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Oct 24, 2016 2017 Heroes Global Championship Details We just announced details about the structure, schedule, and more for our 2017 Heroes Global Championship. Head to the 2017 HGC website to find information about our new league structure, where top teams from around the world will battle for supremacy over the course of the year on the road to the HGC Finals. You'll also find details about international competition, including Clashes and Brawls, prize pools, format, and more.Spyrian0 Oct 24, 2016
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9h Go ahead and ban me cuz some guy on my team was feeding into a tower the whole game, and 2 games before, go ahead and ban me cuz some1 else is throwing just the like u did the last 2 times tnx alot blizz youre doing great job at making sure this game is toxic and not fun keep it upWijione3 9h
9h Matchmaking I know everyone hates the matchmaking, but it is amazing to me that Blizzard seems incapable of simple changes like restricting level zero players from quick matches. I'm not talking about something complex. I just got matched with a level 0 and a level 2 against a team with more experienced players. This seems like such a no-brainer.FleaBite1 9h
9h Here is why I hate the mmr system in HL Blizzard wants to make matches fair But for example plat 3 What if a player is plat 3 but has the play skill of a diamond 3 He will be compromised ofcourse Low master + plat 3 = gold 3 teammate. But what if he is low master Low master + Plat 3 = 2 teammates that are gold 3. So the master needs to carry. And its possible in hots to carry, but we all know its a game that its affected by even everyone's choises. So if the 2 low people are just endlessly hitting heroes instead of soaking. The high ranked player can do all he want. but its impossible to climb that way.Harbinger2 9h
9h When a community is toxic, everyone abuses Report To play HotS nowdays you can't get upset. You can't point out mistakes, you can't complain. You can't make mistakes, and you can't play a high risk, high reward style. Everyone reports everyone for anything. So you silence or suspend someone. This means even less people playing the game. When the person returns to the game, guess what? They are anxious to play again, so they are prone to be more upset. Since they don't play for a long time, they are gonna point mistakes, and complain, because they want a good game. And they will make mistakes, because everyone does, specially if you are rusty. And playing high risk, high reward, has another meaning in HotS. Nowdays in Heroes, when you play in COMPETITIVE MODE, you will find a lot of casual players that don't get the meaning of COMPETITIVE MODE. So when you queue in Hero League, here is what happens: 10 Min Queue, 10 Min Draft and Load, 10 Minutes Game You might win MMR, or you might lose. And not only losing MMR. Worst thing about a defeat is to get reports. And you will. Low Healing, doesn't matter if you had no Tank, you will get reported. Low Damage, doesn't matter if you were focused, you will get reported. Doesn't like your nickname? I will report you, because it's fun to report. Report por port. Re-Port. It's so easy, there is not a counter on how many reports you have, or how many you have available. You can literally report 9 people every game, just for the fun of it. Is it effective? Who knows, who cares, all you have to do is rage and... Report. Had a fight with your girlfriend? Report. Has that Tracer enemy annoyed you? Report her! I mean, why not report someone that killed you over and over again in game? Let's stop pretending Blizzard pay full attention to each case, lets stop pretending Blizzard "Investigate Deeply" each case. The current report system is broken, so is the matchmaking. The game doesn't have enough players anymore to afford two separate Leagues, quickmatch is a joke that should be named Arcade or Quick Play, because it's not a match, it's not even HotS, it's a poor ARAM. Unranked need to get an EXP BOOST, so people actually play more unranked. Overwatch has a display, that shows "Your Team Has no Healer", or "Only One Tank" for example, that assist people to draft the 2-2-2, being two healers, two tanks and two dps. 90% of the people who play this game can't tell the difference between a tank and a bruiser, don't know how to pilot Volskaya's Protector. Ranked Seasons should have 5 maps, tops, so people get to play those maps, learn those maps. The current map rotation is too big, and bad for new players or players learning. Plus the game has not a single in-game encyclopedia, there is no place to do Tutorials of the maps objectives. Heroes is becomig cheaper and cheaper. There used to be videos telling about the making of new heroes, new characters used to have a 3D screen introduction: now they have a 2D art. This game is going nowhere, fast.Air3 9h
