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May 14 5/14/18 BLIZZARD PTR EVENT Greetings Heroes! This week, our Test Analysts will be hopping into the Public Test Realm for a mega BRAWL of EPIC proportion! We'd like to request your aid in hunting down any bugs that may exist in our upcoming patch. During this time we will be targeting play on 5/14. You can view the full list of changes HERE. If you'd like to participate, please join us on the PTR on the following dates and times: Monday, May 14th: 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. PDT. We will be queuing up for the Hero League game mode and can be recognized from our distinctive "BlizzBrawler" BattleTags, in addition to a few others, including: Zobrek, Fizivix, and myself. Our Brawlers will also be sporting a special portrait, so that it's easy to know who to ask if you have questions. Please report any bugs you discover here: PTR Bug Report Forum Reference post on how to write your bugs: PTR Bug Writing Guidelines Guide on emailing us Screenshots/Replays: PTR Bug Attachment GuidelinesSee you in the PTR! - HuginncordHuginncord0 May 14
Nov 24 Low FPS Investigation Greetings Heroes! We are aware of players reporting issues with performance degradation on Live. Our PTR build should have improvements to mitigate some cases of lowered performance, but we need your help in investigating this further. When experiencing degraded performance, please first try to run the game using the Default Video settings. If, running Default Video settings, you are still seeing severe degradation of performance (under 30 FPS, for example), please send the following to our Heroes Attachment Inbox: DxDiag.txt and MSInfo.txt Variables.txt (from your Heroes documents folder) Average/Min/Max FPS Thanks! - ZobrekZobrek12 Nov 24
Nov 20 PTR - Hanzo & 2018 Gameplay Updates Hello Everyone! If you are joining us on PTR this week, you might have noticed that Hanzo is not yet available, and that Loot Chests are currently disabled. This week, we'd like to focus PTR on the upcoming 2018 Gameplay Updates. Details can be found here. Hanzo will be available on the PTR will be available starting the week of November 27th. Loot chests will be unavailable until further notice on this instance of the PTR. ( A.I. may still select Hanzo ) Gameplay Changes included in this PTR: A new (camera) Perspective Stealth Rework Refining the Early Game Mercenary Updates Thank you, ~ FizivixFizivix2 Nov 20
Sep 6 Forum and Bug Report Guidelines Greetings Heroes! On behalf of my fellow moderators, Hugincord and Fizivix , welcome to Heroes of the Storm Bug Report Forums! Please note that all posts in this forum are investigated by Blizzard Quality Assurance Analysts. While we try to post as much as possible please do not fret should your post not receive a Blue reply. Even our moderators are analysts who work to investigate every report, on top of their standard testing duties. ::Bug Forum Ground Rules:: All posts are subject to the Blizzard Code of Conduct. While we welcome feedback, this forum is not the appropriate location to discuss intended gameplay mechanics in depth. At times we may venture into discussion territory for the purposes of clarifying a report; but in general feedback posts will be moved to our General Forums, where further discussion is encouraged. Do not bump posts without adding relevant new information to your initial report. A single report of a potential bug is enough to get our teams investigating the matter. Should you wish to report that an issue is still occurring, please make a new posting after a reasonable amount of time has passed. Report each bug individually – We request that each bug you submit have its own posting, so that we can ensure a proper analyst investigates the contents of it. Bug “lists” need to be passed from one type of analyst to another, which can complicate getting validation on your report. Please use the search feature at the top of our forum landing to find similar issues. Should you feel your issue is unique, or that related issues are non-relevant, please create a new posting. The exception to this is if the newest thread you can find is older than 2 months, and your issue is still active in the current patch. Please post from the account that is experiencing the issue. It helps us more accurately diagnose any issues that you may be experiencing on the server side. ::Bug Writing:: When posting a bug, please begin with a one sentence Summary that clearly describe the bug. We should be able to understand the majority of the issue you are reporting by reading your Summary. Good summary: The tooltip for the Zagara’s Baneling Barrage skill contains a typo. Bad summary: Bug with barrage After your Summary, include a detailed report of the bug you experienced. Include as much relevant information as you can. If you have steps and