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Oct 24 2017 Heroes Global Championship Details We just announced details about the structure, schedule, and more for our 2017 Heroes Global Championship. Head to the 2017 HGC website to find information about our new league structure, where top teams from around the world will battle for supremacy over the course of the year on the road to the HGC Finals. You'll also find details about international competition, including Clashes and Brawls, prize pools, format, and more.Spyrian0 Oct 24
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4m How can blizzard think this is ok? I have a player level 3 and 57 on my team!!! WHAT ? ?? The enemy team player level average is 300! How in the world can blizzard think a level 3 player is better ? They dont even know half the heros of the game yet?! The enemy team was premade and no one on my team was yet I STILL GET A LEVEL 3 ?! This is a primary example of how stupidly broken matchmaking is. And they refuse to do anything about it. Forum Mod Edit: This post has been edited by a moderator due to screenshot. 4m
1h Draft Forfeit option I see all these complaints about troll drafting. What do you think of an option to forfeit in the draft phase for minimal loss in points and no gain for the winners. It could requite a vote of 4 out of 5 to forfeit. What do you think?XerxesTM7 1h
1h DOTA2 vs HOTS I'm just curious: Has anyone gotten so frustrated over the current state of matchmaking and mmr in HOTS QM and HL that they've just decided to start playing DOTA2? Honestly I just downloaded steam and am going to try DOTA2 now. HOTS has gotten just this frustrating to play and it's no longer fun.Jupiter2 1h
1h Unable to join HL I'm currently not able to join HL, which is weird, since I played 3 days ago. I get an error message saying "You cannot enter this matchmaking queue because you do not meet the requirements." Anyone know what to do about this? I tried basics such as logging out, resetting outer etc.Executive2 1h
14h Victim to match throw want compensation IN a ranked HL game an individual intentionally threw the game and abused the heck out of our team and did not participate only to abuse. I opened a ticket with this being one of the points of discussion and here is there ticket ID US60663568Vanguarded4 14h
16h a smurf will set you free So i did a smurf account with the 20 free heroes. Now im not GM by any means but im not a bad player either. This account has been silver since they introduced these ranks. In beta i cant recall but maybe rank 25. I fill rolls, know how to draft and counter draft, have good map awareness and this season placed silver 2 going 6-4. climbed to silver 1 as i always do then the hell part of mmr hell kicks in and im currently about to drop to silver 3. My smurf account feels so different, i get matched with good players more often than not. I went through the grind of leveling 14 to 5. went 7-3 Placed gold 1. i was playing plat 4 players and winning with nice drafts and coordinated team play. Im happy here! so much better than what i deal with in silver. but 20 heroes vs having nearly all heroes... Its terrible. Im still trying hard as hell to get my main into gold but i just cant.. A smurf will set you free, 2 seasons now in gold/plat.. but #feelsbadman. I see 2 problems. A) i should be paired with with silvers with 2k games not 200. maybe i couls climb with some experienced mmr hell vets. B) Smurfs could easily place much much higher and ive seen the threads and understand the frustration. lv 107 in platnum, 250 games played only14 heroes.. Something needs to be fixed.DigitaLegacy7 16h
16h GM/Master Smurfing Problem!!! In Season 2, 2017 Blizzard has made a change that doesn't allow for high rated players to get matched up with lower rated players. This was done to create more balance and I agree with the idea. However, the reality is that it has only succeeded in forcing players with high MMR to smurf. When I group with everyone in my MMR bracket (2800-3300) MMR it will be impossible for us to get a queue.....ever. The wait time on avg. will be well over an hour. The problem is the solution to actually find a game. GM players have resorted to smurfing. It gets worse... Becuase GM players are using smurf accounts to get queues the rest of the GM community who don't want to smurf are now forced into it because they will NEVER get a game. But wait!... It gets worse... Because GM players are now smurfing to get queues. The game now calculates your points based on an even MMR match... Yes, the game actually thinks the low MMR team should lose the full amount of points (200+) because you are fighting an evenly matched team. Previously the game would balance around this and only award the high rated team 100 points and the losing team would only lose 100. (Rank adjustment) Blizzard, there is a solution. Do not allow players to fight outside their own bracket. Do not allow GM players to play with silver, gold, or platinum players. Overwatch does this, you cannot party with players with greater than a 1000 SR (500 SR difference if your GM) than your own SR. I want to play my main account, I want to fight skilled players so I can become a better player in the end. I do not want to be forced to Smurf so I can go into a game and stomp plat or diamond players. Please fix this issue, for everyone's sake.LedPaint2 16h