9h Plat 5 matched with Grand master rank #3? My cousin and i were playing last night, we waited almost 400 seconds i.e. 6.6 minutes to queue for a Team league only to get put up against a grand master ranked #3 player. I understand that blizzard try's to offset this with lower ranked players such as a silver or a bronze, but if i'm gold 2 cousins plat 5 and its a demotion match, it doesn't matter if i have two diamonds on my team. We're going to get destroyed. Why is it still a common occurrence that if you're in plat and technically grand master is two levels up that you come up against a rank #3 player. It makes the game not even fun & down right frustrating. Anyone else experience this?Progress2 9h
9h About to dedicate my life to becoming a HotS pro Hi, my name is Zach and I just recently realized that one of the only fulfilling paths for me is competitive gaming. I've chosen HotS as my platform because it encapsulates everything I love about esports. From my profile you may notice I'm pretty new to the game and that's why I wanna start this series. It's going to show every moment of my career from fresh new player to (hopefully) highly skilled competitor. Right now I'm just looking for support in any way possible, tips, tricks, anything. I'm so happy to join this awesome community and I hope to make you all proudimmakillyou27 9h
11h Supports and Tanks Seeing as less people want to play tanks and even more so supports, and that it seems easier to climb if you main assassin. How about adding some incentive? Maybe a +2 on ranking score for supports and +1 for tanks after the game?anno83692 11h
14h Winning a "Promotion match" rollback problem Winning a "promotion match" returns back to the same bracket and with less rank points? This just happened to me yesterday... someone had the same problem?Swift0 14h
1d Thin players base low skill level below top top 500 NA Been playing since alpha.... all i got to say as a master player that there just way to many low skill players in this game to get a good match. Typically random stomp city game either your on it or not. solo Qing into QM or URD is utterly cause your blood to boil and HL is just a crap shoot whether you actually get a team that can draft, ban properly and then have the mechanics to play at the same level you are. It really a moba filled with SPEDs and rejects from other games. This game is great at its core but utterly unplayable at a competative level in any mode they offer besides AI. It is really about finding 5 players to go pro with and who has the time to do that. 99.9% of players want to advance ladder and not go into a pro scene.PresidentD3 1d
1d TL Placements are Performance Based?!?!?! So a bud and I started doing our placements because of the season ending in 4 days. We won 8 and lost 2. He placed Gold 4 and I placed Silver 5... P.S. I mostly played supp while he played tank/dps does this have something to do with us placing different? ;_;Froi0 1d
1d seeing the same players 5 games in a row No one is playing this !@#$ game anymore so that must be why we keep getting paired with the same troll player, same bad player, same dumb player over and over again. And then on top of that you give those idiots the power to report actual players who would like to rank up and play competitively. All thats left is the trolls who sit there playing bad and report the good players cause they dont like that they got called out on playing bad. But if they are this skill level why the hell is the system putting them in high gold/platinum.MEHOYMINOY8 1d
1d Never did ranked before.. As the title says I've never done ranked before but I want to see how I do. I generally play support the most since it is the role I most excel in. Is the community as bad as I hear about in ranked?Spiffytiffy6 1d
2d The new Brightwing kind of sucks they removed Mistified & made Pixie Charm like all the other bribes and the new Unstable Anomaly does almost no dmg and has no AOE now , i tired to kill a Gazlowe with almost no hp left and it didn't work wtf is this bs why can't they keep Unstable Anomaly the same but move it to a higher level ? most of the fun with bw came from getting kills with Polymorph P.s. getting into the PTR is a pain in the !@# have to try like 3 timesDeathblade1 2d
2d Alterac Pass Enemy team has missing keep top and bottom lane. We get top boss and the enemy has 3 dead so me and another team mate say lets push with boss and end game. As we say that objective comes up and 3 of our team mates want to sit on the objective and tell us its better to get the objective then to push with boss. We are also level 20. These are the people the company is giving the power to report other people. cause now they report us for feeding or being non participants on the objective when the game would be over. Getting the objective if we ended the game me and my team mate wouldnt have matter at all. the objective would have been 100% useless. Thank you for allowing donkey brains to report us for playing properly and trying to win for our team.MEHOYMINOY2 2d
2d performance matchmaking - when? seriously. fix ur gameKingAthens6 2d