can reproduce the issue consistently using them, include them in your report. This will help our team in reproducing the report which will get it into the hands of our developers all the faster. Attachments, diagnostics, system files and supplemental information can be emailed to us at Prior to sending us an attachment, please review our guidelines for those. Please feel free to report issues to us by that email as well, should you feel uncomfortable with posting in a forum environment. Do not assume that your audience will immediately see the bug you are reporting, even if you feel it’s obvious. Factors such as region, ISP, hardware configuration, and even play-style can cause the player experience to vastly differ. ::Types of Bugs:: Below are several categories of bug you may encounter during play. We have included the specific information we would like for each bug reported of this type. Functionality/Design – You are expecting something in the game to work one way, and it’s working another way. This could include skills not functioning properly, computer AI behaving oddly, or a hero completely disappearing after using a skill. Helpful info to include: Whether you’re in menus or in game. What hero is affected, or if all heroes are. Proper name of functionality (tooltip skill name). Screenshot or video of what’s wrong. (uploaded to the file or media sharing site of your choice or send it to us at Compatability – If something is wrong with how the game is behaving with your hardware or peripherals, such as graphics not displaying properly, sounds playing incorrectly or not at all, freezes or performance loss. Helpful info to include: Again, whether you’re in menus or in game. Provide your System information (DxDiag.txt or System Profiler) and Variables.txt (found in the Documents folder of our game) Connectivity – Your client's connection to our service is impacted, or you have issues dealing with login, grouping, matchmaking, chat, or any other issue related to the networking of our game. Helpful info to include: What region you are connecting to. Run a Pathping and Tracert if you suspect a network issue, and report your findings. Crashes When the game crashes, you may be provided with a text entry field, which sends a report directly to our bug database. Provide details in that box if you have any, as that sometimes is the only information we have to identify hard-to-reproduce but critical issues. Once you submit the report, you are provided a UUID code. While we will automatically receive your crash report, please feel free to report it here as well, including that UUID code in the posting. The more specific you can be in any report made to us, the faster we can work towards resolving the issue Thank you for taking the time to visit our forum, and enjoy your stay in the Nexus! -ZobrekZobrek0 Sep 6
Sep 6 Bug Attachment Guidelines Greetings Heroes, We are happy to announce that we now have an easier method for submitting requested attachments! From now on we will request that you send your attachments to the email address instead of uploading them to file sharing sites and providing a link. This should help us address your issues more effectively and be less of a headache for you. Below are a few guidelines we would like you all to follow when submitting your files and information to us: What to include: A link to your original thread. The requested attachment (nothing else, please). (NOTE: When attaching a replay, please also include the in-game time at which the bug occurred.) A brief description of the issue. The region in which you were playing. The time/date of the occurrence. Commonly requested attachments and how to find them: Screenshots Windows users: Screenshots can be found in your “Documents\Heroes of the Storm” folder. An example path might look like this: ... Mac users: ...Replays Windows users: Replays can be found in your “Documents\Heroes of the Storm” folder. An example path might look like this: ... Mac users: ...DXDiag & MSInfo Mac System Info (Under the Mac Tab) Connection Info How to format a bug attachment email: First, include the name of your thread and the attachment included in the subject line. For the body of the email, start with a link to the thread, your region, then the date and time of the occurrence. After that, please include the bug description and any other pertinent info. It should look something like this: ... Thanks! -ZobrekZobrek0 Sep 6
May 15 Leaver status doesn't allow me to play From last time PTR was bugged I got disconnected from the game several times (with other in the group) and got a leaver status. I still need to play 1 game through it. Today I was trying to find a game to test redesigned heroes, and wasn't able to find any quickmatches or brawls after spending in queue around 30 min. Maybe this undeserved leaver status need to be taken off?RBocHe2 May 15
