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Oct 24, 2016 2017 Heroes Global Championship Details We just announced details about the structure, schedule, and more for our 2017 Heroes Global Championship. Head to the 2017 HGC website to find information about our new league structure, where top teams from around the world will battle for supremacy over the course of the year on the road to the HGC Finals. You'll also find details about international competition, including Clashes and Brawls, prize pools, format, and more.Spyrian0 Oct 24, 2016
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6h Those people in Hero League.... .... have no idea about this game. Both in Platinum and Gold there are a lot of newbies who think they are pro. Solo playing all the time, dying like 8 -13 times by clearing the lanes and saying things that Varian or Artanis can't be a tank. You see them and you don't know if you should start crying or laughing. This is clearly not normal that there are people even in diamond who should be in silver and conversely.Executor1 6h
11h Gold 4--> Plat 3 in 40 games 3 days Trash ranked system After playing 300 games this season and being forced into elo hell with flaming teammates, de ranking from Gold 1 1000 points to gold 4 derank->5 game, I had almost given up, but the ranked system decided to "Bless me". After complaining multiple times on the forums and in game master tickets, my ques seemed to become different. I started being placed on teams that all utilized voice chat and had generally positive recent game history, I had few flamers if any, and if they did flame the Block Communication function seemed to work great and i didn't have to play with them again. Over the course of 40 games with these new teammates I went from Gold 4 50 points -18 games to plat 3 410 points +10 games, with multple MVP's and leader board appearances: I even had a game against 2 masters, a diamond and 2 plats to which I carried. The events of the past 3 days prove my and many others posts that the system is rigged and completely unbalanced. I am no better now than I was 3 days ago yet my HL Rank would suggest something different. PLEASE PLEASE Do something about the ranking system..Drakenguard0 11h
13h What's the current state of HL? Hello there, So I came back to Heroes of the Storm recently and I've been tempted to go back in HL soon. But I am slightly worried by those horror stories where gold and plat players are matched with Grandmaster, where toxicity is extreme, games filled with throwers and so on. So, be honest, what is Hero League like at the moment? Is it really that bad? Let's talk about it... About me: Last time I played hero league, I was high plat, Gold in Team League Main healer : Alex, Stukov, Brightwing, Morales, Auriel,.... Reasons I stopped HL : I won a game and got demoted. This happened after a server bug, that was acknowledged by Blizzard, that made me loose many points. I was pretty upset lol I would rather play in duo queue, but queues would take forever, we would see so many toxic people and just grew tired of it. And my duo partner switched to OW competitive. I eventually followed lol System isn't perfect there either, gotta admit.DizzyMouse14 13h
15h I want 100 points back. I was in a HL game. When a "troll" had connections problems. first 2 mins AFK. then 6 mins reconnect, 2 min later AFk returns a third time 2 min again AFk So for at least 8 mins of 18 mins game someone was AFK. That game should not count against us. Or I should lose 100 points less. Plus I lost an extra 6 points 5 favoured (whatever the !@#$ that is) 1 personal rating. Please another rating adjustment. So that people that play the whole game lose less points. For someone connection issues. Too be fair, the troll was the guy doing banning and missed 2 bans. But managed to pick "hanzo"EmeraldBoar1 15h
23h The End is Nigh You know, I've been browsing these forums the past few weeks. I don't think I've seen a single dev reply to any of our concerns, mainly that matchmaking is severely broken. Heroes of the Storm was a fun game once upon a time. And it saddens me to watch it die. But by allowing the rampant toxicity in the game, and to ignore the vast majority of the competitive playerbase's concerns, without even so much as a twitter update as to the future of the matchmaking system or hots in general, I can't feel bad about it. It's their own fault. Blizzard is clearly more concerned with pushing out broken heroes whose kits are completely useless and shoving more and more skins down our throats for the $$$. They don't care about us. They don't care about the toxic state of the game. They don't care about the broken matchmaking because they make the bulk of their sales from non competitive players that buy skins. Scroll through these forums. Peruse them at your leisure. It's the same thing over and over again. MM/Toxic players/HL. I think it's time we accept that nothing is going to change and just move on. Cause IF they do end up TRYING to fix things, it's going to be entirely too late. 2018 Q4 and pretty much all of 2019 is going to have some heavy hitting games. Activision !@#$ed Blizzard. Activision Blizzard %^-*ed us. GG.SBlaze1 23h
