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With the recently announced "Artifacts" I was inspired by what it could possibly be and came up with my own artifact system for Heroes of the Storm!

Artifacts-Collectibles to Enhance Your Heroes
Lore: The nexus has grown increasingly unstable and after a string of disappearances of artifacts from the different universes these precious artifacts started popping up from random rifts. The shopkeeper has found an algorithm to determine where these rifts will appear and is willing to sell you their coordinates for a small sum of gold.

Artifact Tiers
Artifacts come in four different tiers-common, rare, epic, and legendary. Common artifacts are consumables that will increase your experience gained from playing games by varying amounts. Rare artifacts are Hero-specific items that increase experience gain when playing that hero by completing certain tasks. Epic artifacts are Universe-specific items that increase experience gain for playing heroes from a certain universe or defeating certain types of heroes. Legendary artifacts are items that grant special features for the varying battlefields in Heroes of the Storm and are the rarest of all of the artifacts.

Artifact Examples
Vespene Gas Injection- This consumable will grant you x% bonus experience for the next game you play.
Flask of Enduring Wisdom-This consumable will grant you y% bonus experience for the next 24 hours.
Scoundrel's Lucky Charm-This consumable will double the experience you receive for the next game if you win. But a scoundrel always wins! Gain z% bonus experience if you lose.

Frostmourne Arthas-Gain 1,000 bonus experience for each kill you participate in. Frostmourne Hungers.....Perhaps Leeroy has some chicken?
Larva Sac Zagara-Gain x bonus experience for each unit you summon.
They grow up so fast...
Ceramic Vase Nazeebo-Gain x experience for every jar of spiders you throw.
Who's paying for all these vases anyway?

The Black Soulstone Diablo Heroes-Every kill you participate in grows the soulstone's strength. Gain one soulstone charge per kill (Soulstone charges are cumulative through games). At the end of each game gain bonus experience equal to the number of kills you participated in times the number of charges on the soulstone.
Perhaps with enough power the soulstone could bring back the Necromancer.
The Xel'Naga Artifact All Heroes-Gain bonus experience for each Zerg hero on the enemy team if you win the game.
I've got ninety-nine problems but the Zerg ain't one.
Head of Onyxia Warcraft Heroes-Gain bonus experience at the end of each game for the number of mercenary camps captured.
Siege Giants and Undead Knights? Pffft. I killed Onyxia when the game was hard.

Stone Egg Statue-Every time your team releases the Dragon Knight the egg cracks slightly. After fifty dragon releases destroy this Artifact and receive a Golden Dragon Knight Statue.
Golden Dragon Knight Statue-This artifact will cause Dragon Knights you release to be golden and radiant.
Because being an enormous dragon wasn't already impressive enough....
Poe's Cursed Journal-While their is a curse active on Cursed Hollow your mount becomes a Raven Lord.
No one seems to know where this artifact came from. The journal merely recounts tales in a land where there are no sentient cows or alien insects, from the perspective of an odd man with an obsession with ravens.
Blackheart's Treasure Chest-Gain gold at the end of the game equal to the number of doubloons you turned in. In addition piles of gold will appear near the treasure chests depending on the total number of doubloons turned in since acquiring this artifact.
Blackheart's crew would never let him live it down if they found out he lost this! Perhaps he'll cut you in on a share of the booty if you promise to keep it quiet!
Haunted Rainbow-If your Grave Golem is stronger than your opponents its skulls will be different colors.
Incredibly rare to behold in such a dark and gloomy place, alas not even rainbows can escape the horrors of the mines.

My idea was to create a gold sink through a gambling system where you have an a small chance to earn cool flavor items that make playing your favorite hero a little more unique. Their would probably be different price tiers like x gold for a "Small Rift" that almost always contains a common artifact, y for a "Medium Rift" that contains 3 artifacts, and z gold for a "Large Rift" that contains at least a Rare artifact. In my mind getting a Rare from a small or medium rift shouldn't be impossible, but getting an Epic would be. Getting a Legendary or even seeing the effects from one in a game would be incredibly rare, which is why I thought it would be okay to have a gold generating effect from the Blackheart's Bay artifact, as I do realize that could skew games where people only focus on turning in coins, that rarity would be low enough where it wasn't a significant problem. Let me know what you think and what you hope/want the artifact system to be.

The end-all-be-all artifact:
Alpha Invite-Allows the player to call an ally to the nexus to stand by his side.
More precious than The One Ring and thought by many to be nothing but a rumor this forbidden fruit could cause collapse of civilization as we know it if it ever escaped the secure vaults at Blizzard HQ
Love these ideas!
This. All of this. Blizz... MAKE THIS HAPPEN PLOX
I would love to see artifacts like this, instead of the boosters they are currently planned to be.

Great suggestion!
Great Ideas here, it's awesome to see the forums filled with people actually trying to change things.
This idea is amazing this is what artifacts should of been, something cool and unique that DOES NOT affect in game hero strength. This kind of system would be very unique.
Awesome ideas.
Something like this would be much better then the current system blizzard has in place. Great ideas.
I love this as well!
This is just perfect!!! A gold sink, somethings to work and play for and most of all: it is only cosmetic! This is how artifacts should be. I hope that blizzard sees this thread, recognizes that artifacts in their current implementation are power boosts and give an unfair (dis)advantage and change them in the essence of your ideas!

Awesome job, man!
Excellent...Anyone got wanna use a Mythic Artifact on me?!
Yes. Yes. Yes! Blizz make it so!
Sounds like some thing that could be very enjoyable.
This is excellent. Please do this :P
Here's where I would caution you. The design you've proposed will potentially lead to players doing things that are not aimed towards winning the game. As an example, "Larva Sac Zagara-Gain x bonus experience for each unit you summon." This would lead players to simply summon minions on cooldown whether or not they would actually be useful. You could change it to require the minions actually do damage to something, but then Zagara players would just throw minions at neutral creeps as they run by. Alternatively, if they had to damage a Hero then players would just throw them at enemy players even if maybe saving up mana to go grab a creep camp might be a better idea.

You've got the start of a good system, but there are some negative side effects that I think need to be ironed out before something like this would be doable without negatively affecting the core game itself.
Awesome idea.
Slow clap - this is a great implementation of out-of-game goals that would be engaging and compelling without throwing off in-game balance. Huge ups to you, sir, for a great, well-thought-out proposal! Blues, check this OUT

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