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It helps us more accurately diagnose any issues that you may be experiencing on the server side. ::Bug Writing:: When posting a bug, please begin with a one sentence Summary that clearly describe the bug. We should be able to understand the majority of the issue you are reporting by reading your Summary. Good summary: The tooltip for the Zagara’s Baneling Barrage skill contains a typo. Bad summary: Bug with barrage After your Summary, include a detailed report of the bug you experienced. Include as much relevant information as you can. If you have steps and can reproduce the issue consistently using them, include them in your report. This will help our team in reproducing the report which will get it into the hands of our developers all the faster. Attachments, diagnostics, system files and supplemental information can be emailed to us at Prior to sending us an attachment, please review our guidelines for those. Please feel free to report issues to us by that email as well, should you feel uncomfortable with posting in a forum environment. Do not assume that your audience will immediately see the bug you are reporting, even if you feel it’s obvious. Factors such as region, ISP, hardware configuration, and even play-style can cause the player experience to vastly differ. ::Types of Bugs:: Below are several categories of bug you may encounter during play. We have included the specific information we would like for each bug reported of this type. Functionality/Design – You are expecting something in the game to work one way, and it’s working another way. This could include skills not functioning properly, computer AI behaving oddly, or a hero completely disappearing after using a skill. Helpful info to include: Whether you’re in menus or in game. What hero is affected, or if all heroes are. Proper name of functionality (tooltip skill name). Screenshot or video of what’s wrong. (uploaded to the file or media sharing site of your choice or send it to us at Compatability – If something is wrong with how the game is behaving with your hardware or peripherals, such as graphics not displaying properly, sounds playing incorrectly or not at all, freezes or performance loss. Helpful info to include: Again, whether you’re in menus or in game. Provide your System information (DxDiag.txt or System Profiler) and Variables.txt (found in the Documents folder of our game) Connectivity – Your client's connection to our service is impacted, or you have issues dealing with login, grouping, matchmaking, chat, or any other issue related to the networking of our game. Helpful info to include: What region you are connecting to. Run a Pathping and Tracert if you suspect a network issue, and report your findings. Crashes When the game crashes, you may be provided with a text entry field, which sends a report directly to our bug database. Provide details in that box if you have any, as that sometimes is the only information we have to identify hard-to-reproduce but critical issues. Once you submit the report, you are provided a UUID code. While we will automatically receive your crash report, please feel free to report it here as well, including that UUID code in the posting. The more specific you can be in any report made to us, the faster we can work towards resolving the issue Thank you for taking the time to visit our forum, and enjoy your stay in the Nexus! -ZobrekZobrek0 Sep 6
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Jun 6 Leaver status doesn't allow me to play From last time PTR was bugged I got disconnected from the game several times (with other in the group) and got a leaver status. I still need to play 1 game through it. Today I was trying to find a game to test redesigned heroes, and wasn't able to find any quickmatches or brawls after spending in queue around 30 min. Maybe this undeserved leaver status need to be taken off?RBocHe4 Jun 6
1d Patch wont download help Hello everyone. My Blizzard Bnet application keeps trying to initialize and download a 479.88MB file. But it wont download it, hence can't play HOTS. Any suggestions :/RustyShank1 1d
5d There are 2 sequential exit screens When leaving a match, why are there two sequential exit screens? Couldn't they be combined into one? What is the purpose of having to exit a match twice?Zargyle0 5d
