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Oct 24, 2016 2017 Heroes Global Championship Details We just announced details about the structure, schedule, and more for our 2017 Heroes Global Championship. Head to the 2017 HGC website to find information about our new league structure, where top teams from around the world will battle for supremacy over the course of the year on the road to the HGC Finals. You'll also find details about international competition, including Clashes and Brawls, prize pools, format, and more.Spyrian0 Oct 24, 2016
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46m Report For Hardcore Trolling I had a Leoric on my team who did not attack the enemy, who intentionally chased to spread living bombs, and who used his ultimate to block us off and make sure we were killed. I reported under intentionally dying but this didn't feel like quite the right category for f***ing with teammates like this. Please give a new category, and please take these reports seriously. People like this ruin the game: 46m
52m Permanent ban for intentional AFK/Feeding Honestly, i dont mind those things in QM, they annoy me, but that's about it. But when you start talking about relatively competitive environment, as in HL at least, when people engage 1 v 5, then shout where the blimp the team was and then proceed to AFK push one lane till they die or even just riding circles on the fountain - mostly on first few minutes - this is where i draw the line. The saddest thing about it, i play in diamond-master and rarely GM matches, and they keep doing that. Even masters, even low GM. All the time. Now, one argument is no one should be able to be punished like this for being an !@#$%^-, i get it, and another one that maybe it was one-time thing. So everyone got a bad day, maybe, but if you are repeating this process - you are definetly acting on some ill will and desire to ruin games. And IRL, if you are intentionally ruin other people lives - you go to jail and basically banned from living free. That simple. So, this is just my opinion, but: 1) Providing enough reports and proof 2) Providing at least few cases of this on one offender If the man came to HotS to intentionally, repeatedly ruin other people games: he should get permanent ban without any chance of recovering an account. Ever. Im saying this because i keep seeing certain people that do that all the time, that at least our 4 people definetly reported a few times, and they are still running free. To this day.Cyphre11 52m
7h bliz sponsored streamers encouraging toxicity Just watched a streamer (Yunalescka) that has been featured on the launcher encourage toxicity. she was playing ranked and after the last pick afked into a tank instead of a healer she flamed all game. she started to attack her teammate in game belittling him and being toxic af, then after the game she even had the nerve to falsely report him for abusive chat all the time saying i hope he gets banned and everyone should report him so he gets banned. after a viewers called her out for abusing the chat and harassing the player all game she flamed on her viewers and cussed them out. i thought blizzard sponsors where supposed to be community leaders, how did someone who is such a bully ever get to be sponsored. not to mention it encourages other player to do the sameTeckonte57 7h
7h I try I follow the tips of the community, never tilt , never looking at a game from negative perspective, but i can't climb out of silver, no matter what i do , most of the times i rarely die .. Why can't i climb ? Why can't i get out of this silver hell , why am i still being pulled in it regardless of playing good and always be positive in games ?! Blizzard fix the system already , do something about it ! Even when i win i still get - personal rank adjustment. and by the way ever since i started playing ranked i had one or 2 games where my personal rank went up . Every time it just goes down and down and down ... Why am i losing -220 and winning 190 ? How can i climb ? I Demand a Blizzard respond ! This is ridiculous . I can't play this game anymore without getting sad ... I try to be nice to everyone but i'm not getting anything out of it ... At the end of the day i'm still sinkingJukeCity6 7h
7h 20180213 - Consistent Negative PRA Hey Blizzard, here's the daily reminder of my negative PRA. Today, it's -20. I'm sure you've seen the rest of my images that I've posted. Again, it's been a month and a half and you have still not fixed this. FIX IT FFS! Winning 180 and losing -220 sucks. 7h