3d havent played in 3 months I come back and this game is worse than ever. I get paired with a bad player two games in a row and they clearly had little knowledge of the game.First game she wouldnt listen and said i was the issue with why we lost. Second game i was paired with her she went li ming and sat in lanes soloing while we had a specialist on our team. Everytime i told her to stay with team cause she is our main dps she would say "no we need to soak". But why do we need to soak if we are on the same level and tier of talents. So we lose the team fight cause she is soaking as li ming and then starts to blame me and most likely reports me cause thats how you players are. You dont like something you report it. The game after she was on the opposing team and of course she lost cause she shouldnt be playing ranked or even placed in high golds with that type of knowledge game mechanics. She took the 20 talent that allows you to increase ability power but she always did Q twice which reset the buff. And this is a great example of why this game/ ranked mode is dying. You gave her the power to report a player who is trying to help everyone on the team win and does all positive things during game. But she wasnt happy cause she played wrong and got called out on it and started reporting. so now after not playing for 3 months on my second day of playing the game i have a 2 week suspesion. No wonder no one wants to play this game. Skilled players suffer while the trash players get to ban people for asking them to play right or better in a ranked game.MEHOYMINOY6 3d
3d There are many things wrong with this game The fact that we still play this game. we complain about MM and we complain about the ranking system being subpar. For some reason we still play. I am so done with the lack of QOL changes and the fact that if your not GM it feels like bliz dont care about you.Bucko3 3d
3d Can we get rit off promotion games They are basicly designed to keep you stuck. In overwatch a more succesfull game its made that you can climb and its more fair smooth and less frustrating So I dont want to be stuck in between 2 matches for a ethernaty. hoping for a promotion.Harbinger6 3d
3d uderdog just a simple question to blizzard: why i have to lose a 0-40 kills game, u reward me with +12 points for enemy favored bonus and losing 188 points "only"?? blizz, u need to start to uderstand if MM is unbalanced and frustated u will lost 188 players from ur base players! u need to start to ask yourself becouse this game has few players. a new hero every 2 week dont work. players dont go up but down . MM NEED PRIORITY!! alpha is ended years ago.. fix this MM!!!!!! we need a genius in blizzard dev that make a simple MM rules if game is not balaced dont start it! favored bonus mean game is unbalanced and this is the most incredible and useless thing i see in a moba gameFiccoFicco1 3d
3d Non participation report This report section is ridiculous. if a player doesnt like how you paly you can get reported for non participation and banned for doing absolutely nothing wrong except for another player thinking you did something wrong. You push lane get fort while enemy gets first objective but no value out of it and your team considers you a non participant even though you just got them level lead and the fort down in a boss lane.... You have a dog and it just made a mess and you need to clean it up real quick so you afk for a quick minute in quick match and get reported for non participation. The wrost banning system in any game ever...PERIODTheLobeHD7 3d
3d Boycott Hero League in protest of the MMR... 9/8-9th I'm serious. Listen to me before you down vote or cry foul. We're playing a broken system, which is telling Blizzard that we're happy with the system, or at the very least, we will play it. We need to Boycott this system. What I am calling for is a boycott of Hero League on September 8-9th. Do not play Hero League, do not play Team League. Tell Blizzard you don't like this system, let them get an idea of what their competitive scene, the driving market for this game could look like, if they don't listen to their customers, us. We have the power, but so long as we feed this broken system, it will never be fixed. Tell Blizzard the MMR needs to go, that arbitrary penalties based on a broken system do not work. We need something that doesn't penalize someone for winning or losing, because an MMR has decided we're not as good as where we're at. If we're not as good as where we are at, why are we there? Again... boycott Hero League and Team League on September 8-9th. Play Unranked, Quickmatch, beat up on the Elite AI, but don't play competitive. It's time Blizzard understands just how much people dislike this system. P.S. pass it on... let people that don't visit the forum know what's going on.Zenren28 3d
3d Playing with silenced players If you are going to silence someone, for what I assume is repeated harassment in game/toxic behavior? Then temporarily ban them (with increasing length for repeated offense). Cause I most certainly don't want to play with them. Potentially puts me at a disadvantage with my teammates for a number or reasons. They are possibly playing tilted, in one particular case eventually had to silence players pings as well (they just kept pinging same player all game). So now ive got no chat and no ping. In what could have been predicted as player was already silenced by blizz. take em outta que for awhile please.RageusQuitus5 3d