23h Hero League Leavers The way hero league is designed is complete garbage. I was matched with the same guy twice, who dc'd and didn't come back till lvl 18, which we obviously lost. So i didn't pick a hero during the draft because i wanted to be re-matched with other non leavers. It gave me deserter, which is to be expected. BUT then also took 500 point off. That's bull!@#$. I didn't leave the game, i just didn't want to lose again and get placed with %^-*ing leavers. Fix your !@#$. It's getting absolutely ridiculous.Caboose4 23h
23h Matchmaking! After playing this game for a few years I've realized that Blizzard will never deal with the matchmaking issues. This game will never be a propper E-sport as all the players will simply quit because of it. At this moment , Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Leagues are all the same. You could just randomly move around players from these leagues and no one would ever notice. Reason: When a bad player wins a game he/she gets the same amount of points as the good players. You need to work out a way where the good players are rewarded more and the bad players are punished more. You need to analyze the games better , Skillshots , kills , deaths , exp , basekills, and the stuff that actually makes a difference in a game. And you also need to be alot harder on AFK/DC and trolls , If a player ruins a game on purpose you need to reimburse the good players in the losing team and only punish the troll with like a -1000 points or something. The only thing you punish at the moment is abusive language. Thats just pathetic. Who cares what someone writes? You can just mute them?Nickyyy20 23h
23h Has Blizz ever considered individual xp gain ...instead of shared xp in Hero League at least? I think it would reward better players who kill more often, dont die as much, and soak more. It would allow for more of an individual contribution based on personal performance. Leveling up based on your own actions would be more rewarding or let you know that your performance is lacking.LotSaltpillr12 23h
23h HGC Tired of the same 15 to 20 heroes suggested fix HGC is crazy boring. Every team same 4 or 5 bans then 90% of the time its the same 10 of 15 heroes. Here's what I want to do to fix this for HGC only: Maps: teams each get 1 map ban, then higher seed picks the odd numbered maps and the lower seed gets to pick the even number maps in the series. Heroes/Drafts: 1) no hero bans remove all the hero bans 2) each team in the series can only use a hero once per team during that series. This will cut down on double supports because you will need options later, and it will reward teams with deeper hero pools and be more interesting for views to see a wider range of heroes played. They will have to draft not only for the map/ the opponent but also for the remaining maps. More strategy.MrFizzbin7614 23h
23h Mirror Matches removal of mirror matches will only sever to extend que time and will kill off the fun of going 1v1 against the same hero to show whos better. people are still going to play the better heroes over the not good one simply based on the fact that the hero is better. the removal of mirror matches needs to be stopped before it ever begins. if people don't want mirror matches then they should play draft and leave qm as it should be.MadStratgist1 23h
23h Same maps hgc Why don't they have garden Terror, mines or the pirate one. Same maps everytime. Even last year was all the same maps. Every match is same maps same heroes. Just don't see why they don't play all maps. These guys r surpose to be pros.Shikamaru2 23h
23h MMR Decay Decay would prevent people from placing in high and sitting on a rank all season and playing smurf accounts; this would incentivise more main account play and could help the team balancing issue. With people playing quick match to inflate their ranked play rating and sitting on those ranks all seasons to reap the reward is not fair to people who actually focus on one account to grind.Tamuril3 23h
