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17m LF TL to play together on regular basis What up guys, I am looking for a group of people who want to get together every night or so and play TL together. I am plat 5 but my smurf was D1. Rank really doesn't matter to me as long as your are competent and understand the game. I love using mic's so that's a must. But other then that I'm pretty laid back and am never toxic, looking for the same kind of people. Just leave your name below or you can add me at griffendor#1397. look forward to playing and meeting you guys ! :)Griffendor2 17m
20m Forming a serious TL team Sup guys looking for players from gold and over with competitive spirit but enjoyable attitude that we can have fun with. Im gold and my friend is dia from last season. I main Supp and Spec and he is mainly DPS. Looking for any good players ! Add me at Xzist#1156 and cliffkill#1944 Hope to see you soon !Xzist6 20m
25m Looking for 3rd for TL Plat+ Looking for a 3rd to make queues faster, must be mature and have a mic. We just placed into Gold 1 and Plat 4 after provisionals, looking for a plat partner, planning to hit Diamond by October if not Master. Both of us work 9-5 Eastern time and play in the evenings, mainly on Thursday nights, if you're interested, add me Phlamingo#1485Phlamingo4 25m
30m [NA][TL][Competitive] LF2M Tank And Range DPS Looking for 2 players. We play 10pm EST Monday, Tuesday, Thursday till about 1am Find me in Game Ohio03#1183Ohio032 30m
35m GM #1 lf tl party I'm really serious about this. I'm not looking for competitive play or anything like that. I just want to play team league with a group of friends, late at night around 8 pm ~ 2 am. I'll be very busy after this week so I want to use this time to have a lot of fun before my huge break from the game. any community suggestions is fine but please, if you can't provide me with a group of players that are willing to play every night for this week I'm not interested. thanks!!Murky1 35m
9h [NA] Melee Flex LF Team Hi Potential New Team, Friend, Troll, or Creeper, My name is Stippling I’m a gold level Melee Flex player looking for a team that consistently practices and is in need of a fifth. I’m most comfortable in the offlane or offtank role, though I am capable of branching out. My comfort heroes for this role are Dehaka, Sonya, Illidan, Malthael, Genji, D. Va, Leoric and Arthas, though I play many of the other melee heroes and can flex into them as well. I can also play a mean Li-Ming, Uther, Lucio and others as well. Though I am on East Coast time I am a night owl and capable of playing later if the team is CST or even PST. I’m driven, hard-working, and dedicated to improving. I want a semi-serious atmosphere that makes room for laughs now and again. I’m not looking to start up a brand-new team or for a group that doesn’t want to run a tight ship. The team I join should use voice comms, have a shot caller, drafter, etc. My aspirations are to do TL, Chair League, and HGC Open Division. Drop your lines below or add me [Stippling #1216] and let me know what’s up. Thanks!Stippling5 9h
11h GM looking for team (2017 S2) GM high #27 TL looking for Team Full flex player high availabilityDecemate3 11h
18h [NA] Knights Of The Nexus (HOTS Community) Knights of the Nexus is a Heroes of the Storm community with +100 active members and growing. This is a great place to meet fun people to play with of a variety of skill and experience for Quick Match, Unranked and Team League. We provide mentoring, streaming and have opportunities to join competitive teams. No signup needed! Our staff is very personable and easy going. Knights of the Nexus is a great community to hang out and have fun. Come check out our discord at https://discord.gg/m43XznM Or add one of our friendly staff members in battle.net to get started! FelixArgyle#1120 BlueAbyss#1652 Kane#12884 FatalRex#1743 (Edit, discord link is now fixed sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused)FelixArgyle31 18h
21h Looking for Discord group I'm pretty new to Heroes of the Storm (more used to StarCraft2) and wondering how to find people to play with using Discord chat. In BattleNet I am davidvs#1835.davidvs0 21h
22h Looking for Casual group/ Farmer groups im a player of 2 years though i didnt play most of it lol. Looking to find a group to play with / exp farm to level 30 in AI at times. Im still new to a extent but i try hard. i play when im not working ( work saturday - wensday ). I adapt quick to the game since its like LoL with out items.TheeBigPimp1 22h
