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Oct 24, 2016 2017 Heroes Global Championship Details We just announced details about the structure, schedule, and more for our 2017 Heroes Global Championship. Head to the 2017 HGC website to find information about our new league structure, where top teams from around the world will battle for supremacy over the course of the year on the road to the HGC Finals. You'll also find details about international competition, including Clashes and Brawls, prize pools, format, and more.Spyrian0 Oct 24, 2016
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Oct 1 Plat 2 season ends plat 5, 1st placement? This happend to me. I lost my promotion match to diamond thats my season high. I had a loss streak to plat 2 (400 points) Now i did my 1st and 2nd placement and was placed with plat 5 and 4?? (No toxic responses plz ^^)Harbinger0 Oct 1
Oct 1 Is this report worthy? A dps main who does low stacks. I mean no soaking. Siege dmg or hero dmg. Was playing with one. We had a uther and uther had double siege dmg. 10k more hero dmg and 2k more xp Played medivh his 2nd most played hero lvl 680 with almost no portals . A few protects. And a 45% winrate with medivh. I clicked on thats and he was lowest on all of them. In what category would you report him? I did in this case for nonparticipation. But i see a lot of these dps mains with low stats even is the peeling is good.Harbinger0 Oct 1
Oct 1 Supports and Tanks Seeing as less people want to play tanks and even more so supports, and that it seems easier to climb if you main assassin. How about adding some incentive? Maybe a +2 on ranking score for supports and +1 for tanks after the game?anno83698 Oct 1
Oct 1 Hi, came back from a break, is the game fixed? is it ?DrSinh5 Oct 1
Oct 1 Placed bronze 4 even though last i was silver 2 In TL, I was placed bronze 4 even though last time I played TL i was silver 2. Please fix it and put me back to silver.TheDarkArmy4 Oct 1
Oct 1 Favourite Region to Watch The commentators really define what regions I can bear watching. Usually the NA and EU commentators just don't shut up and it's really hard to get past their constant whining about nothing trying to make it seem like something... Anyway I love the styles of China and Korea, the push hard and outthink the opponent style of HotS really shines in those regions.Chuzzer2 Oct 1
Sep 30 Cause and effect: you do bad things, I don't help you. Let's pretend you just moved in to a new house. Nice neighborhood. The neighbors you met prior were decent folks. Your job is nearby. All and all, looks like a good place to live. Your next door neighbor, "Johnny," knocks on your door the first day and invites you to a party he's throwing that night. "Food, drinks, good times," says Johnny. But when you show up, Johnny turns. He publicly berates you in front of everyone. He calls you every name in the book and humiliates you until the party is over. You leave disgusted. But because you don't want any trouble, you enjoy the food and drink and go home. Surprisingly, the food and drink really IS good. So, when Johnny invites you to his next party, do you go? You probably don't because you remember how you were treated at the last party. You even tell Johnny why you don't want to attend. Johnny just laughs saying he doesn't care what you think and that if you do not attend, Johnny will dump all his garbage on your lawn. When you don't go to the party, Johnny follows through with his threat and dumps all the garbage he has across your property. You tell the police. But the police say they didn't see it happen so they can't help you. A few days later, Johnny invites you to yet another party. Should Johnny be surprised that you tell him "No?" Same situation in a game this evening. A player on Volskya Industries gets in to the driver's seat of the Mech. You are the team's healer. The mech driver fights all the way to the enemy core. But at 15% health and surrounded by all five of the enemy team, it is best to beat a hasty retreat. Instead, the driver moves closer to the core. Not only is the mech destroyed, but so is the driver and the gunner! You politely say "At low health, it's best to retreat instead of pushing forward. Your teammate responds with the following: "##^Y u" "u don't tell me @#^& how to @#%!ing play" "inbred toxic @@!@" "u r reported" "die in ur own $#^@ing @#%! u &#$%ing ^#$@$" "^@#@" "#$^@%@" Should that player be surprised that, when he asks to be healed, you refuse to do so? I don't type out colorful metaphors in games because one, it's against the rules and I would like to keep my accounts. And two, it is just not cool to talk like that. But honestly, if you talk to me like that, do you really think I'm going to help you? I'll report you (which doesn't accomplish anything,) but I do not feel that if you're going to treat me like crap that I should be obligated to continue to help you out. Even if that means I'm going to lose the match. This is not about being professional or taking the "higher road." Do I talk to YOU like that? Do I dump my garbage on your lawn? Why SHOULD I help you? It only reinforces the belief that you can say or do whatever you want to me