3d Need an advice from the Master and GM players. Greetings, everyone! Sorry I had to make a title like that, but I really need some help from the most experienced players that are here. You see, when I play Hero League, I am usually a Platinum 4 rank. Recently, however (just a few days ago) I have experienced a tremendous downfall from P4 to G2, which is a big deal to me. The "unlucky" losing streaks just cannot consist of that many matches in a row! The conclusion I have ultimately come to is that there is something new about the game. Something fundamental that I just fail to understand. (Because nothing has changed about my playstyle, knowledge of the characters' mechanics and macro tactics) So, I am now asking you, the most experienced players: what is that thing that I'm missing? What is the key to climbing back from G2 to P4? My main roles are: tank and assassin (mage). My main characters are: Arthas, Diablo, Gul'Dan, Kel'Thuzad. All of them are 50+ lvl, I am not new to their mechanics. I'm looking forward to your advices and I hope this topic will not go unnoticed.Chaos18 3d
3d Chuck "diablo" Norris he can tank, damage, heal, stun and he can resuscitate from death like the famous one without wait 3 days. last day i see a diablo around win a game before the matchmakin finds it and starts it. :) but no problem, the important thing is to have the new hero in 2 weeks ;-)FiccoFicco1 3d
3d Teach People How to Play Dear Blizzard, Please teach your player base how to pay. Things like: When to go where and why, When to go to an objective, when to concede an objective, timings for camps, stutter stepping, dodging abilities, landing abilities, how to count to 5, what is field of vision, The purpose of a bush, the list goes on. Then move on to hero specific testing. Then, start testing players for these things and rating their proficiency. Then separate your player base into categories that understand these concepts. Then allow like minded and like skilled players to play with and against each other in the same game. Thank you.XerxesTM1 3d
3d Secret to climb ranks! Learn to play a tank or bruiser. In my opinion, the hardest role is tank or bruiser. As a tank you need to learn how to peel, how to engage and have crazy map awareness. Know what the opposing players are doing to your backline and seeing what skills are being used on your dps/healer and stopping it. As a bruiser your job is to play the macro game and do camps at a certain time and soak xp for your team. Also have to know when to join a team fight and not just soak and do mercs all game. I climbed from plat to dia just from playing tank/bruiser roles. (Sonya, art, etc, blaze) Tl;Dr: learning tank / bruiser roles will help you climb.dashira25 3d
4d This game is a strategy game And 90% of the players dont have the brain to play it. It really inst that hard, seeing things like oh look we are a level down objective is barely starting and its one of those where we can go to half way and not at the start so we can get on same level of even talent tier. Or even seeing things like oh look the solo laner is doing 1v2 and he is winning it, im going to push another lane with the 4man squad and get even more value cause they have to defend solo lane and us now. But no most of the players think like this. Oh look solo lane is about to kill the person hes laning aganst while top lane is getting ganked...ima go take that kill from zagara instead of helping the team. A bunch of you players simply just point and click. "ooooh look a minion wave im going to go get it" while your team is team fighting right in front of you.MEHOYMINOY9 4d
4d I can not get into a Hero League Match Is there any reason why I haven't been able to get into a Ranked battle in the past few days? I have been in que for 40 minutes tonight alone. I have never had this problem before. Any suggestions? It started a few days ago.Ravonous9 4d
4d level 24 Mephisto's globle ult kills abathur at full HP such BSDeathblade11 4d
4d Match Making Questions In solo competitive mode why do four low win rates about (49-50%) normally get matched with a high one (60-100%)? If you keep winning in a row, why does the rate in which you advance not in significantly increase? *Feedback on these questions should be from someone who is a credible source*Frequent10 4d
5d Question Regarding Rank Between Seasons So I heard somewhere online that if you do not complete 15 or more matches during a Ranked season,you will not be able to place above Gold 5 upon completing next season's placement matches. I'd like to finish my 10 placements (I was slacking off on them this season) but I would also like to make sure my rank next season will not be lowered due to having under 15 games.Xorpik1 5d
5d Long Q times kAscendant1 5d
Sep 16 heroes matching system broken clearly blizzard doesn't give a damn about solo players because they're focused on their team game matches. Your solo matching system is still fcked up and broken. You have way TOOO MANY RANKS. There's no reason why we would keep seeing the same people match after match if there's thousands or hundreds of thousands of players. The truth is blizzard has about 20 people in each rank, hence why see the same people over and over again. Your solo queue doesn't have that many players. Fix your ranks or fix the matching system so we don't keep getting matched up with players we report and ban. Also you need to fix your system so that when we block someone or report them, we no longer match with them. Do something good blizzard.KingDelta1 Sep 16