4d Attack Nearby Enemy bug on Mercenaries and Side Walls If you try to Attack a sleeping Mercenary by clicking nearby, you end up walking to that point and doing nothing. A similar bug is present for Side Walls, as far as I know. You just fixed the same bug for Target Dummy on the PTR, yet you didn't fix it for sleeping Mercenaries.Elitesparkle0 4d
May 16 NEXOMANIA game files not loading? I installed teh game files for the event, "Nexomania," however, I am unable to access the newly released Nexomania bundles? I am able to receive, "Nexomania," chests, but I am unable to navigate through, "Nexomania," files as they have been added to my game files, locally. The files have been installed for the background, and links, and everything seems to be working appropriately, but, I cannot access ANY of teh new content... yet I can see it? this is v confusing.jeditwee0 May 16
May 15 New observer UI bugs This is how the top bar of the observer UI looks on PTR Most of the numbers (levels, kill and structure counts, death timers) are now half as big as they used to be and are not centered properly. Also, the white color indicating the red core's shield is not displayed (this was already the problem on, as seen at Heroes of the Dorm). Since I think this is the patch that'll be used at the HGC Mid-Season Brawl, I really hope this gets fixed before the patch goes live. Also, the aspect ratio for Alexstrasza's and Kel'Thuzad's portraits is wrong: This is an issue since the release of those heroes. And the last thing: while not a bug, heroic cooldowns used to be displayed that made it possible to clearly see the icon of the heroic ability ( Right now it's obstructed by the clock.Lerhond0 May 15
May 15 Lunara's Toxin stacks don't show on mercs/bosses Lunara's Nature's Toxin stacks don't show on mercs nor bosses. This also includes the objective monsters/bosses like on BoE or Sky Temple. The glowy poison gas shows, but not the stack markers. Noticed on multiple maps and Try mode. On a related note, like in Live, the stacks don't show up on structures either. It'd be nice to show on those too, but I assume that's a separate issue.ShengLong0 May 15
May 15 El Mariachi ETC's Mosh Pit doesn't play correct music WHEN YOU PICK UP TOUR BUS AT LVL 20. True for all new skins :)Slimper1 May 15
May 15 New announcer missing I can't find him anywhere.RavenFire0 May 15
May 15 PTR Leaver Status Hey all, So a few weeks ago I got leaver status since my game DC'd. Since thenI haven't been able to play on the PTR, since, well, there aren't many leavers on PTR. I tried contacting support in order to clear my leaver status, but they informed me that they can't technically do that (they don't have the means to remove leaver status). I was told to post about it here in the hopes that the devs will take a look at here's me posting about it. Can't wait to play Deckard Cain!FullMetalBoy1 May 15
May 15 Diablo's Cruelty only triggers on heroes Diablo's Cruelty explanation states it triggers whenever an *enemy* is stunned. At least for overpower, it does not trigger on minions.Balrog1 May 15
May 15 AI Suicide Into Towers Played an adept all AI game to try out the Lunara changes, played on Dragonshire. The friendly Alarak left the bottom shrine and proceeded to stand under the bottom keep twice, once walking away and surviving, the other walking back and forth in range and quickly died to keep fire. Unsure if this is exclusively a PTR thing, but have bot run into this on the live serversSamus1590 May 15
May 15 Diablo unable to use skills after charging After Diablo charges onto Artanis who is in the middle of his Q, Diablo will not be able to use his W and E. Video: Source: May 15
May 14 Brushstalker cleanses Lunara's poisons, + HM boss bug Not sure if it's always been this way but I Z'd out at the last second on the PTR today on Haunted Mines as Dehaka and would have died to Lunara's poisons, but they all got cleansed away when I burrowed out Also towards the end of the game the big golem in the middle of the mines got stuck for several seconds and wouldn't attack, but then it used its stun and went back to normalPhDiva0 May 14
May 14 Diablo's Apocalypse doesn't work on Target Dummy Diablo's Apocalypse doesn't work on Target Dummy. This hasn't been fixed for multiple patches, it's timeSlimper0 May 14
May 14 Cooldown overlay pixelated on kill streak Cooldown overlay pixelated on kill streak first - PTR second - Live (for comparison)Fuschia3 May 14
May 14 PTR Feedback: Blossom Swell The radius increase is almost not noticeable. Can this be increased to 30 or 40% increase?BraveSrRobin0 May 14
May 1 Cooldown overlay pixelated on kill streak Cooldown overlay pixelated on kill streak (kill feed) first: PTR second: Live (for comparison)Fuschia4 May 1