8h PRA at Bronze 5 response How are you this fine morning! I am James, here to help you because even legendary heroes like yourself need assistance sometimes :) I hope the weather isn't too bad where you are? :) PRA allows players to more quickly reach a level that matches their skill level. While you're correct that there's nothing lower, the PRA is keeping you at the rank you're performing at. This is separate from wins. If your team rock the match and win, but you personally performed poorly in comparison with the skill level of the other team, you can still lose PRA. Don't worry, with practive we're confident that you'll start to more closely match other Bronze 5 players, and then improve beyond that to higher ranks :) Enjoy the rest of your day! May all your ults hit the spot! Game Master Talonscour Blizzard Entertainment Last time they sponsored hotlogs and linked to me.Caramon3 8h
9h Matchamking is atrocious I'm not talking about comps. I'm talking about why are there players with several hundred MMR higher than me on the other team???Chazareth4 9h
15h Can we fix this negativa PRA? Seriously, fighting against PRA is getting stupid. it discourages me to play any HL at all. I've probably lost a rank or 2 just in negative PRA, doesn't matter if I win or lose the match, if I'm MVP if I don't die, I'm getting negative PRA every single time.lecrash1 15h
18h Petition for a New Reset Title says it all, this placement/drafting malarkey needs to end. 18 ranked losses from troll draft picks/non participation. You guys can't blame the Dunning Kruger effect to mask your terrible matchmaking system any longer. There is no reason to implement the new personal system AFTER placements. People like myself still will have to play hundreds of games to get an accurate skill level. Right now my time playing is just being flushed down the toilet. This needs to be addressed otherwise wait times are just going to continue to skyrocket from players such as myself becoming fed up with old broken system. If your experiencing the same placement Issues, please take the time to make a feedback ticket to the game masters. While they obviously can't do much to solve this particular problem, they can advocate for us directly to the developers to solve this situation and make HoTs great again! The frustration is real, but we can make a change happen if we channel it positively. ****Update on GM ticket Response**** Hey there, I’m Game Master Laenowatar, here to address your issue. I understand you wanted to discuss the matchmaking in Heroes of the Storm. I certainly understand how being placed with people that's outside of your level is frustrating, since the goal of a matchmaking system is make sure every match is even. There are definitely some discrepancies going on with any matchmaking system, and Heroes of the Storm is no exception. Especially near the beginning of the season, the matchmaking can be pretty chaotic. The ranked resets didn't help much with that either, I personally had to go through the placements 3 times as wel. While I know your frustrations are valid and true, there isn't much we can do here that is going to help in your plea. ><' Game Masters cannot change the game itself or the ranked system for the game, and we can only forward suggestion given by players to the team who makes the game. :o Our options for feedback is no different from yours. The best thing that can be done is to post your suggestions and concerns on the Heroes of the Storm forums so that those who are looking for ways to make the game better will see this: We're always looking for more suggestions and ways to improve this game, so feel free to share any feedback you have to improve the system. I wish you best of luck in your future games, and as always, I wish you a wonderful rest of the week. ****Update on GM Ticket #2**** Heya I'm Game Master Aerithloran, And I just got your ticket!, and I understand that you wanted to submit some feedback on the MMR system in Heroes of The Storm, as well as when the resets take place Usually, Customer Support is not able to accept feedback or suggestions for Blizzard Games. I was, however able to get some feedback submitted for this on my end this time. Since this is internal, it was sent as straight feedback and won't be getting a reply, but I did attach our ticket number (61888086) so they know you and I spoke about this via chat- **********************************************************' Great job guys! Managed to send this problem to the higher ups! Keep sharing this post to everyone who's been affected :)! ************************************************************ Update #5 Thanks for your patience as we returned to your case. As someone who avidly enjoys the competitive side of each Blizzard game, I appreciate your passion to help improve our ranking system for Heroes of the Storm, as well as providing us with a direct link towards a forum thread, highlighting other player's feedback. I wanted to let you know that we've taken the time to attach this case into our tracking reports, which will allow us to collect any further similar cases we receive, and provide them to the Development Team, to help them determine how this has affected the community as a whole. The link for this forum post will also be attached; while a direct blue post response is never guaranteed, be assured that they will take the time review any constructive feedback. We thank you again for voicing your concerns to us, but we also want to clarify once more, that Game Masters will not be able make direct adjustments towards SR rating, or completely reset them, so please make sure to continue sharing your thoughts, in the thread that was linked. If you still have any other questions though, please feel free to reach out to us again at anytime..Chucknorris288 18h