1d Points Issue with Solo Ranked Play. So I just started play ranked and I got my placement and everything seemed fine. I was two games away from being promoted and then I lost. Which is fine, but in losing that one game I lost all my progression and the next game was a demotion game. I don't fully understand the points system but that seemed excessive to me. I was going to put in a ticket or write and email, but I kept getting pushed to the forums so I let it go. So I played a few more games and got demoted then lost my motivation because losing is not fun, lol. Today logged in two games away from a promotion again and decided not to play, logged off and went about my day. I just logged back in and went to play ranked again and it shows me two games away from a demotion. How do I keep losing all my ranked points? Is there anything I can do about it? This is super discouraging because I like the competitive gaming but I don't feel like I'm getting what I have earned. Makes me not want to play at all.Ethylene5 1d
1d Banning 80% of HL games Wondering why I'm consistently the one banning in my hero league games. I'm aware that the person with the highest hidden MMR is the one selected to ban. What I'm trying to figure out is why I'm always the person with the highest hidden MMR on my team. I feel like i should only be the one banning one in every 5 games on average, not 4 out of every 5 games. My theory is that it's because I had a master league MMR from last season, and didn't start doing ranked this season until very late into the season. Therefore my hidden MMR that carried over from last season is still around master MMR but I'm a diamond 3 player this season. Reason I have an issue with this is because as we all know, chances are if you are banning, you are the best player on your team. Basically I'm getting stuck with potatos over and over again. Not trying to be cocky, just the situation.EvvyWevvy3 1d
1d Hero League Matchmaking Now this probably isn't the place to be voicing a complaint, but I've gotten to the point that ranting about it here I might find people who can relate. To be very blunt about this; Hero league matchmaking is absolute trash, now I know you can't take into account the individual actual skill level of every player or even the state the player is in (tilted wise). But I believe once you cross the threshold into master you shouldn't be placed with anything BUT master+; it makes more sense to lose the points you haughtily earned to other players who also earned them. I've gotten to the point where I've gotten gold players in Master MMR; or I keep getting low diamonds who are in diamond for a reason because come to see their play they have little to no map awareness or are just flaming non-stop. It took a matter of 2 days to fall from 3300+ ranked points to 1500 then back up to 2800 then back to 900-. Sure some of the games can be claimed to be my fault I'm not gonna lie that all those games can't partially be put on me, but when most of those games are due to people throwing intentionally or not knowing how to draft properly then yes this is going to become a real annoyance for players who have to constantly suffer to it. Furthermore, during my entire time while I was in GM it was actually rare to see a full GM game where as other GMs were in all Gm games granted I know not everyone is on at the same time, but the more and more I've played (almost 500 games) this season alone; it is becoming obvious that the actual climbing in Hero league is more dumb luck rather than skill ( if you're always getting the slanted team ). So I know it's impossible to refine at the current moment, but if you wanted to destroy Team league with the changes to the matchmaking; then force Hero league to suffer the same and give us quality games instead of speedy games; yes people will be "upset" but I'm sure in the long run, people will climb with their respective teammates of the same ACTUAL level of play.ArduousBow5 1d
2d needs more auto attack dmg title says it all. her auto attack is way to weak for her to be any good it cant even kill Murcky's fish bomb unless you attack it right as its placed. I'm so sick of heroes being nerfed because the gen pop cant figure out how to counter them bc they don't poses the intelligence to do so.MadStratgist0 2d
2d Not watching eastern clash I work and can't be present to watch the eastern clash live. Very disappointing there are no taped replays and no schedule even for the day one matches(keeping it spoiler free). I can look them up on youtube is suppose but the process of doing so will probably spoil most of the matches. I'm sure i'm not the only one with this issue. It should be an easy fix.Your losing viewership till this issue fixed.DrkStorm1 2d
