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Oct 24 2017 Heroes Global Championship Details We just announced details about the structure, schedule, and more for our 2017 Heroes Global Championship. Head to the 2017 HGC website to find information about our new league structure, where top teams from around the world will battle for supremacy over the course of the year on the road to the HGC Finals. You'll also find details about international competition, including Clashes and Brawls, prize pools, format, and more.Spyrian0 Oct 24
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4h Horrible ranked experience. I'm really trying hard to enjoy competitive but I'm getting into terrible games. By terrible I mean, I have never seen so many one sided games, games lost in the draft, trolls, people that don't belong to their ranks, etc. It's like the game is telling me to run away and play something else. Please, do a full rank reset once and for all. I know I'll probably get downvoted because reasons but every player I ask about this season they agree about the unbalanced games and not fun experience. What is going on behind the curtains with the ranked system? it is because there are not enough players online to make a balanced game? This is seriously unhealthy for longevity of the game. I stopped playing hots for more than 6 months and I can't believe we are still in need of a full rank reset. Every big ranked system modification should be accompanied of a rank reset. To be clear, I'm trying to give feedback not rant. I really appreciate the effort the devs are putting into their game, but I really think this is a serious issue.EvilKing5 4h
7h Options for HL matchmaking When I first started this game I was pretty damn bad I had never played a moba before. When it came to the draft I did not know about counter picks or taking strong heals/tanks and heroes first. Giving the team the option of counter picking later in the draft. When it came to game play. I did not know about pings or recognize them for that matter. Even watching the mini map for enemy heroes moving around the map to avoid ganks and when to group for team fights etc... That goes the same for bans in HL and TL. Knowing what heroes excel on certain maps and if where not choosing them early, banning them. After getting to about 1800-2000 games played I really started to understand this. I took the time to read posts, check builds and either use them or improve them. I checked top GM streamers etc.. Just to get a better understanding of how to play the game. So jumping into HL early on in my HoTS playing I really was gimping the players I was matching with and in turn ruined my MMR. Something I didn't even know about was MMR. Now I'm seeing the same thing but reversed. I'm a little over 2900 games played now. Still not a lot compared to some but have a pretty good grasp on the game. Getting grouped with a player not even max level 40 and 109 games played is really frustrating. What I think would help a lot is giving players the option to reset their MMR after a certain amount of games played. Something like 2000-2500 games played and ya have the option to reset your MMR though your account page. Not during seasons either but non seasons would be the only time you could do this. Or even grouping players with similar MMR and games played. Say your MMR is 2000 and you have 0-500 games played your in a certain bracket. Move it up in groups of 500 or 1000. What ever, just something. I like the game Mr. Blizzard and have spent money on it but there has to be some type of option for when a player progress in play and understanding of the game to actually see results. Constantly getting grouped with players like I was in the beginning is definitely a turn off from the game. Thanks if any one took the time to read it all. Cheers!! Keep it classy people.RazzlDazzl1 7h
10h How did I beat a Plat 4 player when I'm Silver 5? How is that possible? I mean really? I guess your Matchmaking and Ranking is working Blizzard.Mythos17504 10h
