Otra Información Relevante – les mando mi hoslog para que vean lo que pasa real mente miren las partida de posicionamiento y luego las de injustas esta los mas completo posible pero falta mas todaviaGONNTA0 Sep 24, 2016
Sep 24, 2016 reportar partida injusta Resumen – ya me arte me emparejan con gente idiota que se pasa muriendo cada rato o seque da afk o se desconneta todo el juego no entiende la mecánica caí de rango 1 diamante a rango 5 y sige real mente son una pena su emparejamientoe demasiado injusto al principio creí que era una mala racha pero que me toque en cada partida real mente es una desgracia. Modo de Juego – Liga de Héroes, BattleTag con # de ID – GONNTA#11751 Región –america Tiempo y Zona Horaria – todo el tiempo esto pasa Otra Información Relevante – les mando mi hoslog para que vean lo que pasa real mente miren las partida de posicionamiento y luego las de injustas esta los mas completo posible pero falta mas todaviaGONNTA0 Sep 24, 2016
Sep 24, 2016 BRAXIS HOLDOUT bot's behavior problem As the theme name stands, there is some serious problem with bot's behaviour on Braxis. You cant just ping them to follow you. It seems that they go wherever they want and you cant predict their behaviour or control them. This is very frustrating when it happens and especially in HL because this map requires very good team coordination. It feels more like fight 4 vs 6. Didn't see anything like that on other maps before.Matoki0 Sep 24, 2016
Sep 24, 2016 WJ: Towers look like Bobbleheads Why do the towers on Warhead Junction look like Bobbleheads? The upper parts are constantly shaking as if they were not really attached to the tower below. It looks ridiculous. If you compare it to Braxis Holdout, then those towers just look fine. Really bugs me with the new map. Looks like they rushed the development. Those tiny things matter, too. Like for example when Towers of Doom came out, the cannons on the walls of each side's core where so big that their wheels where stuck inside the bricks. Later they fixed them and now it actually looks like they stand on the wall. Please fix those shaking tower tops, too!Yokihiro0 Sep 24, 2016
Sep 24, 2016 a snowy battleground a snowy battleground that have a big snowman that two heroes should control him. and for build the snowman, must harvest snow 5 times, the weather is snowy... this is my idea for you...NightElf10 Sep 24, 2016
Sep 24, 2016 Blackheart's bay would be alot better... blackheart's bay would be alot better, IMO, if you nixed the chest's that appeared, but kept the coins from mercenaries and the pirate camps that exist solely for coins. As it is, its very snowbally, and pretty much full on objective based; But if you removed the 2 treasure chests that spawn periodically, it would be far more balanced in how important pushing like a normal Moba is and how important Objectives would be for victory: Without the chests pushing coins into the game, the main source of coins would be from merc camps, which have a more symbiotic relationship with the normal pushing of towers. at the same time, it would throttle back snowballing from the canons while STILL keeping them very important (as ganking people at blackheart would still contribute to the game, just not AS much). I know blizzard wants this game to be super objective based, but they're really going overboard on it: keep it nice and balanced so there's MULTIPLE ways to win (Either by pushing or claiming objectives), and removing the Chests would make this map feel infinitely more enjoyable and balanced IMO.aleksandor0 Sep 24, 2016