1d How to Join an Esports Team? Looking to join an Esports League.GrimReaper3 1d
1d Need to hard reset with new ranked system so that these players in their wrong rank due to quick match seeding can get placed in their proper bronze rank instead of diamond and platinum when they only know how to play against a team full of specialist or a team full of tanks or a team that doesnt have a healer. Tired of these potato brain dead players in high ranks who dont deserve to be there cause all they do is sit in quick match to get their initial seeding. Competitiveness in this game is less competitive than elementary kids playing tether ball or 4 square.MEHOYMINOY9 1d
1d Why is Garrosh even a hero? Why? Why blizzard?BigMikeAz5 1d
1d AFKs, Feeders, and the Hidden Bot Tax As a spinoff to my data analysis thread: I discovered that out of 100 games of HL, 18 of them ended up having a bot or feeder (more than 10 deaths). In those 18 games, I had an abysmal 15% win rate. Translating this into Ranked Points, those 15 games that I lost cost because of AFKs/Feeders ended up costing me 3000 Ranked Points (assuming I won all of them). But assuming I only win half of them, that's still 1500 Ranked Points gone every 100 games. If you average out those 1500 points over the 100 games, there's a 15-point "Bot Tax" in every game that you must overcome in order to actually climb. Basically there's a hidden -15 adjustment attached to every single game due to how prevalent AFKs and feeders are. This is ridiculous considering the person that AFK'd got the exact same punishment as me in terms of Ranked Points. When is this going to be fixed?Lightning28 1d
1d Disconnects pre-match are too harshly penalized Why am I getting penalized so hard for an internet hiccup. I have to now play 4 quick match games and lose a lot of ranked points because I DC in the matchmaking queue for a quick second. There is no fix for this, I can't call COX, the only internet I have in my area, and tell them to suck one. They tell me tough !@#$ and to kick rocks. (Trust me I've tried.) I beg of you please if I can connect back to the game in the damn draft please at least give me 2 minutes to do so. I rarely if ever DC in an actual game and if I ever was to do so please penalize me that's fine. It is unbelievably frustrating to be forced into a game mode that I hate because my %^-* internet kicked me off in a draft. Even when I DC in game I get a chance to reconnect but not so in draft just instant penalty. Please consider reevaluating this policy, as it's utter garbage.KentaroFA12 1d
1d We need a hard reset It's incredible that some players should be at least in bronze 8 and they arent. Valla: 0-7 in 12 min. I said "valla pls stop dying..." She replies "if our diablo doesnt tank, it seems ill have to do so..." I looked at diablo, 0-10 Jeeeez I dont really have a big problem with someone who is just bad in hl, but wanting to tank as a dps? Thats basic knowledge! The problem is it has not been the first time. I dont consider gold a good rank, maybe like 6/10. I dont want to imagine how bronze is.korthi1 1d
1d Ranked Leagues & Blocked Players I wholeheartedly believe that under no circumstances should I ever match into someone I have blocked. Countless times I will block a troll, take a break, come back a few hours later and somehow get the same person on my team. I would be willing to wait an hour for the queue to pop if it never meant having someone I blocked on my own team. There isn't any amount of queue time that would deter me from this line of thought. Does anyone else feel the same way? Maybe not for QM and while I wouldn't mind it in Unranked, least include it for both ranked modes of play.SpacePope20K7 1d
1d Stop making Heroes that are useless... There are a handful of them, but they are there. They are relatively useless in a draft and you have to practice with them so much, under every opponent circumstance imaginable, that it isn't even worth learning them at all. Every hero should have a place in this game. Every other excuse to the contrary is a waste of player and developer time.ErikBaka1 1d
1d Favored Adjustments So how does this work? My team all plats vs other team with 4 diamonds. We lose and the personal adjustments work against us??? And then I've been on the other side of it where it also goes against you. Does this ever benefit you or just here to piss us offsprayfarts4 1d
