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Oct 24, 2016 2017 Heroes Global Championship Details We just announced details about the structure, schedule, and more for our 2017 Heroes Global Championship. Head to the 2017 HGC website to find information about our new league structure, where top teams from around the world will battle for supremacy over the course of the year on the road to the HGC Finals. You'll also find details about international competition, including Clashes and Brawls, prize pools, format, and more.Spyrian0 Oct 24, 2016
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12m boy oh boy new match making last 5 games +35 personal mod +6 +30 +27 +15 all losses. Glad I am going 0-5 with garbage teams and only losing 900 points now :) totally what the community was asking for. Last game I went 4-5 as diablo. 60k damage which was the highest on my team, and highest xp contrib. The squishes im supposed to protect? 1-2, 2-0, and 2-3. combined they had the same deaths as I, so it seems that I kept them alive just fine. Seems like people are doing their darndest to not die even if it means not securing kills.desolate7 12m
21m Where are the voice coms I thought I saw they were going to add voice chat to HoTS?Zedder2 21m
31m Issue with the placement matches in hero league? I have always been in Platinum rank since i begun my heroes ranked experience and even once made it to diamond rank. You can even check my profile and see how I have maintained an almost 50% win rate in plat rank each season as well. However, this season along with the new match adjustment changes I have been placed in Silver 2. I can not express how upsetting this is to me to go down not one but two divisions for no apparent reason. I even went 5-5 in my placement matches so maintaining my 50% usual win rate. Why have I suddenly been brought down 2 divisions? This is very disheartening as I have worked hard to maintain my plat rank and it feels like a slap in the face to go down 2 divisions now for no reason I can see.Mattydag6 31m
33m "stat based performance" is a sham so just played a game, we lost. i got deducted 18 points for "personal performance" as a specialist with almost 100k seige. please someone explain how that gets -18 from my rank? because the enemy spec had less seige than me and i was top seige in the game. so far this new system seems like what we had before. lose a match and lose 101 points win next match get 100. oh great. next game we have a sonya go 0/1/0 who was not an AI and we lose again. this time i gain 7 points for performance as greymane. "oh yeah this new system will get you to the rank youre supposed to be at" oh yes sure thatll stop my rank falling. scum like this doesnt belong in ranked play.xPaleHorse4 33m
1h AWEFUL NEW RANKING SYSTEM THX BLIZZ so now i have been stuck over and over with low ranking plats and not only are they trolling the draft , i just had a guy names "hotsbecause" feed the entire game from the start because in draft he said " WHY IS EVERYONE IN PLAT GETTING PLACED MASTERS SO IM GUNNA GO FOR THE 0-10 AND GET PLACED MASTER AS WELL" like what a joke this new ranking system is how do you **** it up this bad really ... im gm last season getting plat 2 3 4 5 how is this fair to us?HeaTIsHots0 1h
1h WTF Placement How the hell am I Silver 2. I ended the last season at like Gold 3. I went 11-1 in the last 12 ranked games. In placement went 9-1. I was MVP like 3-5 of the placement games. I also played really well in the games I played. Well hopefully the climb out of silver won't be a nightmare.Grappler16521 1h
2h I played two games with the same troll (Edit: If I seem complaining in this post, I apologize. The actual point I am trying to make is at the end of the second post.) As the title says. And yes, I lost them both. I had just lost a game trying to get up to Bronze 3, one where a teammate was replaced with an AI from the first minute. I was hoping I could recoup my loss. The next game was on Cursed Hollow. The player picking last selected Tyrande, even though we already had Brightwing. "Why Tyrande?" said our Sylvanas as the countdown began. No answer. I was concerned, but not too worried. In the past I’d lost against similarly ill-fated compositions. (Though that isn't saying much.) The game began. "So, what's the plan?" I said. "Why would you pick Tyrande?" said our Sylvanas. Our Tyrande responded by cursing at him and calling him a noob. My hopes for the match began to drain away. "We stick together cuz now we have no damage," said Sylvanas. We did have a Greymane, but he was our only assassin. The first fight went poorly. "No wonder you went last," said Sylvanas. "Haha noob died," said our Tyrande, who I will hereafter refer to as "The Toad". "Everyone report the troll," said Sylvanas. "I will carry you noob," said The Toad. "How?" asked Sylvanas. "You suck." "Watch and learn," said The Toad. It soon became