2d Little Leaguers playing in the Minors Ranked Team League. Ranked Hero League. People with 300 or less games playing with people with thousands more. I hate this game so much.Mythos1 2d
3d This intentionally dying/ afk problem Keep getting match with people who does not group for team fight when the entire team ask for or dying having more than 10 deaths. There need to be a button where we can send proof of recording that there are player doing this behaviorBigNoobLoser2 3d
3d HGC Casters This topic came from HGC twitch chat watching Fnatic vs Dignitas. So I am asking you Blizzard, why do you put Gilly on one of the best matches? She is probably worst caster on MSB and one of the worst casters in Blizzard team at all. Its not only my opinion. Her voice is annoying, she has not too much knowledge about HoTS and she still casts FNC vs DIG! If you want to keep her as caster (and I dont have a clue why) just put her on lower tier matches, not like this. Watching match like this muted is not satisfying.Konduktor13 3d
4d Please arrange HGC in Moscow I live in a poor family, about 2000 kilometers from Moscow, but I really would like to see the HGC tournament personally. I'm ready to spend money on a train to Moscow, if there will be organized HGC tournament, although initially I saved for a new phone. For me it will be an amazing opportunity to get to a real world-class tournament, to feel all the emotions, impressions, meet with like-minded people, see famous players, streamers, leading, buy souvenirs, take a friend who also loves Hots like me.DayLight0 4d
4d Afked draft, whole rank dropped Why/ how is this possible, like 800 points!ezumaan0 4d
5d Please show hero level in draft lobby I think this would be beneficial.Weyoun3 5d
5d End Game grace period in lite of the current glitch effecting random people. If you finish a game or are connected when the core goes down, you should still get credit. Somehow we are losing game credit when disconnecting at the defeat/win screen, we need a grace period or something to prevent this from happening. In all honestly, im not even dicconecting from the game fully, just enough that the reconnect screen pops and im forced to exit to decktop.Lalaco0 5d
6d Penalizing all participants for leavers in Hero League. STOP PENALIZING EVERYONE IN HL WHEN SOMEONE LEAVES!!! I was at my promotion match, and then had 3 leavers in a row for my next games. Seriously blizz. Just keep FEEDING the trolls in HL bliz.JukeNukem1 6d
6d Matchmaking focusing on speed rather than quality This is getting ridiculous. I've been playing tons of matches last couple of weeks, trying to climb back to diamond, and I get frustrated because of the low quality. I'm platinum 2, almost 1, used to be diamond 4-5, wich I consider fair for my skill level, but the problem is: matchmaking is picking gold players all the time, and if the other team had the same issue, it wouldn't be bad at all, but the opposing team often get more platinum and even diamond, if not masters (wich occured a couple of times), and it is not healthy. The difference between gold and platinum is not that much, I give you that, but when you mix those, just to get the matchmaking running faster so I could play more, but with low quality? What the hell is happening here?! I would be okay if this happened a few times, but when it starts to be routine it builds so much anger inside of me, I start to become toxic and I get very sad because the things I say to my teammates, but when you play seriously, unfair situations tend to bring the most sh*tty aspect of us. I rather wait 10 minutes in queue than play with unbalanced teams. Please think about that.Segremor12 6d
6d Why does my rank reset on a draft Dodge with trolls? So join HL... Get 4 nazeebo shows. Thought ok, whatever. First pick nazeebo, second pick kaelthas, third pick guldan, get to me, trying to salvage pick bw... Last pick is going Jaina... I decide to walk out lose all my rank points. Gee, waste of a 5 game winning streak because of one set of trolls. This is BS and unneeded punishment for a match that was going to be an utter unplayable mess.Shrouds10 6d