1d The ranked system is very broken and NEEDS a hard reset Most of the games are unplayable these days when the system don't punish people who are purposely throwing and rage quit. I am trying really hard to be MVP, flexing with my team, communicate with my teamates every game. However, I see myself dropping down into the ELO hell deeper and deeper matching up with teammates who are so bad that doesn't belong in the rank I am in. There is a need for a hard reset. The game is becoming an extremely bad experience when you have to deal with bad players who are too heavy to carry and reluctant to communicate. The only time I can play this game is before the school time and late nights. Weekends are absolutely nightmare too, so just don't even open any Blizzard games. They should add the age group restriction, it's painful to deal with immature kids. This is also similar issue happening to the Overwatch side. It's like rolling the dice on who gets the !@#$ player on your team and it's not even skill related. In addition, please add the "avoid teammate" function and make the list bigger and last a month.PotatoChips0 1d
1d 7-day Suspension for "Nonparticipation" I sent this ticket to Blizzard Support; "Today I have got an e-mail from Customer Support. It says I refused to participate in games. I never go AFK, but I suspect it might be the case that my teammates did not comprehend the fact that it is almost always useless to team fight when our team is a few levels behind. This misunderstanding is common in gold league, and I get constant complaints about that. This is the "correct" playstyle adopted by many professional players that I watch through streams and league matches. Hence from my point of view, this is not a fault of mine, but lack of understanding of game mechanics from my teammates. Thus I object to and would like you to reconsider this ban. If not, I would like to know which games resulted in this ban so I can improve further." And this is the copy-paste answer, "After reviewing your case and the recent actions taken against your account we have concluded that those actions were correctly applied and will not be overturning the penalty. While we understand that you may not agree with this decision, we enforce our Code of Conduct in an effort to maintain a safe and fun environment for all of our players in game. We thank you for respecting our position. If you would like to review our Code of Conduct, you can do so here: Please note, we will now consider this matter closed and will not accept further contacts on the matter." They can not even write a private answer to me. I'm sure they did not do any review about my issue. It's easy to report players, report if player is not playing for you... I was almost platinum this season but i fell to gold 5. Then i try hard and got gold 2. I am spending too much time for this game, and try to improve myself as playing and watching streamers. I have other accounts, so i can play with those while i am suspended. But this injustice made to me is very much upsetting.damezumari0 1d
1d Hanzo Q build We must be free to play whatever build we want, but when it comes to hanzo, you blizzard don't give a damn. I have to hit all enemies 5 time as a quest. Everytime the enemy team has abathur, i cannot do a thing, i am useless(becouse scatter arrow is bad and must change like overwatch+attackspeed build is bad also). So u have to yo fix this , you can't force me to play a build , i want to play whatever i want.. there is no balance in hanzo if abathur counts as target. make it "hit all target 4times". Help people to play ur game by listening to them. Hanzo is weak and u make the afk robot abathur a target on his quests? you must pay attention to hanzo, how could u forget this problem? everytime i play against abathur i want to delete the game.Kostas500713 1d
1d In which direction should HoTS game design go? Would you guys prefer that the game became more competitive, more complex, and have hero's with very high skill caps (When those hero's potential is unlocked they would be able to absolutely dominate multiple hero's) Or do you guys think that the game should be more casual, easier to get in and play, great for those on the go that don't want to read tons of online guides, low barrier to entry for friends to try. You don't have to worry about a high skill player dominating the match.jaqenhghar2 1d
1d Banned for playing in Diamond 2-3 As before, it can happen for no reason, when I'm never AFK. People just report others if they don't like them and my account got suspended. Maybe I die there 13 times, but this happens because I solo-lane with Gazlowe vs Alarak, who seems to be much stronger on a lane.Ed4210 1d
2d I grinded from bronze 3 QM MMR to Gold and It only took 500 games I am a legendLatest15 2d