11h -600 if new disconnect makes you mad post here! This new system is BS, losing 600 points for blizzards choppy servers or random ISP drops. Everyone who supports it says things like * Get better internet* ect. I'v been playing Hots since technical alpha, and disconnecting has been as much a part of this game as the broken match maker. People SHOULD be punished for dodging drafts, but losing 600 points for D.C during a game isn't very fair. You're playing for over an hour, you get 3 wins Woo you're on a role, on the 4th game, you disconnect 25 minutes into the match, the game ends at 27 minutes so before you reconnect the game has ended. You can't rejoin the match because the game forces you to reload Hots as it won't detect your connection being re-established well the game is running (We've all seen this bug) Now you are negative 600 points, you playing 25 minutes means absolutely nothing, except that you lose an additional 200 so in reality, you lose 800 points for 1 game disconnect. Many casual players are already complaining about this in forums, both in bug forums, and here in the competitive forums, but not so much in General forums. These posts are everywhere, so this isn't a unique problem, what we need is everyone to flood this thread if you do not appreciate the new system. Let blizzard know. Up vote this post and bump it so that the developers see it and it makes a change. I could care less about the people crying about AFKers and people who D.C in game, when most of the time its either blizzard or their ISPs fault. Ranked is going to die pretty soon when the mass majority of the casual gamers realize they are fighting an uphill battle in ranked, where your wins are irrelevant because random D.C during matches is to frequent in this patch. The people who support this new change are a very tiny minority that is very vocal in forums, aprox 30-50 people who lurk in forums everyday who spammed until this change was made. They wanted this change so that they could DDOS players in game and have them lose massive points for the pure trolling factor. Which is happening to many people already. Remove this penality, it does not belong in this game, as the reconnect feature is horrible. Disconnecting is one of the many things that makes Heroes of the storm what it is, because it will always happen. Tons of people are going to leave this game for this reason alone when they realize that ranked is pointless if you happen to D.C right before a game ends. POOF. hours of hard team work undone because a bunch of whiners complained about people disconnecting in a match, they cry that people are doing this on purpose, giving no thought to the people who legit D.C because of blizzards end. This game has become Heroes of the perfect connection. Because these exact same people expect everyone to have a perfect connection 100% of the time and if they don't they shouldn't be playing Hots. I'm sorry, but the mass majority just don't have that.... so blizzard you are pandering to a few vocal trolls in forums, over the bulk majority of your players, who have absolutely no idea why they are losing ranking. I mean, scroll through this forums, you'll easily see over 50 posts of people losing points in the first few pages..... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, if you don't support this change. Let it be known in this thread. If you lost 600 points and arn't happy about it, let it be known in this thread. We don't like this new expansion of Hots: Heroes of the perfect connection.DireSouthpaw10 11h
14h havent been 50% winrate at all this entire season It's seriously starting to affect me, because the closest I've been is about within 3 games now I'm back at 11 losses under 50%. I've never felt so hopelessTomjo56 14h
19h Open Apology I've been recently posting about how poor the current MMR system is and have become increasingly frustrated with the skill level of players I have been teamed with and against. I have come to the realization that I have to lower my expectations and standards because the game has become exponentially less enjoyable when playing. I sincerely hope that the Matchmaking system is being revamped as to pair people who are interested in improving their play and of the same skill level rather than win loss ratio because it is obviously not working.Mythos4 19h
22h The HL Rank and MMR should be reset after every season! The HL Rank and MMR should be reset after every season because Blizzard constantly buffs and nerfs different Heroes in the game and it changes the viable comp, meta, thus the game itself and therefore previous attain rank is irrelevant to current date. And of course Blizzard buffs the new release Hero for money as well, all must take that into account. Everyone should regrind to new rank each season to be FAIR. If you are indeed a good HOTS/MOBA/TEAM player, you should be about to regain your HL rank, i.e. the cream will always rise to the top. Blizzard reset RANK every season in all their other competitive PVP game like: WOW Arena, Hearhtstone, WC3, Starcraft etc etc... it should be the SAME for HOTS. Everyone serious about HOTS HL RANK should petition for a rank and MMR reset every season and if this thread is deleted or banned or forgotten if you feel the same please repetition until Blizzard fix it or all serious HOTS player will QUIT unless they are already happy with their 1st retain rank that they will never lose because there was never a reset to make it FAIR. Else all serious player stuck in a lower rank and knows that’s not where they belong should BOYCOTT HOTS Rank play.Sunlordx7 22h
