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Oct 24, 2016 2017 Heroes Global Championship Details We just announced details about the structure, schedule, and more for our 2017 Heroes Global Championship. Head to the 2017 HGC website to find information about our new league structure, where top teams from around the world will battle for supremacy over the course of the year on the road to the HGC Finals. You'll also find details about international competition, including Clashes and Brawls, prize pools, format, and more.Spyrian0 Oct 24, 2016
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1h how do you send in voice logs? I am currently being hardcore abused in voice chat. There has to be a way to report someone that is this abusive to other players. I would really like to know a way to report, is the only option abusive voice? Someone this vile and toxic to multiple people has no place dealing with normal people.Werbs0 1h
3h HL 8 wins diamond 2 to gold 5 Did my placements. How on earth with a score of KDA 10.2 Winrate 88.9% get into a gold 5 from previous season diamond 2??? Is Blizzard out of their mind? If this is not getting fixed I'm gonna have real issues coming back to HoTS again... Shocking just shocking... words just can't express. Wish I could upload the screenshotspaul081317 3h
4h Remove promotion/demotion games. Unless you are going from tier to tier, IE D5 <=> P1, the Promotion games and demotion games just feel bad. There is no extra incentive to win, it just sucks to lose those games during a promotion/demotion.Werbs0 4h
5h Petition for a New Reset Title says it all, this placement/drafting malarkey needs to end. 18 ranked losses from troll draft picks/non participation. You guys can't blame the Dunning Kruger effect to mask your terrible matchmaking system any longer. There is no reason to implement the new personal system AFTER placements. People like myself still will have to play hundreds of games to get an accurate skill level. Right now my time playing is just being flushed down the toilet. This needs to be addressed otherwise wait times are just going to continue to skyrocket from players such as myself becoming fed up with old broken system. If your experiencing the same placement Issues, please take the time to make a feedback ticket to the game masters. While they obviously can't do much to solve this particular problem, they can advocate for us directly to the developers to solve this situation and make HoTs great again! The frustration is real, but we can make a change happen if we channel it positively. ****Update on GM ticket Response**** Hey there, I’m Game Master Laenowatar, here to address your issue. I understand you wanted to discuss the matchmaking in Heroes of the Storm. I certainly understand how being placed with people that's outside of your level is frustrating, since the goal of a matchmaking system is make sure every match is even. There are definitely some discrepancies going on with any matchmaking system, and Heroes of the Storm is no exception. Especially near the beginning of the season, the matchmaking can be pretty chaotic. The ranked resets didn't help much with that either, I personally had to go through the placements 3 times as wel. While I know your frustrations are valid and true, there isn't much we can do here that is going to help in your plea. ><' Game Masters cannot change the game itself or the ranked system for the game, and we can only forward suggestion given by players to the team who makes the game. :o Our options for feedback is no different from yours. The best thing that can be done is to post your suggestions and concerns on the Heroes of the Storm forums so that those who are looking for ways to make the game better will see this: We're always looking for more suggestions and ways to improve this game, so feel free to share any feedback you have to improve the system. I wish you best of luck in your future games, and as always, I wish you a wonderful rest of the week. ****Update on GM Ticket #2**** Heya I'm Game Master Aerithloran, And I just got your ticket!, and I understand that you wanted to submit some feedback on the MMR system in Heroes of The Storm, as well as when the resets take place Usually, Customer Support is not able to accept feedback or suggestions for Blizzard Games. I was, however able to get some feedback submitted for this on my end this time. Since this is internal, it was sent as straight feedback and won't be getting a reply, but I did attach our ticket number (61888086) so they know you and I spoke about this via chat- **********************************************************' Great job guys! Managed to send this problem to the higher ups! Keep sharing this post to everyone who's been affected :)! ************************************************************ Update #5 Thanks for your patience as we returned to your case. As someone who avidly enjoys the competitive side of each Blizzard game, I appreciate your passion to help improve our ranking system for Heroes of the