apparent that we weren't winning this one. "We don't have the damage," said Sylvanas. "We are winning, relax," said The Toad. "We won't win without camps, homeboy," said Sylvanas. "Haha noobs," said The Toad. It was around this time that Greymane typed "gg" for the second time. Our Sylvanas died. "Can't save the noob," said The Toad. "Too noob." "You just suck man," said Sylvanas. "Like, really bad." "Says the feeder with 3 deaths," said The Toad. This pathetic bickering went on all game long, punctuated with statements of "gg" from Greymane. The Toad's gameplay left much to be desired. He would hang back from fights so he could throw the owl at them from a distance. He would meander around and hide behind the fortifications so he could type his responses. Once he defended a lane all by himself when he should have been supporting the team in getting the tribute, then arrived late after everyone had died and got himself killed trying to off Muradin. While the enemy Jaina took the tribute. "Lol, did you accidentally pick Tyrande?" said Sylvanas as the game drew to a close. "This is for masters," said The Toad. "Like me." As our core exploded, Greymane said "gg" for the seventh and final time. "Can't carry the noobs," was all The Toad had to say for himself. Our Sylvanas again begged us to report him. I had reported him about halfway through the game, when I could no longer stand his infuriating behavior. It was the first time I had ever reported anyone. Boy, did it feel good.ChuckMorris13 2h
2h Are we getting blue post about the placements bug? Afraid to play ranked until thenMightguy5 2h
2h Performace base What if the collected data are corrupted since they came from other season where everyone are smurfing/abuse to get high rank.Then took those so call informations to compare ppl from your MMR. You had potatoes that where carryed in high rank and good player stuck in Bronze I guess the learning machine want to suicide atmRazihell0 2h
2h MVP "-16 personal adjustment" THoughts?desolate5 2h
2h tone down the performance adjustment range a bit I got -13 for playing a decent (careful) valla game... was outdamaged by a naz but nothing severe. Considering personal rank adjustment goes up to like 20 now, seems a bit much for an only average (not weak) performance. In contrast- got +44 for playing damage malf. Now I love free points, but again, I don't think damage malf merits almost 1/4 of a ranked win. I think the performance adjustment should stay between -20 and 20 points, similar to personal rank adjustment. A slightly below/above average game should be 5-10 pts, an amazing game or a deliberate AFK should be 15-20 pts. Not 44. If this is not fixed master is gonna be a mess, everyone above a certain mmr starts at 1000 so they will identify and abuse the niche cases which give high adjustment to climb easily to GM. This will hurt the game quality in the highest brackets (which should be the most competitive + focused ones).thomulf0 2h
2h totally dont play ranked nor placement games the matchmaking system is totally broken, unworthy of playing, meaningless games, low skilled players. Lol it is over for me. 4 games played, 2 games lost....nopp! last time i got into gold 2 by losing just 1 i can imagine being in bronze division hahahahaha....byes byesiKimmO1 2h
2h Now that MMR change is "quicker" can we Reset? That's a capital R reset i mean. Every game I've had, win or lose, has been a slaughter. Not fun at all. I am sick of these Platinum-Team-Deathmatch games. It seems to have only gotten worse. If the personal rank adjustment is only 30 points how does that even change much with the 200 points base that you lose from losing a game thats not your fault? RESET MMR, the game is not fun, I'm getting fed up.blogart1 2h
2h Diamond player PLACED AT SILVER 4 Dear Blizzard, when I first started playing Hots I was a complete newcomer to the Moba genre, and I was very ignorant on how to play the game. As a result, I placed in silver for my first couple seasons, but after much hard effort on my part I finally climbed to platinum and then diamond, and have stayed at those ranks for 4 seasons straight! However, after completing my placement games THIS season, and winning 9 out of 10 of those placement games, I've mysteriously been placed at silver 4. I am quite competitive and serious about Hots and this undeserved silver ranking is literally an embarrassment. I contacted customer support & I was told it was not in his power to do anything about this. I requested to speak to his supervisor, and he says there is no supervisor for me to speak to & that the only thing I could do was post on these forums. I hate to say this because I love Blizzard & Blizzard games, but this is very poor customer service, & though Hots is a free to play game, I've spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on Blizzard games in general, & I feel that I deserve better customer service than this.LaXardoXoth3 2h