22h LF a group or community to play with! hey guys blaze here new to HOS coming from LoL and boy do i love this game and the community be hide it was looking for a team of players or community to join im hardcore gamer and play every day 3-5 hours at least so far like ranged sp / assassin and support the most play mostly in the evening so hit me up if i can join would love to meet new ppl on HOS also have mic mainly use discord!!Blaze5 22h
22h Looking for Active and Friendly Community! Hi! I'm looking to join an active and friendly gaming community! I'm a casual player, and a majority of the communities I've joined have been more serious ones and while that's ok sometimes, most of the time I just want to have fun and enjoy the game without having the stress of having to play perfectly. My battle.net tag is WeeLittleFox#1235 ! Feel free to add me on there or reply to this thread since I'll be checking it often c: Just to clarify - I'm not looking for a 'team'. I'm looking for a Discord community to join and make friends in/enjoy the game with. I have no intentions of playing the game crazy serious, though I might dabble in HL/TL on occasion.WeeLittleFox9 22h
22h Looking for Active, Friendly, Gaming Community! I'm looking for an open minded, friendly gaming community to enjoy HotS and maybe other games with. I'm not super competitive most of the time so I'd prefer people who are a bit more relaxed. My battle tag is Fox#14605 - Just add me or comment here if you have/know of a community I could join! :)Fox2 22h
1d [NA] Team League Rank push Me and 3 buddys just came back to HoTS.2 of us been playing since closed beta.3rd is new to the game.All 3 of us have extensive MOBA experiance ranging from Dota2 to LoL,Smite,Paragon etc.2 of us can play atleast 10 Heroes at high skill lvl and 3rd person can only play 1 atm.We a above average skilled players but dont take the game too serious. Need atleast 2 more or a team for 11pmish EST-5amish EST.Mostly every night except a night or 2 here and there. Mature players only,Teachers welcome.NON TOXIC people onlystifabR1 1d
1d Looking for QM, or TL, more friends to play HOTS with I am gold 3 ELO player who loves playing weird comps and testing out synergies. For example, making a comp with Garrosh / Tyrande or other interesting wombo combos.Or doing something wacky, like all tanks or all supports or all specialists. I love to make jokes and have a good time, and I like to win as well or just mess around. Add me on Discord and msg me when you want to play. DongBalancer#6574DongBalancer3 1d
1d Two mid-golds looking for Unranked/TL party We are two mid-gold Hero League players looking to get a team of five together for Unranked and Team League. Here's some relevant info: * We are in our young 30's and in CST and EST time zones. * We are competitive, like to win, and are looking to get better at Heroes, but we aren't looking to practice nightly and reach an elite level. * We play together a few nights a week, but our primary interest is having a consistent weekly game night for a few hours. Right now that's looking like Thursdays at 8pm CST. * We'd like to use Discord. If this sounds interesting, add Squanchy#11274 and we can play a few games and see if we click.Squanchy8 1d
1d Old and Busted (30+) - Looking for TL Gamers with responsibilities wanted. Upper gold ranked looking for more teammates to do 5 man TL matches. Discord, drunkenness and NSFW discussions provided. PM TheReign#1465 or FoxSolo#1447TheReign0 1d
1d You'll be APOLLOgizing if you don't join our server >Odyssey noun | Od•ys•sey | \ ˈä-də-sē\ 1 : A long wandering, eventful, and adventurous journey. What is Odyssey? Odyssey is a discord server focused on the gaming community. Started by one person on the 25th of July, 2017. It's been just under two short months and we've grown so much, not only are we just past 400 members but great unique minds have come together with their ideas, art abilities, and overall welcoming attitude to work together on making the server better day by day. There are so many other servers, why pick Odyssey? I cannot say that we are any better than other discord servers; we're new and sometimes we find ourselves fumbling over mistakes