Storm, as well as providing us with a direct link towards a forum thread, highlighting other player's feedback. I wanted to let you know that we've taken the time to attach this case into our tracking reports, which will allow us to collect any further similar cases we receive, and provide them to the Development Team, to help them determine how this has affected the community as a whole. The link for this forum post will also be attached; while a direct blue post response is never guaranteed, be assured that they will take the time review any constructive feedback. We thank you again for voicing your concerns to us, but we also want to clarify once more, that Game Masters will not be able make direct adjustments towards SR rating, or completely reset them, so please make sure to continue sharing your thoughts, in the thread that was linked. If you still have any other questions though, please feel free to reach out to us again at anytime..Chucknorris314 5h
8h KDA Based Matchmaking Just hurry up and introduce it. About the last and only way to get as close as possible to teams being truly equal.Player0 8h
8h Got silenced after earning MVP for the match. Why? Because I told people time and again Ranked/ HL is not the place to learn the game or QM, unranked, or uninstall. It's sad the people that can't learn who play this game and ruin competitive.Mythos1 8h
9h Can someone explain PRA? I don't understand why I got -3 PRA for this match. I led in hero damage, had zero deaths and got a match award. My non Abby teammates all died 7+ times, even Abby died once. Plus opponents are favored. Can someone shed light on this? What more could I have done to not get negative PRA? 9h
9h Just got carried in HL by AI So, our Anub'arak DCed during loading never came back. We all said screw it let's give it our best. All game long Anub'ot was landing god tier Impales at max range, and 4-5 man stunning burrow charges. End of the game score screen, Yep Anub'ot get's the MVP award. I am actually ashamed to say this but the AI is now better then plat players, at least the one we got.Werbs4 9h
11h Why is it like this? Why do losing streaks and losses in this game feel so much worse than actually winning games feels good? Currently i'm losing a lot more games than i'm winning, and countrary to what some people foolishly think, i do not enjoy losing..nor do i stand anything to gain by losing. Winning is what matters since winning feels good, losing feels such..why do they make losses in this game feel so much more horrible?Tyani13 11h
12h Let's talk about 50/50 Before you freak out, yes, I know what is meant by 50/50. The matchmaker is always trying to match you with players of similar skill, if their skill is similar to yours, your win rate should naturally be about 50%. I know that. But what I don't care for is that the fact that your win rate affects the matchmaker. If you're above 50%, parameters change to make it more likely for you to lose because it's trying to push it down. If you're below 50%, parameters change to make it more likely for you to win because it's trying to boost you up. I don't like being pitted against players that are WAY beyond my skill level, and I also don't like pity matches because they're immensely unsatisfying, I feel like I didn't really win the match through skill, just "you suck, so here you go, a free win!!!!" What's wrong with having a high win rate if you're good at the game? What's wrong with having a low win rate if you're bad at the game? Casuals who are bad at the game would be turned off because they don't get handed matches on a silver platter with all the trimmings?Chazareth2 12h
14h Is docking rank points really a good penalty? Doesn't this just force all of the toxic players down and causing players in lower leagues to deal with the worst people in your community? Why would you want people who are new to the game, the people who are the ones growing your player base, be the ones forced to deal with the most toxic players? IMO, just give out bans instead of docking rank points. Keep the bad actors out of the game. Don't force them into lower leagues where they're going to be even more salty and ruin the game for their teammatesShrimpHeaven0 14h
14h trolls and PBMM Seriously anytime i play HL someone throws on purpose or is so toxic we lose the game. Why do i constantly get these players??? im so angry right now after 1 game!!! 1st game of the day and i get this garbage. sick of it. pair me with players like myself who try and actually want to win. is that too much to ask? Where is PBMM?? why isnt it back?Smaug4 14h