Apr 23 Deckard Cain's Rejuvenation Potion grants Tracer ammo As long as tracer can pick up Deckard Cain's potion (i.e. she has health missing), if he has taken Rejuvenation Potion at 4, it will grant her ammo. EDIT: It also grants Energy to Zarya. I suspect it may also grant alternative energy resources to everyone who doesn't use mana, but I have not confirmed this yet.Ouroboros1 Apr 23
Apr 22 Genji's lv16 Final cut visual bug Hi, Genji's lv16 Final cut on PTR right now has the old length (the shadowy visual part only, dmg still applied with the same 12 length) of E while Genji's E Swift strike has its length nerfed this patch.REAMS0 Apr 22
Apr 21 Deckard is listed as "Deckard Cain" in MVP screens The Hero Deckard is listed as "Deckard Cain" in the MVP screens. Everywhere else in the game he is referred to as simply "Deckard". I believe this is a bug because I think Hero names are intended to be consistent, and this seems to be the only such Hero naming inconsistency that exists. The fact that he is listed as "Deckard Cain" on the MVP screens seems to be incorrect and a bug. Screenshot: Apr 21
Apr 21 [Deckard] Ruby on Unstoppable Ruby talent doesn't leave Lesser Potions when hitting Unstoppable heroes. Also, shouldn't increased Spell Power work with shield spells?HighFive0 Apr 21
Apr 19 Deckard Potion of Revival bug. Deckard's aoe heal from potion of revival does not interact with either Rejuvenation potion or Lesser Healing potions. In try mode the tool tip for Potion of Revival states that when a healing potion is picked up, it also heals all nearby heroes of 30% of the healing amount. That led me to believe that nearby heroes should then gain 30% of the Heal over time from rejuvenation potion talent. As well the lesser healing potions spawned from his ruby talent do not proc an aoe heal.Shadow1 Apr 19
Apr 19 Deckard's "Super Healing Potion" possible bug If Deckard places some Healing Potions and then learns the "Super Healing Potion" talent, the Potions already placed do not benefit from this talent (they do not become "Super Healing Potions" 2 seconds later and further). I'm not 100% sure it's not intended, but every other Healing Potion talent (Potion of Shielding, Rejuvenation Potion, Potion of Revival or Bottomless Flask) work on already placed potions once learnt.phoenixx1 Apr 19
Apr 18 Li-Ming's Zei's Vengeance Bug 1.Without Zei's Vengeance, Arcane orb deals 732 damage at max range(level 20). With Zei's Vengeance, Arcane orb only deals 854 damage(16.67% increase instead of 25%). 2.Once you reset talents in try mode, Zei's Vengeance reduces the damage of Arcane orb by 20%(732 becomes 581), until you quit try mode and enter again.LEO1 Apr 18
Apr 18 3 Years of low priority. About three years ago, I was on a school field trip to a place with very crappy internet. While there, kharazim was on the PTR and I decided to try him out. About a half hour into this and 4 involuntary disconnects later I was given low priority. I have, on several occasions, attempted to queue up for as many as 4 hours during new hero PTR weeks with no success in getting a game. I feel that, seeing as my record in the live server is mostly clean, it is unfair that I am completely unable to use the PTR simply because I had crappy wifi 3 years ago. I have made 2 support tickets about this already but both of them were answered with something along the lines of "GMs can't affect the game." This is probably my favorite moba currently but not being able to test out heroes without hoping the lobby host of a custom game lets me play them really lessens my hype for a new character. I feel like there could be several solutions to this issue, but mostly I feel like there should be some form of timer on low priority(at least in the PTR where it's nigh impossible to find 10 low prio people at the same time.) Anyways hopefully some solution comes up soon.Anduwin0 Apr 18
Apr 17 PTR: Deckard Field Study x Stone Curse Bug? Hey Blizz, not sure if this is intended or not so please lemme know: I thought there was obvious synergy between Field Study and Scroll of Stone Curse. Amplifying the spell crit further. The intuitive way I saw this working was the Scroll DMG (S) multiplied by the spell power amplifier (1.3 max) and then applying the crit of 200% more damage. Because they are both worded as multiplicative in the descriptions it should not matter the order they occur. E.g. 3(S*1.3) or 1.3(S*3) Unless I'm a complete dolt at math, it seems the game is only applying the spell power to one instance of the crit damage. Like this: (S*1.3)+S+S That to me isn't a 200% crit as described, so I wonder if it is a bug or if the talent is just adding the base dmg of the spell x2 after the spell power amplification. If so, the talent needs reworded to just say "if you hit two heroes, Scroll of Sealing does X bonus damage." Thanks for reading.Cayde62 Apr 17