2d Consistent bad teammate matchmaking. I feel like i'm stuck in an endless cycle of getting put with people who don't know the fundamentals of the game. You know the guy who should be against bots, but for some reason thinks they should be playing against real players with a hero they've never played on their first day of installation. This consistently happens sometimes; as if the game is purposely matching me with potato people.. WTF is this? Has anyone else noticed this? I almost think the game has some kind of algorithm to place me with potatoes because of how "toxic" I am.Steele9 2d
2d dear developers 146 games and im silver 3 my 10 games placed me silver 3 i am constantly matched with either trolls or players that are new and pick a hero having no clue what to do this is ruining the game how the hell am i suppose to carry a 1-2 players only solution is to avoid such players but how? instead of the 5 star pop up did u enjoy playing with them instead can we get a vote yes or no if you want to play another match with a certain player and if so maybe a gold benefitderpykiwi1 2d
2d Love these forums As a pessimist, I find these forums to be very fun. Let the hate consume you.Tigerhawk1 2d
3d WEW what is with the terrible analysis of these games on twitch? no, dig didn't push in bot "to get a keep", they did it to bait a rotation bot while having globals so they could stop a 20/19 fight. and then 2 of 3 "best plays" being dig plays despite them losing, and then some random bad play out of dig (i.e. missing the easiest of tongues) also, the whole "eu almost made it, eu almost made it" it's so boring, they didn't make it, we don't care that they almost made it, they got wooped no matter how close you wanted it to be. it's almost like the casters were playing the crowd. eu gets a meaningless boss and loses all their games, but the crowd is going wild and the casters are going wild for the boss. the boss was CLEARLY a dumb as hell choice with two temples up, 2 globals, and a split kr team. like, they actually could have won that had they NOT gone for the boss. (literally a bronze tier play, and kr baited them into it with johana poking) just so frustrating lol these silver carry casters are boring as hellPersaios4 3d
3d MSB - What happened to CN? I never really followed China's (CN) region, but if anyone has, can they explain the poor performance this time around? I usually see at least one CN team make it past group stages, but unfortunately for them, all 3 teams were eliminated this year. Based on what the analysts said, it seems the general issue was CN's meta lagging behind the current one (i.e. they'll draft last patch's meta instead of current competitive patch). Is this really the root cause of their downfall? I saw mostly meta team compositions but I also saw the occasional off-meta pick. Semi-related bonus question: how are MSB region seedings decided? i.e. how do organisers decide how many teams from EU, KR, CN, NA, ANZ are eligible?Kovalenko2 3d
3d Matchmaking should be based on RANK not MMR So I've been winning a lot in ranked, so my MMR seems to have gone up really high, but my rank is going up not very fast (only an extra 12 points for winning which is nothing). This is inherently unfun and unfair. The better I get the the harder it is to climb the SAME rank. This makes absolutely no sense. Instead my rank should be going up faster as I get better, right now it instead becomes harder to move out of the same rank. For example, I had a game where on my team we were all diamond 4 and one was diamond 3. While on the other team the had one master and the rest diamond 3 and 2. I was banning and picking. Some guy on my team went Raynor although he was hinting at Nova. Both horrible picks. Clearly, I was supposed to carry that game extremely hard (in fact at the end I lost an extra 8 points because MY team was favored). This begs the question: Why am I fighting for atleast diamond 3 MMR when my rank is still diamond 4? Even if I won that game I would not get to diamond 3. How is that fair? If you're not going to show MMR at least let me have a match based on my rank. I don't want the pointless challenge. Thanks!güi12 3d
3d Bronze in a nutshell One 300 second queue later... "A player you were matched with has left the game or disconnected." One 250 second queue later... "A player you were matched with has left the game or disconnected." One 435 second queue later... "A player you were matched with has left the game or disconnected." One 123 second queue later... "A player you were matched with has left the game or disconnected." One 245 second queue later... "A player you were matched with has left the game or disconnected." One 567 second queue later... "A player you were matched with has left the game or disconnected." One 126 second queue later... "A player you were matched with has left the game or disconnected." Remember lads, once you're in bronze you're here forever. You won't even get the option to attempt to climb out because you'll never get to play.Meowcenary11 3d