Aug 10 Suggestions for Rank Play HL Are you tired of troll picks? Are you tired of waiting 300-500+ seconds for a ranked que? Are you tired of all the nerfs and "balancing" ? I'm hoping you're with me so far and if not, I'll explain how these questions can be answered and have/need solutions. But in the end, these are just suggestions that I feel could improve the game. Some of my online friends who play this game also feel like the game could use some improvements badly! \\\/ Troll picks, what are they? You know, first pick/second picks that have easy counters. Or selecting heroes that aren't or can't do much in certain maps. I think the map rotation has something to do with it, or perhaps the maps themselves are bad. Like the golem map, Haunted mines. It's just a bad map, even after the revamp. --What to do about troll picks? An easy solution, get rid of them trolls. How about queing up for a role and locking that in when selecting a hero. Or how about have a team vote on your hero selection. What about both? There's many things Blizzard can do to improve rank play, not just worry about buffing/nerfing heroes. That has obviously back fired on them repeatedly. ----In all modes of HotS, report has these options: Abusive Chat Intentionally Feeding AFK/Non-Participation Cheating/Botting/Hacking Inappropriate Name ----* Even when reporting someone for AFK/Non-Participation, you will still end up playing with them on your team. Please, if someone gets banned twice, make their third bann for an extended period of time or lasting thought the remainder of the season. I would suggest to take away their placement rewards too but that will make trolls sad and angry. But hey, if they don't care why should we/you? \\\/ Waiting in ranked que isn't the same as it used to be. Don't you remember when ranked que times were 20-45 seconds? At most 2-3 minutes. That's because more people were playing. So there's obviously something going on that is making more players just stop playing. I have two other accounts for HotS NA in different rankings and watch a new streamer who's much higher placed NA and also has bad que times. It's not about what rank you are or what time of day/week it is. More people play on the weekends and there's also more trolls on weekends. I've also tuned into EU streams before and noticed their que time is also increasing. -- So what to do about que times? We obviously need more players. Either there needs to be a complete revamp on our level up system/talents (not buff/nerf in context) or Blizzard needs to do something to bring in more players. Making more game modes like brawl is nice and all. But more and more people que into that casual stuff because they tilt in ranked. It's not fun anymore for a lot of people to play ranked HL apparently, so they play casual modes instead...Which explains why there's lower que times in those modes. The mmr system needs some work too but that's not likely the main issue as to why people just aren't interested in ranked HL. \\\/ So what do nerfs and balances do to the game? For the most part, they make the game more fair for other players. We can all adapt to changes but sometimes they can be bad for the game. --I don't want to get all into that because decisions were made and the community accepted them but you have to look at this with an open mind. It's one of the reasons there aren't as many players on HotS now. Also, the seasonal rewards should be locked to your current rank, not the highest you've reached. This allows players to troll and throw matches, usually at draft pick because they're getting their rewards regardless of their current ranking and simply don't care. That's all. Thanks for reading this wall of text! Even if you don't agree with anything, make a comment to bring some attention back into HotS. We need some changes to improve the game so more people want to play HL/ranked and not just brawl/qm.Mexdaplex1 Aug 10
Aug 10 Cannot Enter Ranked Match Need help! "you cannot enter the matchmaking queue because you do not meet the requirements" (already completed quick match or brawl many times due to being left the game)Zeref7 Aug 10
Aug 10 Disconnecting when game is over I've had this happen multiple times now. When the Victory/Defeat logo displays, I get disconnected from the game and when it reconnects I'm at a point where I can't progress back to the main screen and am force to shut down the game. The game warns me about leaving (leaver status). Thankfully each time I've shut down the game I'm not put in leaver status. Has anyone else had this issue?Dragonheart1 Aug 10
Aug 10 Hero League drop outs While playing Hero League, don't you find it frustrating when you are on the team that looses a player? Surely it has happened to most you guys and there is very little chance that your team will get a win because of that. My question is: Why doesn't the game get cancelled when someone drops out? Let's say if someone were to drop out of the game within the first 5 minutes of play the game would automatically abort. I know it can be frustrating to stop a game that barely started but how many of you have won a game when one of your teammate drops out and is replaced by AI? Something should be done about this. Just sayinThithithithi5 Aug 10