16h Ranking System Flaws Blizzard, Your matchmaking system is not working properly. I have a blended MMR of 2300+ and I placed in gold 5 in HL and got demoted to silver 1 because of low skill players, throwers and trolls on my team. It seems this season most games I am getting pared with people on their first ranked game ever and players with a hero pool of 3 characters above 10 even in the games I win. You are punishing experienced players by doing this. That's not just a complaint as it relates to my skill level, because in TL I am playing against plats, diamonds, masters and GM's and I have a 52.4% WR and my current rank is plat 4 which is low TBH. I am able to play against high ranked players and win more than lose. In my opinion, your ranking system should be a bottom up. When you first start your ranked journey you should start from bronze 5 and have to work your way up through the ranks(as I did). That will offer more rewarding game play as you truly earn your rank and not smurf your way into diamond/master. That will do 2 things: 1= That will eliminate smurfing and 2 = the players that are in the higher ranks will actually belong there because as they make their way up, the lesser skilled players will remain in the low ranks and the higher players will advance out. If you insist on placements you should only have the chance to advance one full rank level higher for doing well(example: gold 5 can bump up to gold 4) and if you do bad you should start at a minimum where you left off last season. If the bronze 5 start is not something that you would do for us I would say add a minimum player level required to play ranked and that starting player level should be 350 or 400. That is another measure to eliminate smurfing. The second point I would like to make is the point system is not rewarding at all. As stated above during TL I am playing against diamonds+ mostly and I rarely get 200 or above points for a win. There should be no negative points on a win. It should be a minimum distribution of 200 and if you play a team tougher than you there should be more of a gain in points. Similar concept for a loss, you should never lose more than 200 and if the team was higher rank you should lose less than 200. For me when I play against a team with a minimum rank of diamond 3 and I win as a plat 4 and get 195 win points that just flat out sucks. Same thing on a loss when I lose against a similar ranked team and lose 206 or more it just dumbfounds me period. The same thing happens in HL as it relates to the win/loss point distributions it just makes a better point TL wise because of the level of people I regularly play against. The last point I would like to make would be about the promotional matches. They should be eliminated. Because the point system is so painful that you get to that 1-6 points needed for promotion and that starts the promo yoyo. where you get to your promo and lose then you get back to your promo and lose then get back to your promo and lose then you need 1 point for promotion win 2 and lose your promo. Its is just maddening... There should only be a demo game as a last chance to stay in the current rank and when you win you should just win through to the next rank instead of playing a promo game. Thank you, LockLockstock1 16h
17h So many smurfs in HL this season I guess those silence durations are getting long LOLCritt10 17h
17h Ranking System Suggestion The current ranking system for HotS Ranked play in both Hero and Team League is extremely punishing because it depends entirely on winning or losing a match. The lower half of the rankings (ie Bronze, Silver, Gold) are full of players that can single handedly lose a match for their entire team. Lack of experience, low skill levels, afkers and trolls abound in the lower ranks and, in Hero League especially, it's luck of the draw for you to avoid them or not. A player's personal skill level in these lower rankings has much less to do with their rank than their luck during the draft/matchmaking process. I'm sure this frustrates many players as well as myself so let's see if we can do something about this situation by suggesting a ranking system that's a bit more fair for everyone involved. In the current system you get 200 points for winning or lose 200 points for losing with almost no consideration for your personal skill level or performance in the match. In some ways this makes sense because winning or losing depends on playing as a team, but this also means that any single player's performance can tip the scales in one way or another with no real means for the rest of the team to compensate for a bad play or bad behavior. We know that Bliz collects data about hero and talent picks and about player performance, so why aren't those numbers used as a part of the ranking system? It seems a lot more fair for everyone to have their skill play more than a token role in advancing or reducing their League Rank. So I'm suggesting that the points earned for winning or losing a match be adjusted to reflect how important player performance is during a match. If we stick to the idea that a match is worth 200 points we should try to weight that 200 points equally between the match outcome and the player's performance. So +/- 100 points for a win/loss and +/- 100 points for player performance. That 100 points for performance should be divided between the major stats tracked during a match (siege damage, hero damage, healing done, damage taken, exp earned, etc...) and