1d Alternative to the current ranked mess Since ranked is a complete fiasco since the tower changes (patch that introduced the new matchmaking system) I'm trying to find an alternative game mode to chill and stuff, right now I've found out that trolling in quick match is a decent alternative, going kamikaze on buildings while people are yelling at you seems more entertaining than getting grouped with last season gold players at master. Wait, I mean all the way from master down to hell. How about you?Xan1 1d
1d I seek tips against morales. I have played against morales medivac tyreal combo for quite some time, and i really need some tips to how i can play against it. I normally ban because im the highest rank with my friends in team league. But i cant predict their picks if they just wait for their last picks to show the combo. Things i have tried: Zeratal void prisim. Works, "BUT" the cooldown is too big compared to morales medivac cooldown. Blinds/Stuns. Doesn't work against tyreal's Sanctification. Falstad's Gust. Problem is the fact that void prisim is better at stopping the enemies from damaging than gust moving them for short amount of time, also sanctification can be used to stop gust for even affecting the enemy. What i think might work but haven't tried: Sylvanas. simply put, base race. I would really like some people to tell me what to do against this, MockingBird1 1d
2d Wow i love getting called the n word This games competitive scene is seriously a joke, get matched with the same 8 people from gold 4 to silver 2 forcing losses and using language that is archaic and subhuman, the philosophy in this game promotes equality and strength in numbers but i cant climb ladder because its filled with degeneratesZombiemafia3 2d
2d 5 stacks should only be matched against 5 stack 5 stacks should only be matched against 5 stackAbigel0 2d
2d Blue please answer me When is PBMMR coming back if at all When is In game voice chat being implemented Community needs answers and devs are silent on everything, can we please have an open community where the devs tell us exactly what is going on? Make it a weekly post on what is being done?Raven9 2d
2d why i cant block players pings i got in a game with a guy whos silenced but hes spaming pings all the the time the whole game i blocked him and reported him for spam multiple times and I can still see his pings why are you always like this blizzard?!?!?!?!?why?!?!?!?! why are you always allowings trolls to ruin games?!?!?!?why are you doing this!????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?????????????????????????????????????????????Wijione1 2d
2d I accidentaly pick DPS, and two people throws Yesterday, I had the banning right, so I banned, talked to my teammates about how we should build etc.. Then the really annoying thing happened, the person who was picking hero with me constantly started to swap from tank to heal, to heal to dps, to spec in the last seconds of our draft turn. I panicked and picked Valla, we already had 2 dps, the guy picked DPS with me too, so we had 3 dps. I apologized immediately, said it was an accident and told them please not to throw the match. Nope, the last two players started to insult me and picked dps as well... 5 DPS against a normal team comp... I told those people that even if I were to troll, you shouldn't have threw the match, that two wrongs doesn't make a right. It didn't work, they proceed to afk in the match as well. We lost within 10 minutes. I usually have the most homogeneous role distribution in my team, like 20% Healer, 20% Tank, 20% Spec and 40% DPS. Most people have like 60% or more on DPS heroes. I told them to look at my profile, that I wasn't trolling, it was just an accident and normally I fill a lot, but that didn't work either. Moral of this story; do not throw the match because you think someone else is throwing in your team. Even if they intentionally try to lose the match, the best case scenario your slight chance of winning will be gone too.Pepethor0 2d
3d Not enough DPS/Burst from Assassins When Tank's and Support can out do in DPS/Burst there is a problem some where. Not counting Brawlers in that tank list. This is not tied as much to per hero but a team make up in random and MM. No matter how good the under powered team is in skill, they still wont pull a win as they will lose every single team fight. But there also comes a balance problem if even one hero is brought too far.Jandralune4 3d