3d Fixed matches So, now Blizzard is punishing me. 4 games in a row lost with complete potatoes. How much of the potatoes they were? They went 0 vs 20 before getting their first kill. That is excluding the fact that I died only once. Now I'm in a team with fools who each of them have 4 looses in a row, including me. Their KDA are terrible. They play troll heroes. They do not communicate. Yeah, like it is not obvious what is happening with MMR. I'm too good and now I must pay my due.Ernestas10 3d
3d Why is Genji's mobility still intact? Why is it, after more than six months, that Genji still has 3 different mobility spells on 3 different CDs? And for the love of god, why does he have an ADDITIONAL resset mechanic to his dash at level 13, that doesn't requier him to get a takedown??? This is insane, it is insane how the devs can not see the difference between OW gameplay and HotS, while transfering heroes and keeping them with the SAME skillset. Genji's abilities ARE NOT FIT FOR A MOBA! He is a range assassin with a dash that deals damage to enemies, has a range of half the screen, has a passive reset on a takedown, and a 2nd reset on hitting enemies at level 13. He has a 2nd mobility spell that has the same range as Valla's vault as a passive, a 3rd one as a Heroic ability (both of them have gap closing!) and in addition to that, he has a protection mechanic? REALY??? And considering his damage is AS GOOD as any AA assassin (Again Valla), where is the drawback? I don't see it!Abigel8 3d
4d COmp HI, doing TL 3 with my firends last season they placed silver 3 and i placed gold.... this is season we are on placement running 6-2... WHY THE !@#$ ARE WE PAIRED WITH lvl 16 and HIS MORRON BRONZE 5 FRIEND ???? THAT TROLLS AND TRHROW THE GAME ? IS THIS GAME DESIGNED BY RETARDED MONKEYS OR WHAT ???Wazabi1 4d
4d Sonya vs grouped enemies So I know you're supposed to flank with Sonya and not dive in head on. But what do you do when the enemy team is grouped? I try going in when the tank does but I still get focused and deleted. It's even worse when they have at least one hero with cc.BirdyX3 4d
4d Horrible MM and points system I get matched up with trolls, quitters, people from entire ranks below me, yet I get knocked over 215 points literally every time I lose. Why? Because I should be in diamond and Blizzard seems to think that it's cool to give negative "personal adjustment" points because you're not ranked where you should be. So I get 185 points for winning but -220 when I lose, meaning i have to work almost 25% more matches just to get where I should be. but I get these useless !@#$s on my team who "DC" as soon as they die from being out of position repeatedly. Or someone flames another guy who proceeds to feed for the rest of the game. Or our tank/healer who thought "oh hey, let's go in the solo lane for literally the entire game, ignore objectives, team fights, and forget what button casts a heal. No exaggeration, this happened to me in Diamond, and is still happening to me in Plat. It's one thing if your entire team is dying over and over because they're simply getting outplayed, but when you've got 1 guy with 10 deaths and 4 guys with 1 death, why is it that the 4 guys get punished? I'm watching a bunch of Blizzard's featured streamers suffering the same %^-*. The only time you ever see any kind of consistent play or matchmaking is in Master and Grand Master, and I'm having a hard time believing this game is geared towards anything other than those players. I worked my !@# off getting to where I'm at, and now I'm getting trolled back into mmr hell with all the subpar flaming trolls and casuals who think it's cool to log onto hots once per season and hop into hero league.TheDragon11 4d
5d UN-Break the Minimap Clicking! It was FINE! You used to have an option to click through minimap with ALL clicks, now its only SOME clicks. I started noticing this primarily with Yrel, but it happens on other characters as well. So I'm trying to land a skillshot (and I DO have the smart-click-through-minimap enabled) that either moves my character, or drops an ability (like Kel'Thuzads spike-chain ult thats global, but the enemy happens to be near my minimap right? They have 5% HP and i just need to land that ability for the finish... I click and SURPRISE! my map changes to some random location on the map, and my character uses thier ability in that direction, instead of where the enemy is! Un-Break this Blizzard, it wasn't broken before, when i could click through the minimap no matter what, now i'm missing skillshots because suddenly my view isn't where the enemy is because my click HAPPENS to land on the damn minimap!Azurean0 5d