then compared to the average numbers for similarly ranked players on that hero, data that we know Bliz is already tracking because they're already sharing bits of it with us on the match results screen in popups. How the points are awarded and divided between the different stats is something that would need to be discussed, but I would suggest starting with 25 points per stat. Awarding 15 points for average numbers reduced down to 0 points if your numbers are 25% below average and increased up to 25 points for 25% above average feels fair to me, but again discussion and testing would be needed. What stats a hero is scored on would also need to be considered since a hero that can't heal shouldn't be penalized for it. So if we reserve 25 points for Siege damage, 25 for Hero damage, 25 for exp earned, (arguably the 3 most important stats during any match and ones shared by all heroes) that leaves 25 points for healing or damage taken for supports and warriors and takedowns or merc camps captured by assassins and specialists. In this way a win with an above average performance would net you the full 200 points and a loss with a below average performance would still lose you the same 200 points you lose now. But performing well in the match could cancel out the cost of the loss, for a zero net change in your ranking or even a small increase in your ranking if the other team was favored to win. I really feel like a system like this, that more actively rewards good play, would feel more rewarding and help encourage players to learn the ins and outs of good play. This system could also be adjusted to help curtail the use of 'smurf accounts' by awarding bonus points for extremely above average performances (50% above average or more) and thus promoting them out of the brackets they don't belong in faster.Lorebot4 17h
17h Mask Player Names In League Play I watched a Twitch stream where someone got matched with the same guy 4 times in a row and was friends with him. Especially in the higher ranks this will become more common. However people can still make game throw accounts to help their friends or favorite streamer. Why not make player names blocked in these games. The streamers certainly block their draft. It just seems to me if you just blur out all player names then people can just play the game and also not easily know if their throw accounts are in the same game.Veyron4 17h
17h Not sure where to post this Blizzard, I made a mistake, and now everyone is silver and gold are paying for it. I will be able to climb back up by the end of the season, but due to the rank snafu last season I got placed way to high. I figured If i just let my MMR reset I would go back to where I belong. Apparently being rank 7 pre season, and holding steady in plat/diamond area every season since (with the exception of 1 season, when I got sick). My MMR from Unranked/QM says I am silver 1/gold 5 area. This is the rank I was when I last played those modes 2 years ago. I hope there is a way to correct me back up so I don't have to ruin 100s upon 100s of peoples games on the way back up to where I belong. The game's I have lost there was nothing, and I mean nothing I could do, the rest of the games have been a stomp where I carried hardcore in 10 minutes or less. I currently am not having fun smashing new players all over the place. If there is a place other then this that I can post this great if you could let me know. Again I would rather not ruin 100s upon 100s of peoples games while I climb my way back up to where I belong.Werbs2 17h
18h Blizzards match making is getting worse Match making is getting worse and worse When is blizzard going to address this issue. I under stand there might be a game or two but , I swear I get a string of 5 or 6 games that are just terriblePaco7 18h
1d Is blocking players a good practice? Statistically speaking, does it make you inferior as a successful player if you don't block the worst player after each of your matches? I mean, it might filter out the bad, increasing the chance to get better teammates. For HL of course.Aphandra3 1d
1d Tired of blizz giving D1+ and master1K to Plat players .....PresidentD4 1d
1d Is the game dying ? So login in the morning (le me gold 1), Q for some ranks and a wild draft appears .... i have 2 masters with me , 1 plat and 1 placemente, vs golds and plats ... my thoughs are ... Is the game so empty with people that the system does this ? Is the game dying ? Is the MMR in HL broken still ? so many question, let me know your oppinion :)Rho15 1d
1d Leaver Status?! I was playing some hero league tonight and during the draft, the game kicked us to the hero/team league page. It wouldn't let me queue again because it gave me leaver status. I didn't think it was a big deal so I just played my qm game and went back to ranked mode, only to find out that all of my rank points have been wiped? I didn't know where to go with this topic but I've never left a game and it's really frustrating to get punished because of some glitch in the game. My internet connection was stable during this so I know that I didn't accidentally dc or anything as well. I wasn't sure where to take this so I'm posting it here.Mango3 1d