Apr 17 About Minions and Zagara Hello, I wanted to try something "Zagara: The Infest Talent now correctly boosts nearby Ranged Minion damage by 100%." So I tried on the PTR and the official version (EU) On EU : lvl 1 ranged minion deals 72.6 dmg, upgraded to 117.6 with the talent Infest. Indeed, there is a problem with the talent. Let's see on the RPT Lvl 1 ranged minion deals 42, upgraded to 84 with the talent. The talent is now working corectly, but do you nerfed the damages of the minions without noticing it ? Warrior minion are also upgraded from 5 to 22 dmg. So now I am wondering : Is it a bug ? Do you changed it on purpose ? If it is, why don't you mention it on the patch note ? If you think that this kind of changes is not necessary to share, some things like "Zeratul: After death, Zeratul’s body will no longer teleport to the location of his last Vorpal Blade target." is not necessary to share too, and we, players, may suppose that a lot of other minor changes are deployed without knowing it. Regards, Sablon.ZcSablon0 Apr 17
Apr 17 Deckard's Ancient Blessings talent try mode bug Deckard's "Ancient Blessings" talent cooldown is unaffected by "Toggle Cooldowns" button: it is not getting reset in the Short Cooldowns mode once used.phoenixx1 Apr 17
Apr 16 Genji Level 16 Final Cut is bugged Genji's Level 16 Final Cut is Bugged. the secondary damage can go into any random direction. It seems like it doesn't matter what talents you pick, where your mouse is pointed, or if you're on Quick cast or not.Arik0 Apr 16
Apr 16 AI Bugs + AI Improvements for Patch AI Bugs * Stukov AI can't use his heroic abilities * AI tries to attack a tower without nearby minions * AI ignores often the vision areas * AI ignores the payload on hanamura * AI ignores the own core * Junkrat AI use rarely his Rip Tire and if then without a target * D.Va AI can't use her Booster ability AI Improvements *Stukov AI **Heroic: FLAILING SWIPE (Use always if min. 3 enemies are in range) **Heroic: MASSIVE SHOVE (Use if Stukov can Last Hit an enemy) *Junkrat AI **Heroic: RIP-TIRE (Use if Junkrat can Last Hit an enemy or can damage min. 2 heroes) * D.Va AI ** Q-Ability: BOOSTER (Use always if D.Va has no visible target OR the tries to escape) *If AI is in a vision area the AI will try to capture it. *If the enemy try to push the core every bot will defend it. *If AI has the tower aggro the AI leave the tower.DalgonAI0 Apr 16
Apr 16 Alarak w self cast bug. Alarak W self cast not pushing. 4/16/18 Ability mapped to B mouse button. ability animation went off but no push. Fixed itself minutes later. Game was Alarak mirror match btw.HeavYpettinG0 Apr 16
Apr 16 Deckard reduces structure's armor Can structures (towers, keeps, etc) lose armor? When Deckard Cain finishes talent quest Scroll of Identify (level 1), then uses Scroll of Sealing that includes a structure, the structure loses armor.Fuschia1 Apr 16
Apr 16 "Play 3 Versus AI games" bug "Play 3 Versus AI games" bug I cant get rid of it, i certainly played more than 3 AI games. Its been over a year, i decided to send in a ticket but Support stated theres nothing they can do. So i basically just get 2 quests max instead of 3 because no one can remove this bugged quest for me? Please help if possible, Support directed me here and this is the last chance i have to resolve the problem.Krayton0 Apr 16
Apr 16 Deckard's Cain Bottomless flask talent brakes AI. Problem appears at least when i play in try mode. 1. Throw flask near injured AI player. 2. AI will take it but after this it is still trying to pick up empty flask. 3. AI will try to pick empty flask until it recharge. 4. If AI still have no full HP he will try to pick up empty flask again.Vaultboy13st0 Apr 16
Apr 16 Genji's "Final Cut" goes off in a random direction If you use Genji's "Swift Strike" with the lvl16 talent "Final Cut" into a wall that you cant dash through the Final Cut part goes off in a random direction. Only seems to happen on ptr.Raiser0 Apr 16
Apr 16 mecha tassadar always change is mount there is a problem with mecha tassadar skin everytime i choose this skin the next time i will pick him he change is jet form to the default horsegreed1 Apr 16
Apr 7 My PTF acount hey blizzard i can't log in to my PTF acount and i even delited it and re donwload it but i can still not get in plz is ther a way to makit it work agen.LadySylvana0 Apr 7