and I will still help you out. Folks, I do not work like that. "More flies with honey" and all that. I'm not apologizing for this. Sure, I block these people or turn chat off entirely. But that's when I get slapped with the "You're not communicating with your team" line. But look at how my team is communicating. I honestly do wonder if GM's who read all the reports about me throwing look at the match and chat logs and say "Well, look how you treated them. I don't really blame them for not healing you." That's assuming I believe GM's actually do this (I don't.) But the really amusing part about this sort of instance is that the guy typing out all the profanity eventually says something along the lines of "I didn't say / do anything wrong. U threw." Well, I guess that means Blizzard will be suspending me soon. Cheers. But it won't change how I play. Cuss me out, don't get healed / helped in a match. Everyone can add me to their block lists now.Hydev6 Sep 30
Sep 30 Ranked Suggestion Ranked Play is almost not worth playing anymore. There is no difference between Ranked Play and Quick Play. I think something needs to be done to better educate the player base. To do so I believe drastic measures need to be taken. Ranked Bans for unacceptable play. At the same time you will be informed of how to improve your game play and why your are banned. One of the better examples I have is a Nova player only roaming around the map and finishing a game with less than 10k siege damage in a 20 minute game. Yes a Nova is supposed to roam and get kills but not sit out of lane all game. So a message would pop up after the game explaining that finishing a game with 8k siege damage is not beneficial to the team. You are not playing the hero effectively. Then maybe talk about averages for similar players. Maybe explain the benefits of xp and being in a lane every now and then. Ranked ban for a WEEK.. LOL.. Maybe I'm a little harsh there. I would like to see more separation between the Quick Play players and Hero League players. I understand that by banning players it gives them less playing options and they may not continue to play the game. Also doesn't it seem like all the toxicity and negative talk about the community and game could be due to mixing in all of the player base into one big pool? I don't see the actual participants/player numbers. It appears that people are leaving this game to play something else. The moba style is one of the most popular games out. This game is great and should be at the top of the list. The players are forcing each other out due to them all being trapped in a small box together. Toxicity and uneducated players are plaguing gaming as a whole. I would like to see Blizzard set the NEW standards and start removing and/or educating these players. Integrity over moneyBigBadWolf4 Sep 30
Sep 30 Need win/loss streaks Took a break from my main last season to play on a different account. I placed gold 4 and climbed to plat 5 with around a 70-75% win rate. I decided to go back to my main because I realized the lack of hero pool on a support only account isn't the best idea. Expected to place plat where I was the season before last. However, I started placements around gold 4 and I am now expected to climb out of gold for the 3rd time. This is getting really frustrating. Unlike most, I win the majority of my games in ranked but I have to deal with this so climb system due to playing on multiple accounts. I really should have just stuck with my main and I know I'm diamond material, but after going 8-2 in placements I know that it's going to take me another 100 games just to get there. Like really? I'm also seeing people with <40% win rates in my games. People really need to climb/drop much quicker. It also sucks knowing that I'm just destroying gold players because I can't get in fair/balanced matches due to the incredibly snail like ladder. That forced me 5 whole divisions below where I ended 2018, season 2 at the start of placements for no reason.Crankeey0 Sep 30
Sep 29 add avoid player option thanksKingAthens9 Sep 29
Sep 29 Matchmaking I really can't bealive that so many people working for Blizzard and HOTS, CAN'T make this matchmaking working good for so long time. If I work for HOTS - I would be very embarrassed. I'm lvl 555 (I have almost all heros on lvl 10+), I play HOTS for more then a year, I'm in 7/10 games MVP (for more then 1 reasons), and I can't escape from bronze 5 or bronze 4 in Ranked. For months I'm trying and trying...but there is ALWAYS some idiot, who ruin all game, and team lose. I'm pretty much sure that Blizzard is banning players only for abusive chat (now will be voice included), but I'm sure there is no bans for nonanticipation. Of course, there is NO MORE points for excellent play. So what that means? That mean, that I (and ALL OTHER players) need to start a new account(s), if we want to play Ranked, from start. I (we) need to give up from everything that we make on our account, all benefits, all gold, all gems, all shards, all mounts, all skins.....and start from 0, just to avoid retarted players in bronze area. Is that possible, that so much people work for Blizzard (HOTS), and can't fix that problem, and separate good players from bad?!CrnaC21 Sep 29