5h Ranked rewards So I just finished my first ranked season in TeamLeague and got my rewards, I got 3 random(?) horses, Is this intentional? I only played this season to get that one horse I really wanted and in the end I got 3 horses in which 2 of them I will likely never ever use.electRon2 5h
5h Individual matchmaking performance not impactful enough So +13 points for doing very well yet my team still losing isnt making much difference..hows that supposed to make an impact on matchmaking? It needs to be more like +150 and lose only 50 points for losing the game if you play your hero well wasnt that supposed to be the point of individual matchmaking performance?Natz1 5h
6h Hanzo winnin rates Pls Blizz check Hanzo winning rates! sucks big time!crazys0 6h
6h This game should never be taken seriously With how unbalanced everything is, the !@#$ty reconnect feature that traps players in an endless loop of waiting 5 minutes to rejoin a game. Between the ability to smurf into higher leagues, to the degenerate underskilled players that plague all leagues up to Diamond. You can't take any form of ranked seriously, except maybe team league as you have some sort of control over who is your team mate. Just relax and if you go on loose streaks that fine, this game is based more on luck now than anything else. Lets all gamble for points in hero league. Blizzards non-monitized slot machine.DireSouthpaw4 6h
6h What can we do against Feeder with Proof ? I just started my rank to determine my rank. My first game, i got a Lt,Morales only rush to the ennemy team and died non stop, i ve recorded the game and where can i send the replay including the Name of the Feeder ? That kind of game shoudln t count in the ranking placement. I demand a permantly ban for proof and bad behavior. What are the steps to be done thank you !Matos2 6h
7h healing in an blow out, suck the performance rating, doesnt do % of damage heal. but overall healing. so im getting hammer by playing support. this feel like overwatch comp. no one want to heal.grambler2 7h
7h well, MVP. -10 points performance HOw did i get -10 performance for being MVP?grambler1 7h
7h 8WIN PLACEMENT AND GOT EXACTLY THE SAME RANK LAST SEASO Last season i ended up Silver 4. I played placements now and won 8 games and lose 2. I got MVP 3 times. I was in every single game on the last page with MVP player. And guess what I ENDED UP EXACTLY THE SAME RANK IN THE SILVER 4? I really need a explanation for this. How is that possible if i end last season in Silver 4 and i win 8!!!! games out of 10, And end up IN EXACTLY THE SAME RANK? There is no fking logic in that, but i would gladly hear it if there is!LuClfer6 7h
7h First placement Bronze ???? Hello guys, I was placed in Bronze 3 after my first placement in Team League. My account level is 97 and I just played Quick Match with a 65.9% winrate in 125 games. My QM MMR should be around high Diadmond/Master. Today I decided to play with my friends my first 10 placement games in TL. I won 8 games and lost 2 and I was placed in Bronze 3. I dont really get it. You can check my stats, username: iiiiiiiiiiiiD I normally play with Diamonds/plat players. I'm afraid about to play my Hero League placements now.iiiiiiiiiiiD0 7h
10h What happened to my mmr I ended up on diamond 5 last season in HL (ranking _up_ to it, not down to it (from plat 3)). Just did two placement games and both of them were with gold players (last season gold players). And I wasn't even the guy banning in the draft. Someone with top rank gold 1 was banning both times. So uh... what happened?MrPR01 10h
10h Slither and crawl out of Bronze - Back again Been playing since the game was in Beta. For the first long while only played QM as I wanted to get good and learn before being critiqued. Little did I know my MMR in QM was going to affect what happened in rank...wish I had known. I ended up in Bronze 5. Which at the time I didnt think was a big deal. Thought Id just climb out. As you know this isnt a very easy thing to do unless of course you're one the the top players in the game... I just found I'd lose points even when i WON...the system tries to keep you down.... Well last season I decided to try and get out.....Well on Monday night I was at Bronze 1 with 1 game to go Silver 5.... Now I played my placements and was placed back in Bronze 4.....and its soo broken its even harder to get out of bronze as there are a bunch of high silvers and low golds doing the placements in Bronze..... Thanks Blizzard.... what is the point if you seriously just try and keep us down....... The Ghetto of HOTS..... Well here i go to try and get out again but its not looking good!Clint2 10h
10h How to raise in rank when paired with bad players? How can I ever get to higher rank if I start in the lowest rank and loose half the games due to other players??? This is ridiculous. I see no possible way out of the lowest ranking.plmdmd1 10h