1d Selfish Hero League Drafters In my last match the first two picks on my team were spec and ranged. Trying to be flexible, I asked the person showing a second spec whether they prefer to be warrior or healer and they refused to switch (murky by the way, of course). Their reasoning: "I'll play whatever I feel like" Just because you CAN pick whatever you want doesn't mean that's acceptable behavior in ranked play. There should really be some sort of report/penalty system for noncooperation in hero league. I've been trying to climb out of silver but getting matched with people like that makes it ridiculously hard.Lucas30 1d
1d Why would i do it? Why would i play ranked? i'm playing my placements atm...i won 2 games, then i lost 5. In every single game, somebody disconnected. as they were replaced by a bot: the game was lost, the bot feeded constantly and we were screwed. This game i just played..someone disconnected straight away, making that number 6. Then, before the 2 minute mark, we were behind us 0 kills, them 7 kills. By that point, i couldn't see a comeback anymore..then the second person disconnected. The game ended at 2-22, i so wish i could've just conceded/given up that game. We were constantly 4-5 levels behind... It would seem that ranked heroes of the storm is the absolute worst way to play the game. Why would anyone volentarily go into hero league????Tyani2 1d
1d Team League Placements Queued with the same friend for all ten placement games, after all ten he's plat 2 and I'm gold 3? We went 7/3... How does that work?Luridbane3 1d
2d Favored Adjustment? Before I echo everyone else, I think hero league is screwed up, but one thing I don't get is how favored adjustments work. For example our opponent team had all Bronze 1's and my team had a few bronze 3's, bronze 2's and when we lost the game I lost like an extra 20 points for favored adjustment, I don't get it! :/ It seems the other team has higher rank people but if I lose I always lose so may points because of favored adjustment. Where does it come from? How do they calculate it?Owndiz3r13 2d
2d Longest loss streak? currently at 12 losses in HL... constant feeders/trolls/non objective followers What's your record? proof: 2d
2d More bans PLS! The hero pool in this game is well over the point of needing more bans. I find TL has become so unbearable lately as you can't ban every hero that counters a particular comp which is obviously expected, but you ban the typically "OP" heroes in first draft and people instantly take a cheesy comp such as Medivh/Stitches or Cho'galls and by the time you can even draft against it there are no options to keep the other picks on that particular comp from getting even more busted as you can't ban but one of the other 80+ heroes available. Ive played other mobas in the past and mos tof them had more bans even before they were at 60+ heroes. Having more bans gives teams availability to use more strategy in their decisions and not just do the stereotypical bans. Ive been playing since beta and the game has been so cookie cutter in ranked play as certain heroes are obvious bans till they get tuned. I love the game and hope to continue to see the community grow but honestly if I were new I would be discouraged from the ranked scene due to lack of bans. Thanks for the readFeoress2 2d
2d How do you get out of bronze? I understand that there are players who aren't great, or are still learning. That's to be expected. But I've come back to the game after taking ~9 months off, and I just don't see any way of getting out of bronze. You play a match, and there may be 2 or 3 other people on your team who are on the same page, but every game you are guaranteed to have a troll. Someone intentionally dying. In Ranked! I know the counter-argument is "Yes, but the other team is just as likely to have the same situation", and I agree! That's why it is so difficult to get out of bronze. So what do you do about trolls, or toxic players? I feel like we're spinning our wheels in ranked, but not going anywhere, and there is no way to carry a team, regardless of how much damage or tanking you can do. Case in point, this most recent game, with two trolls. Why troll in ranked? 2d
2d State of matchmaking This game's matchmaking is astoundingly bad. I haven't seen this many trolls and toxic feeders... ever. I can safely say its way worse than league at this point. At least in league they take action against feeders and toxic people. In this game, you have people level 1000+ hanging out in high bronze/low silver playing the same way, making the same mistakes, getting punished by people who know better and they refuse to learn, instead they start feeding if anyone tries to tell them to play defensively and continue to cuss you out. Don't worry, if you win enough games, the match maker will stack these exact types of people on your team in greater number depending on how big of a win streak you're on. 5 wins? Here have one of these beautiful roses on your team. Oh like 7-8 wins in a row? Here's 2 of them on your team. 10+ win streak? You're entire team are trolls, also your enemies are a league above you and all in voice chat, have fun! Yeah I think I'll be revisiting league till this !@#$ gets fixed. I love the feel of this game and obviously the characters in it, but HL is literally giving me AIDSumad6 2d