but we're learning. I believe that Odyssey is a very friendly welcoming community. Personally, I see the difference and improvement of the server from a week ago to today. Not only are we growing and improving but we're open to more than one game. We host Heroes of The Storm as one of our two MOBA's but we are open to PubG, CS:GO, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. All games we branch out to are voted on by members of the server. We take each suggestion that is made very seriously and try to work on integrating members ideas into our server. What does Odyssey have to offer as a server? Odyssey offers you a fun, friendly environment where all players of any skill level can be welcomed. We hope to create a community across the nation that is united and can bond together. We want nothing more than to make everyone feel at home when it comes to Odyssey. We Offer: ○ Server Giveaways ○ Movie Night ○ Karaoke ○ Bad puns ○ In houses ○ More league events ○ ... and more! >Basic information ○ 400+ Members ○ Aimed toward ages 16+ I, personally, hope you guys join our server or at least check it out. Maybe we can catch each other on tomb of the spider queen! ♥ https://discord.gg/CxSpEQr >And here is our website! https://www.odysseydiscord.net/ still undergoing progress tho!Icewhisp0070 1d
1d Looking for Stream partner to play together! Hello guys, i'm looking for a partner to play games together and have fun, mostly for quick match mode but we can do some ranked as well, anyway i'm looking for someone who likes to approach the game in a fun non competitive minded way but still wants to do well and have fun. I stream on my Twitch channel weekly and i would love to have you as a friend so we can play together. i'm looking for the following: *A player who likes to talk and have fun. * Must have mic to voice chat. *Must approach the game in a non competitive mindset (you can still play your best) *having fun and being responsive is the most important think i will put in consideration. If you would like to become my stream partner please add me in Bnet. app, we will schedule a gaming session to see if we work well together. Thanks for reading, please feel free to contact me. Here is my tag : Dixo#11797 cheers!Dixo1 1d
2d LF1M Ranked play silver 5 Me and my roomie looking for 1 more to join us in ranked the que is literally a hour long. Semi serious group we are rusty but trying to improve add me kingofcanada#11108KingofCanada0 2d
2d [AOD] Looking for active players! [NA/EU] The Angels of Death clan is a group of mature, dedicated players who value teamwork and community. AOD was formed over 16 years ago and now has over 3100 active members across 15+ various titles and have a growing community in Heroes of the Storm! We're recruiting competitive and casual gamers alike with the idea of creating a fun and engaging environment for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're a MOBA veteran or brand new to the genre you'll find AOD is a great place to come and game with like minded people. With handfuls of people signed up and playing Heroes of the Storm, there is always someone on to group up with! What to expect from AOD: *A mature group of team players who like to have fun. *Fair play; zero tolerance for cheaters. *Friendly members. New to the game, need help? Just ask. *A dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server. *Formal and informal organized events. *Opportunity to be part of a team greater than any individual. Requirements to join AOD: *Be 16 years of age or older *A working microphone *Teamspeak 3 *Our Code of Conduct and Division Rules articulate the values we work hard to maintain. If you're interested and want to join then please head to www.ClanAOD.net and apply under Blizzard Universe today!Poyzun0 2d
2d TAW - Seeking Active HOTS Players NA/EU Hello! The Art of Warfare, an international, multi-game gaming community, is seeking more active members, age 16 +, to join us (NA and EU). We are a TeamSpeak based community full of friendly gamers. We offer a fun, friendly atmosphere in which to game- never be put down or made to feel badly for making a mistake Training! - we have a training instructor who is more than happy to help anyone who is sincere about getting better at the game. Game Nights- Two nights a week, we get together and play different types of game modes. This allows everyone to get more acquainted and to find others who may match your game style. Interested? Check out taw.net to apply or add myself or Tyro on bnet to learn more. SanguineRose#1254 // Tyro#11372 Hope to hear from you soon!SanguineRose10 2d