22h Hero League is Terrabad.. I can't even begin to describe the complete JOKE hero league is this season. Straight pathetic and incompetent play, horrible drafting, on top a broken system that forces me to play with HORRIBLE GOLD players when Im in Platinum. My MMR rank is always 400-300 higher than all my teammates, and its pathetic blizzard forces me to carry such bads, game in and game out. Yes force me to pick last, and make me have a team that picks Murky, Hammer and GAZ with the first 3 picks. GTFO!! Waste of time, noob league.AirJordan2313 22h
1d LthS Cancels Taz'Dingo? Isn't that a little much? Lamb to the Slaughter cancels Zul's ult? I can understand being silenced before I cast Taz'Dingo, but during? Wow.Sages3 1d
1d Trolls in Draft = -1000 points? and DROP in MMR? I had 4 troll who all picked mages in ranked and kept on raging, I did not want to play this game and decided to dodge, being 900 points in plat 3 - I relogged and found myself in a demotion game, I then lost this game and had a negative mmr for that rank all of the sudden. I did not get a ranked cd just a bunch of loss in MMR and points because I did not want to waste my time playing with a bunch of trolls.Karma3 1d
2d Quick Match Makes No Sense Hi, hopefully someone can do something about it: Most of the time I played quick matches and I am really confused by the team hero assignment. For example, sometimes there is no damage hero on our team while the rival team get lots of them. Or, the enemy team get a bunch support and we have none and all that sort of things. This isn't a game anymore because it's not even fair. I am just giving some examples and you must know what I am talking about. It's really difficult to play in later stages when the enemy team have lots of escaping and stunning and lowing abilities and our team cannot do a thing about it. I like this game very much but this part of it, the matching and team assignment system, is making the game very unpleasant to me and many others that I know.InfernalLord2 2d
2d Is it better to specialize or be a jack of all trades? I've been playing this game for over a year and I have experience with League of Legends, so I guess I can say I'm a MOBA veteran. What I notice is that in most MOBA games, people usually focus on a role or two and just mainly play those. I'm not sure about this game though. I started out playing almost nothing but support, but as time went, I now play at least three heroes for every role on a decent level and I can play over half of the roster and not do terrible. In Ranked, I always fill because I enjoy playing all roles and I want my teammates to pick their best role, so just taking whatever we need (60% of the time it's a tank and 40% support, anyways), in my mind, allows them to do just that. But I also meet people who just play assassins and don't even own other heroes, for example. While they can't play anything but their preferred role, they are incredibly good at what they do. Which of these two is overall better?Vionicesca2 2d
2d Stop Grouping Me With Players I've Blocked/Reported Seriously. I grouped with a Nova yesterday who just sucked so hard, always hitting the tank. Just no help at all basically trolling us. So I blocked this player. Next round I get grouped with them and they FIRST PICK Nova like omfg what?! And of course the whole game is one massive disaster b/c we are essentially 4 v 5. Same this morning with a Valla who just went off solo and died constantly, talking crap, so I reported this player 3 times over and still I get grouped with them in the next match. This time I just alt f4 the game b/c it's ridiculous. DO NOT group me with someone I've blocked or reported. Trying to work up the ranks of Hero League here and your matchmaking is dumping on me. I'll wait for a longer queue if I have to, just don't group me with obvious trolls and potatoes.Marvel6 2d
2d Make Block Baseline for all Tanks Make Block baseline for all tanks and remove armour/health nerfs from Tanks. Armour would work better if it's applied through talents. Lower health and baseline armour is pigeon holing heroes into niche roles and limiting their viability more than before. Having every Tank class hero have Block as baseline would help make a lot more of the heroes viable as actual 'Tanks' that weren't before and are considered to be 'Brawlers'.BLUESTORM4 2d