3d MM shenanigans at it again guys.. hots and this silence system has been out of control for way to long now. one look at the forums and it explains ALOT!!! this game is plagued with trolls..... not only that but the match maker forces you to play with people that is no where by any games standards equal in skills / knowledge / or want to win. i play this game every day.. for many many hours a day. more than most people work at a job even.... what this means >>> more time played = more reports to ban me because someone a little sour puss and cant take criticism or listen. << kerri the match that just had resulted in my ban... i did everything i could to make a win for the team .. ( yes we won.. barely.) horrible draft.. poor team work from the team.. they forced me to be every where all at once... but because im a competitive player that wants only to win.... i make it happen... i get reported cus people are sour to the criticisms of the person that is carrying them to the victory as to this particular report to this game that was the result of my 4 month silence... i was actually telling them idiots to stop about whos bad because theyre bad. the funny part of it... the nova was silenced.. and nova was an auto pick into our draft.... what is funny about that? it was the two " silenced " "TOXIC " players what ever you want to call them which brought us the win... why am i getting silenced one might ask? well thats because i tell ppl what theyre doing....... end of the day.. i can give a damn about a " silence " who cares... good players are good players.. but do not remove the platform that the ppl pay and play the game for. part of the issue with RANKED is THE POPULATION!!!!!!!!! removing people from the population helps fuel the problem to what is wrong with ranked [ Forum Moderator Note: Edited for Language ]ToiletSeat2 3d
3d Hanzo/Genji/Slyvs nerfs So when do we expect to see hanzo's damage toned down, Genjis mobility cut in half + longer trait cds, and slyvs trait changed to something else? Was it Maiev that took 3 days but these current heroes... untouched? TOO much mobility, damage and indirect slyvs buffs via towers/forts/keeps no longer running out of ammo require these nerfs as well.Praetorian5 3d
3d Blizzard Goes Down YET IM PUNISHED As I'm in HL character selection, I get a message that my connection was interrupted and that the game is attempting to reconnect. Thinking its my internet connection, I alt-tab out and try to load a web page, which occurs successfully. I check back on HoTS and its still attempting to reconnect, so I assume the server went down and I go do something else. When I log back in, I not only have leaver status, but now I've lost over 850 ranked points, which takes forever to get in this elo hell and now I'm suddenly on a demotion game. My internet didn't go down, YOU DID, yet for some odd reason, I'm the one that has to win 4 more games in this ridiculous matchmaking system just to get back the ranked points that I've lost as a result of the instability of your system. I've been on the threshold of quitting this game due to the terrible ranked matchmaking system but always clung to it, although just barely. If my rating isn't restored, this would be the final straw. I guess its back to Smite.Lightbringer4 3d
4d Can we have a MMR hard reset? I started playing HOTS since beta, this is my first moba game. Back in the days, I don't really have the skill nor the sense of macro to win. Since HOTS went competitive, I've learn so much from matches and streamers, but I still stuck with player made newbie mistake in QM and HL. Of course I knew IT IS possible to rank up from even bronze to GM if one is carry enough since many streamer proved it, but it takes so many games and have to be really very carry to do so. I believe there are many people have the same problem I do. I really like this game and the teamwork of it. (if teammate are on same level ofc) But the game experience can be so frustrated most of the time almost make me a toxic person which I don't want to be. I believe that a MMR hard reset would solve this and it won't be a huge problem to the pro/gosu/uber players. So could you tell us will there be a MMR hard reset or not? If not, why? I'd really like to hear some response from the team. Thanks.pHb16 4d
5d Que Timers.. Why is it every time I Que up for Hero League, it takes me 500-1000 Seconds to find a game? It's seriously getting annoying..Akame10 5d
5d 59% winrate over 200 games and getting neg adjustment What kind of system gives someone climbing at a 59% win rate negative rank adjustments?Mightguy36 5d