Sep 29 When a community is toxic, everyone abuses Report To play HotS nowdays you can't get upset. You can't point out mistakes, you can't complain. You can't make mistakes, and you can't play a high risk, high reward style. Everyone reports everyone for anything. So you silence or suspend someone. This means even less people playing the game. When the person returns to the game, guess what? They are anxious to play again, so they are prone to be more upset. Since they don't play for a long time, they are gonna point mistakes, and complain, because they want a good game. And they will make mistakes, because everyone does, specially if you are rusty. And playing high risk, high reward, has another meaning in HotS. Nowdays in Heroes, when you play in COMPETITIVE MODE, you will find a lot of casual players that don't get the meaning of COMPETITIVE MODE. So when you queue in Hero League, here is what happens: 10 Min Queue, 10 Min Draft and Load, 10 Minutes Game You might win MMR, or you might lose. And not only losing MMR. Worst thing about a defeat is to get reports. And you will. Low Healing, doesn't matter if you had no Tank, you will get reported. Low Damage, doesn't matter if you were focused, you will get reported. Doesn't like your nickname? I will report you, because it's fun to report. Report por port. Re-Port. It's so easy, there is not a counter on how many reports you have, or how many you have available. You can literally report 9 people every game, just for the fun of it. Is it effective? Who knows, who cares, all you have to do is rage and... Report. Had a fight with your girlfriend? Report. Has that Tracer enemy annoyed you? Report her! I mean, why not report someone that killed you over and over again in game? Let's stop pretending Blizzard pay full attention to each case, lets stop pretending Blizzard "Investigate Deeply" each case. The current report system is broken, so is the matchmaking. The game doesn't have enough players anymore to afford two separate Leagues, quickmatch is a joke that should be named Arcade or Quick Play, because it's not a match, it's not even HotS, it's a poor ARAM. Unranked need to get an EXP BOOST, so people actually play more unranked. Overwatch has a display, that shows "Your Team Has no Healer", or "Only One Tank" for example, that assist people to draft the 2-2-2, being two healers, two tanks and two dps. 90% of the people who play this game can't tell the difference between a tank and a bruiser, don't know how to pilot Volskaya's Protector. Ranked Seasons should have 5 maps, tops, so people get to play those maps, learn those maps. The current map rotation is too big, and bad for new players or players learning. Plus the game has not a single in-game encyclopedia, there is no place to do Tutorials of the maps objectives. Heroes is becomig cheaper and cheaper. There used to be videos telling about the making of new heroes, new characters used to have a 3D screen introduction: now they have a 2D art. This game is going nowhere, fast.Air6 Sep 29
Sep 29 Varian Rework PLS Can someone please rework that hero is it just me or is that hero broken ? When u take an Abatur as supp u like unkillable.... and his dmg with that tank skills is bit broken i think so....SantaCuz0 Sep 29
Sep 29 Solo Queue Suggestion I really like the implementation of being able to solo queue for TL. Having said that, a simple change would really make queue times even better; I really think you should be able to queue first available for HL or TL when you solo queue. Thoughts?KentaroFA1 Sep 29
Sep 29 Add Team Builder Option for Ranked and QM Srly. 2018. How many patch, heroes, skins and blizzcons we need to get this options? Its imposible to play ranked with out friends, people pick what ever they want and they dont have the minimal intention to try to do a balance or good composition because they want to use his favorite hero. I know that having heroes and skins are somthing that sell, but for the love of god, start taking this game srly or it will never be at the top with dota or league. Oh, and remove the stupid brawl option, no one cares, people just play it for the lootbox with out intention to win it. Forum Mod Edit: This post has been edited by a moderator due to language. Ward3n2 Sep 29
Sep 29 Team League Placement weight Hello there, some buddies of mine just did our season placements for ranked. We ended up going 10-0 after some very close and stressful games. Last season I was Silver 4. After going 10-0 I got placed in Silver 3. Improvement right? Well not really. If we would have went 10-0 on games that weren't placement I would probably be in silver 2 at this point. So after doing very well in the games that should have the biggest impact on my rank I am stuck with having a smaller impact than if they were any other game during the season. I was wondering if this is normal? If this is normal and I had went 0-10 would I have only lost 1 division? Either way the placement system seems to not be rewarding for the players that worked very hard to make the 10-0 dream happen.Bimp2 Sep 29