2d Varian Thank you for nerfing Varian and making him a totaly useless hero...Tyramag4 2d
2d Why this is frustrating. I have 3000 games played. Nearly level 10 with every character. I understand them and I research how best to fill their talents. Yet, I am a Silver 5 in HL. When I play I can't carry the team higher, and it's infuriating when people whisper me back "oh what do you know, you're only a Silver 5." It's really much more vulgar than that. I cannot continue to give HOTS the benefit of the doubt that you will take skill into account. I would blame the players, but honestly it happens so frequently to so many players that it rests squarely on the shoulders of your matchmaking. Thank you Blizzard for ruining a very enjoyable game.Mythos175011 2d
2d How is blizzard responding to this feeding? Hello! This guy is feeding for several matches, tell me what do you think, hots comunity about this.Adrian8 2d
2d Mo rons of the Storm team always deletes my topic! Why? Because I said the truth the MRR for HL is trash!Avalon4 2d
2d TL Placement So my buddy and I duo que, after 10 Placement, one Diamond 1 Gold. Why?Nimabee5 2d
2d Unlimited Team League?? This is insane. I just had 2 Hero League games with my friend... In the 1st game of that two our team got a player with 8(!!!) games played total. EIGHT. TOTAL. On his accont. He had one 4 lvl hero, one 2 lvl and 1st lvl other. In the 2nd game one our guy picked 4 lvl hero. How is that possible? How 3 ppl group could participate in hero league with players who hasn't 15 5-lvl heroes? Or all this isn't required anymore? And... How can u win with teammates who played 20 games total? P.S.: I've spent about $500 on this game for all time that I play HotS (currently I have 3400 games played) and, Blizzard, why do I get such a crude software product for my money in the end?? I know that you didn't force me to pay, but I guess that in the end it's our (players') money that give you opportunity to work and exist.Kelladan2 2d
3d started yesterday with 10 more wins than losses Now, with a win rate of 33% over the last 2 days, i have one more loss than win! This game is a jokeImpsy12 3d
3d Man is MM bad I got up to silver 4, but I keept getting paired with people who dont speak english and are doing their placement games. Tonight not a single decent support player coupled with people who dont push and dont attack towers. Thanks blizzard this game was way better at launch before everything got nurfed to high hell,lordfarquaad1 3d
3d Nova is really underwhelming Her dmg is low; her survival, non-existent. She has the same range as Raynor, despite using a sniper rifle. Crippling Shot is single target, instead of having an EMP like a regular ghost... I mean, is there anything good about Nova that would grant her being picked in competitive matches? EDIT: No nukes... still?Wyrmheart22 3d
3d Enemy chat viewable in replays I would really, really like to see this feature added please.Chronicler0 3d
3d New Competitive Season Makes Me Want To Kill Myself Every season after placement matches i would get at least diamond 5. No more, no less. This time, blizzard decided to put me into gold 1. I'm surprised but decided to raise back to diamond rank. 1) lose streak once i reached plat 5 promo. drop back to gold 1 de-promo match. System paired me with : 1) new players had no idea how to play. (5%) 2) Terrible mistakes from players and toxicity from them spreads. (60%) 3) Real troll that lockin picks, no communication with team. (10%) 4) The skillcap between my team and opp's are hugely difference. (20%) How do i carry the team with a support or tank while teammates are that bad. I understand the theory of winning and losing. I dont even mind having bad games once a while. But not every game. From diamond 5 every season till now losing streak in gold 1. Really? MrWay8 3d
3d What physical office do the devs work in? Anyone else wish they could go and talk to a developer directly at work? Be all lets have a talk about the match making system/.lordfarquaad2 3d
3d remove 50 % win rate the title say it all. Its the thing that bugs everyone. As soon as you go up you dont get paired with better player but worse to keep your 50% win rate lol. WTF IS THAT NO SENSE SYSTEM.leblond1 3d
3d Offering training Hello i'm offering training to just about any player and any aspect of the game Heroes of the Storm. The first hour is free no problem and 10/hr after that. No headset for a while so it would be a lot of pre and after game chatting and due to this the price is lowered cheaper than most players. I could leave gaming experience or HOTS experience but i'll just leave the specific conversations to in game or questions in here. Feel free to leave your gamer tag here and i'll contact you back. ThanksiRoam0 3d