3d HL is a troll zone, nothing more, nothing less. Seriously.. Picks Varian and says 'I'll go tank' picks Twin Blades. First pick Nova and suicides into towers. And many more like that, people who are actually trying to climb get teamed with children like this. Why am I being teamed with people who haven't played in 1 and a half years, this is why we need MMR decay, Blizzard. HL is going to remain a joke unless you start taking things seriously. Why not ban intentional feeders from the rest of the season? Why not introduce MMR decay? Every season people have the. same. complaints. And you don't do anything! I'm done.SammyKnight13 3d
3d So I guess the game has decided I'm done climbing in HL? Why Blizzard doesn't make this game's systems more transparent is beyond me. We can't see our MMR, which means we have to take everything else in HL on faith. I was Diamond for the first couple of seasons, then I was a casualty of last season's terrible misplacements. I got dumped into Silver IV, but fine, I can climb my way out of it. Believe me, I did, all the way to mid Gold with only a +20 point difference between wins and losses -- despite ridiculously outperforming everyone else. I'm talking 16+ takedowns and no deaths. I should have been skyrocketing in rank, but nope...grinding AF. This season, I'm still Gold, but now I'm at a -5 difference. Seriously, what the !@#$ is going on? None of this makes any sense, to the point where if it genuinely is my problem, I have no idea how to fix it. Like...what do I improve? I'm still outperforming the other players by a long shot.WhiskeySour1 3d
3d Ranking System annoying and weird Hi, I just had my promotion game from Silver 2 to Silver 1 - messed up the 10 games so here I am. In another game that I can remember I blocked a player since we had to play without a healer cause of him. Now I find him back on my team in my promotion game to Silver 1 - WTF ? of course we lost so - now I have to win 2 games to get to promotion again just because we were favored (-1 Point) ? (he is silver 3 all others were silver 1 - both teams) Who made this system and why ? Can anyone make sense of this ? Many Thanks, MokraMokra5 3d
3d League system is pretty bad League system is pretty bad, game is dying, long queues, being ranked with trolls, with unskilled players, with AI farmers....well, not worth spending time here. Take it just like another report.iKimmO0 3d
3d Rebroadcasting for different timezones!? Hello, I am located in NA. I love watching the HGC games but how can NA and EU watch the Eastern Clash? I wake up and catch the final two matches. No option to go back and watch them all and no time delay rebroadcast for other time zones. :(.Sangreal0 3d
4d Ranked System - Always Favored ? Hi, Can it be that the ranked system is completely out of order ? When you win with a full Silver 3 Team against a full Silver 2 Team - why is it the Silver 3 Team is favored ? Am I missing something - or is bronze 5 the strongest league ?!? Something seams to be totaly broken and needs fixing I guess. Unless I am the best player in the world and always favored .... Just Strange Indeed ....Mokra5 4d
4d ranked put players into categories, not ranks I feel like given how difficult it is to climb the ladder, people are stuck playing games at certain ranks rather than certain skill levels. I'm plenty good at this game; also plenty trash of course, but I've been performing very well in qm, unranked, and tl. hero league tho? it's worse than before. while in theory hero league provides players with the best assessment of their skill, in reality hero league is where the players too salty to form a party go. not all of them, of course, but pretty much anyone who knows anything about hots knows it's better with friends. blizzard games have always been best with friends. I don't think I'll ever get out of silver which I've been stuck at since the hard ranked reset years ago. and I'm not gonna smurf. I'll quit before I smurf. isn't that against the rules? I've heard everyone from pro-streamers to pro-players talk about their alt accounts. maybe that's what's messing up the stats?JackJack7 4d
4d Li-ming builds Hello, i am fairly new to hots. After playing li-ming for a while with both (orb, calamity) builds, i can't judge which is better. I heard from my friends that calamity build is "useless and the orb build should be used at all times". Is that true?mbee5 4d
5d HOTS needs online game guides The meta in this game is determined by the map that you are on. A website,that has each map listed,along with its meta,would help out a lot of players. Would be cool if someone built a site like that ^^dvabropro0 5d