5d Probius worst Hero in Nexus 1 sec ago No contest. I used to think Lt. Moralles was quite trashy, but man oh man...I don't know if you guys have been nerfing him or just buffing literally everything else or what exactly...but everything that is Probius needs buffing. One Q from a Nazeebo takes down one of his Pylons...and he can't do anything about that. Put any assassin on him and he's instantly dead, he can't ever escape any competent assassin. Pylon overcharge is laughable since his Pylons barely do any damage while overcharged and even if they did a decent amount of damage, Probius and the Pylons each die too fast for it to matter even if they did a lot of damage, which they don't. It's like everything that could be great about his hero is not. Photon Cannons don't even last half a minute, and they aren't tanky, either. The only thing about this Probe that feels okay is the weird first two abilities. Everything else is garbage. You guys need to throw on some huge buffs. Like try multiplying the Pylon Health by five and also multiply the health gain from the quest by five. His numbers are really that insanely bad right now. I don't even...I can't...fathom...I mean I'm halfway through level 4 on this guy and I've been losing games left and right...I've been trying different talents but they are all not great and the base stats on mostly everything is just too low. Maybe start with increasing damage the minion clearing combination does to enemy heroes only by 50 percent baseline. And like everything else I mentioned, he needs those epic changes because He's like a glorified Merc Camp right now.GreenRay9 5d
6d The Matchmaking is complete garbage I've found that it is useless to try to play with people as, no matter what, I seem to get stuck on the teams that consistently lose, DC, troll, or are hopelessly outmatched. I used to ignore this as I would go through waves of winning followed by waves of losing. Basically, there was some give and take. But now, it seems like no matter what I do I get stuck on crappy teams unless I play against AI. Blizzard, I think you already know this, but AI (even elite AI) isn't satisfying. It doesn't take much to beat the snot out of AI and I can pretty well guarantee that I will win against AI every time. I know that I can't expect to win every game against people but I've been watching the games I'm in and the amount of crappy situations is ridiculous. Also, I tried to monitor the games I would call good (even if losing) compared to the games I would call bad. I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen your MM this bad. And I've played for a while. If AI is all I can do to have anything resembling a decent experience then what's the point of the game?Eagle88DJB0 6d
6d Enemy chat viewable in replays I would really, really like to see this feature added please.Chronicler15 6d
6d Genji X strike inconsistent Been trying out Genji's other ult recently and noticed that the X area being hit spins around genji as he changes the degree angle. It seems very inconsistent in what you can hit with it. I've watched the newest league of legends hero Ult and it lands much better than genji's X, here's the video (that champs ult resets like go for the throat if he's able to keep hitting champs below HP 6d
Jun 15 Blizz we need to talk about HL Disclaimer: I talk about gold. This is not just a rant, it's about showing and explaining why ranked at completly broken. I played with a team of diamonds, I'm high diamond/master in quick, I get master player suggested for lfg, so I assume my Skill should be above gold. Why I'm in Gold? I play since beta and screwed my MMR early. Never sticked around in HL for too long. The vast majority of the roster has a winrate under 50%. This implies 2 things: Everyone is deranking Or Most of the games are a gamble What do I mean by "it's a gamble"? That you have little to no control over your games. In at least 50% of my losses I had either a very weak team comp/troll pick, someone who gave up early, afk or disconnects several times. I did not included underperforming, griefing because they are more subjective. This happens on both sides (winning and loosing), so at least 50% of matches in Gold are decided by this factor Everyone deranking makes no sense, because if everyone plays bad, than is bad "normal" again. Second biggest problem: Skilllevel is all over the place, huge inconsistency in execution of role. People playing roles they don't know how to play, picking up heroes they have little to no experience. Example: Having a good tank and dps who can follow up playing against a tank who doesn't know anything about his role (peeling, iniating, cd management, timing) is an absolute stomp. If you are a good tank player and your team doesn't follow up, you loose. It's pure random what your teammates are capable of. If I take a look at my quick experience: The overall skill level is very similar. People usually know what they have to do, how to work together, set up and follow up, macro play is pretty common. It's the complete opposite of my rank. Normally I would ask the question "How many player