3d Luck vs. skill I'm currently in plat 2, playing mostly, but not only, support. The overwhelming majority of my losses are due to composition inferiority with people locking in their mains and expecting everyone else to support them. This causes a problem when there is two or more of these people on the same team, but no problems at all when there is only one. I suspect a lot of people are lower ranks than they deserve to be, simply due to stubbornness in draft. I wish there was a way to queue up with people that only pick smartly. If most matches were even in composition, skill would be more accurately assessed by this system. Even allowing us to queue up as a specific role would help the system assess skill over luck.Alex5 3d
3d It's just not worth it to be nice to your team I just don't have the patience anymore. The only thing that is tolerable (and usually fun) is Team League. With voice. Anything else, you might as well punch your computer screen along with the queue. Why should I spend so much energy trying to coordinate a group of dip!@#$es who clearly want to play the way THEY want, and not what is good as a team composition? Do you know how much energy and time it takes to explain this and that, and why you should pick this talent, and why you should stop typing IN GAME because every type you type you are taking your hand off of the friggin mouse and thus spurring our team's demise? Moba's are just toxic games. It's best just to act like you know what you're doing and to not give a %^-*e about your team. If they don't care, it's not your responsibility. Play team league. Hero League is complete cancer. I can't remember a match that hasn't devolved into a flamefest. I just don't understand why people can't respect other people's learning skill. Let the person play the game! If they die, let them die! It's their fault. You trying to convince them to play otherwise just frustrates yourself and turns the match into chaos. People get angsty, they start ping-spamming, pedantically criticizing every little thing, as if it mattered. It is completely counter-intuitive to being a good player. I will never understand why people do this. It really makes the game feel like a dump for angry people's emotions rather than a team experience. Chat should be completely disabled for EVERYONE, I say. I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now, and probably play more HotS tomorrow.LordKeksalot3 3d
3d Haunted Mines is still broken Sylv+Tass+Lili+whocares Ignore objective and win.Impsy2 3d
3d Brightwing and Lili should get some love With a Kharazim and malf rework and with Auriel and with Tass being reworked, should BW and LilIi get some love too? Either buffs or something? I feel like Khara will always be the best support in the game. I feel like BW and LiLi are getting outclassed.Bareleon5 3d
3d HGC Europe Start This has just started if anyone is interested in watching competitive HOTS.Omegabrew0 3d
3d Competitive Proplay Why is Nova never picked in competitive play?MrHatStick3 3d
3d Why hero league? Hai I've been playing heroes since the technical alpha. Somewhat recently, the devs overhauled ranked play and made some silly rank system, one thing has always bothered me..and i couldn't find a reason for it. When you play hero league, what's the goal? Why? I've tried a couple of times myself, getting matched in platinum 2 every time so far, then tried to rank up to see what the fuss is about... And after reaching this "promotion game", i lost a game in 4:57 min due to someone picking abathur? First off, does anyone know of a source where the devs explain the need for this "promotion game"? I feel it's rather uneccecery and hampers good play due to the stress it puts on you (for me it's definitely the case). And it's not like it's from platinum to diamond. No, it's for platinum 2 to platinum 1. This seems like a step backwards. Another question i have is: why does losing a game in ranked come with such a punishing visual and audio effect? like losing a game due to someone in your team picking a terrible terrible hero isn't bad enough? (And no, abathur is factually terrible for battlefield of eternity lets say.) It's a pity there's no one on EU side that i can play hero league with it seems :\Tyani6 3d
3d 10-15 minute que times in Team League? Whats up with this?Joe3 3d