Aug 9 Question: Why do promo/demo matches exist? I don't quite understand why these exist. If you are fighting against the grain of your MMR you are losing more points than winning. Sometimes you will hit the promo match and then lose and you have to win 3x in a row to rank up, seems weird. I don't quite understand why it can't be simplified to x amount of rank points=you move up a league. What is the purpose of the promo/demo match? I would much rather just fluidly move up or down based on rank points.Vlaid7 Aug 9
Aug 9 Separate ladder or UD for flex/veteran players As a flex player with almost 6K games I find it boring to play with beginners all the time. It's fun to do optimal plays knowing different hero interactions and other nuances. Unfortunately it's impossible to play like that in the current game modes. Expecting that much from allies is too risky. Or at least a feature in game to find similar player to party up with. But then it could still get boring if opponents suck too much. Nothing against beginners nor people that just don't know the game well. Just want a way to play with similar players.Jaanus22 Aug 9
Aug 9 MMR blue post exist ... But nothing about QM/UD MMR seeding :SPsychotrope2 Aug 9
Aug 9 HL State Hey I read a lot of threats talking about their experience in HL . So i decided to relate mine. Heroes of the Storm used to be my favourite game . I enjoyed the diversity , the less toxic community , the variety of Heroes and maps . I had a lot of fun playing that game. Recently , and since i dont have friends playing this game , i tend to play HL (since is a solo experience and i like to improve as a player) . But HL experience is near to awful . The players dont got the basics knowledge of their hero/Map . They dont know how to rotate or pick different talents . They dont know how to play with advantage and force fights with -3 levels . They became more toxic and toxic . This season looked Promising to me . I achieve 9-1 in Promos . Got placed in diamond 3 ( Im a diamond 1-3 player) and i travel all my way to Diamond 1 and i got near the promotion to master (my main goal this season) . But i decided to play in a weekend and everything goes barrel below . I lost game after game and i drop from diamond 1 to plat 5 . I became frustated . And now im stuck . I cant leave plat . The players , the matchtmaking , the mmr , is a joke . And blizzard dont care . This is old issue . People ask for some matchmaking rework . Some hard MMR resset . And they only care about new skins and recolers . As a old player , a veteran player , i need to say goodbye to this game . Is a shame. I had lovely times playing this but is time to leave . Im losing my mind (literally) with this HL system . I dont feel like im a bad player who deserve to lose 18 times in 20 games . I dont feel like i deserve to get matched with people without any clue how to play hero/map and dont threat HL serious . Nobody deserve trolls /flamers . Since this is a teamwork game i always try to cooperate and let others play what they want . But the toxicity , the lack of information , the map awareness the mmr distribution (giving plat and diamond to new players /player without any basic knowledge) was enough for me . I cant get fun . I cant enjoy this game no more and i feel this game , currently , is all about luck . Is a 50/50 . Like playing russian roulette . Anyway . Thanks to everyone . And i hope u r having a better experience .Lavi23 Aug 9
Aug 9 Hero League is like a roller coaster. I am trying to get back to master league, but the games in diamond is worse than plat league. It dosnt matter what you do or what you draft, its all about how lucky you are to get team mates, who dosnt afk, going 1 vs 5, doing stuff that dosnt benefit the team and even worse, just rage quit. Not forgetting picking heroes they dont play well, i wont pick a hero i suck balls at, that wont benefit the team. So get a win and get a loss. Its like a coin toss. Up and down forever. If you play 100 games. 90 of them is getting rekted, or you rek the enemy team. 10 Games is even and fun. Something is wrong. And plz tell me, why is everyone in draft usually silent? I need a pad or a teddy bear and some love, before i let this game rest. And maybe some advice to get better. Peace out!INSDK19 Aug 9