10h Bronze 5? I finished last season in silver 3. This season i got 8/10 wins in placementgames and i got bronze 5. Why? edit: I got 3 mvps and almost top 5 every game.Noopie0 10h
11h Performance matchmaking with AFK players? I'm wondering about this, since I'm doing the 10 placement matches right now. Player joins the HL draft, picks a useless hero against team recommendations (ok that happens a lot) and then goes afk from the start. There's no chance of winning at this point, not unless a player on the other side does the same. For the entire game their AI bot continues to feed, so it's not even a game of 4v5, but a game of 4v6 since our AI bot is playing for the other team and collecting almost no experience. Previous to this patch I would lose 200 ranked points and that would be that, but since we have this new and wonderful concept of performance matchmaking I wonder what happens now?Crótach1 11h
11h Placement failed... in placement i won 10/9 it set me gold 5 ? whats wrong i finished it silver 1 ...Lesha1 11h
11h Blizzard please consider this post could you please explain to me how the placement works??? i ended my last season on gold 5 for team league and for this season i get placed on BRONZE 5 and i won 8 out 10 like WHY , HOW that happen ??? please please please .. do something about this , i spent too much time on this game , and this is what i get ??? JUST PLEASE!!!Yue3 11h
13h Stop Picking Low Tier Super frustrating to have to try to carry Valeera, Nova, or whatever else you think is viable. You're not that good stop doing it...KentaroFA9 13h
13h im 11-1 last 12 games and getting neg personal rank adj what is personal rank adjustment? why it always negative to me? im kinda new and causal. i was bronze 5. now almost 3. but getting -10 per game. Why?grambler3 13h
13h Lt. Morales strategy that needs a nerf I had a ranked match where the enemy team consisted of Lt. Morales and several characters with good single target damage. The enemy team after the enemy team reached level 10 they then quickly used the Medivac Dropship to get to one of our keeps, quickly destroying it and dying in the process. Then after a short respawn timer they used the dropship to rush our core doing severe damage and dying in the process. Then we didn't know what to do, we had 4 players preparing for their next rush (while 1 went for objective) but there's not so much we can do especially considering that they would simply do it AGAIN in case they failed. How is this fair? If we somehow managed to get a push of our own to their core in the short amount without our core dying, they would probably just have defended their core and then rushed our core afterwards again. For now all we can do is to use a valuable ban on Lt. Morales every match, just in case. This seems very unintended and does not fit with how the game is supposed to be played at all, the game is about a soaking lanes, getting talents, teamfighting, going for objectives and so on, not whatever this is. We probably had a small chance to win sure, but this just doesn't seem like Heroes of the Storm to me. Please consider finding a way to prevent this in some way, more people will likely start abusing this "strategy".Luttz2 13h
14h QM is utter garbage played and spent hard earned money on this game, i love everything about this game, but QM needs a major overhaul. it is utterly the most unenjoyable experience in any game that i have played the last 20 years. i absolutely hate it and i think there are many people who share the same sentiment. when you win its not rewarding, when you lose its frustrating. everytime you play qm its like playing russian roulette in a dark cold room. everything is left up to chance. rather than just !@#$%ing and moaning about how bad the QM experience is i have a few suggestions. overhaul the initial players team comp by what roles they prefer to play, not what heros they want to play right away. ie, if person A wants to tank, you match them with player B that wants to support. so on so fourth. overhaul the drafting process by putting players into a total 60 sec draft that shows what both teams are picking. first come first serve for each pick. mobile legends has a similar drafting process except they don't show what your opponents are using. reduce and rotate the map pool for QM every 2 weeks blizzard makes 100's of millions a year. Fix this QM crap. i don't give a hoot about your claims that QM is the most played mode in Hots. if you want to grow the community , start by making a MM system in QM that is fun and fair. people are willing to wait an extra 1-2 mins to get a good game, if they aren't then those people won't stick around anyways so why worry about those players.MamBa10 14h
14h game is still !@#$ took a break. came back. people are still clueless and the games are always one-sided.Impsy1 14h