5d Версия клиента не соответствует выбранному региону Версия клиента не соответствует выбранному региону. Вы сможете продолжить игру, если выйдете из клиента, обновите его из программы запуска и перезапустите игру. PTR версия игры уже две недели или больше не запускается с этой ошибкой. В чем дело? Все патчи ставились успешно, обычная версия игры работает.I4bidden4 5d
Aug 10 Fenix's Warp (E) goes on a full CD after interrupt Fenix's Warp (E) goes on a full cooldown after being interrupted. It should go on a 10 sec cooldown like all other Abilities.Adûnâi1 Aug 10
Aug 7 Diablo unable to use skills after charging After Diablo charges onto Artanis who is in the middle of his Q, Diablo will not be able to use his W and E. Video: Source: Aug 7
Aug 7 Maiev warden cage bugs The warden cage disappeared from my team's screen after a duration but when moving over the spots, it would still knock people back. It also caused me to be knocked back more than once. In the replay though, it shows the warden cage as actually being there even though on my team's screen, it wasn't. I'm not certain if it disappeared for the enemy team as well. I was trying to upload a clip of it, but my video program isn't working for some reason in the replay.DarkNeo1 Aug 7
Aug 7 lvl 20 water elemental Jaina's lvl 20 water elemental talent doesnt mimic jaina's skills I noticed it on try mode landing and not landing skills on enemy minions and heroes, seems buged i was trying one of thoses lunar skins. not sure if its because the skin or bug in generalPersefone1 Aug 7
Aug 7 Target info panel looks weird For some reason the target info panel's box is all one color with no transparency or hero portrait. Pic: Edit: Seems to be caused by launching the game with -dx9.Raiser5 Aug 7
Aug 3 Question about the Public Test Realm Hi! I wanna play with Lil Whitemane via the PTR but when i try to play in it, it says that i have to install it (14G). Is it ok to install even if Heroes is already installed since 7-8 months on my computer? It's the normal procedure? Thx. :)Bushwacka4 Aug 3
Aug 3 D.Va's Big shot does not fire on PTR Pretty much Title. Was doing a quick AI game, and big shot does nothing. R became unusable.IceMan0 Aug 3
Aug 2 PTR: infinite waiting to play in any mode hi, first: I have the same time waiting for all the pg second: if i start a game with any pg after more than 10 mins the game don't start third: the problem is in any mode of PTR also vs IA thanksAntares0 Aug 2
Aug 2 Whitemane Feedback I love the design behind Whitemane so far and I like her recolours & skins. But playing her feels a little janky right now. Here are some of my thoughts - When playing a build which does not play off Desperation, the timer feels fine. When playing off a build which does use it as a resource (I think High Inquisitor Talent), it feels like it does not last enough. Maybe make it so the first and/or second stack last longer and keep the third the same or something? - Inquisition has a very long cooldown for only being able to hit heroes. It could be fine, but maybe increase her auto-attack range or something? Even with Clemency, it feels long in a team fight. Maybe a repeatable cooldown reduction or reset mechanic would work better. Perhaps Inquisition/Clemency reset if an enemy hero dies while affected? - Inquisition can only target heroes right now which is terrible. I can sort of see why you would want to have it not target regular minions because of the really long cooldown (for her kit), but it can't hit buildings or Mercenary camps or summoned minions like Arthas' Army of The Dead or Azmodan Minions. - In fact, damage done to any summoned minion does not provide healing. During my testing regular minions were not providing healing either. All her damage regardless of target needs to be able to provide healing to her Zeal targets. - Zeal could use a talent that increases its uptime. Kind of like the Wild Regrowth talent for Malfurion. It would make team fights a little smoother I think. - Searing Lash cannot be self-cast. It should be able to. - The cooldown reduction paired with Clemency seems too good to give up. Maybe it's just me. Clemency on its own does not seem that great. - The level 7 talent tier is good IMO - Scarlet Aegis is very good. Not too powerful not weak. Decent area. Since Whitemane is so paper, it would be nice if it was ground-targetable or worked like Malfurion's Tranquility. - Divine Reckoning is powerful, which merits it's 100 second cooldown, but I think that having an ability kind of like Sgt. Hammer's Napalm Strike would suit