4d Viablity of varian as warrior in the current meta so guys i just watched gold league recently and even though in the games i watched varian's team lost but i can see what varian brings to the team for instalock a single target and he kinda have soft peels as well with chinese meta build(lion's fangs at 1, warbringer at 4, parry at 7, and taunt). so i just wanna ask what you guys think about chinese varian's build. does this work best with another warrior, or perhaps he can solo tank on certain circumstances??AnakMetal1 4d
4d Improving competative gameplay Despite the fact it's for free, the game shouldn't be place for trolling and rude behavior. I believe there should be a "like to play with you" bottom to avoid players you don't like to play with. That would be a great Idea to play - even in HL - with people, you think they are good at playing with you. I know many of the players playing just now in bronze and silver by Nickname. I don't like to play with them, because I know, that won't end good for us, but I can't do anything to avoid it. You can't report someone because he is new and is using HL as a practice field to improve his skills. To be perfectly honest I used HL as well for my practice purpose, as I have begun to play HotS. But I have quickly understood, that it is my responsibility as a player to keep the game "cool". That mean it's not polite to sabotage someones game, if you know you need more to practice. That's why I don't play SC2 Ladder if I am not ready for it.Avalon0 4d
5d Ranked makes me want to hurt people Me and two friends started playing team league for the first time ever this season due to the changes, somehow the game groups us with gold players during placements matches although we have hundreds of games played in QM and unranked where we play with high plat / low diamond players usually. My experience thus far is HORRIBLE in TL. In like 50% of all matches, we are ranked with complete braindead morons. Last game was so atrocious that I wanted to punch something. A guy in my team picked zuljin which is a horrible idea in general if you want to win, since that hero is one of the worst in the entire game in the current meta. His first sentence in group chat was: let me firstpick plzzzz!!!! He was useless the entire game. If we won a team fight, we won it 4v5. We actually still had a chance at winning the game but then he decided to run into the enemy team on their side at level 22, literally throwing the game. How are people so horribly bad on this level. The game before was not much better. Someone picked guldan and had the worst positioning ever, life leeching people at the front while standing between 5 enemy players. He died like 10 times, wasted his ult every single time and was generally useless. Another game we lost was due to a zarya player who literally was unable to use his abilities and move his character at the same time, he acted like a bot, just standing there for 5 seconds in one spot and dying like 14 times in the entire match. You can't carry people like this, no matter how you play. Games are decided by the weakest link in 90% of cases, so it is impossible to rank up and escape these players.Rakul5 5d
5d Overall hero fixes We all know the basic top picks, well it is time to revisit them and nerf those instead of buffing all others which for the most part are balanced and are suffering from these imbalances. After changes we can go back and see what really needs it to bring these heroes to 50-51% win rates. Global effects are also a bit broken currently, so they in general all need a tone down and more skill shots need to be introduced to abilities that do not require them. 1. Malfurion- Entangle roots radius is reduced by 25%, root duration lasts .5s, down from 1.5s. lv13, ice block removed. lv20 bolt of the storm, removed. Twilight dream now silences for 2s, nightmare the slow is removed but silence extended to 4s. 2. Diablo- Shadow charge resistant removed. Changed to 100hp heal. Bulwark redesigned to heal for 200hp. Soul shield now grants .10% instead of .25% per soul in ability damage taken. Apoc now stuns for only 1s. Hellgate now also stuns for only 1s. Fire stomp now deals 25% less damage. 3. Artanis- Shield surge, now increases shields by 40% instead of 80% when below 25% hp. Suppression pulse now blinds for 3s. Graviton vortex no longer reduces the cooldown on phase prism. Titan killer now does 1.5% hp instead of 2.5% hp. Force of will now increases shield overload melee to 5s instead of 6s. 4. Li-Ming- Orb speed reduced by 25%. Diamond skin, removed. Trait now has a internal cooldown of 2.5 seconds. 5. Thrall- Earthquake now has 2 pulses spaced 5 seconds apart for 2 seconds at 70% slow. Does no damage. Windfury attacks now deal 75% base melee damage vs 100%. Bolt of the storm - removed. 