are stucked in a rank where they don't belong", but the correct question "At what rank do you have to be that skill matters?" I talked with a couple of higher level HL players about how to climb out of Gold. The solution: Split push hard and ignore your team, avoid teamfights and brawls. This actually works very well, but you abuse the system, your teammates will have a really bad match experience, despite winning the match and has little to do with skill or "competitive experience". You just game the system Why I don't abuse the system and rank up? HL should be about the competitive experience. I want teamwork, test my skill. I played a couple of rounds hard push and ignore my team. I was very succesfull, but I felt bad, knowing that they have a very bad match experience and I abuse the system. Could PBMR solve the problem? Inconcistency is a major factor when it comes to your own performanceSkund14 Jun 15
Jun 15 Matchmaking I really can't bealive that so many people working for Blizzard and HOTS, CAN'T make this matchmaking working good for so long time. If I work for HOTS - I would be very embarrassed. I'm lvl 555 (I have almost all heros on lvl 10+), I play HOTS for more then a year, I'm in 7/10 games MVP (for more then 1 reasons), and I can't escape from bronze 5 or bronze 4 in Ranked. For months I'm trying and trying...but there is ALWAYS some idiot, who ruin all game, and team lose. I'm pretty much sure that Blizzard is banning players only for abusive chat (now will be voice included), but I'm sure there is no bans for nonanticipation. Of course, there is NO MORE points for excellent play. So what that means? That mean, that I (and ALL OTHER players) need to start a new account(s), if we want to play Ranked, from start. I (we) need to give up from everything that we make on our account, all benefits, all gold, all gems, all shards, all mounts, all skins.....and start from 0, just to avoid retarted players in bronze area. Is that possible, that so much people work for Blizzard (HOTS), and can't fix that problem, and separate good players from bad?!CrnaC5 Jun 15
Jun 14 Dodging Hi So in the last HL match I was just in a person wanted to be Chromie but the person banning banned him by accident. Which is not good I know. But. He then got so toxic he picked another mage when we already had a mage and it was his absolute worst hero at level 5 and 20% winrate. He told us he was going to make us loose. So I dodged because that's not a fun game to have to play. I log back in and it has demoted me to a demotion match. We need a way to stop the match before it starts, maybe a majority vote or something. I should not be forced to play with such people and become unruly myself. I don't want to be like them and I don't want to play with them. Help. BelBelauldar2 Jun 14
Jun 14 -Personal Rank Adjustment every game, Why is this? For the last 2 weeks i have climbed 3 ranks but i have only been getting +185 for wins and like 217 for losses can anyone tell me why is this? Also im getting paired consistently with gold 3/4 when im plat 4/5, which is absolutely matchmaking, can anyone also explain this?Shadalin10 Jun 14
Jun 14 Anyone else tired of seeing Nazeebo every game? He could use a nerf. Not a big one, just something teeny tiny to make it so he's no longer in every gosh dang gameStarling8 Jun 14
Jun 13 So this is how MMR works I'm sorry but I can't hold back anymore. I tried to give this game a chance since Alpha but it has gotten to the point where Blizzard has crossed the line and I'm going to make sure people realize that this game is being killed by Blizzard itself. This game, hands down has the worse MMR and matchmaking out of any competitive game I have ever played. The system in essence has more RNG then a game of Hearthstone and thats a joke. Every single Hero League game boils down to if your lucky enough to have good players or the trolls. For the sake of this argument I'm going to define trolls as anyone who trolls the team with their picks, people who can't draft or ban, or people that clearly (and I heavily emphasis the word clearly) do not belong in their division (either by abusing the smurfing exploit or having inflated MMR from the time when duos were allowed in Solo Hero League). I was Grandmaster #132 last season. I took a break at the end of the season to address family matters and to get ready for Graduate School. I would play time to time with my brother in QM and that was it. I came back at the start of the season to do my placements so that I can grind fast to masters/grandmasters before midterms hit in October. To no surprise every single match that was a lost had a factor that I couldn't control because of the horrible MMR/Matchmaking in this game. I had games where I was support/tanks and I was doing more dps then the people that were playing assassins. I was with players that would troll