Whitemane better. The fact it does not provide Zeal healing off minions summoned or otherwise does not make sense IMO. Especially for the length of the cooldown - The Harsh Discipline talent looks like it is meant to raise the skill ceiling for the character, but I think this talent should allow you to also cast Searing Lash while channeling Inquisition & Clemency. Fine either way though. - Shared Punishment should chain to any structure or mob if there is no hero around - Scarlet Crusade is excellent and really fits well with the theme of the character - I could not tell if Shared Punishment stacked with Subjugation, but it should. Otherwise the other talents are leagues ahead. The cackle when casting Inquisition and chuckle when casting Clemency are bloody amazing! Do not remove these! :DRAiD0 Aug 2
Aug 2 PTR Whitemane can't alt-e When Sally Whitemain presses alt-E, a searing lash should appear centered on her location. Instead, nothing happens.Panzish1 Aug 2
Aug 1 Alterac Pass blue/flickering wall (Environment art) GIF of what's happening: My graphics settings: Aug 1
Aug 1 Chromie hearthstone animation In nubkeks vid about Chromie on the PTR he used the Genie skin and whenever he hearthstone she was sitting on an invisible hour glass. It just wasn't there Aug 1
Aug 1 Abathur Monstruosity Bug PTR As the name suggest, the monstruosity is bugged: it doesn't gain any damage from stacks. It's weak enough to make it even weaker :p PS: I keep on having error 500 on the forum, is it normal ?Vlagstaf2 Aug 1
Aug 1 Stukov PTR 36.0 The talent lvl13 "Virulent Reaction" don't work if you took the lvl1 "Poppin' Pustules". (sry for bad english)Barnac5 Aug 1
Aug 1 Chromie talent suggestions Level 2 -- Draconic Barrage I suggest that 2 stacks of Bronze Talons will be removed. Currently, it just gives too much damage relative to other options: time between two consecutive Q's is just enough to land 2 basic attacks which together with increase of attack damage brings too much damage. Additionally it makes Fast Forward talent on level 14 even more unattractive as taking it will waste empowered attacks (Fast Forward lowers Q cooldown to 0.75 seconds which is enough only for 1 autoattack). Level 14 -- Fast Forward Suggestion to reverse its cooldown lowering condition: lower cooldown only if Chromie hits enemies that are close (in autoattack range). This not only will work with her new trait but also bring her closer to enemies (which was one of this mini-rework goals).Indeets1 Aug 1
Aug 1 Massive Shove Takes away weighted pustule It instantly takes it off. denies some sick combosHoboSniper0 Aug 1
Aug 1 Unable to move or select talents In my first game of the day, I briefly disconnected but when I came back, none of my abilities were visible, I couldn’t move or select talents. When I got booted for nonparticipation, and rejoined the game, the AI had moved forward, but as soon as I rejoined, I was stuck again! Made the match completely unplayable. Please look into this.GeneralDain3 Aug 1
Jul 31 Chromie echoes don't trigger her trait Chromie's Q quest says that after completion she leave echoes that cast untalented Q. But echo Q don't trigger her new Bronze Talons trait. It feels like they should trigger it (because trait says that it triggers from basic abilities and echoes cast untalented version of basic ability). If current behavior is as planned, then maybe clarification needed in the tooltips.Indeets0 Jul 31
Jul 31 Stukov Biotic Armor + Pox Populi result in 65 armor Not sure if this a bug or intended behavior. Biotic Armor tooltip says that it gives 15 armor while Healing Pathogen is active and gives +35 additional armor after detonating it. Pox Populi makes Healing Pathogen to stay for 3 seconds after detonation. Together these two talents result in allies having 65 armor after detonating Healing Pathogens, which feels very strong.Indeets0 Jul 31
Jul 31 Stukov talents bug, ATTENTION going talent 1 "poppin' Pustules" then using talent 13 "Virulent Reaction" doesn't trigger root after 1.5 seconds of activating "Bio-kill switch". Anything before 1.5 second will trigger root silience, but then "poppin Pustules" is useless. knowing that "Weighted Pustule" has a 3 sec duration. Please fix this blizz. Please adiviseNYCesports0 Jul 31
Jul 31 Clemency Not in the Quick Cast Not sure if this is a bug or some sort of mistake, but there is no quick cast settings/options for Clemency on Whitemane.NotäWeeb0 Jul 31