6. Rehgar - ancestral healing can be self cast for only 30% of its base heal, 50% fully talented on self, regular on others. Bloodlust now grants 20% haste, heals for 20% per melee attack, lasts 8 seconds, grants no movement speed. Melee damage reduced by 5. 7. Brightwing- Poly now lasts 1s on a 15s cd. Ice block removed. Critterize removed. Soothing mist now heals every 5s. 8. Valla - Rain of vengeance now stuns for .25s. Frost shot no longer increases the range of multishot, slows for 10% instead of 25%. AA damage lowered by 5. 9. Samuro - Mirage now grants 25% instead of 40%. Burning blade deals 50% instead of 65%. Illusion master now grants images 20% damage vs 10%. Shukuchi no longer teleports you instead it grants you 15% movement speed for 2 seconds. Press the attack now increases attack speed by 10% instead of 15%. 10. The Butcher - inital meat quest increased to 150 meat, currently it is very easy to get 125. Abattoir removed. Unrelenting pursuit is now 25% instead of 33%. Insatiable blade no longer heals 100%, only grants 15% movement speed when target is branded. Lamb to the slaughter silences for 1.5 seconds vs 3 seconds, target is still chained for 3 seconds. Enraged now has a 75s cooldown. 11. Jaina - Ring of frost radius reduced by 25%. Ice block moved to level 13, 45s cd. Improved ice block removed, Ice barrier removed. Blizzard now deals 132 damage per wave. 12. ETC - mosh pit now lasts 3s. Block party no longer grants resistant to allies, only to self for 25%. 13. Zarya- Personal and allied shields reduced by 20 absorb, graviton surge radius reduced by 25%. Give me twenty quest now grants 10 absorb per globe and requires 30 orbs to complete, quest renamed Give me Thirty. Expulsion zone cd increased to 70s. Gain train removed. Now before you all start QQing, these heroes have some of the highest win percents on hotslogs and in my daily battles vs them, these are the talents that require toning down, some may seem drastic but they are balanced and should bring their win rates back to hover around 50-51%. I have nearly 9.5k games played now, 9573 if you want actual, play every hero, leveled most of them to 10, a handful are 9 and very few are below that, have 7 lv20s, a few 16-11. So before you say wtf you talking about, the nerfs above are WHAT I am talking about.Praetorian0 5d
5d How to get from Gold 2 to Silver 5 in this few steps ! Hello guys , i just found out that really cool system you can exploit to get from gold 2 in silver 5 . It's really easy you just have to not give up . Step one : Queue in hero league Step two : Play hero league Now since Blizzard totally !@#$ed the ranked system it's pretty easy actually How I did it ? Very easy , i just played safe all game and had e positive stats every game so far , but ofcourse my team consisted of 4 guys , which believe it or not , were so good at the game that i ended up in 50 demotion games this season . Isn't that great ? You need to try it out ! The best system is when you can play good , but you end up in the gutter , because you get trolled all season . Thanks Blizzard , I've never been silver 5 before , it feels awesome . Thnaks again for the retarded system you provide us with , matching me with the best of retards Love , Irokenai .irokenai20 5d
6d Disintegrating the Integrity of Team League 2+3 player teams against a 5 player premade in Team League. Doesn't this ruin the integrity of queuing as 5? Matching a team of 2 players with a team of 3 other players (these players have probably never played together and have no synergy), meanwhile, on the other side is a 5 player team who likely plays together often with strong communication and synergy. It just seems like there is no legitimate way to play a 5 player team versus 5 player team consistently and that this will in turn skew the entire Team League system. If you disagree, I would love to hear your view on this new system.Shwaat7 6d
6d hot fix group que can we just have groups of 2 back with solo players... these que times are redonk.Daboss1 6d