Apr 1 Burning Blade bugged after finishing Way of Illusion Description: The damage done by Samuro's Burning Blade is too high after finishing the Way of Illusion quest. Steps: 1) Enter Try mode with Samuro. Turn off minions and other heroes so you aren't gaining XP. 2) Level Samuro to 10. Take Burning Blade but do not take Way of Illusion or Illusion Master. 3) Attack the target dummy and note the damage done by Samuro's basic attacks and Burning Blade. 4) Create some Images and observe the damage done by their basic attacks and Burning Blade. 5) Reset talents and take Way of Illusion and Burning Blade (but still not Illusion Master). 6) Create Images and let them attack the target dummy to gain some stacks. Repeat steps 3 and 4. 7) Create more Images and complete the Way of Illusion quest. Repeat steps 3 and 4. Actual: Without Way of Illusion, at level 10 Samuro does 130 attack and 85 Burning Blade damage. His Images do 33 attack and 21 Burning Blade damage. With 30 stacks of Way of Illusion, Samuro does 145 attack and 94 Burning Blade damage. His Images (before the next stack) do 36 attack and 24 Burning Blade damage. With the full 40 stacks of Way of Illusion, Samuro does 170 attack and 118 Burning Blade damage. His Images do 43 attack and 29 Burning Blade damage. Expected: With the full 40 stacks, Samuro should be doing 170 attack and 111 Burning Blade damage. His Images should be doing 43 attack and 28 Burning Blade damage. Notes: The likely problem here is that the quest reward for Way of Illusion is being added to Burning Blade incorrectly, as the damage being done by Burning Blade is correct with 0 and 30 stacks and only becomes wrong when the quest is completed. 118 damage would be consistent with the Burning Blade percentage only being used on the stack damage and not the reward: 85 + 20*0.65 + 20 = 118. The correct value should be 85 + 20*0.65 + 20*0.65 = 111. Game-Version: 25.0 Open Beta ---------------------------------------------------------------------- System: - CPU: Intel i5 6600K, 3.5 Ghz - RAM: 8 GB - Graphics: MSi GeForce GTX 970 Twin Frozr V - Graphics Card Driver: 355.98 - Mainboard: Gigabyte ASUS Z170-A - Storage: 500 GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD - OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit - Internet Connection: ADSL 50 Mbps - Location: CanadaMongoose1 Apr 1
Mar 27 Hanzo storm arrow (target practice) if bugged. Hanzo storm arrow (target practice) if bugged. Plyed 2 games of hanzo, seems that even after the quest, the range does not increase by 30%Rexx0 Mar 27
Mar 27 PTR - Fenix Purification Salvo abilities greyed out BUG In Dragonshire, I used Purification Salvo on the group. The scan applied the mark, but, the Dragon kicked me as the scan was finishing so it never sent out any missiles. They all kept the white Purification Salvo mark on them. I could not use any abilities anymore, they were all greyed out.Plumbus13 Mar 27
Mar 26 Can't find a single game due to Leaver Status From the last PTR (Maiv Patch)I got disconnected several times during the loading phase and got a leaver status. Since then, I wasn't able to find a single game in Quickmatch or Brawl, even though I spend a lot of time in queue. I have seen that there are also other people with the same problem, but never found a solution for the problem. Are the devs aware of this problem, if yes, is there a way to fix it?KommanderRex0 Mar 26
Mar 24 possible fenix bug I kinda forgot what happened last night but i was playing fenix and was attacking a lucio. For some reason my toolbar became grey and i was unable to use any abilities, despite not being silenced. Lucio does not have a silence as far as i know so i do not know what happened. This happened after my shields broke.Chungus2 Mar 24
Mar 23 Fenix's Unconquered Spirit passive shows a key Fenix's Unconquered Spirit, while being a passive talent, still shows an activation key ("1") on the talent button: Mar 23
Mar 23 Fenix's Divert Power: Weapons This talent doesn't work as intended. At lvl 23 I have 2499 Shield, where 80% of that would amount to 1999.2, but when using Divert Power: Weapons, my Attack Damage increases by barely 200 and not 2 thousand, like it should. Normal AD before using DP:W: 284 (Photonic Weaponry included) Empowered AD before using DP:W: 358 (mobile offense & photonic weaponry included) Normal AD after using DP:W: 481 (photonic weaponry included) Empowered AD after using DP:W: 555 (mobile offense & photonic weaponry included) Either you guys whiffed that 80% value on Divert Power talent, and it's actually far less than that, or the math's not correct on this one.Anu2 Mar 23
Mar 23 [Bug] New Li Li bugs The Li Li's new Wind Serpent talent, or specifically the Blinding Wind that flies off of it on W's cast, has a higher range than the default Blinding Wind (E)'s range. The range is greater by about... 1/5th of the Testing Dummy's diameter length. It should be lowered to be the exact same as Blinding Wind's (E) ability, for consistency reasons. Surging Winds (13) grants Li Li 11% Spell Power for some reason - should be 10%. The Icon below her Mana Bar says 10%, but the Target Info Panel shows 11%, so one of them is incorrect.Anu3 Mar 23
Mar 23 Fenix's plasma cutter still fires while gorged Was playing Fenix on PTR against AI. Stitches gorged multiple times while plasma cutter was firing. Plasma cutter continued to fire for its normal duration while the unit was inside Stitches.PsiPhi1 Mar 23