Jul 31 Stukov Weighted Pustle + Massive Shove Bug So I was testing out the Stukov changes on the PTR, and I noticed that if you use Massive Shove on an enemy affected by Weighted Pustule, the Weighted Pustule is removed (the 2nd damage proc instantly pops and the slow is removed). More concretely, let's say you use pustule, and then shove an enemy into a nearby wall; you will get the damage, but the 3 second slow will be cut short. I assume this isn't the intended interaction - not sure though. I tested this on the live server as well, and the same interaction happens there too. I wasn't sure which forum to post it on, so I just posted on the PTR forum as it might be more visible. Hope this helps helps!Konduit0 Jul 31
Jul 30 Chromie W visiblity change applies to everyone The change to Chromie's W ("Dragon’s Breath’s ground splat is now visible to enemies .5 seconds after cast") applies to allies and Chromie herself too. This makes using the ability feel unresponsive and harder for teammates to react to it.Raiser0 Jul 30
Jul 30 Chromie "Dragon's Breath" tooltip mistake In latest patch "Dragon's Breath" land position becomes visible to enemies .5 s after cast, but tooltip still says that "Dragon's Breath" land position is invisible to enemies.Prometheus0 Jul 30
Jul 30 Can't login in PTR When I try to log into PTR it says "Game client version mismatch with selected version. You may be able to continue playing if you exit the client, patch from the launcher, and restart.". If I change the region, for example EU, it works just fine. I scanned and repaired the PTR and it gives me the same error. (I hope this is the right place to post this)Someone2mlg0 Jul 30
Jul 27 Veteran marksman incorrect % I have noticed with Veteran Marksman on raynor, instead of giving/showing 0.75% increase per stack, it gives/shows 1%. (not sure if it's display bug, or actual damage bug). At 25 stacks, it shows the bonus is 25% for a total of 150% damage, at 49 stacks it showed 49% bonus, for 174% totalSurgStriker1 Jul 27
Jul 16 D/C & No ground animations I noticed it in PTR but it's also been happening in regular. I ran Scan & Repair but it found nothing. Today it was at the main screen i didn't even get to sit down before it went to black screen & came back. It happens every time i log in now. And after the black screen: 1. There is No app (it's just a basic bar nothing else) (only minimize & close options) 2. If i get into a game or am in a game when it happens: there are no ground animations for anyone 3. It's really hard to see what's going to happen/where the shot is going.. if you can't see 4. I really hope it's fixed soon. It's been like this all week starting on Monday 1/29 5. As previously stated nothing ground related is visible including Tag/SprayShadybear4203 Jul 16
Jul 16 PTR - Medivh Coloring Messed Up On PTR, there are several medivh skins that are colored red and appear blue in game (only tested Arcane and Emerald Knight medivh in game). This appears to affect Arcane Medivh, Emerald Knight Medivh, Citrine Knight Owl, Amethyst Knight Owl, Nature Medivh, and Fire Medivh.Temmy3 Jul 16
Jul 13 My Quest are stuck My quest does not complete, I played several diffrent games trying to complete them but nothing happens. They are stuck at the same progression. plz help. My quest are... Play 3 games as a support hero 0/3 Play 3 games as an assassin Hero 1/3 Play 2 games as a Starcraft Hero 1/2 Thank you very much for the help!LobbyBranch0 Jul 13
Jul 12 Yrel Left Mouse Click When activating one of Yrel's abilities the moment you press Left Click it activates. Have not found a way to turn this on/off or see the Hotkey the governs it. Basically this means if you use Left Click for anything else no matter it prematurely casts the ability. Absolute Nightmare for those of us that use Left Click to move etc....Gibs2 Jul 12
Jul 12 Free Character option disappeared Hello team members and HOTS players! I purchased my 20 Character Bundle for 100 gems, then got the notifcation that I can select a free character for a gift, I could choose between Tryndaere and Jaina, I was not sure if I already got any of these, so i clicked to option ''Later'' to then check my characters. Ok, so I already got Jaina and wanted the other character, but I can't find this gift now. Can someone help me? GreetingsElzo7 Jul 12