2d nSanity Gaming Salve a tutti, Stiamo cercando gente per giocare tutti assieme e divertirsi a Heroes of the Storm, ma allo stesso tempo stiamo formando dei team competitivi. Abbiamo già costruito un piccolo gruppo e giochiamo spesso verso pomeriggio/sera. Nella nostra community trattiamo anche altri giochi perciò se volete dare un occhio vi lascio in descrizione il sito e il nostro teamspeak. Vi aspettiamo e buon divertimento. site: https://www.nsanitygaming.it Teamspeak: ts.nsanitygaming.itCl0udStrife0 2d
4d Plat 2 TL LF D+ HL or TL players to play a lot I'm LF 2-4 people to play TL with that want to focus on getting our coordination together as we reach masters and then do small tournaments OTW. This would be a serious group that wants to be on the cutting edge of game play. PM me @ Deathmaw#1470 or on discord Gray Deathsong#5841 Requirement. must be plat3+ in HL or TL with extensive knowledge in he role you play.Deathmaw0 4d
4d Fever Clan is Recruiting for HOTS 2.0! (15+) Hey all, I am the HOTS admin at Fever Clan, a multigaming community with over 1000 ACTIVE members among all our titles, and 75+ active members of our HOTS section. We are looking for mature, non-toxic players to fill our ranks! We have weekly organized game nights Thursdays @ 9 PM EST, and we are working on setting up an organized weekend event. Basically if you want an active group that is always up for games, give us a try! We also play D3, OW, SC2, PUBG, and other titles. Potential members applying to Fever must be at least 15 years or older. You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing an interview on our Discord server. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about! Register here: http://feverclan.com/forums/register.php Submit application: http://feverclan.com/forums/misc.php?do=application Interviews: Conducted on our Discord server Discord - https://discord.gg/EwHNfkb Questions? Want to talk or play some? Add me BaumDeezy#1953 on Bnet or on Discord Baum#4959 See you in the Nexus! BaumBaumDeezy35 4d
5d Gold players looking to improve together! Had enough HL? Tired of sitting through a draft in total silence only to have your teammates bash your pick at the end of the match? Let's change that! Looking for any players interested in good friendly team play and working to get better at the game. Swarley #1549Swarley1 5d
5d LFG Gold/Plat This game is much more fun when played with people... If anyone wants to play hit me up. Krevasse#1881Krevasse3 5d
5d Team League looking for Gold Rank or w/e. Looking for Gold Player for Team League, add me @ PAN#12594 right now!Pan1 5d
5d Charlotte, NC gaming group Just recently moved to Charlotte and looking for a gaming community that's mostly pc/"lan" or anyone that lives in the area. Into hots/smite/lol and few console games. Looking to try out card games like mtg maybe, just trying to be a social gamer hahaAkozachuk1 5d
5d NA Looking for mature casual players QM mostly. I'm 45 and play the game probably 5-6 nights a week, usually 8:00pm-1:00pm USA central standard time. I've tried several clans and they just aren't for me. I am trying to find players close to my skill level, which is about 960+ levels at 2k +\- 100 or so mmr on hotslogs, to play with several times a week. It would be great if we can get a full group, or at least 4 so we can eliminate some of the randomness of qm. I am willing to give anyone a shot though, no matter your skill, if you are fun to be around, willing to try and play as a team, and most importantly, and I can't stress this enough, aren't a douche. I have a discord channel set up for my friends so discord is really almost a must, at least in the future. So if you are in a situation like me, not really into clans, play mostly qm, but want to still have some friends to play with, try combos, and just generally improve, add me and shoot me a pm when you see me online and we can run a few games with you. Yendor#11165.Yendor1 5d
5d NA LF1M Range DPS/Range Flex Building a team, looking for range dps/range flex. We consistently have 4 on. Just nice to que without a random. We play Monday through Thursday Start Around 10pm CST each night and player till 1am CST. Find me in game at Ohio03#1183Ohio038 5d