Sep 29 A.I. player losses...? Why in gods name are we still getting losses when a player leaves at the start and is gone all map in a ranked match? The second a player leaves for longer than 30 seconds (due to map loading reconnections) the game should be forfeit and everyone allowed to leave with no stat change, it's complete !@# that I get a loss because a player leaves. It's even more $%^ because I've spent now 40 minutes of wasting my time, why 40? The game before is now meaning nothing because there is no chance to win with an bot with an IQ of 12 running back into a raynor with no life, and now the 20 minutes I have to spend on this completely wasted game just so I don't get leaver status and have to wait for the bullcrap to finish. Get on it blizzard, ffs.Kal3 Sep 29
Sep 29 Should reset master+ down I feel like a lot of low masters are either, not trying because they don't care to get GM, or were incorrectly placed in master. Maybe they feel like the game's outcome is determined completely by the matchmaker and have the mentality that they can't affect the outcome. Either way I don't have fun trying hard when someone else obviously isn't trying.jaqenhghar2 Sep 29
Sep 29 !! BROKEN !! PLACEMENT !! SYSTEM !! HERO LEAGUE: 9 WINS, 1 LOSS, = BRONZE 2. TEAM LEAGUE: 8 WINS, 2 LOSS, = BRONZE 5. AND between each game the was a 20 minute wait in Q. How in the MOTHER OF FAKK 2 is that even possible? WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! I sent in a ticket to report the glitch and this was the response. " Hello there, Doug! Game Master Daerdrin here, thanks for reaching out. I understand you have a concern with your placement. I'd be happy to take a look into this for you. After checking into it, we don't have a way to change your placement. If you feel there should be improvements made to the placement system, you could post that feedback via our forums: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to check into this for you, and I hope you have a good rest of your night." So at the advisement of Game Master Daerdrin, I am posting HERE. I guess Game Master Daerdrin, is unable to give a straight answer WHY. so Im told to post here so other player can answer the question that the Game Masters cant/wont. If you DO respond to this please show me what you saying by providing proof, by posting your valid information with a link to were you got the information, so it can be verified. ALL opinions will be treated with a hostile reply. I want to know WHY this happened, not any OPINIONS why this happened.DougJuggler12 Sep 29
Sep 28 This season HL so far Gotta say i usually wait for a few weeks before doing my placements but had heard that doing them right away is the better option as people who dont regularly play ranked do them later or end of season just to get them done and might ruin your season and drop you down ranks. So i jumped right in yesterday. 6 games im 4W and 2L. Oddly the 2 games i lost were due a yolo feeder going in deep and out numbered all game which i was healing and tried everything to keep them alive, and a saaalty toxic player that types more than played and just got under everyones skin so nobody tried they just gave up. 3 of 4 i won had Trolls who drafted so poorly i thought the game was lost at draft. Like drafted 3 specs on alterac pass.. players in 4th and 5th spot not take a healer even tho DPS and tank rolls were taken by 1,2 and 3 draft spots. Murky/Nova and no healer with valla ming and arthas.. vs Whitemane atranis zuljin guldan and muradin... unreal win. I never give up, sure i get salty too when people are terrible or troll/intentionally die, but its better to just never give up and try than be typing salty and complain while contributing to the loss. Even if your draft looks hopeless just try and work with what you have, dont just conceed cuz even at gold 3/2 ive won 3 seemingly unwinnable games. Just thought id share how terrible yet suprising my games have been. I won my first 4 which is important from a placement perspective. Hopefully i can end up going up from where i left off last season.DigitaLegacy4 Sep 28
Sep 28 Lower the amount of level 5 heroes for ranked play Right now you need 16 heroes lvl 5 on top of owning them to play ranked. I know at least 4 of my friends that come from dota 2 that are competitive players and just want to jump into ranked play in hots. The problem is they have to spend an insane amount of time leveling 16 heroes to 5. Also, 16 heroes costs a dumb amount of gold. If dota 2 gives players every hero and has no ranked requirement, why can't hots pull it off? I feel like it would bring in more competitive players as well (since quick match is a joke and usually makes people quit the game).BeakenStein6 Sep 28
Sep 27 Here is why I hate the mmr system in HL Blizzard wants to make matches fair But for example plat 3 What if a player is plat 3 but has the play skill of a diamond 3 He will be compromised ofcourse Low master + plat 3 = gold 3 teammate. But what if he is low master Low master + Plat 3 = 2 teammates that are gold 3. So the master needs to carry. And its possible in hots to carry, but we all know its a game that its affected by even everyone's choises. So if the 2 low people are just endlessly hitting heroes instead of soaking. The high ranked player can do all he want. but its impossible to climb that way.Harbinger10 Sep 27