5d So when are we getting performance adjustments again? Cuz im tired of having the best stats and gameplay on a team of losers who draft bad and/or can't tell when to pull black or when to mob an enemy. When i get 0 deaths, most damage to obj/ points accumilated, Best seige and hero damage, with team mates that have 5 or more deaths with less than 10% of the damage done how am i supposed to be * Put correctly * in the ranking i belong in? I like the concept of this game, but the way things are, as xp is shared with everyone on a team i find it extremely difficult to make a dent when i have to literally 1v5 the entire enemy team because everyone else lets themselves get surrounded 1-2v5 and die one or two at a time. This happens way to often, mmr shouldn't be left only to chance. I should be put in league with players of similar skill, who as carefully as i do, who is at the same skill level i'm what what ever league that is. Currently its just gambling. That's all Hero league is, gambling. The only control over your team mates skill in ranked is in team league. And for a blizzard game this is pretty bad to have a broken MMR system persist for this long. With the rate that progress has been made to the MMR adjustment system it's almost like there's only one or two develops honestly working on this by themselves like Hots is some type of Indie game title instead of the AAA+ game that it is. You guys should hire more programmers to get this !@#$ figured out quicker because this is the main reason why this game is failing hard. You can't have shared team xp and NOT have ranking bonuses based on performance. 1-2 skilled players with 3 bad players vs 2-3 skilled players and 2 bad players is to much chance to have your points be a solid -200 every single game in Hero league.DireSouthpaw8 5d
5d Talent Selection Changes I think giving players a 3second window after choosing a talent like a timer above the Character icon to change it to a different talent would greatly eliminate mis-clicks. I know there is an argument well just don't make mistakes.. well everyone does and will continue to. I think the feature on very talent except 10 and 20 would really make the game friendlier to new players and help the GM's to. <3kuma3 5d
6d [BUG]HGC esport site streaks outdated on standings It's obvious that Dignitas went +6 and Leftovers went -6 now. Didn't check all the teams but looks like all the streak data are outdated at least on NA and EU.frankie0 6d
6d HGC tie breaker rules changed in 2018? There are a few threads on reddit trying to figure out the math who is going to qualify for Western Clash. But people are confused about tie breaker rules for 2018. According to 2017 NA rule book (, the tie breaker was: Match(series) records > head-to-head > # of 3-0's > # of 3-1's > # of 3-2's But if you look at the standings, the tie breaker rules are definitely different. Tricked wins head-to-head, # of 3-0's , 3-1's, 3-2's against Zealots, but was placed after Zealots. My best guess of the current tie breaker is: Match(series) records > # of maps won > # of maps loss > head-to-head Can we get anyone from Blizzard confirm that?frankie0 6d
6d ranked play and addressing toxic player base. Well met, and thanks for reading. i wanted to make this forum like a voice to be heard by blizzard, for passionate players in HOTS at a non-pro level to brainstorm new ideas, and hopefully make the experience a more enjoyable one. My priority concern with the ranked play experience, has been with how to address uncooperative/"toxic" players being unhindered by from such behavior. i have had hero league and team league games, where both teams would report an individual ruining the game... later after that match, seeing the matchmaking still retaining this player to play more. Obviously we all have different perspectives on plays and situations, but if there is a 9 out of 10 player report on the same individual, and still no action seen.... that seems like a problem. i cannot say that the reporting platform is not working, but it would ease at least my mind if blizzard would provide more information on how and what the reports are intended for. Because, my report feels like a proverbial drop in the bucket, and my quality of game hindered by this. My hope and ambition is that either, blizzard will limit this kind of behavior with apparent consequence(s), or the player base will improve. (i have been playing since closed beta with this hope, still hoping) what are some thoughts or improvements would you like to see?Kaythazad5 6d
6d MMR matchmaking So I'm not sure on this at all and I could be wrong. With players who have been playing a long time they will typically grow as players. I think a lot of the MMR issues might be stemming from having teams that may not be the best in cooperating. To be curious, but how long does MMR stay on the account. Wouldn't data from 2016 not be relevant in 2018. If this information still stays in accounts, what purpose does it have to accounts. If players have grown and had a few bad matches wouldn't those games rank people lower than what they should be. I've seen a lot of the streamers and other players who create smurf accounts, because they can get to the higher rank faster than if they tried to level their main account just because the bloat on those account from games over the years. If previous matches do drop off, would be good to know. Just something was curious about. I know over the last 2 years, I've gotten much better at support, but my over all rank has dropped. Just seems like the past games might be too much an anchor to many players who have been playing since beta and heroes have changed since then, why does our MMR have to be tied to those games.Kay2 6d