Aug 9 HOTS is for casual players not competitive I am sick and disgusted by the fact that blizzard made the game completely for casual moba players who likes skins, mounts and roleplay rather than competitive hero league or team league player like myself who only play for competitive reasons. also the fact that qm and unranked are so one sided most often if u play as a solo hero is ridiculous, i have played unranked games to level up some toons to see how different strategies might work against different comps so that i can later use them in hero league and all i get are matches where i get paired up with random solo players like myself and then i see that the enemy team is a 5 man premade and we get wrecked. This happens too often and is completely not fun. Aside from this one sided bias, the matchmaking is absolutely ridiculous in Hero League. I have seen players with less than 500 games get diamond rank after placement yet they dont know how to draft pick, pick the proper talents and then whine about others because they picked a mage and a ranged against a beefy enemy comp. This most annoying are the players with 700 games in 2 years with a diamond rank below level 20 in most toons who try to act like they know the game. This is not fair and its not right. a player with hardly any experience with most toons and only 700 games tells me they dont play the game much often . i have close to 9000 games and i still get ppl telling me wat to do when it should be me telling them how to properly pick draft and talents......I understand there are casuals but the fact that casuals are invading hero league and competitive play and they dont play often mind you. For them to tell players who play everyday and with close to 9000 games how to play is ridiculous.bizzarly12 Aug 9
Aug 9 Explaining HL MM Wrote a text trying to explain the system in HL from my observations and why it is beyond awful but got downvoted.... so let's try again :D as I see most of you have problems with the MM, my explanation for this is the 50% winrate which blizzard gives you with making your team and the opponent team equal in MMR. Now if both teams are equal , it's just logical that you're winrate will be 50%. This 50% will take over, as soon as your MMR is settled. So in the beginning you will maybe rank up or fall but you will finally settle somewhere. The problem here is that in the current system you can settle in bronze 5 with 4k MMR without a chance getting out ( ignoring the randomnes factor that you could actuality have a winstreak ) . Why? Because as you climb in HL your MMR (even if you are bronze 5 with 4k MMR) will increase so your teammates will get worser and worser. At some point you won't be able to carry the games so you will fall and your MMR will decrease. So at this point you will have a 50% chance to win your next game. Blizzard knew it and implemented the PRA, which in the end gives you more point's for winning or less point for loosing if your MMR is too high for your league. But the amount of points is that low, that you will need from 1000 to 10000 to get where you belong. So as you can see. The only thing in this system that can help you get to the rank you belong, is not skill, no , but grinding and more grinding.SpawN3 Aug 9
Aug 9 I Need ranked help advice I am in need of desperate help. I was in platinum 1. afterwards i went on an extreme losing streak and now im in platinum 4. The thing that i dont understand is that i have been rewatching my replays but every single game i do average or beyond(i threw maybe 1 or 2 by accident i will admit that), but every single game i meet up with one allied hero who single handly throws the game. I need help how can i do better with allies who refuse to cooperate. I feel like there should be a karma system in the game that pits players who dont cooperate with others who dont either. I just need help on winning games when my team mates refuse to work with us. For example, i got out of a game where we loss because dva and auriel were trying to boss. We were pinging them to run away but they kept attacking it. After they got killed by the other team we were wiped when the zerg came( we were on braxis). I was ragnaros, i dealt the highest damage and had 87% of damage against the zerg, but my team just kept making mistakes. I also just got out of a game where within 8 minutes we had 10 deaths and 1 kill. I had zero deaths. The game before that, we were doing well but we got wiped in our core when li ming split from us and got picked off by genji and zeratul.porkcchop0 Aug 9
Aug 8 Top 10 things. What are some of your top ten real pro tips? Like changing quick cast to cast on release I still have no idea how to studder step or what it's good for. Do you have to change a key binding?XSNomad0 Aug 8
Aug 8 I broke into GOLD finally! Its been a long time, and i even took a 7 month break. I have won 70 % of my games this season. I broke GOLD. I owe it all to the players who didnt throw the games and my skill which is increasing!! BTW I'm quite casual, I'm not a pro by any means,. SILVER WAS HELL FOR ME for 3 seasons!! Busting out of JAIL! IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!!, now for gold jail to be broke! (PS trying to leave a positie POST and encouragement for the people trying)Indivisible6 Aug 8