16h Hero league placement Why am i been matched with bronce on placement matches, if i was gold-plat previous seasons? i'm afraid of this, even if i won everything ill still be ranked on silver at mostDave179 16h
20h Rank Progression is Seriously Flawed As of right now the only way to earn rank points and promotions is to win a match. That's it. It literally doesn't matter how good or bad of a player you are as an individual. If you have 0 kills 5 assists and 30 deaths while deliberately ignoring teamfights and map objectives, you still get rank progress as long as you win the match. Ranked mode is not grading us on our actual skill in this game, it's grading us solely on our wins vs. losses. Something needs to change so skilled players aren't punished by randoms that either throw the game on purpose or are too underskilled to contribute to a win. Why should our individual rank progression rest in the hands of bad players, trolls, afkers, and other degenerates?ObsoleteMind9 20h
1d placement system is part of the problem The placement system is complete trash so why not? Anyone can inflate their quick match MMR and place super high in ranked. Which makes NO sense whatsoever because drafting, banning, and having a coherent team comp is a significant part of the game. I hope they address this when they roll over the new system next season.sapphiron225 1d
1d East Coast Server? Why do players on the East coast not have an East server option to choose from in the 'Language and Region' section? East coast players shouldn't be connecting to the Central U.S. for their games.EruxDirt1 1d
1d Should it be mandatory for people to flex? Most of my ranked games everyone wants to play assassins and no one wants to fill. Selfish people really make me angry.Sigurd8 1d
1d Hero League black hole hero league, show me one person (doucument it in video form) of someone who can climb out of silver league into diamond and i'll admit that i'm just bad at this game. i personally dont think it can be done. If it cant be done, then there is a problem with the system.Relge3 1d
1d Disconnecting the game. Can we please please please implement a better DC system? first game of the season, 2 players disconnected the entire game. IMO, if they DC for an entire minute, make the game DC and let the ones with adequate internet not be harmed. Instead these bots go off picking crap talents and even if they do reconnect, they aren't suited to play anway (i.e. varian bot picks fury when hes the only tank option) please blizzard, its been a problem.Notsid0 1d
1d Team League, 3's. How does the placement work? I played Team League for the first time ever with two buddies, knocked out the 10 games to get placed right before the season ended. At the end of it, I ended up in Silver 2 when my both my buddies hit Plat 2. It seems strange to me, seeing as I don't think any of the three of us, has ever placed before, never done the solo or team league ranked before. The two of them have however done a few solo games but never gotten placed into a rank, don't think they've done more than 4-5 stray games of it. Does those 4-5 games matter that much? Or does the quick match MMR take into effect here? They have drasticly more games played in QM after all. Or is there another factor? Possibly that I played support the 8/10 games? I can accept that I am worse than them, even though I don't think so, but SILVER 2 and PLAT 2, the gap is definitely not that huge. Mostly just confused.Vanilj2 1d
1d Question in regards to Genji and Malthael So I don't own these two and prefer the competitive mode over QM and Unranked and I'd like to climb to Masters next season. My question is, are these two good to have on your roster for it?Clavitz1 1d
1d No demotion game played and got demoted in Hero League after loss Was Plat 2 with about 400 points, lost a game and immediately got demoted to Plat 3. No demotion game was played. Can use ticket US61797374 as reference.Cezarus1 1d
2d New Ideas for Hero League Be REQUIRED to have at least 4 tanks at lv 10 be REQUIRED to have at least 4 healers at lv 10 i would say higher lv requirement but i gotta give some leeway somewhere. if someone goes afk for bans/auto disband the group and make that person have leaver status for 15 games. You wanna troll people go do it in QM then you can play abathur/nova all you want while you tell me "but im good man, check my profile" then i check record and you're like 36 percent win rate with him.Relge0 2d
2d hero league and team league rankings so i am diamond 1 in hero league and havent played a single game of team league will i be matched with diamonds or higher rankings if i bring a silver/unplaced with me on team league?moffatt0 2d
2d Last chance I hope you ne MM worth the wait cause im about to tilt hard I cant belive i keep getting match whit those UBER NOOB dive 1 v 5 is bad imagine when its your healer doing so this game is crazy casual in fact its way below casaual levelRazihell0 2d