Feb 13 Soooo, about HL Is this even worth playing? I was put in bronze after going 6-4 which has never happened in any game to me that uses qualifier matches. I was put in with bronze players my entire qualifying period. Why? How is this a good way to determine player skill, blizzard? How does putting someone in a tier automatically a good way to tell how they stack up? Not even Smite did this garbage, and I thought that was the worst ranked system I've seen. My games so far have been nothing but arguing between teammates that usually haven't really done anything, and my only wins were either by dumb chance or by my own doing. Or a 30% winrate genji main sitting in base and spamming pings on me for no reason. Or a leaver. I've been all over the place in different games and in different tiers. I'm not exactly looking forward to having to sludge through the same garbage I've had to deal with but worse. I'm not a bronze player, and I know I'm coming across as an arrogant !@# here, but expecting to not be put in the lowest tier when you aren't being given a chance to get out isn't an unreasonable expectation. The atrocious servers don't help. I shouldn't get upwards of 300 ping in 80% of my games. It feels like I'm playing on dialup. So, am I just banging my head against the brick wall?Aeternalis15 Feb 13
Feb 13 Why Play Hero League? I haven't played Hero League in a while and the past two nights I've had very long queues and questionable placement matches. Currently at 5 wins and 1 loss and it's somehow matching me with lower and lower teammates each time. It feels like matchmaking is struggling with a limited player base, and the ladder + MMR rankings on each player don't seem to reflect a damn thing. If you're playing Hero League regularly, why? Am I missing something? The game is fun, but this mode is anything but fun to me...xSushi31 Feb 13
Feb 13 Why doesn't Blizzard let us see our MMR? Hotslogs isn't accurate, that much is certain. I can't think of a decent reason why we can't see our MMR in the game, since so much relies on it -- QM matchmaking, rank in HL. I'm starting to wonder if Blizzard is hiding it because their matchmaking is so bad that showing MMR would make it more obvious.WhiskeySour25 Feb 13
Feb 13 FIX matchmaking for gods sake Great game,Great heroes,Great design. Matchmaking is blatant forced 50/50. And that's killing alot of joy.Fenski1 Feb 13
Feb 13 *Fixed* HL ladder I've been waiting with my placements untill Blizzard fixes MMR problem and how it works now: With master in last season: 1. First game (everyone is master - cool) 2. 4 loses in a row (triple afks, that happens - bad luck, we all know how it is going) 3. Started getting p2/p1 players... wow 4. Tryharded the rest and finished placements with 5/5 going to d5 Maybe I'm not the best at maths but 50% winratio should keep me in the place. I understand it's impossible to take care of afkers and those who refuse to join the team for objective, because they want faster lose, but hey! That's quite unfair, Losing whole division because of other players bad attitude? Blizzard should reconsider fixing those placements again.Tandren5 Feb 13
Feb 13 Constant negative PRA on Losses Is there a way you guys can look into my account? I seem to be stuck in Bronze 3-4, because each win awards me 200pts but each loss adds an extra -1 pt, so I end up having to win at least 2 games, to make up for that tiny 1pt added to my losses.Canali3 Feb 13
Feb 13 12-2, 80 percent you do not ever leave bronze 5 even with 80 percent win due to PRA, when will you fix this crap?Caramon0 Feb 13
Feb 13 Getting to Diamond I started playing hots about 1 year ago, after playing a lot of other mobas (around 1k games in dota 2, 4k games in heroes of newerth). First HL season, i was placed silver 4, grinded to gold 5. In my 2nd season, i grinded to plat 1, only to fallback to gold 1. This season, I placed in gold 4, only to have 75% win rate up until plat 2, where im stuck and my win % is right around 50%. I feel like im right around the corner, but there is still clearly things I need to improve before I can get to diamond. Anyone has tips? I feel like mechanically, my skills transfered from the other mobas so it might be mostly macro knowledge that im lacking.HankMoody1 Feb 13