6d LF casual players As stated above I am looking for some casual players to run some matches with. Preferably from Slovenia :)MiniNinja3 6d
6d LF Casual Diamond/Plat lv players mostly for QM Hello, I can't be the only one out there who's tired of getting matched up with noobs. Nothing against them, it's just a lot of the time the skill gap is too great and you spend too much time trying to coach them than just playing the map naturally. Anywho, I'm mostly looking for casual QM games and will eventually get into TL at some point. My player rank is over 1K and I've played almost 6K games total. I've made Diamond HL every season. I can play pretty much every role competently. Think I have a pretty good understanding of the game. TigerShrimp#1703TigerShrimp1 6d
6d [NA] Master Ranged Assassin As the title states I'm currently in Master for HL. I'm looking for a team to play with and mostly play ranged assassins. I'm 26 from Michigan. If you have any questions feel free to message me either in here or in bnet Thanks for your time! Skigam#11993Skigam0 6d
6d [NA] Duo LF Active Friends or Group A friend and I have recently returned to HotS, and our current goal is to learn a couple of heroes in Quick Matches before we give Hero League a try. I would describe us as semi-competitive, since we're not really trying to get high placement on the competitive scene but we still have a desire to improve our game play. We would love to play with laid-back players who also have a desire to improve. We generally play games between 3 - 12 PM PDT daily. We have our own little discord for voice chat as well. If you're interested in having us join your group/community or would like to be contacted for some daily games, please either contact me on discord (Lightrayne#6210) or let me know how I can contact you.Lightrayne3 6d
6d (NA) Tank main LF team I am a tank main who is looking for a team to do my Team League placements with. I can do either main or off tank (based on what the party needs) and can play most tanks in the game effectively. I do not own D.Va, Garrosh or Cho'Gall yet, so I can not play them as of right now (except when on free rotation). Anyone interested can message me here or friend me on Discord. Discord: ExoGrimlocke#6605AstralExoGir0 6d
Sep 13 Gamers of the Storm eSports & community recruiting! Gamers of the Storm is openly recruiting! We are currently looking for more players to join our rapidly growing community. We are a two-part community, part social and part amatuer E-sports League. The best part is we DO NOT ALLOW TOXICITY. -Social community: We have plenty of active members looking to group up for all types of play. We offer community events, QM, UR, and TL parties, as well as other great social aspects. There is always someone to queue up with and avoid the craziness that random parties! -E-Sports League: We are now looking for active competitive players or teams. We are in the process of setting up our amateur league series and want to invite you to become a part of it! We already had a successful Summer Bash Tournament with prizes and 100+ viewers, now we are ready to build our league! So hit that Discord link, and let an Admin personally introduce you to our community! We can't wait for you to join us. Discord: https://discord.gg/wM5bS6B Twitter: @GamersOTS Instagram: @gamersofthestorm YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJjSOHEsn20-9pgmmZvHjAA (Also found on: Facebook, HeroesHearth, Twitch)Nayelie15 Sep 13
Sep 13 LF Gaming Community/group Hey, Veteran Diamond level player here looking for a group to hone my skills/bring my gameplay to the next level, interested in strengthening my flex options, comfortable on Ranged Assassins, Most Warriors, and Most Specialists. But willing to learn any and all heroes. Novinter#1276 Is my gamer tag feel free to message me, I am active later in the afternoon and evenings Central Time.Novinter1 Sep 13
Sep 13 Looking for friends EU Hi! I'm looking for someone to play with. I would like some unraked games and maybe later some ranked. I'm Platinum and i play any role. Available mainly in the evenings EU time. No toxic and offensive players. I accept any skill level but i prefer someone equal to me. Echoe#2332 feel free to add me and have fun togetherEchoe1 Sep 13