Sep 27 Posting HGC Videos General comment; but can we get HGC games posted faster! I almost exclusive watch HGC via replays as it's hard to commit a full Friday/Saturday to watching vids. It takes so long to get the games posted though. It's Thursday and EU and NA Saturday week 10 games still aren't up. Not sure why this takes so long each week. Help me so I have something to do while I eat my lunch :DTharlask0 Sep 27
Sep 27 HOTS not dying, eh? Sep 27
Sep 27 I thought this was fixed? New season, everyone doing their placements, and this still happens to me I thought Blizz fixed this a couple of days ago? But I still have to wait over 15 minutes to find a game? I was told by a friend that everyone is in Team League, so I'm quing up for it. And I still had to wait over 10 minutes to find a game. What's going on?SirFerret3 Sep 27
Sep 27 TL the new quick match Congrats on ruining another game mode just to have quicker que times.MEHOYMINOY1 Sep 27
Sep 27 Rank decay improvement I'm generally happy with the season, but the rank decay should be improved. In the last few days many people just placed themselves to escape this system. All well and good as Blizzard has allowed this. I'm talking directly from my experience here -> HL Master. Just because a player was a master in the preseason, he should not be allowed to wait until the end, make 10 games and land there again. This is undeserved. Suggestion: If a season starts you have to be ranked within one month (season about 3 months). Who does not, loses points based on the preseason. For testing, it could be limited this...for example: Master player who does not rank decays to max. Diamond 5. Now of course you can say, "And what if I do not have time to get ranked?" In a nutshell: "Sorry bad luck and that is your problem." It's basically just an extension of the current "decay". If you want the rewards and your rank, then you have to do something for it. What do you guys think? btw. Sorry my english isn`t the best. And my first post didn`t work.Bara1 Sep 27
Sep 27 Move 2. ban to after 2-3 picks? So after Blizzard decided to remove player name its "almost" imposible to ban heroes that mater in "low ranks" So what about move the 2. ban abit? 1ban then you pick 2-3 heroes then 2 bans? This makes its easyer to counter "builds". Now its just totaly random.MysticoN0 Sep 27
Sep 26 Ranked games need some sort of standard Anything besides the 16 heroes to level 5 will do. like put a mandatory 1000 games played in unranked. so that way the players who dont care for hero league and only do it for the mount and gold can stay in unranked matches. Tired of players using quick match tactics in hero league games. Tired of being placed with players who play just to practice low heroes and level them up in hero league. And for those of you who continue to deny to yourself about all the issues happening that isnt getting fixed you are at fault here as well. Forum posts and over 75% of the game population saying the same thing yet you guys continue to deny it and keep blaming the person for why certain games are really lost. Stop denying these situations are happening. You guys are the type people claiming cops dont plant drugs and dont kill people or use excessive force when there has been countless proof and evidence. You guys are the ones allowing this company to continue this path and not fix the game where it needs to be fixedMEHOYMINOY3 Sep 26
Sep 26 This game is a strategy game And 90% of the players dont have the brain to play it. It really inst that hard, seeing things like oh look we are a level down objective is barely starting and its one of those where we can go to half way and not at the start so we can get on same level of even talent tier. Or even seeing things like oh look the solo laner is doing 1v2 and he is winning it, im going to push another lane with the 4man squad and get even more value cause they have to defend solo lane and us now. But no most of the players think like this. Oh look solo lane is about to kill the person hes laning aganst while top lane is getting ganked...ima go take that kill from zagara instead of helping the team. A bunch of you players simply just point and click. "ooooh look a minion wave im going to go get it" while your team is team fighting right in front of you.MEHOYMINOY10 Sep 26
Sep 26 Thin players base low skill level below top top 500 NA Been playing since alpha.... all i got to say as a master player that there just way to many low skill players in this game to get a good match. Typically random stomp city game either your on it or not. solo Qing into QM or URD is utterly cause your blood to boil and HL is just a crap shoot whether you actually get a team that can draft, ban properly and then have the mechanics to play at the same level you are. It really a moba filled with SPEDs and rejects from other games. This game is great at its core but utterly unplayable at a competative level in any mode they offer besides AI. It is really about finding 5 players to go pro with and who has the time to do that. 99.9% of players want to advance ladder and not go into a pro scene.PresidentD4 Sep 26