5d Did comp mmr ever get sorted out? Just wondering if the kerfuffle from the pbmmr debacle ever got sorted out? I was thinking of playing some ranked and then stopped myself cause I wasn't sure if everything was still all wacky or not.Darsidian6 5d
6d Some notes on HGC viewer counts. Hi all, I have to read thread after thread on how HoTS won't survive at a competitive level. I was curious about the claims so I looked at viewer counts for "big" tournaments and "medium" tournaments. They are as follows (pulled from ESC): LoL Large (Championships): 12 million average Medium (Playoffs/Invitationals): 25 thousand average DoTA2 Large: 2 million average Medium: 51 thousand average Overwatch Large: 1.2 million average Medium: 25 thousand average Hearthstone Large: 900 thousand average Medium: 44 thousand average HoTS Large: 225 thousand average Medium: 20 thousand average Smite Large: 51 thousand Medium: 18 thousand Here are some "other" games for good measure: CS:GO Large: 300 thousand average Medium: 12 thousand average SC2 Large: 100 thousand average Medium: 10 thousand average I'm not sure why people are saying HoTS competitive play is going the way of the Buffalo. Sure, it isn't rocking DoTA and LoL, but was it really meant to? EDIT: Watching Clash, which I would count as "medium," and it has 28 thousand viewers on Twitch (excluding Chinese and Korean stream platforms).TheDrizzle8 6d
6d Who wants to try out for HGC? Let's make it to HGC next season >:D I'm looking out for 4 teammates who have a similar drive, team player mentality, and skillset to see how far we can make it next seasonUnitedGGK1 6d
6d This game just isn't fun anymore Hero League, two randos pick Cho Gall, and Gall doesn't know how to switch to his trait "D". I've mastered every hero, and I'm tired of playing with feeders on my team, and generally idiots who are impossible to carry because they don't know strategy. There's no point in me playing anymore if ranked is this bad. Don't know who should be more embarrassed, Blizzard Dev's or players who walk into competitive without knowing the game. Prob Bliz dev's for allowing it.Mythos8 6d
Mar 13 What influences MMR A little bit about myself: I have been playing ranked for 5 seasons now. I am plateaud at Silver 2. I play a healthy diversity of heroes in every class. I frequently watch video guides and read a lot about the heroes I choose to play. For awhile now, I'm been tracking my stats on Hotlogs. So, I've noticed in my last ten matches, my mmr varies in the 40-60 point range whether it's a loss or a win. Logically, if I keep a winrate above 50%, I'll get ahead. This being said, my question to the community is: what can I do to spike up my mmr gains (100+ points on wins)? I'm a silver player. The game recognizes this. Obviously, I'm not playing effectively enough to get in Gold or Plat in my placements. Does anyone here have any good references to point me to? Also, if any high level players would like to play with me for some 1 on 1 pointers, that would be really fun.Subzero4 Mar 13
Mar 13 HOTS needs MMR decay for ranked play Sick and tired of getting unranked casuals in ranked games who just play to get ranked for the season . MMR decay would help with the casual problem in competitive play. Casuals have QM/unranked draft/team league/hero league/AI hard core players have nothing.we have no game mode that suits us and what we want.tyranidlunch2 Mar 13
Mar 12 Why is master 1k still a thing ? What's the point,I was master last season but with 300-400 games under my belt,now I do placements with "master tier players" who got 10 games a season in HL.We are not on the same level, how is this even competitive if you can get placed in the top tier right away ?DucKuLa6 Mar 12
Mar 12 Suggestion for Ranked lvl caps, and Russian servers. Hey why dont you make Russian server? -And i dont mean that these 2 things are related, i want russian servers because most of the russian cannot communicate with english. I dont mean to be racist or anything, but u need to understand there is huge cap with team who can communicate with eachother vs communicating team. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And also make lvl cap needed to ranked, you know so 500 lvls dont need to play with 90-200 lvls, they think that they know aspects of the game, but they dont, and when they fail miserably, starts the flaming. -Kinda depressing to try carry low levels who are more toxic than water near Fukushima.Maikel3 Mar 12
Mar 12 Please Show MMR (Matchmaking Rank) Since the November 2017 patch, I've found myself wondering why I have started to lose most games when I play this game (i.e. I am starting to not find fun in playing). At first I thought, well it must just be the weekend players where you'll get on and off players at your same skill level on your team and generally be wrecked by 3-4-5 queued teams. Being able to see the players MMR, we would be able to assert blame accordingly when losing or winning.AJDoyle1 Mar 12