Nova RAGE ! Please turn off Auto-Attack

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Holy mother of necro batman.


don't "a" click, right click to move and don't click on any structures, minions or heroes
03/30/2016 11:58 PMPosted by Bnetplayer
this isn't LoL or Dota where pro's get to stomp the newbs

Should I try Lol or Dota? Or maybe learn a foreign language?
It's a really BIG ISSUE with Rehgar!!!
Because his Auto-Attack Range increases in wolf-form!!

Happened to me TOO OFTEN, that i was just running, and suddenly the wolf jumps to the side to attack sth I DIDN'T CLICK on !!!

Sometimes he does it while JUST STANDING, but it IS RANDOM (I tested it in training mode!!)!

It has to go!!
It just happens FAR TOO OFTEN, that you wanna flank sth, and suddenly the wolf leaps (sometimes even in a totally different direction that you clicked or moved!!!) for a random Attack. That's just ridiculous.
Even more so, as SOMETIMES you actually WANT TO LEAP-ATTACK, and THEN HE DOESN'T (he simply DOESN'T ATTACK/ LEAP)!!

It's so BUGGY!!

I also tried to just hold the mouse-button down or use the stop key. Same thing! The moment, that you are standing, he just leaps off.
01/08/2015 11:47 AMPosted by NYCloki
It has happened to me a few times when I am running away and I cloak then Nova attacks a minion. In the heat of battle, I need to focus on a lot of things. Nova should not Auto Attack while Cloaked.

Reminds me of having to teach rogues in WoW how to select targets while stealthed and NOT attack.
I agree with OP. I can't tell exactly how/when it happens, but sometimes Nova breaks cloak just to pew pew some little minion, and the BAM, you're dead.

It happens frequently enough to me to undermine the whole point of cloaking.

A sniper that auto attacks is a total oxymoron.
They added "hold" or default H key.

It'll stop auto attacks.
01/08/2015 07:47 AMPosted by Shkar
Stop clicking to move, just let the button pressed and do not release.

If you click to move you accept that if someone appears suddenly and you (miss) click him you will attack him.


If you have a game mouse that spams right click, disable it on Nova.
04/25/2015 06:18 AMPosted by JackBandit
When you are cloaked you will NOT auto attack unless you right click directly onto an enemy or a-move towards them.

Quoted for truth, I think in the case of OP the issue is PEBKAC.
I use to have this problem. I just changed my play style by clicking deeper into the fog of war. If you need to stop in a bush you can always hit "s" to stop.
01/08/2015 10:05 AMPosted by Sawka
U HAVE 1 FREAKING HERO TO CONTROL. Maybe at least try to learn how to do it before coming to the boards and suggesting that the game should be DUMBED DOWN TO YOUR LEVEL.

It isnt a good enough game to warrant meaningful changes.. if you want to play a real moba play dota.. this game is something to chew on when you are annoyed with the actual genre.. kinda like a novelty
thats why I play zeratul
This still hasn't been fixed?

Please, give us:
a) Disable right click attack
b) Let us put heroes in "passive" mode (see: most games you move a character)

There's already a hotkey to disable right click move+attack, just need it split up.

Nova is incredibly frustrating to play because of this...and "hold right click" + s is a really hacky solution.

Lost track of how many plays I've insta-suicided because she randomly attacked something (walls, minions) I had no intention of attacking.

edit - If you want to downvote, give a logical reason why this shouldn't exist.
I say it again. The UI needs a button next to the abilities to toggle automatic AA on and off how you like it currently in the match. On top of that they could finally use this AA button to show AA enhancing buffs and don't put them on your trait that has nothing to do with AA or just don't show the buffs at all. Like for abilities I'd like to just hower of my AA button to see which buffs currently affect it.

And the toggle function would be great if you just want to be sneaky with a stealther at one point but don't want to have it off all the time. Could just click it to disable AA for a short time then turn in back on.
I LOOOVE how people are going on about "spoon feeding" lol are you serrrrious right now? lol

gamers are amazing
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