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I've been playing for a little bit now, and I realized that we couldn't actually pick the map we wanted to play in unless we were playing custom mode. Is there any way that you guys could add a "map preference" option to matchmaking and practice? Having a random map picked out is nice and all, but it does get very old and you don't get to play all the different maps all that often.

If there is a way I can choose a map preference and I totally missed it, I apologize.
This is the one feature that I really really want. Or at least make it rotate somewhat instead of a true random pick. Playing the same map three times in a row gets old quick, especially if it's one you don't particularly like.
I agree, i want this feature too.
It could be done like Starcraft 2 multiplayer where you choose 2-3 maps that you don't prefer or that you do prefer.
Even giving a blacklisting ability would be a godsend. If i have to do that !@#$%^- raven map one more time... >.>
I agree. There should be an option to pick what map you're playing on, such as how League of Legends does it.

I'm actually not particularly fond of the rotation and I'm hoping it disappears for the final release, to be completely honest. Even if it doesn't, there should be an option to pick which map you want to play on for all game modes and be matched with people who ever also chose that map or are randomly placed there having chosen to play on a random one.
I'd like to bump this. First result with the right keywords, and this (and other posts like it) are old and thoroughly un-addressed.

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