Feb 12 HGC matches need shorter draft time Not sure if others agree, but watching the draft process in an HGC match is quite the drag. I know they need to discuss strategy at that phase, but I feel 60 secs per pick is far too long. As a viewer, I would really like to see 30 secs, or at the max 40 secs per pick. The commentators do a marvelous job trying to fill the space by talking about the current meta or making predictions about the choices based on past choices from the team, but when the timer goes long, it's still really tough to watch despite their amazing efforts to fill the silence. And that's not sarcastic, I adore all the commentators for HGC. (And for goodness sake's you sillies, please get JHow and Gillyweed stools to sit on so they're closer in height and can fit them both into frame without getting the ceiling into the shot. :P )JamieGlitter0 Feb 12
Feb 12 20180212 - Daily Negative PRA Reminder Played 9 games in the past 10 days. 8 of them were wins. Still getting -18 to -20 in PRA in every game. Here's the daily reminder. Feb 12
Feb 12 Please stop non-locked in picks to opponents There's been quite a few times where I see an ! over a hero I'm hovering during the draft even though the hero hasn't been picked or banned yet. People tell me that this is because someone on the other team is also hovering the same hero. This is really messed up, giving away information about the other team's picks before they lock them in, possibly allowing us to ban a hero because of knowledge that the other team wants the hero. Can we get this fixed so that no clues are given about the other team's picks until they are locked in?CrankyHero2 Feb 12
Feb 11 Wall Vision Toggle Wall vision for all every Hero. I think it would greatly benefit every hero to see where walls start and end if they wish too see them with a toggle in settings. I feel making this feature exclusive to Lucio and Hanzo is any unfair advantage IMO <3.kuma1 Feb 11
Feb 10 I got punished by quitting a game I quitted a unranked game when selecting heroes, because I saw a play was in our team, whom I reported because of dying intentionally in my last game. this Leoric came directly to their structures and got killed around 30 times, every other teammates decided to report him. After 3h, I got online and matched with this guy again, I don't want to lose this game so I quitted, and got punished.JaqenHghar3 Feb 10
Feb 10 Hero League & The Weekends Has anyone else had exceptionally abysmal experiences when playing HL on the weekends? I've had multiple matches where allies aren't paying attention to the rest of our hovered picks and don't communicate, or think we're on a different map entirely and pick accordingly to that. (We lost those.) Is this a weekend thing or is it just a bad streak of luck? I played one weekend awhile back and ended up losing a few ranks, but I figured it was just a one time thing. Rank: Diamond 5 MMR: 2650-2700ish I dunno if those stats make any difference or not, although I feel like this kind of behavior is something you'd see in lower tiers, not Diamond.Taromillas14 Feb 10
Feb 10 Why play HL if you are a casual player? I think they should just do away with the ranks and just place you based on your win rate %. They should make it so you can just que for HL as the type of role you play also. So you already have what your team needs, not "oh 4 assassins and 1 bruiser." Also they need to make it so you have at least 10 characters mastered before entering UR draft even. I don't understand why ppl play HL. If you don't care play QM. don't want to communicate, then dont HL. I've never seen a team in any team game ever win without communicating; it just doesn't work.Zecari14 Feb 10
Feb 10 Alarak!!! Alarak???I don t know why Alarak have talenat blades of higlord he is ussles talenat is not good for nothing i hope blizzard can remove that !@#$ of talenat cuz some times happens misclick and whole my team lose cuz that usseles talneat.No one can t attack with Alarak on lvl 20 with 3600hp on basic he is low health assassin who is not for that talent.Tnx for reading plz remove that.Axus1012 Feb 10
Feb 10 Where can I find HGC 2018 replays? pretty much the title. I saw that the site that frequent to get replays doesn't have em. Any links? Thank you.imMara3 Feb 10
Feb 10 HGC Map Scheduling Suggestion Hello Blizzard, I watch HGC a lot and one thing I keep noticing is the same maps are chosen/banned over and over. We don't get to see these teams duke it out on all the maps that are in the game. And also these games go on forever with the best out of 5. My suggestion to speed up the games and to give viewers more entertainment is to schedule a certain map each week, only play 2 games instead of 5, and have each team alternate first picks. It would force teams to play on maps they would otherwise avoid and fans never get to see in HGC. I don't think I've ever seen Hanamura picked in HGC... that is a map I would love to see teams play onRuk1 Feb 10
Feb 9 Open Division Where can Open Division Stats / Schedules be found ? GosuGamers not taking care anymore ? Your Esports site doesn't consist details and is not up to date most of the times. Do you even care about HotS anymore ?Yvak2 Feb 9