Sep 26 Go ahead and ban me cuz some guy on my team was feeding into a tower the whole game, and 2 games before, go ahead and ban me cuz some1 else is throwing just the like u did the last 2 times tnx alot blizz youre doing great job at making sure this game is toxic and not fun keep it upWijione4 Sep 26
Sep 26 New Team League Party Matches I really like the idea of this universal TL where any size of parties can queue, this was a really nice intention. You got a thumbs up for that! BUT! Please, tweak the matchmakings according to this new aspect. What i mean here, is that I think msot players can agree that a 5man team vs a 1:2:2 is barely fair. A little tweaks in this should exponentially improve the joy factor and fair matchmaking without significantly increasing the queue times.Gspenge0 Sep 26
Sep 25 Plat 5 matched with Grand master rank #3? My cousin and i were playing last night, we waited almost 400 seconds i.e. 6.6 minutes to queue for a Team league only to get put up against a grand master ranked #3 player. I understand that blizzard try's to offset this with lower ranked players such as a silver or a bronze, but if i'm gold 2 cousins plat 5 and its a demotion match, it doesn't matter if i have two diamonds on my team. We're going to get destroyed. Why is it still a common occurrence that if you're in plat and technically grand master is two levels up that you come up against a rank #3 player. It makes the game not even fun & down right frustrating. Anyone else experience this?Progress4 Sep 25
Sep 25 Need an advice from the Master and GM players. Greetings, everyone! Sorry I had to make a title like that, but I really need some help from the most experienced players that are here. You see, when I play Hero League, I am usually a Platinum 4 rank. Recently, however (just a few days ago) I have experienced a tremendous downfall from P4 to G2, which is a big deal to me. The "unlucky" losing streaks just cannot consist of that many matches in a row! The conclusion I have ultimately come to is that there is something new about the game. Something fundamental that I just fail to understand. (Because nothing has changed about my playstyle, knowledge of the characters' mechanics and macro tactics) So, I am now asking you, the most experienced players: what is that thing that I'm missing? What is the key to climbing back from G2 to P4? My main roles are: tank and assassin (mage). My main characters are: Arthas, Diablo, Gul'Dan, Kel'Thuzad. All of them are 50+ lvl, I am not new to their mechanics. I'm looking forward to your advices and I hope this topic will not go unnoticed.Chaos20 Sep 25
Sep 25 Can we get rit off promotion games They are basicly designed to keep you stuck. In overwatch a more succesfull game its made that you can climb and its more fair smooth and less frustrating So I dont want to be stuck in between 2 matches for a ethernaty. hoping for a promotion.Harbinger8 Sep 25
Sep 24 Anyone else getting long queue times for team league? My wife and I play a lot of Heroes together. We've spent the last couple years playing lots of Quick Match and Unranked. We're finally to that point where we feel fairly adept at most of the heroes and roles and can spot the point at which many of our casual games fall apart due to poor teamwork. We figured it was time to start trying our hands at competitive. We wanted to get our placement matches done and see which level of bronze it places us in XD. We got into one match after about a ten minute wait in the queue. After that we queued for our second match and waited about 30 minutes before giving up on it. The next day we tried again thinking maybe it was just slow. We waited for about 20-25 minutes this time before we just decided to go back to unranked so we could actually play. We've tried several more times both on weekdays and weekends and sometimes we'll get a game within 10 minutes or so but most of the time we're stuck in queue for 20+ minutes. We haven't even finished our placements because we get sick of waiting and end up back in casual. Are we just impatient and this is perfectly normal or are we the only ones experiencing such lengthy queue times? If it's normal then don't mind me, but if not then does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix it? Will it get faster if we just power through and get our placements done?Chev1 Sep 24
Sep 24 New to Hero League, Ranking Misunderstanding So, my friends and I just finished our match making for casual hero league play and we had some really weird outcomes at the end. We won 7/10 of our games but where we ended up being placed was all over. Three of us got placed in Rank 4 Silver, one in Rank 3 Gold, and another Rank 1 Gold. So, not only is the entire process here obfuscated to where none of us know why we got placed where were, but two of us got placed appreciably higher than the others. None of us had done Team League before this and we did all ten matches together. I'm just really curious as to why a team's match making can be so wildly different when we played all the same games, and this was all our first time doing it.DarkerSheep2 Sep 24