Sep 13 EU Master Grand Master/ Flex looking for team . I'm master/ g master flex mvplipa#2899MvPLipa1 Sep 13
Sep 13 [EU] Looking for people to play with Im really tired and bored of playing with random people and so I would like to find some friends here. I dont really care if we play QM, UN or TL. I hope there are some cool ppl who want to play, you dont have to be super good at this game, but some basic knowledge would be cool to have :) Kharmul#2235 Feel free to add meKharmul1 Sep 13
Sep 13 Singapore/Asia TL #Squad Hey fam, looking for some people to play some TL with who live near the Singapore area. I'm plat 5 in HL and need a squad to do some good TL matches. Hoopax#6916HoopaX0 Sep 13
Sep 13 NA TL LF1M Sub Position Looking for 1 player to flex sub for us. We play 11pm EST Monday to Thursday till 1am Find me in Game Ohio03#1183Ohio030 Sep 13
Sep 12 MN team or league Hello I was just wondering if anyone in or around MN that wants to start a league or just wants to group up for daily questing let me knowNbr3000GT1 Sep 12
Sep 11 Izzet mad scientists apply within! I'm looking for a group of like minded individuals who would like to give the meta the finger and try to rise using rather unconventional compositions and tactics. Casual in the sense of not trying to go pro or absolutely needing to play every single night, but with a competitive enough streak to reach for victory where none other dare search for it. This will be for a group of those who wish to learn, and while you need not be mechanically inclined (I myself am platinum HL, and was last placed in diamond TL), you must be willing to put forth effort to improve. Similarly however, any suggestions or criticism given to the lesser skilled players in the group will be challenged with counter points, all tips must have several good reasons and acknowledge their weaknesses and situational aspects such that the teacher may consider viewpoints previously unexplored. The concept of the group began with my desire to try 5 specialist teams several seasons ago. I have not tried finding a group willing to try such, though I have heard of one or two. And I would like to expand the search for teams willing to undertake such tasks as winning on a 3 lane map while going 3 top and 2 bottom, or ignoring the objective the whole match. Some will consider these to be bad aspects of play. The goal isn't to play poorly, though perhaps handicapped at times. The goal is to focus on map awareness, knowing when are good times to soak or not, and above all break out of habits that develop without thought. Until reasoning is solidified, let us explore. Sincerely, -I don't want to be the guild master it's too much responsibility pick someone elsezzt.Fawxkitteh0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Looking for duo (pref single gril @.@) Hi my name is Alex age 27 and would like to rank up on this game im lvl 40 master of 2 heroes both dps, i normally play at night and would like get a duo pref a girl @.@(if speaks spanish even better) but open to do duo with a good casual night player at least to try to rank up add me up Alexfalco#1310 have skype!ExtasisFalco4 Sep 11
Sep 11 Looking for people to grind with! Trying to get back into the game, finished placements and I'm low gold at the moment. Yet I'm to a point where I want to take it seriously enough to grow, and I've still much to learn. Feel free to toss me and add! Naosie #1659Naosie3 Sep 11
Sep 11 Looking for party (Ranked/Unranked) Hey there guys, Tzuze here looking for a group to run ranked/unranked games with. I am extremely active and hoping to find a group that is also extremely active, I am growing accustomed to the new maps and everything after returning from Butcher's release way back when I can get team speak, discord, whatever is necessary. My hero line up (Favorites) Stitches, Butcher, Chromie, Illidan, and lastly Sylvanus I tend to play explosive, if not recklessly and hopefully I can tame that with a good group to coordinate with. Thanks again for your responses!LashandaDike2 Sep 11
Sep 11 [NA][TL][Competitive] LF2M Tank And Support Building a team, looking for a flex player to sub. We consistently have 3 on. Just nice to que without randoms. Looking for people to fill in. We play Monday through Thursday Start Around 10pm each night and player till 1am EST. We are looking for a tank and support. Find me in game at Ohio03#1183Ohio032 Sep 11