Sep 16 tick tock, goes comp-hots biological clock Better fix your matchmaking/ranking system fast blizzard, I tried to get a game of HL going(for the first time in months), early in the morning, on a weekday, because that's where I find the best people who are serious about improving their ranks are. After 20 mins I just canceled, gave up. Right now its like hots is a 38 year old looking to start a family on a dating site called something like Every one of my posts I try to offer an Idea not just insult, you know, because they have been slacking and deserve it. My point, if its not clear is that competitive play hots is dwindling and I hate to see that because I think its where its most fun. So anyway how about having an only voice comms Queue, where people have to be in coms to play. There are many ways to enforce this I wont get into all that - but I do know that people in the higher ranks wont mind playing with lower ranks as much if they can talk to them, and they will listen. As well as much of the salty and toxic people dont go on voice coms because the whole point of them not being in coms is linked to why they are little baby boys and girls - but I wont get into that either.blogart5 Sep 16
Sep 14 Troll players The fact that i can get a troll player numerous games in a row, who intentionally ruins draft picks and intentionally ruins games, and report him numerous times but continue to get him in my next games is atrocious. Then on top of that if they somehow convince your team mates the next game that you are the troll and force the mto report you for no reason and you get banned is even more atrocious. This game is becoming nothing but a bunch of clown fiesta donkey brain players running your game and report system.TheLobeHD4 Sep 14
Sep 14 D/C in ranked play Hey i really find the game enjoyable, i bounce from gold to silver in ranked, but its hard to get yourself better and climb the ranked hero league when members of your team D/C or have huge connection issues on a semi regular basis. Not to mention the game is literally impossible to win if you have a bot for 90% of it because it does not respond to pings haha (despite what the tooltip says) does anyone else feel that if a bot is on your team for 5 or more minutes then the ranked loss shouldn't count? or maybe at least you lose a reduced amount of ranked points. Its the worst feeling at the end of the game when 5 minutes in your tank D/Cs then you grind out another 10 minutes of a slow bleed game as the bot aimlessly runs around, only to have you lose 224 ranked points because your team was favored...Zýxx2 Sep 14
Sep 13 Excessively exaggerated waiting time (Sorry for the language, I'm French) I have to wait several tens of minutes to several hours to play SoloRanked in the last few days. My record is 2:30, it's long. Thanks for your help. Sep 13
Sep 13 BOT player still playing after weeks of reporting bot prgrammed account - Can i name this player so they get banned??? for weeks i get match with it. 6 god damn games now ive been on this players team and ALL my teammates said they would report and nothing has been done!!!! how is this allowed for WEEKS?????? Yet bad words get players banned who are real people playing the game. Great system you have there blizz! picks nova gets stuck on walls until you ping it. picks tyrande and heals only itself and chases enemies around into towers and dies picks tlv and IF you get a keep its suicides into the core dor the rest od the game. AND WHY IS IT ALWAYS ON MY TEAM!?!?!?Smaug1 Sep 13
Sep 12 1q2 5r64y7etrdfcEscuder0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Really High Que Time HL IN HERO LEAGUE I am getting que times upward of 3000 seconds... yes 50 minutes. Some have gone over an hour. It started last week when I went from bronze to silver, que times have not been less than 10 minutes. I am used to waiting for a game patiently, but this is ridiculous? Most have been around 1000-2000 second waiting times. Any help or suggestions? I know the que times can't really be this long, nobody on my teams seem to wait this long... It is silver 4 HLJakburton18 Sep 12
Sep 12 waiting for ranked Hey guys, i have an issue, i cant log in ranked game... "i can" but im waiting for 1000 seconds and still nothing... any solution? Thanks ( i have this problem for week)Sinercz1 Sep 12