Sep 24 TL Placements are Performance Based?!?!?! So a bud and I started doing our placements because of the season ending in 4 days. We won 8 and lost 2. He placed Gold 4 and I placed Silver 5... P.S. I mostly played supp while he played tank/dps does this have something to do with us placing different? ;_;Froi1 Sep 24
Sep 24 Leavers in Draft When i play HL i have to wait 600-700s. Alot of the the time i have people who leave in draft for one reason or another. Then i have to wait another 600-700s for another que to pop. i feel like the people that leave ques in draft are not punished enough to deter leaving. i think more serous measures should be taken to punish people who waste the time of players like me. but at the currently moment it seems like this is just part of the game and because of a couple salty people i have to often wait double the que time to get into one game. while i was typing this i had this happen 2 times so now i have to wait 3 times the normal amount to play 1 HL game. blizzard we need your help. i am not sure what you can do but we need help.Quessir0 Sep 24
Sep 23 Problem with combined MatchMaking A matchmaking system that uses both MMR and Rank is bad. We'd fix SOOOO many problems if we just made everything MMR based. GrogmanWoW summarized the problem perfectly on twitter in response to BlizzHeroes, (I'm putting it here so non-twitter people see it): "Ranked play should either only use rank or only use MMR, using both artificially holds people back. If I'm silver with a really high MMR, I should not have to play other silvers with high MMR, I should be playing the entire silver player pool. Otherwise it should just be purely based on MMR, remove the rank system. By combining the two, my silver games could potentially all be with and against players with platinum level MMR, thus while my rank is silver, I have a platinum level ranked experience and it's harder to get out of silver. Meanwhile, a silver player with a bronze MMR is playing with easier opponents, thus having an entirely different experience at the same rank. It is just as easy for them to advance as the plat MMR player also at silver. This gets even worse when you head up to masters and you've got several that aren't going lower after the artificial boost many received. Silver/gold MMR players in masters that mostly play against silver/gold MMR players in masters. Don't do rank and MMR at the same time."Tigerson0 Sep 23
Sep 22 Matchmaking I know everyone hates the matchmaking, but it is amazing to me that Blizzard seems incapable of simple changes like restricting level zero players from quick matches. I'm not talking about something complex. I just got matched with a level 0 and a level 2 against a team with more experienced players. This seems like such a no-brainer.FleaBite1 Sep 22
Sep 23 Winning a "Promotion match" rollback problem Winning a "promotion match" returns back to the same bracket and with less rank points? This just happened to me yesterday... someone had the same problem?Swift2 Sep 23
Sep 21 seeing the same players 5 games in a row No one is playing this !@#$ game anymore so that must be why we keep getting paired with the same troll player, same bad player, same dumb player over and over again. And then on top of that you give those idiots the power to report actual players who would like to rank up and play competitively. All thats left is the trolls who sit there playing bad and report the good players cause they dont like that they got called out on playing bad. But if they are this skill level why the hell is the system putting them in high gold/platinum.MEHOYMINOY8 Sep 21
Sep 21 Never did ranked before.. As the title says I've never done ranked before but I want to see how I do. I generally play support the most since it is the role I most excel in. Is the community as bad as I hear about in ranked?Spiffytiffy6 Sep 21
Sep 21 The new Brightwing kind of sucks they removed Mistified & made Pixie Charm like all the other bribes and the new Unstable Anomaly does almost no dmg and has no AOE now , i tired to kill a Gazlowe with almost no hp left and it didn't work wtf is this bs why can't they keep Unstable Anomaly the same but move it to a higher level ? most of the fun with bw came from getting kills with Polymorph P.s. getting into the PTR is a pain in the !@# have to try like 3 timesDeathblade1 Sep 21
Sep 20 Alterac Pass Enemy team has missing keep top and bottom lane. We get top boss and the enemy has 3 dead so me and another team mate say lets push with boss and end game. As we say that objective comes up and 3 of our team mates want to sit on the objective and tell us its better to get the objective then to push with boss. We are also level 20. These are the people the company is giving the power to report other people. cause now they report us for feeding or being non participants on the objective when the game would be over. Getting the objective if we ended the game me and my team mate wouldnt have matter at all. the objective would have been 100% useless. Thank you for allowing donkey brains to report us for playing properly and trying to win for our team.MEHOYMINOY2 Sep 20
Sep 20 performance matchmaking - when? seriously. fix ur gameKingAthens6 Sep 20