Aug 8 Enough new Heroes, Reworks Please. When heroes like medivh have been sitting at less than 40% winrate for well over a year..can we focus more on fixing them instead of effectively sweeping them under the rug with new heroes? While I know Medivh is nowhere near a popular hero, I use him as an example and assure you he is quite easy to fix. His ability to fight is quite balanced, he is able to produce mass chaos in a teamfight but is quite weak 1v1 except against a few heroes. He can both inflict large damage and protect allies but..he dies easily and has no burst only sustained damage..assuming he lands his q reliably. Seems fairly balanced right. One problem, he is completely useless for any pve content. He cant push, cant get camps and cant even effectively defend boss pushes. All he needs is the ability to reset his Q on mercs and heroic monsters the same way it does against heroes. That's it. Done. Then he can do camps and help with boss. I'm completely fine with him not being able to deal with waves until his 20 talent (even then he cant really no anything other than kill minions, forts will still stand tall against him). A Medivh that can do camps and do boss damage is all he needs to improve his winrate, guaranteed. I suspect some other heroes could be fixed even easier than that. Give it some thought please Blizzard.Darkmoon3 Aug 8
Aug 8 2018 season, are 6 bans being discussed? Fishing for insight into if the team is looking at the potential to increase the number of bans in the drafting system. Definitely some cons to making this change: - Potential for some heroes to never get playtime in HGC if a hero is deemed "OP" and gets banned regardless of circumstance & limits data flow. - Larger requirements to get into ranked as the minimum number of Heroes expands from 14->16 - Room for "Role Isolation" to occur. (Using bans & high priority pick ups of certain roles ,i.e. 'main tank', to force the opposition into not having an ideal Hero for that role if they don't respond with high priority of the role themselves) - As players need to increase their Hero pools for public play, skill diminishes as the players need to spread their time to being proficient at more heroes. - Draft times are already very long comparative to game-play time, adding another ban for the teams means more time in draft. Some of the Pros that I see for making the change: - More 'flavor' bans in professional play. As teams become increasingly more proficient at certain styles & heroes, an extra ban helps teams negate certain styles that they are uncomfortable playing against. - Potential for more of the hero pool to come into play. When 1 door closes, another one opens. As 1 more hero gets banned, choices open up. - Allows the team to look into the time frame allotted for draft. Decreasing the time for a pick/ban to happen & giving teams a reserve pool allows for teams to actually tempo out a draft. We don't generally see this happening in the current form as their is no real reason not to use every second available. A reserve pool allows a team to be rewarded for having a draft plan, while not being too punishing when that fails & they need to take a moment to reevaluate their planned route. - We are at 70 heroes right now, increasing to 6 brings bans to account for ~9% of the pool. This is more in line with the other current big players as opposed to our current ~6%. These obviously aren't the only pros/cons, but I still feel that as we continue to grow as a game that we need to be open to the option, & introducing it within the middle of the HGC season could be very odd & not well received.Dayuni0 Aug 8
Aug 8 About these afk bans in draft Can there be something put in place to reduce the number of times people are afking bans in draft? -option to select "I do not want to ban" when queuing draft modes. As long as you are queued with at least one team mate who hasn't selected this option you'd be in the clear and queue times wouldn't be impacted /or/ -option to swap the ban leader /or/ -penalty in RP for missing ban /or/ Afk ban statistics tracked by player and players who afk bans made less likely to be ban-er Something at least, its way too common... throwin out ideas here..YoloBaggins1 Aug 8
Aug 7 Bits required for team portrait Am I missing something? According to my calculations it would cost nearly $900 DOLLARS to get my favorite team portrait..... What he heck???? HOW??? and over $30 just to get the first loot box??? Am I crazy or is this absolutely insane????Stomy1 Aug 7
Aug 7 Why is highest mmr not first pick? >get cursed hollow >want to destroy with dehaka >last pick, but i'm banning >guy actually first picks nova in plat 1 > guy after that picks rexxar Why do I, the person with the highest mmr in the team, do not get first pick so I can actually DRAFT correctly?Geoxyx9 Aug 7