Sep 11 Don't just balance team average! MM suggestion I was just thinking that a lot of stomps happen when one team has players way below the average (mmr or even exp lvl). This happens a lot even when the team averages match. So the suggestion is: the end goal should be that all players in the match are very similar. But we need more players (stop loosing as many players). So for the time being you could maybe use a bit different players in some matches like it already is but on top of balancing team averages also make sure that there are no players way below the match average. And if that takes too long to find at least make sure that one team doesn't have more players way below the average. I can imagine that would greatly increase the probability of a good match experience. Now the other thing is that I have noticed the same kind of advantage for one team if only considering their experience levels. So the end end goal could be to balance according to both metrics. Heck, I would come back from a 7 moth break instantly if there was a game mode where I get to play with other veterans and the mmr was secondary. As I learned more about the game I started to care more and more about the knowledge of the other players.Jaanus0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Broken TL Something very annoying is happening every match on TL. One GM with 4 smurfs playing TL against gold/silver and guess what I lose 230 points. Smurfs should be forbidden in this game or at least not allowed to play with plat +.STLuigi5 Sep 11
Sep 11 long que supposed pair with equal mmr. It doesnt work. The extended wait times do not create fair match ups. i havent had a fair match up since mephisto came out. Every game is a stomp and my teammates are usually really bad. ive managed to pull out some wins but its ridiculous how bad every match up is in ranked.DigitaLegacy2 Sep 11
Sep 11 I've had enough of this garbage matchmaking Im done. Every HL game is garbage, i get trolls, afk, rage quitters, you name it its on my team. Tonight alone 4 games ALL of them had someone afk or quit. Why would anyone find the way this game matches skill level enjoyable? Every game i play is a JOKE, a waste of time. I wasted my last 2 hours playing this trash. Ask yourself why you keep playing when all this game does is screw players over with bad matches. Blizzard makss good games but how they match players is so bad you'd think they'd invest some time and effort into making a great game worth playing.Smaug9 Sep 11
Sep 10 Matchmaking I really can't bealive that so many people working for Blizzard and HOTS, CAN'T make this matchmaking working good for so long time. If I work for HOTS - I would be very embarrassed. I'm lvl 555 (I have almost all heros on lvl 10+), I play HOTS for more then a year, I'm in 7/10 games MVP (for more then 1 reasons), and I can't escape from bronze 5 or bronze 4 in Ranked. For months I'm trying and trying...but there is ALWAYS some idiot, who ruin all game, and team lose. I'm pretty much sure that Blizzard is banning players only for abusive chat (now will be voice included), but I'm sure there is no bans for nonanticipation. Of course, there is NO MORE points for excellent play. So what that means? That mean, that I (and ALL OTHER players) need to start a new account(s), if we want to play Ranked, from start. I (we) need to give up from everything that we make on our account, all benefits, all gold, all gems, all shards, all mounts, all skins.....and start from 0, just to avoid retarted players in bronze area. Is that possible, that so much people work for Blizzard (HOTS), and can't fix that problem, and separate good players from bad?!CrnaC20 Sep 10
Sep 10 New Heroes Can we keep new heroes out of ranked? At least until their first patch rolls around. It's not very fun when one team gets the new hero and is just at an advantage. Yeah they're bannable but when you're on a map that prioritizes banning certain heroes it can hurt losing one. I've been playing this game for... awhile and Mephisto being *way* too tanky is just the latest in a long list. Thanks for your time.CrystalBeard2 Sep 10
Sep 10 First game of the day goes like this This is in hero league by the way...Start of the match our Varian dies to leoric so as zagara i tell him lets switch i can out play him. We do and everything is going better until the objective. Leoric decides to sit in lane and push with a camp so i as Zagara defend it. My team starts dying at objective during a 4v4 probably cause of poor targeting/ focus and being behind a level. Naturaly after the deaths we lose the objective and the first thing i get is that i shouldnt have defended leoric and should have been at objective. But if you lose a 4v4 then a 5v4 with a level down wouldnt have made a difference cause the team has poor targeting or focus. So i let them know we are now 2 levels behind and leoric is still pushing with a camp i wasnt going to let them take walls and towers so soon. The reply i got was "im just going to report Zagara she is probably trolling", this was no later than 3-5 minutes of the game starting....From that point on i was at every objective and team fight while our Varian was only solo laning the rest of the game but no one mentioned that. Do you guys just report players for playing heroes not in the "meta"? No wonder no one wants to play this game with a community like this. Matchmaking so bad you put players in platinum who should be in bronze/ silver with the way they play and show their knowledge of the game. Players with no knowledge at all reporting experienced players for doing the right thing. Players reporting people just for what hero they choose as well. Poor match making and poor report systemMEHOYMINOY0 Sep 10