the draft when we needed either support or a tank and they would lock in a dps, causing us to instantly lose the game. I had games where people couldn't even understand what heroes were good on the maps or how to counter in draft. The most shocking part about this was that I would look up the players after the game or in the lobby and notice that not even one game into my placements, I get match with players that have never gotten higher then Diamond 4/5 and end last season mid to high plat. How is that possible when I started last season in Diamond 3 and ended Grandmasters #132? The trend just kept getting worse and worse in the series and I ended up 3-7 and landed in Diamond 4. Now I'm trying to grind once again but I'm getting match with the same types of trolls from my placements. For example, I just finished a game on BOE with a team of diamond 4/5 and you would think they know the map right? Nope, we had a player instalock aba saying that aba is amazing on this map. Our team at the time consisted of Sylvannas, Anub, Rehgar, Cassia (Me). We now had no solo lane pick against sonya and Sylv was forced to match against her, while we one the bot lane got rolled by Medic, Tyrande, Valla and Chen. Aba was 3rd in experience soaking and I was top damage on the team at 60k while the only other person that could dps (Slyv) couldn't even break 30k with all her AOE. Aba did an impressive 12k dps, less then rehgar. To top it all off, I was punished by losing -210 points because apparently we were favored. Recently there was a blue post that stated that the players you win/lose against is how your mmr is calculated: Posted by Loesby Your placement is based on your internal Matchmaking Rating (MMR), which is updated after each game based on whether you win or lose, and the MMR's of all players in the game. Based on where you and your friend placed, you probably went 7-3 against other players in the mid-bronze range, which means your ratings increased, but not out of the bronze-silver range. If you had gone 7-3 against Master level players (and I hope you don't get put in games with Masters, that would be pretty bad matchmaking), your rating would have increased a lot more. This basically states that if the system matches you with players lower then your rank and you get teammates who mmr shouldn't even be in said rank, you as the player get double punished. This is how I went from Grandmasters to Diamond 4 player with people who honestly should be in Silver. I got boned by matchmaking and now I'm stuck trying to fix it. This system is an absolute joke and I'm done with it all. I will actively pledge against this game to anyone that ask about. This along with how blizzard treats the Esport scene, expect this game to be dead late 2019.Hazai37 Jun 13
Jun 13 Broken placement games ? Why are there people awarded master rank while being 2-9 in the season. This is enourmously discouraging to play ranked at all.macko3 Jun 13
Jun 13 Blocked TL I had a horrible round with a group of three people, cursing, expletives etc. so I blocked them. Today, a day later, I'm paired with them again. I have all three of them blocked still so can't hear/see what they say. If I have someone blocked from all communication for abusive voice/chat, why am I still paired with them for ranked TL?Mike4 Jun 13
Jun 13 Did not get any rank point after a win. I just ended a competitive game in TL(towers of doom) and I did not get any points whatsoever. If this has happened to anyone before or some administrator has some insight on it please help me understand the situation. I really hope it was a one time problem,NearDeathXP1 Jun 13
Jun 12 "Avoid as teammate" feature Overwatch has it, so it's time for HOTS HL queue times are already pretty long and queue dodging adds a lot of extra time. Avoid as teammate would reduce the frustration of the playerbaseSkund12 Jun 12
Jun 12 TL queued twice with throwing 3 man I just had back to back games WITH a 3 man premade, who threw games on purpose, if they were not able to pick cho'gall they would just lose on purpose, or ask you to leave the game, I lost a total of 230 points because of them and I was in my promos, when I report players in one game I expect to not get placed with them in another game, at least not on my team, stuff like this happens way to much and makes it hard to grind out of a low elo. Now people will come at me and say "well why don't you play with 3 man to avoid this" well let me tell you, because I only play this game with one of my friends and don't want to rely on another person to have time to play when we do. if you play with or against the three of them (Introidus, KARATIST and Чувак) be prepared to have an aids infested game, they will not heal you, they will not tank for you, they will only play their game. if any GM sees this, look at my match history and make something happen.Mobe4 Jun 12