Jul 12 Raiders of Warchrome PTR graphics problem with in game settings all on low, I keep getting this problem the PTR version is basically using the very same Variables file that is used for Live version of the game and I keep getting black silhouettes, I tried resetting the settings and deleting the file but the problem keeps occuring for some reason when lowering the graphics from default some screenshots edit: something about low shadows and shaders settings seems to be messing it all up, there was mention of dropping support for 32-bit this summer, but despite that I am still running 64-bit, has there been any graphics or engine changes?GriM4 Jul 12
Jul 8 Unstoppable Diablo is Stoppable So, encountered a problem with Diablo's firestorm breath thingy. Gorrash or whatever the Orc's name is can toss Diablo and ultimately cancel out his Ultimate. I had encountered a player trolling this feature, so I'd like to report it and hopefully it gets fixed.Smaug4 Jul 8
Jul 7 Fenix Character Mount Issue My friend can't go to the character specific mount for Fenix. Is this a bug or is he just never going to be able to get back to the original mount? Please help.CaptainKirk0 Jul 7
Jul 6 If Alarak picks Charge at 20 he loses Counterstrike If Alarak selects Counter-Strike at level 10, and then selects Deadly Charge at level 20, his Counter-Strike R key is replaced with one for Deadly Charge. This is new to PTR.Spazzo2 Jul 6
Jul 6 Azmo - Chain of Command Chain of Command says that it buffs damage by 25%. when tested the demon warrior (Physical) attacks were modified being increased by the appropriate amount. however, the demon warrior (Spell) attacks from burning damage remained unmodified. @20 these are Physcial --> 61 per tick * 1.25 modified damage = 76 per tick Spell -- 13 per tick unchanged this should be -- 13 per tick * 1.25 = 16 per tickMorogoth0 Jul 6
Jul 6 No Quick Cast setting for Raynor's Raider's movement I'm a player who uses quick-cast only on some abilities, mostly abilities that have to do with movement (Tracer blink, Misha move, Mura jump) or abilities that don't require much aiming (Azmo minions, Zagara barrage...). I was playing Raynor on the PTR, but I found the movement control of his passive Raider to be very obnoxious without Quick Cast, so I went to look for it in the settings. However: The Raider ultimate is listed as "instant ability" and is not available for quick cast. I've tried all the other options on all the pages in quick cast menu, but none works for Raider movement. The only thing that works is to change the global setting to "ON", but I hate his "Q" to be on quick cast.Stefan0 Jul 6
Jul 5 Alarak's Ult bug on PTR If you choose Counter as your Ult and Deadly Charge as your level 20 talent, Deadly Charge will replace your R (Ult) button but not the D button (and counter attack just disappears).VOID2 Jul 5
Jul 4 PTR search times This has been the longest 3+ hour search on PTR... (screenshot for proof) I'm not trying to complain or be rude... but is this normal or a bug? I just really want to play.Kaythazad1 Jul 4
Jul 4 Raynor Quickcast Bug Raynor's Raider is controlled by "on release"/normal cast when it is supposedly quick cast. The only way to change this is to set your global preference to quick cast. Annoying.JanusJames0 Jul 4
Jul 4 PTR - Enemy Nova doesn't appear stealthed Was up against a Nova and noticed that during the time where she should be stealthed she was completely visible, unsure if she was targetable though. Also her mount was completely invisible, just not the hero.MarrMooMoo6 Jul 4
Jul 3 Raynor's "Giddy-Up (W)" mobility talent @ level 13 Raynor's "Giddy-Up (W)" mobility talent @ level 13 gives the 10% baseline move speed correctly however the extra 10% movespeed on inspire seems to be lacking, when activating inspire with the "giddy-up" talent active Raynor is moving @ 120 movespeed rather than 130 which should be correct if the talent description is correct.Jux3 Jul 3
Jul 3 Raynor's trait deals more damage to secondary targets While Raynor's AA damage is 97 at level 1, the empowered attack deals 102 damage to secondary targets, which is roughly 5% higher. There's nothing this difference in the ability description.phoenixx2 Jul 3
Jul 3 PTR: AI Bugs * Lunara AI can't use her "E" ability * Azmodan can't use his new ultimate or has really bad conditions for that * Bots trying to use Recall during they got attacked by mercenary camp minions * Bots attack towers without ally minions and feed * Veteran and Elite bots can't equip a random horse skin (Adept AI can) * Bots only use the default bannerDalgonAI0 Jul 3