6d Just another complain about Hero league. First of all, i really like playing heroes of the storm. Have played over 1600 matches now and i still enjoy it. There is only one thing that really makes me dislike the game, and that is ranked solo queue. Right now, my last 19 matches look like this: 15 loss and 4 wins. There is literally NO WAY to go up in ranks. Once you've played your placement matches and you have your rank, it'll only go down (ofcourse some exceptions). Playing 50/50 on wins/loses isnt good enough, your rank will still drop. Now im getting really demotivated, while i love playing ranked, to do any more matches. The chance of losing it is so much bigger. I always try to stay positive, won't flame at teammembers and try to coordinate, but its just not working. Most of the time 1/2 players are way below my skill level. Alot of people treat Hero League just for casual games/trolls. Im used to playing in high plat / low diamond, but now i started with Gold 2 and having my demo match for Gold 4 now. I know they wont read this post and i know they wont fix it. Just want to put my frustration here and share it, cause i know that many others suffer from this !@#$ty matchmaking.RFeXite2 6d
6d [NA]Grind Squad Gaming is Recruiting a MAIN SUPPORT! Grind Squad Gaming (GSG) is a newly formed esports team/organization. We are currently recruiting a **MAIN SUPPORT** for our team. We will be participating in various weekly tournaments to include HGC Open Division as well as ChairLeague and Heroes Hype! Please visit our website,, for more info and/or to fill out a registration form!GSGWeaponX1 6d
6d Esports prize pools Hi all just curious about peoples thoughts on the current prize pools for the HGC. I was doing some math and it seems that the prize money is literally peanuts per player even at the international level. For example the first international prize pool is $250,000 with a total of 60 participants working out to an average of $4,500 if it was divided evenly among all the players.... that hardly seems like enough money to cover the costs of flying and hotels meals for the trip over. This bothers me greatly as i really really want to see this game do well as a profesional esport. I do not understand why there is no in game purchases we as fans and players of the game cannot make to help boost the prize pools of these tournaments such as the model dota2 uses, which is the highest paying esport we have going. I think that if blizzard wants heroes to do well as a pro esport that something needs to be done to help push the prize money to an amount that will lure in pro players from other games and sponsers to help support said players. It makes me sad to see our best players leaving the game our biggest sponsers dropping thier teams and the stability of this game that i love so much falling apart while in the midst of attempts to push it to the forefront of esports. I am not in the know on alot of what happens outside of the limited articles and reddit posts i have access too. Also im sure my facts are not totally accurate but at the end of the day i want nothing more then to see my favorite game do well and show the haters that this amazing game is here to stay. Anyway little bit of a rant but i would love to hear other peoples thoughts on the state of heroes esports, prizes, sponsers and anything else anyone would like to add. Much love to the community and developers.Venser2 6d
6d HGC 2017 Schedule Hello there, when will this website ( get updated and finaly get some dates in there?Alfi7 6d
6d Crucible before HGC: T8 Vs RunnerUp Qualifier Chu's ex-teammates would not have qualified without Chu. This team would have been fun to watch, and was the fan favorite because of Chu. The game and the viewers could really use the viewership and entertainment that Chu brings to pro HotS. Furthermore, the T8 players whom qualified have essentially schemed their way into a taste of a pro career, which in my opinion should not be allowed. They should at least have to beat the next runner up from qualifiers in a 5 game series with the new player. That new player did nothing to deserve the opportunity to be in the league, which hundreds of people practiced for hundreds of hours to have a chance at. They do not deserve the opportunity, because they did not qualify. Not only is this unfair to all others who played in qualifiers, but to thousands of HotS and Chu8 fans who just lost all care in HGC because of the T8 players' greed. Not only is this bad for the pro-scenes quality, following, and reputation, but it also sets precedent for schemes in the future. If not for future relegation, a precedent could be set that one good player can be on a team to help them qualify, ask for $1,000 (or any amount of the league income) from each player to get them in, bail on the league, get replaced by another player, collect their $5000 for getting others into the league, and go on making money streaming or playing another MOBA professionally. Not saying Chu8 did this, but he easily could be. Blizzard needs to reconsider their decision, protect the integrity of their newly formed league, and quickly take action to set things right and fair to all of the players that practiced to get into HGC.Sugar0 6d